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  • if you don’t think derek klena brought dmitry to life for all of us 90s kids who were in love with him then i’m sorry but you’re wrong and need “to sort out your priorities” ala ron weasley.

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  • image

    Pitiful creature of darkness,

    What sort of life have you known?

    God grant me courage to show you,

    You are not alone 🖤

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  • Cup Of Poisoned Coffee | TGWDLM | Oc Animatic

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  • tired of being a person. I would instead like to be Skimbleshanks the railway cat.

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  • listen

    sometimes you just need to lock yourself in a dark room while your parents have people over and turn on the electric candle you bought from the dollar store for your eighth grade school musical and pretend you’re being invited to a midnight ball where you’ll get to die

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  • You know the problem with musical theater?  There is this terrible perception that it is for older people.  And frankly, that makes completely sense.  If you think about the lack of attention that is given to the vast majority of shows that would pull in younger than 40-50 somethings audience.  Then there are the near constant revivals of older shows, that despite often having some modern twits that I do admittedly appreciate, doesn’t take away from the fact that younger audiences just aren’t that interested in the stories….among other various things.

    I am saying this as someone who literally teaches literature and believes that story themes are universal no matter the time in which they are told.  But it just doesn’t change that I am nearly 30 and can’t stand any number of “classic” shows simply because I find them played out and uninteresting.

    Now, there are some rare cases, Hamilton for example, that are actually NEW and perhaps a little more risk taking that get the recognition from all groups of people, young and old.  But in general shows that would typically interest and bring in younger adult and teen audiences are not given any attention.  In fact, they either never really make it to Broadway or are chased off Broadway, often to make way for yet another revival of a “classic,” then to add insult to injury, these new performances rarely get much recognition in the Tony’s, and if they due get a nom, a win is even more rare.  But then let us consider what age group of people are making these choices?

    For example, Beetlejuice, was a highly innovative show, with more modern story and characters that were geared toward people under 50.  Guess what? Anyone under 50 loved it and teen and young adult audiences flocked to the show.  Even the reviews reflected this– those written by or in magazines and news reports for younger audiences had gleaming reviews, while those written by older people were not so glowing.  It was also a production that knowing its target audience, kept ticket prices affordable to that audience.  They may not have made huge dollars  due to doing this, but their ticket sales were far from low.

    The production was then given notice and pretty much kicked out of their theater because they weren’t making enough money.  Despite trying to find another theater, the set was much too specialized and made specific for their current theater that they just wouldn’t be able to swing a move, but they had a few months left to perform for their audiences…then covid and shutdown hit and took away those last few months of performances.

    And do you know what performance shut down this innovative, modern, and wholly geared toward a younger audience?  Music Man. Frankly, a show I personally consider among the top 10 most boring and over rated shows ever.  But, this one would star Hugh Jackman.  Now, this is important because I think of this as proof that many “high browist” theater lovers will think that every one loves Music Man and it will make so much money because its a “classic.”  The reality is, no, it will make money because Hugh Jackman is in it not because people want to see Music Man. 

    One day, all the older generations who seem to control what is considered worthy musical theater will die out and then because of their strangle hold there will be very few younger people who even care a little bit or find any interest in theater at all.  There needs to be a change sooner rather than later…or it will be too late.

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  • Good morning to messed up families, guys who are just for fun, crazy old men, woman who look plain, fierce men who are not too important, sluts and their hot brothers, old-school godmothers, good cousins, young women, and of course, Andrey who isn’t here.

    (wait, but what about Pierre?)

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  • practice x doodle x Halloween


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    Burr: When have you EVER patiently waited for something

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  • image

    Beetlejuice Headers

    requested by anon

    Feel free to use these! Suggestions are always open! 💕

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  • Lie down with dogs and you wake up with a


    and a promotion.

    - what Watch what happens sounds like in my head

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  • #anon#anonymous#Rin Speaks #Rin Answers Asks #music#music recs#musicals#musical soundtracks #the drowsy chaperone #jesus christ superstar #les miserables#dumbass academia #dumbass academia music #comedic music#classic rock#country music#folk music#indie music #i just love music idk #i've grown up surrounded by music #thank you for the ask #send asks#brandi carlile#the loml#we stan
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  • helllo hello hellooooooo~

    today i have decided to rank my favourite starkid+tbc musicals :)

    now please keep in mind that these are based on my opinions & you have every right to agree/disagree, just don’t be a dick to anyone and enjoy

    (i havent seen ani, starship nor mamd, so these wont be included here)

    #10 The Trail To Oregon!

    • nothing wrong with it, just not my cup of tea
    • good idea tho
    • your wagon is on fiREEE is iconic
    • humour was inconsistent and overall a bit too childish for my taste
    • boring

    #9 Twisted

    • this is really controversial, but i practically fell asleep while watching it (maybe because i didnt grow up as a disney fan in a post-communist country)
    • dylan saunders did an amazing job and i love his singing and he kinda was carrying the whole show (yikes)
    • costume design was on point tho
    • also “no one remembers achmed” is one of my fave starkid songs

    #8 Holy Musical B@man!

