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  • togami-mon-amour
    17.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    I have this absolutely bemusing tendency to fall asleep during crime documentaries and it is rather funny sksjdj

    #I think it’s because I like to think he’d watch them with me — #— because... you know him. He says he’s been reading crime dosseries since he was a child. #which I STILL think is really funny. #I will never stop calling him my grumpy nerd man <33 he is very cute #(despite the fact he’s a jerk — but he’s a jerk with character development LMAO)
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  • fairycowboy
    17.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    can i just say that i love all my stuff !!! i love all my little owl statues and my crystals !! all my books !!! my clothes and shoes !!! all the little memorabilia i have!!! i love all my stuff <33333

    #salisha speaks #just looked around my room and i just !! :D #i got a new owl statue this week. its three owls sitting ON A WOODEN BRANCH #im so obsessed with it i cant stop looking at it #and the other owl statue ive had since i was a child thats sO CUTE and my owl stuffed animal that i named owlie when i was 5. #idk idk feeling sentimental today babes x #i cant wait until i have my own home and so much more space to fill with STUFF AND THINGS !!! #anyway gonna continue looking at all my stuff and being happy !!! #have a good day besties 😚
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  • samantabrzozowska
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Hippie Girl

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  • samantabrzozowska
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    “Be simple as love is”

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  • miggiisdumb
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    One (1) woofer photo bullied out of my mom

    #I MISS MY BABY AND HIS LIL SAD LOOK UP AT ME ASKING FOR CUDDLES😭😭 #he had an eye wound the healed recently and still remains an handsome boy uwu #ignore me fawning over my child #delete later
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  • samantabrzozowska
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Create Paradise

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  • thistimeofnight
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    no bc i will be inconsolable if childe rlly dies you don't get it, it cannot happen, i won't let it

    #fhjjjrkcjdjsk literally childe is the reason i started playing genshin impact #bc id see posts and art of him and i was like HE. IS MY BOYFRIEND. #he is my beloved comrade and if mhy kills him ill never know love again.. 😔💔
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  • thistimeofnight
    17.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    childe simps never lose <3

    #the way i see ppl saying he'll die.. shut up no he wont thats my boyfriend he cannot die #bc if childe does die i might jus have to end it all #but he won't! so <3 #hope all the girlies who didn't get him the first couple times r lucky on this rerun <3
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  • zalyyy
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    love like you

    synopsis: it’s without question that you’re in love with him, but how worthy does your partner deem himself of receiving it?

    character/s: childe, xiao

    note: hello!! this will just be a short one before the 300 followers milestone special <33


    well, of course he thinks he’s worthy of it! just feast your eyes upon the inconceivable magnitude of his ego, it’s clearly impossible to falter his own faith in himself.

    after all, childe was practically the most ideal example of a perfect boyfriend - undeniably attractive, filthy rich, terrifying intelligent and powerful in over a million ways…what more could any other woman want from him?

    but you didn’t love him for all those materialistic features - rather you instead adored childe’s benevolence with the welfare of his family, cherished the rough yet chivalrous sensation of his teasing kisses, loved the sliver of innocence breathing in his bones despite tainting himself with blood over and over again.

    and he thinks you’re foolish to be enamored by him for silly and simple reasons…after all you didn’t need to feel ashamed if you confessed that you wanted him for something else - it was only understandable to desire the fatui harbinger like so, as childe was a man of very many things. again, very egoistic.

    if you asked him in return on what he loved about you, he would smile and say that he particularly found your rowdy and uproarious laughter the most endearing. “your opinion, i suppose.” you would retort to the unexpected comment with a frown and creased eyebrows.

    he would look up towards the dotted stars in the sky, and admit that he loved the way you looked beneath the filmy sheets in dawn-soaked mornings - your hair wild and untamed, your little button of a nose turned up with a dreamy smile on your half-parted lips, and the slight stream of drool marked across your cheek as evidence of a comfortable rest. “that’s just disgusting.” you would remark once more, features scrunched up in utter disbelief.

    “see, that’s how i felt upon knowing the things you loved about me.” childe snorts in amusement, while running his calloused fingers through your locks of hair as you lean on his chest.

    “i hate you.” he recalled hearing you mutter beneath your breath, while your fingers absentmindedly traced his pale cheek with intimacy.

    “you know you love me.” he would reply with a fond smile, secretly admiring the giddy and beautiful smile plastered on your face at his affectionate words.

    but it only was after childe had finally lost his own sanity along the treacherous path of serving his archon, and succumbed to the overwhelming guilt of his heinous crimes - when he eventually admitted to himself the bitter phrase, “i hate myself.”,

    that you stood above his lonely gravestone and whispered with tears in your eyes, “you know i love you.”


    we’re all pretty much aware of his curt yet selfless behavior towards mortals.

    therefore it’s only natural he thinks he can never be worthy of such pure and forbidden emotions like yours.

    xiao will admit that he’s traitorously allowed himself to imagine what it would be like to have anything and everything the world had to offer, but as soon as you stepped into the picture - nothing was deemed worthy of having anymore unless it was you.

    but he’s almost certain you’d easily crumble with a fragile shatter before he was capable of loving you - that is why he never dares to desire or dream of holding you in his hands, even if it was merely your fleeting shadow.

    and yet, you’re still so persistent - so generous in allowing him to fall without restraint, too kind to accept his ugly flaws and the blood he’s spilled all across the ground for countless centuries, and it feels like he’s crossing a prohibited border when he wishes that his life had just been a simple and temporary journey shared with you.

    as he stares at your unconscious frame and the little smile painted on your lips from a lovely dream, the weed of insecurity in his dirty heart tells him that this is the only way to do it…the only way to help you realize that the love you deserved wasn’t one he himself was capable of offering.

