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  • chaoticpanenergy
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “dear” tumblr. hi. quick question.

    why the FUCK do you think i want to see posts with my filtered tags on them in the “for you” tab???

    like. what the fuck. why does this happen every single time i go in there. why do you think i have them filtered??? also, why does the for you tab not hide posts with my filtered tags? who made these decisions and why do they hate me personally. i would like to know.

    #peregrin said a thing #rant #but like kind of humorous #but also fr Why #like. do they want me to not use the 'for you' tab. bc that's what's going to happen #i barely go in there and it's like half bc of this #the other half is bc the people i follow have way better taste than whatever algorithm theyre using to make the 'for you' thing #ily mutuals <3 #swearing
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  • mahixa
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    have you ever gotten a message that somebody loves your fics and your stories inspire them to write and you go “ahhh? it’s so kind??” because it is and then they go “so could you please reblog something I wrote? I’m a small blog still and you have a lot of followers and you are amazing” and you go “SURE!” because why the hell not let’s help each other out and then they kinda drop the topic once you did that and don’t answer you back when you try to be kind and supportive and then OUT OF CURIOSITY out of this pure HMMM HMMMM vibes you check your ao3 and their username and you check your fics which they SO CLAIMED TO LOVE and those that INSPIRED THEM TO START WRITING and there’s- nothing, they’ve never even liked it so it’s pretty fucking clear they used you to get the audience with fake compliments

    #what a dick move #i hate fake people #and then they send themselves fake anons i just know i just know i just knoooooooooow it #because i know how much anons i get and my mutuals who have like +1000 followers so for someone to suddenly have so many when they just #started is a bit off #and they brag about it and then their posts get like 1 note lol #fake people fake peopleeeeeeeeeeee #we all had to work hard to get where we are but i could never lie like that???
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  • indorilnerevarine
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #🌌: rys#aedyrans #RYS! i adore u sm and thank you for the ask! and about my fav wasteland baby yelena! #the ncr and the bos were only nominally #being that the ncr was using her help to patch up and perform surgeries to the injured #she was usually with the followers! #the bos in that it was during fallout 3 ONLY bc her and the gang needed to stop autumn and the enclave so they had a mutual goal! #she isn’t particularly fond of the fact that they don’t use their tech to help educate the people and instead hordes it #thinking they aren’t intelligent to use it. and the information especially on pre war medicine #could train people and doctors in the wasteland and give them the know how to save people. #she did really like elder lyons though since he genuinely seemed to care about the well being of the wasteland and it’s people! #was bummed they went the opposite direction and maybe it was her being naive even after all this time but she’d hoped differently for them? #golly howdy this is such a fun ask game and thank you so much for the ask! #i booted up fallout 3 to get the specials bc i forgot what i set them to aksnzj ✨🥴 #galaxy news radio had some solid taste in music and she appreciated it! #collecting trinkets odds and ends and saving people just like her dad ✨🥺 the CUTEST wanderer ahhhh! #leg.ocs #leg.asks
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  • ricopop
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i’ve been trying to type this for a hot 5 minutes so i’m just gonna say it straight up

    UH apologies in advance if this account is suddenly full of vent art/edgy things i write in my journal ?????? 😢

    #i was gonna do a long post but i don’t want to act like i have a following so this is pretty much to all my tumblr mutuals that #occasionally like my posts #DID I SPELL THAT RIGHT????? idk #wave.txt #mental health tag
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  • brockachu
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    from elliotte friedman’s 32 thoughts | 07 dec 2021

    Very intrigued by 1) the flyers getting a defense specific coaching addition (and particularly someone who can really constructively hash it out with provy) and 2) adam foote specifically being rumoured for that spot

    foote spent most of his career as a nordique/avalanche (he moved with the team when they went to denver, won a cup with the avs, had a short cbj stint, then came back home to denver & retired there). can’t say much on his coaching (he was with kelowna for a couple seasons), but he was a pretty classic stay-at-home dman who holds a lot of respect in the hockey world. he was the last active former nordique when he retired in 2011 & his jersey was retired by the avs back in 2013.

