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    21.04.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I can’t even make fun of characters in mutual pining fics where they make stupid decisions because I, too, have made the same stupid decisions while pining

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    I Can Feel You Staring (Jimmy Woo x Reader)

    Summary: The reader invites Jimmy to watch the sunset with them on the roof of their apartment block and realises he has feelings for them. 

    Warnings: none

    @marvelfluffbingo​ B1: watching the sunset

    Major tags: neighbours, mutual pining, fluff, breaking and entering

    Rating: Teen

    Words: ​912

    Notes: My tag lists are open, please let me know what you think!

    Find my other fics here: Masterlist 

          “Do you need a hand with those?”

    You glanced over your shoulder towards the friendly voice and nodded. Your shopping bags weren’t particularly heavy today but you weren’t about to disrupt the familiar pattern between you on the basis of that. Pausing on the corner landing, you waited for Jimmy to bounce up the stairs and offered the lighter of the two bags. He took the one in your other hand, the heavier one, without a second thought.

    As you ascended the stairs to your floor, Jimmy asked about your day and told you what few details he could about his latest case. These little chats were among your favourite interactions every day and you often found yourself wishing that you lived on a higher floor just so you could talk with him longer. You enjoyed the challenge of putting together the clues he gave you about his work, matching them up to stories in the news and making links where you could. Jimmy put a lot of trust in you not to say anything about what you did manage to put together and you savoured the warm feelings that his faith ignited in your chest.

          “Well, this is you.” Jimmy paused outside your door, an adorable frown on his face, mouth opening and closing in confusion when you kept on climbing. “You didn’t move without telling me, did you?”

          “Nope, you’re good. I just thought I’d head up to the roof first.”


          “Come see for yourself.”

    Jimmy didn’t hesitate in following, his steps quickly falling back into pace with yours. The door to the roof was chained shut – that was a new development; obviously the building landlord had heard about your illicit trips up here – but you weren’t deterred. It was only cheap. Easy enough to pick.

    You crouched down and pulled your tools from your purse, delighting in Jimmy’s shock. It was an honest hobby, one you’d only taken up because of your propensity to forget your keys. Not to say that you hadn’t thought about testing out your skills on locks other than your own, but you weren’t about to admit that to an FBI agent, even one that you considered among your closest friends.

    Thirty seconds later the lock clicked open and you jumped up, a bright smile on your face. “Impressed?”

          “Very. I’ll have to get you in handcuffs one of these days.” It was his turn to laugh then, a truly uplifting sound indeed. Bumping his shoulder against yours, Jimmy said, “Keep your mind out of the gutter. I meant learning to pick them not… Other things.”

    Biting your tongue, knowing any retort could let your true affections for your neighbour slip, you pulled open the door and stepped up onto the rooftop. Jimmy was close behind you as you stepped out into the bright evening light. Overhead, the sky was one of the most beautiful sights you had ever seen.

    It was the very reason you’d been so keen to come up onto the roof, to admire the beauty. Jimmy hummed, amused as you quickly pulled a pair of hidden deck chairs out from behind a pile of old boxes and junk, and you each took a seat on the edge of the roof beneath the swirling colours.

    Truly, it was a stunning sight. Gone was the blue sky, now overtaken by a blanket of deep crimson and pink clouds. It cast a warm glow across the city, reflected in the wide glass windows. It was times like this when you felt most at home, detached from the busy bustle on the streets below, able to enjoy the marvel of life here.

    The fleeting fiery colours reminded you to appreciate the beautiful moments, to savour the bursts of meaning among the mundane because you never knew which might be your last. A morbid thought, perhaps, but you knew there was nowhere you’d rather be than there beneath the burning sky with Jimmy by your side.

    Speaking of, a quick glance confirmed what you already knew to be true. “You’re meant to be looking at the sunset, Jimmy. Not me.”

    He didn’t say anything but you could see the smile on his face out the corner of your eye. It made your heart leap in your chest. You sat peacefully together, in quiet, comfortable company, just watching the sun descend. As it touched the horizon, you felt his eyes on you once more. “I can feel you staring.”

          “I can’t help myself. You’re beautiful.”


    He shifted awkwardly in his seat, suddenly bashful. Suddenly very interested in the sunset he’d neglected, Jimmy apologised, “I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.”

    You reached across and offered your hand, which Jimmy took without hesitation. “I don’t mind. Really.”

    Jimmy smiled, lifting you up as he rose to his feet. He nudged the shopping bags with his foot and said, “We should take these back downstairs.”

          “Only if you stay for a drink.”

    His dark eyes sparkled in the sunset and you felt stupid for not realising sooner just how clearly he wore his affections around you. For months you had assumed he was just being a friendly neighbour but as the last light of the setting sun burned like a fire in his eyes you saw the truth; all those emotions you had tried to bury, he felt them too.

