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    21.09.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    hi i don’t have time to make promo art for it but i’ve posted a new fic!  it’s pretty short cuz college doesn’t give me much time for this stuff but yanno

    if u like milly n meryl fluff u oughta give it a look :]

    #trigun#trigun maximum#trigun fanfiction#meryl stryfe#milly thompson #do they even have a ship name.  like i feel like i've seen ppl just tag them as the insurance girls but.  i do not know #anyways i introduced my friend to trigun and rewatching it i have Many New And Changed Opinions about things #so y'all can enjoy watching my takes on shit become VERY INCONSISTENT in my future writing lmaooo #good night i must work now :wave:
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  • brisfanfiction
    21.09.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Yanduri.chan is a goddess!

    She drew my OC Ryan Clark from my story "Substitute Nightmare" and it came out so good! A million thanks to my favorite artist! Keep being awesome!


    #picsartedit #yandurichan #fanart #myheroacademia #mha #myoc #originalquirk #originalcharacter #fanfiction #briry18 #keepbeingawesome

    #boku no hero academia #bnha #my hero academia #fanfic#my fanfiction #my oc writing #my oc stuff #my oc character #original character#fan art #yanduri.chan #original quirk
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  • fort-cozy-mcblanket
    21.09.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    Okay, two of your asked for it! Here’s the Shamy ficlet I wrote! 

    I’ll put this on AO3/FF.Net eventually, but it’s so short I kind of want to wait until I have a few that I can publish together in a collection, you know? But there’s no reason you guys can’t have it here now. Anyway, this is just a little something from the end of The Alien Parasite Hypothesis because early Shamy intrigues me. 


    As Amy left the bar with Sheldon in tow, she felt a myriad of emotions, but chief among them was relief.

    When Sheldon revealed what he had done for her, contacting Zack and arranging their meeting, she had been fully convinced it was the best move, and she fully intended to go through with it. But with every step she took in Zack's direction, she became less sure. When she had stood before him, all quivering nerves and hormones, saying the speech she had written in her head on the way over, she was down to about 50% sure. All it took was one look into his dull, uncomprehending eyes to make the final decision.

    It was better this way. Now she was moving in the right direction again, away from Zack, back to the realm of pure intellect, with Sheldon at her side. If only Zack had been smarter. It didn't matter how physically attractive he was if his brain served no other function than to keep his head from caving in.

    She glanced at Sheldon from the corner of her eye. His brain was beautiful, she didn't have to scan it to know that was fact. After tonight he had more than proven himself to be an excellent friend. And his physical attributes were above average, though she never spent much time considering it before now. Perhaps that was her mistake. Perhaps . . .

    It was a bold move, but that seemed to be the theme for the night. Without overthinking it, Amy reached over and grabbed Sheldon's hand.

    Smooth, soft, warm, large. Amy cataloged her findings quickly in her mind. Seemingly on instinct, Sheldon's hand closed around hers.


    Just as quickly as it started, it was over and he let go, his hand hanging limply in hers.

    “What are you doing?”

    “An experiment.”

    She searched his face. Not dull, dumb, and boring like Zack. She could almost see the storm of calculations running through his head just by looking in his eyes. But that was just it. Calculations, equations, the questions of the universe. And just passive acceptance of her. His still-limp hand in her grip.

    “Nope, nothing. Never mind.”

    She dropped the link between them. Oh-for-two tonight. But maybe she was being too hasty. Had Sheldon not displayed signs of jealousy earlier, signs that even he could not directly deny? Had he not stayed with her far longer than social convention would necessitate tonight? What reason did he have to accompany her inside, get his hand stamped, and watch her encounter with Penny's ex?

    And she had not imagined his hand briefly holding hers back.


    The two of them continued to walk in companionable silence back towards his apartment. Upon arriving, he invited her up and served her tea in a yellow mug. The gesture filled her with a warm flush of happiness. Not exactly the localized vascular throbbing she experienced before, but she'd take it.

    Maybe it was nothing. Or maybe even nothing was still something.

    #i have longer fics in the works it's just my focus is terrible #The Big Bang Theory #TBBT#Sheldon Cooper #amy farrah fowler #shamy#fanfiction#my fanfiction#otp
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  • songbirdsingingthings
    21.09.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    Kingston - Hitoshi Shinso x Reader

    ❀ Back to Navigation ❀
    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these characters, they belong to Kohei Horikoshi
    Event Masterlist - MHA Masterlist - Main Masterlist
    WARNINGS: lol cuteness overload
    Requested by: Anonymous​
    (Congrats on 600!!!! I love your writing and absolutely love this event btw! I was wondering if I could request either Kingston by Faye Webster or 2 Hold U by Clairo? Both amazingly fluffy/cheesy songs. Choose whichever you like best/you feel more inspired by (and if you don’t like either, you don’t have to do them ofc). I think it’d be interesting for it to be with Shinsou bc he doesn’t seem super cheesy. Thank you and I hope you’re doing well :))
    A/N: Thank you for participating in this event and I hope you enjoy! And, thank you everyone, for 700. I love you all <3.
    Word Count: 1.3K
    Hitoshi Shinso is dreamy. Not in a boy band, fluffy hair kind of way, although his hair was rather soft. He wasn’t dreamy in a Pro Hero Hawks kind of way either - his smile wasn’t a smolder and his eyes were more likely to have bags underneath them rather than piercing, gazing into someone’s soul. Shinso was dreamy, simply because he was.

    It was a constant state of being for him, no matter what he did. He could be lounging on the bed in your dorm room, the covers rumpled as it held the weight of him. One of his shoes would be on and the other would have been left behind near the door and still, his grasp on your heart never faltered. That stupid, charming, boyish grin always seemed to have you melting as well.

    “Whatcha thinking about up there?” Your face snaps down to where Shinso was, his head in your lap and your hands absentmindedly carding through his fluffy, purple hair. You just shook your head and smiled.

    “Nothing really,” you hum, twisting one of his locks around your index finger.

    “Ah, ah, ah,” he tuts, smacking your knee playfully. “You gotta tell me the truth, or I’m just going to use my quirk to get it out of you.” He says. You shake your head.

    “That’s not how your quirk works babe,” You respond, making his smile widen into a full on grin.

    “You’re too smart for your own good, too smart for me.” He says, sighing in fake exasperation.

    “Yeah, you’re right. Maybe I should start chatting up Iida, he placed pretty damn high in the exams.” Shinso grabs your hand that had previously found purchase in his hair. He brings it to his mouth, places a kiss on the back of it, and then lets it rest on his heart.

    “I’m your boyfriend, remember?” You tilted your head to the side, pretending like you were pondering his statement.

    “I dunno, did you ever formally ask me?” You meant it as a joke, emphasized with the amusement in your voice, but Shinso’s smile melts into a slight frown. After he doesn’t say anything for a few seconds, you nudge him lightly. “Hey, ‘Toshi? I meant that as a joke, you’re supposed to laugh-”

    “...I never asked you to be my girlfriend,” he says, stunned and almost breathless.


    “How did I never actually ask you to be my girlfriend?” Shinso’s words of disbelief made you smile, albeit a bit sadly.

    “Hey, it’s fine! I kind of assumed that we were at that stage about a month ago when you passed out in my dorm room, happy as a clam.” Your laughter was sprinkled in while you spoke while Shinso sat up and ran a hand through his hair. You loved it when he did that - it made Hitoshi Shinso look like he could be dropped off at a studio and film an award-winning shampoo commercial in just one take.

    “We’re going out to dinner.” He says suddenly, getting up off of your bed. You whipped your head to find his form gathering his things and making his way to the door.

    “Wha- ‘Toshi, what?” You ask, clearly not getting the big picture.

    “We’re going out to dinner, I’ll book a reservation at that really fancy shmancy place right in the city.”

    “It’s a school night!”

    “I’m changing into a shirt with a blazer, you should wear something nice too.”

    “Even if we were to go - which we probably won’t because, as I said, it’s a school night - how do you plan on getting a reservation?”

    “I dunno, let’s just go and find out!” He declares, blowing you a kiss and then dipping into the hallway of your dorm building. You stand there, shocked for a minute, before you scramble to find something, anything, in your closet. Clothes were strewn about haphazardly as you try to shove things on hangers from side to side, trying to find a decent dress or a nice skirt. Finally, you find a dress, all the way in the back, still in its thin plastic covering from the dry cleaner’s. It was nothing special, just a little black thing that had nice detailings on the side. You, however, had never been more thankful for your mother making you bring one nice outfit. So, in a flurry, you shoved the dress over your head, dealt with your hair, and scurried right out of the door.

    “Well, don’t you look gorgeous!” Shinso exclaims as the two of you meander your way down the street towards the restaurant. You give him a dubious look as he provides a wide grin. “What? Can’t I compliment the girl that I love, profess my love on the streets of Musutafu?” You contorted your face so that it was all scrunched up.

    “Eww, no. You’ve never done that before, and besides, you’re not that type of person.” It got quiet for a moment.

    “Do you want me to be?”


    “The kind of person who does that kind of stuff, do you want me to be that type of person?” You gave him a smile and shook your head.

    “Nah, I much prefer the low-keyness of our relationship. It feels more real that way.” Shinso nods and continues to walk, catching your swinging hand in the process. He gives you a smile, which you return, and lean into his shoulder. “So where are we going?” You pipe up, ready to fill your walk with a more upbeat subject of conversation than the previous one.

    “Sterella.” Your mouth gapes and your hand comes up to lightly slap his arm.

    “Hitoshi Shinso, that is expensive!” You hiss, an incredulous look on your face. Shinso just shrugged.

    “I wanted it to be special. What, I can’t give the love of my life something special?” You laugh as Shinso nudges your shoulder.

    “I mean-” you begin, but stop in your tracks as soon as his words finally register in your brain. “Wait a minute, I’m the love of your life?” The lavender-haired boy’s eyes go wide as he realizes what he just said.

    “I, I mean-”

    “You can take it back if you want to, I understand.” You say quickly, tilting your head towards the ground.

    “No, no! I don’t want to take it back! You keep it!” Shinso says, jumping quickly in front of you and tilting your chin up so that the two of you are making eye contact. You simply blink, not able to really put your thoughts into words. “I love you! I love you, okay?” He looks at you like you're an elementary student, trying to get it through your head one basic fact. He loves you.

    “Okay. I’ll keep it.” You say breathlessly. Shinso’s face grows hot and red, and in an instant, he sweeps you into the sweetest kiss you’ve ever had. It was like it was something out of a movie - he was dipping you, supporting your lower back with an arm wrapped around it and his other hand was cradling your cheek. The light from a nearby lamppost flickered across your bodies, illuminating the both of you as if you were two award-winning broadway actors on stage. But you weren’t famous, and this wasn’t a movie. It was just you and Shinso. Your best friend. Your love. 

    “Will you be my girlfriend?” Hitoshi says, breathless as the two of you finally part. You nod and nod, and then kiss his cheek.

    “Of course, of course I will.” You say, earning not a laugh, but a straight up giggle from Shinso.

    “Dream girl.” He says simply, swooping you into another kiss. The night air was crisp, the atmosphere soft. And, you were in the arms of the love of your life. Your dream boy.

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    21.09.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    Title: Even Shifting Sands Can’t Wear Our Bond Away Chapters: 4/25 Chapter Title: The Curse of the Mummy Summary: Met-Ib Bomani(Wilbur) is better than many people, Tommy has known, despite his being a cursed mummy. Of course he hadn't taken in count the Curse left on him. Or one of the Egyptologists that discovered the Tomb is called to help search for Tommy, and Tommy sees what an Egyptian Curse looks like in all of its terrible glory. Warnings for this chapter: Horror & Mild Body Horror Rating: Teen and Up Category: Gen Fandom: Video Blogging RPF; Relationships: TommyInnit & Wilbur Soot; Additional Tags: Alternative Universe – Canon Divergence; Alternate Universe - IRL with a twist; The Mummy (1999) &IRL Fusion; sort of; Tommy is still a streamer; Wilbur was a High Scribe in Ancient Egypt; Older Sibling Wilbur Soot; Good Older Sibling Wilbur Soot; Wilbur Soot & TommyInnit are siblings; They’re siblings your honor; Cursed Mummy Wilbur Soot; Reincarnation; School trip gone highwire; Mild Body Horror;(‘cause of Cursed Mummy Wilbur’s appearance); Wilbur Soot Angst; Hurt/Comfort; Fluff and Angst; Fluff; Mild Horror; Tommyinnit has Abandonment Issues(Video Blogging RPF); Tommyinnit Needs a Hug; Wilbur Soot Needs a Hug; Found family; Sometimes family can be a teen streamer and the cursed mummy that was his brother in a past life; Brotherly affection; Platonic Relationships; TommyInnit is a history nerd; (but only for Ancient Egypt); Historical Accuracy; Ancient Egypt; Egyptian Curses; Misunderstandings; Due to some Language Differences (at the start);

    #wilbur soot fanfiction #tommyinnit fanfic#crimeboys#Crimeboys fanfic #scribe Wilbur Soot #ancient egypt#my fanfiction #(Me writing a fluffy story? Sometimes miracles happen)
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  • anthrofreshtodeath
    21.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    NNF Mafia AU chapter 1: ✅

    #lauren writes rizzoli and isles fanfiction #ok not to toot my own horn but I kinda love it already #Maura is so hot as Maura Doyle #I will reveal what NNF stands for when the time comes
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  • t-lostinworlds
    21.09.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    Tee, Tease & Taint (Tom Holland)

    A/N: SHE IS FINALLLY HERE!! feel like i lost my sanity writing this lmao 😭 anyhow, this idea was random & super last minute thanks to all the content we were blessed with. this is the longest but also fastest longest fic i have ever written and idk if that makes this good or bad asdfghjkl + i rarely (like once a year) write explicit smut. what i’m trying to say is don’t expect much lmao. anyhow! grab some snacks and lots of water and i hope you enjoy this extremely spicy fic (2021 edition) <333

    》 PAIRING: golfer!tom holland x female!reader 》 TROPE/GENRE: established relationship; fluff; smut 》 SUMMARY: Watching Tom play golf all while he looked gorgeous in his outfit was putting you in a certain mood. But the thing with being more inexperienced than your boyfriend, you find it a little hard to simply speak what you want. So, you found it best to tease him until he takes matters into his own hands. 》 WARNINGS: so. much. teasing (like a lot), golf!tom (too much of him), talks and playing of golf (i did my best to be accurate but still), angry!tom (in a hot way this time ahah), tom being an ass man, language, sexual innuendos & jokes, business behind a bush (just weeing lmao), fluffy and cute moments, teasing from the boys at the end, meh writing of smut, Explicit Content (18+) [MINORS DO NOT INTERACT PLS!] ~ extended warnings below the cut! 》 WORD COUNT: 21.2k+ (she thicc like tom’s 🍑 lol)


    ⊱ ─────.⋅♚ *。・゚.★. *。・゚✫*.

