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  • im-no-jedi
    17.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    it’s time once again for self insert AU shenanigans that literally no one asked for, starring TBB!✨

    since the hyperfixation is STRONG with this one, I figured it was time to make some art, especially since I’m almost definitely never sharing any of my fics related to this AU publicly hahaha

    basically, little ol’ me unintentionally gets caught in the middle of some shady business that the boys are trying to thwart, which leads to them having to take me with them, which is cool cause the Empire basically took my home away from me right before I met them (and even within the SW universe, I am a Clone Trooper fangirl, so yeah, of COURSE I’m gonna follow these guys ROFL), and after some ✨shenanigans✨ they bring me to Cid and she gives me a job at her parlor (along with an apartment she was using for storage that she no longer needs conveniently haha). domesticity ensues AKA the boys finally have a place to shower and someone to cook food for them every night 😁

    for those who are curious, here’s a summary of my relationship with each of the boys plus the best girl:

    Hunter (Mister Vigilance): do I even need to say it?? 😂 basically, during my initial encounter with the boys, Hunter saves my life and I am completely smitten from that point forward. he in turn sees how well Omega and I get along, plus he feels bad for me because of everything I’ve lost and I have literally nothing except what’s in my trusty bag (the bag is important to the story ok TRUST ME), so he quickly goes into “MUST PROTECC” mode, followed by “what are these Feelings™”, and topped off with “hey Omega would you like a big sister” LOL. there is much mutual pining and playful flirting, but it takes forever for things to become “official”, which is irrelevant because literally everybody just assumes we’re married when they see us together 😆

    Tech and Echo (Smarty Pants and Handy Man): I’ve lumped them together cause I have a pretty similar relationship to both of them. they’re both my source of infinite knowledge, as well as my emotional support group. I’ll always turn to one of them first whenever I have a problem. they’ll be the ones to set me straight most of the time and give me words of wisdom. Tech is more blunt about stuff, where as Echo tries to at least soften the blows LOL. reciprocally, I’m always willing to listen to whatever they wanna tell me, which thrills both of them (mostly Tech 😆). they tell me stories about the war and what being a soldier is like, and I always end up crying about it hahaha. I admittingly confide more in Echo than Tech (more than anyone else actually), but I love both of my nerd bros very much 💙

    Wrecker (Big Boy): MY CHAOTIC TEDDY BEAR BRO 🥰 similar to Hunter, Wrecker has a moment where he gets me out of a bad situation during our first meeting, and that becomes a running theme between us to the point where he will ALWAYS be the one to Protecc when something tries to threaten me (even if Hunter beats him to it, he’ll be the secondary protective wall haha), and I will similarly defend him and watch his back when he needs it. we definitely enable each other’s chaotic natures and are always joking around and having fun; he, Omega, and I basically form our own little chaos crew, which drives the others crazy LOL. if I’m sad or scared, he’ll be the first one to try and cheer me up. there are many hugs and squeezes. we are v cute 🥰

    Omega (Baby Girl): the one who brought us all together! I met Omega first, and we instantly bonded. she was the one who convinced Hunter to bring me along with them, and ever since then, she and I have treated each other like sisters (even going so far as to eventually start calling each other “sister” or just “sis”). of course, like Hunter, I also have a parental relationship with her, but I’ll more often than not be on her side versus Hunter’s whenever they have conflicts haha. our first encounter involved a lot of Omega leading me around by the hand, so that becomes a recurring thing between us; she and I are seen holding hands even more than me and Hunter 😆 we also bond a lot over the fact that she and I both are uneducated about a lot of things; we learn how to fly the Marauder together, how to fire a blaster together, and stuff like that. she’s waaaaaay more talented than I am of course, which is fine cause she’s my precious baby sister/daughter that I would die for 🥰 oh, she also sleeps over at my place like, all the time. we love having sleepovers. and going grocery shopping together. and doing fun girly stuff that she doesn’t get to do with her bros💙

    Crosshair (Grumpy Puss): oh boy... I honestly don’t have much to say about this yet. I don’t come into the story until around the time of episode 10, so we don’t even see each other until the events of the season finale (which is SUPER brief, like literally the end of the last episode LOL). I know all about him thanks to the others tho, so I’m on the same page as them in wanting him to rejoin the family. but beyond that... I’m kinda waiting to see how season 2 plays out before deciding anything else. idek if Crosshair is going to maintain his commander position in S2, so... yeah. I definitely have ideas tho. many ideas. most of them involving jealous!Crosshair Imeanwhutwhosaidthat 😋

