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    17.09.2021 - 3 minutes ago
    #is it because half my AUs are mostly just shitposts or is it because my blog is like eight fandoms and activism in a trench coat #phoenix answers memes
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    17.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    luz but she dresses like i do

    #owlet luz au #luz noceda#toh au #the owl house #my art#art
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    17.09.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    #loser’s liddol rambles #me: yeah we have everything in SALD like- #artists: Abyss prince Kaeya? have some art!!! #now I feel horrible trying to bring this into my au aaaaa #SALD #something a little different #SALD spoilers #Something a little different spoilers
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  • arcticwolf15
    17.09.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    "Alice, that idea is NOT going to work."

    "Wanna bet?"

    I’m sorry but these two give me LIFE-

    #myartwork#my art#indefinite companionship #indefinite companionship au #Alice#Viko #Viko not mine #Viko belongs to hatekunradiated #don’t reblog
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  • difficulttoforgive
    17.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    instead of doing coke modern sherlock wei ying just snorts his adderal script. it’s less work and he can just forge a prescription if he runs out before the time lock
    #i scrolled past sherlock au art on my side blog and had this realization #WUXIAN / misc. #this is just stupid ok it doesn’t mean anything
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  • domoz
    17.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    For Day 5 of @shinkamiweek2021

    The prompt was Fantasy but this is also fanart of the fic The Art of Drowning that I have been lowkey obsessed with since I first read it

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  • redskiesandsailboats
    17.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    we are stuff such as dreams are made of

    {Renee and Allison from an au that I will never write.}

    #dark haired Renee is something that you can pry from my cold dead hands #knight renee#nobility Allison #what a power couple honestly #love conquers all #aftg #all for the game #allison reynolds#renee walker#aftg fanart#fanart#my art#digital art#art #the foxhole court #royalty au#royalty core #ok maybe I will write it #as soon as I finish all my other fics #nervous laughter#it’s fine
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  • jacqcrisis
    17.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    #fall out hades au #goddamn these goats...they make me happy #goats are my favorite domesticated livestock #anyways #in this chapter: things. HAPPEN #and they aren't in Asphodel! #i feel like im rusty on certain genre conventions #been writing nice things too long #gotta shake it up a bit #now its out i can dedicate the weekend to vidja games
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  • mathclasswarfare
    17.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    [A drabble for @happy-orc!]

    Ardyn reclines, slowly rolling away from the table as His Majesty drones on. He clicks his pen, clicks it again, and there’s a jab to his leg—the pointed toe of fine Altissian heels.


    The First Secretary smiles.

    At a pause in the flow of hot air, Ardyn asks, “Why is it that the Crown City welcomes Imperial products, but not her citizens?”

    “This is a trade summit,” Regis Lucis Caelum puffs from under his mustache. “The Chancellor’s question is outside the—”

    “I disagree,” Camelia interrupts. “Immigration, labor, trade—they’re all connected.” She crosses her arms.

    All eyes turn to Regis.

    #ardyn#camelia claustra#ffxv #inspired by orc's politician ardyn! #au#prompt fill #ardyn and camelia being political bros #my writing#drabble
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  • dracoangel
    17.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    14th weapon complete, Warrior. Blade’s Valor

    #resistance relic#warrior #oc: ayame himaa #au ra #au ra xaela #warrior of light #my oc#final fantasy #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#gif#screenshot
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  • uccmd
    17.09.2021 - 29 minutes ago



    |TW: mention of characters death, gun, broken heart|

    people write about death in different ways. it all depends on how they see it.

    for one person, death is the solution to his problems, collecting a heavy load from his shoulders and granting purity of sleep. for another, it is fear. this fear is often caused not by the supposed pain or people trying to grab hold of you in this world, but by the uncertainty following the last breath. for the third person, death is a ritual, something incomprehensible, but pulling with its traditions and unyielding mystery.

    for iwaizumi, the shot was the death. not his, someone else's.

    оikawa told him that everything was fine. he kept silent about the fact that for him dead is fear. he kept silent about the fact that it would happen. he has been silent about his life in general for the last five years, and the only reason why iwaizumi was able to find out about what happened is the tv.

    the commercial break was interrupted by a live broadcast. society, ruined and broken by many years of attempts to improve its life, now existed on the only surviving feelings - cruelty and greed.

    they put on a show, invited people, offering them money (at such times it was so difficult to get them that dead dogs and cats on the streets are no longer a pity; they will only help). the shows were also cruel and greedy, but more than that - illegal as much as the collapsed system of injustice allowed.

    iwaizumi didn't know what oikawa had forgotten at such a show. why didn't I look for another way out. now, after all, there is only one - near the bloody wall, with poorly cleaned fragments of past people who were caught. an eye for an eye, a life for a life, that's what they say.

    he could have run out of the apartment, maybe he could have been in time and shouted something angry, because friends, lovers are not abandoned like that. because it still hurts.

    but the shot sounded earlier than the verdict. iwaizumi didn't even see his face, hidden by the dry bag. oikawa never liked them, "they are too tough. just like you, iwa-chan!"

    for iwaizumi, the shot was the death. and the words "you are no longer mine, hajime".

    it would have been better if he had kissed him then. didn't let go.