    ⚠️SMUT WARNINGS: *inhales* inexperienced reader (mentions of tom taking her virginity, some firsts here too), dom/sub dynamic, dom!tom, tom likes to bite, one (1) thigh pinch, pet names (angel, sweetheart, darling, [my] love & pretty boy), exhibitionism (? only tom sees it), dirty talk (tom’s mouth needs a cleanse lol), slight thigh riding, positions (doggy style, bodyguard), heavy praise kink, sir kink, corruption kink (kinda), quick/unfinished masturbation (reader & tom but both by tom), slight edging, spanking, fingering, gloved hand over mouth, pinky ring x rolex, protected sex (wrap it b4 you wack it [in] lol), “quickie” (bc 6k lol), semi-public sex (fancy bathroom, they don’t get caught), mirror sex, rough sex, soft & sweet after care *exhales* 

    + pls let me know if i missed anything bc this is genuinely the filthiest fic i have ever written so i’m not sure if i got most of the warnings right sksks now. enjoy reading asdfghjkl

    .✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚♛ *.

    Tee, Tease & Taint

    From the very first tee, you'd been such a tease towards Tom the whole day, your mind gradually getting taint, each tempt getting more and more daring than the previous as you progressed down the course one hole at a time.

    It was exhilarating, getting to push his buttons in the most subtle ways that nobody else would know what you were up to but him and him only.

    To the untrained eye, the gentle, loving kiss you'd give him after each swing wasn't short of you silently yet affectionately telling him he did a good job or he can do better next time. What they didn't see was the soft swipe of your tongue against his bottom lip every. single. time. your lips would touch.

    Nobody batted an eye when Tom situated himself behind you, hands on your hips to correct your posture, his whole body engulfing you from behind as he guided you how to swing with the right amount of strength and momentum. It was a simple act of your loving boyfriend teaching you a thing or two with regards to playing the sport he clearly knows more of. But nobody noticed the way his grip would tighten when you move a little too far back than needed, pressing yourself against his front with a tiny wiggle as you pretend to fix up your stance.

    You were finishing up the 6th hole when you found yourself in the same position with him again, his warmth coating every inch of you as his hot breath tickled the spot right below your ear.

    "Don't test me, darling," Tom grumbled, fingers pressing against your hips in warning when you wiggled your bum, the space between your back and his toned chest already close to none.

    "What? Are my legs too far apart?" you asked innocently, shuffling on your feet, moving even further back and then slightly bending over which made you hit the jackpot.

    Tom sucked in a breath, his head dropping to land on your shoulder as he gripped your hips firmly to stop you from causing more trouble than you'd already done. The fire in your stomach could only grow once you felt it behind you, semi-hard yet perfectly positioned for you to make out the shape.

    Tilting your head to the side, you hummed, "Or are they not far apart enough for your liking?"

    Tom chuckled at that, but the sound came out deep, guttural almost, and laced with pure warning. He gave your clothed shoulder a swift peck as he shook his head at you, a tell-tale sign that he did get your innuendo, but he wasn't too amused about it.

    His hands went from your hips to cover your own, his Rolex glinting under the sunlight due to movement, his gloved hand feeling just as warm as his bare one. His strong and toned arms were caging you in a way, the sight of his veiny forearms paralleling yours quite attractive as both of you now held the grip of the club. Leaning closer, he kissed your cheek sweetly, softly, before he rested his chin on your shoulder.

    "What game are you trying to play here, sweetheart?" Tom asked, voice gravelly, a stark contrast to his gentle affection beforehand. In case his tone wasn't enough to indicate how he was slowly losing his patience with you, the term of endearment was definitely an added touch.

    Tom only ever calls you 'sweetheart' when you're acting the exact opposite.

    You bit the insides of your cheeks to stop your grin from growing, purely amused at the fact that Tom always manages to easily catch onto whatever it was you were trying to do.

    He's just an attentive boyfriend like that.

    But you weren't going to reveal everything to him just yet. It was still early, the sun just starting its course on the blue sky above in this beautiful morning. Plus, dragging this on for a little while was much more fun, exciting. Getting to test just how far you could push Tom to his limit was simply adding to the thrill. So, seeming unfazed, completely ignoring his fair warnings, you shrugged,


    With that, you swung, moving Tom's arms with yours. A soft clink rang in the air, your ball teetering at the edge for a few seconds before it fell into the cup.

    "Good job, love," Tom praised with a kiss on your cheek to match, pride obvious in his tone. Still, you could hear the hint of displeasure too, at how you technically answered his question, but cleverly avoided it at the same time.

    You turned around in his hold, kissing him on the lips sweetly as a form of appreciation. Pulling away, his gloved hand went to rest on your waist while the other took the club from your grasp as you handed it to him. With your hands now free, you smoothed it over the collar of his polo shirt, leaning forward just so you could place a warm, teasing peck on the juncture between his neck and jaw.

    "Got the best teacher," you hummed with a sly smirk, your eyes coated by a mischievous glint as it locked with his. You threw in a wink for good measure, hinting that you meant more than just in golf.

    Tom did pop your cherry, after all.

    His eyes darkened slightly, his fingers tightening around your waist but before he could even get a word out, you pulled away from his grasp. You bent over to take your ball out of the cup, not sparing him a glance as you giddily skipped towards the golf cart to wait for him to finish his turn.

    When you finally look back at him, Tom stood still exactly where you left him, his glare not leaving your direction for a few seconds more before he rubbed his palm over his face with a deep breath.

    He was grumbling, words you didn't catch as he moved further away from where the golf cart was parked and towards his ball to finish this round. But you didn't need to know what it was he said, the deep furrow in his brows and the hard clench of his jaw was enough proof that he wasn't pleased with whatever game this was you were setting in play.

    That only thrilled you more.

    It went on like that as you progressed down the course, each tease getting bolder as the number of the hole got higher.

    Since you don't play the sport often, it was a given that you didn't have the proper skirt conveniently stored in your closet. So, you settled for a pleated, mini, black skirt, one that stopped just on your upper thigh. You had it paired with a plain, white polo shirt—quite similar to what Tom was wearing—tucked in to look the part.

    It was a simple outfit really, but it still earned quite the stare from Tom the second he saw you in it. And whenever you'd move past or walk in front of him, you could just feel his gaze burning through you. A sense of confidence and pride would always fill you up whenever you catch him red-handed, his eyes lingering a little too long at your legs or at your bum.

    You were making your way to the tee box on the 8th hole with Tom trailing behind you. He was walking unusually slow, your brows furrowing in concern as you peered at him over your shoulder. You couldn't stop your laugh once you saw how his gaze wasn't at all focused on the path, his head tilted just slightly to the side.

    "You'll trip if you keep that up," you called out.

    Tom's eyes snapped up to meet yours, pink immediately dusting his cheeks. Yet a wide grin grew on his lips when you raised a knowing brow at him.

    "Yeah, yeah, you caught me," he admitted. He tilted his head again, pulling his bottom lip between his teeth, brown eyes scanning you from head to toe, trailing back up and stopping momentarily on your bum before he met your gaze. His grin widened as he added shamelessly, "I just can't help checking my gorgeously beautiful and hot girlfriend out."

    The butterflies in your stomach went haywire, heart flipping inside your chest as the heat quickly covered your face before spreading down your whole body. Never will you ever get used to the way Tom praises you like you're—in his words—the most beautiful goddess he has ever laid eyes on.

    You also couldn't help but roll your eyes heavily at his boyish antics, though.

    Tom chuckled at that, his smirk turning cocky as he took large steps to catch up with you, arm hooking around your waist once he reached your side.

    "Don't act like I don't notice you staring at my bum, too, darling," he hummed against your ear, kissing your temple and squeezing your waist before moving swiftly to walk in front of you. He made sure to send you a wink over his shoulder as he patted his hand on his back pocket—practically tapping his round ass—before he took his golf glove out, so obviously making a full show out of it.

    And well, you really couldn't argue his claim.

    The wind today was mostly scarce, coming and going in small gusts which you were thankful for. It made it easier to keep the light fabric of your skirt in control, saving you from spending most of the time with your hands on it to keep it down. It would've been a lot easier to have worn the proper getup, but with your ever bubbling mood at the moment, the skirt definitely provided more advantages than not.

    When you were sure nobody was behind you but Tom, you'd go and pick up your ball—or the tee—with a bit of an exaggeration, bending over for your skirt to hike up just a little to let his imagination run its course, to keep him guessing what pair you were wearing underneath or if you were even wearing anything at all. The sharp, warning glare he'd throw at you when you met his eyes again was the only needed proof for you to know it was working.

    You did it again after finishing up the 8th hole, yet this time when you went to bend over, an unexpected gust of wind suddenly caught your skirt. Given that his attention was fully on you, Tom didn't miss a second to stand right behind you to cover you up, both his hands immediately holding the fabric down.

    "Thanks, handsome," you said, turning your body slightly so you could place a kiss on his cheek. With his baseball cap casting a shadow on his face, only then did you notice how his features were already tainted crimson red. You bit your bottom lip to stop your smile, heart racing at the fact that he must've caught sight of what you were sporting underneath.

    But apparently, he didn't. It was probably too short of a glimpse, not enough for him to discern a proper conclusion since he suddenly asked,

    "What are you wearing under this?"

    You kept your gaze steady on the side of his face, unable to comprehend what was running through his mind since his head was hanging low. His eyes were trained on his fingers as they toyed with the hem of your skirt, his other hand brushing against your bare thigh before he placed it on your waist.

    You smirked, Tom's eyes snapping up to meet yours when you purred,

    "That's for me to know and for you to find out."

    You genuinely thought he was about to pop his jaw out with how hard he clenched it at your words. His eyes suddenly grew dark but you couldn't pinpoint if it was more anger or hunger that swirled in his brown hues. Either way, it made your stomach flutter in excitement, his glare only spurring you on as you placed a swift yet taunting kiss on his cheek, escaping his grasp before he could interrogate you any further.

    But whenever you two were sitting in the golf cart was when you really got to test Tom's patience.

    The simple fact that everyone was required to be in pairs in the two-seater vehicles gave you the perfect opportunity to be a little more daring with your advances.

    Harrison and Harry were having their go, well underway onto the 9th hole. With the sun on its peak at this hour, you and Tom opted to stay in the golf cart as you waited for both your turns, sitting side by side for some much-needed shade.

    You hadn't stopped teasing Tom all the way here, so you weren't surprised to see it slightly showing against the material of his trousers. It wasn't fully there but you could still make out the lovely shape you were slowly coming to memorise. It was doing unspeakable things to your body, your mind getting more and more tainted whenever you catch a glimpse of it. And with your ever-growing mood to keep this teasing game going, you just couldn't help yourself.

    With a loud, exaggerated sigh, you rested your head on his shoulder. Tom's eyes didn't leave the lads in front as he instinctively hooked his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to his side with a soft kiss landing on your forehead.

    Innocent, that was probably what he thought your action was, him thinking that maybe you were simply tired. But you were quick to change his mind the second your hand moved to rest on his knee.

    "Darling, what're you up to?" he asked, squeezing your waist as cautionary when your hand continued its way up his thigh.

    "Hmm?" you hummed, feigning innocence as your hand trailed up, up, up and—

    "Y/N," Tom warned through gritted teeth when you pressed your palm on his bulge lightly and only briefly before you immediately pulled your hand away.

    "Oh, sorry, I thought that was still part of your thigh," you teased, curling your fingers around said thigh—well, as much as your fingers could hold—squeezing it as you added, "I mean, they're practically the same thickness if I'm being honest."

    "You're being clever with your quips today," Tom chuckled darkly, removing his arm around you just so he could drape it over your crossed legs. His fingers started drawing patterns on your bare thigh then, his head moving from left to right before you suddenly felt a sharp pinch on your skin.

    You squeaked, pulling your head off his shoulder to look at him with a pout. Tom merely raised a brow at you in challenge, his temper slowly revealing itself in his eyes, his lips pressed tightly into a thin line as he ran his palm over the spot to gently soothe it.

    The pinch was a heavy warning, but as you'd said from the very beginning, you were feeling quite daring today. And every time he'd show any hint of displeasure, it only made you want to defy him even more.

    "Do you not like when I stroke your ego?" you asked as you held his gaze, his jaw clenching when your hand ghosted over his bulge again, touch barely even there yet enough for him to be aware of it. But still, you could feel him gradually grow, even more so when you started to run the tips of your fingers up and down the length. "Or do you want me to stroke something else?"

    He let out a harsh breath through his nose at your innuendo, brown eyes growing darker as your hand continued to tease. Yet he didn't make that much of an effort to stop you either, an indication that he was enjoying it, even if only a little. But just as you added a bit more pressure, Tom squeezed your thigh in warning, his other hand going to hold your chin. His irises flickered between lust and anger, the rough pad of his thumb brushing over your bottom lip as he grumbled,

    "Behave yourself or else."

    You kissed his thumb tauntingly before leaning even closer to brush the tip of your nose against his. You dropped your gaze on his lips, blatantly staring at it for a good few seconds before you met his darkened eyes again.

    "Can I choose or else?"


    "Y/N! It's your turn!" Harry called out.

    You pulled your face off of Tom's grasp as you turned towards the younger Holland, shoving a thumbs-up in the air to tell him you were on your way. You hopped out of the golf cart without a single word, brushing down your skirt before moving towards the back where Tom's golf bag was kept.

    But you stopped in your tracks when you noticed how your man was simply sitting there, arms draped over the steering wheel as he leaned forward. His eyes were screwed shut as his chest heaved with deep breaths, an obvious attempt of him trying his best to calm himself down.

    Smirking, you purred, "You gonna come?"

    Tom dropped his head at that, tongue clicking against the roof of his mouth. He nodded slowly with deep, rumbling chuckles, showing you that the double entendre you made didn't go unnoticed but oh was he unhappy about it.

    The second he met your eyes again, you instinctively pressed your thighs together once you felt yourself pool in between, swallowing the lump that was so quick to grow in your throat.

    You're definitely in trouble now.

    His glare was searing, lethal but in an electrifying way that instead of cowering under it, you only felt drawn, more turned on. It was clear on his face how the gears in his head were turning, and with the way his eyes raked your body from head to toe, slowly yet hungrily, as if he was a predator examining his prey, you knew he was thinking about all the things he wanted to do to you to put you back in your place.

    And oh do you want to experience every. single. one.

    Tom was making it very loud and clear with one simple look that you better know the full scope of what you were getting yourself into, know exactly how the rules go in this game you've been so eager on playing.

    You stood frozen in your spot when Tom got out of his seat, rounding the golf cart until he was right in front of you. His eyes never left yours as his hand came up, stroking your cheek with the back of his fingers affectionately yet tauntingly as it followed the curve of your face. The deep swirls of anger and lust in his eyes were alluring, his touch enchanting you despite it feeling so soft, like mere butterfly wings brushing on your skin.

