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  • lucianhale
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I’m working on a small town horror/supernatural comic called Stagwood. 

    I haven’t completely figured out the plot yet, so for now I’m just drawing whatever idea comes to mind and I’ll find a way to connect the pieces together in the future.

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  • scribbles-stuff
    20.06.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    ✨ art block :c ✨

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  • gros-chat-fait
    20.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    #animorphs#tom berenson#rachel berenson #yes this is how i imagine the kids #one day i'll get off my lazy butt and draw them all properly again #but it is not today #my art #how do you even tag jordan or sarah
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  • moonahstone
    20.06.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    I really want to draw but have no motivation or inspiration.

    That’s it. That’s the entire post.

    #Don't we love being inconsistent and hating my art style #whoop#drawing #I'm supposed to be a painter too? It's been well iver a month #i need some sleep
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  • janamensch
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    hhhhh Hadar Sentry….

    This is Herald trying to bring back Sentry, because the real Sentry isn’t gone completely, but there’s the risk that Herald will become consumed by Hadar if she doesn’t succeed completely, but Herald says it’s okay because Sentry saved her life and this is what was supposed to happen anyway—

    #high rollers#rollonsunday#aerois#my art#sentry hr#herald hr#anyway #in dnd terms: Herald has to succeed on a DC 25 Charisma saving throw to get rid of Hadar completely #on a 20 she still gets rid of Hadar but also #you know #dies I guess #It’s fine because she’s an NPC and also has done a lot of bad stuff #i mean it’s not okay for ME because thinking about this makes me sad #but it’s what Herald would want probably #oh right maybe I should mention that Hadar sentry lives in my head rent free now so I will be drawing all my Hadar Sentry AUs now #this is one of them
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  • tturing
    20.06.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    oh i wonder what's going on in his head right now. *drill noises followed by the suction noise of my brain being taken out* this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life this is the happiest moment of my life th

    #drawings that ruined my life
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  • synchronysymphony
    20.06.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I can only kinda draw anime people, and only ones who look like me, because I don’t know how to find reference pics :/

    So with that being said, does anyone know how to start learning to draw? I only know Pinterest and my own mirror, and I know that must only be a drop in the ocean of diverse references!

    #mine #it’s easy to use myself as a reference #but not everyone looks like me #i feel super guilty when i try to draw because of this #like yeah cancel me or whatever but i can’t draw anyone else because i’m not good at art yet and i think it might be offensive if i try #i guess there’s a certain narcissism about it like yes let me populate my fake worlds with fake mes #but also? i just suck and it’s not that deep
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  • delta-syrup
    20.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    I have GOT to get more tackey bracelets and rings

    #meow!! #GODDD #like i have my sailors bracelet which ive started wearing again and probably skme other assorted bracelets and rings but like #its gotta be. a certain vibe. you know? #im on vaca and imma try to get more dumb fuckin nautical wear. sailors bracelets galore. my current one is old and kinda yuck it might be #time to retire it. im small asf tho and its like reeeeeally hard to find rings that fit me 😔🤘 when i get back home ill have to have a look #at what ive got. its so sad tho cause when i paint my nailz and wear rings / bracelets it doesnt.. come across tje way i want. ig. like #i dont pass or anything so its not really helping me look gnc if tjat makes sense.. BUT. also. i do it for myself ya know? :) #thinkin abt getting my ears pierced as well so i can wear silly earrings #but yeah but yeah god i love men who wear rings and bracelets and paint tjeir nails so im becoming my own bisexual dream boy <3 #oh yeah if uve noticed the ligjt blue bracelet i draw delta n servie wearing thats my bracelet that i wear irl! :D
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  • red-dyed-sarumane
    20.06.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    #wip #i do not want to see oshi hurt vs my need to go all out drawing blood fight #anyway. thisis happening
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  • chalkanthit
    20.06.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    When you swap their clothes just because you can (and crave death strong enough)

    #my art#diddly draws#diddly doodles#RE8#RE Village#resident evil #resident evil 8 #resident evil village #donna beneviento#alcina demitriscu#lady dimitrescu#Karl heisenberg#heisenberg#salvatore moreau#Moreau #i love them all! #also Heisenberg in Dimitrescu style is already overused soo... #lady Moreau y'all
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  • red--thedragon
    20.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    i'm starting to understand why my dad is constantly on my case about not going out and like... this man literally doesn't know how to enjoy his time with himself. Like, he's a writer, he's a musician, but he doesn't like any of the things he creates, and like i get it because i need input too but we were talking about it the other day and when I mentioned that like, no, I genuinely have to step away to see the flaws because in my mind my creations are always these shining bright pillars that reach and surpass what I wanted them to be, and then I have to walk away to see where the cracks are, he was shocked. He was like "no i have to walk away to see what's good about it" and i mean...

    idk i dont have a place i'm going with this, it's just kind of strange. I'm a deeply miserable person. Like, i'm vibing, i'm good, but also like kind of my life sucks and I hate everything about it and if I think about my expected lifespan too long it makes me suicidal because I don't want to keep doing this. And my dad does not come over like that. But also he literally never chills and is constantly going out and dancing and partying and stuff like he thinks he's still twenty and just...

    idk man

    all my psychological problems had to come from somewhere i guess lmao

    #red rambles #don't reblog this one <3 #anyway i think he means well #but like it always confused me why he would be upset that i'd sit in my room and draw for hours after like being like 'omg you're so lazy' #like... this is me doing things. if you want to watch me lay around doing nothing for hours send me out first and make me socialize #and now that he has any free time im seeing how much of it he spends either watching tv he doesn't like or going to random places and #dancing for hours and like. #i guess that's also what he wants for me #he keeps trying to take me out dancing with him and i am just like <3 no i would like to enjoy my night actually <3 #<3 that sounds like a fucking nightmare <3 that sounds miserable <3 but have fun!
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  • gendermybeloved
    20.06.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    forgot how much i love painting!!! ah <3

    #digital drawing is not happening but mini canvases my beloveds #my.post
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  • gheycowboysucksattrials
    20.06.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Mermista is absolutely a Code of the Earthshaker Titan and we can all agree on that.

    #she ra#mermista #she ra and the princesses of power #destiny#destiny 2#Titan#striker #code of the earthshaker #my art #I’m having fun drawing these combinations #I have a finished Bow too but it’s not as good #and my Catra still needs some something #I’ll put them up soon I think #procreate
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  • humanlyimprobable
    20.06.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Why is it whenever I finally have the opportunity to do the LOLCAT stream I get sick or have a migraine or something.. at this rate I might have to do something else to celebrate. Sorry guys :(

    #streaming stuff #who knows i might get the opportunity to do it at some point but i dont wanna push #the follower celebration too far #idk #i might do a drawing request stream instead #art streams have been really really nice. definitely my favourite thing to stream so far. #easier to do than minecraft unfortunately
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