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  • So I started writing my fanfic in first person because third started feeling very emotionless and flat, but now after several chapters first person is starting to feel very stilted and then my flashback chapters of Esme and Sarah’s pasts are in third person and feel better written

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  • the pen is mightier than the sword

    pairing: logince

    summary: logan and roman talk about their soul items, and logan takes roman to see his, as the two come to a stunning realisation.

    prompt: at a certain age, an item representing your soulmate appears next to you. when you and your soulmate’s items come together for the first time they glow brightly.

    trigger warnings: weapon mention

    word count: 785

    taglist: @tsshipmonth2020 @theloveliestsweetspongy

    read here on ao3

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  • image


    Her dad and Beckett are cute.

    It’s something she’s never been able to say about him before, not with her mom or Gina, or any of the women he thinks she never saw him with, but he and Beckett are just cute together. They work in a way she never would’ve expected them to after all of the heartache they had experienced on the way to this moment.

    This moment of peace and relaxation, the two of them curled up on the couch in the living room with a blanket draped over their bodies. Her dad’s arm is wrapped around Beckett’s midsection, but Alexis thinks the detective might actually be holding his hand in her sleep.

    “They’ve been like that for hours,” her gram murmurs, startling her out of her contemplation. “It was a long day, I think.”

    Her brow furrows; she hates that part, the worry about what her father might get into at the precinct with Beckett. “Are they okay? Is Dad okay? Did someone get hurt?”

    Her grandmother waves her off, drawing her into the kitchen to put some space between them and Beckett and her dad. “Everyone’s fine, but I think it took a lot out of them anyway.”

    “Oh.” Alexis sighs. “They look comfortable. And sweet.”

    Gram smiles, glancing their way once more time. “Yes, they are,” she pauses. “This has been good for him, darling. She’s good for him.”

    She nods, feeling something inside her relax at the reassurance. “She is.”

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  • title: nii-sama

    here we go again. souma thinks, this can only end in tears.


    Souma must have been gone for too long.

    “How’s about it Yukihira-kun? What d’you say to a friendly shokugeki, for old time’s sake? Saiba versus Yukihira hm?”

    How else could you explain the guy who wanted to marry Nakiri turning out to be her older brother instead?

    He thought Totsuki already numbed him to surprise, but hey you learn something new every day. He thought he took it pretty well when he learned Saiba Asahi was his old man’s illegitimate child, but he turned out to be Nakamura-senpai’s instead. That’s irony for you. 

    That also meant that when he came over to the Nakiri estate, after being invited to cook for them with his dad by the former headmaster and the Bookmaster (’Of course we had to invited you. Only a year since you’ve graduated Totsuki and Chef Shinomiya has already entrusted you with management of the SHINO’s expansion. Like I told you before, I keep my eye on promising young chefs.), he had to see his mug at the luncheon table.


    He doesn’t know what face he was making then, but he had thought they actually got married, before the former Noir chef laughed in his face and explained everything. 

    Darn it old man! You have to start telling me these things.

    Somehow or the other, he finds himself on the receiving end of a shokugeki challenge. 

    “I thought I was the one who was supposed to be cooking for you guys, and what are we supposed to bet anyway huh Asahi?” Give him some slack for being a bit ticked off for being kept in the dark.

    “Meh, you’re not cute at all. Shouldn’t you be calling me aniki, or better yet nii-chan?” Souma actually shudders in disgust. Asahi sighs sufferingly. “Erina-hime calls me nii-sama. Woe is me. What’s my cute little sister doing with a punk like you?”

    Souma always thought the Nakiri family was weird, but this takes the cake. 

    “We both know you’d never refuse, but how about this,” Asahi pulls out and twirls his dad’s old knife. “I still have Jouichiro’s knife. If you win, you get it back. If I win,” He tosses and catches the knife, slashing it menacingly in front of him, “You never appear before Erina again.”

    Souma narrows his eyes coolly.

    “We’re basically one-to-one. Let me see how much you’ve grown after a year or so of traveling. I’m no slouch either. You might regret pushing me to find my own taste. If you can’t even beat me, how can you hope to satisfy the god tongue? I won’t give away my precious baby sister to someone like that.” 

    “How interesting,” Nakiri Mana interjects with a delighted smile.”And how lucky for you that the perfect judges just so happen to be here, members of the Nakiri family and of course, Chef Saiba.” His old man looks cheesed for the chance to see his sons duking it out again. Old man Senzaemon and Nakiri’s kaa-chan look excited, even as they maintain their dignified air. Nakiri Soe and Nakiri Leonora are judges he’s familiar with from past shokugekis but they’ve already proven their impartiality. Meanwhile, Nakamura-senpai looks like he just swallowed a rancid lemon. 

