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  • Another story about me.

    Right before freshmen year of high school I wanted to get my hair dyed. I thought it would be fun to experiment a little since I was going into high school and unlike middle school my high school allowed us to dye our hair and have piercings.

    So because I was and because my hair is a dark auburn I decided to get dark purple streaks. 

    My Momma said yes and took me to the woman who used to cut our hair back then. We told her what I wanted but instead of dark purple streaks she bleached streaks of my hair and slapped on a bright magenta.

    I looked like Barney for a whole Summer lol!

    I mean it was pretty but it was just a lot. It looked almost like I had dipped my head in a can of paint.

    Luckily the dye wasn’t that great and before I went back to school it had mellowed out into a bright pink mixed with brown, silver, and I think gold though I’m not sure how.

    I really liked what it looked like after the magenta had faded away but after that I usually just got things around the red and copper areas since they looked better with my hair lol.

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  • You ever eat some crackers and you’re suddenly a 10 year old kid again, on a bus ride to the science center, eating Ritz cheese sandwiches and drinking a kool-aid? Because apparently crackers create very specific memories.

    #crackers #they create memories #my childhood #i don't think it was a good combo #but i still enjoyed it #deja vu
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  • Well, on that note, I suppose a little introduction is in order!

    To those of you who don’t know: hello!

    My name is Phoebe, also known as The Brit Shinobi, Britkunoichi92 and Phoebe5448.

    I started this here little blog of mine, just on a whim, back in 2013 or thereabouts.

    I was born on the 10th July 1992. I’m a Cancerian! Water sign. So I’m an emotional whiny b who never shuts up when I have an interest to share.

    I’m also a very awkward person. So if I seem crazy and maniac online, its all mostly a facade. I don’t see myself as a very confident, special or talented person. I can’t draw a thing for a start! Can’t play an instrument. Can’t dance. Can’t sing. I have a hilarious accent tho!

    Bloody hell blimey fish and chips frozen peas!! 😁🇬🇧

    I’ve dealt with a lot of self esteem and self confidence issues over the years, which I still think I have. It’s improved a lot, but I’m still quite anxious. Even when I was a kid.

    You can imagine what kind of kid I was back in the day. Super nerdy. Would spend hours sitting in a corner reading. I’ve always loved reading. That’s why I love Fantasy tbh. Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, Warcraft, all that!

    In case you can’t tell either, I love to write. My imagination has always been my biggest gift, and curse. For as long as I can remember. Thats why I write crazy crap all the time, surprisingly. The More You Know!

    But my one biggest dream, since I was around 6 and playing Tekken with some friends, was to become a martial artist. And 6 years ago, I did just that! I spent a long time looking for a local school. Plus you know, the self confidence issues.

    So, my first love has always been martial arts. I like swords!! Sadly, I’m not buff as heck, but give me time. Then I can help save the world from evil ninjas!! 😃

    And my second, which you may know, is Daft Punk.

    I was eight years old, sitting in front of a TV screen bored out of my mind one day. Then boom.

    Now, being an overly imaginative shy weird kid, this obviously blossomed into a hilariously misguided fantasy whereby Become A Kickass Martial Artist=Swear To Protect My Heroes With My Very Life As Their Badass Ninja Bodyguard. Still held onto that dream for all those years.

    You can’t judge me, I’m a crazy weirdo womanchild! And it WILL come true after 20 years, bloody dammit!!

    But all in all, I’m just super glad to have this platform to share all my interests with you!

    I hope I can still be a part of the fandom for however long it takes!!

    Thank you!!

    Take care!

    Best Wishes,

    Your Pal

    Britkunoichi92 x


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  • when i was really young and my grandma still lived a few hours away from me whoever I would go and visit her after dinner me an my siblings would go down to her musty basement with our older cousins and she would give us dibs while we watched barney

    #I think I might start a new tag about my childhood memories? #idk#my childhood
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  • image

    An early life lesson💰💫 And thanks for the support 💕✨ Day 45/100

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  • You know, it’s funny.

    After 20 years of being a Daft Punk fan, to know I’ll never be able to say thank you to them, for being there for me, and us, for so long…

    It’s hard, you know?

    Some personal history here:

    I was born on the 10th July 1992. It’s amazing to think I was growing up, just as the boys were growing too. I suppose I feel a bit of kinship with them that way, I suppose.

    But I always supposed it was a bit more than that, too.

    When I was growing up, I didn’t have a dad. He spilt not long after I was born. My mum would tell me about it, how he walked away, while she was trying to make it work. Sure, it probably messed me up a lot.

    Of course, my bio dad being the narcissist he is, didn’t care either way. Plus, they were together for about 20 years before I came along, when any on e else could see he was an abusive arsehole.

    But, if my mum had left him, I wouldn’t be here. Still trying to decide if that’s a good thing or not.

    But, considering I was a lonely shy kid, growing up on my own, with the fact my “dad” took one look at me and decided I wasn’t worth it, and a useless emotionally neglectful drunk of a mum too busy spending all her money on booze to make sure we had hot water and neglecting me emotionally, I suppose a lot of things start to fall into place.

    I saw the Discovery One More Time ad on the telly back around 2000. Sure, I was a kid, I’m sure Pokémon had the same effect. But it still blew my mind.

