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  • ouroboros8ontology
    18.01.2022 - 34 minutes ago
    ”There was no Jewish community in Poland without its town fool. Just as a town needed its barber-surgeon [feldsher, from the German feldscherer meaning field shearer. A military paramedic specializing in haircuts, barbering, and medical knowledge], its bathhouse attendant-night watchman, and midwife, there had to be a meshugener, who belonged to everyone in common and whose welfare was the responsibility of the entire community (Kugelmass and Boyarin, From a Ruined Garden).”
    Note that the common denominator in this tongue-in-cheek account inadvertently underscores how seriously the obligation of communal care was honored by Jewish communities. Every shtetl was assumed to have its health and hygiene needs taken care of by the feldsher, the midwife, and even the bathhouse attendant.

    Deatra Cohen and Adam Siegel, Ashkenazi Herbalism; Rediscovering the Herbal Traditions of Eastern European Jews

    #mutual aid #deatra cohen and adam siegel #ashkenazi herbalism; rediscovering the herbal traditions of eastern european jews #ashkenazim#shtetl #the pale of settlement #feldshers
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  • chilewithcarnage
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Link to her fund

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  • astrayan
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    why is it that whenever you ask people to accommodate you a lil bit they do the exact opposite just to fuck with you?

    my older sister and i were talking and she raised her voice a bit and i was like "speak a little quieter please, my head is hurting" (i was also fatigued and in a foul mood from only eating a pack of oreos and some off-brand ramen since yesterday), and the next second she YELLS right in my ear and i wince HARD from the pain.

    WHY ARE PEOPLE SO SHITTY??? my ear is still ringing, I'm even a bit woozy from the yelling. also I'm pretty sure she did it on purpose. fuck my family

    #abuse#family#sister#trans#help#mutual aid#calaboca miguel #she's playing it off as a prank and doesn't understand why I'm mad #it was a joke! no it wasnt i specifically said i had a headache and you just Did That #gratz i wont even look at ur face for a while
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  • fuzzythememe
    18.01.2022 - 1 hour ago



    Wishlist; https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/36X9R2BY0PTEK/?ref_=lol_ov_le


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  • fuzzythememe
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    URGENT Timiii needs 400 dollars one hotel room left!!! CA: $TimiiiG

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  • pluto-liketheplanet
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    ✨hey I know everyone is struggling right now but if you have anyway to help, I have to pay off my car insurance and a speeding ticket this month and I only have enough for rent. The ticket is 150 and the lowest payment I can make this month is 250. Anything would help at this point.

    I’m an autistic queer artist living on my own. I have my Etsy shop and I do tattoos for people in the Milwaukee area so I can do art trades for any donations.

    Etsy: https://etsy.me/3xOb4Ga

    Venmo: @/phoenixlee_

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  • fuzzythememe
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Please help have until 1pm to stay housed need 300 dollars!! https://moneyyy.me/$GOBLINSDINERO


    Teen needs 700 to stay housed!!! https://moneyyy.me/$pynq


    Stevie is being threatened with eviction


    Venmo: Xaturn

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  • latiosites
    18.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    hey! can we get help making $25 for food? thank you!


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  • marxistmiku
    18.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    hey can yall help a nb lesbian and their trans lesbian girlfriend get out of the negative before we get an overdraft charge and Cannot Recover

    cashapp: $animorbid

    venmo: @animorbid

    paypal: paypal.me/lionbirbs

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  • headfullofholes
    18.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Found out this morning that my mom passed away and my friend did the unaliving. I'm really having a bad day and we're only $392 from not being homeless. Please, I'm trying to have this by tonight! I just got a second job and pay back by next week if you'd like. I am afro-indigenous, trans nonbinary, and disabled with a 12 y/o kid. I'. begging, please help!!

    CA: $holesinmyheadd

    PP: [email protected]

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  • petrosapian
    18.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    For anyone in the United States you can sign up for them to send you 4 free COVID tests. Don’t have to give them anything other than an email and your address.