    so he disappears one night - and curses himself for always coming back to watch you wake up alone and drowning in tears, a consistent and heartbreaking routine for the ensuing mornings to come.

    xiao will forever be haunted by the sight of it…and even more so when he returns to his spot one night, just to witness you bidding goodnight to another stranger who eventually took his side of the bed.

    he’ll never tell you that he saw you break yourself over and over again, until you finally found someone to help pick up the pieces for you. he’d never admit to you that he watched you grow happy in that old and familiar house with another man, never divulge to anyone how seeing your young children scamper across the living room still tears his heart a little, never let himself forget the fact that this was a decision that was needed to be made for the sake of protecting his homeland…and ultimately you.

    the you that accidentally caught a glimpse of the adeptus’ fleeing frame one lonely night, the you that had initially degraded it to a hallucination yet still witnessed the repetitive sight of it every evening - the you that never found the courage to call him out, and instead bitterly resorted to donning a ring onto your lonely finger, because it helped you pretend like xiao was still the person you were spending the rest of your transient mortal life with.

    and he’s sorry that you had to make yourself feel that way, sorry that he could never allow himself to grow old and wrinkly beside you, sorry he left that distant night because he was too tainted and you were blinded to not realize you deserved better - sorry he could never learn how to love like you.

    #fanfic#genshin impact#genshin xiao #xiao x reader #genshin childe #childe x reader #genshin impact x reader #angst for my exams lmaoo
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  • fitnki
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    dog boys :D

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  • snail-and-yarn
    17.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    More Ari content, they're growing so fast

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  • noeggets
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    in these very moments i cannot control myself 

    #dr stone #i have no such thing as self control i will talk about and draw these boys and sweet child girl because i love them #i will aggravate everyone telling you about them im sorry you do not care but i need you to look at my boys and melon child #they are my favorite
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  • chronosbled
    17.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    @etherux​​​ asked: 👶🏻 here, surprise me. u w u/)

    send me 👶🏻and i’ll hc about our muses’ child

    - Resident Evil 8

    Name: Quinton Derek Alastair Simmons // Quinton D. A. Simmons

    Birthdate: October 20th

    Personality Headcanon: Quinton is a very classy and charismatic young man who is always striving to become better and better at whatever he’s doing. He is looked at in a positive light by those around him and this often pleases him to a great extent, though he never allows himself to become egotistical. He is extremely intelligent, much like his father, and seemingly gets along with everyone that he encounters whether they’re human or stated otherwise. He has a hobby of writing romance novels and often writes them when he doesn’t have anything to do, though he never allows anyone to read the things he writes due to the fact he doesn’t want to be viewed as cliché (along with the fact he’d become embarrassed by how engrossed he gets into his stories). He is rather friendly and seems to have quite the following of women who wish to be at his side, though he never actively chooses any of them, and would drop them in a heartbeat if his mother or sister so asked him to do so. He is even popular with the female servants (and their daughters) within the Simmons Estate.

    What was their first word and how old were they when they said it: Quinton’s first word actually ended up being ‘pretty’ due to the fact he was sitting in his parents bedroom with his mother as he watched her get ready for a social event that the Simmons family was invited to. At first he just remained silent, but after some time of his mother fancying herself up, he just sort of let his awe with her beauty be known. He was about seven months old.

    Did they get in trouble in school: Quinton was never the type to get into trouble during his school years. In fact, Quinton was considered one of the most disciplined children within the facility, and was even placed onto the honor roll for his behavior and perfect grades.

    Which parent were they more attached to: Quinton is attached to both his parents by a fair amount. He doesn’t hold one over the other like his younger brother and sister do, but there are times where he will seek out one parent over the other for certain situations.

    What was their favorite toy: As a child, Quinton’s favorite toy just so happened to be the stuffed bear that his grandmother (Dickson’s mother) gave to his father when he was first born. Despite it being a child’s toy, especially now that he’s older, he still cherishes it as it holds a lot of sentimental value to it.

    Did they cry a lot as a baby: Quinton never really was the type to cry when he was a baby, even if there was something really wrong with him. His parents believed this probably had something to do with the fact both that they both are bio-weapons.

    Movie they watched over and over: Quinton isn’t much of a movie person and instead prefers to read novels over watching anything on the television. He believes that books enrich one’s mind while movies do the opposite.

    What was their favorite subject in school: Literature, especially due to the fact that he actively writes his own novels about romance in secret. Can’t have anyone know that he’s into such cheesy stuff.

    Were they social growing up or quiet: Despite what many believe, Quinton actually grew up to be quite sociable due to the fact he was both born and raised within the Simmons family estate and was tended to often by the rather chatty (at least once Dickson became head of the household) servants. In fact, many of the maids’ daughters found him to be attractive and actively conversed with him in hopes of gaining his affection.

    Which parent do they take after: Quinton takes after his mother, Crystal. He has her sense of responsibility and is able to keep a leveled head whenever something doesn’t go according to plan. He also has her headstrong and stubborn nature when it comes to getting what he wants.

    What do they grow up to be: Due to the fact he’s Dickson’s first born, and that he’s the first son, he grows up to become the new Simmons family heir — allowing him to inherit their science facilities along with all of the connections that come with it. Though, on the side, Quinton becomes and author and writes romance novels.

    Three random headcanons: 1. For unknown reasons, Quinton keeps a journal filled with logs about what him and his family do on a daily basis, often going into great detail about their activities. His brother believes he does this merely to keep track of things so nothing is out of place, but his sister believes that there is something more significant to it than he’s letting on.                                                  2. Despite having perfect eyesight due to his infection/mutation enhancing both his senses and abilities, Quinton has a tendency to wear nonprescription glasses. When asked why, he often states that it’s merely for fashion and that many of the girls within his class think he looks handsome with them on, especially since he has his mother’s eyes and the glasses draw their attention to them.                                                  3. Quinton is often jokingly referred to as a ladies man by his father due to the fact Quinton naturally attracts women towards him because of his good looks. This usually causes Quinton to bring up the fact that his father could also be considered a ladies man due to just how many women used to be in love with him before meeting his mother.