    And somewhere in there, I KNEW, that whoever made that awesome music, would get my undying respect and loyalty.

    So, i suppose, I created them both as surrogate father figures in my own mind. Did I mention I was always that one daydreaming overly imaginative kid?

    But that one moment cemented in me what would influence my entire life: I owe Thomas and Guy-Man so much, I will protect them with my very life, because they gave me something. A purpose.

    Sure, it ballooned into a lunatic fantasy that I still have about how I’m secretly their badass ninja sidekick with the hilarious accent because I’m British LOL and protect them from all the bad things and am a total kung fu badass kicking ass and taking names for them!!

    But knowing now, that I might never meet them in person to say thank you after so long.

    I just only hope they know now.

    So thank you, Thomas and Guy-Man. For everything. I’ll still be here, if you need me.

    Britkunoichi92 x

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  • daft punk, after years of radio silence: hey so-

    the entire interent:

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    in no particular order; 

    1. the devil wears prada (2006)
    2. the addams family (1991) & the addams family values (1993)
    3. queer eye (2018-present)
    4. crimson peak (2015)
    5. rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead (1990)
    6. dragonheart (1996)
    7. the princess bride (1987)
    8. dark shadows (2012)
    9. eragon (2006) - even though it deviates from the book a lot >.>
    10. interview with a vampire (1994)

    BONUS / HONOURABLE MENTIONS: because I can’t just pick 10. my comfort films are a mix of teen nonsense / romance, fantasy, and gothy / vampy-ness and I need to represent all of themm;

    • bram stoker’s dracula (1992)
    • mean girls (2004)
    • hook (1991)
    • the princess diaries (2001)
    • pirates of the caribbean: the curse of the black pearl (2003)
    • 10 things I hate about you (1999)
    • merlin (2008 bbc series)

    aaand uhh it probably doesn’t count here cause it’s youtube, but the outside xbox / xtra dnd campaign is a big feel good series for me.

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    #lol fuck the rules #the more i went through the more i thought of #a lot of the films in the late 90s and early noughties were just *chefs kiss* #my childhood #⊹ ·  ( ooc )  * .  behold; the dumb gay bitch. #annoyingly i can't watch a few of these cause i don't have a dvd player #and they're not on any of the streaming services i haev #*have#:( #hence why I've kinda gathered a few more
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  • Angsty Backstory Incoming:

    I was eight years old, bored out of my mind when One Moe Time came on the TV back in 2000 AD. Blew my little eight year old brain. I KNEW right then and there, they whoever had made such a masterpiece would get my undying loyalty.

    Alive 2007: 15 year old me desperately wanted to go see it live!! But since I had no money and no one to go with, that was out of the question. Regretted it ever since.

    Tron Legacy: Ran out and bought the soundtrack literally the day it was released. Saw the movie the second it came out.

    I created my fanfic serious fanfic series about the duo then too! Where they have super awesome robot powers and fight evil! and crime! Also time travel and Terminator ripoff!

    I remember eating breakfast first thing in the morning and being so overjoyed for the buys at the Grammys.

    Writing was my first passion. Imagination my greatest gift. And they both helped me to achieve that.

    Not to mention being a lonely, sad, friendless little girl with a drunk for a mum and a non existent dad who never wanted me in the first place and decided he had better things to do right then and there in that maternity ward.

    Part of the reason I wanted to become a badass kickass martial artist. Because the bodyguard they deserved and fight everything that ever tried to hurt them.

    I owe them both so much. I still do, and I always will.

    So thank you, Daft Punk.

    Thank you, Thomas and Guy-Man.

    For giving a little girl hope. For helping her realise she was better than she thought she was.

    And for giving so much to all of us, for so long.

    Thank You.



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  • Have just discovered US tik tok teens cyberbullying aussies cos of h20 just add water and I love it

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  • My Childhood Games Starter Pack


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  • Many times the smallest, most minute details can really make or break a piece. This is the first mosaic I ever created. It always makes me smile when I look a little more closely at some of the things I added when I made this back in high school, from the pearlescent glass on the earlobe (when I was little I always thought their earlobes looked like little pearl earrings) to the little spurs on his feet. We had chickens all throughout my growing up (never to kill, though) and I always adored them with all my heart. I didn’t really have any friends where we lived, so they quickly became my little buddies. I would walk around with them all over the place back on our farm in the Appalachian mountains while they grazed all day, not a care in the world, nowhere to be, no worries at all. I look back on those times more fondly than any other time in my entire life. Every time I look at this piece, all kinds of little things from my childhood on the farm in the mountains come rushing back to me. Running around with the chickens, helping grandma tend to her beautiful rhododendron bushes, almost weekly cabbage soup and pepperoni rolls, hunting for mothman at night, the smell of freshly mined coal in the air. I miss those times much more often than I usually think I do. Step by step I aim to preserve many of these memories in mosaic form.


    If you got this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read though my nostalgic rambling. 💚🌈🌿🌟

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  • When I was little I watched “Labyrinth: for the first time and for a week after I was so scared that David Bowie a.k.a The Goblin King was going to come and get my little brother. 

    I would sleep on his bedroom floor with a stick that I found outside. It wasn’t even a big stick it was basically a twig lol.

    Now “Labyrinth” is one of my favorite movies but I still laugh at this memory whenever I think about it!

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