    Confirming your suspicions, Jimmy grabbed both of your shopping bags and grinned. “I thought you’d never ask.”

    Tag lists are open! You can add yourself here or send me an ask/leave a comment telling me which characters/fandoms you’d like to be tagged for. Please let me know what you think!
    #jimmy woo x reader #jimmy/reader#jimmy woo/reader#marvelfluffbingo2021 #agent woo x you #reader insert #gender neutral imagine #marvel fanfic#neighbours#mcu fluff #jimmy woo fluff #pining#mutual pining
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    16. Malfunction

    (Inspired by a famous space fic/prompt thing that I cannot seem to find, if someone could link it that would be awesome.)

    Under the cut because this is 2300 words of pure angst.

    Day 16. Analogical. Masterpost.

    Summary: There is a malfunction aboard the spaceship. Fixing it means someone has to die. Virgil doesn’t want to make that call. Logan makes it for him.

    Trigger warnings: Dying, Radiation poisoning, idiots in love. Inter-alien-species discrimination (hinted)


    Virgil stared at the control desk as the warning light flashed. As the captain of the ship it had been his duty to solve this, and his inability to do anything was painful. They had been able to find no other solution that wouldn’t resolve in the loss of any life form. No alien aboard the ship could survive that sort of radiation, and no human would be able to either. 

    Though the others on the ship didn’t know it yet, it left only one decision. Would he risk one life to save the rest of the crew?

    His fingers curled with the thought. When he had been sworn in as the captain of the ship, he had made a solemn oath to protect the crewmembers from any danger, internal or external.

    He knew what other captains would do - he knew what the aliens expected of him. To find someone of an inferior alien race, and send them in to fix the malfunction and die. If that didn’t work? Then he would be expected to risk the lives of as many as necessary to save the remainders.

    He didn’t want to work like that. This expedition was supposed to be a shining light, paving the way forward for all human explorations into space with aliens, to prove the worth of humanity. He had the eyes of everyone in the solar system on him, and this voyage would be looked upon, years and light-years in the future, by everyone who wished to find out something about the human race.

    There were other humans on the ship of course, but never had any of the history books cared about the names of the other people involved in an endeavour. It was his name that history had its eyes on, his names that would be spread throughout the universe.

    As a failure.

    No, this was too important. The last thing he could be allowed to do was fail this mission. They all had to survive and this had to succeed.

    But for this mission to succeed then everyone had to be alive. And for everyone to be alive… someone had to fix the malfunction and be exposed to a brutal amount of radiation, that would kill them.

    He couldn’t - wouldn’t - force any of the crewmembers to do that, and if he asked for volounteers, no one would say anything and he would be seen as weak, or ineffectual. Which meant - which meant that there was only one option.

    He had to go in there, and sort it out himself.

    It would be a long and painful death, but if he took a gun in there, he could fix the malfunction and then shoot himself in one of the isolation chambers before he started to experience the worst side effects. His second in command, Logan, could lead the ship. He was clever enough that he could reign control and finish the voyage, leading them home with success.

    Logan did deserve it after all. He had been the top of their class in everything, with a stellar performance. He didn’t really understand why he had been chosen instead of him to lead the mission, but nobody had elaborated, and he’d never had the chance to ask the man himself once the ship had arrived in space.

    He took a deep breath. It was settled then. He knew enough about the ship that he would be able to fix the malfunction, and he would hand over control of the ship to Logan.

    Something felt off though, about the plan, and as he thought over it, his attention returned to the control board and - the warning light.

    It was no longer flashing because it was no longer on.

    His heart stopped beating. This wasn’t possible. Weird things happened on ships all the time and problems solved themselves, but with something this big, that wasn’t even a possibility. That meant that something else had happened.

    He donned his jacket and captain’s hat, and walked out of the control room, heading for the engine room. He needed to find out what had happened, whether it was good or bad and what it would mean for the ship.

    He just hoped it wasn’t anything too drastic that meant there was no chance of the ship surviving.

    He turned around a corner to walk down another corridor, mentally mapping the fastest route to the engine room, and his heart leapt when he saw another of his command team, a bright blue alien who had been affectionately nicknamed Patton.

    “Human Virgil! Your chosen one has fixed the malfunction! This ship has been saved.”

    Virgil’s blood ran cold. He hadn’t chosen anyone, and he most certainly hadn’t solved it. “What do you mean?” He asked, trying to remain neutral and wondering how badly he was failing at it.

    “Why didn’t you tell us?” Xe continued. “This ability to be unaffected by radiation would have meant that the ship didn’t have to risk remaining here for as long as it did, and we wouldn’t have had to use as many of our supplies as we did.”

    “What are you talking about?” He asked, letting the authority creep into his voice and hiding his hands in his pocket so the alien couldn’t see how much his hands were shaking.