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  • dappercapricorn
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Help me Keep my Electric

    I didn’t want to resort to this, but I’m just about out of options. Long story short, even after months of searching, I still don’t have a job. Out of the few places in town that would work for me, I got rejected from one interview, and the other couple straight up ignored me. (My attempts for remote work aren’t working either).

    Anywho, my electric will be shut off if I don’t pay them anything after 1/23

    There’s a minimum of $15 to start paying off last month’s, but I would still need to worry about what’s due on the first as well. Also, I would need to mail it out with a signed agreement before Sunday, and with how slow things are I just don’t think it would get to them on time. (I also don’t even have that much yet either, I got three bucks at best)

    So if anyone could possibly help, no matter how small, or even reblog, I would really appreciate it. I really don’t want to face a NY winter without heating with pets. (This is my first time really doing this, so if the below link doesn’t work or isn’t the right one, let me know. Also, please disregard my deadname attached to the acct)

    My Paypal

    Main goal:

    $0 / $215

    Stretch goal:

    $0 / $500 +

    I’m looking to either have enough to appease them while I keep looking / raising funds (which is roughly half of the first goal to cover last month) or pay both months in full. The stretch goals are to help with other bills or even food / necessities. My internet is also due on the 27th, but that’s the least of my worries. That’s roughly $225 for the last two months. I won’t even go into my rent, that’s way too much to ask for on top of this.

    I do have open art / tarot commissions in my pinned post for anyone interested. Though I understand if my still simple style isn’t your thing (I’m trying to gradually work on it).

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  • sunrise-stitchery
    18.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Blanket is completely finished! It’s a little bigger than you typical baby blanket, but still not really big enough for an adult. I’m probably gonna give it away to a mutual aid group, since I don’t really have a use for it.

    #fiber art#crafts#disabled artist#handcrafted#queer artist#crochet#sunrise speaks#blanket#mutual aid #hoping they’re accepting donations #if not i’ll probably drop them off with some family who has kids or goodwill
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  • 800-dick-pics
    18.01.2022 - 6 hours ago


    Ive made many posts about us trying to move from my abusers and long story short today is Jan the 18th and we have FIVE DAYS until were put out with nothing!!! We NEED to at least hit our short term goal of $1,500 to survive this and travel to a place we can live and be safe!

    We have only been able to raise just short of $210 out of $1,500 and we cant afford to keep our things or even get to where we need to be SAFELY without this money. My partner and I are both disabled and I already have homelessness trauma, IM DESPERATE FOR HELP!

    C*shapp: $sleepyhen OR $grumblybear

    V*nmo: wildwotko OR XochiRose $210/$1,500 needed by 1/22/22

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  • reverietrolls
    18.01.2022 - 7 hours ago

    (updated) help my grandpa with his sole source of income

    My grandpa's laptop broke... the battery had already been malfunctioning for months and would only work when plugged, we tried getting a new battery but it didn't work, and *that* was what tech support suggested we do, so now we have to get a new one.

    His laptop was his only form of income and now that grandma has cancer, they have even more financial issues, not to mention he also pays for every expense of my grandma's mother, and her sister and son, all of which can't work due to age (and down's syndrome, in the son's case) I have exactly $50 to my name but I'd still like to help because again, he has No One Else who can help with the family's income since my mother is  already in a lot of debt herself

    The full price for the pc is $900. $210 has already been donated, thank you all!

    Not counting extra %s for the multiple installments we had to take. He has bought it (as of today - 01/18/22) but it’s still a heavy blow to the little savings he has, so I’d like to cover as much as I can.

    Update: he chose to get a pc so he can upgrade as the years go by instead of relying on buying a new laptop every time... which is probs gonna happen soon enough, considering he didn’t pick anything too fancy, just the bare minimum for his work software. It’s just the unfortunate reality of how expensive electronics are in Brazil - everything is around 60% more expensive than the exact same model in the US, if not more, due to import taxes. It's also why I couldn't just buy something from the US and have it mailed here, the price would be pretty much the same if you add in taxes and shipping.