    Likes & dislikes: Likes — Reading, writing romance novels, literature, fashion, glasses, his siblings, his parents, the servants of the Simmons Estate, anything that represents romance or love, sweets or anything that can be considered a dessert, keeping a daily log of everyone’s activities, keeping a journal, jewelry (giving it to his mother), cool nights, winter, snow, learning new languages, studying, meeting new people, responsibility, people having high expectations of him.                              Dislikes — Misplacing his journals, having nothing to do, losing his stuffed bear, when others mistreat his family, when others degrade the servants within the Simmons Estate, being treated like a child, being unable to converse with others, getting dirty, getting wet (outside of bathing), tripping over things, falling down, having to compete for someone’s attention, being spoken over, having someone be disappointed in him, being compared to someone else (in a negative way), anything bitter.

    Do they get along with their parents: Quinton gets along with both of his parents very well and shows them a great deal of respect whenever he’s in their presence or is speaking to them.

    Face Claim: Eith Lancell — I’m the Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend

    Name: Christopher Estiel Chevalier Simmons // Christopher E. C. Simmons

    Birthdate: April 8th

    Personality Headcanon: Christopher is an extremely skittish and overly emotional young man who is almost always seen with some kind of frown or look of distress present on his face. He isn’t a very talkative person and generally prefers to be left by himself, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he isn’t a friendly person. In fact, once you get to know him, he’s actually a fairly easy person to get alone with so long as you don’t accidentally end up scaring him somehow. He has a rather gloomy disposition despite being content with his living style, though this is likely because of the bullying he receives during his time at school, but regardless his mood always brightens up whenever he sees his mother, Crystal, nearby. Many can tell that he’s very clearly a mama’s boy.

    What was their first word and how old were they when they said it: Without a doubt, Christopher’s first word was ‘mama’ and once he’d learned how to say it, it was pretty much all he would say when he’d cry. The boy just wanted his mother and that was all there was to it. He was at least eight months old when this occurred.

    Did they get in trouble in school: Christopher wasn’t the one that would get into trouble, but he often was the reason for someone else getting in trouble due to the fact he was often bullied all throughout his school years. He always tried his best to steer clear of trouble, not for his own sake, but for the sake of everyone that would have to deal with his mother after she found out how cruel people were being to him.

    Which parent were they more attached to: Christopher is the most attached to his mother and the favoritism really shows. He doesn’t care how it makes him look to others, all he wants is the attention of his sweet and loving mother. God forbid if someone else got her attention for longer than a few minutes, they’d have to deal with an overly jealous and overly emotional boy.

    What was their favorite toy: Toy? This child didn’t play with toys, mainly because he was always too busy being up his mother’s butt and clinging to her thigh like the world was going to snatch him up if he didn’t hang onto her. He would much rather prefer to play with his mother.

    Did they cry a lot as a baby: He was the fussiest and most whiney baby you could ever imagine. There was always something to cry about and even when there wasn’t, he would go ahead and cry anyway. Though it was very likely due to the fact he was prone to getting sick during his infancy.

    Movie they watched over and over: There was never one set movie that Christopher watched repeatedly, but most of the movies he did watch usually had something to do with some type of family setting.

    What was their favorite subject in school: Fine Arts. It was one of the only things that actually managed to keep him content when he wasn’t able to spend time with one of his family members due to how calming it was.

    Were they social growing up or quiet: If you were to place Christopher in an empty room and drop a pin, you would be able to hear the sound of the pin instead of him speaking. Growing up, Christopher often kept to himself and hardly ever spoke unless absolutely necessary, usually preferring to listen to others speak rather than do so himself.

    Which parent do they take after: Christopher actually doesn’t take after either of his parents and instead actively stands out from the rest of his family whenever others discuss them.

    What do they grow up to be: Once growing up, Christopher remains within the Simmons Estate and becomes an artist, often creating drawings that go with his older brother’s novels or concept art for game creators. Sometimes he even works together with his brother to make small comics just for fun. This is the only time he doesn’t mind talking to others.

    Three random headcanons: 1. One day when Christopher was a young child, he asks his parents about his aunts Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela, and asks why it is that they never visit them. Upon learning of their deaths, Christopher grows fearful of both the cold and outsiders (anyone who isn’t part of their family). This is the reason why he’s terrified of going out during the winter and often breaks down into a hysterical fit if outside for too long, claiming that it’s “so cold.”                                                  2. Just like his mother, Christopher is absolutely terrified of storms of any kind, whether it’s a thunder storm and a harsh rain storm. This is likely due to the fact that Christopher was born during one of the worst thunder storms his parents had ever witnessed.                                                  3. Due to the fact Christopher’s favored parent is his mother, Dickson often tries to spend more time with him, either by attempting to paint with him or by offering to take him outside for a walk — though it usually ends up with Christopher making up some kind of excuse to run off, often leaving his father somewhat confused.

    Likes & dislikes: Likes — Painting, creating scenarios in his mind, spending time with his mother, watching his siblings interacting together, listening to his father tell stories, keeping to himself, the afternoon sky, summer, warm days, cool breezes, creating drawings to go along with Quinton’s novels, painting his mother and sister, sweets, sunshine, gazing out the window, studying different art styles, getting new art supplies.                              Dislikes — Loud noises, storms, being bullied, having to interact with others, being stressed out, not being able to spend time with his mother, being teased/made fun of, when his parents have to deal with conflict involving him, the cold, humans who dislike what he is (a bio-weapon), shouting/screaming, fighting, getting injured, being startled all of a sudden, ruining his artwork.