    “Human Logan! It was a surprise to see that you had sent one of your own into the engine room, but he explained that humans have the ability to survive radiation poisoning. He fixed the malfunction, and then he was moved to an isolation chamber so he could safely expel the radiation as is standard with your kind.”

    “Where is the chamber?” Virgil asked, trying to clear his thoughts.

    “It’s in section 19E.2.”

    “Thanks Patton.” He said. “I have to get going, but will you chart a course for our next destination?”

    The alien nodded, before walking in the direction Virgil had come from. Waiting until xe turned the corner, he took a deep breath and let it go, clearing his thoughts, and charting the fastest route to the isolation chamber unit.

    This time, when he had selected his path, he ran.

    He took several shortcuts, avoiding the other inhabitants of the ship whenever he could, grateful for the time he and Logan had spent mapping all of the different pathways when they had first boarded the ship. He made it to the isolation chamber in a relatively short amount of time, and allowed the alien on guard to wave him through, making some polite conversation about his choice and accepting the congratulations, ignoring the twist in his stomach.

    There were very few inhabitants in the isolation chambers and there was no one else on Logan’s wing, which was something he was happy about. He didn’t need anyone else to witness this.

    He took another deep breath before entering the wing as he didn’t need Logan to see just how out of breath he was.

    The door opened with a hiss that broke the silence when he pressed his cuff to the scanner, and walking down the corridor felt as though he was trying to walk through treacle. Horrible, cloying, and not a situation you would ever want to be in.

    Each isolation cell was the same - a small room with a table, bed and a space for a personal artefact. They were all white and silver, and they had a thick clear front panel that provided the ability to see in and out, but didn’t let the radiation pass through. The doors would only open inwards, and could only be opened by the guard’s keys.

    Virgil felt sick by virtue of being in the presence of these monstrosities.

    Nobody came down here because they were going to go back up again. Those were in a different section. Logan had probably spun them some story or other, giving an excuse as to why he needed the stronger protection from radiation.

    When Virgil came across Logan’s cell, he found him with a deck of cards, dealing them and playing some game that he was engrossed in.

    Nerves shook his body as he raised his hand to the glass, and he did his best to still them. He doubted that it worked.

    He knocked on the glass, and Logan immediately turned around. Guilt replaced the calmness that Virgil had seen on the man seconds ago, and he waved. Immediate regret coursed through his veins, and he swallowed it. He could deal with his ridiculous nature and his propensity to make stupid mistakes later - there was a more important matter at hand.

    He fiddled with his cuff for a second, almost dialling Logan’s old comm before trying to remember the extension for this unit. It was the same as the section number, 19E2, and it took him a second to work out the unit number of the cell, before he was dialling Logan, and he was picking up.

    Neither said anything for a second.



    They spoke at the same time, and he fell silent. “You speak first.”

    Logan sighed. “Spare me the lecture. I know what I’ve done and I knew what I was getting into.” Virgil bit back a retort, the yell on the tip of his tongue that he knew was trying to surface. “You can say whatever you want about it, but nothing is going to change the fact that it’s been done.”

    Virgil pinched the bridge of his nose. “Do you have anything else you’d like to say that is similarly ridiculous?”

    Had this been any other time, Logan would have had that familiar smile on his face. “No. Maybe later, though.”

    Virgil sighed. “You’re an idiot. I don’t even know how you convinced them that you could survive a radiation blast-”

    “They were panicking, and I told them what they wanted to hear. It was very simple, actually. Almost disappointingly so.”

    Virgil shot Logan a glare. “I didn’t interrupt you…”

    “Go on.” He said.

    “You know I was going to do that right? There’s a reason I didn’t ask anyone to do that for me, and that’s because-”

    “You’re too good of a person and you’d have a morality crisis, yes I know.” Logan said. “Why do you think I did it?”

    “Because you’re a complete and utter idiot.” Virgil said.

    “This ship can’t survive without a captain.” Logan said. “They still need someone to lead.”

    “I would have handed it down to you!” Virgil hissed.

    “Then you would have looked weak, and it would have looked like you weren’t going to make a choice to save everyone.”

    “Better to look weak than be the cold-hearted monster you’ve made me appear to be.” He snapped.

    “In the space race? We’re dealing with aliens here Virgil. The outcome of this voyage could either be peace or war depending on our actions. Letting you sacrifice yourself would never have been a valid option we could take. The ship - everyone else needed you.”

    “I need you!” Virgil snapped, stunning both of them. “And anyway,” He continued. If he pretended like he didn’t say that then maybe those words wouldn’t exist. “You would by far be the better captain than I am. You were the one who was always top of the grade at the academy by a mile. Everyone wanted you to lead this voyage - I’m not cut out for this!”

