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  • mo-chibee
    17.10.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    MDZS juniors as Lan Wangji's bunnies ~

    Stickers available in redbublle shop ฅ'ω'ฅ

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  • taruolentow
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    ‘‘it’s been so long since someone listened to me talk’‘

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  • ying-ansanren
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Beware the pastry

    #mxtx#mxtx novels#mxtx crack#tgcf #heaven official's blessing #mxtx verse #tian guan ci fu #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #mdzs #mo dao su zhi #scumbag self saving system #scumbag system#scumbag villain#shen yuan#shen qingqiu#xie lian#wei wuxian#wei ying#jiang wanyin#jiang cheng#mxtx crossover#necromancy#baking
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  • svfancomicanthology
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Mods are hard at work right now finalizing our contributor line up. Results will be sent in the next 36 hours!

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  • elvenqueensandladyflowers
    17.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Lmao imagine getting into a book/show and hating the main characters that the entire media revolves around. Most people would just choose to not consume it and pick something else to spend their time on. Seriously, what are you doing here?

    #this was on my jiang cheng post #jiang cheng#wangxian#mxtx#mdzs
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  • heavensofficialfloutist
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    ran outta q tips so couldnt blend my graphic properly :/

    still cute tho

    #fun facts about this particular piece #i drew it freehanded while babysitting #the girl that i was babysitting watched me draw it #and when i looked them up for reference she had the AUDACITY to call Hanguang-Jun ugly #and she called wei wuxian a girl #i have never wanted to hit a child more #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #mxtx #mo xiang tong xiu #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #founder of diabolism #mdzs fanart#mxtx fanart#wei wuxian#wei ying#lan zhan#lan wangji#wangxian#pencil sketch#pencil art#traditional art#traditional artist
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  • jadedadultritsu
    17.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    And so, he turned the celibate LWJ into a sexually active man and they both proceed to have nights of senseless fucking. They try and try to make many little Lan's as if they COULD rlly make babies and fill in the Jingshi with as many as the rules on the Gusu wall. THE END.

    #mdzs donghua spoilers #mo dao zu shi #founder of diabolism #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #wangxian#the untamed#mxtx#mine #jade mdzs post #mo xiang tong xiu #lan wangji#wei wuxian
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  • ghoulcoffeeshop
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    When you realise that with JC and LXC in their depression caves and WWX getting railed in the bushes, the main person guiding JL as he takes over his sect will most likely be NHS. Who I realllllly wouldn't trust to have JL or the Jin sects best interests at heart.

    #mo dao zu shi #mxtx#danmei#mdzs#mdzs meme#jin ling#jiang cheng #I would personally drag jc and lxc out by their glorious weaves and make them parent that poor boy #I love nhs but damn he is a snake
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  • sinbeaux
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    day 15: bows

    #prettyboytober #mo dao zu shi #mo dao zu shi fanart #mdzs#mdzs fanart#mdzs donghua #mo xiang tong xiu #mxtx#mxtx fanart #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #lan wangji#lan zhan#hanguang jun#illustration#digital art #clip studio paint #wacom#sinbeaux#my art#donghua
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  • ghoulcoffeeshop
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Mdzs finale was certainly something....

    As much as bitch boy JC is like fuck would he leave JL unattended. ESPECIALLY with NHS around

    #Jiang cheng #mo dao zu shi #mxtx#shitpost#danmei#mdzs#mdzs meme #I'm pretty mixed about jc but my god they destroyed his character (and everybody else by association) in a single line #Seclusion my ass #Man's hasn't had a day off in his life
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  • jadedadultritsu
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I think it makes more sense that JC was the one who went into seclusion instead of LXC cuz JC and WWX had a stronger bond, friendship, and brotherhood since they were both raised in the Jiang’s household since young. Though I’m not rlly belittling the rship btw. LXC and Jiggy, it just feels that way. JC and WWX rship begun to falter at what age? 21/22? JC had to think of the future of the sect he’s just taken over at that time and got pressured to leave WWX’s side. He chose not to speak up on WWX’s behalf to play safe for the sake of his own sect. It’ll make a huge change if he knew abt the core extraction, but WWX knows how JC’s pride works. He won’t be able to take a critical blow that early. So WWX had to keep it a secret from him for as long as possible. WWX knew he’ll find out sooner or later. Now that JC knows abt WWX’s sacrifice, he’s now full of regrets and he has yet to overcome the five stages of grief. Notice how his last lines were like, “’you’ said this, ‘you’ said that ‘you’ll’...”? He’s not taking ownership of his own negative feelings. This is certainly his defense mechanism and his flaw as a character that led him to downfall. He’s full of regrets but continues to blame the external forces that put him into that kneeling position at the Lotus Pier. JC’s my problematic fave and for that, I rlly need to go see a therapist byee-