    Do they get along with their parents: Christopher does get along with both of his parents, but he has a far easier time getting along with Crystal than Dickson. This is due to the fact that Dickson is extremely playful and hyperactive while Christopher is far from that.

    Face Claim: Sucre — I’m the Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend

    Name: Iffrita Bela Cordelia Simmons // Iffrita B. C. Simmons

    Birthdate: May 12th

    Personality Headcanon: Iffrita is one of the sweetest and most compassionate people that you could ever possibly meet. She has a natural charm to her that just draws others in and makes them desire to be near her. There are even times where she comes up to complete strangers in attempt to make friends with them if she sees they’re all by themselves, because in her mind, everything is always better when you have a friend nearby. Though due to her extremely friendly disposition, she often gets taken advantage of or manipulated by others into doing things that she wouldn’t normally do. This usually causes for Dickson or her eldest brother to take action in order to stop this from happening. Along with being easily persuaded, Iffrita is very naïve and will easily trust anyone that calls her their friend, mainly because she believes friends don’t lie to each other since her brothers never lie to her and they were her first friends. Iffrita also has a vast interest in herbal medicine and the world outside of the Simmons Estate, often wondering what the world is like and if she’d ever be able to possibly meet them all some day. This often causes her parents to worry about her endlessly since a majority of humans aren’t friendly nor welcoming towards bio-weapons.

    What was their first word and how old were they when they said it: Almost as if she were instantly born with the desire to love everyone she came into contact with, Iffrita’s very first word was ‘kiss’ and it was all thanks to the constant displays of affection that her father would give to her mother in front of her, of which so happened to be mostly kisses. She was nine months old.

    Did they get in trouble in school: Iffrita? In trouble? You must be thinking of someone else. Iffrita, despite being anything far from holy, was considered a complete angel by everyone she encountered whether they were her classmates or school bullies who just so happened to see her. Sweetest thing you could ever meet.

    Which parent were they more attached to: Iffrita loves both of her parents very much, but she is very much a daddy’s girl, just like how her older brother is a mama’s boy. Her father often smothers her in affection and gifts.

    What was their favorite toy: This little girl had so many toys because of her father that you’d think she’d at least have one favorite, but no, she prefers the special soft pillow that her mother bought for her when she was a little girl. That thing was like her best friend, whether she would play with it and pretend it was alive or just sleep on it.

    Did they cry a lot as a baby: Iffrita cried about the average amount that an infant would, which was totally a breath of fresh air for her parents after Christopher was such a difficult baby to deal with.

    Movie they watched over and over: Doesn’t matter what kind of movie you’d put on, Iffrita would watch it without any complaints, mainly because she’s content with whatever her parents or siblings want. Though she likes cartoons quite a bit thanks to her father.

    What was their favorite subject in school: Biology has always been Iffrita’s favorite subject. She’s always been interested in plants thanks to her mother.

    Were they social growing up or quiet: Iffrita was a decent mixture of being both quiet and sociable while she was growing up. Though as she got older, she quickly became very popular much like her oldest brother due to her kind heart. She also caught the affections of most of the boys within the school due to possessing her mother’s beauty, it doesn’t help that she looks exactly like her.

    Which parent do they take after: Despite what many believe, Iffrita actually takes after both of her parents, though this only applies for the loving and affectionate side they show to each other. I mean, come on, how else was she supposed to learn how to be so sweet and cuddly? Gotta learn from the best.

    What do they grow up to be: Once Iffrita grows up into a young woman, she chooses to study herbal and general medicine, like her father, so she can use it to take care of those in need. Despite being a bio-weapon, though unknown to the public, she hopes to create an understanding between her and the humans through her actions and kindness.

    Three random headcanons: 1. Much like her mother, Iffrita enjoys gardening and finds the different variation of plants to be fascinating. Though while she enjoys gardening, she was not as naturally good as her mother when she first started, and instead had to learn how to better herself through trial and error. Now that she knows how to garden properly, she often chooses to do so with her mother and usually plants her mother’s favorite flowers.                                                   2. Despite being rather intelligent, Iffrita is rather clueless when it comes to another person’s feelings for her, much like her father. She views a person’s advances towards her as them wanting to be friends with her and will only ever refer to them as a “good friend” whenever she’s asked how she feels about them. Due to this, Iffrita is extremely shy and becomes easily embarrassed once she discovers said feelings are romantic and not platonic.                                                  3. For unknown reasons, animals of all kinds have a natural attraction towards Iffrita. It doesn’t matter whether she seeks them out or not, if she is outside, said animals will come to wherever she is and begin to show her affection. Due to this, her eldest brother often jokingly calls her “Snow White.”

    Likes & dislikes: Likes — Gardening, cooking, being outside, animals, spring, sunny days, the sky, morning, birds chirping, swimming, picking flowers, going on picnics, taking care of animals, baking, sweets, making treats for her family, taking naps, making friends, when others say they’re proud of her, singing, dancing, when her father dotes on her, spending time with her family, reading Quinton’s novels, looking at Christopher’s art work, hearing stories about her aunts, playing with her father, shopping, stuffed animals, cleaning, physical affection.                              Dislikes — Being kept indoors for too long, people who are cruel, liars, people who hurt others, windy weather, burning something she’s cooking/baking, when plants begin to wilt, being judged, messiness, not knowing what to wear, when people take her things without permission, being told she’s better than someone else, upsetting her parents.

    Do they get along with their parents: Iffrita gets along with both her mother and father with ease. In fact, she gets along so well with them that she often follows them around to see if they need anything.

