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  • halfpastone
    17.06.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Anyway I'm not gonna do it but here it is <3

    1. Your favourite Young One?

    2. Are you more like Richie or Eddie from Bottom?

    3. Do you have Bachelor Boys or any other books by Rik or Ade?

    4. Your favourite Comic Strip?

    5. Your favourite episode of The Young Ones?

    6. Rank these Ade characters: Vyvyan Basterd, Eddie Hitler, Eddie Catflap, Adrian Dangerous and Vim Fuego.

    7. Have you seen the episode of Hardwicke House featuring Rik and Ade?

    8. Your favourite guest star in Filthy, Rich and Catflap?

    9. Have you ever written fanfic or made fanart for any of Rik and Ade's work?

    10. Your favourite Dangerous Brothers sketch?

    11. Your opinion on Guest House Paradiso?

    12. Your favourite Rik quote, from real life or a show?

    13. Whose hair is worse: Richie Rich or Richard Dangerous?

    14. Your favourite episode of Bottom?

    15. Rik and Ade's most memorable fight scene, in your opinion?

    16. Your favourite Bottom Live?

    17. Rank these Rik characters: Rick Pratt, Richie Richard, Richie Rich, Richard Dangerous and Colin Grigson.

    18. Do you think the Dangerous Brothers are supposed to be related or is it just a stage name?

    19. Your favourite member of Bad News?

    20. Your favourite Ade quote, from real life or a show?

    21. Do you have any headcanons linking Rik and Ade's various characters together?

    22. Your thoughts on the ending of The Young Ones?

    23. Your favourite series/film/play Rik has done without Ade?

    24. Your favourite episode of Filthy, Rich and Catflap?

    25. Who would win in a drinking competition: Eddie Hitler or Eddie Catflap?

    26. Have you seen The Man Behind The Green Door?

    27. Would you dare go out drinking with the Dreamytime Escorts?

    28. Your favourite series/film/play Ade has done without Rik?

    29. How did you discover Rik and Ade?

    30. Pick your favourite Rik and Ade duo.

    #v.txt #not it tagging bc it's not for anyone else #i also do not claim to own these questions or whatever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #sorry there's a copy and paste option and i can see when other ppl reblog your posts #i fell #it was an accident #my cat did it #rip
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  • pinball-mentality
    17.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Link: So apparently the 'bad vibes' I’ve been feeling are actually severe psychological distress

    #i was gonna make this zelda but i thought she was a little too smart to use the term ‘bad vibes’ #she would instead say ‘reason im not unlocking my power’ /j #IM SORRY THE JOKE NEEDED TO BE MADE #also my birthday cake today was reese’s flavored which was all fun and good until our kitten jumped on the table #and almost slammed his entire body into it #we caught him before he did but im like 85% sure there was cat hair in my slice GEJRJRN #anyways #source: ??? #incorrect quotes #incorrect zelda quotes #legend of zelda #the legend of zelda #loz#tloz#botw #breath of the wild #zelda#link#botw link#link botw #this quote is actually link after doing the 1000th dungeon in a row #but specifically my link not knowing how any of the puzzles work ever so being trapped in there for like a good week #because im too stubborn (read: stupid /hj) to look up walkthroughs #loz link #the legend of zelda: breath of the wild #loz botw#tloz botw#botw zelda#zelda botw
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  • g-cat99
    17.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I made a painting of my cat taco, selling it on eBay!

    #art #artists on tumblr #g-cat99 #painting on canvas #catlover#cat painting #painting of my cat #eBay#selling artwork#comission
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  • deviiancetv
    17.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I’m so excited for Planet Her!!! Two year project that’s finally seeing the light of day and I know it’s gonna be fantastic!!!

    I’ll be posting the lore behind everything in a fully cohesive way based around each song once the album is released… maybe might even do a YouTube video or podcast on it (still haven’t decided yet).

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  • squiddlie
    17.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #ask squiddlie#sad squid#devastated squid#mochi moot #my iwaizumi anon 🤠🤩😇 #married life 👩‍❤️‍👨 #husband!iwa #baby iwa! #our cat gotham
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  • bees-in-a-davidbowie-shirt
    17.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    every time i blink my human hcs change anyways heres rumpleteazer and mungojerrie again

    #theyre filipino now bcuz i said so #ive been projecting on characters alot lately #cats #cats the musical #my post#mungojerrie#rumpleteazer
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  • squiddlie
    17.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago
    #ask squiddlie#sad squid#devastated squid #my iwaizumi anon 🤠🤩😇 #married life 👩‍❤️‍👨 #husband!iwa #baby iwa! #our cat gotham #mochi moot
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  • catnippackets
    17.06.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    I made a video, it's dumb, enjoy