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  • ivyprism
    17.09.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Margret: Can you name a single city in Ebott?

    Harp: Ebott City, bitch!



    #incorrect quotes? #correct quotes? #i dunno#incorrect quotes#selkie siblings #villains and heroes au #the undertale au university #fairytale au#my fanfic
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  • enbydio
    17.09.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    help me I want to make kakpucci animatic but it's going to make NO sense because it takes place in like. a 30 page deep au fanfic that I am never posting

    #theres so many things i want to do help me #but i can never explain myself #the inner workings of my mind are an enigma #why cant i just stick close to canon and be a normal fan i dig my own holes 💔 #i just love AUs! #ok i want to focus on webcomic and play with an old au i never posted here and then do a zine piece #if i still want to make the animatic after a week ill do some thumbs and see how i feel #see guys we're organizing we're prioritizing we can get through this #also 30 pages is a lot for me i am not a writer everybody shut the fuck up #it sucks too its for me and me only
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  • emerald-apprentice
    17.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago
    #emerald answers#princecharmingfrosting#tiktok au #also yes i saw! i need to go back to my mentions to really read through it and i should see about reblogging it sometime
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  • thunderon
    17.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago
    #asks#thunder tunes #thanks so much for the song rec! #also that AU is an interesting concept #i think a few people have written fics about it #anyways it’s definitely going to live in my head rent free so thanks for that #lol ;)
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  • banditobale
    17.09.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #asks#anonymous#disk horse #is it not embarrassing 2 be this way!!!!! hunny!!!!! #anyway i will keep sonadowing #depending on how the secret santa ends up I'd like to do little zines here and there #i have my sights set on a general AU centered zine and a general sonadow zine #i rlly wonder abt how ppl make these crazy p/edo jumps from looking at my art #it kinda amazes me tbh #theyre lumping me in with the weird loli ppl man 😭😭😭 #okay im done ranting lmao but i have no sympathy or care for ppl who throw the word around #shit like this its so #🤡🤡🤡 #can u save it for the real shit lol #i will let ppl come to their on conclusions #ive already talked abt my stance
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  • senseiwu
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Here have some au doodles with no explanation

    I only really share these to discord lmao

    Non au drawings now

    ...actually that Wu in a tux is from an event in an au but meh

    #ninjago#ninjago au #two dads au #god it atill needs a better NAME #sensei wu#ray smith#maya smith#kai smith#nya smith#ninjago ray#ninjago maya#ninjago morro #i cant stop giving wu floofy hair and i had to give it to s9 young wu too #my art#sketches #how did i forget this tag #sparkshipping#fbsjshshs
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  • terrible-my-hero-academia-aus
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • roleplaycharacter1shots
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    not all treasure is silver and gold

    Warning(s): Dark!AU, minor character death, barely proofread

    Word Count: 1270

    Character(s): Aston Bradley (playby Daniel Brühl)

    Summary: What if… the Bradley Company is actually a front for a black market company?

    Title credit to Jack Sparrow


    Original Scene: Aston is from a long line of art dealers. The Bradley Company specializes in their own line of artwork as well as being a mediator between galleries and artists. Their works range from paintings (moving and not) to sculptures from all eras. Naturally, Aston was surrounded by wealth and opportunity his entire life. He traveled often with his father, who was the head of it all.

    Aston dreaded going to Hogwarts, as it meant that he wouldn’t get to travel with his parents. His mother urged him to focus on his studies even when he was home for the holidays, which made him envious of his cousin Thomas Hawkins, especially when the younger one attended school and still got to go away to Egypt and beyond. But, he had to be the responsible older one, and he tried to not take his jealousy out on Tom. He was secretly glad, however, when he heard that Tom had disappointed his aunt with his career choices.

    But Aston always had much more important things to deal with. Even though he would rather be seeing the world, he did throw himself into his work. Charms and, surprisingly, History of Magic took his fancy because of their relationships to his family’s work. He discovered that “wanting to ask more questions” relating to his “homework” permitted Aston to meet with the Bradley Company artists and learn more about their craft. The list of names he collected from those meetings Aston continues to carry and update to show his respect for them. His mother always knew her employees by name, so he learned to follow suit. Aston’s father began grooming him to take on the position as head of the company, considering how he had no other siblings to take over after both of his parents’ passings. Most of the job unfortunately involved a lot of accounting and desk work, much to Aston’s chagrin. But, he is the heir, afterall.