    i’m personally a big fan of former-player coaches when you have a young core that needs mentoring on top of coaching (see: provy maybe needing extra guidance & confidence coaching rn)

    #also fun fact: i was at the game when foote’s jersey was retired #the avs were still Bad then so my friend & i bought resold lowerbowl tix from season ticketholders. it was against the stars #i brought a sign for erik cole & got a puck and had some fun through the glass interactions #jamie oleksiak was called up to dallas at the time and i did in fact say aloud ‘damn wish i could climb this glass then climb that tree’ #anyway Yes i follow flyers news just not as thoroughly as the canucks. apologies to my flyers mutuals for neglecting y’all recently #flyers lb#adam foote#ivan provorov#elliotte friedman#aily talks#analysis#op
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  • izuukii
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #i didnt know u followed me asrdfghjk #hello moot#🌸—mutuals#💌—to scout#joz <3
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  • faggotroman
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i feel like i should share this with the world

    #bleach #followers and mutuals afaik none of you care about bleach which is ok theres no context require for this image. #i just though it would be funny
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  • twansgendew
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    There r bloggs in this webbed site that I font follow because eye dee kay if they would like me but I like check in on them every once in a while bcuz we have overlapping interests and have both at one point interacted with each other's posts so we r like mutualz in spirit even tho neither of us follow each other

    #i know tjis makes absolutely no sense BUT theres this one blog and he has reblogged one of my posts and ive reblogged one of hers and #the only reason i do not follow him is cause i *used* to apply 2 his dni but i no longer do and ive just been like eye dee kay eye dee kay #fin speaks #is this a hashtag relatable tumblr post 4 the mutuals and the followers 2 reblog oh i so hope it is <333
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  • woozi
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #screaming crying AND THROWING UP 😭😭😭😭😭 #NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BC IM SO SO HONORED I DO NOT IN ANY WAY DESERVE THIS 🥺🥺 i do my best thank u #u better me up sm i feel so 😳😳 rn KJFDJKDFKJFDJKFD #also agreed w how talented caratblr ccs are they have such distinct styles <3 <3 <3 i always have fun here looking at everyone's creations #and i def get a lot of inspo from them!! #AND THIS U/N JFDKJFDKJDFKJDF #i've actually been waiting for people to get off this fkjkfdfdj one of my old mutuals had it but then they suddenly disappeared #and one day my friend was asking for a bias list and ofc i would include jihoon in there JKSDKSDJKDS #and tadah <3 she surprised me w this #everyone say thank u hani (@scoups) she's such a blessing to me she's so nice she's always so kind 🥺 #also v v thoughtful omg 17/10 friend + she has the best aes go follow her if u dont already!! #AND I GET U OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD 😭😭 i've always had a soft spot for the svteenie lees but dk's been climbing up that ladder VERY fast 🥺 #and thank u omg i'm just fucking around lmao it's just that i've been doing this for long and i'm always online so i get to practice it 😭 #this means a lot to me 🥺😭 #thank u again omg u are so sweet #anon #y.ask
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  • rivendell101
    08.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I’m in a monsterfucker mood, send me prompts for hq, bnha, and jjk 👀

    #I know it’s been a while but I know I have mutuals/followers that are nasty little heathens #show yourselves
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  • finestgun
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Simply because I am too lazy to cap A.rcane and don’t want to go hunting for them I will simply be iconless~

    #tbt #or i bully someone who had caps already asdfghjkl #for legal reasons i use bully as a joke #hello i realize there are new people here and not just #the same mutuals who follow all of my blogs #do have a live action fc but eh
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  • micamicster
    08.12.2021 - 11 hours ago

    You know what. If i kdrama post from now on it’s gonna be on main im too lazy for side blogs

    #most of my mutuals from there follow me on main anyway 🥰🥰🥰 #yall will just have to enjoy yourselves with me <3 #it can’t be worse than supernatural posting and most of you put up with that #I won’t delete the blog or anything I’ve got too much meta on there #but im way too lazy to keep my blogs straight
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  • tokosfukawas
    07.12.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #batz.answers #batz.txt #lynn.ask #lynn.tag #jaemssna#mutuals ♡#don't rb #please don't rb #if you don't follow dni #vaccine mention
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  • notalisa
    07.12.2021 - 12 hours ago


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  • neggsbenedict
    07.12.2021 - 12 hours ago

    I posted 1,661 times in 2021

    56 posts created (3%)

    1605 posts reblogged (97%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 28.7 posts.