    $18/$690 as of 01/18/22

    Please let me know if the link above doesn’t work, and if you’re interested in helping, please DM me!

    Please boost if you can!

    #donation#mutual aid#fundraiser#crowdfunding#financial aid#donate#donation post#help#lgbt#lgbtq#ftm#trans man#transmasc#nonbinary#queer#bisexual#latino#latinx#brazilian #sorry im trying every tag i can think of that relates to me lol #money help #MUTUALS ill rb this with the following tag every time so you can filter it. sorry to those who have seen this a billion times already #emergency funds donation post
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  • info-dump
    18.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    👹 need help with bills for January 2022. 👹

    we are currently staying in our friends' garage for the winter but the owner of the house does not like us. we are in a precarious position. i am trying to hurry up and contribute more but also im just fucking disabled and tired and eat 1.5 meals a day.

    HOWEVER i should have a part time job as a dog grooming assistant starting sometime in february if the current plan goes through. at that point i can start being a little more self sufficient. i cant say i dont feel extremely pessimistic about my future but this is me being proactive and hopeful.

    for now the three bills i need help with are

    carecredit ($46), credit card ($133) and our storage unit with our belongings ($204).


    cashapp+venmo: s33k3

    i also offer character/icon art


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  • anexperimentallife
    18.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Jan 18, 2022: US couple overseas in danger of being forced to leave our baby daughter here

    TL;DR: We’re an interracial, neurodivergent US couple in the Philippines. I’m also physically disabled. A paperwork snafu left our daughter stateless, and Immigration is skeptical about an extension to our visas while we get it sorted, meaning they may force us to leave without our daughter in MARCH.

    There’s a guaranteed way for ONE of us to stay, but it costs 10K USD PLUS other fees, and we don’t have that just laying around. I cannot begin to imagine the trauma to El if they force us to leave without her, not knowing when we’ll see each other again.

    PayPal Donation Link (preferred bc this one takes the lowest fees)



    Secondary Paypal Link (bc some non-US folks had trouble with the preferred one--but this one takes full fees)

    Details, for those who want the whole story:

    (New post because the old one was getting clogged with updates.) I am autistic, and physically disabled, with several comorbidities. I moved to the Philippines in 2018, in part to make my disability check stretch further. My girlfriend joined me here later that year. Immigrating to the Philippines on a tourist visa is a fairly common practice, as you can keep getting extensions for up to 36 months, after which you have to leave the country and return to “reset” for another 36 months, so that was our plan. Of course, lockdown hit in 2020, so that became impossible.

    A couple of months after lockdown hit, we found out (surprise!) that we were having a baby. Our daughter Eleanor was born in the Philippines in March of 2021, under COVID lockdown. Complications with the birth tripled our hospital bill and required a C-Section.

    Here’s where it gets tricky: Zoey (aka @thesurestthing ) had gone into the delivery room with a paper on which she had written all the names we had been considering, and was so groggy from anesthetic that instead of limiting it to our final choice, she didn’t realize they were putting ALL of the names on the form, PLUS adding her last name as a middle name (which is the tradition here). I would have stepped in, but this is the Philippines, and the father isn’t even allowed in the delivery room here, so I had no idea what was going on until much later. (And thanks to anesthesia, neither did Zoey.)

    You know that comedy trope of someone reciting their name, and it takes like thirty seconds to get through the whole thing? Yeah, it was like that. We weren’t happy about it, but our annoyance was overshadowed by having a baby.

    Considering our newborn (and my health, and the pandemic, thanks to a letter from my doctor) Immigration granted us an additional ten months extension beyond the usual 36, which would take us to March of 2022.

    That should have been plenty of time to get things sorted, but when we went to have El officially declared a US citizen, we found that the snafu on her birth certificate meant her name was too long to fit on the American forms. And the local registry office refused to submit a request to amend her birth certificate until we could provide several very specific “proofs” of using the shorter name.

    In some cases it was a matter of, “You need document A as one of the three proofs. To get that, you need a copy of Document B. Oh, but you can’t get Document B unless you already have Document A.”