    Face Claim: Maise Hazelnut — I’m the Soldier’s Ex-Girlfriend

    - Resident Evil 8!AU

    Name: Amadeus Vernoux Archon Dimitrescu-Simmons // Amadeus V. A. Dimitrescu-Simmons

    Birthdate: December 1st

    Personality Headcanon: In the very beginning, Amadeus wasn’t too much of a people person and had a tendency to avoid anyone he could that wasn’t directly related to him. He usually preferred to be left alone by himself or in the company of his parents, often acting out rather violently when others tried to approach him. Even after his baby sister was born, he remained uninterested and seems somewhat jealous of the newborn infant. At least... until the day he managed to scare her by accident and saw just how helpless she really was. It was at that moment he realized his behavior wouldn’t do anything but bring a bad reputation for his family, nor would it ever make him feel satisfied with his life. Thus why he began to become more friendly towards the villagers, taking the time to learn different things about them and eventually even teaches them how to grow their own crops in the fields. In time, Amadeus grows to care about those within the village, and even makes it part of his duty to protect them whenever the occasion rises.

    What was their first word and how old were they when they said it: Amadeus’ first word was rather simple, probably something that almost all babies say at one point, except his reason for saying ‘no’ was because his father kept trying to pick him up and take him for a nap. He was only eight months old at the time.

    Did they get in trouble in school: Due to the fact that Amadeus developed his father’s temper and really violent/aggressive behavior (after he was turned and further mutated by Mother Miranda), he often got into trouble quite often, though not on purpose. Though because they live within a village that survives by old time methods, he’s never actively been to school before. Instead he simply is scolded by his mother or his father whenever he isn’t busy handling business outside of the village.

    Which parent were they more attached to: Amadeus is more attached to his father, but this is only due to the fact he knows exactly what he feels/is going through due to the fact they share the same temperance. Otherwise he’s equally attached to both of them.

    What was their favorite toy: As a child, Amadeus had a vast variety of toys he could pick and choose from due to how eager his father was to please him, so it’s safe to say that he doesn’t just have one favorite toy.

    Did they cry a lot as a baby: The times that he cried as a baby often depended on the situation that was happening. If he was sad or needed something for his basic needs, he would cry a decent amount to show he needed to be fed or change or whatever, but if it were merely for attention, then he would cry just enough to make someone tend to him.

    Movie they watched over and over: Considering that Amadeus grew up inside the village, of which doesn’t seem to believe in those types of things, he doesn’t have a favorite movie (mainly due to the fact he doesn’t even know what they are).

    What was their favorite subject in school: Once again, given how he lives in an old timey village, Amadeus doesn’t go to school and is instead taught things by his parents. None of which is really learned in school.

    Were they social growing up or quiet: Growing up as a child, Amadeus was both sociable and quiet whenever the situation called for it. He doesn’t mind talking to others when they approached him and he doesn’t mind spending time by himself in the quiet of nature.

    Which parent do they take after: Amadeus is a decent mixture of both his father and his mother. As stated before, he has his father’s temper/aggression whenever angered, but he also possesses his calm nature whenever he’s going about his daily life. There are also times where you can see his mother’s wit and determination behind his eyes.

    What do they grow up to be: After the destruction of the village his parents resided in, and they were able to escape the explosion before finding a new place to settle, Amadeus grows up to be a farmer of sorts for the land that his parents own — though he’s mainly known for being the prince of the new village his parents developed. He often helps the new villagers settle into the land and even helps to teach them the best techniques for growing quality crops. During times of distress, such as when hostile outsiders come to the village, he is left to defend the village folk while his father heads out to prevent invaders from getting inside, meanwhile his mother remains inside their home to protect his baby sister. He has a strong hatred for outsiders due to the stories he’s heard about Ethan Winters.

    Three random headcanons: 1. Whenever his parents are busy handling their responsibilities around the village, Amadeus takes it upon himself to care for his baby sister, often taking her with him when he goes around the village to do his rounds of morning greetings to the residents and shows her off. Sometimes he even takes her with him when he tends to the farm and field animals, often telling her that they’ll be her responsibility once she gets old enough.                                                  2. Along with tending to the fields alongside the other village farmers, Amadeus also crafts the tools required to preform these jobs himself from whatever materials he manages to find and hands them out to the others. He is often praised for his craftsmanship and handiness, sometimes so much so to the point he gains secondhand embarrassment from all of the praise.                                                  3. One time he accidentally scared his baby sister during one of his temperamental outbursts and ever since then he’s been trying his hardest to maintain his anger (not to mention he feels mortified about the fact he scared someone he loves so much). In fact, to make sure such a thing never happens again, he’s been spending time with a young female village who’s been teaching him new ways to manage his anger or calm himself down when he starts to feel angry.

    Likes & dislikes: Likes — The quiet, his parents, his baby sister, the villagers, helping his parents with their duties, taking care of his sister, tending to the farm lands, showing his sister the farm and field animals, reading, practicing etiquette, teaching the villagers how to farm, keeping things in order, bringing his father and mother the things they need, patrolling around the village, hunting with the villagers, wandering around the market place, crafting different things from materials he finds.                              Dislikes — Outsiders, people who threaten the village and villagers, people who try to kidnap his sister, seeing his parents stressed out, obnoxious people, losing farm/field animals, withered crops, losing his temper, accidentally scaring his sister, when there’s something he can’t control, being distrusted, being disrespected, Ethan Winters (despite him being dead).

    Do they get along with their parents: Considering the fact that his parents, and his baby sister, are all he has, yes. Amadeus gets along with both of his parents just fine.