    Stefan Bradley succumbed to the flu of September 2012. He passed away peacefully at Bradley Hall with his family around him. A few months later, Aston began to notice that his mother was changing: the names she once could recall were harder to find, tremors in her hands, and going up the stairs required much more effort. Everly Bradley was diagnosed with dementia, further leaving Aston entirely in charge of the business very quickly. But Aston held his head high while also making sure that his mother was properly cared after in Bradley Hall.

    What if…: The Bradley Company specializes in obtaining their “own line” of artwork as well as being a mediator between galleries and artists. The terms “looters” and “thieves” are not uncommon titles for the Bradley family, but they fall on deaf ears. After all, the coins that come from their spoils speak significantly louder. Their collected works range from paintings (moving and not) to sculptures from all eras.

    Naturally, Aston was surrounded by wealth and opportunity his entire life. He traveled often with his father, who was one of a long line of masterminds behind it all. Aston has been invested in the business since he chose to drop out of Hogwarts when he was sixteen. His father had agreed that it was for the best, considering how it made more sense to teach his son the ways of the Bradley Company. Indeed, Aston did need to learn while he was young, ensuring his dominance after Stefan’s passing. One needed to be assertive in the black market world, preserving their reputation to keep from sinking. Now with Aston’s father being gone and leaving him as the boss of the operation, he needed to ensure that his grip was just as firm as his predecessor’s.

    Aston did not hesitate. He had always possessed a hunger for more, be it Galleons or Galli. He was a magpie, scoping out anything that brought a glint to his eye. And on this day, the item that sparkled the brightest for him was just within his grasp.

    “Mr. Cadbury,” Aston greeted his butler as he entered his office. He puffed lightly on his newly lit cigar as he leaned back in his chair.

    “Reports have come in that they may have unearthed the temple, sir,” Mr. Cadbury said, pausing before the desk. His gloved hand reached out to hand Aston the letter that had just arrived from Greece.

    A smirk perked up the corners of his lips as Aston surveyed the parchment. “Excellent,” he replied. His team had spent the last few weeks combing the country of Greece for him, working with archaeologists and locals to find the evasive Temple of Athena. According to the records, Muggles had never been able to find the temple; but this was the same for many ancient locations, some of which Aston had been able to discover. It hadn’t taken long for him to determine that the builders of the “missing” temples must have been a part of the wizarding community, pushing Muggles away from their treasures with wards.

    This had opened up a lot of doors for the Bradley Company. With teams of magical individuals, temples and tombs had revealed themselves easily. George Hawkins, Tom’s father and Aston’s uncle, had demonstrated this as well with his years of exploring. Now, Aston would have full access to ancient locations that had been left untouched for centuries. This excavation with the Temple of Athena was another example of this; although the treasure that was potentially within was so much more than a profit.

    “Send an owl immediately,” Aston said to his butler. “They must not touch one thing until I arrive in the morning.”

    Mr. Cadbury nodded. “Very well, sir.”

    Bright and early, Aston arrived at beautiful Delphi. His suit was crease-free as always, his hair slicked to the right, chin smooth and unblemished. “I’d better not find a single fingerprint anywhere inside that temple,” he called out as he strode towards the excavation site. His team immediately jumped to attention at the sound of his voice. “Adonis,” Aston said as his head archaeologist quickly approached. “Do you think we have found it?”

    “I think so, sir,” Adonis answered. There was an anxious hint to his expression beneath his olive skin. “We must be very careful, sir. There are many charms cast on the stone and undoubtedly on the treasure itself.”

    “I am sure,” Aston said with a nod. He snapped his fingers, summoning one of the diggers to his side. “Eseís. Beíte ston naó.” (Literal: You. Enter the temple.)

    The worker looked a little apprehensive but did as he was told. He began to step through the stone entryway. Aston followed behind, stopping at the entryway while watching the other head down the stairs. The Greek was just about to descend down the final step when he suddenly stopped short. It was another moment before he collapsed.

    Aston snapped his finger again, stepping aside as another worker stepped down the stairs to retrieve the body. He inspected the clearly dead Greek briefly as he was moved past. “Blunt force trauma,” he said, taking note of the wooden stake wedged into the Greek’s forehead. “Likely triggered by a trip line at the bottom of the stairs.” Aston pulled out his wand before gesturing to yet another worker. He indicated that they go first. “Come along, Adonis.”

    The worker in front of him looked terrified. Aston gave him a small smile before nudging him forward. The three of them descended. Right on cue as they reached the bottom, a wooden peg zoomed out from across the space. The worker yelped in fear, but Aston’s wand stuck in his back kept him from running. He stopped moving as the projectile struck. Aston shoved the lifeless form forward, Adonis by his side as they stepped over the threshold.

