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  • While doing her chores, Rin overhears a conversation and discovers the path before her is not set in stone.

    From the series Affections Touching Across Time on Ao3, and part of the Four Seasons fic. For more updates, follow the affections touching across time tag on this blog. For more of this fic, follow the four seasons tag.

    It has been some time since we parted ways. Don’t worry, my lord, I’ve been well here. Thriving, or so I overhear Lady Kaede say to Inuyasha. I know, eavesdropping isn’t kind but I was curious. Lady Kaede says that I am quite helpful; and there is no shortage of tasks to be done or adventures to have. However, some of the ladies in the village believe I should be raised with a sterner hand. I hear them speak of it, but Lady Kaede’s answer is often the same.

    She’s quite like you in that way, Lord Sesshomaru.

    Rin filled the water troughs slowly. This gave her an opportune viewpoint of the door to Kaede’s hut. A pair of women with their kimono knotted at the thighs and tenugui tied in a bandana around their foreheads walked the dirt path. One sported a child set upon her hip, red-faced from the sun and bawling. While the other was stern-mouthed and practically marching. Her steely-gaze drifting toward the pen where Rin stood. Their eyes met and the woman’s lips seemed to bend further into a terrifyingly miserly scowl. Rin frowned slightly as they strode past the threshold, the door snapping shut behind.

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  • #the owl house #toh fanfiction#amity blight #toh: the truth will set you free #my fanfiction #going to need to have a nice calming cup of tea and recover now #hopefully it evokes those feelings as much reading it as it did in writing!
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  • #asked and answered #my fanfiction
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  • #asked and answered #my fanfiction
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  • #asked and answered #my fanfiction
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  • against my better judgement i am attempting to write the tom/thomas affair that definitely happened and it might be the end of me

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  • This is an excerpt from Chapter 4, when Mandy and Sarge first meet. It doesn’t go well.

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  • I wish I could think of a good second chapter. (I have the entire fanfic outlined.) Because I want to post something, but that would skip years ahead of the prologue. 

    This is funny to me for some reason, sort of, not really at all. Out of necessity, Chapter Three is a HUGE, boring info-dump.

    Under the Read More cut is Chapter Three of “Too Old to Die Young,” that Agents of Cracked fanfic about Sarge and Mandy. (Sorry Dan.)

    (Chapters 1 and 2 serve as the prologue, taking place years earlier, while Chapter 3 kicks off the actual plot, in the “present day” of 2010.)

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  • While I wait for someone to ask me something, I’ll start.

    Prompt: Techno and Dream faking to be enemies

    ”Next time ill beat you Techno! You just got lucky”

    ”Sure Dream, if you wish to defeat me, train for another-”

    The discord sound indicated that the green-skin user had left the voice chat, Techno trashed talked him a bit more and ended stream.

    He leaned back in his chair, for how long could they keep this up?

    Dream’s discord image popped up on Techno’s screen, accepting the call, Dream started laughing.

    ”Did you really say ”Speedrun my funeral”? ” Techno also started giggling.

    ”Sorry about today, I think I insulted you a bit more than I should of have…” the squeaking of a chair could be heard through Dream’s mic.

    ”Same, I said some pretty offensive thing too… Mind training tomorrow? I was a bit rusty today”

    “Sure, but now I need to go crash on my bed, see ya tomorrow Dream”

    ”Goodnight Techno”

    The discord call ended, even if they had to fake on camera, they could always be friend when the cameras were off

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  • On Fanfiction.net here: {Link}

    Fandom: Teen Titans

    Pairing(s): Raven/Terra

    Synthesis: Raven had always felt a little insecure about her pancakes, after how her friends reacted to them. So when her girlfriend, Terra asked for some the half-demon couldn’t help but feel a little worried. 


    Ever since she’d started making pancakes, Raven had been insecure about her skill at them.

    Her friend’s disgust still somewhat stung.

    The only one who liked them was Starfire.

    And she wasn’t exactly known for her good taste in food.

    So when Terra asked if she could make her some pancakes, Raven couldn’t help but be a little worried about how her girlfriend would react.

    She was currently holding her breath as Terra took a bite.

    She turned to where the others were. Robin and Cyborg seemed to be anticipating the worst.

    Although at least Starfire seemed to be enjoying the pancakes she had stolen from Terra’s plate.

    Beast Boy hadn’t woken up yet, and Raven couldn’t help but feel a little relieved about that.

    Raven heard the chewing noises, half expecting Terra to spit it out.

    To her surprise -and relief- Terra casually swallowed.

    “This is great, Raven!” Terra told her with a smile.

    “Really?” Raven asked “I was worried you’d hate them.” the Enchantress admitted.

    “Yeah, they’re amazing!” Terra reassured her girlfriend. “Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy!”

    The blonde solidified her point with a kiss on the cheek before beginning to chow down on the pancakes just as fast as Starfire.

    While the two of them were starting to have a bit of a contest over the pancakes, Raven turned to Cyborg and Robin.

    “You heard that!” Raven said with a smile “Anyone who thinks my pancakes are bad is crazy. And that includes you two!”

    “When did we ever say that they were horrible?” Cyborg asked.

    “I’ve seen the way you act about them. It’s the same reaction you have to Star’s cooking.” Raven told them “Now back to you two being crazy…”

    “Actually I don’t know why we’re so surprised she likes them.” Robin admitted.

    “What do you mean?”

    “Well Terra does like the same kinds of things Starfire does.” Robin pointed out “She gulped down Starfire’s food without hesitation. It’s no surprise that she’d do the same for yours.”

    “…I guess you’re right…” Raven said, turning away slowly.

    The boys, quickly realizing their mistake, hurriedly began trying to make it up to her.

    However the damage was done, and at that moment Raven swore that if she were in a cartoon, she would currently have a rain cloud over her head.

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    (Elijah Mikaelson & My OC Eternity)

    #elijah mikaelson#eternity #elijah mikaelson x oc #elijah x eternity #elinity #my oc eternity #my fanfiction#my oc #the vampire diaries #the originals#alternate universe#tvd au#to au#daniel gillies
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  • sniperscout day 5 motherfucker

    [[Day 5: Healing | Hurting]]

    (warnings for mild, moderate, AND severe injury and major character death)



    “Ow,” Scout mumbled.

    “Shut up,” Sniper mumbled right back, shooting him a look before turning his attention back to the needle and thread in his hand.

    “No,” Scout said, just enough joking in his tone to make Sniper roll his eyes.

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  • I always love when people want to translate my fics! I’ve got fics translated in Mandarin, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and Russian, and it’s just 🥰. It’s a good feeling. And having someone else ask if they can translate another fic is just, well, this is a nice way to start my morning 🖤.

    #personal#my fanfiction#translation#good feels#fanfic #I've been writing for a long time
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