    Tom placed two fingers under your chin with a low hum, your lips unconsciously parting as you got lost in the trance he put you under. He ran his thumb over your mouth before he slipped the tip in, only briefly before he immediately pulled it away.

    His deep chuckle followed the soft whine you emitted, Tom humming proudly at the mere fact that no matter how brave and daring you get, at the end of the day, he could easily have you under his control, have you wrapped around his fingers with close to no effort at all.

    You gasped in surprise, your stomach churning in the best of ways when Tom suddenly gripped your jaw, firm enough to give you a warning but not for it to hurt. He tapped his finger on your cheek, pressing lightly before he answered your question,

    "Oh you'd love to see that huh, you little minx?"

    He pulled his hand away then, moving swiftly past you, freeing you from the spell he so effortlessly got you under.

    It was a second or two later until you got a hold of yourself again, senses slowly coming back as you took a deep breath and turned to your man.

    He was standing behind the golf cart now, a giggle escaping your lips once you saw him adjust his boner as discreetly as he could. Tom's head shot up at the sound, meeting your eyes with a pointed glare before he looked away, rummaging through the clubs to pick the right one for you to use.

    You genuinely wanted to give yourself a physical pat on the back at how much bravery you've got in your arsenal today. Maybe it was the fact that you know Tom could never hurt you, so there was no ounce of fear present in your bones no matter how heated he gets. Maybe it's the way he just looks even more attractive when he's angry with his face all flushed and that ever so lovely jawline in full display.

    Or maybe it was a culmination of both.

    Either way, despite how palpable Tom's anger was, you found yourself moving closer to his side. Better yet, you found yourself wrapping both your arms around his torso as you rested your cheek on his shoulder.

    It was like you were a moth, unashamedly drawn to his blazing flame.

    "I definitely would love to see that," you agreed, moving even closer just so you could whisper in his ear, "Because you're such a pretty boy when you come."

    You immediately took a step back when the golf club Tom was holding tumbled from his grasp. It landed on the metal part of the cart, a loud clang ringing in the air which didn't go unnoticed by the two lads who were patiently waiting on the green.

    "You alright there, Tom?" Harrison called in concern, probably noticing how tense his friend had gotten.

    Tom exhaled harshly through his nose, and like the best actor that he is, the anger on his face disappeared when he turned to Harrison with a wide smile. "Yeah! Just trying to fix something!"

    "Oh no," you hummed sadly, crossing your arms over your chest as you stood beside him. Tom's head snapped in your direction, the fire in his eyes already back to full-on blazing when he saw you glance at his raging boner pointedly. Locking your gaze back with his, you smirked, "But how are you going to fix that here?"

    You didn't know that it was possible for the anger in Tom's eyes to burn brighter but oh did it burn brighter.

    "You're an absolute menace."

    "Yeah, maybe I am," you giggled with shrugged, merely flashing him a sweet, innocent smile with a swift kiss on his cheek to match. "But you love me, so."

    Tom's anger faded a little, only a little, as he sighed, "You're killing me, love, you know that?"

    Your smile grew wider, and maybe you are in fact a menace when you merely responded with,

    "Nah, I don't think me giving you blue balls will kill you."

    With that, you took the club and skipped towards where the boys were standing, escaping the lion's den but not before hearing the low, frustrated growl that roared out of Tom's chest.

    From then on, his frustration started to affect his game.

    The fact that he was already infuriated, him playing badly did nothing more than add gas to the flame. Then it turned into this growing cycle. It was like he was a bubbling furnace, just dangerously waiting for that single spark to make him explode.

    So, you found it best to give him a breather for the rest of the 9th hole, resulting in peppering him with sweet and gentle affections to slowly put out the fire that no one else set ablaze but you.

    Harrison and Harry had gone ahead towards the 10th, leaving you and Tom behind since it was taking a bit longer for you both to finish this round.

    Tom's mind wasn't at all focused.

    "Fuck!" he yelled when he failed to get the ball out of the bunker for the third time, harshly throwing his club in the sand before he pinched the bridge of his nose, free hand resting on his hip as he breathed out harshly.

    "Hey," you called out as you made your way over to join him. Not-so-gracefully might you add since the second your shoe touched the sand, you stumbled with a loud squeak.

    "Careful!" Tom hurried over to you, offering you both his hands to take once you managed to keep yourself standing. You took it gladly with a laugh, waddling closer to him until you were able to wrap both your arms around his shoulders. Tom's fingers curled around your waist, squeezing it gently as he grumbled, "What are you up to?"

    "Just came here for your hourly reminder that—" You took his cap off, turning it backwards before placing it right back on his head. Tom furrowed his brows at you in confusion, the crease on his forehead disappearing once you leaned in to capture his lips in yours tenderly.

    You felt his whole body melt, his tensed shoulders relaxing under your palms as he wrapped his strong arms around you, pulling you flush against his chest with a sigh of relief. You hummed between the kiss, your hands smoothing over his shoulders, down his toned chest, and then back up again, Tom's arms squeezing you lovingly in return with a satisfied breath of his own.

    Pulling away a few seconds later, you flashed him a tender smile, your eyes deeply looking in his as you whispered, "I love you."

    "I love you more," he hummed, his soft chuckle following soon after when you playfully nudged his nose with yours. He rested his forehead against your own with a soft exhale, the back strap of his cap slightly rough on your skin but you didn't mind. Not when Tom's eyes looked so beautiful up close, the love in them evident, so soft yet clear in the gorgeous swirls of chocolate.

    Though a second later, he raised his messy brow at you, eyeing you suspiciously as he asked, "Now, why the sudden change in strategy?"

    You laughed at that, fingers playing with his curls on the back of his head, the ones that were peeking out under his cap. "Just don't want you exploding, is all," you admitted with a smile.

    "You're giving me a whiplash." Tom shook his head at you with a chuckle, "A year and a half on and I'm still learning how to deal with you."

    "Could say the exact same thing with you," you giggled, giving him a few more kisses before pulling away from his grasp. You made your way over to where his ball was, pursing your lips before you reached your hand out.

    "Darling, what are you doing?"

    "Nobody's around, I'm picking it up to save time—"

    "Love, no!" Tom laughed heartily as he practically barrelled over to you. He quickly grabbed your hands in his, wrapping them around his torso and pinning them down with his arms as he pulled you into his chest. He cupped your face with both hands when you pouted at him, his thumbs grazing over your cheeks as he chuckled, "Tempting, but we're playing this fair and square."

    "But fair and square is taking so long," you complained, screwing your eyes shut while throwing your head back for dramatic purposes, his hands sliding off your face to rest it loosely on the small of your back.

    Tom shook his head with a laugh, leaning close to pepper gentle kisses on your stretched-out neck. His lips felt warm and lovely on your skin, but they were also tickling you with how featherlike they were, eliciting heaps of giggles from you. Dropping your head to meet his gaze again, you saw one beautiful smile gracing his lips as he looked at you adoringly yet knowingly.

    "You need to learn a little bit more about being patient, darling," he hummed.

    Your smile grew at that, but it was one coated with utter mischief, Tom immediately noticing it when he narrowed his eyes at you.

    "Hmm, you are the best teacher when it comes to that, too," you murmured. With the way his hold around you tightened, you knew he already got what you meant. But still, you wanted to be extra sure as you added, "Always teaching me to be patient or else I don't get to finish."

    Yeah, Tom's breather was short-lived.

    It was right by the 10th hole when he suddenly stopped the golf cart near a thick forest. It was part of the course where there was nobody else in sight yet. Tom hopped out of his seat and made his way to the back. You furrowed your brows at him in confusion, him chuckling when he saw your baffled expression.

    "Bathroom break," he explained, fumbling around in his golf bag before taking out the familiar traveller's pack of wet wipes—you had given it to him to bring with because you never know when you're going to need one so, better safe than sorry—along with a small recycling bag and shoving it in his pockets which come to think about, can actually hold a lot.

    "Does it not hurt to pee with a semi?" you teased.

    Let's just say you didn't really behave yourself on the way here.

    Tom chuckled as he walked over to your side of the golf cart, hands landing on your knee and urging you to turn so you were facing him. You spread your legs a little so he could stand in between, him moving even closer to rest his hands on your hips.

    "You're being quite the troublemaker today, aren't you?" he hummed, a hand coming up to take your nose in between his fingers.

    "Tom, stop," you whined when he started to pull it lightly, swatting his hand away while you tried to push him with the other. He let go of your nose with a chuckle, leaning closer to give it a sweet and loving kiss to compensate. "I just asked a question," you grumbled.

    "It is uncomfortable, yes," he answered, his lips moving over to your cheek, down your jaw, and then on your neck. You tilted your head with a hum, giving him more access to litter your skin with kisses.

    A shiver ran down your spine when you felt the cold metal of his pinky ring touch your bare thigh. The slight contrast in temperature was livening, a tinge of something cool paired with Tom's warm hands as they made their way up and under your skirt, only briefly, and then trailing back down to your knees. He repeated the action over and over, his lips never letting up, leaving trails on every exposed part of your neck, each kiss turning more passionate after the previous one.

    "So lovely you are," he whispered against your skin.

    You gasped when you suddenly felt him suck on your sweet spot with a hum, one he's already memorised. He nipped on it gently, a soft whimper rumbling in the back of your throat when he smoothed his tongue over it soon after. Tom chuckled at that, placing one last kiss on your skin before he lifted his head up to meet your eyes.

    "But you've got nothing to worry about my semi, though," he said humorously. "I'll calm down, no thanks to you." He pecked your lips before he turned on his heel, disappearing into the woods and leaving you alone and flustered.

    You were lucky Tom wasn't fully joining you in this game you were playing because, without a shadow of a doubt, you'd lose immensely once it's him who starts to become a tease.

    He's definitely way better at it than you are, probably comes with the experience. But also, he already knows your body like the back of his hand. You, on the other hand, you're still learning his, little by little.

    Tom already knows how to push certain buttons that you didn't even know you had, buttons that will have you a quivering and whimpering mess in so little time.

    It's like you said, he's just an attentive boyfriend like that.

    So when and if he decides to flip the switch, then you're absolutely done for.

    The course wasn't busy today so it was rather quiet, and sitting alone made you somewhat bored. That until a rather daring idea popped inside your head, one born simply from the whole day of you riling Tom up. You couldn't help but laugh in pure amusement, completely surprised with your newfound confidence—since this was definitely something you haven't done before—as you swiftly got on with it before Tom could get back.

    Zipping the pocket of his bag closed, you sat back on your seat, and only a few seconds later, Tom emerged out of the woods.

    Impeccable timing.

    You sat in anticipation as watched him fumble around his bag, returning the wet wipes, most likely. He didn't show any signs of finding it though, the zip ringing in the air not long after. A grin slowly made its way onto your lips when another bold idea popped inside your head.

    Before he could get back to the driver's seat, you spoke, "Tom?"

    Lifting his head to meet your gaze, he narrowed his eyes at you suspiciously, probably noticing the way your eyes glimmered and showed nothing but trouble.


    "You think I can sneakily pee behind a bush, too?" you asked with an innocent smile.

    Tom rolled his eyes with a loud scoff, "Not a fucking chance."

    "That's not very feminist of you, Thomas." You pouted at him, pressing your thighs together as you shifted in your seat. Tom noticed this, his body slumping as he pinched the bridge of his nose.

    "There's a bathroom near fifteen, can you not hold it a little longer?" he sighed as he met your eyes.

    "But I want to live a little," you reasoned. "It's not every day I get to pee on expensive grass."

    "Sweetheart, I swear—"

    "Please?" you tried again, tilting your head and giving him the best puppy eyes you could muster with your pout in full play.

    Tom pursed his lips, so obviously trying to hold back a smile. Still, it was only a second later when he gave in.

    "Fine," he grumbled, walking over to your side of the cart and offering you a hand to take. "You better make it quick before anyone else catches up."

    You took his hand and hopped out of the vehicle, squeezing it before letting go as you moved over to his bag. "Where'd you put the mini wipes I gave you? And the recycling bag?"

    "Right pocket," he muttered.

    You grinned, knowing that your secret was stored in the opposite side, thrill coursing your bones as you wondered how long it would take for him to find it.

    Once you got hold of the wet wipes and bag, you held out your hand and wriggled your fingers, Tom interlocking it with his with a deep sigh.

    He guided you deeper into the forest, the whole area covered in large trunks that made it somewhat private. Tom helped you find an area where some bushes created a C. It was the perfect spot, properly secluded aside from the slight opening of the C but that's where Tom comes in handy. He'll be your lookout.

    Your hand was still in his so he waved his other hand around without a word, signalling you to get on with it. His sudden quietness was quite odd, a frown growing on your lips once you saw his pout. With his cap on backwards, it was not difficult for you to see the slight irritation on his face. You tugged him closer until he was standing with you in the middle of the C-shaped bushes.

    "Are you mad?" you whispered, squeezing his hand softly as you leaned closer to peck his lips.

    "I'm not mad just...thinking," Tom sighed, free hand landing on your waist as he nudged the tip of his nose with yours, a lazy smile gracing his face soon after.

    "Of what?"

    Tom scrunched up his nose, head tilting to the side as he pursed his lips. "I really don't want to say it out loud or else I'm not going to be able to contain myself," he grumbled, looking around the place you two were at before he met your eyes again. Only this time, his smirk was now in full play, his brown eyes a shade darker than before as he looked at you knowingly.

    You blinked at him in surprise once you realised what he meant, your whole face heating up, body following suit, a sudden excitement coursing through you at how much privacy you two actually have right now. The space behind you was thick with bushes and trees, right in front was the same but only slightly more scarce. There was nobody else in sight aside from you and Tom, the two of you perfectly covered, alone.

    "Oh," you breathed out. "You mean that thinking."

    "Mhmm, a good place to do it but we really don't have the time even when it only takes five," he murmured. You couldn't stop your eyes from rolling at his cockiness, heat dusting your cheeks at his words. You didn't correct him though because...well, it does take around five minutes for you to finish all courtesy of him. Tom laughed at your reaction, kissing your lips briefly before he nodded his head towards the ground. "Now, go on, live your adventure and pee behind the bush."

    "Such a supportive boyfriend," you teased with a giggle. But his revelation merely added to the ever-growing fire in your gut, so you weren't at all surprised to have found yourself going back to your little game.

    You pecked his lips once more before taking only one step back all while still facing him. You slowly lowered yourself on the ground right in front of Tom. His gaze followed your form carefully with a shaky breath, his lips parting once you looked up at him through your lashes, a sight he for sure was familiar with and loves. You were now fully squatted but you kept your legs together, resting your full hands on your lap and tilting your head at your boyfriend when he didn't make an effort to move from his place.

