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  • I’m gonna write fanfic or I will jump on someone’s throat ‘cause boredness causes depressive crisis on me 😭 And I hate being too depress to even bear existence.

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  • I contain multitudes.

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  • I’m watching Batwoman (coz it’s finally started here in the UK) and first off I am enjoying - I think Alice/Beth is neat and I’m very happy Luke is in it.

    However, I did spend half of it being like why is x not here? And I get its coz it’s Katie’s show and so they won’t detract from her with characters more closely tied to others but also like if I put that aside I’m like why. Coz I’m a bastard like that.

    First of all, one why is the batkids. Coz like Bruce has clearly been Batman a long time considering he was in the suit when the accident with Kate, Beth + their mum happened and obviously it’s been years since then, most of which Bruce was still about as Batman in. And therefore, if he’s been about that long I’d assume he’d have acquired at least a few of the many orphans he hoards. And if that is the case then even if Bruce had buggered off to wherever he is, they’d still be about keeping Gotham safe.

    Also where’s Alfred? Like I suppose assuming Bruce has not got any of his kids in this universe then Alfred would have no reason to stick around once Bruce is gone and I suppose even if he is about, he’d be at the Manor which clearly isn’t gonna get shown considering they had like the batcave Kate found be under the Wayne Enterprises building instead.

    I mean both of the above with lack of further batfam is largely because I can’t view Bruce as a character who works alone. Like I know a popular view is that Batman is the edgy loner but to me he’s like a dude with a shit ton of kids and maybe he’s not always the best with them but they’re there and thereby none of them are alone.

    The other thing is the rogues because I’m willing to guess they aren’t dead because that has never seemed to be how it goes in Gotham. But I’m also pretty willing to bet that they aren’t all sitting cozy in Arkham especially considering Batman is gone and they could essentially have gotten free reign if the city (prior to the whole Crows security thing being set up).

    Also, on the subject of Rogues and Crows security. Ngl, if I was a Gotham citizen and I saw that we’re being protected by a company called Crows I’m not sure I’d be the biggest fan considering one of the rogues is Scarecrow. And like I know looking at the show, he’s gonna have nothing to do with it but if I was living there, I wouldn’t consider that the best name choice myself.

    So anyway, those are my Batwoman thoughts. Like I said, I know why the situation is as it is because character usage and not wanting to overuse them etc but like if I think just within the universe and pretend it’s not a TV show. Then I’m just like it don’t add up.

    #Unless it does coz I've only watched ep 1 so shit could change #cw batwoman #Yeah idk any other tags for this #ramblings#musings#thoughts #Eh they'll do
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  • made-up songs

    people hear what they want to hear. they always have, they always will.

    you can tell them you love them a thousand times over, and at the end, all it would take for them to believe is a letter you never posted, or a withered rose inside a book that carried their name. you can leave them a song to hear and they won’t listen to it until it’s too late, and before they know it, it would have become the music that guides them to a slumber.

    she’d tell me it takes only a familiar touch to leave everything aside and fall back into that same old routine. a routine that still takes her to the disbanded tin factory where even the graffiti has begun to taste the rust, because no matter what we keep saying, memories are not a thing of the past; memories are alive and breathing, sometimes just waiting for us to fall asleep.

    and when you are, in that breathless, peaceless slumber, remember to keep a dream catcher close, because that is sometimes your only hope, the last one i promise, where the blues would slip through those fingers, leaving only the sunset skies without the birds or the traffic lights. the cars would whoosh past like you’re only a takeaway.

    and maybe that’s what we all are. takeaway hearts, scrambled across a devoid-of-navigation mess. and no, it may seem like it; that it is fear that keeps them holding on when the lights are long out. if you keep quiet, control those screams that are invariably going to arrive, and listen, you will find the answer. it is the comfort, you see, from a playground, you have now become a cheap motel. or a graveyard that no longer grows the prettiest flowers.

    but it isn’t about the fear. don’t believe it. it almost never is. i’d say believe them when their silences stop talking, but people hear what they want to hear. and who am i to say this anyway? because when the evenings that smelled like cinder and two cups of irani chai, begun to end without any mention of our bougainvillea, i should have followed the trail.

    instead, i made up a song inside my head.