    Face Claim: Karavan Dionne Parjunel — The Adventures of a Demon King’s Daughter

    Name: Alcina Maria Atuleia Dimitrescu-Simmons // Alcina M. A. Dimitrescu-Simmons

    Birthdate: February 4th

    Personality Headcanon: Despite being a mere infant, Alcina is a very sweet and loving child towards everyone that comes into contact with her, at least... so long as she knows who they are. She has a tendency to cry quite often whenever she feels intimidated due to the fact she is skittish, but she doesn’t allow that to stop her from exploring around the halls of her home, often causing the maids to panic when she vanishes so suddenly. Alcina is actually prone to getting into trouble whenever she isn’t being held or laying inside of her cradle, something that the servants think she inherited from her parents. She also doesn’t really enjoy when people attempt to make her laugh by making faces at her or shake objects in her face to get her attention, instead this usually makes her rather mad to the point she starts screaming, unless it’s her family doing it.

    What was their first word and how old were they when they said it: She’s a baby. She’s only four months old. She can barely hold something in her hand for longer than two seconds and you expect her to speak? You’ll be lucky if you get a spit bubble in your face.

    Did they get in trouble in school: Considering that she’s a baby, there’s no way she’d be able to get into trouble, let alone attend a school that doesn’t exist within the village. Though she can get into trouble when it comes to pulling things off of shelves when someone’s carrying her since she likes to grab anything and everything she sees.

    Which parent were they more attached to: Alcina is more attached to her mother because believe it or not, her father has accidentally scared her on more than one occasion due to how large and loud his werewolf form is (and the fact he’s approached her countless times in said form). He also has a scary looking face since his default expression is just a blank stare a majority of the time, so he sometimes makes her cry. This, of course, does make him upset even if you can’t visibly see it.

    What was their favorite toy: Her golden rattle that’s etched with emerald gemstones. Yes, I know, who the hell gives a baby that expensive of a rattle? Blame her father, he wanted her to have only the best. Though she has a bad tendency to throw it and usually ends up hitting someone in the face with it. Curse that inhuman strength.

    Did they cry a lot as a baby: Yes, and given the fact she’s still a baby, she still does cry a whole lot. Though a majority of her crying comes from her being scared of pretty much everything due to how young she is. Everything is so intimidating at that age, you know?

    Movie they watched over and over: Modern things such as movies don’t exist in the village, she also is too young to watch such things so it doesn’t matter regardless.

    What was their favorite subject in school: Once again, things like school don’t really exist within the village so she can’t really have a favorite subject. That and she’s still a baby so she wouldn’t be able to attend school anyway.

    Were they social growing up or quiet: When she’s not crying for whatever reason, Alcina is actually a very quiet and somewhat skittish baby. She doesn’t like being away from her family too long, especially if she’s left with people that she doesn’t know, but once she’s back in the arms of her mother or father (brother as well), everything is alright.

    Which parent do they take after: Believe it or not, but Alcina actually takes more after her father when he was still a small human child in the hands of his grandfather. She possesses the strong sense of fear he had when being left behind and is prone to crying when she starts to feel overwhelmed, additionally, she does not handle sudden loud noises very well (just like when her father would hear the infected coming close when he’d hide).

    What do they grow up to be: Once growing into a fine young woman, Alcina becomes a lot like the real Alcina. She doesn’t like outsiders and has a tendency to look down upon them whenever they attempt to stand up to her and her family once learning the fate of her parents previous family, and sometimes even takes matters into her own hands whenever her family is busy with other issues. That aside, she works with the farm/field animals alongside the other women of the village on the side and is actually surprisingly good at it — meanwhile she is mainly known as the princess of the new village her parents created.

    Three random headcanons: 1. During her childhood, she was often kidnapped from the village by outsiders from the very moment she could actively walk around on her own in attempt to draw out the rest of her family. Though, instead of drawing out her family like they had hoped, Dickson is usually the one who comes to get her (and boy is that the biggest mistake ever since the humans never walk away from it alive). Due to this, Alcina isn’t allowed to walk around on her own anymore and now has to be accompanied by at least three other villagers.                                                  2. Due to the fact that Alcina and her family are well respected within the village, and have been discovered to not be human (thanks to witnessing Dickson transform in front of them to protect everyone), many of the villagers actively donate their blood in attempt to help sate their hunger. There are even times where the villagers will actively try to defend the royal family from the harsh words of outsiders.                                                  3. Once she’s old enough to crawl, when placed onto the floor in order to allow her to play, Alcina often ends up crawling away from the maids and ventures throughout the halls in attempt to find her parents when they’re distracted. This usually results in the maids panicking and going on a wild goose chase trying to find the youngest heir of the royal family before her parents realize that she’s missing.

    Likes & dislikes: Likes — Her family, the villagers, the village, tending to the farm/field animals, doing her mother’s hair, laying against he father’s fur (in werewolf form), grabbing onto her brother’s hair, being carried by her mother, her golden rattle, throwing random objects, putting objects in her mouth, sleeping with her parents, exploring outside their home.                              Dislikes — Loud noises, being played with too roughly, being left alone, the dark, outsiders, being taken away from her family, being kidnapped, overly loud voices, having to do things on her own, being ignored, leaving the village, anything sour (Dickson once gave her something sour and thought her face was amusing), spicy things, being viewed as a damsel, when her father startles her in werewolf form.

    Do they get along with their parents: As a baby, there’s not much that can be said about her relationship with her parents considering she can’t really form an official opinion of them. Though once she grows older, she becomes very close to both her parents.