    #mdzs donghua spoilers #mo dao zu shi #founder of diabolism #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #the untamed#mxtx#mine #jade mdzs post #mo xiang tong xiu #jiang cheng#jiang wanyin #lately i've been writing short analyses of jc yes so wHaAaT #what of it?! 😂😂 #jks pls guys i hope this post won't spark a debate #we're all grown ups here. right? #bring ur inner demons onto twt or somewhere else
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  • cuppops
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    hugs and kisses from the bestie before kicking ass

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  • kisagi1317
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Hanguang-Jun baths in tea cup!  >> WWX version <<

    I drew from this mdzs minifig: Bathtub series


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  • chenmochou
    17.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    huhhh what did i just read??? 😭

    in case you're confused on what's happening, it's regarding the rant from exiled rebels scanlation (exr) on their latest fb post (receipts below just in case they deleted the post).

    tl;dr: addis from exr is very mad that 7seas didn't recruit them as the translators for mdzs and was replaced by suika, a fellow amazing translator who fed us tgcf and 2ha. k was the one who mainly did the translation but didn't complain about this issue, so this is just a rage post from her colleague.

    keep reading if you're interesting in the tea lol

    there are a few fans who agreed with addis' statement because exr was the one who paved the way for mxtx and the danmei community so they should be recruited as the translation team. this particular fan, however, took a step further.

    i'm not sure if the reddit post op (will be referring as "duck" from now on) actually did send a letter to 7seas regarding this, but reading this entire post is certainly a headache for me last night.

    convo one

    when 7seas first announced that they will be licensing mxtx's novels, i was actually surprised to not see exr as part of the team and was replaced by suika. back in 2018, i read mdzs on jjwxc before it was locked so i didn't really read exr's translation except for the first few chapters out of curiosity (they were still translating back then too).

    i had heard many complaints about their grammatical errors, however, though i really applaud them for managing to translate complicated terms like cloud recesses (云深不知处) and summoning of painted eyes (点睛召将术).

    english is not my first language so i'm really confused about what "law" duck is talking about.

    however, since there are lots of complaints regarding the grammar and i have read suika's translations before, i would agree to 7seas' decision on choosing suika instead.

    convo 2

    i can't screenshot all the convo they have so check out the og post if it's still up. i also did post more pics on my thread tho.

    my opinion

    did anyone ask? no, but there are already lots of people discussing this so i guess i shouldn't hold myself back.

    addis' rage post is valid, but 7seas' decision is valid too.

    i perfectly understand why she's mad on behalf of k, who was upset but did overcome it and wanted to take their mdzs translation down. i did mention that i was surprised to not see exr as a translator for mdzs, but i also understand why 7seas chose suika instead.

    i've read suika's translations for tgcf and 2ha and they were amazing and top tier. she is one of the best translators out there. exr, on the other hand, according to many people, is not the best translator out there and preferred fan yiyi's (you can check out this masterlist of different translations for mdzs and you can compare whose translation is better if you want).

    though i am grateful to k who spend two years in high school translating mdzs for non-chinese-speaking fans, addis have no right to make a depreciating/devaluing/degrading (not sure what is the right word lol) post like this towards 7seas and fellow fan translator suika.

    regarding addis' preface: "again, i'm not mad another translator is doing the translation. i even expected it. but, when you offer the two other novels to the original fan translators, you best fucking offer it to all three original fan translators."

