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    I’ve done nothing but read for the past two days and I’m pretty okay with that 📚

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  • Up is down. Black is white. And recording is not working today 😭 sometimes fate says no to being productive so instead I’m going to work on requests and watch youtube. But I also feel pretty good today so if anyone wants to see a spoop season dress for no reason other than I felt like it I put pictures below the cut.

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    #false speaks #not sanders sides related #this is very self indulgent just bc i really love this dress lol #false face#my appearance #i am very pale
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    Radishes are possibly the easiest vegetable to grow i think they are the only plant life i can actually keep alive, so if you’re interested in gardening I would highly recommend starting with them also they’re kind of pretty 😍

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  • I never really liked my lips; the size of them, the fact that they were always kinda uneven, the shape, but then I realized that they are kind of like lips of women I see on paintings and that made me feel something… quite passionate.

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    I don’t exist during the day until I have both caffeine+sugar in my system 🤷‍♀️

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  • Working with ladies! Not worrying about these two leg hair that you missed to shave! Free pads in the office! Not feeling self conscious every time you speak! No men around! Sisterhood community! Taking openly about women problems! Working with ladies!

    #shitpost #honestly i work with only ladies and its just so good #im not afraid of anything because of the utter female support #any time theres a man around im worried about everything #my appearance #what i say #how to act #and working with ladies is just asddfgghjkkl #female support#feminism
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    Support black creatives while revamping your closet.

    Shop my depop

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    Dance away the military parade

    35mm film, July 4th 2020

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    It’s a nice day out, but I’m currently stuck inside 😣😭

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  • I want to stop caring so much oh my fucking god

    #abt my weight #my appearance#my goals #i just want to exist #my ocd and anxiety is destroying me
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    Camera!? What camera I’m just going about my daily morning routine 🙄

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  • Major angst today. Waking up and being harrassed by my sister and mom is a real downer way to start the day off.

    #its just their dumb #criticism about#my appearance #it wouldnt bring me down #if it was regular bs #but its not its always #personal attacks
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  • Where they stand – Spectra 

    ✖ FINANCIAL – wealthy / moderate / poor / in poverty / accidental mooch  

    ✖ MEDICAL – fit / moderate / sickly / disabled  / disadvantaged / deceased

    ✖ CLASS OR CASTE – upper / lower (she’s a stripper, so…) / middle / working / unsure

    ✖ EDUCATION – qualified / unqualified / studying


    ✖ MARITAL STATUS – married, happily / married, unhappily / engaged / partnered/ divorced / widow or widower / separated / single / it’s complicated

    ✖ CHILDREN – has children / no children / wants children / adopted children  

    ✖ FAMILY – close with sibling / not close with siblings / has no siblings / siblings are deceased / it’s complicated

    ✖ AFFILIATION – orphaned / adopted  / disowned  / raised by both parents / other


    disorganized / organized / in between  

    ✖ close-minded / open-minded / in between  

    ✖ cautious / reckless / in between  

    ✖  (very) patient / impatient / in between  

    outspoken / reserved / in between  

    leader / follower / in between  

    ✖ sympathetic / unsympathetic / in between

    ✖ optimistic / pessimistic / in between

    hardworking / lazy / in between  

    ✖ cultured / uncultured / in between  

    ✖ loyal / disloyal / in between

    ✖ faithful / unfaithful / in between


    ✖ SEXUALITY – heterosexual / homosexual / bisexual / asexual / pansexual / omnisexual / demisexual  

    ✖ SEX – sex repulsed / sex neutral / sex favorable  

    ✖ ROMANCE – romance repulsed / romance neutral / romance favorable

    ✖ SEXUALLY – sexually adventurous / sex experienced / naïve / inexperienced / curious / uninterested


    ✖ COMBAT SKILLS – excellent / good  / moderate / poor / none

    ✖ LITERACY SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

    ✖ ARTISTIC SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

    ✖ TECHNICAL SKILLS – excellent / good / moderate / poor / none

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  • tagged by @gideongrace <3
    Thanks for this, it looks hella fun! I’m totally writing down all the things from other mutuals so I can know more about everyone and keep it around to remember :)

    rules: bold everything that applies to you & tag 10 people you’d like to get to know better.

    A P P E A R A N C E

    I’m over 5′5″ (HA! I wish :’0). I wear glasses/contacts. I have blonde hair. I prefer loose clothing to tight clothing. I have one or more piercings (left eyebrow and gauged ears at size 0). I have at least one tattoo (3! One’s also pretty big xD). I have blue/green eyes. I have dyed or highlighted my hair (was afraid of bleach forever xD But I think I’ll finally try it out after July). I have gotten plastic surgery (no thanks! Tho I want top surgery :’3). I have or had braces. I sunburn easily. I have freckles (I WISH!). I paint my nails (only black, dark red or purple and on rare ocassions tho). I typically wear makeup. I don’t often smile (people assume I’m sad…but I’m usually pensive xD). I am pleased with how I look. I prefer Nike to Adidas (not a brand person actually). I wear baseball hats backwards.