    I added 274 tags in 2021

    #ace attorney - 53 posts

    #klapollo - 45 posts

    #art - 37 posts

    #neggsbenedict - 28 posts

    #apollo justice - 23 posts

    #deltarune - 23 posts

    #t&b brainrot - 21 posts

    #klavier gavin - 18 posts

    #deltarune chapter 2 - 13 posts

    #long post - 13 posts

    Longest Tag: 140 characters

    #but if you tell me that a few suns millions of lightyears away that line up with my premature brith date detemined my personality and future

    My Top Posts in 2021


    swagyuta is my most favorite thing

    135 notes • Posted 2021-05-14 09:16:02 GMT


    based on this version of guilty love/love love guilty that is underrated 

    211 notes • Posted 2021-05-14 09:21:29 GMT


    Someone posted the left pic in the klapollo server I'm in and i had to draw them smol bbys

    also. relatable. (I'm 5'2", so i know this very well)

    297 notes • Posted 2021-04-17 15:23:06 GMT


    i spent too much time on this do not ask how much please

    373 notes • Posted 2021-11-03 22:06:44 GMT


    may i kindly hand you some lgbtq* lawyers in these trying times

    898 notes • Posted 2021-05-13 21:22:33 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #my 2021 tumblr year in review #your tumblr year in review #GAY LAWYERS HAVE TAKEN OVER MY ACCOUNT #i literally barely posted art how #glad to know y'all liked my shitty comics tho #also that long ass tag is from a recent astrology post #reblog thing #i should probably start tagging things as reblog and it would be my most used tag instantly #removed a few pics so i could actually post #also removed the helluva boss fanart because my mutuals would probably kill me if they knew how balls deep i am into this #and it can be triggering to my followers so yeah.
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  • subby-cnt
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    y'all really need to chill in my messages. i hop on tumblr when i get home from work, but i quite literally don't owe you anything ☺️ pls stop harassing my inbox telling me to respond to your messages, I JUST WALKED IN THE DOOR.


    #just a PSA #pictures reblogged with q are queued so y'all have content #i love talking to my followers but i'm this 🤏 close to turning messages to mutuals only
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  • cookie-run-ideas
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    sending donation posts/asking us to rb them is against my boundaries never do that. this blog isnt a personal blog it has a clear purpose and that isnt one of them. ~mod de

    #☠an enchantress in disguise🖤 #i didnt think i had to say that but it makes me uncomfortable #especially because without fail its someone who never followed us before asking #if u were my mutual or friend rs doffernt but ur jsut asking for charity from a stranger which makes me HIGHLY uncomfortable #i dont have to explain myself further but no one eles do this
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  • onekisstotakewithme
    07.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    honestly while I get the whole "why did you follow me" posts, the real question to ask is "why do you still follow me?" so like? Reblog with tags of why you followed and why you still follow I guess 😅

    #this is especially relevant for followers who followed 2-3 hyperfixations ago #i'm mostly curious #i have some mutuals where it's like why? you're incredibly cool but why? #if you see me stressposting tonight no you don't <3
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  • fluegelheld-remade
    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    I posted 1.245 times in 2021

    54 posts created (4%)

    1191 posts reblogged (96%)

    For every post I created, I reblogged 22.1 posts.