    "Tom, you're supposed to keep watch, not sneak a peek," you voiced out teasingly.

    His smirk grew then, all wide and smug. "It's not like I haven't seen it before," he said playfully with a shrug.

    You matched his grin as well as his tone, raising a brow at him as you countered, "Well, if you're not going to keep watch then someone else is going to see it, too."

    That wiped his smirk off his face in a split second and you tried your absolute best not to burst out laughing.

    A deep growl rumbled in the back of his throat as Tom swiftly turned his back on you and took a few steps forward, standing far enough to give you a bit of privacy. You bit the insides of your cheek to stop your giggles when he crossed his arms over his chest, looking almost like a child who was throwing a fit. The sight was humorous, especially when his head moved from left to right, being on the lookout as he scanned the still empty scene.

    You didn't need to pee that badly, you just needed an excuse to bring him somewhere secluded for you to be able to give him a little show. Still, you always feel bad when you lie, especially when it's Tom, and you know he will immediately notice if you didn't go. But before you could even get on with it, a wave of insecurity washed over you.

    "Uh, Tom?" you called out, the said lad looking at you over his shoulder with a hum. With a shy smile, you asked, "Can you cover your ears?"

    His brows furrowed as he looked at you confused, an amused smile slowly growing on his lips when he slowly caught on to what you were implying.

    "We live together. I've heard you pee already," Tom plainly said.

    "Well, yeah but that's in a bathroom, this is going to sound different," you reasoned, fiddling with the wipes and bag in your hands.

    "Y/N, darling, the sound of your pee won't make me love you any less," he reassured, amusement and honesty in his voice, the sincerity clearly reflected in his eyes.

    You pouted at him, your heart melting, a laugh escaping you as you said, "That's weirdly sweet."

    "Oh my fucking—" Tom threw his head back with a hearty laugh, eyes landing back on you with a hint of urgency now coating them. "Love, quickly! Before anyone else will notice."

    "Okay! Okay, turn around," you laughed, Tom shaking his head with a chuckle before doing as told.

    And you went. Properly cleaning up after yourself and then disposing of the wipes in the small recycling bag.

    Now it was time for why you actually came out here.

    Reaching behind, you grabbed the hem of your skirt, lifting it up and tucking the fabric in the waistband so that now, your left ass cheek was in view. You bit the insides of your cheek to hold back a smile, trying your best to make it look like it was an accident. You made sure it was showing only a little and mostly the bottom half, just so you could still keep the little secret you want to reveal to him later.

    The grass rustled underneath your shoes when you went to stand back up to your full height, Tom immediately noticing as he turned around.


    "Yup, let's go," you hummed, moving straight past him to walk in front.

    "Fucking hell—" Tom growled as he grabbed your hips, stopping you completely from taking another step.

    You tried your best not to break out into a grin, faking ignorance as you started, "What's wrong—oh."

    Your words got caught in your throat when Tom brushed the back of his fingers over the bare part of your ass. His touch was featherlike but heavy and warm with praise. You glanced at him over your shoulder to see his head hanging low, eyes following the path of his fingers as he traced it over your skin. It was a split second later when he cupped it in his palm, yet his admiration only lasted for a fleeting moment as he immediately fixed up your skirt, covering your ass once again with the fabric.

    With his hands on your waist, he turned you around. You bit your lip once you saw how red his face was. From anger? Quite possibly, the hunger in his eyes though, that you were sure of.

    "Guess you still got your little peak after all," you teased, draping your arms over his shoulders. Tom pressed his palms on the small of your back as he pulled you closer, eyes already dark with lust, jaw tight in obvious frustration.

    "You did that on purpose," he stated lowly.

    "Maybe," you hummed, leaning in to kiss him hotly, a soft groan coming out of him once you did. Tom's grip around you tightened when you poked your tongue out, him parting his lips to welcome you in immediately, eagerly. But just as the tip of your tongue touched his, you pulled away, placing one last peck on the corner of his mouth before you made your way out of the trees. "Come on, the boys are probably wondering where we'd gone."

    After a few steps, you looked behind you to see if Tom was following, a soft laugh escaping your lips once you saw him staring at the sky, body slumped with his arms limped by his sides as he groaned,

    "She's going to be the death of me."

    You knew it was surprising for Tom with how far you'd been going with the teasing. Hell, it was surprising to you as well given that you'd never done it at this level before, especially not so spontaneously, because believe it or not, none of this was part of the plan when you tagged along.

    In fact, you didn't plan this at all.

    When Tom offered for you to join him, Harry, and Harrison for a round of golf, you hadn't really thought of anything else rather than actually trying to participate in the game. You wanted to learn a few things, play the sport that brings so much joy to your man's life.

    But the way Tom looked in his golf outfit...it was hypnotizing.

    It made you drool to see his white polo shirt hug his torso, so lusciously in a way that you could trace the outline of his abs through the fabric. His biceps were practically bursting out of the sleeves whenever the muscles would flex every time he took a swing. The lovely curve of his waist was perfectly visible from the simple act of him tucking in his shirt, giving him a nice, sculpted shape especially with his broad shoulder. And that bum...that round ass in those trousers just looks far too delicious that you just couldn't resist but to stare.

    Not only that, but watching Tom play golf the way he does...it was enchanting.

    You love seeing the passion in his eyes when he examines the course, calculating, concentrating, contemplating on what was the best way to take his shot to at least try and be under par. The strength he showed each time he teed off, the way his hips would turn, and the way his body just looks toned and perfect in that pose he makes after every shot, it's oddly so satisfying to watch.

    But then to have the culmination of both was just too much, and it was turning you on in more ways than anticipated.

    So can you really blame yourself for needing him—all of him—to yourself?

    Today you were in the mood for something more...specific.

    You didn't know if it was due to the short glimpses of him getting angry and heated when the ball lands in a punishing spot, or the mere strength he showed when he swung that driver with such force and admirable strength.

    Either way, you wanted the less gentle side of Tom, a side you haven't had the chance of seeing fully in between the sheets.

    Granted, you'd seen glimpses of it. Mostly at times when you get one or two spanks here and there, or when he edges you a couple of times to teach you a lesson when you're being a bit impatient. Sometimes you see it in the way he holds your wrists above your head, or from his deep, fast but still careful thrusts. But most of the time, it was quite obvious that Tom was holding back, wary not to push too far, too fast.

    Right now though, you don't want him to hold back.

    But the thing with being more inexperienced than your ever so gorgeous boyfriend, you have yet to gain your confidence in simply speaking what you want.

    Tom wasn't the problem, of course. He's been wonderful in showing you utmost patience, reassuring you that you can tell him anything and everything, from things you've been wanting to try—or in his words, boxes you wanted to tick off your pre-existing list—to completely new things you're open to dabble in.

    Never did he once make fun or make you feel inadequate whenever you voiced out something new you wanted to experience, no matter how vanilla it may seem. And with each new thing, he's always careful, gentle as he guides you through it.

    Tom is always so attentive to every single thing from the way your body reacts, the sounds you make, or simply from the emotions that would flicker in your eyes, just so he could make sure he was giving you the best and most comfortable experience.

    He offers his own sets of wants and needs, of course, things he wanted to try mostly not for his first time, but first time with you. But not once did he pressure you into it, always doing things at your pace. He's always patient about it, always giving you time whenever he raises his fantasies to you, letting you sit on the thought first before he lets you come to a conclusion if you want to try it or not.

    But no matter how much of an amazing boyfriend Tom has been—both in and outside the bedroom—it was still a bit difficult for you to simply blurt out the obscenity that would taint your thoughts from time to time.

    So, you found it best to leave little hints for Tom to pick up, try to show rather than tell what it was you've been craving.

    Whether from the way you slip yourself on his lap when he's sitting on the couch, straddling his waist, peppering his neck with not-so-innocent kisses before slowly moving your hips to tell him you need him, right this instant. Or from the subtle way you push your ass against him early in the morning when you're feeling particularly needy after you've both woken up.

    There was this instance where you wanted to do it somewhere else in the house but you were too shy to simply tell him. So, you pranced in the kitchen when he was making lunch in nothing but his thin—nearly see-through—white dress shirt on, top half of the buttons undone. That was the first time when you two got together that he ate something on the countertop that wasn't...food.

    If he couldn't pick up the hints you were putting, especially when he knows you needed something but he simply couldn't put a pin on it, he then sweetly coaxes it out of you, a gentle encouragement until you finally say it.

    But still, Tom usually never fails to see right through you, easily reads your little ticks for him to know what exactly it was you were needing, craving, fantasising.

    Today wasn't an exception.

    Harrison and Harry disappeared to order some more drinks, the four of you finding yourselves in this restaurant at the clubhouse, winding down with some lovely—and quite fancy—food and beverages.

    Well, everyone winded down except for Tom.

    "You've been really testing my patience today," he murmured, looking at you through the rim of his glass as he took a sip of his water.

    You were sitting beside each other on the sofa against the wall, hips brushing against each other as he sat on your right. You had your legs crossed, simply to deny him any satisfaction of running his hand up higher given that he could easily and sneakily do so. Aside from the plain wall behind you, the white table cloth could effortlessly hide any of his impure intentions.

    You weren't going to let him have an upper hand just yet.

    "Was I that bad at it?" you asked, question not entirely related to his statement. You knew exactly what he meant, of course, but dancing around the matter for a little bit longer was more fun for you to pass.

    Tom didn't seem to think much of it though when he quickly shook his head. "No, you weren't, actually," he said, fingers tracing circles on your knee as he flashed you a proud, genuine smile. "You did great for a first-timer."

    Your smile widened simply at his poor choice of wording, slowly nodding as you teased, "You mean at golf, right?"

    Tom ran his tongue over his teeth as he chuckled darkly, amusement with a hint of displeasure shining in his eyes at how easily he fell right into your trap. He inclined back on the sofa, running a hand through his now exposed curls before extending both his arms out as he rested them on the back of the cushion, his body now stretched in full view.

    "Keep pushing and you're just about to get it," he dared, tilting his head at you, his one messy brow raised.

    "What?" you asked, feigning ignorance as you pouted. "What did I do?"

    "Oh, what did you do now, huh?" he repeated, patting the back of the sofa to tell you to move closer.

    And you did, leaning back with him. He immediately hooked one arm behind you as he draped the other over your still crossed legs, pulling you close to his side.

    He kept his gaze locked with yours, eyes holding so many emotions that you couldn't pinpoint which was what. Though the second he let out a deep breath was when you saw the hint of anger flicker in them as he lowly said, "You aren't as slick as you think you are with how you've been teasing me the whole day, darling. I know what you're trying to gain from this."

    "I still don't think I follow," you hummed, trying your best to hold the facade of being composed even though it was getting more and more difficult as you slowly felt yourself submit under his gaze.

    "Sweetheart," Tom chuckled tauntingly, shaking his head before he leaned closer, kissing your clothed shoulder before he rested his chin on it to whisper in your ear, "You want me to go rough on you, right? Pound that pretty little cunt until you're struggling to walk after?"

    That rendered you speechless.

    You gaped at him with wide eyes, swallowing the lump in your throat as you pressed your thighs together. You didn't know if the pulsing came first from your hammering heart or the bottom way around.

    Yes, that was exactly what you wanted him to do to you.

    But to hear Tom say it with such boldness and vulgarity—hell, whenever Tom switches his sweet, gentlemanly, gracious words to something more obscene, letters formed into absolute filth, it will never fail to leave you stunned but also, extremely aroused.

    "Aww, so cute how you're surprised," Tom cooed at your reaction, his smirk cocky as his warm hand cupped your face. His thumb stroked the apple of your cheek so affectionately, innocently, such a stark contrast to the devilry that's glossed over his brown orbs. "I know you. Let's not forget that, angel."

    You breathed shakily at the pet name, a term of endearment he only ever uses on two extremely different occasions, literally between night and day.

    Once whenever he's completely enthralled by you, used with an amorous tone with that loving, bright, charming smile of his to match. He said it was his way of letting you know how lucky he feels to have been graced by such an otherworldly being, an angel straight from the heavens above who somehow fell into his arms.

    But the other way, however, was more taunting, a dark, salacious tone, a way for him to remind you where your place is, how pure you are compared to him, and how he was slowly tainting you one lustful touch at a time. Because behind closed doors, with naked bodies tangled and wrapped in the sheets, you are his inexperienced but, by the looks of it, not-so-innocent angel.

    Given the circumstances, even a fool would know he was using it as the latter.

    Tom placed a warm kiss on your cheek, his lips lingering for a few goading seconds before he pulled away completely and reclined back in his seat. He crossed his arms over his chest as he tilted his head at you, his proud smirk never wavering at the mere sight of your flustered state.

    "Now, you want to ask me something?"

    You let out the breath you didn't even know you were holding.

    As you said, you have yet to gain your confidence in simply telling him what you want. And being the ever encouraging and supportive boyfriend that he is, Tom found his way of slowly, but surely easing you out of your shell. By simply waiting for you to ask him, specifically, word for word, no matter how long it takes for you to blurt it out, before he gives you exactly what you want.

    But today, you wanted to try something a little different, see if giving him one last push would make him snap without you having to tell him what you want him to do to you.

    You slowly pulled yourself together and sat straighter in your seat, latching onto the little bit of courage you have left before you let your self-control go completely, to let Tom have you however he may please.

    "How about you find out what I'm wearing underneath?"

    Quirking one brow, Tom pushed himself up and leaned forward, his elbow on the table as he rested his lips on his fist, eyes cautiously on you. He tapped your knee with his left hand, a silent way of saying that he was taking the bait. You uncrossed your legs for him, spreading them just so his hand could go up your thigh easily, the table cloth hiding his wanton touch.

    Curiosity mixed with hints of excitement coated his eyes as he kept them locked with yours.

    It was hard to keep your breathing steady, body heat rising at the simple feeling of the coolness of his ring against your thigh. His Rolex snagged the hem of your skirt, bringing the fabric with him as his hand continued to wander, his fingers trailing up, up, up and—

    You saw his eyes darken in a snap, his jaw tightening when he got to your aching core. He masked his growl with fake, loud coughs, immediately pulling your skirt down before retracting his hand at the sound of footsteps growing near.

    And what did Tom find out?

    How you were wearing absolutely nothing underneath.

    Harry and Harrison came into view seconds later, setting the tray of drinks on the table before sitting back across you both.

    "You okay there, Tom?" the blonde lad asked, blue eyes flickering between the two of you with brows furrowed in curiosity.

    "Yeah, yeah, just something got caught in my throat," Tom reasoned, keeping his left hand steady on your knee as he hastily took a bottle of beer off the table with the other. "You lot took so long with the drinks, bloody hell."

    Harrison and Harry ignored him, seeming to continue on with their debate on some busted myths with regards to tips and tricks on being better at getting out of the bunker. The two were distracted enough not to notice the deep glower that now covered Tom's face.