    “On the contrary,” Logan said coolly, and Virgil didn’t know whether to be happy or sad at the lack of emotions that the other was displaying, so the emotions blended to form frustration. “You were of the perfect material. You care enough about everyone on this ship despite everything that has happened, and would fight to save everyone. You are fearless and courageous and would sacrifice yourself to save this-”

    “So would you.” Virgil said. “So did you.”

    Logan shrugged, smiling sadly. “Someone needed to teach you that sacrifices, and not just your own, have to be made. You’re the captain of this ship. You have to survive.”

    “Logan… I… Don’t say that. There is always another way-”

    “Sometimes there is not.” He smiled sadly. “Sometimes, no matter what you do or try to do, you can’t save everyone.”

    “But - I don’t want - Logan, this isn’t fair! You - you don’t get to walk off and make a big dramatic statement and leave me here with these feelings.”

    Logan gave a sorrowful smile that tore Virgil’s heart in two. “Beyond you, I’ve never had anyone rooting for me. I wouldn’t even be here without you.”

    Virgil paused, and just slumped to the ground, staring inside the container, seeing nothing.

    He saw Logan move and watched as the man sat down on the other side of the clear panel.

    “It wasn’t supposed to end like this.” He said, staring at Logan, trying to memorise the shape of his face and the colour of his eyes and the shade of his hair and the crease on the uniforms and -

    He tried to blink back the tears, but this time he couldn’t, and they fell unbidden. Logan watched him impassively, though he could tell that his eyes were more glassy than his second would ever admit. 

    “This is how the world ends; not with a bang but a whimper,” He said. “But of course your world isn’t ending. This is just a blip in the events of your life, not even worth plotting on the radar.”

    “Don’t say that Logan. You’re one of-” He swallowed, the words were choking him worse than any human could. “You’re my favourite human that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.”

    He gave a soft smile. “The same goes for you Virgil. But your sphere extends further than just me and you, and one day you’ll realise that we have to sacrifice the things we love to save everyone else.”

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    I would just like you all to imagine a fic:

    9 years mutual pining, both parties feeling unrequited, one coping by saying no one and the other by dating everyone, only to disclose this info over snapchat at 1:33 am on a Tuesday, have a deeply anxiety inducing mutual realization and spend the next several days discussing what this means etc, only to go right tf back to mutual pining as if nothing fucking happened

    #has ao3 picked this up yet #fic idea#mutual pining #for like a decade #nothisisntaboutanyoneirlwhywouldyouthinkthathahahaha......
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    Weak and Wanting - Chapter 8

    prompted by @amazingmsme​


    Jaskier woke up the next morning to Lambert pounding on the door again, and found Geralt already up and ready, apparently having let him sleep in. After shouting a few choice words at Lambert through the wood (as kind as Jaskier normally tried to be, it was a rather unpleasant way to wake up and left him quite grumpy. Geralt had gotten much nicer at waking him up over the years, having learned his lesson), Jaskier pulled himself together and got ready for the day.

    Only to go down to breakfast and be confronted with the fact that there were no chores that day.

    Well, that wasn’t quite right.

    Jaskier would tend to the animals like he did every morning, only this time, Eskel wouldn’t be joining him. Instead, the witchers would begin the process of combing the keep for any and all Monstrum pamphlets and books. Starting at the lower levels and making their way up. Once Jaskier was done with his job, he would join them in their gathering, heading off to help on whatever level of the keep the others had gotten to.

    Something settled in Jaskier at that, knowing that those abhorrent words would be burned into ash. He could never remove them from the witchers’ minds, that was true, but Jaskier could hold out hope that in time, the memory of them would fade, both from their own minds and the minds of everyone else around. Plus, he was going to do everything in his power to prove those words wrong, over and over again.

    But he couldn’t let his anger keep him from giving the animals the care they needed. He carefully walked through each step Eskel had been leading him through since he arrived, making sure to give a good amount of love and affection to each animal as well. Roach, of course, being his favorite and he being hers (at least, aside from Geralt), got a special treat.

    Jaskier carefully gave her a carrot that he’d sneaked out of the kitchen under Vesemir’s nose, with all the busyness of the witchers rushing off to start digging through the keep. He was positive that Vesemir knew -- nothing seemed to go unnoticed by him -- but he didn’t say anything, so Jaskier didn’t either.

    “I’ll make sure Geralt comes to see you soon,” Jaskier said softly, running his hand firmly down Roach’s neck. “I know he hasn’t been down in a while, but chores have been keeping us busy. I know you miss him.”

    Roach huffed a warm breath into his face before beginning to nibble on his hair.

    “I’m doing my best to take care of him,” Jaskier said, voice growing even softer, to the point where it was barely a whisper. “Take care of all of them, really, but mostly him. They protect everyone else, but I’ll protect them.”

    Jaskier quickly finished up and made his way inside after that. None of the witchers were immediately visible, and Jaskier wasn’t sure what to do about that, so he simply started wandering. Poking his head into the library, he found Vesemir, but as much as he enjoyed the older witcher’s company, it wasn’t exactly who he was looking for. 

