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  • dulceadastra
    04.08.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    continued from here; @collectionofvoices 

    She nodded slowly, watching the redhead. There was something so mysterious and incredibly captivating about her. They hadn’t known one another very long, but they had a link within Natasha and that meant she could at least begin to trust this woman, especially if her sister did.

    “Well, I’m... here, if you need me for whatever you may need.” Yelena offered, reaching for her drink and taking a sip. She had traded shots of vodka for iced coffee today, decided to feed the caffeine monster instead.

    #muse: yelena#mun: collectionofvoices #queue: melting the polar ice caps
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  • la-rosa-bianca
    04.08.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #ask game🦉 #jojo's bizarre adventure #jojo no kimyou na bouken #jojo part four #diamond is unbreakable #muse: oritel🛸 #nu oritelium nshi #hazekura oritel #two truths and a lie #ask-okuyasujjba
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  • musemixd
    04.08.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    @agcnt1ne | plotted

       This was something that happened to Vibri once a week by now. Either something would happen at home or she would just get bored, she’d leave town, and end up dimension hopping while she was gone. While it was a huge deal to everyone else, Vibri did it so often that it was just normal to her. Most of the time, she ended up having fun! Sometimes even meeting new people! So the inherent danger of just waltzing into other worlds with no idea what she was doing just didn’t hit her. Even if it was stressed to her many times by her peers, she thought she knew better.

       Even with that thought in mind, Vibri couldn’t help but feel dread as she walked through... well, wherever she ended up. She swore that she went through an exit she’s already been through, but it was like she entered an entirely different world. Compared to the bright, fun landscape she was expecting, this place was just so dull. It was just a plain, dead looking field, with some kind of fog keeping her from seeing too far ahead. There was no doubt that Vibri wanted to go back soon after she arrived, but by the time she actually figured that out, the way she came was out of sight...

       And so she searched. Searched for something in this desolate land, whether it be her way home, or perhaps some other landmark. Maybe if she was lucky, she could find someone that could help her find her way, but her hopes of finding anything slowly started to run dry. But after walking for what seemed like hours (which, thankfully, it wasn’t), Vibri realized she could see an outline of a building in the distance. Maybe it was real, or maybe she was just seeing things, but she started to run over regardless.

    #ic. #starter. #muse: vibri#verse: main#agcnt1ne #(i left this really open-ended #so if you want me to adjust please tell me!)
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  • amelettes
    04.08.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    #the egg answers #sweetpyxels#musings
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  • lustfultaboo
    04.08.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    ok but lia is in desperate need of someone to chase and catch her.

    #indie smut rp #indie kink rp #that's pretty much all i've wanted to write in a few days and it's draining my muse
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  • then0onesr0se
    04.08.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    After hours of operation the former Divine Lunarian, Sagume now laying down on the empty bed room with bandages wrapped around her face, and Kiyomi by her side her mother, Koishi checks up on the two.

    " Kiyomi, honey is she...? "

    " She's fine, I'm still trying to piece together what is she saying I'm reading her mind, please leave mother... "

    " Thank you, Kiyomi... "

    Now the No One's Rose walked out of the room leaving her daughter to her business alone with Sagume. Still awake and still feeling excruciating pain that's still slowly decreases. The satori set her hands on her head, reading her thoughts.

    " Sagume, I need to know who and what did this, what is happening in the outside world? Is it bioweapons gone wrong? A massive rebellion? Or worse? Answer me... "

    ' M-monsters, monsters...they're everywhere, they killed us all, we're all gonna burn, we're...we're all going to suffer for what they did to you... '

    " Are you saying my family are to blame for this? My own mother isn't stupid, she would NEVER did this. "

    ' No, o-of course not. I..I.. '

    " Spill out Sagume, time is my enemy and I don't want to waste valuable time. Tell me, what are the monsters you witnessed? Tell me about the one name above all. "

    ' R-reimu, marisa, e-everyone. They're..they look like all of them but...but... '

    " Stay with me! What do you mean? Answer me..! "

    Sagume couldn't answer say anymore as the being is in so much pain, her mind is in a state of fear. The satori Kiyomi sighed she forgets her limit. She feels awful for her, but she must know what the lunar capital are up against. She walked out of the room, closing the door behind her as she heads back to her room.