    After one huge gulp of his beer, he left it on the table as he leaned back on the sofa, his hand leaving your knee. You turned to look at him just in time to see the tip of his middle finger disappearing into his mouth, eyes locking with yours before he pulled it out with a soft pop, cleaning up your slickness that he managed to gather in his short trip down there.

    You bit your lip to suppress a moan, shifting in your seat when Tom pulled at the back of your shirt gently, urging you to come closer. He wrapped an arm around your shoulder once you did, pulling you to his side, eyes steady in front as he grumbled under his breath, "Since when."

    "Tenth hole, took it off when I was sitting in the golf cart waiting for you to finish peeing. I stored it in one of the pockets of your bag, left side, I think. Surprised you haven't found it yet," you explained to him, keeping your voice low even though the two boys in front were still well underway with their arguments.

    From the outside looking in, a seemingly innocent kiss landed on your temple. But to you, it was one laced with a hint of threat, a silent way to tell that you better be ready because the information you disclosed to him was definitely the last straw.

    Without a single word, Tom stood up from his seat, your eyes furrowing in confusion until you saw him crouch in front of his golf bag that was right by the end of the sofa.

    He searched around the pockets, a deep, harsh breath escaping through his nostrils once he found what you secretly stashed in there not too long ago.

    The odds were definitely in your favour when you somehow managed to put on one of his favourites today.

    You only caught a quick glimpse of the red lace curling around his fingers before he hastily shoved it in the back pocket of his trousers, opposite to where his white golf glove was hanging out.

    But what interested you most was when he took the wet wipes out of the bag too, putting it in his front pocket along with his wallet.

    You gulped, drawing an immediate conclusion as to what he was planning, one that you were having a hard time believing because neither of you had done it anywhere in public.

    Well...not yet.

    "Say you need to use the bathroom," Tom whispered in your ear once he sat back down with his legs crossed, so obviously trying to hide the tent that's grown in his trousers. He squeezed your thigh as he took his beer off the table, ghosting it over his lips as he added lowly, "Sell it, darling, unless you want to hear nonstop teasing from these two when we get back."

    A mixture of excitement and slight dread coated you from head to toe, your eyes looking through his to see if there were any hints of uncertainty or even playfulness in his irises but you saw none. Despite how dark they'd gotten, you still saw it in his eyes how he was dead serious.

    You nodded discreetly, reaching over to grab your glass of water only for you to stop midway through. "Ah," you hissed, wrapping an arm around your stomach as you scrunched your face.

    Tom was quick to sit up, hand landing on your shoulder in feigned comfort. "You alright, love?"

    "Yeah, it's just—" You winced, all the boys' attention immediately turned to you, their brows furrowed in concern. Well, one was pretending to be concerned.

    "You okay, Y/N?" Harry asked.

    "I don't think the sausages agreed with me," you grumbled, eyes steady on the floor because you knew the second you'd see any of the boys' eyes, you'd immediately retract your lie. With a deep breath, you turned to your boyfriend, his hand rubbing circles on your back with a frown on his lips, concern covering his whole features but his eyes, oh you see right through those eyes no matter how much of an amazing actor he is. "I really need to use the bathroom," you said softly but loud enough for all three of them to hear.

    "Come on. I'll help you find where it is." Tom nodded as he stood up from his seat, offering you both his hands to take which you gladly did as you mirrored his movement. He gave the two boys a curt nod as the two of you left the table. "We'll be back in a sec."

    Tom kept a hand on the small of your back as he guided you out of the restaurant and around the halls of this quite massive place. "You're learning how to act now, huh," he whispered once you were out of earshot.

    "My boyfriend acts for a living, what'd you expect?" you said as a matter of fact.

    Tom chuckled at that, "That smart mouth is only digging you into deeper trouble, sweetheart."

    You both wandered for a few minutes until Tom asked around, a kind staff member pointing you towards a hall and saying how the bathroom was just at the end of it. Once you were both alone again, Tom suddenly stopped in his tracks just as you both reached the hallway.

    You turned to look at him, brows furrowed in concern. "What's wrong?"

    "Come here," he hummed, hand out for you to take, your palm right over his as he pulled you closer. He cupped your face with his free hand, touch sweet as his eyes looked through yours, the seriousness in them clear despite them being a few shades darker than their usual hue. "You don't have to do this now if you don't want to."

    "N-No, yes—I do. I want to," you rushed, the heat immediately covering your cheeks at how eager you sounded.

    But Tom merely tilted his head, lips pursed as look at you knowingly. "Need you to be clear for me, angel," he said, thumb brushing over your cheek tenderly as he squeezed your hand with the other.

    "Yes. I really want to do this," you repeated, firmer this time, the assurance reflected clear in your eyes, no ounce of doubt coursing in your bones whatsoever. You leaned into his palm, eyelashes fluttering as you whispered, "I need you."

    Tom let out a harsh breath at that, nodding as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, keeping your hands intertwined as you both ventured down the hall.

    The bathroom was way deep into the end, the area pretty much empty that it wouldn't raise much suspicion if you slipped in together. Still, you went in first, keeping it unlocked so that Tom can follow suit, no worries of anyone else coming in given that he was right out the door.

    It was a single-occupancy one, a rather fancy and expensive-looking one that is. Aside from it being squeaky clean and seeming to have not been used before, it had black marble walls, gold light fixtures, a white marble countertop that held quite a large sink, and right beside that was the toilet.

    But the thing that caught your eye most was the large mirror that basically covered half, if not most of the wall right behind the sink and the toilet, from your head down to your knees clearly reflected on it.

    You watched Tom in the mirror as he slipped inside and closed the door behind him, butterflies causing havoc inside your stomach as you stood still in anticipation.

    The moment you heard the lock click you were immediately pressed against the wall in a split second, Tom's mouth over yours hotly with a deep growl.

    A light sting ran up your back when you hit the tiles, Tom fingers tight around your waist. But you didn't know if your breath was knocked out of you due the sudden impact, or from the way Tom's lips moved fervently as if he was dehydrated and you're the only one who could quench his thirst.

    Your head was spinning, heart pounding, hand curling around his bicep as the other held onto the back of his head for leverage. Your fingers got lost in the mess of his curls, earning a low groan from Tom when you tugged at the roots as you tried your best to keep up with him.

    The kiss was demanding, rushed, aggressive, teeth clashing against each other, your gasps mixed with his groans, lips not by any means in sync. But neither of you cared, so long as you were finally close, having each other all to yourselves, satiating the need that's been wantonly bubbling from the 1st to the 18th.

    Tom pulled your bottom lip between his teeth, his eager action making you gasp, his tongue slipping into your mouth without a second to waste. The bitter taste of beer lingered, but not enough to overpower the taste of him, the same one that intoxicates you better than any alcohol could. You let him explore your mouth, let his tongue move against yours with such urgency, no use trying to fight for dominance since it was already obvious he'd win.

    You whimpered into Tom's mouth when he kicked your legs apart, your arms wrapping around his shoulders for support as he slotted his thick thigh in between. His palms were hot as he cupped your ass under your skirt, squeezing the flesh firmly, pulling you closer to him in the process.

    Tom swallowed your moan when he pressed his thigh up against your bare, aching core, the fabric of his trousers rough on your bundle of nerves, providing some relief but not enough. Against your better judgment, you tried to move to create friction, desperate for more but Tom was not having that.

    A harsh smack rang in the air when his hand collided against your thigh, the sting starting from where his hand once was, slowly trickling into your pulsating center.

    You immediately stilled with a whimper, not wanting to anger him any further because now, he was in control. And if you dare defy him more than you'd already done, it will for sure backfire on you.

    Tom's lips left yours in haste, trailing down your jaw until he reached your neck, your head tilting instinctively to provide him better access. His lips were heavy, tongue hot as he sucked on your sweet spots, alternating from kissing and nipping, hard enough to earn low moans from you, but careful not to leave any mark.

    "You're getting quite daring aren't you, angel," he grumbled against your skin, hands finding your hips so he could push you down on his thigh. You whined when he flexed his muscle just once just to be a tease, holding you firmly to keep you completely still, not granting you even the faintest relief. You were all fired up, feeling the way you were practically throbbing against his thigh. Tom chuckled darkly at your neediness, teeth nipping gently on the spot below your ear before he murmured, "Don't get me wrong, I'm proud you're finding your confidence. I love it, really love it. But you need to learn when and where you're going to show this devilish side of yours."

    He yanked your hands off of him, his fingers gripping your wrist as he pinned them against the wall, each one on either side of your head, the marble cold against your searing skin. Your whimper got masked by Tom's low growl when he started grinding himself against your hip. You could just feel how hard he was already and it only made you crave him that much more.

    "You see what you do to me? You being a pretty little devil out there?" he grumbled, face buried on the crook of your neck as he continued to grind his hips against you, his thigh flexing in the process giving you the littlest bit of relief as it brushed against your clit. "Fuck, I didn't even know you had it in you, angel."

    With your mouth working faster than your brain, you retorted,

    "Well, the devil was once an angel."

    You yelped when Tom suddenly bit your neck, his warm tongue smoothing over the spot soon after, kissing it for good measure before he stilled and pulled away, only slightly so he could meet your eyes.

    Your chest was heaving, Tom's just the same as you both tried to steady your breaths. But you were all the more distracted at the man before you, gaping at him in awe.

    His brown eyes were covered in lust, the dark hue a slight contrast to the way his cheeks were dusted red, but the colour of his skin perfectly matched the pink of his swollen lips. His hair was in disarray, a few strands of his curls hanging over his forehead, his jawline all chiselled with the way he had it clenched.

    Tom just looked so...pretty.

    The feeling of his lips on your wrists brought you out of your reverie, not even realising that he already pulled your hands off the wall until he draped it over his shoulders.

    He cupped your face then, his pinky ring cold against your jaw, his warm thumb running over your cheek as he asked,

    "You sure you want it rough?"

    "Wouldn't have done everything I did today to rile you up if I wasn't," you confessed, almost breathlessly when Tom brought his right hand up, eyes never leaving yours as he tapped his pointer and middle finger over your lips.

    With a soft sigh, you opened up for him, Tom slipping his fingers in with a low hum, carefully pushing deeper, eyes looking through yours for any signs of protest to which he found none.

    Then again, this wasn't the first time his fingers found their way inside your mouth.

    His eyes dropped to your lips then, gaze trained on the way you were taking them in almost at the knuckles, a low groan reverberating on the back of his throat when you started to swirl your tongue around them.

    "Given the circumstances, I'm only giving you a taste of it for now," he murmured, his other hand holding your face steady, thumb caressing your cheek sweetly. You hummed around his fingers with a nod, Tom's gaze finally meeting yours as he smirked. "Yeah, just gonna give my sweet angel her fill for now."

    He pressed his fingers down, mimicking the weight of his cock when it's the one settled on your tongue. Your eyes fluttered close, humming to yourself, purely enjoying the feeling of having your mouth full as you started to suck. Tom groaned deeply as his hips jerked, pressing his hardened length against your hip as he slowly moved his fingers in and out of your mouth.

    "Fuck, the things I'm going to do to you when we get back home," Tom mused, a deep chuckle rumbling in his chest when you moaned around his digits, noticing how you tried to press your thighs together only to be stopped by his muscular one. "Guess you're excited for that too, huh?"

    Tapping your cheek with his other hand, you opened your eyes and stopped. Tom pulled his fingers out gently, bringing a string of your spit with him once he did so. Eyes dead set on yours, he firmly said,

    "Remember your colours."

    Granted, you hadn't tried anything drastic before. As you said, Tom has yet to go rough on you. This was definitely the first time that you both did something quite...adventurous. But you and Tom set up the Green-Yellow-Red system the second you two started having sex—or in his case, when he took your virginity.

    It was his simple way of making sure he was making it comfortable for you all throughout, especially when it comes to trying something new, whether it's new for you, or new for you both.

    With your brain slightly fogged up already, you made a sound of agreeing. Only then did you notice that you added another word to your otherwise simple 'yes' when Tom spoke,

    "What did you just call me?"

    Your eyes widened, shyness overcoming your whole body once you realised that you managed to say it out loud, a term that's been lingering in your head for a while now but just hadn't had the guts to say it yet. You tried to hide as you dropped your head but Tom was quick to grab your jaw, grip on them tight so your eyes remained on his.

    "I asked you a question, sweetheart."

    You felt your heartbeat quicken, wondering if he was going to get turned off because you hadn't talked about it before. You hadn't called him that ever. But your worries quickly subsided when Tom nodded his head in encouragement.

    "Go on, my sweet angel, it's okay," he whispered, eyes slightly softened, holding the same amount of reassurance his words were coated with. "Say it again for me, loud and clear this time."

    You nodded, taking in a deep breath before repeating,

    "Yes, sir."

    It was almost like a switch when Tom's eyes darkened starkly, his jaw tightening as he breathed out harshly through his nose.

    "Good girl," he praised, his voice deep and rough compared to the soft whimper you let out at the already familiar nickname, one you absolutely love hearing tumble out of those pretty lips.

    Tom suddenly pulled you off the wall, turning you around hastily to face the mirror. He stood behind you, your head turning instinctively to look at him but you didn't get a chance to when he grabbed your chin and made you look back in front, your eyes locking with his through the reflection. "Keep those pretty eyes on the mirror or else I'll stop."

    He wrapped one arm around your torso then, pulling you close until your back was flushed against his toned chest, his hard length pressing right against your ass. His lust-filled eyes were trained on your reflection as his chin rested on your shoulder, his warm cheek against your own. Your heart picked up its pace when Tom urged you to keep your legs apart, his fingers that were coated with your spit making their way down and under your skirt, disappearing right in between your legs.

    Your body jerked as you threw your head back, eyes fluttering close with a soft moan when Tom pressed his wet digits against your clit. Your hand landed on the nape of his neck, the other grabbing onto his forearm that was over your stomach in an attempt to steady yourself.

    "What did I just tell you?" You heard him grumble against your neck, voice laced with warning. You immediately dropped your head to look at your reflection again, Tom humming approvingly as he placed a sweet peck on your skin. "Good girl."

    Low moans escaped your parted lips when Tom started drawing circles around your already throbbing clit. His grip around you tightened when you tugged at his hair, your fingers digging into his forearm as you did your best to keep your legs steady under you, all while keeping them far apart enough for easy access.

    "Can't believe we haven't done this before," he murmured, eyes nowhere else but admiring the echo of yourself in the mirror. You were struggling to keep your own eyes open, already rendered to a quivering mess with only his fingers that weren't even in you yet. He kissed your cheek tenderly, grin wide and cocky as he rested his chin back on your shoulder to meet your gaze. "We look great together, don't we?"