    7seas are not obligated to reach out to exr to recruit them just because they are the first to start and finished translating mdzs. apologies if i sound rude here but so what k spent two years translating this project while she's in high school, it is also quite obvious that it is not the best translation with the grammatical errors (though thank you for introducing "cloud recesses") and it was her choice to make this project.

    it is the same as manga and webtoon reporters and fan translators on illegal sites. most of the time, when the artist found out about it, they would reach out or make a post to take down the reposts and they would not argue and oblige. fanmade translations for danmei novels are the same thing, they're not different at all.

    a bit off-topic but i made the statement above is because that i've noticed lately that fans are too spoon-fed with fanmade translations. i'm not just talking about mxtx, there's also little mushroom and silent hearts and i've met a handful of readers on reddit and discord servers trying to get the pdf/epub files for these novels that are getting official english releases because "they couldn't afford the books". if you can't afford them now, it's ok, there's no need for you to force yourself to buy them now because it's not going to run away from you! you can always get them next year, 2023, or five years later!

    i'm disappointed at how addis reacted and dealt with this so unprofessionally and outright insulted a fellow fan translator. at the end of the day, exr's translation is still fanmade, so let's all respect 7seas' decision and support the english releases until 2023!

    bonus: i'm livin' for this comment!

    edit: so k explained that what riddhima (below) had said was actually false. i didn't read her translation so i didn't know and was kinda convinced that it was true since i saw lots of people complaining about it (which i admit that it's gullible of me 😓).
    so while we ignored the first paragraph as it's false, i still kinda agree on what riddhima had said on the last paragraph. it was addis who created this huge drama and turns out that k and suika had actually spoke to each other and getting along well!
    i was contemplating whether to delete the screenshot on twitter (i was hesitating a bit since it already gained traction after k qrt-ed it and then there were already people accusing me of spreading false info, even though i was also a victim of it, so i thought that it would be useless and too late for me to do that). i ultimately then decided to delete it because i don't want it to get anymore attention. here's also another explanation regarding the false info by k!
    however, i decided to leave the screenshot up here so that you will get a better understanding about the situation. but if you want me to take it down here too, just lemme know and i'll do it asap!
    i hope i didn't make anyone mad at me for posting that screenshot... it's hard for me to express my feelings/opinion via text. 😬
    let's just all look forward to the english releases!

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  • carameledsalt
    17.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    Hualian giving me unrealistic love life expectations part 20288483 [Reference from the Wind Rises]

    #if he cant wait 800 years for me then i dont want them #they are soulmates your honor #hualian#tgcf#tgcf fanart#mxtx#mxtx fanart #the wind rises #Ghibli Redraw
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  • bloodrainseekingflower
    17.10.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #mdzs#mdzs fanart #mo dao zu shi #grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation #founder of diabolism #the untamed#xiao xingchen#xue yang#xue chengmei#xuexiao#yi city#mxtx #mo xiang tong xiu
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  • fortune-maiden
    17.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    is it dec 14th yet

    #don't mind me having a moment #i want the mxtx books so badly >.< #i want to see the official terms for things >.<
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  • softly-suga
    17.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    how did the donghua get away with making him so pretty yet simultaneously ruining his character at the same time

    #im pissed off #jiang cheng is an amazing uncle and would never abandon jin ling like that #they made it seem like he was owed wei wuxians devotion instead of showing how abandoned and alone he felt #they just had no right to change his character like that #jiang cheng #mo dao su zhi #mdzs#mxtx
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  • kukuandkookie
    17.10.2021 - 20 hours ago

    No new art to commemorate the ending of the MDZS donghua, but I still wanted to post something! 

    Not only was the donghua one of the first Chinese animations to get recognition internationally and really draw me into the world of donghua after The King’s Avatar, it was also my introduction to danmei. 🥺 ♥️

    #mdzs #mo dao zu shi #魔道祖师#wangxian#lan wangji#wei wuxian#jiang cheng#a-yuan#lan sizhui#mxtx #mo xiang tong xiu #the grandmaster of demonic cultivation #the founder of diabolism #kuku88#my art
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