    H O B B I E S  A N D  T A L E N T S

    I play a sport (played Tennis in high school tho xD). I can play an instrument (played french horn in middle school. Learnt piano and guitar in high school xD I need to keep practising tho). I am artistic (sure xD People say so…). I know more than one language (Native spanish speaker! :b). I have won a trophy in some sort of competition (High school Science fair xD And a bunch of random ones for art in middle and high school :’3). I can cook or bake without a recipe (I’m Mexican…I eyeball everything xD). I know how to swim (Just enough to save my life, but honestly I am bad at it xD). I enjoy writing. I can do origami (I can do a frog from memory, but otherwise I need instructions so I’m not counting my frog success xD). I prefer movies to tv shows (Big time! xD Call me a cinephile friend. I’m here to offer suggestions). I can execute a perfect somersault. I enjoy singing (Does not mean I sound good tho xD). I could survive in the wild on my own (I at least need a buddy xD). I have read a new book series this year (I mostly read old books xD). I enjoy spending time with friends. I travel during school or work breaks (Not sure if going to visit family counts xD). I can do a handstand (One trick I wish to learn so I can properly fall into a bridge or…do other tricks xD But I’m too scared and weak, haha)

    R E L A T I O N S H I P S

    I am in a relationship. I have been single for over a year. I have a crush (a platonic one, at least *cries). I have a best friend I have known for ten years (I’m loyal af ;) So keep me close, lads). My parents are together. I have dated my best friend (yeaaah. They’re my current S.O.) I am adopted. My crush has confessed to me (*cries). I have a long distance relationship (had it for some months at some point, but not anymoooore). I am an only child. I give advice to my friends (but I am SO bad at giving advice @.@). I have made an online friend (!!!). I met up with someone I have met online (working on it tho xDD).

    A E S T H E T I C S

    I have heard the ocean in a conch shell (I mean…I heard something xD). I have watched the sunrise. I enjoy rainy days (they are the best days!). I have slept under the stars. I meditate outside. The sound of chirping calms me (I love birds, so yes xD). I enjoy the smell of the beach. I know what snow tastes like (Girl…I barely saw snow for the first time this year xD). I listen to music to fall asleep. I enjoy thunderstorms (<3). I enjoy cloud watching. I have attended a bonfire. I pay close attention to colors. I find mystery in the ocean (not mystery….but awe and amazement!). I enjoy hiking on nature paths (I will when I get to try it xD). Autumn is my favorite season.

    M I S C E L L A N E O U S

    I can fall asleep in a moving vehicle. I am the mom friend (more like the creepy uncle! ;D). I live by a certain quote. I like the smell of sharpies. I am involved in extracurricular activities (Not in school anymore, but I did love them :’3). I enjoy Mexican food (I mean…I grew up with it and it’s all I can cook xD). I can drive a stick-shift (I don’t even drive automatic xD). I believe in true love. I make up scenarios to fall asleep (LITERALLY how I come up with most of my headcanons and how I make up the plot to the stories I have written xD I do that shit since I was a child…It really helps me go to sleep because my mind is too active at night xD). I sing in the shower (just listen to music ;3). I wish I lived in a video game. I have a canopy above my bed. I am multiracial (Ummmmmm….I mean? 3 of my grandparents have French and/or Spanish blood…but one of my grandma’s has native [mexican] blood so…? Idk? xD Yes? But not too much?). I am a redhead (I WISH! This is my dream @.@ I have an unhealthy obsession and love with redheads, and I’m not ashamed xD). I own at least three dogs (Oh gosh…that sounds like a lot of work xD I’m good with my ONE cat, thanks!)

    tagging: Ok so I’m going to tag people regardless to if they’ve done this already or not BECAUSE I want to know more about you all and…again…jot it down in a notebook xD If you HAVE done this…pretty please send me your answers via link link to DMs so I can read themmmm! Anyways, here come the tags xD
    @yikesharringrove, @harringrovetrashh, @greyspilot, @consultingcupcake, @mentallyillsnow, @merryandrewsworld, @c0bblenygma, @callmelilyshameless, @neil-neil-orange-peel, @theevilesteviled, and @hobbitdactyl? Have fun xD <3

    #tagged! #tag game#about me #like...a lot about me xD I add extra stuff not needed #my appearance #my hobbies and talents #my aesthetics#my relationships #more about me
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  • Spec and Jules. 

    #my oc#apprentice Spectra#my appearance #julian x apprentice #julian devorak #the arcana mc #the arcana julian
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  • I can never settle for one masquerade dress, but in the scene when you try on your outfit Julian just says you look great, whatever. 

    I’m not great, I’M FUCKING STUNNING BEECH! 

    #the arcana game #the arcane mc #my appearance#apprentice Spectra #julian x apprentice #julian devorak #the arcana julian #I'M NOT HERE TO FUCK AROUND
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    An update on my life

    I just want to disappear to someplace where nobody knows my name. Pretending I’m happy and okay all the fucking time is exhausting. I can’t get away from the reality of this all.

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  • 03/08/19

    I wouldn’t have made it through the things I have or be the person I am today and achieved all the things I have without the wonderful people and lifelong friends I have made in our industry <3

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