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  • tubbowithagun
    17.06.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #technically wallace is my cat and obie is the family cat #they r little lovebugs tho :] my beloveds #asks
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  • diseaseofmen
    17.06.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    Sometimes I want two cats so they can cuddle with each other 😭

    #but my cat hates other cats so it's a no while I have him
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  • squiddlie
    17.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #ask squiddlie#sad squid#devastated squid #my iwaizumi anon 🤠🤩😇 #married life 👩‍❤️‍👨 #husband!iwa #baby iwa! #mochi moot #our cat gotham
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  • mokutone
    17.06.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    alright! heres the final, full sized mask! i have made so many mistakes, but it still looks pretty good, and so I am Still Proud!!!

    i followed the same steps as the mini masks, except with larger and more detailed forms, and with holes in it.

    #my art#naruto#yamato#tenzō#yamato tenzo #god hes got so many fuckin names huh. king moves. but also inconvenient for tagging #anbu times#mask project #in my heart of hearts. that mask is a tabby cat mask :) they are my favorite #hard to draw but u have to admire their stripes #i might make a hound one but i also might make a different version of this bc like. to be honest there are some things i am not entirely #satisfied with #the edges of the mask for example flare out at the sides in a way which is unflattering and strange #BUT you can't notice it unless its worn on the face which. thank god
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  • faithdragon36
    17.06.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Reblogs > Likes

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  • captainmcslashypaws
    17.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #you guys have some fucked up ideas #and then you subject me to them #and i am at a loss #but dont get me wrong i love them #what if we kissed in my ask box 😳 jkjk.... unless? #slashy talks#cat dabi#the queueiest
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  • sparklehounds
    17.06.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    on the topic of projects that stay in my head rent free but i will never create: can’t stand the rain thunderstar pmv

    #one day maybe. one day #maybe after i reread dotc #my art#warriors#warrior cats#wc #dawn of the clans #thunder#thunderstar
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  • wyntered
    16.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago
    ANIMALS / don’t reblog

    ALPINE, american short hair, white, female. discovered down the alleyway of a bar late one night when bucky was leaving. barely a few weeks old. alpine has a soft temperament but is extremely picky. she’ll sit on your lap practically demanding cuddles but is extremely picky about who and what she likes. most days she can be found in a patch of sunlight or somewhere high like the top of book shelves and cupboards. she tends to wander during the day and can be found sneaking into neighbour’s gardens to beg for food. she rarely tries to harm other wildlife and prefers the comfort of the inside. she is extremely spoiled and hates wearing a collar. she likes snuggling inside bucky’s jackets and on some occasions will ride with him on his bike

    EVEREST, russian blue, grey, female. found in a dumpster out the back of a seven eleven that bucky had just bought snacks from. he heard the cries and found the cat tangled up in the rubbish. while everest had a collar its become clear that her owners abandoned her. numerous shelters across the neighbourhood have all reported having everest at one point, under different names, but the three legged cat was too much for most owners. bucky renamed her and gave her a new home after a VET visit to check to see if she was okay. everest is very energetic despite missing a front leg. it’s unsure how it happened but the VET suspected it was a birth defect with the way the tissue around the area looks. Everest spends most of the time outside on the porch and only comes inside during thunderstorms where she will hide under the couch or bed until its over. she prefers sleeping at people’s feet and isn’t overly fond of being held near people’s faces. it’s been advised not to give her kisses but head scratches are allowed.

    #{ HEADCANON } these memories are not my own #(everest is canon i will die on this hill) #(bucky adopting a 3 legged cat? more likely than you think)
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  • inccubator
    16.06.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    anyway ik this topics dead now but i seriously think you people should be nicer to others around you like nobody made a callout post because someone painted over someone elses cat its just that its really weird to take the photo of someone you know (and have stopped being friends with iirc) and paint over it and post it onto the internet as if it wouldnt get found out. if it bothers you that op asked people to not interact with them then fine but maybe dont go mocking people for it because its not as silly as it sounds it can be really fucking weird actually

    #aatypostagem #i say this cuz ive had my shit traced and stolen and posted online and its weird and uncomfortable except this time #its not tracing someones art its tracing someones photo of their own cat. like thats kinda weird actually im just saying
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  • fairybenz
    16.06.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    saw a cute cat today !

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  • dust-and-ashes-of-vale
    16.06.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    CEASE THE DEPRESSION. Here's beautiful cats.

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