    Instead, Jaskier slipped away and made his way up the stairs, hearing rummaging around the further up he got. The next witcher he came across was Lambert, who was scowling something fierce as he violently threw open drawers and cupboards and dug through them without much care. He decided it was probably safer to leave Lambert alone for the time being.

    It seemed like Jaskier was doomed to hunting Geralt down, because the next witcher he found was Eskel. Except, unlike the others, Eskel glanced up as Jaskier poked his head into the abandoned, decrepit bedroom he was digging through. Jaskier smiled at him.

    “How’s the hunt going, dear witcher?”


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    Little Bit by @nauticalparamour

    A Christmas short story. Sirius, back from the veil, wants different things in life, like a wife and a family. When he tries to play a practical joke on his mother's portrait involving Hermione and a bit of Black family jewelry, he gets more than he bargained for!

    Rated: M; Chapters: 4; Words: 18608

    → Links: Fanfiction.net and Archive of Our Own

    #Little Bit#author: nauticalparamour#Hermione Granger#Sirius Black #Hermione x Sirius #mutual pining #sirimione: mutual pining #time travel#Sentient buildings#fake engagement #sirimione: fake engagement #sc: harry potter #sirimione: sc harry potter #sc: Phineas Nigellus Black #sirimione: sc Phineas Nigellus Black #sc: Ursula Flint Black #sirimione: sc Ursula Flint Black #smut#Harry Potter #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter fanfic #harry potter fanfic rec #hermione granger fanfiction #hermione granger fanfics #fanfiction #sirius black fanfiction #archive of our own #fanfiction.net #Rated: M#status: complete
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    #Fic rec#Amazing writing#Mzds#Wangxian #Would they even be them without mutual pining and misunderstanding???
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    When both of our egos are too big so we just

    #this is some mutual pining fanfiction type of shit
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    hey spn and got fans how does one cope with a show you love and are deeply invested in having a finale that destroys every good feeling you have ever had and sends u into a depression spiral? like seriously i don’t know how to deal with watching something i love die in the most painful way imaginable

    #personal #LITERALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY IM IN MOURNING RIGHT NOW. I AM GRIEVING. #i dont wven want to reach out to other ppl who watched this show bc im afraid theyll just be weird shippers and that ISNT ME #YES I ROOTED FOR THEM I LOVE MUTUAL PINING AND SLOW BURNS BUT I CARE ABOUT THE WHOLE SHOW AND THE RELATIONSHIP ISNT TOP PRIORITY EVER
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    She’s afraid to say she’s in love with him because she doesn’t think he feels the same and he’s been her only friend for most her life and she’s terrified of screwing everything up.

    And he’s afraid to say he’s in love with her because she’s a literal QUEEN dealing with running a kingdom and the loss of both her parents and a massive WAR that could mean the end of the universe as they know it.

    Shut up. I love it.

    #glimbow#glimmer#bow#spop#she-ra#she ra#shera #excuse me sir #that is my emotional support ship #i just love them so much #dah otp!!! #deep in my feels tonight gals #people out here saying that Glimbow is boring because there's no angst #oh honey I have like 200k+ of fanfic that says otherwise #it's about the MUTUAL PINING #and the SLOW BURN
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    Red for Desire

    Slow to roll!! :’) But here it is, finally. @aurora-the-kunoichi  as promised, lol. Gimme any advice after this, I’m trying to really get better at this. 

    Warnings: Swearing, alcohol, uhh...blood? and breakups

    Raphael x OC(female)

    Naeri told herself it was traffic, that it couldn’t possibly be that she had forgotten...right? It was her 21st birthday, there was no way her girlfriend had ditched her on such an important date. Unfortunately, as Naeri continued to sit at the bar alone, birthday sash around her little black dress and all, her thoughts turned sour. Of course Karai ditched her. She always did. “Work’ this, and “my boss” that. Naeri tried to compromise and understand as best she could, but at the end of the day Karai wasn’t there. And it was beginning to piss her off.

    She pulled her hair up into a short ponytail and threw back her last shot of the night. “Happy Birthday to me,” she said bitterly to herself. Grabbing her leather jacket, she turned tail and headed out the door as she dialed Karai’s number. The cool autumn air whipped the loose strands of her dyed hair into her vison, but it wasn’t the hair making her eyes water. The phone rang once, twice, three times before Karai picked up. Naeri could hear commotion on the other end; more than likely another spontaneous work party, or so she had been informed. It sounded a little too much like she was getting close and personal with one of her colleagues, and Naeri’s stomach dropped as she heard groaning through the speaker.