    I added 161 tags in 2021

    #german - 23 posts

    #übernatürlich - 22 posts

    #spn - 20 posts

    #to check out - 18 posts

    #my art - 18 posts

    #:0 - 17 posts

    #:) - 13 posts

    #supernatural - 11 posts

    #<3<3<3 - 11 posts

    #!!! - 8 posts

    Longest Tag: 69 characters


    My Top Posts in 2021


    5 • weihnachtsmarktnatürlich

    karsten kauft sich ein spielzeugholzschwert auf dem lokalen weihnachtsmarkt. dieter starrt ihn an. es ist ihm vielleicht ein kleines bisschen peinlich, hier mit karsten zu stehen, der das holzschwert hin und her schwingt, wie ein kleines kind. so umgeben von den ganzen leuten.

    und dieter wird sofort sauer auf sich selbst, dass ihm das peinlich ist. karsten bemerkt es erst gar nicht, aber dann hält er doch inne, als er dieters starren registriert. sofort dreht er sich nocheinmal zu dem stand um. dieter weiß, er hat mist gebaut. jetzt schämt karsten sich, wegen ihm, und gibt das schwert, über das er sich grade noch so gefreut hatte, zurück. nur weil dieter seine probleme immernoch nicht in den griff bekommen hat.

    karsten dreht sich um. zu dieters erstaunen hält er ein zweites holzschwert in den händen. wortlos tritt er an dieter ran und drückt ihm das zweite schwert in die hand und gleichzeitig einen kuss auf den mund. dieter schließt die augen und nimmt nur noch karsten wahr, vergisst alles um sich herum. und da ist ihm dann auch nix mehr peinlich.

    später, als sie zurück in der untergrundbehausung sind, duellieren sich dieter und karsten dann mit ihren neuen schwertern. hoffentlich hauen sie sich nicht versehentlich auf die finger!

    20 notes • Posted 2021-12-05 21:53:53 GMT


    [Bildbeschreibungen: Vier Bilder von vier verschiedenen Schuhen mit Gegenständen drin.
    Das erste Bild zeigt eine schwarze, hochhackige Stiefelette mit dekorativen Nieten und einem dekorativen Ring an der Seite. Darin befindet sich eine Packung veganer Reibekäse-Ersatz von SimplyV.
    Das zweite Bild zeigt einen pinken Converse Schuh, aber nicht original von All Star. Darin steckt ein Holzschwert auf welchem regenbogenfarbener Glitzer klebt.
    Auf dem dritten Bild ist ein Stiefel abgebildet, der vage Doc Martens nachempfunden sein könnte. Er ist dunkelblau und glitzernd und dreckig und etwas abgewetzt. Darin ist eine Packung Erdnüsse und eine grüne Schwimmbrille zu finden.
    Auf dem letzten Bild ist eine dunkelbraune Leder-Stiefelette zu sehen. Darin steckt eine Banane. Bildbeschreibungen Ende]

    6 • Nikolausnatürlich

    Karsten bekommt Käse vom Nikolaus<3

    #ich hoffe doch jakob hat auch ein schwert bekommen 👀 sonst wird der kleine noch neidisch @solarcas​ keine Sorge, Jakob bekommt dieses coole Glitzer Schwert vom Nikolaus :)

    Samu freut sich über eine neue Schwimmbrille, jetzt wo er immer mit seiner Monoflosse unterwegs ist. Über die Nüsse freut er sich natürlich auch!

    Und Dieter wirkt begeistert von der Banane. Jakob hinterfragt das nicht weiter. Samu ist allerdings etwas verwirrt...