    Your lips were swollen as were Tom's, two pairs of eyes darker with lust, hairs all dishevelled, your matching white shirts crumpled in some parts. You both looked messy but in an alluring way. With the way Tom held you with one strong arm, your nimble fingers lost in the mesh of his brown locks, warm cheeks pressed together almost sweetly, endearingly, a contrast to the impurity of your lustful deed, it was already quite a sight and you were still fully clothed.

    "Yeah, we really do—" you cut yourself off with a gasp when Tom started rubbing your clit faster, shockwaves surging through every nerve endings of your body starting from where his fingers were lasciviously placed.

    Your legs started to shake under you, noises getting more and more difficult to keep down. It was almost embarrassing how easy and quick Tom got you into this state.

    But then again, it's Tom, your man who's studied your body as if it was his science, learned which buttons to push, mastered the when and the how to touch each one, memorised every part of your skin, it's beauty and grace, flaws and imperfections alike.

    And in your slight defence, you'd been horny for quite a bit of time now. All the teasing wasn't only torture for Tom, it was for you as well.

    "Definitely buying a mirror to put by our bed after this," he muttered, almost to himself as he continued to make work with his fingers, alternating from rubbing to flicking, knowing when exactly to press harder and when to go softer that would have all your senses turn erratic in the best of ways. "Wanna try this again but with less clothing next time.

    "But still, look at how fucking beautiful you are, angel," he marvelled, placing tender kisses on the side of your neck as he kept his eyes on you, the pace of his fingers never letting up, your skirt moving in accord to each flick of his wrist. "You see what I had to deal with? The second I saw you walk out of our room in this pretty outfit I already knew it was going to be difficult for me to stay focused." Tilting his head to the side, he looked at you almost condescendingly, voice low as he added, "Though what I didn't take into account was you causing the actual trouble."

    You bit your bottom lip to suppress a loud moan when he started flicking your clit with the tip of his middle finger. Your grip around him tightened as you bucked your hips against his hand impulsively, feeling that familiar knot in your stomach already beginning to twist.

    But since Tom knows your body like the back of his hand, memorised all the ticks and signs, of course, he knew that you were almost there, too.

    You whined in protest when he pulled his hand away. But Tom completely ignored you as he went to push you forward by your shoulder, urging you to bend over. You did as told, grabbing the edge of the countertop with a shaky breath, eyes following Tom's movements through the mirror as he stood behind you.

    "You have any idea how difficult it was to control myself around you today?" he grumbled, lifting your skirt until you were fully exposed for him and him only, the coolness of the air somewhat soothing to your sweltering skin. "How hard it was to keep my hands to myself seeing you flaunt in this fucking skirt of yours?"

    "I can feel just how hard."

    Your body jolted forward with a gasp as a harsh smack rang in the air, Tom's warm palm smoothing over the tingling skin of your ass right after.

    That comment earned a hard spank.

    "Keep pissing me off, I dare you," he warned through gritted teeth, his glare sharp when you met his eyes on the mirror.

    There was no doubt in your mind that Tom would not hesitate to leave you here unsatisfied. He won't even care about his own pleasure if it means he's teaching you a lesson. So, you bit your lip and stayed quiet, a pleading look covering your features, a silent apology glossing over your eyes.

    Tom raised his brow at you with a hum, "That's what I thought. You know it's not difficult to change my mind, sweetheart. Should be thankful I'm even giving you something right now."

    Tom kicked your legs further apart, a shiver running down your spine when the cold air hit your wet cunt. His eyes were trained on your folds that were now in full view for him, his head tilted, bottom lip caught between his teeth with a harsh breath.

    "So pretty," Tom praised, almost in a trance, holding your skirt up with one hand on the small of your back, while the other ran up your inner thigh until his finger was ghosting over your glistening core.

    You gasped when he started spreading your slickness around, moving forward to touch your clit softly and then back again to tease his finger against your opening.

    "This is definitely not the best stance when it comes to golf—" He looked at you through the mirror with a smirk, winking as he said, "But far apart enough just how I like it."

    You gnawed at your bottom lip to stop the loud moan from escaping when Tom slipped his finger in. He didn't even wait for a second as he started to move them in slow but long strokes.

    "So fucking gorgeous like this," he murmured, head tilted to the side as his eyes flickered between watching you on the mirror and the way his finger was disappearing in and out of your cunt. You bit back a mewl when he added another one, your grip on the marble tightening with each lovely curl of his digits, angling downward to hit your G-spot each time. "Hmm, I'd be lying if I say I haven't thought about having you in this exact same position out there the whole day."

    You tried your best to keep your eyes on Tom in the mirror, not wanting to miss even a second of how he was taking you because your boyfriend is always one hell of a sight to see when he's in this element.

    He was gawking at you with his bottom lip between his teeth, a single curl falling down his forehead that was now littered with a few beads of sweat, making him look all dewy, the light tan of skin glistening underneath the bathroom lights. His cheeks were flushed, brown eyes practically black with lust but at the same time, twinkling with utter admiration.

    Tom looked gorgeous like this.

    "And I know you have, too, because fuck, don't even need that much prep, sweetheart."

    It was borderline pathetic how you were practically dripping down your thighs, his two fingers slipping in and out of you easily. And if you listened hard enough, you could hear your slickness reverberate with each movement of his digits, faintly but lewdly.

    But can you really blame yourself when Tom looked the way he did out there on the course the whole day?

    "Tell me more?" you asked breathlessly, your pants and gasps filling up the bathroom as he continued to fuck you with his fingers, movements gradually growing faster, your hips bucking to meet each thrust.

    "Hmm, against a tree, behind that bush, wished the bunker was covered enough so I could take you right there on the sand with you on all fours," he paused, drawing his finger out until it was only the tip in. A soft mewl rumbled in the back of our throat as he pushed it back in up to his knuckles. Tom hummed in satisfaction at how your walls fluttered around his digits.

    "Fuck, been contemplating where I could park the golf cart so no one would see while I bend you over it and fuck you senseless." His eyes snapped up to meet yours when you clenched around his fingers hard, tilting his head at you smugly as he taunted, "Yeah, you would've wanted that, huh, angel?"

    "Tom," you whined in protest when he pulled his hand out, rendering you completely empty. But the sound swiftly died out when he shot you a glare through the mirror.

    "Be patient or I'm going to leave you here like this," he warned, keeping his gaze locked with yours as he brought his fingers up.

    You clenched around nothing, moaning quietly as you watched him sucked his digits clean.

    Tom's eyes screwed shut, groaning to himself as if it was the best meal he'd ever had the pleasure of tasting. Releasing his fingers with a pop, he met your gaze through the mirror again, shaking his head at you disappointedly. "Prancing around with no underwear on. Could've gotten down on my knees and tasted you out there without a problem."

    He shoved his hand in his pocket then, your eyes catching sight of his wallet before he took out that familiar foil packaging. You tried to stay still—well, as still as you could manage as you felt your body slightly vibrate in both arousal and anticipation.

    Tom placed the unopened condom between his lips, putting his wallet back before he went to unbutton his trousers.

    Never in your life did you ever think that the sound of a zipper undoing would excite you this much but oh did it excite you so much.

    He pushed his trousers down along with his boxers, taking the condom off his lips once his hands were free. But since he was standing directly behind you in the mirror, he was properly obstructed by your body, giving you a hard time seeing what was going on. And you wouldn't dare upset him by taking your eyes off the reflection.

    You didn't even realise that you were craning your neck to try and get a peak, not until Tom chuckled darkly, smug smirk plastered on his face when your eyes snapped up to meet his.

    "What? You wanna see?"

    The heat was quick to cover your face, thighs clenching together once you saw his hand disappear between his legs, a soft hiss escaping his lips as his eyes fluttered shut.

    "Tom," you called out softly, almost like a plea, your eyes glued on his reflection, trained on the way his biceps flexed as he gave himself some relief.

    He opened his eyes a few seconds later, voice deep with command as he looked at you knowingly.


    With a shaky breath, you whispered, "Can I see you? Please?"

    "You're already seeing me, angel," he cooed, tilting his head at you knowingly. His other hand rested on your ass, the foil of the condom cold on your skin as he admired your dripping cunt. You whimpered when the movement of his hand grew slightly faster, his biceps flexing, his soft grunts pleasing not only to your ears. You clenched around nothing once you realised what he was doing.

    Tom was getting himself off at the sight of you.

    "Can I see your cock, please, sir?" you pleaded, almost like a gasp, shyness be damned since you knew he wouldn't move forward unless you ask specifically what you want.

    Tom let out a cross between a groan and an animalistic growl at that.

    "That's my good girl. Wasn't so difficult now, wasn't it?" he praised, taking one step sideways so that his impressive length came into view in the mirror, veins adorning the sides, tip pink and leaking with pre cum. Cocks aren't meant to look pretty but Tom's got a very, very pretty cock, and your mouth can't help but water at the sight no matter how many times you've seen it before.

    "So fucking hard for you, darling," Tom groaned, keeping one hand curled around his dick lasciviously as he brought his other hand up to carefully open the condom wrapper with his teeth. He gently rolled the rubber over his length with a hushed moan. He pumped himself a few more times, a sight so provocative especially paired with his low yet lovely grunts. It was so obvious he was making a show out of it, his grin smug once he caught you staring with your mouth practically drooling. But you didn't mind nor were you ashamed, it was quite the show to see.

    You whimpered impatiently when he positioned himself behind you again, pushing yourself back against his touch when he grabbed your ass in each of his palms. He squeezed each cheek before spreading them apart, humming in appreciation at the sight of your dripping core.

    "Never thought I would ever have sex in a public bathroom let alone bathroom at a clubhouse," he said amusedly, tearing his gaze off your cunt to meet your eyes on the mirror. "First time for everything huh, love?"

    You smiled lazily yet proudly in response, bones filling up with satisfaction and a slight sense of triumph on being some of Tom's firsts, too.

    "How many boxes are we ticking off your list today, angel?"

    "Four—" You bit back a moan when Tom ran his tip against your folds, him sucking in a sharp breath as he continued to lather his cock with your slickness.

    "Semi-public quickie slash sex, mirror sex, rough sex..." he trailed off, eyebrows knitting together as he looked at you curiously. "What's the fourth one?"

    With your cheeks turning hotter, you breathed out,

    "You fucking me in your golf outfit."

    Tom's smirk widened, tongue running over the front of his teeth as shook his head at you. "My angel's gaining a potty mouth," he said proudly. With one hand on your waist, he leaned down, his body curving over your own, his pelvis brushing against your ass as he kissed your clothed shoulder. Squeezing your waist, he whispered in your ear, "Would love to hear more of it but I'm going to need you to stay quiet for me. You think you can do that?"

    "I can try," you answered honestly because over the course of yours and Tom's relationship, you've found out that it's extremely difficult for you to stay quiet when it's him taking the reins. And that's when he's taking things nice and slow.

    Tom shrugged as he stood straight to his full height, one hand on the small of your back to hold your skirt as the other gripped his length to line himself up.

    "Good enough for me."

    The second Tom pushed his tip into your entrance, a loud moan slipped past your lips, only to be cut off with your palm flying to cover your mouth. Seeing your hand over your face, an idea popped into your head then.

    "Tom, can you—" you stopped yourself, insecurity coating your skin in fear that he'd find the proposition odd.

    But that never is the case when it comes to Tom, always understanding with whatever it was you were needing. Besides, you'd already spoken, his movements immediately stilling as he rubbed reassuring circles on the small of your back.

    "Go on, angel, tell me," he urged. "What do you need?"

    You looked at your boyfriend shyly. "Can you put on your glove for me?"

    Never have you ever seen the cockiest smirk grace Tom's features so quickly.

    "You really love seeing me in the complete outfit huh, love. Well, minus the trousers for now." He reached down to grab the glove from his pocket, leaving kisses down the back of your thighs on the way. Once he stood back up, he put it on without hesitation.

    "Where do you want it?" he queried, running his now gloved hand over your ass before squeezing it, eliciting a soft moan from you. The real leather material felt warm and slightly coarse against your bare skin, a feeling that was quite electrifying but that wasn't exactly where you wanted it to be.

    Well, not right now, at least.

    "I think I might need a little help to stay quiet," you admitted, voice merely above a whisper but loud enough for him to hear.

    Tom nodded, smirk never wavering as he ran his hand up your spine, passing your shoulder until it was over your mouth. Your back arched with a soft gasp as he pressed his palm over your lips, his fingers squeezing your cheeks just enough for it to feel electrifying but not to hurt. You started breathing through your nose then, a habit you've grown accustomed to and rather skillful at due to other—yet quite similar—activities that involved Tom.

    "Fuck, look at you," he growled lowly, gawking at your reflected image. "My pretty little angel is not looking innocent anymore."

    It was rather simple yet dirty how you appeared in the mirror, bent over in a public bathroom, being fully clothed reflecting the desperation to satiate the desire, your skirt fully hiked up to expose your bare ass to the cold air, and how your grip on the marble hadn't loosened which you for sure will feel the sting of later.

    But what completed the obscenity but mesmerising scene was the way Tom was standing behind you, half-naked from the waist down, one hand curled around your hip tightly that made his bicep flex, the other held over your face to muffle out your sounds, white golf glove perfectly harmonised with the silver glint of his Rolex.

    You were perfectly, utterly, submissively in Tom's mercy.

    "Just tap my hand if you want to stop, alright?"

    You nodded, humming into his hand, sound swiftly replaced by a lewd moan when Tom sheathed himself into you, your slickness helping by a mile for you to take him in easily.

    "Fuck," Tom hissed as he threw his head back, eyes screwing shut with a low, rumbling groan when your walls fluttered to accommodate all of him, slowly pushing until you were filled to the brim. He shook his head with a harsh, shaky breath, gaze dropping to where you two were now connected. "I'm definitely not going to last. You always feel like fucking heaven, darling." He gripped your hip firmly, gaze locking with yours as he smugly said, "Now, let's see if I can break my own record of making you come in five minutes."

    It was impossible for you to stop the sounds you were making when Tom moved, starting immediately with a hard, fast, and rough pace.

    He was quick to fall into a rhythm, each and every single one of his thrusts charged with the frustration that's been threatening to spill for hours, all because of you. And now he was taking it all out on you in such a crude way, putting you rightfully back in your place, deep grunts accompanying each snap of his hips as he pounded into your cunt just like he promised.

    Just like you wanted and exactly how you loved it.

    Your breaths were getting harsher as they escaped your nostrils, mouth letting out noises between moans and mewls, whines and gasps, sounds muffled by the glove but never muted as Tom fucked you with an unrelenting pace.

    His eyes landed back on the mirror, brown eyes close to black as he met for gaze, his tongue wetting his lips as he grumbled, "The glove isn't making much of a difference, huh, 'cause my angel is always so fucking loud for me."