    Isn’t it just perfect that the Nakiris were out with Arato and Kurokiba to pick up groceries and tea at that exact moment? Wow, obviously this wasn’t planned at all. 

    Souma would have accepted anyway, but there’s no way he was backing down after that.

    He flicks his bandana with a ferocity more reminiscent of Kurokiba. “You’re on.”

    “Good eyes.”


    It’s close, with alternating votes.


    His dad and Nakiri’s kaa-chan vote for Asahi, while Nakiri Senzaemon and Nakiri Soe vote for him.

    It comes down to Nakamura-senpai.

    Looking like he absolutely doesn’t want to do this, he pronounces the winner, “Yukihira Souma.”

    Souma breathes out.

    Asahi plays at being disappointed. “Well, I guess that’s it then,” he says with a tousle of his hair. “Go on and take it. A shokugeki is a shokugeki.”

    “Like I said,” Souma says exasperated, “That knife is yours. You’re Saiba Jouichirou’s son too. You have as much a right to it as I do. You’re the older son aren’t ya? You won it against dad fair and square.”

    Looks like he can still shock the other chef.

    “Well if that’s how it is,” Asahi smirks like a person with a plan come together, “Since I couldn’t beat you, I can’t very well tell you to stay away from Erina-hime now can I?”

    For some reason, a person who doesn’t seem to take anything seriously suddenly adopts a serious tone. “You once said that I wouldn’t be able to make Erina-hime happy.”

    Where is he going with this? “Uh, yeah.”

    “Since you won, make sure you make her happy in my place, the happiest she’s ever been. I won’t accept any less.” Suddenly, the joker’s grin is back. “Try not to be too much of a disappointment Yukihira-kun.”

    What else can Souma say to that? “Osu.”

    “Yukihira-kun?! Nii-sama? What exactly is going on here?”

    Trust Nakiri to have perfect timing. 

    “Here Nakiri, try some of this.”

    “I can’t Yukihira-kun. I’m holding the bags.”

    “Erina-sama! I should’ve been the one holding those!”

    “Hisako, I couldn’t possibly let you carry all of this.”

    “Which is why I said you should have just left it all to Ryou-kun!”

    “Alice, my aide isn’t my pack-mule.”

    “Never mind that, just say ‘ahh’ Nakiri. I bet this’ll be the one to make you say delicious!”

    “Wh-what? Yukihira-kun!”

    As Asahi watches his adoptive younger brother hand-feed his flustered younger sister, surrounded by all their family, he thinks they’ll be just fine. 

    part 5 of snapshots in the life of an ice-queen and a demon king

    next; jii-jii

    being here, in this hallowed space, makes erina feel like she’s met her too

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  • #ftt #things I write #dramione#draco malfoy#hermione granger#remione#remus lupin#james potter#sirius black#the marauders#marauders era#lily evans#my fanfic #fall through time #in which Remus gets bubblegum pink hair cause he was a big bad wolf #LMFAO #that is said without a lick of context and I regret nothing #overall this chapter was lots of fun to write #and I watched a shite ton of Marauders edits the past week and they got me ALL in my feelings yk #I just love them and Dramione so much #they are my bbies #tatttooooo time kids #hopefully everyone likes the tattoos and doesn't think they are rubbish LMAO #I had a THEME going on #it was an accident #it was only supposed to be Hermione and Sirius at first #then whoops #it was everyone getting matching ish tatts
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  • Cyrano has a scar under his eye after Arras.  A souvenir from a Spanish sword at Arras—a long, puckered thing that stretches down to his cheekbone and stands out red and angry against the tan of his skin.  He never draws attention to it, but it’s very much there.  Roxanne wonders if he considers it as shameful as his nose.

    In stories, wives left behind in war would always welcome their weary husbands home and kiss their scars, as though their lips contained some magic that would restore the skin. She imagined Christian would have had his fair share of scars lining his arms and chest and handsome face.  And he still would have been radiant to her, a Perseus emerging from battle to claim Andromeda, his shoulders drooped and tired, but his eyes still gleaming the way they had that first night…

    She should have Christian here, right now.  She should be kissing away all traces of the battle from his flesh.  But the battle has claimed him.  And the kiss remains, cold and forever waiting on her lips.