    #muse: the ego
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  • faemoria
    04.08.2021 - 14 minutes ago

                                        throws u my url from covid baby jail---

    [ ♛ ] send me a url and i'll tell you the following;

    my opinion on;

    character in general  : 

    nox  :  has like 3 million muses also nox  :  doesn’t specify a muse for me to talk about uMMM well okay in a general sense  ,  nox has gotten me to care about a lot of characters that i didn’t care for or  ,  in a few cases  ,  even actively disliked prior  .  they have a few distinguished types which include knights that subvert genres  &&  garbage men  ,  both of which i can highly appreciate  .  i am especially fond of jayce  ,  zelgius  &&  sigurd  ,  but that might be because they’re the ones i’ve interacted with the most across my own blogs  . 

    how they play them  :

    spectacularly  ?  show-stoppingly  ?  wonderful  ?  as i said  ,  nox has managed to make me care about characters i did not care about before or even actively disliked  .  if you told the ‘ me from 2012 ′ that the newly released jayce was going to become one of my most beloved fictional characters of all time i would have asked how you got into my house  &&  also not believed you  . specifically nox has a wonderful way of invoking emotion  &&  introspection  ,  generally favoring that over the more tangible side of things  ,  that really gives you a good look at what their characters are going through  &&  their reactions to the characters they’re interacting with  .  it’s very tasty  .

    the mun  :

    y’all  ,  nox somehow sneakily crept their way into becoming one of my best friends at some point  &&  honestly i’m still reeling over it  .  they’re hilarious  ,  down-to-earth  &&  delightful to talk to about adored fictional characters  &&  video games  &&  all that jazz  .  it helps that we are two peas in a pod when it comes to beloved tropes  &&  such  . but also i would trust nox with just about anything  &&  know they’re someone i can turn to if i need help or support  .  i can only hope that i provide the same sense of comfort in our friendship  .

    do i;

    follow them  :

    i will follow nox on every blog they make until i die  .

    rp wtth them  :

    probably more than with anybody else at this point  .

    want to rp with them  :

    always  ,  i love our interactions  &&  the relationships we’ve formed between our various muses so far  .  i admit that sometimes i can get a little melancholy when their brainrot changes from a character i’ve been enjoying interactions with to someone new  ,  but i know that 1 . they’ll return to old muses one day  2 . no matter who they’re writing at the time  ,  it will turn out to be fun  &&  exciting if we squish our muses together  .

    ship their character with mine  :

    jayce  &&  tooth breathe life into me  ,  we all already know this  .  i am very soft for zelgius  &&  aqua  ,  even if it’s not a romantic thing (  although i think they’d make a stellar power couple  )  .  &&  i enjoy the little interaction we’ve had between sigurd  &&  tooth so far  .  that one i definitely don’t see turning romantic at any point  ,  but i think tooth can really come to care strongly about him  (  if she has the time  )  .  viktor &&  jayce can fucking kill me  &&  i’ll thank them for it  . oh and byleth / dimitri is god tier content  ,  sorry i dropped that muse after like a week lol i might return one day  .

    what is my  ;

    overall opinion  :

    **Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty. i mostly just want an excuse to say nice things about you && your muses .   i mostly just want an excuse to say nice things about you  &&  your muses .

                                               @hamartio​         send me a url  .

    #[ i hope you are freed from covid jail very soon my friend ] #gif // #» ทั่วไป ; Ask Meme | let me say nice things about you && your muse #» โลกีย์ ; Out of Character
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  • twosetsffangsandblood
    04.08.2021 - 16 minutes ago
    #bean fangs; ellina answers #beloved pup; ellina muse #come again; answered ask
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  • weird-dere-fics
    04.08.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Tryin to take a fat nap after this class.

    Thinking about writing and drawing things. Have been for a lil bit.

    No idea when I’ll get around to actually doing it tho.

    Ooga booga.

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  • spiteful-bomb
    04.08.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #exploding jet#rp memes#rp meme#swapped roles #the bois // reply #lets chat!// ask #acagdjsyd #it fels weird to write someone elses muse #:’) does this make sense?
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  • manhic
    04.08.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    my rules  &  muse list have been updated!

    #hehehehe i worked a lil hard on the muse list part #it's not finished at all but i at least wanna make it public #so hello :')
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  • cptainwood
    04.08.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    Okay but what if I make my daughter of Aphrodite into a Harry Potter oc
    #what if I change my son of Hermes and grandson of helios oc muses into ho characters #I miss them so much #but idk #I haven’t felt this welcomed in an rp fandom in a long time #and the Greek rp is very small #I know ess will be very heartbroken lol #(as if I would just throw away their original verses away 🙄) #I’ll make a post #going more into detail about them #but I’m especially in love with my grandson of Helios oc being a curse breaker #and my daughter of Aphrodite oc making wine that acts as love potions #and even my son of Hermes bby #just wants to be a slytherin #ugh #I miss them so
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  • gcn-hanz
    04.08.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    ─┄ ⿻ꦿ Sin city's cold and empty


    📍Tag drop.