    Face Claim: Athanasia De Alger Obelia — Who Made Me a Princess

    - Resident Evil 8!AU ( Special Route )

    Name: Rosemary Winters // Rosemary Dimitrescu-Simmons

    Birthdate: August 2nd

    Personality Headcanon: Due to the fact she was raise by both Dickson and Crystal, Rosemary grows up to be a very independent individual who loves to explore and make the most of her life. She is very affectionate towards her parents and has a tendency to tell them about everything she has done for the day. Since she’s an only child, she spends a vast majority of time by herself when her parents are busy and usually can be found adventuring around the many structures found within the village’s rather large vicinity. Sometimes her adventuring gets her into trouble, like the time she was almost eaten by an angry wild animal before Dickson had managed to find her in time, taking the creature out with ease. She also tends to be more curious than her parents would like and this generally causes some tension between the three of them when she starts asking questions about things they’re trying to protect her from. Yet, despite that, Rosemary never holds anything against her parents and will always take their side no matter what happens.

    What was their first word and how old were they when they said it: Rosemary’s very first word just so happened to be ‘puppy’ all because she saw Dickson sleeping inside of Crystal’s greenhouse in werewolf form one day and thought he was some kind of dog (since she’d never seen him transform before). It’s become a funny story that’s often told around her birthday now. She was probably about nine months old when saying it.

    Did they get in trouble in school: Given the fact that Rosemary never attended an actual school due to the fact the village didn’t have one, there is no real way for that to be possible, but that doesn’t stop her from occasionally stirring up trouble within the village for fun.

    Which parent were they more attached to: Rosemary is equally attached to both of her parents even before Dickson finally was comfortable enough with taking care of her. To her, she has the best parents in the world.

    What was their favorite toy: Rosemary’s favorite toy just happens to be the small stuffed monkey that Ethan and Mia bought for her when she was still in their care, though due to that fact she isn’t aware Dickson and Crystal aren’t her birth parents, she believes they are the ones who gave it to her at her birth.

    Did they cry a lot as a baby: In the very beginning Rosemary cried quite a bit due to the fact she didn’t know Dickson or Crystal, but after a while, she got used to the two of them and the remaining creatures within the village.

    Movie they watched over and over: Things like movies and modern things don’t exist inside of the village due to the fact it’s extremely very old fashioned.

    What was their favorite subject in school: Again, due to the fact that the village is extremely old fashioned and doesn’t actually have a school, Rosemary was never able to gain a favorite subject that she would get from attending school. Though I can say that she is very likely interested in gardening because of Crystal.

    Were they social growing up or quiet: Rosemary grew up as a very sociable child despite the fact both of her parents were more on the darker side of things. It didn’t matter to her whether or not the person she was talking to is human or not, she loves to make friends.

    Which parent do they take after: Rosemary most likely takes after Crystal and the playful behavior she once displayed when living with all of her sisters and mother. She always wants to do something fun and isn’t afraid to drag her parents along in her shenanigans.

    What do they grow up to be: Once Rosemary reaches adulthood, she becomes one of the new lords that helps to rule over the village and is permitted to take over the Beneviento territory by her parents. While she does not make any physical changes to the Beneviento Estate, she does place down a few set of rules for the remaining villagers to follow if they accidentally wander into her territory in order to keep them safe.

    Three random headcanons: 1. Due to the fact Rosemary was raised by Dickson and Crystal after the death of her biological father, Ethan, Rosemary isn’t allowed to leave the village and must remain within it’s parameters no matter what. She also isn’t allowed to converse with any outsiders that possibly wander into the village by mistake. This rule was placed by both Dickson and Crystal in order to protect her and prevent another tragedy within the village, just like the one caused by Ethan.                                                  2. Rosemary is actually aware that both Dickson and Crystal are bio-weapons and are in no way human. She is also aware that she is human (from what she knows) and the remaining residents within the village are also bio-weapons just like her parents, though she does not understand why she is the only human within the village when both her parents are not.                                                  3. Because of the fact she is restricted to the confines of the village, Rosemary often grows curious about the things that exist outside of the village and has a tendency to wander to the very edge of it’s boundaries. She is also curious as to why her book, Village of Shadows, strangely represents many of the things that have happened within the village in the past. At times, this makes her believe that her parents are hiding something from her.

    Likes & dislikes: Likes — Her parents, the village, spending time with her family, exploring around the village, visiting the Heisenberg Factory with her father, watching the windmills at the Moreau Reservoir, exploring deeper into the Dimitrescu Castle, planting flowers at the Beneviento Estate, taking care of the animals within the village, riding on her father’s back in his werewolf form, playing tag or hide and seek with her father in the nearby forest, learning about the legends behind the village’s origins, hearing stories about her parents’ relatives, gardening, singing, dancing, sewing, taking care of Donna’s leftover dolls, attempting to swim at the Moreau Reservoir (she’s usually stopped by Dickson), trying to find out the mysteries of the village.                              Dislikes — Being restricted to staying inside the village, being left alone when her parents have to deal with important issues, getting scolded for traveling too far outside the village, the cold winter breeze, getting sick (from the cold), being lied to, being called a child, not being trusted, being treated like she’s a fragile as a piece of glass, when others try to tell her that her parents aren’t good people.

    Do they get along with their parents: Rosemary most certainly gets along amazingly with both of her parents. In fact, she never wants to be without them.

