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  • i did well outside. it wasn’t perfect like i felt bad when the students went out and they were loud near me but i did not had a panic attack! and except for the handcream that was already out of stock, i got everything i wanted! i haven’t went out alone since november so i was worried. im feeling very tired now but im also feeling happy! i wish people were more open to us who are scared of ‘the outside’. now i will continue reading Jane Eyre ˙ᴥ˙

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  • He left, leaving me shattered. I was wreaked— a complete mess. Then I one day, I woke up and realized that there’s a bright side on being shattered to pieces. Because then, I could put the pieces back together the way I wanted them to be.

    —M. J. Reyes

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  • January 15th, 2021

    Oh why does the only (almost) woman who can make me laugh on Tumblr a lesbian?!? It’s like God is slightly teasing me a little.

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  • feeling free again is amazing! the last two weeks made me realize how bad university is affecting me. it’s so scary but im happy bc during yesterday presentation my teacher was so kind to me and comprehensive. i am so thankful. For her and my english and Latin professors too! they have been very helpful and understanding the past semester. and also im so happy to know i won’t have the same professor for the class of ‘literature and images’ like she scared me so much! today is a happy day, i am going to the city alone so im pretty proud of myself ٩(´꒳`

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  • my mom told me that i look pretty today im ꒰* ॢꈍ◡ꈍ ॢ꒱.*˚‧ i have been making some effort to take more care of myself! it feels good that people can seen it ♡

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  • Food diary:

    Friday 15th january 2021

    Yayy! Ive lost ½ of a lb! Im so happy!! My bodys kicked itself back into gear, im so happy! Working hard to achieve my goal ❤


    O calories


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  • image

    Another peek…😊

    A bleaming pink decorative flower,

    Seems to laugh,

    Tells a lot,

    How beauty is delusional,

    How a flower blooms,

    But fades and dies.


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  • image

    Jan. 15, 2021 (Fri.)


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  • image

    V aliant

    I nsangelous

    N arrative

    Throwback to the Diwali night,

    When I got my sacred diary 💛

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  • My grandma went in for surgery yesterday and my aunt and cousin are refusing to help her Recovery in any way. Where as me and my dad are having to clean her whole apartment and get groceries, and when she gets out of hospital do everything for her until shes better, i dont mind doing it as i want to help my grandma get better it just bugs me my other family isnt helping out. I fasted for 20 hours today and ate okayish i think i might have eaten to many calories im just surprised i didnt binge as all the stress, i gotta drink more water though. Ill be at my grandmas and should be able to eat better and less.

    Breakfast: Leftover noodles and ice coffee

    Lunch: 야채전 (Vegetable pancakes)

    Snack: 2 peanut butter cups

    Dinner: 3 slices of keto crust pizza

    Snack: pepperette and peanut butter cup

    calories: 1867


    Originally posted by lilia-ula

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  • Hari ini saya punya satu kisah yang saya ambil dari hidup.

    Awalnya Ibu mau menamakan saya Aulia, Ayah mau menamakan saya Shabrina. Ayah enggan menambah Aulia pada nama saya. Jadilah hanya tertera Shabrina pada nama saya.

    Aulia maknanya pemimpin, semangat, kekasih Allah, malaikat. Banyak maknanya.

    Sementara Shabrina bermakna anak perempuan yang sabar. Diambil dari kata Shabr dan Inang.

    Kata orang-orang, namamu adalah doa orangtuamu. Tetapi dari sekian doa yang saya dapat, doa Ibulah yang paling diijabah, karena meskipun tanpa nama Aulia, dimanapun saya berada, disitulah saya ditunjuk menjadi seorang pemimpin.

    Saya jadi sadar; jika mau jadi orang yang sukses, berdoa dan berusahalah. Tetapi jika mau menjadi orang yang beruntung, berbaktilah kepada orang tua, terutama pada Ibumu.

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  • It happened roughly ten years ago. On one night I was planning how to kms and the next day I heard about a man who did that the exact same way I planned.

    To this day I feel like I am somehow responsible for that.

    Like that girl who was writing a book but the things were happening in real life.

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  • To clarify that this blog is not a good representation of my life. I post there when I am feeling strong emotions and mostly when I am at my lowest. This does not reflect my life clearly.

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  • I would gladly die. But suicide does nothing. It will not take away the pain. No life no pain is a lie. The pain has to be felt and experienced through. The pain has something to say, and my obligation is to listen.

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  • When I take a break

    When it seems like I don’t want to push myself today

    I feel like a blank canvas

    Unused, with time getting worse

    Lost potential

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  • 14.01.2021 🐝

    Dzień 4, poziom głodu i zachcianek zachowany na optymalnym poziomie, nie jestem specjalnie głodna. Awaryjnie mogę wkopać się w kryzys w stylu “jak to mnie nie kocha?” I pożegnam się z ochotą na jedzenie na minimum tydzień. Szczerze już sama nie wiem czego w tym temacie oczekuje, los pokaże.

    Limit na dzisiaj 400kcal


    Kasza jaglana na mleku z nasionami chia i siemieniem (272kcal)

    Sałatka (ok 75kcal)

    Jutro urodziny mojego brata i akurat niefortunnie łapię się na limit 100. Ciekawe czy zaczną coś podejrzewać… oby nie.

    Powodzonka wszystkim 🦋🐛

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  • January 14th, 2021

    It’s bacterial. I don’t have cancer. My doctor prescribed a topical antibiotic, and I’ll be fine. An oral antibiotic if the topical doesn’t work after a week.

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  • GUYSS i got past my weight plateau today omggg 😭🖐

    #i went down like almost 4 pounds #my diary
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  • 14/01/2021


    Dear Diary

    I am tired of rude people like why are you so mean? What went wrong that made you so rude to me? Why do you have a big group of friends? Trying to bully me like every single time but sorry I don’t take that type of shit. If someone is nice to you be nice to them too but if someone is a bitch to you THEY DON’T DESERVE YOUR RESPECT! Be a bitch to them too!



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