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  • Nine Types of Rest

    1. Time away
    2. Permission not to be helpful
    3. Something “unproductive”
    4. Connection to art and nature
    5. Solitude to recharge
    6. A break from responsibility
    7. Stillness to decompress
    8. Safe space
    9. Alone time at home

    By Christine Scott-Hudson, Creative Wellness Expert

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  • clara wilde x cameron st. james: friendship moodboard

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  •  I feel happy today. For no good reason. The world is just as screwed up as usual. More than usual in fact but it doesn’t matter. Sure, I meditate but I don’t attribute this state to any special Buddhism mojo. Nope.

    I’m just happy. That’s all. Likewise, for no good reason at all (as if you needed one) here’s a couple of frogs.

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  •    There’s a 𝑔𝒶𝓇𝒹𝑒𝓃 where I go…

            If you meet me there,
                        No one will

    #source: RWBY Soundtrack (Jeff Williams & Casey Lee Williams) #rp musings#musings #[ Special Txt: garden // know ] #[nature;]#[forbidden;]#[secrecy;]#[escapist;]#[Faerie;] #song: Bmblb (RWBY Vol. 4) #[queued;]
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  • I desperately crave things my heart won’t dare speak aloud.

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  • Me, ever time I move: How the fuck do I have so much stuff?!

    #like for real #where did it all come from? #you all have no idea how often i purge #how is there still this much? #mine#text post#musings
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  • It’s missing Kishou Arima hours 🙃

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  • #And I have this in my head >.< #IA: Neon~angel #Haku: Electric Snow;; #Miku:Electric princess#musings#muse#OOC
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    (This is a rant and not a poem or an article- just my own thinking and feelings)

    The current generation is full of cowards,

    Thanks to the prejudices and stereotypes,

    Most of us are scared of failures, scared of competition, scared of living like a maggot, im short, we are fear of DEATH.

    We compete in exams in fear of living a below par life.

    We aren’t enough brave to face our fears and failures, truths.

    Hiding pain from our own self is a norm and we do it via excuses, we run away from it as deers do it from carnivores.

    We fear risks, avoid criticism to prefer suicides due to unfulfilled expectations- so bleak are our sentiments.

    Our hormones have an outer-edge over oir brains,

    Sensitivity to rejection and reluctance to improvise are our own enemies.

    We are so dependent on the supernatural that they are used as the means to justify our shortcomings and lack of learning- clearly a source to hide from thyself!

    Superior force is above all, but also we are the most superior beings [irony intended].

    We hide our fear of dying poor with treachery, betrayal and greed.

    Proving our fears don’t exist is the general idea of fake living.

    We exclusively need to think on these aspects before we head out on the quest to live.

    P.S.: Written with due respect to country serving people and not intended to hurt any feelings of nationalism and national duties.

    @unfiltered-wandering-poet #fear #21dayslockdown

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  • What I wouldn’t give to have someone in my life who cares enough to send me “You okay? Talk to me.” texts.

    #musings #maybe someday? #daddy goals#relationship goals #a girl can hope #i can even just use a friend tbh
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  • Loki: *flirts with people, sleeps with them*

    Loki: :DDD !!!

    Loki: *realises he actually loves someone*

    Loki: DDD: !!!

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  • #Haku: Electric Snow;; #OOC#muse#musings
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  • I miss the times when people would draw me as a hot girl

    #musings #it was good for my self-esteem #i'd commission people but i have no money to spend and no paypal or bank account
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  • The thing I like most about time is it is not real. It’s all in the head. There is no such thing as the past; it exists only in the memory. There is no such thing as the future; it exists only in our imagination. If all the watches were truly accurate the only thing they would ever say is: Now.                   

    — Damien Echols

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