    • i actually dont have any criticism for hmb, because i think its very well executed and jokes are… good… i guess…
    • a pretty neutral one, bc the songs were kinda mediocre and so was the humour but i really liked joe walker as batman and nick lang as robin
    • batman has a cool plane

    #7 Black Friday

    • the new style of the lang brothers is very cool and exciting
    • the plot was very well written, but it felt a bit,,, rushed?
    • like they were trying to cram tons of information into one play and for that reason i dont really come back to watch it
    • and at the same time the pace was a little too slow for my liking?
    • idk it felt a little off
    • but characters were iconic, acting was 12/10 (especially joey, lauren and dylan)

    #6 Solve It Squad

    • comedy was well timed and relevant
    • brosenthal’s scene where he plays all the hotel staff just left me like this -> :o
    • one of joey’s best roles
    • lauren too

    #5 AVPSY

    • the thing is, initially i wanted to put all the avp parts together but that would have been hard to catch so i guess we’re doing this
    • t h e s o n g s (❤️❤️❤️❤️)
    • AJ delivers such a good lockhart
    • joey’s sidekick is just mwah
    • the songs are just so fcking good ahh
    • they got the real luna!
    • really emotional
    • the best ending to the trilogy
    • in the middle i kinda skipped some scenes bc i got a little carried away
    • but the ending is just so GOOD
    • everything has an end…. (i cried a lot guys)
    • jeff’s spider was i m m a c u l a t e
    • both brians & joe walker 😳❤️
    • i didnt like the scripts for the first 10 seconds but then after that i didnt even notice them

    #4 AVPS

    • one of the best intros in starkid (if we cannot move forward, why shouldn’t we move back? gives me chills everytime)
    • lucius malfoy is so hot and terrifying at the same time idk if im scared or turned on
    • story was a little inconsistent and i missed quirrell and the lack of brian rosenthal, but thats okay i can settle for a seamus finnigan
    • ron is canonically bicurious????
    • comedy on point
    • the best soundtracks in starkid, come @ me im not scared to fight
    • like for real who wrote the music i just wanna hug them and give them every penny i got to work with them

    #3 The Guy Who Didn’t Like Musicals

    • lets get the criticism out of the way first
    • i see that they tried to write the music in the same theme, but some songs were repetitive and jeff’s falsetto screaming kinda got boring
    • not your seed is not that good of a song
    • corey got me in the fEELS
    • joey’s homeless man was iconic
    • first i didnt like paul’s acting but it grew on me and now i love it
    • the best written starkid show :)
    • comedy was, again, relevant and well timed
    • overall, i loved the simplicity of the design
    • prof. hidgens = hips™

    #2 AVPM

    • i may be biased bc of nostalgia and bc it was the first starkid musical i ever saw but idc
    • not that well written, but its just so damn entertaining
    • different as can be is just chef’s kiss
    • the chemistry between brian and joe is so good
    • *soft boi brian in a jail dress with a fist in his mouth*
    • everything just started from there
    • red vines
    • snape <3
    • a gift that is lauren lopez as malfoy
    • the funniest starkid show idcidc
    • i was a huge potterhead growing up and hp is so important to my life -> thats why the avp trilogy means so much to me

    #1 Spies Are Forever

    • i saw it recently and im mad i didnt watch it earlier
    • joey is so hot with a british accent
    • the history behind all of the show just makes it so good, 1950-60 was the scariest time to be gay and it portrays everything about living in the shadows of the cold war perfectly
    • choreo on point (thank you lauren)
    • mary kate as tatiana is very dangerous for my weak bi heart
    • good music
    • i really like spy movies so
    • the whole ordeal that is baron von nazi played by brian rosenthal, a jew
    • wizz waffle fries
    • glitter waka waka
    • i just really love brian rosenthal
    • the ending :’((((((
    • torture tango and one step ahead = thats some good shit
    • joe walker as deadliest man alive oh boy oh boy let me tell you about how much of a latte hottay he is in saf
    • i LOVE that tati and curt are in a platonic relationship, it just throws the stereotypes out of the window
    • the whole scene where joey and curt fight
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  • In store it sings to me
    In thirst I crave
    That juice which calls to me with its brand name
    And do I buy again for that low price?
    The Fanta of the Opera is there
    Inside my cart

    Drink once again from me
    Your thirst I quell
    With flavor strawberry
    (there’s grape as well)
    And though my serving size
    Might clog your heart
    The Fanta of the Opera is here
    Inside your cart

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  • Drew Sarich as Curtis Shank in SISTER ACT (Vienna, 2011)

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  • Bruh

    My Spotify playlist went from “Someone Gets Hurt” from Mean Girls the musical, and now “Burn” from Hamilton is on! That was such an amazing coincidence 🤣

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  • i’ve finally created the musical discord server! i’m leaving the link in the description for anyone who wants to join!

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