    So took literally months, two lawyers, and a favor from a friend to get that documentation together. Among other things, we had to find a church that would hold a baptism or dedication ceremony for a baby born to two atheists (luckily, a friend in Manila’s wife knew a Bishop here, and called in a favor for us), and hire a lawyer to swear and affirm that sixteen is a higher number than fifteen (I wish I were joking there).

    It took even longer because in the meantime, I got COVID, and we all had to quarantine at home. (Thankfully El didn’t get it. That took a couple of thousand out of the donation fund, though, considering I had to be on an oxygen machine for a month, among other treatments.)

    When we finally got everything they required  to submit the request to fix El’s birth certificate (middle of November), we were informed it would take four to six months to get an answer and/or an amended birth certificate from the main office in Quezon City. This means we are likely looking at the middle of May before we can get the birth certificate with her correct name. But our extensions expire in March. You see the issue? If our request for reconsideration is denied, they could force us to leave the country without our daughter unless we come up with enough for the SRRV (explained below).

    And we need the corrected birth certificate before we can even BEGIN the process of having El recognized as a US citizen and get her a passport. (The US embassy here has also cut back on services, and stated they are no longer processing emergency passports, so we’ll have to wait the normal length of time.)

    The local immigration office has advised me to apply for the SRRV, a special retirement visa which would give me (and only me) permanent residency, meaning I could stay with El no matter how long the process takes. Zoey would still have to return to the states without us, because she doesn’t qualify. Also, the SRRV requires a minimum ten thousand US dollar deposit, in addition to other fees. And as I told the guy at Immigration, we don’t HAVE ten thousand dollars just laying around.

    One person at the local office has said there’s no chance of another extension, and that the SRRV is our only shot. Another one said they think we MAY be extended again because of the extenuating circumstances, but it apparently depends on what kind of day the person in Quezon City (who has never seen us) is having when they get our request.

    The kicker is that we can’t even APPLY for reconsideration until February, and by the time we get an answer, if we’re denied, it will be too late to do anything about it.

    To sum up: If we’re denied another lengthy extension (which there seems to be a 50/50 chance of), we could be forced to leave the country without our daughter, and unable to return to her until the country opens back up. And no one knows when that will be. If we can come up with the money for the SRRV, though, it is GUARANTEED that at least I can stay with her. Losing her mommy would be terrible enough; I cannot begin to imagine the trauma to El if she has to lose both of her parents until who knows when--months, years, whenever they open the country again.

    Even if they DO approve another lengthy extension (again, looks like a 50/50 chance), it’ll still cost thousands. So if we end up not needing (or not getting enough money for) the SRRV, anything donated will go to that, plus paying off medical bills, taking care of needed travel--Because even if everything goes perfectly, and they extend us for as long as we need, we will still have to travel to Manila to present El in person at the embassy before they’ll affirm her citizenship, and unless they reopen the country by the end of our (hypothetical) new extensions, we’ll still have to leave behind the life we’ve built here and start completely from scratch.

    For that matter, even if we come up with enough for the SRRV, unless they open the country by the time El’s paperwork is sorted, we’ll STILL have to relocate once our daughter can legally travel, because our little girl needs both her parents.

    Basically, it’s all a big mess caused by a misunderstanding at El’s birth. To be honest, we need about three times what is listed on the GoFundMe when you consider the medical and legal and travel and likely relocation expenses and all, but we weren’t comfortable asking for more.

    Amazing what a cascading pile of adversity can be caused by a single moment of confusion during childbirth, isn’t it?

    If you actually read all that, thank you. It helps to blurt the whole thing out on occasion. If you can help, please do, because we’re running out of time, If not, please reblog.

    And thank you again, especially to those who have already helped. Thanks to your generosity, we’re almost halfway to the initial goal of being able to apply for the SRRV (and we’d be even closer if I hadn’t gotten COVID). If we can get that out of the way, all other efforts go towards the rest of the fallout from this situation.

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