    the only others I have a significant relationship with are Cid, Bolo, and Ketch. Cid is my boss, first and foremost, and much like with the boys, she has no problem being blunt and apathetic towards me. she does value my services tho, and she’s definitely willing to defend me if necessary (writing out the events of episode 13 was a BLAST lemme tell ya LOL). and as for Bolo and Ketch, I’m almost like a babysitter for them most of the time, constantly cleaning up their messes and breaking up their squabbles. they’re very nice to me tho, and I interact with them a LOT since they’re always in the parlor. they’d never tell Cid, but they prefer how I prepare their drinks LOL

    and that’s it! ...for now✨ 

    #didn't feel like shading any of these oh well LOL #welcome to my life for the past like two months #like any of you are surprised tho hahaha #idk maybe someday I'll actually lose my mind and post some of the stuff I've written #for now just enjoy the visual fluff I guess #I'm really happy with how all of the drawings turned out sooooooo #also this is the most realistically I've ever drawn myself before #idk if it 'fits' with the style of the show but idc I just wanted it to look like me LOL #I'm sure this will NOT be the last art you see of this AU; just warning you all #🤗 #my dark and broody bandana man #Goggles™️ #Mr Iconic One Liner #Muscles™️ #my tiny sunshine daughter #Mr Snarky Sniper #star warz#my artz
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  • rousart
    17.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Hiili and Noki, two followers of Selûne. Of the two, I will be playing Noki, the earth genasi whose skin is obsidian. Hiili will stay as a side character for now..

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  • drawing-stuff678
    17.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Mini art dump-

    My ocs lol

    #my art#my ocs #my oc character #my oc art #my ocs drawing #doodle #my original characters #my oc #my oc stuff #Top Figures #my art lol #my oc shit
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  • jayciekilgannon
    17.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    honk honk! an adopt I bought a bit ago! still no name for her though, any suggestions??? 

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  • dooodle-ducky
    17.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I'm working on them-

    #They are gonna be multicolored puppet people! <3 #hehe they gonna look so funky n slimy! #none of that all same faced pretty people no offense man I just like drawing 'ugly' characters- /lhlhllhlh #red guy has a bearb btw! #my art #duck guy lil old man and yellow is the same bc he's my base model for how puppet people should look <3 #dhmis #don't hug me i'm scared #dhmis red guy #dhmis duck #dhmis yellow guy
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  • pkmnsdarkqueen
    17.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    >Better it is, for I do not dream<

    It is better for me not to dream

    For the sugar plum fairies to pass over me

    Save their dust for a heart that is whole

    One able to feel correctly 

    Unlike mine that has been taught

    To be broken

    And in the silence I still hear it screaming from those lessons

    Lessons written into my flesh

    Ones my eyes still see when meeting themselves in some reflection

    Or if they manage to cast upon the entirety of me

    They read the lines of time carved in to skin

    It is better I do not dream

    For in the waking time I interact with those lessons

    And in the time of rest I meet the results of them

    The cost of lives

    The cost of tears

    The cost of hurt

    None of them are mine

    For when awake I deal with myself

    And in sleep I meet the affected

    It is better I do not dream

    For I do no have these thoughts when awake

    No as the blade draws out I witness the full affect 

    As life drains out in crimson

    The dying then speak

    As across their eyes are what my dreams become

    All that they are, and have seen

    Brought before them now

    As they envision all could of been

    And what now will never be

    It is better I do not dream

    For they’re too merry when I do

    There is laughter and joy

    And I find myself yearning for that reality

    Mourning for what never will be 

    As I lay there weeping

    Unaware of where I am

    Only focusing on the agony of dreaming

    Of seeing all that is lost

    It is better I do not dream 

    For sometimes I swear it is near

    The one whose job I have added to

    In cutting life short

    And I feel the disgust rolling off them

    How ironic to have the one so many recoil at

    Find vile inside of you

    I wouldn’t call him a friend

    For in his act is nothing wonderful to fawn at

    We are simply acquaintances 

    That often cross paths


    Perhaps it is better I dreamt

    For sometimes I feel the darkness weighs too heavily

    And the restless soul in me stirs 

    That thirst to snap, and dust off old skills

    Step back into battle

    It is in these dreams

    The tears I cry for the dead

    My heart beats again

    And settles my soul

    To again sleep

    And stay in the darkness

    #(i like writing poetry for my muses or dnd characters and found some I wrote ages ago for karen) #(basically she takes medication to have dreamless sleep cause her dreams are plauged with night terrors) #(the night terrors mostly being wjat lives people could of had if she hadnt hurt/killed them while she worked for rocket) #(so while theyre sort of haply theyre like the ghosts of victims screaming at what she took from them) #(also some drawing back to the scar on her neck) #tw: violent#tw: death#tw: ghosts #(i have more poems for her but this one fits with spooky ghost season well) #(also love the paragraph alluding to death itself disgusted in karens actions)
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  • whumpy-arts-and-crafts
    17.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago


    "Please don't move!" | hemorrhage | dread


    As he promised, Matt returned to work. He continued helping the civilians and keeping the city safe, like he always had been, but now his mind was fixated on another goal; to take Seth down.