    The noises were crude as it bounced off the marble walls, your subdued moans married perfectly with Tom's low grunts. You could hear just how wet you were, mixed with the sound of skin slapping against skin, the front of Tom's thighs hitting the back of yours harshly in a way that it left a sting, but a sting that felt so good.

    Your eyes screwed shut with a cry of his name when he angled his hips just right, the tip of his cock hitting that delicious spot inside you over and over. You started to move then, pushing yourself back against him to meet his thrusts, standing on the tips of your toes as you gripped the marble harshly, taking everything that he had to offer.

    "Eyes open and look at yourself," Tom growled behind you, squeezing your cheek in warning that had you opening your eyes in a snap. "Yeah, look how gorgeous. Fuck, look how well you're taking my cock, angel," he praised between heavy pants.

    There was something inherently hot about watching yourself getting railed from behind. Not only that, but getting railed from behind by a dashing Adonis of a man who was taking you as his, as you are taking him as yours.

    Yet the fondness and devotion weren't missed despite how primitive his actions came across. You see it in the way his eyes would gloss over your form. Despite being in a rather compromising position, Tom still looked at you like you were the most beautiful girl he'd ever laid his eyes on.

    The intimacy of seeing you both together, it was captivating. How Tom was watching you but you were watching him, yet his brown eyes mirrored the same amount of adoration and love reflected in your own irises.

    It was a simple yet perfect balance of love and lust.

    Tom cursed under his breath as his grip on your hip tightened, mouth parted with heavy pants, his tongue darting out every once in a while to wet his lips. His curls were sticking to his forehead, a gleam of utter bliss coating his brown orbs when it met yours. He immediately broke your gaze when he threw his head back, eyes screwing shut with a soft yet particularly beautiful moan, the sight making you clamp around him with a gasp.

    You don't call Tom a 'pretty boy' for nothing.

    A low growl vibrated in the back of Tom's throat then as his head dropped. His brows furrowed in concentration, lip drawn harshly between his teeth as he watched the view that only he can see at the moment, his cock slipping in and out of your cunt lusciously.

    "Feel so snug around me, love. My cock fits so fucking perfect—shit, it's like you were made for me."

    Each drag of his length against your velvety walls was like a strike to light a single match. Your body was starting to burn up, your shirt sticking to your body as you sweat profusely, a poor attempt of your skin to compensate for the heat.

    But still, you loved it.

    You were wholeheartedly and unashamedly addicted to the flame that only Tom can ever set ablaze.

    You felt that familiar knot in your stomach already beginning to curl, your legs quivering underneath you and it was only a matter of time before they're going to give out.

    "Fuck, you're squeezing me so tight, angel," Tom moaned lowly, eyes scanning through yours in the mirror. "Close?"

    You nodded hastily, eyes pleading as you asked silently for permission since you couldn't use your words yet.

    Tom's hand left your hips to grab your shoulder, pulling you up swiftly until your back was flushed against his chest, angling his thrusts upwards to hit that perfect spot in you. Your hand flew behind you to grab onto the back of his neck, your other hand gripping at his ass in an attempt to hold on to anything, to ground yourself as you slowly float into pure ecstasy.

    With his gloved hand remaining over your mouth, his other hand travelled down in between your legs, fingers immediately rubbing against your clit to push you over the edge first before he did, as always.

    A whole new wave of pleasure washed over your body then, your fingers digging into the flesh of his ass with a choked cry, sound barely muffled by the harsh leather of his glove.

    Tom growled into your shoulder at the sharpness of your nails, yet your harsh grip seemed to only spur him on as the movements of his hip only grew faster.

    "So fucking tempted not to let you finish," he grunted into your ear. Your eyes widened as it snapped to meet his gaze on the mirror. Tom chuckled darkly at that. "What? You think brats deserve to come?"

    You shook your head frantically in protest, letting out rushed sounds between sobs and whines, coming out as murmurs against his hand.

    "Ssssh don't worry, I'm gonna make this as your warning for now," Tom hushed, littering your shoulder with reassuring kisses. He rubbed your clit faster, a loud cry erupting out of you, which Tom was quick to press his hand down harder on your mouth to muffle it out. "Go on, love, you can let go."

    You were right at the precipice as tears started to settle on the corners of your eyes, and with the way Tom's thrusts began to stagger, you knew he was, too. His gaze remained locked with your as he kept up his pace, the work of his fingers in sync with each sharp yet satisfying draw of his cock against your tightening walls.

    White stars began to blur your vision, body burning in blue flames, and the last spark that lit your fuse into an overwhelming explosion was the sound of Tom's deep, guttural growl against your ear,

    "Cum for me, angel."

    Your hand slapped over Tom's gloved one to muffle out your scream as you felt the coil snap, head thrown back and digging on his shoulder, eyes screwing shut as your body convulsed. The grip of your hands on him was harsh, perfectly mirroring how your cunt milked his cock as you reached your climax, which in turn, triggered his own.

    "That's it—fuck!" Tom bit your shoulder harshly in an attempt to tone down his loud growl of your name, a yelp escaping your lips at the harshness of his teeth digging into your skin. He spilled into the condom with deep, heavy grunts, thrusts turning sloppy as he rode out both your highs.

    He removed his gloved hand off your face, curling it on your waist as his movements turned languid. He whispered reassuring words and loving praises into your ear, a mixture of 'Did so well for me, angel' and 'I've got you, my love' sweetly aiding you as you came down from your peak.

    Tom immediately stilled once you shook your head meekly with soft whimpers, his finger swiftly leaving your sensitive clit when your thighs pressed together reflexively to prevent overstimulation. He slowly pulled out then, you wincing at the faint sting to which he was quick to mutter gentle apologies with tender kisses on your shoulder to match.

    The second you felt fully empty of him, your legs quickly turned numb, limbs growing limp as if all your strength had been fucked out of your body.

    Well, to be honest, it practically was.

    You felt yourself slip into a daze, eyes fluttering close as your body grew faint in Tom's hold.

    "Whoa careful," he rushed as his grip around your waist tightened before you could slip from his grasp. He turned you around carefully, grabbing your limp arms and slinging them around his shoulders. He leaned you gently against the countertop, keeping one arm strongly around your form as he cupped your face tenderly with his free hand.

    "Hey, hey, look at me," Tom called softly, your eyes opening only halfway through as you looked into his brown ones. He smiled sweetly, sighing in relief as he whispered, "Hi there my beautiful girl."

    You merely hummed in response with a tired smile, falling forwards to press your lips against his weakly. Tom chuckled between the kiss, thumb running over your cheek before he gently pulled away a few moments later.

    "Here, how about you sit down," he said, reaching to lift the toilet lid up before gently settling you down on the seat. Pecking your lips briefly, he hummed, "Just give me a sec, okay, my love?"

    You nodded, doing your best to slowly settle your racing heart, the numbness of your legs gradually leaving as you relaxed on the seat.

    You merely caught glimpses of Tom disposing of the condom properly in the bin before he cleaned himself up with the wet wipes he took out of his pockets. He was already zipped up and properly dressed—tucked in and such—when he crouched in front of you.

    "How are you feeling?" he asked, one hand running up and down your thigh in comfort as the other cupped your cheek.

    "Amazing," you breathed out, leaning into his touch with a bright grin and a blissed-out look on your face.

    "Yeah?" Tom nodded with a soft chuckle, pushing himself forward to leave sweet pecks on your lips before smiling at you adoringly.

    You nodded. "Mhmm and tired."

    "I bet you are," he hummed, offering you both his palms to take soon after. "You think you can stand up for me, love? I think it'll be easier for me to clean you up a little when you're standing."

    "Tom, I got it—"

    "Let me," he cut you off, kissing your forehead before he helped you back on your slightly wobbly but otherwise stable feet.

    He urged you to grab the edge of the counter and bend over much like minutes prior but without any malice this time. Tom pulled out a few wipes from the packaging before he moved over behind you, crouching down and tapping your inner thigh, signalling you to spread them wider. He gently wiped you clean then, touches careful and tender around your sensitive parts, a quick apology leaving his lips whenever you wince when he accidentally nudges them too hard.

    "And done," he said, placing a warm and loud smacking kiss on your bare bum which earned a giggle from you. He stood up to his full height, tossing the used wipes into the sink. You turned to face him, hands landing on his shoulders as you kissed him appreciatively.

    "Thank you," you hummed against his lips.

    "Nothing to thank for, darling," Tom murmured, arms wrapping around your form tenderly, keeping you close as you continued to kiss lazily.

    It was unhurried without much movements involved, simply his lips pressed over your own, occasionally puckering up with sweet hums, and a few soft smacking sounds from Tom which in turn would make you giggle.

    "Need to pee," you muttered after a few moments.

    Tom nodded with a chuckle before letting you go, handing you the packaged wipes soon after. He busied himself as you went on with your business, cleaning up whatever it was that needed to be cleaned up, throwing the used wipes properly in the bin before he went and washed his hands.

    He was fixing up his hair when the flush echoed in the bathroom, his eyes looking over at you with a sweet smile. "Good?"

    "Mhmm," you hummed as you stood up, disposing of the wipes before moving over to the sink.

    Tom snuggled up behind you then, his arms wrapping around your waist, his front pressed against your back. He left a trail of kisses starting from your clothed shoulder up to the side of your neck before moving back to your shoulder again, basically latching onto you as you washed your hands. He didn't let you go nor did he let you move once you turned the faucet off, his legs stretching into a split as he went to grab some paper towels from the dispenser on the wall so you could dry your hands.

    You couldn't help but giggle, always finding it quite endearing how Tom's rather clingy after sex.

    Once done, you turned in his hold, both your arms snaking around his shoulders. His hands reached over to fix up your skirt, straightening out the fabric before he wrapped his strong arms around your waist.

    "You want to put your underwear back on?" he asked, softly nudging the tip of your nose with his.

    "I think I'm a little sensitive to put it back on," you admitted shyly as you shook your head no, heat quick to dust your cheeks at the simple reminder of what you two just did minutes priors. A reminder you know is going to linger for a couple more hours.

    Yet an immediate look of worry covered Tom's face upon hearing your words.

    "Does it hurt?"

    "Just a little sore," you hummed, preparing yourself for Tom's usual round of check-ups.

    He's always so fussy whenever you try something new or sometimes slightly intense in the bedroom—well, in this case, a bathroom—even more so whenever you disclose the tiniest bit of ache. It was endearing, your heart melting at the seams at the simple act of thoughtfulness and the utmost care from your ever so loving boyfriend.

    "How about somewhere else?" he queried, cupping your face with both hands as he turned your head from one side to the other, scanning your skin for any signs of visible discomfort. "Your cheeks, jaw, neck, hip—"

    "They feel fine, bub," you giggled.

    "Wait let me—" he paused, fingers hooking on the collar of your shirt, confusion filling your bones until you saw him scan your shoulder. The crease on his forehead deepened, guilt coating his eyes, no doubt seeing the mark his teeth had left behind. "Shit, darling, did I bite too hard?"

    "On the shoulder...yeah," you admitted honestly, never resulting in downplaying when it comes to things like this, even if it's something so small. Tom would know anyway if ever you try to shrug it off, passing it as not a big deal when in fact it is. And it would only make him think you don't trust him enough to voice out your concerns, good, bad, and serious—extending outside the bedroom.

    As you expected, his guilt only grew as his eyes widened. "Fuck, love, I'm sorry—"

    "Hey, no, it's okay," you reassured, fingers taking home on the nape of his neck, gently scratching his scalp there. Tom groaned softly at the feeling as his head fell back, eyes fluttering close. You giggled at his puppy-like tendencies. Kissing his jaw, you reminded, "You already know I like it when you do it."

    "Well, yeah, I know," he murmured, the apples of his cheeks turning pink, spreading up to the tips of his ears as he dropped his head, shyness coating his features as he met your eyes.

    Between the two of you, Tom's the one who likes to bite occasionally. Whether it's gentle nips or a little bit of a sharper bite, the harshness depending on what mood he was in or what point he was trying to get across. His shyness was rather adorable when he brought it up with you the first time. And to this day, he still gets timid about his little habit even though you've told him countless times how you like it and how you find it quite hot when he does it.

    He nudged his nose against yours tenderly, a small frown gracing his lips as he sighed, "But not too hard."

    "Tom, it's fine, you just got a little carried away," you hummed, grin widening as you raised a knowing brow at him. "Which has led me to believe you got a good one."

    His smirk made an appearance then. "I did," he said, voice falling down an octave. "A really, really, really, fucking good one, probably the best one yet, if I'm honest."

    Your laugh echoed around the space, nodding in agreement. "I could say the exact same thing," you giggled, though the sound faded when you saw the apprehension flash in his eyes again, his smile disappearing. Cupping his cheek, you asked in concern, "What's wrong?"

    "Was I too rough?" he whispered, eyes looking through yours hesitantly.

    "Tom, you were perfect," you said wholeheartedly, gaze filled with utmost sincerity as you held his brown hues. You combed your fingers through his hair, pushing back the curls that landed on his forehead before you went and cupped his warm cheek. "You're always perfect."

    Tom nodded softly with a soft breath of relief, apples of his cheeks turning pink as he leaned in to kiss you adoringly, squeezing your waist gently in appreciation. Pulling away, he tilted his head at you. "You sure you're feeling okay?"

    "Golden, I promise," you giggled but there was no ounce of uncertainty in your tone whatsoever.

    Tom smiled softly, eyes flickering through yours before they went over the whole expanse of your face. He was staring, the curve of his lips gradually growing upwards each time his gaze passed your eyes, your nose, your lips, trailing from the top to down, and then back up again.

    "Now, why are you looking at me like that?" you murmured, snapping him out of his reverie as he hastily met your eyes.

    Tom shrugged, his hold around you tightening with a soft breath. "Will never get used to how you look even more beautiful after," he admitted, grin turning slightly mischievous as he added, "You know, post-sex glow and that."

    You giggled, tracing his face with your finger, starting from his crown, to the crinkles of his eye, his rosy cheeks, his jaw before stopping at his chin, your thumb running over his still swollen lips before you cupped his face. "Could say the exact same thing about you," you hummed.

    He chuckled shyly, turning his head to kiss your palm tenderly. Though a second later, a smirk graced his lips.



    "I just had sex in a public bathroom at a clubhouse," he stated proudly, grin wide and cocky as he shook his head as if it was something he couldn't quite believe.

    "What? You did? Me too!" you gasped exaggeratedly. "Believe it or not, I was actually there with you."

    He rolled his eyes at that. "Ha, ha, very funny," he grumbled, though a sweet smile soon appeared on his face, the tip of his nose brushing against yours as he sighed, "I'm glad you're my first with this."

    You felt your heart burst at the seams, a bright smile erupting on your lips.

    "And I'm glad you're mine," you whispered, meaning in more things than just now but also, how lucky you truly are to call him yours, to have such a caring and attentive boyfriend, both in and outside the bedroom.