    “Baby I can’t really talk right now,” Karai started immediately, sounding out of breath and winded. “You know how these get. I’ll be over in a second after I wrap up some things here -”

    “Don’t bother,” Naeri chuckled darkly. “This is the fifth. Fucking. Time. This month. The fifth time, Karai, that you’ve put me at the bottom part of your list of priorities. I understood as best I could, because yeah, the job pays really fucking well and it’s...well, you know. Your job. But I can’t keep doing this. I’m exhausted. I’m alone on my birthday of all fucking days. for you to...I don’t know who the hell you’re with. I don’t care anymore. We’re done. Get your shit tomorrow and don’t talk to me.” God, she couldn’t believe this was happening. Two whole years down the drain, following this woman around like a lost puppy, when she couldn’t even make time for their relationship. How stupid was she?

    “Naeri, baby please -” Karai’s voiced cracked as Naeri hung up. She couldn’t talk to her right now. She was tipsy, her feet hurt, and she just wanted to go home. Her apartment was right around the corner, thank God. Naeri didn’t dare take her heels off; the glass on the concrete was incentive enough. She’d rather her feet have blisters than stitches. It’s as she’s on her floor unlocking the door when she hears a crash from the rooftop. Now, she usually made fun of the white women on TV going to investigate strange noises, but something in her gut told her to check it out. And Naeri’s gut was rarely wrong.

    She made her way up cautiously, her taser and pepper spray in both hands. If anything, she could run right back down to her floor since it was the one directly underneath. Home wasn’t far if anything went south. Opening the door and stepping into the night, her eyes swept over the rooftop and landed on a massive man slumped against the wall next to an abandoned greenhouse. Wanting to help but staying alert, Naeri brought her taser closer to herself and approached slowly. “Sir?” she called out quietly. Her tentative steps brought her closer to him, revealing two things. One: this man was bleeding profusely and more than likely was not a threat. And two: this man was a giant fucking turtle.

    #slow burn#tmnt raph#TMNT 2k14#tmnt 2k16#tmnt#oc #female original character #violence#tmnt karai#karai redemption #i will take karai's redemption arc to my grave #splinter actually kind of sucks #this might take a while #first series#love#mutual pining#breakups#angst#mom friend#alcohol#eventual smut #when i say slow burn i mean it #pet names
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    Between the Threads

    A Jumin Han x Reader Story

    The one in which he meets a girl and falls in love with her throughout a slow period of time.

    TW: None! Just some good old fluff!

    *This is an AU! Luciel and the MC are related due to being half siblings! I own none of these characters! All rights belong to Cheritz!*

    Alright so welcome to my first post ever on this blog! I had the pleasure of working on the Reverse Big Bang for Mystic Messenger @mysme-rbb and I was paired up with the amazing @yeleleow ! Be sure to check out their artwork too! I’ll be releasing the second half later this evening, so be sure to stay tuned! Be sure to also check out the other amazing works under the rbb page too!

    She wasn’t quite sure what her first impression of the new place she was supposed to be. Was she supposed to be amused at the fact that she somehow landed an amazing job? Or was she supposed to be scared that she somehow managed to make an enemy of the other servants around the palace? She sighs, as she feels her nerves catch up to her. Her palms were dripping sweat with each passing second. The red haired male stared at her curiously, a brow raised in slight amusement at her nervousness. “Look, you should loosen up a little bit. I know that the stories you’ve heard about the prince are somewhat intimidating but I promise he isn’t a bad guy, really.” He reassured, patting her shoulder in a comforting manner. “I know he isn’t as scary, but I’m nervous... What if I screw up the job big time? I mean, I don’t have the best track record with keeping a job. Especially not when they find out who he is...” Seven pushes his glasses higher on his face, glancing around as if someone was following them. “I promise you he’ll understand. Besides, I want to help my only step sis out as much as I can! Besides, I’ll have your back. In the name of Agent 707, and cats, you’ll have my blessing!” Her lips curl into a smile, as she tucks a strand of her hair behind her ear. “If you sure say so, Luciel...”

    The first encounter she had with the Prince was slightly unexpected. There she was, tending to one of the cats who she knew was named ‘the third’, when all of a sudden she felt a presence behind her. “Dear lord you startled me.” She says, looking behind her to meet the eyes of her perpetrator. “I apologize. I was only looking for Elizabeth the Third. I’ve heard that she’s taken a liking to you.” She smiles, feeling Elizabeth nudge between her legs. “She’s quite behaved. Not saying that I dislike the other cats, I just enjoy her company more.” “I’m glad to hear that. I’m Prince Jumin. Charmed to meet you.” He extended a hand to her, and she met his hand shake warmly. “I’m MC. Pleasure is all mine.” She was about to speak up but was cut off when she heard a loud shriek coming from the courtyard. “Seems like my brother’s gotten himself into trouble yet again. Excuse me while I help that boy out.” She looks at Jumin longingly, wanting to get to know him a little more, but she brushes off those thoughts as she makes her way to Seven.