    #higcn #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Muse #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Visual #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Quotes #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Zap Texting #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Spotify #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ GifChat #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Open #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Phonecall #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ AskGames #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Starter #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Closed with: @ #─┄ ،، в͟ᴜяɴ ⋆ Selfpara
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  • apollos-boyfriend
    04.08.2021 - 29 minutes ago
    #muse talk#anon #me desperately clinging onto bee duo staying together and happy bc they’re my comfort relationship #if they get divorced i do not see it 😴
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  • cardigcn
    04.08.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    closed starter for @illuminatcd​ based off this post (for ted mullens)

    "you did a bad thing for a good reason." 
    #⤷ ( MUSE. ) › mark sloan
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  • variantia
    04.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

              “   ♫   I have a question ; it might seem strange                          how are your lungs ?   Are they in pain ?                          ‘Cause mine are aching, think I know why                          I kinda like it, though ... you wanna try ?                          Oh, WOULD YOU BE SO KIND                          as to fall in love with me ?                          You see, I’m trying                          I know you know that I like you                          but that’s not ENOUGH                          so if you will, please fall in love                          I think it’s only fair                          there’s gotta be some butterflies somewhere                          wanna share ?   ‘Cause I like you                          but that’s not enough                          so if you will, PLEASE FALL IN LOVE WITH ME ...   ♫   ”

    #the letters on the pages that you memorize.  (  JOANNE.  ) #ecstasy.  (  MUSE STATUS : FLIRTY / ROMANTIC / SENSUAL.  ) #((  he's ............... soft romantic boy #anyway I'm obsessed with this song so SOMEONE had to sing it !!  ))
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  • zeta-in-de-walls
    04.08.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Welcome to the cold war


    Wilbur is building his Burger van as a way to challenge Quackity. And Quackity has taken that challenge and intends to one-up him. Ranboo and Tubbo are their instruments through which they attack - well-intentioned souls just looking for a purpose. 

    Quackity doesn’t just want to win this game - he wants to destroy Wilbur, and everything he stands for. Quackity still holds a grudge over L’Manburg and has already gotten his revenge on the other’s responsible for its destruction - with Techno and Dream in prison. Quackity has developed a taste for power - he slowly started to enjoy torturing Dream and he intends to enjoy taking down Wilbur too. Every move he’s taken has been calculated - he was furious at Wilbur’s attempt to attack and sabotage his restaurant and took the chance to improve it. He very specifically told Wilbur how no one was barred from Las Nevadas - referencing how Quackity had once been unwelcome in WIlbur’s L’Manberg. He’s indicating that he is a better leader and that’s why he’s going to win their game. 

    Wilbur is far more reckless and that makes him equally dangerous. Should things turn south for him, he’s already planting TNT as a comfort for him. He has the potential to destroy Las Nevadas and may yet succumb to the temptation again. Quackity may think he can win this game  but one wrong move may end in mutually assured destruction.

    There’s no winners in this game, not really. And who should pay the price but the vulnerable ones just looking for a safe place to live? Tubbo and Ranboo are already being put into conflict with each other - Quackity might care about Tubbo but he certainly had an agenda in choosing him as the one who’d be the most bothersome to Wilbur and Ranboo. And there’s Fundy, Purpled, Slimecicle  - people who joined Las Nevadas when they had nothing else after being targeted by Quackity. 

    Is it possible to make paradise in Las Nevadas? Can Wilbur give up on his self-destructive tendencies and can Quackity let go of his need for the power to allow something truly great to fluorish? That’s all they want - some sort of legacy, to add something to the world. Or is it all doomed? Will the server devolve into war once more?

    #dream smp#meta#analysis #some post stream thoughts #i do get that all the characters are sympathetic by the way! #i totally get it im ore musing on their actions #im also definitely hoping tommy joins in on this plot too as ive been enjoying his recent committment to peace #xD
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  • twosetsffangsandblood
    04.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    @kristencsummerlin​ asked: Have to drink flat soda or eat saggy toast.

    “Neither would be best.” Alucard grimaced, “But, flat soda. Saggy toast can make me ill.” 

    #the trump card; alucard muse #adult fangs; alucard answers #come again; answered ask
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  • puddingonyourheartstrings
    04.08.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    He’s been staring at the big wall with stuff on it for 20 minutes now...he can’t reach the little cups of yummy stuff and now he’s mad for being so short. “Rai...”

    #I'm charged up! (IC) #//Short muse problems plague this little Raichu
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  • the-perfect-scientist
    04.08.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    ((It's funny to think about, that I'm not a scientist (probably never will be) but I'm so associated with science because this blog is the parisitic head growing off of my shoulder xD

    #ooc #about the mun #thank you carlos #... my brother/child/muse/kin/whatever we are #carlos the scientist
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