    That was the only thing that kept him going. The thought of seeing that monster, the one who took Kiran from him, behind bars.

    During his patrols, he tried to gather as much information as he could. He would question every villain he defeated before handing them over to the authorities, but none of them seemed to have any ties with Seth. It was like him and lackeys had completely disappeared from the city.

    To the public, that was good news. One of the most feared criminals had left them alone, and the minor villains were easily dealt with by the heroes. Matt's heart ached as he noticed them smiling more, as he watched the relief wash over their faces.

    Matt knew this was not a good sign. Seth had no reason to disappear like this, not now. He was laying low, he was plotting something. Hell, perhaps this was all part of his plan. To make everyone believe he was gone so he could catch them off guard. Matt had to strike first.

    He tried speaking to the other heroes about it, to convince them to let him in Seth's case again, but they either brushed him off or told him he wasn't emotionally ready yet. 'Not emotionally ready' his ass. He had never been more ready to face that bastard.

    The lack of criminal activity on Seth's end did everything but help Matt relax. The next days were blurred together, with every little sound and stare seeming suspicious and sending him into a whirlpool of anxiety.

    He was becoming paranoid, constantly looking over his shoulder and double checking locks and windows. Even then, the persistent feeling of dread would not go away.

    This morning, he woke up with a particularly bad feeling. As usual, he made a coffee and checked his business emails. Buried in the sea of junk mail, was a message that caught his eye. The sender's address was blank and only seemed to contain some photos and a video.

    Initially, he attempted to brush it off, thinking it was either fanmail, or a teenager who wanted to play a prank on him, but that didn't make the unsettling feeling in his stomach go away.

    He decided that the only way to satisfy his paranoid brain was to open it. He took a deep breath and clicked.

    What he saw next left him at a loss for words.

    #whumptober2021 #no. 17 #dread#oc#matt#kiran#seth#writing#fear#paranoia#emotional whump#villain whump#whump#whump community#whumpblr #this one kinda sucks ngl #i had a drawing too but I hated it so i decided not to post it #ignore my rambling lol
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  • doodlelue
    17.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    also known as hochi mama…..

    #she is fun to draw u___u #deltarune#deltarune ch2#noelle holiday#my art #i like the colors in this it’s very warm hehehoho #if i was a furry i would draw s*selle but i am only capable of drawing anime girls very sorry
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  • naranciajpeg
    17.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    why is drawing cats so hard !!!!

    #ugh #i want to draw something for halloween involving warrior cats #but i am really struggling to get the sketch down #it seems so easy in my head #but my hands just dont want to cooperate #oh well #i will keep trying and hope for the best #worst case scenario is i give up and never draw again lol
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  • sansthepacifist-art
    17.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago


    #my art#digital art#phone art #click on image/picture for better quality #fan art#fanart#genshin impact#kaeya alberich #im so tempted to say ill never draw him again but knowing myself thats a Lie #this drawing took 2 hours and 56 minutes #october 16th 2021 #10/16/2021 #at the hour & a half mark i decided i might as well go all-in and put in a bunch if tiny details #hes So pretty #this wouldve taken so much longer if i used the smooth brush. im so glad we switched
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  • artsybard
    17.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Day 16 - Ms. Selina Kyle

    I’ve been playing Arkham Asylum for the first time while watching a play through of Arkham City. So I draw the Cat.

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  • 23b0075nke
    17.10.2021 - 22 minutes ago


    #👁 #how to draw robutt #grabby feet inspired by my cat
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  • autisticarachnid
    17.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    jan 2021 to october 2021. hard to believe my style has changed that much

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  • illustratedart
    17.10.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    ILLUSTRATEDART presents inspiration art

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  • prism2674
    17.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    I’ll probably do a background later but there we go

    #twisted wonderland#twst#my art #so I started this a month ago… #and then spontaneously finished it today #you know as you do #Dire Crowley #also drawing chains s u c k s #but I did it
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  • axolocity
    17.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    I finished my Symbiote OC named Malice! A huge toothy lad with 4 eyes, poison green mouth, and saw-like teeth!

    I love him a lot, truly~

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  • autisticarachnid
    17.10.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    anyways i’m genuinely happy with the turn my art style is taking

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  • oni-chi
    17.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Hello mate

    #digital art #my art is trash #fanart#myct#dream smp#myct fanart #dream smp fanart #myct philza#philza minecraft#dsmp philza#philza fanart#philza#ph1lza #c!philza #hahaaaaa i gave up when drawing the background #reblogs are highly appreciated
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