    She didn’t know that Jumin was also intrigued by her all of a sudden, unsure of what to call this newfound feeling starting deep inside him. “You seem to be distracted, Jumin. You think I should stop the portrait?” Jumin shakes his head, moving from the chair he’d been confined to for hours. “No, Jihyun. We need to keep going.” He says stubbornly, looking at the Cat tower from across the palace. Jihyun lets out an amused chuckle, cleaning up his portrait a little. “Well I don’t think we’ll do any good if you’re going to keep staring out the window like that. Besides, I think I’ve had enough of staring at the same couch for 5 hours anyways.” He says kindly.

    “I think you’ve been dying to go see that girl all day. Tell me, what is it about her that draws you so closely?” Jihyun asks Jumin. Jumin looks surprised at the question, unsure how to answer it. What was he supposed to say? That he admired the way she got along with everyone? That she had a soul which he could describe like nothing he had seen before? He shakes his head, brushing out anything else Jihyun was trying to ask him. The truth of it all was that he was growing more curious on what it would be like if the two were together. “Maybe that’s it. Can you call her over for your session next week?” He asks Jihyun. “One week? I can do that. Though I’d say you need to work a little bit on your… skills.”

    Jumin sat on the floor across the curious girl, who was laughing at his frustration. “Jumin, you shouldn’t hold him like that. I already told you, Patches has a certain position he prefers.” She says, scooping him out of his arms. Jumin felt some heat rise to his face at the short contact he got from her. “Hey, are you okay?” She asks, noticing the redness he suddenly seemed to have developed.

    “I’m alright. I’m more concerned about Patches in your lap.” “Patches left my lap as soon as I picked him up. I was asking if you were going to ask me a question? You seemed to have been building up to it earlier but then got distracted by our friend.” MC inquired, inching closer to him. “I was wondering if you wanted to join me and my friend for a painting session? It’s all to hang out, I promise.” “Is it your friend Jihyun? I admit he seems interesting. Oh, but not in a weird way or anything! I uh, just remembered you mentioned he was a freelance painter.”

    She rambled, finding herself becoming unsure with what was happening. She never felt unsure of herself, and she didn’t understand the tension that was getting more obvious between the two of them. Was it just her? Or was the space between them growing closer and closer. Time almost seemed to stop as she grew closer in his face, but sadly that’s not how the universe intended for them to interact. “Oh no, Charlie’s knocked the litter box down again..” She says, frantically getting up from her position.

    As she walked over to try and help the cat, she didn’t notice the lingering frown Jumin had on for the rest of the time he was there. The only thing that was on Jumin’s mind was that he needed to get Charlie adopted, and fast.

    #mystic messenger#mm jumin #jumin han x reader #fluffy#mutual pining #dorks in love #mystic messenger jihyun #mystic messenger luciel
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  • weilanfics
    19.04.2021 - 1 day ago

    and here comes the summertime  by ribena

    Summary: On the first day of Lan Zhan’s first class of senior year, Wei Ying walks into his classroom.

    “Oh, good morning, Wei Ying!” says Professor Song cheerfully, because she has betrayed him. She smiles at Wei Ying, because she has betrayed him, and then she gestures at Lan Zhan and says, “This is Lan Zhan, have you two met before?” because she has betrayed him.

    “No,” Wei Ying answers, and sticks his hand out at Lan Zhan. “Nice to meet you!”

    “The two of you are going to be TA’ing this class together,” Professor Song goes on, like she has not just thrown off Lan Zhan’s entire day and possibly his entire month. “And, of course, helping out with my research together as well, so I hope you two can get along well!”

    or; Lan Zhan tries very hard not to be Wei Ying's friend. He does not succeed.

    Wordcount: 72k

    Tags: college au, modern au, enemies to lovers, slow burn, falling in love, mutual pining. 

    Notes: I loved the aspect of being enemies to lovers. I loved the chaos of college surrounding them-- the author said it was an outpouring of their emotions about college, so I felt that, and it made this fic endearing. It’s more of a platonic relationship with feelings mixed in, but it’s truly adorable.

    Read it here.

    [Do remember to give the author kudos, comments, and share this fic with your friends!]

    #wangxian #wangxian fic rec #the untamed #the untamed fic rec #mdsz#mdszfic #mdsz fic rec #wei wuxian#long#modernau#collegeau #enemies to lovers #slow burn #(very) slow burn #falling in love #mutual pining#pining#completed#chaptered
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  • raibrary
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    title: nebulae author: onthistangent rating: explicit wordcount: 14792 pairing: jeon jungkook/min yoongi summary:

    “I know, Mom, she’s—” The guy sighs again, pinching the bridge of his nose with his free hand. “Yes, she’s an amazing girl, you don’t have to tell me that, I know. And I mean, our relationship was good, but—”

    Yoongi grimaces. Oh, shit. It’s one of those calls.