    “Thank you for your service,” Aston said with a small chuckle to the impaled Greek before tossing him to the side. He waved his wand, illuminating the tip to bring light to the dark temple. His eye was immediately drawn to a glint of gold in the center of the room. “Ah, yes.

    “The Necklace of Harmonia.”

    Aston had always believed the jewelry had existed, crafted to provide any woman with eternal youth and beauty. The Muggles thought it to be just a myth, lost in a fire hundreds upon hundreds of years ago. But then again, they also didn’t believe in witches and wizards. Aston gazed upon the two serpents molded out of gold, their jaws opened towards one another to form the clasp. Their conjoined body was lined with a rainbow of jewels, sparkling mischievously in the wandlight. Aston waved his wand again, lifting the necklace into the air off its stand to bring it closer to him and Adonis. “Beautiful,” he murmured, turning the piece in a circle. “Undoubtedly, they will have placed enchantments upon it. We will have to break those before we leave.”

    Aston turned to face his associate. “Hold out your hands, Adonis.” The archaeologist blinked, face paling.

    “I-I… sir -”

    “Hands, Adonis.” With trembling fingers, Adonis obediently extended his arms. Aston used his wand to lower the necklace down. The minute the gold touched the Greek’s skin, smoke began to rise. Adonis’ eyes widened, a scream emanating from his throat as he watched in horror as his flesh instantly melted away. Aston’s gaze was intently focused on the Necklace of Harmonia. The jewelry was emitting a red glow, which did flicker and die once Adonis’s life force was consumed.

    “Your sacrifice will not be in vain,” Aston said. He picked up the necklace, pulling it away without any problem. “Do not worry. Your family will be compensated well because of this unfortunate accident.”

    Aston strode back out of the temple. As he crossed the threshold, he flicked his wand to casually slice the oncoming wooden stake behind him in half. “Mr. Cadbury!” he called once he reached the top of the stairs. The butler rushed forward, quickly shutting the Necklace of Harmonia away in a briefcase. “Please inform my mother of my return… and that I have a gift for her.”

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  • longlivejasongrace
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Annabeth, on the other hand— Jason had never met someone close to his own age. Someone like him. The wicked dagger she had strapped to her flannel pajamas glinted in the low light of the room. It was the same material as Thalia's spear.

    “Where were you going?” he asked her when it seemed like his sister and Luke had no intention to make them part of their conversation.

    Annabeth frowned and started unlacing and lacing her sneakers. The soles lit up whenever she tapped her foot.

    “Away,” was the only thing she said.

    “Oh,” just like them, “Away from who?”

    “Whom,” she immediately corrected. Annabeth scowled harder but didn’t say anything else.

    But Jason was nothing if not persistent when confronted with loaded silences. Thalia Grace was his sister, after all.

    “Your mom or your dad?”

    She unlaced her shoes so brusquely the shoelaces snapped and slapped her hand. Annabeth looked at them like they were the reason behind all her problems.

    “Stepmother,” she finally said.

    Jason blinked. He forgot people could have more than just one mom and dad.

    “And you?” Stormy grey eyes seemed to pierce him with their intensity. “I told you mine, you have to tell me yours.”

    “Our mom,” he shrugged. “We don’t really have a dad.”

    “Everyone has a dad,” Annabeth argued. “I mean, biologically.”

    “We don’t,” Jason insisted. “What does bio-logic-ally mean?”

    “Anything that has a relation with living organisms,” Annabeth recited like she was reading the words out of a dictionary. She took a big breath. “For example—”

    “We do have a dad,” Thalia interrupted before she could go further with her lecture. Both Annabeth and Jason turned to look at the older demigods. They apparently had stopped talking a while ago. “Jason never met him but we have a father. Not that it really matters anyway.”

    He got up and dropped himself next to his sister. Thalia immediately turned to him and brushed his messy bangs back. No one said anything while the Grace siblings stared at each other, electric blue against sky blue.

    “Did you decide where are we going next?” Jason asked out loud. Apparently sibling telepathy didn’t cover every subject in existence, Annabeth thought.

    “Luke said we can go to his house to gather some supplies.”

    “Thalia needs something to treat her leg and I think we have—” Luke started to explain.

    Two pairs of eyes trained on him.

    “I know.” “We know.”

    Luke put his palms up when they both frowned at him. “I was just answering his question.”

    don't mind me, just leaving a small excerpt of the next chapter of 'there's thunder in our hearts' because im weak and i cant help sharing the first convo between annabeth and jason

    #my writing#pjo#thalia grace#jason grace#annabeth chase#luke castellan #chb!jason au #there's thunder in our hearts #narrator voice: and that's how a lifelong friendship was born #also thalia and jason are like those cats that just STAAAARE at each other and then move on lol
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