    *nichtbeauftragte werbung i suppose

    21 notes • Posted 2021-12-06 15:53:26 GMT


    [Bildbeschreibung: Ein bearbeitetes Wendy Magazin Cover. Das Magazin heißt “Dieter”, der Name steht oben mittig in pinker Schrift. Groß und mittig ist ein Pferd abgebildet in einer Schneelandschaft. Über den Kopf des Pferdes ist Dean Winchesters Kopf gelegt, sodass die Pferde-Ohren noch zu sehen sind. Er guckt erschrocken. Oben über dem Titel steht “Pferde sind mein Leben!”.
    Links ist eine gelbe Leiste am Rand. Oben in der Leiste steht “Die Nr.1″ und darunter ist ein kleines umrahmtes Bild von einem Pferdekopf, über den ebenfalls Dean Winchesters Kopf gelegt ist, sodass die Pferde-Ohren noch zu sehen sind.
    Darunter ist ein gerahmtes Bild von einem Fohlen abgebildet. Der Rahmen ist breit und blau und mit Glitzer Konfetti verziert. Daneben steht: “Süßer Bilderrahmen mit Glitzer-Deko.”
    Darunter ist ein Bild von einem weißen Pferd und darunter ein Bild von Castiel, wie er draußen im Schnee auf einer Bank sitzt. Neben den beiden Bildern steht: “Spaß im Schnee. Cas ganz nah!”
    Darunter sind zwei grinsende Pferde im Comic-Stil abgebildet. Daneben steht: “Spaß mit Lord & Lauser. Comic und Suchbild.”
    Rechts unten in der Ecke ist ein gerahmtes Bild von Sam Winchesters Kopf. Sein Blick ist scharf. Darüber steht: “Plus: Fotostory. Comic. Samu hilft!”.
    Über dem Bild von Sam ist noch ein Bild von Dean. Er guckt grimmig und hat die Arme vor der Brust verschränkt. Bildbeschreibung Ende]

    23 notes • Posted 2021-11-10 08:42:23 GMT


    karsten muss sich mal wieder mit behörden rumschlagen. die erste behörde hat ihm gesagt ruf abteilung x bei der zweiten behöre an. abteilung x, behörde 2 hat keine gültige telefonnummer.

    er ruft eine nummer an, die für die gesamte behörde 2 zuständig ist. ihm wird gesagt, ruf abteilung y an. die person in abteilung y sagt ihm, er muss abteilung z anrufen. abteilung z ist ständig besetzt und hat keinen anrufbeantworter.

    endlich wird er dann zum glück zurückgerufen und ihm wird mitgeteilt dass sein antrag in bearbeitung ist. außerdem wird er darauf hingewiesen, dass er sich auch noch bei behörde 3 melden muss. er legt sich erstmal nochmal ins bett

    33 notes • Posted 2021-11-10 11:52:03 GMT


    im diersten haushalt hängt der haussegen ein wenig schief, denn es ist eine gas-rechnung gekommen, über 400€, die noch nachgezahlt werden müssen, weil jemand (karsten) ständig die heizung voll aufdreht.

    "mir ist eben kalt, diddi🙄"

    "zieh dir halt nen warmen pullover an!"

    "wir geben so viel geld jeden monat für dein automechanikermagazinabonnement aus aber ich darf nicht mal die heizung aufdrehen, damit ich nicht erfriere!"

    [Bildbeschreibung: Ein Screenshot von Supernatural in dem Castiel zu sehen ist. Er lehnt an einem Türrahmen und hat die Arme verschränkt. Er schmollt. Bildbeschreibung Ende]

    181 notes • Posted 2021-11-17 11:03:57 GMT

    Get your Tumblr 2021 Year in Review →

    #well. not my year. just the last 33 days actually LMAO #also. ive been tagging übernatürlich posts with german so that my non german mutuals/followers can block that but. #yesterday i realised ive been putting my silly little übernatürlich posts in the german tag ajdfhjkd SORRY #like. people might actually GO into that tag and then be confronted with supernatural
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  • backstroms-saucy-passes
    07.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    was tagged by @holtbys-left-eyebrow! thanks for the tag dude!!!

    my top 3 songs, really based on what i've had on repeat, and tagging five people

    1. Christmas Evel by Stray Kids

    2. Crush by Seventeen

    3. So Bad by StayC

    tagging: @silver-snow @lemontarto @notquiteparanoia @ anyone who wants!

    #didn't do pictures cause it takes time and i gotta do school shit #i am like #crossing the mutual line #tagging my friends from my main #THO NICO YOU FOLLOW ME NOW FJSDAKLFJAL #also i cannot believe christmas evel is already on there #i am eyeing you #i dare you to judge my music taste
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