    Looking up from her needlework, Roxanne’s eyes fall on Cyrano’s scar, and for a single mad moment she wonders about kissing it instead.  But she quickly dismisses it.  Not because he is so ugly, but because she is so unworthy.  He is a hero—her hero, her only living link to all she loves—and he stands so high above her  He plucks down stars from the heavens for her every Sunday only to warm her, and she is afraid to venture too close lest she burn herself.  She wonders wildly if his hands are also burned by his efforts, and she could never touch them knowing she was the cause.

    So while Cyrano is distracted by one of the Sisters, Roxanne plucks the end of her locket from her bodice and raises it to her lips.  Inside is that last letter, folded over many times, bloodstained and beautiful.  It is her scar, but more than that it is all she has now.  If her only other choices are a corpse and a starcatcher, at least the letter is closer to her level of the earth.  It is much safer.  

    No matter its pain, it is safer.

    (My second bolt of inspiration today, and much better timed than seven in the morning–hope it sounds okay!)

    #I should just write one-shots from now on I swear... #cyrano de bergerac #Roxane madeleine robin #my fanfic
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  • I would just like to say:

    Luz’s Grom outfit is exactly the sort of thing I had in mind when I was trying to describe Ruby’s wedding dress/suit for my fanfic. I’m glad someone else had that sort of visual in mind and was able to manifest it.

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  • baltie/coco

    be the rarepair fic writer you wanna see in the world


    Of course she knew what weed was! How dare Hapi assume something missing in her knowledge, especially something so…trivial.

    Constance circled up with plenty of classmates over years, knees slanted and skirt slanted perfectly, usually in a classroom, discussing learning.

    The circle around their ratty coffee table was different. She sat on the couch ankles crossed, peering over to Hapi on the floor packing a bowl. If she was going to do this, she was going to see each step. Memorize how it was done.

    “Ok, if you want me to try and teach you how to..uh, breathe it in, before the boys get here, watch.” Hapi turned towards her with the bowl, cheap blown glass glowing pink in the evening sun. “Thumb over the little hole, lighter over the stuff. Light, breathe in.”

    “Breathe in?”

    “Breathe in Coco, you gotta inhale.”

    Constance nodded, strands of her bangs sticking to her forehead with the force.

    “Of course you have to inhale.”

    Hapi already started. She looked like an expert, pulling up the smoke, breathing hard, and then puffing out silvery strands.

    “No cough,” she lilted. She sat the bowl in Constance’s hand and turned away, cleaning up like she knew Coco would get it right the first time. Wouldn’t need coaching for something as simple as smoking weed.

    (read the rest below or on ao3)

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  • I started doing a series on AO3 called Finn and the Mom’s of Power about two months ago. It’s basically my take on Finn, my headcanon that they were found by Catra and Adora as an abandoned child on the street, and then them getting adopted and growing up with those two. It STARTED as strictly fluff but number three in the series pretty quickly killed that one. I’m really enjoying writing them. Finn is a great character, I’ve got several OC’s in there including Finn’s girlfriend Izzy, who I love to death, and of course Catra and Adora have been fun to write as parents.

    Well, I finished my latest one a few days ago and immediately started on the next because it flows together. I was thinking I might just put them together and I knew the second one was already getting long.

    Well I did the math. The two together as one story brings the word count to 19,995 words. The longest fic I ever wrote was Send Me an Angel and that clocked in at 23,475. Here’s the part that kind of blows my mind. I’m only 3,480 words off from the longest fic I’ve ever written… and I’m just getting started on this one. Like, if I was going to be all strict three act structure, I’m not even done with the first act yet. This sucker is going to be LONG. I think I better start figuring out how to do chapters.

    #spop#my fanfic #Finn and the Moms of Power
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  • if I reply to everyone replying to my merthur handsTM fanfic, I’ll be spamming everyone’s dashes for hours, that’s to say thank you so much! <333 I’m so very grateful for every nice comment and word. 

    if you have no idea what I’m talking about, ignore the madness of my general overwhelmingness by the kindness in this fandom please.

    #i probably should stop calling it the hands fic #since it has a proper name now #one i spent hours reading poetry to find #lmao #but seriously thank you #i cried #which is not a hard thing for you to make me do #but still i cried #and i'm so happy #my head #And He's Still Left with His Hands #that's the name of the fic #my fanfic
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  • a perfect future

    pairing: janus/remus/patton

    summary: janus meets remus and sees a brief flash of their future, including another person they’ve yet to meet.

    prompt: when you meet your soulmate for the first time, you get a brief flash-forward of your future.

    trigger warnings: sympathetic remus/janus, alchohol mention

    word count: 548

    taglist: @tsshipmonth2020 @theloveliestsweetspongy

    read here on ao3

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