    Face Claim: Rosemary Winters — Resident Evil 8

    #etherux #{ Since you didn't specify which version of Dickson you wanted for this meme... I gave you all of them! At least the ones with Crystal. } #{ I hope that you like all of them! } #{ The first three are for Dickson and Crystal in Dickson's canon RE8 route where they escaped the village and when back to his estate. } #{ The next two are for Dickson's RE8!AU where he's a werewolf but it also took the ending of them escaping the village before the- } #{ explosion happened and they went off somewhere else to live. I imagined that they'd probably make a village of their own like the- } #{ original village they lived in. } #{ Then I also added the special 'what if' route that we came up with where only Dickson and Crystal survived at the end and the village- } #{ didn't actually explode so they were able to adopt Rosemary as their own child after everything happened. } #{ I also really like the idea of Dickson and Crystal naming one of their daughters after Alcina and one of Crystal's sisters? } #{ I wasn't sure which sister though so I just went with Bela cause she was the first one to pop into my brain. } #{ Also... the baby that's named after Alcina is also named after Dickson's mother Maria. } #{ Since we don't really know what Rosemary's personality is like aside from that little tidbit we got at the end of Resident Evil 8- } #{ I just decided to kinda wing her personality to the best of my ability based off of how Dickson and Crystal would treat her as she grows. #{ Instead of how she seems more rowdy and slightly temperamental like in the game since she'd be raised differently. } #{ The main reason why I gave them three kids in Dickson's canon RE8 route is because Dickson remembers how his grandfather said- } #{ they would need multiple heirs to the Simmons family in case something would happen to one of them so he was basically like- } #{ 'hey let's have a few kids instead of just one' and thus why they exist. } #{ I also just can't help but imagine Dickson chasing Rosemary through the forest to play with her in his werewolf form and anyone- } #{ who sees them ends up thinking there's just some giant monster chasing this poor young girl for whatever reason and it makes me laugh. } #{ Anyway- Thank you so much for the ask! I hope that you like it! } #{ I also apologize for the length. } #☣ [ ' Wԋαƚ'ʂ συɾ ʅιϝҽ ɯσɾƚԋ ιɳ ƚԋҽ ҽɳԃ? ' ] - ✡ Dιƈƙʂσɳ/Cɾყʂƚαʅ ✡ #☣ [ ' Lσɳɠ; ʅσɳɠ; αɠσ ι ԃιԃ ɳσƚ ƙɳσɯ ɯԋσ ι ɯαʂ. αɳԃ ιɳ ƚԋҽ ԃҽҽρɳҽʂʂ ι ɯαʂ ʅσʂƚ αɳԃ ɳσɯ... ' ] - ✡ Rҽʂιԃҽɳƚ Eʋιʅ 8 ✡ #☣ [ ' Fσɾҽʋҽɾ ρɾαιʂιɳɠ ԋιɱ ԃҽʋσƚҽԃʅყ... ყҽƚ ԋҽɾҽ ι αɱ Ⴆҽιɳɠ ԃҽɳιҽԃ ɱყ ԃɾҽαɱ. ' ] - ✡ Rҽʂιԃҽɳƚ Eʋιʅ 8: Wҽʅƈσɱҽ ƚσ ƚԋҽ Vιʅʅαɠҽ ✡ #☣ [ ' Fσɾ ϝυɾƚԋҽɾ ɾҽʂҽαɾƈԋ. ' ] - ✡ Aʂƙʂ ✡ #☣ [ ' Tσ ϝҽҽԃ ɱҽ. ' ] - ✡ Mҽɱҽʂ ✡ #☣ [ ' Tԋҽ σɳҽ ɯԋσ ʅҽαԃʂ Ⴆҽԋιɳԃ ƈʅσʂҽԃ ԃσσɾʂ. ' ] - ✡ Oυƚ σϝ Cԋαɾαƈƚҽɾ ✡
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    Internal 2018 me said I'm reverting back to deltarune bye imma have a happy emotional break down

    #i dont wanna hear anything the games themselves are fine its the people who are overrated #these games mean so much they honestly kept me going when i felt like everything was gone AND NOW DELTA CHAPTER 2 IS HEREEE #if i have to buy it im going to cry #BUT ILL STILL WATCH PEOPLE PLAY IT BECAUSE OML I BELIEVED #bro i played deltarune before undertale and i loved it. like the fanbase cant and will never ruin this for me #tomorrow as soon as i wake up its no longer 2021 #like toby you're the man but take care of yourself we love you <3 #WORTH THE WAIT AND IDK SHIT #i forgot who dear girl was but i hope shes the bad guy so i can have an excuse not to like her #CHRISTMAS EVERYDAY IS A C R I M E #anywho i cant wait #my internal child is screaming finally #and eailer this year i finally got to play undertale so i feek so much more connected #AND NOW THAT IM NOT IN THE FANBASE?? ITS LIKE 2017 BUT MAGICAL AND not..cringe as the kids would say #first steve from blues clues helps with my trust issues and now this? no one say shit to me for a mouth im thriving #v rambles
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    baby in a box

    #learning to do hyperlinks was the best part of my internship this summer #anyways there needs to be 1) more child/baby pictures and 2) they need to have more skin tones and color options #fankids#fan children#fan child#child f/o#familial f/o#fan babies#self shipping #fan child: hnc 💙🤍🖤💛 #fan child: esc💜🖤🤍💖 #fan child: asc💖❤️🤍💘 #picrew #self insert children
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    #Shallowsatire has always reminded me of a puddle? #Warmspice has like. Soup vibes I think. #Nice warm guy #Also thinking loaf.. #Warm spiced loaf.. #Also did u know I've had that url for like. Probably 6 years??? #Have u seen a 6 year old child? They're huge! #Answered #My beloved <3 #Oh also. Combating autumn cold
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    #📮#🖇 #🎸 - sally face!! #well. for me is more for my friends #bc im an only child-
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    [Text: Pretty Girl] Hey!!! Pretty Girl! Yknow y’left your scarf here [Text: Pretty Girl] It smells good, damn Pretty Girl you smell good


    #Till the end of the line; Bucky Barnes #Every night in my dreams I see you I feel you That is how I know you go on; Bucky & Charlotte #Lovelylostminds #Like a true nature's child we were born born to be wild we can climb so high I never wanna die; Biker!Bucky Verse
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