    The guy suddenly straightens up and speaks a bit louder. “Mom. Please just believe me when I say it would never have worked out.”

    A brief silence, followed by a frustrated huff.

    “No, not because of—more like we were too similar, in a way. There was nothing either of us could do about—”

    Another pause, and then the frustration seems to tip over.

    “Because it turns out we both like dick, okay?”

    - or; Jungkook is baby gay who outs himself in the middle of a café. Yoongi is smitten.


    #yoonkook#bts fic #bts fic rec #yoongi#jungkook#au: college/university#meet cute#fluff#light angst #angst with a happy ending #mutual pining#drunk kissing #this was cute #i really enjoyed it and it reminded me of how much i love yoonkook #and just their relationship and dynamic in general #wc: 14000#author: onthistangent
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    When will I experience romance like that of Misters Dean & Castiel Supernatural as portrayed in Sobsicles’ 2021 fan fiction, The Three D’s to the Destination

    #im recovering #the slow burn... the mutual pining... this is what I live for #the near death experience and the sitting by his hospital bed for days #the gay awakening and Coming Out #raising kids together #the portrayal of Sam and of Saileen and Eileen #the incredibly sappy and disgustingly happy domestic ending #there’s a MISTLETOE KISS?! #it’s like it was grown in a lab for Me specifically #🥰🥺🌈 #spn for ts #supernatural for ts
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  • perfectlypanda
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    Poor Zuko. It’ll be okay, the pining is mutual.

    Been playing around with different drawing styles. Which has meant fewer manips, but more flexibility with depicting the stories I see in my head so...

    ♥ Please do not repost. If you like it and want to show people, share a link to this page instead. Thank you! | pose reference

    #zutara #Fire Lord Zuko #Ambassador Katara#otp #zutara mutual pining #Zuko's line is borrowed from Milo in Atlantis #I had this idea for a whole mini comic with pining Katara and this would be at the end when it cut to Zuko #but that would have been way more work #could still happen #we shall see #look I made a thing
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  • chat-bug
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    what if when ladybug tells chat noir she revealed to someone she tells him its alya, aka rena rouge? bc she’s like, “oh, he doesnt even know who alya is! it’s FI NE!” but like he totally knows who alya is. so i can just imagine this resulting in chat noir revealing to alya as adrien, bc if ladybug can do it he can too, right? and then... Chaos Ensues.

    #I mean she probs wouldnt tell him who she revealed to bc security and all that #but if she DID #that would be pretty funny #bc now alya knows ALL THE TEA #omg #i can just imagine them both coming to her #with all their problems #and alya is literally trying to not combust #of all these years of MUTUAL PINING #and bam #shes one of us #having to go through the lovesquare #miraculous ladybug#chat noir#ladybug#ladynoir#mlb #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous#adrien agreste #mlb season 4 #gang of secrets #gang of secrets spoilers #ml s4 spoilers #spoilers#miraculous spoilers#chat-bug rambles#alya cesaire#lovesquare#rena rouge
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  • onlyherefortheshowmances
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    Just added chapter 79 to the marching band AU. This is the eighth and final chapter of part 10. Victor’s Birthday!

    Chapter 1 (from the beginning) - https://archiveofourown.org/works/29409834/chapters/72250422

    Chapter 79 (just added; part 10H) -https://archiveofourown.org/works/29409834/chapters/75941672

    Title: And I’m in the bleachers

    Chapters: 79/?

    Words: 286,089 (so far)

    Summary:  Victor Salazar is finishing his freshman year of high school in Graham, TX when his dad gets a new job that forces the family to move to the small town of Ephrata, PA. Thrilled with the idea of a fresh start and maybe the chance to finally figure himself out, Victor is excited; his younger sister, Pilar, a little less so. Both Salazar siblings join the high school marching band upon arrival and this is the story of the hijinks and drama that unfold thereafter.

    In the words of a dear friend: It might just be Victor being an idiot and Benji being more of an idiot but what’s new?

    Notes: This story will come to you in 25 parts; however each part will account for multiple chapters, so it’s going to be a lot more than 25 total chapters, but there are 25 main sections of the story. The relocation from Atlanta to PA is because this is now set in my hometown, because I have no clue how HS marching band works in GA. I decided to eliminate a few characters (most notably Adrian and Simon). The move occurs at the beginning of June 2019 instead of January 2020. The first part of the story will loosely follow the plot of Love, Victor Season 1, but definitely not exactly. This may or may not be the slowest burn to ever exist.

    #love victor #love victor fanfic #love victor fanfiction #venji#venji fanfic#venji fanfiction#marching band #marching band au #idiots to lovers #idiots in love #friends to lovers #best friends to lovers #mutual pining#slow burn #super slow burn #ultra slow burn #slowest burn#coming out#homophobia
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