    Tom smiled, eyes twinkling, showing you that he understood what you meant and that he feels honoured. "Have I told you how much I'm in love with you?"

    "Hmm, I think I need to hear it more," you joked.

    Tom laughed heartily, arms tightening around your form to hold you down before he went and showered your face with loud smacking kisses, sweet 'I love you's uttered every time his lips touched your skin. You squirmed in his hold with nothing but joyful laughs erupting out of your lips. He ended his affectionate Tom-foolery with a loving, passionate kiss on your lips, a satisfied hum vibrating in your chest as you held him close by the back of his head.

    "I love you," Tom whispered, his breath hot against your lips once he pulled away, the sincerity of the simple yet powerful three words shining in his eyes, beautifully drawn in the depths of those brown swirls you adore.

    "And I love you," you said breathlessly, eyes twinkling to show how absolutely enamoured you are with the man before you. After a few silent moments, you hummed, "We should probably get out of here."

    Tom nodded with a chuckle. "I'll check outside first if there's anyone around the hall. I'll knock three times once the coast is clear," he instructed, giving you one last kiss and before he did exactly as he said.

    Thankfully there was nobody outside or even around the area, the hall practically the same when you entered it, empty and quiet.

    Somehow, you and Tom managed to get back into your seats at the restaurant with only a nod and a glance from the two boys. A quick question was thrown asking if you felt better to which you meekly responded with a 'Yes.'

    You couldn't help the fluttering from erupting in your stomach though, since your definition of 'better' and as to why you felt better wasn't as innocent as the question had suggested, and it was quite thrilling to keep a dirty little secret only you and Tom know.

    The chatter continued with the three lads. You were unable to give your two cents since it was mostly about golf. But still, you listened, and did learn a few more things about the sport.

    Tom was being much livelier and more interactive than he was before you left for the bathroom. It was hard trying not to break out into a smile, knowing why exactly he was in such a good mood all of sudden. The change would've been questionable but nobody else seemed to notice as you finished a round of drinks without raising any suspicion.

    Or so you thought.

    The soft hum of the engine was somewhat calming, added with the soft tune of the radio as the four of you made your way home. Harrison was driving, Harry riding shotgun while you and Tom were in the backseat.

    You were slowly but surely dozing off as you rested your head on Tom's shoulder, the random yet comforting circles he was drawing on your knee lulling you to sleep.

    There was no doubt that you were a little tired, probably from spending most of the whole morning walking around the course under the hot, blaring sun, but mostly because of the just as sizzling event that happened in the bathroom.

    Though much to your dismay, the boys in the front somewhat noticed your drained state.

    "That must've been a large dump, huh?" Harrison suddenly spoke up, the tone in his voice enough to prove that he knew more than he was letting on.

    "Oh no," you groaned, stomach curling with dread, already knowing where this was going but wishing for it not to be the case.

    "But Tom's only three inches though, so not that large," Harry quipped.

    You would've laughed at Harry's joke if you weren't busy dying from embarrassment, because after that comment, it was settled that they already knew.

    You draped your arm over Tom's torso as you hid your face on the crook of his neck, letting out another sound of mortification. Tom was quick to wrap both his arms around you protectively, one arm wrapping around your waist as the other snaked over your shoulder, helping you curl into a ball to hide in embarrassment.

    "Piss off, Harry," Tom grumbled, squeezing you comfortingly.

    Harrison laughed, "Now I get why the sausages at the restaurant didn't agree with you, Y/N."

    "Yeah, because the only sausage you agree with is Tom's," Harry finished the joke, the loud sound of the two boys high-fiving vibrating through the whole car as if it was the most ground-breaking penis joke in the world.

    "Oh god," you groaned, snuggling deeper into Tom's side even though you couldn't go any further anymore, your palm moving to cover the rest of your face that was shown.

    The joke was funny and clever, and again, you genuinely would've laughed if you weren't busy digging your hole to disappear into.

    Knowing the lads for a bit of a lesser time than Tom, you were still getting used to their teasing jokes, especially the explicit ones. Being inexperienced, your shyness wasn't easy to shake off. You couldn't help your embarrassment from growing tenfold whenever a few or more sexual jokes and innuendos get thrown about from time to time, even more so when it involves you and Tom.

    They knew when to hold it back though, making sure they weren't making you uncomfortable and you adore them for it. But either way, it didn't make it any less embarrassing that they now practically knew what you actually did in the bathroom. And it wasn't anywhere near taking a decent dump.

    "Leave her alone, you dickheads," Tom said, firm enough to warn the boys but not explicitly out of anger.

    You've assured him it was fine and you didn't mind the teasing here and there. It was just simple jokes between friends. And to have the boys include you in that, it could only mean they're comfortable having you around their circle, too. It was like a rite of passage somewhat, and you wouldn't have it any other way. Plus, never did they ever cross a line, always respectful and you adore the friendship you've grown with all of them.

    But still, Tom's protective nature is a little hard to tame sometimes.

    The two lads were still snickering amongst themselves. Tom wanted to shut them up but simply used the wrong words.

    "You fuckers, quit thinking about it."

    "Ah, so you two did do it," Harrison hummed, nodding his head slowly as he kept his eyes on the road.

    "None of your fucking business," Tom grumbled, though his lack of an answer was still somewhat of a confirmation itself.

    "Ha! Harry, you owe me one!" Harrison exclaimed.

    Tom's arms tightened around you then. "You assholes did a bet?"

    "I said you didn't have the balls to do it in public," Harry pointed out.

    "And I said you're too much of a horny fucker not to I mean we've seen how much you've been eyeing Y/N the whole day," Harrison argued, glancing at you both over his shoulder as added, "It would've been borderline creepy if you aren't her boyfriend, Tom."

    You giggled at that and you felt Tom's body relax beside you, a soft kiss landing on your temple as he squeezed your waist.

    "True, you really haven't been the best at hiding your boner either and I don't think golf excites you that much..." Harry trailed off, an over dramatic gasp escaping his lips soon after. "Or maybe it does?! Tom, does golf give you a hard on?"

    That made you burst out into a hearty laugh, lifting your head away from your hiding spot only to see how red your man's face had gotten.

    "Fuck off," Tom scoffed, but with how close you were, you saw the faintest twitch of his lips. You didn't know if it was because he found it funny, too, or merely because you laughed—which he always likes to remind you that it was the sweetest and most contagious thing ever.

    You didn't get a chance to come to a conclusion when Harry called your attention.

    "Y/N, is it true?" the younger Holland asked.

    You turned to look at the red-head in front, brows furrowed in confusion. "What?"

    "That Tom's sausage is only three inches?" Harrison explained, eyes locking with yours through the rear view mirror with a wide smirk.

    "Stop calling my dick a sausage, you creep." Tom gently kicked the back of the driver's seat, Harrison quickly complaining about the leather.

    "Come on, Y/N, speak your truth," Harry urged, an evil grin on his lips as he nodded at you encouragingly, so obviously trying to get you on their side to gang up on Tom.

    With a soft sigh, you curled into your man's side again, going back to your hiding spot right on the crook of his neck.

    "Yeah, it is," you lied.

    "Darling!" Tom protested with a whine.

    The two boys in front laughed boisterously as they high-fived among themselves again, and you couldn't stop your own laughs from escaping at the sight.

    You heard Tom sigh beside you, so you went and kissed his neck sweetly, silently telling him you were only joking. You knew Tom didn't mind, it was a simple exchange of banter between friends, and you knew he enjoyed it when you and the boys got along, even if at his expense. Plus, the kiss on your forehead and the squeeze of your waist reassured you of that.

    "You should take a nap now before we get home," Tom murmured against your temple. Before you could even ask him why, you felt your stomach curl for a different reason this time when soon after, he grumbled lowly against your ear,

    "You know I keep my promises and I'm far from done with you yet, angel."

    ✫*゚・゚。.★.*。・゚♛ *.

    ↬ reblog & leave a comment if you enjoyed! ✎ feedback is always appreciated <3

    ミ☆ taglist in masterlist & bio!

    ©️ t-lostinworlds, 2021

    #tom holland #tom holland fanfiction #tom holland smut #tom holland fluff #tom holland x reader #tom holland imagine #tom holland one shot #tom holland x female reader #tom holland x y/n #tom holland oneshot #tom holland fic #my writing
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  • kjack89
    21.09.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    “Never again,” Enjolras said through clenched teeth.

    “Shh,” Grantaire scolded, though he sounded like he was trying not to laugh as he gently ran his hand through the fine golden curls of the child asleep in his lap.

    “I mean it,” Enjolras warned, shifting the kid who had fallen asleep on his shoulder. “I will not go through this again.”

    Grantaire did laugh then, a quiet chuckle. “I can’t tell which you’re more upset about,” he started quietly, “losing at Uno, or—“

    “We’re home!” Marius called from the front door, and in an instant, both children were awake.

    “Daddy!” the golden-haired girl shrieked, while the boy who had been drooling on Enjolras’s shoulder ran straight to Cosette, who picked him up with a groan.

    “You are getting way too big for this,” she sighed, but she was smiling as she carried him back into the living room. “How’d it go?”

    Grantaire stood and kissed her cheek. “They were angels,” he assured her. “A real pleasure. And I’m not just saying that because I got to watch my husband get his ridiculously fine derrière kicked in Uno by two kids under the age of 7.”

    Marius laughed, tickling his daughter’s stomach as he carried her into the living room as well. “Did they get you with the Draw-4s?” he asked Enjolras with something like sympathy.

    Enjolras’s nostrils flared. “It’s fine,” he said stiffly. “The game was fine. It was after the game that was the problem.”

    Marius and Cosette exchanged looks. “What did they do?” Cosette asked warily.

    Grantaire rolled his eyes. “They did nothing,” he assured her. “He’s being a drama queen.”

    “They were watching propaganda,” Enjolras hissed, and Marius’s eyes widened.

    “I promise, that documentary about Ronald Reagan was a gift, I didn’t pay for it—“

    “Not that,” Enjolras snapped. “They were watching—“ He broke off, a muscle working in his jaw. “Paw Patrol.”

    He said the words like a curse, and Grantaire hastily turned his laugh into a cough. Marius frowned, confused, and Cosette cleared her throat, clearly stifling laughter. “Well, thank you for agreeing to babysit on such short notice, even if they, um, watched something so unsavory.”

    “Could be worse,” Grantaire said in an undertone with a wink. “Could’ve been Baby Shark.”

    Cosette shuddered. “Don’t even joke,” she warned.

    Grantaire laughed. “Anyway, I should get this one home,” he said, taking Enjolras’s hand. “Enj, say goodnight.”

    “Goodnight,” Enjolras said sourly, and Grantaire shook his head, wrapping his arm around his waist as they walked toward the door.

    “Daddy?” they heard Marius and Cosette’s daughter ask sleepily, and they paused. “What’s papa-ganda?”

    Grantaire choked on his laughter, and Enjolras smirked. “Maybe babysitting isn’t such a bad thing after all.”

    “Somehow I doubt they’re going to ask us back, but I’ll keep that in mind.”

    #enjolras#grantaire#exr #Enjolras x Grantaire #enjoltaire#Marius#cosette#fanfiction#drabble #long post for ts #modern au #popped in my head couldn’t resist
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    21.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago


    I’m writing out a fanfic that is a crossover between Little Nightmares and My Hero Academia. It follows my version of the scenario presented by ooCatoo on Ao3 with their “Broken Loop AU” (https://archiveofourown.org/series/2182770).

    Basically, Momo, Six and a couple of others from my upcoming fic end up landing in the HeroAca world thanks to Mono’s powers, eventually being found by pros and taken in by Dadzawa.

    I was hoping to discuss ideas like how Aizawa would handle these children and their own brand of trauma, among other things.

    I’ve got a good outline so far, but I would like to take it a little further.

    #Little Nightmares #Little Nightmares 2 #Little Nightmares au #shout out to ooCatoo for their amazing scenarios and stories #My hero academia #boku no hero academia #shouta aizawa#aizawa shouta#dadzawa#parental aizawa#BNHA#mha #six little nightmares #mono little nightmares #runaway boy #little nightmares nomes #oc#Fanfiction#discussion#fanfic
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  • scarstime
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    Rules and etc can be found in the carrd. It will be updated from time to time when I remember / gain muses.

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  • jonesyjonesyjonesy
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • frownyalfred
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    bitches will title a fic “in your embrace (gasping for the horizon)” or some bullshit like “we who rise up/broken near the end” and then it’ll just be about fisting. like that’s the whole fic.

    #it’s me I’m bitches #saw something like this on TikTok #but I can’t find it so I made my #own#fic#ao3 #it’s mostly ao3 lbs #fanfic#fanfiction
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  • bessies-girl
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #fanfiction#third doctor #brigadier lethbridge stewart #my post
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  • lilyisfrozen
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    When you’re writing a one shot about music students diligently practicing while also being a music student but not diligently practicing and choosing to write sin instead.

    #good lord #i am a hypocrite #i need to practice #i’m so bad at practicing #why can’t i just practice #bathroom thoughts #once again i’m getting my best inspiration in the bathroom #writing sin instead of practicing #fanfiction#fanficition writer #rengoku kyojuro fanfic #i never made those cupcakes #but i made cobbler instead
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  • nonsensicaluniverse20
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I have two questions. what are the effects of a healing vs a regen potion? also, I have a fanfic inspired by a villain au and the original creator was thinking of changing the name to Anti-hero SMP. If you read my fic (always be pluggin), do you think I should change its name or keep it the same?

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  • evergreen-elm
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    I just finished up Chapter 7 for The Midoriya Plan not too long ago. As celebratory means, I made more memes of course! (Haha!) Enjoy.

    Shigaraki all of Chapter 7:

    #beetlesjournals #the midoriya plan #mha#bnha#bnha fic#mha fic #my hero academia fanfiction #mha fanfiction#bnha fanfiction#all might #all for one #shigaraki#dabi#toga #league of villains #hisashi midoriya
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    Crime of the Century - Chapter Update

    Happy Monday y’all, who’s ready for the start of the new season? All the posts and previews got you sufficiently freaked out yet? Have a new chapter to soothe the nerves! Enjoy!

    They stayed like that until her fingers brushed over something rough near his collarbone. Hailey lifted her head and looked at what was under her fingers, a perfectly round scar. He'd been shot at some point. She traced her finger over it, feeling the different texture it had compared to the skin around it. "Did you get this on the job?"

    Jay looked down at the old wound. "No," he cleared his throat. "The war....

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  • winterlovesong1
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    don’t wander too far: chapter five

    Summary: Nancy is trying to solve the case of the crew’s shared nightmares. A season three trailer spec fic.

    Author Notes: Whew this was a tough chapter to edit. I hope you enjoy it!


    He’s not sure how to exactly thank someone for saving your life, but with how his recent days had been panning out, he thinks he should figure it out quickly.

    But then again, his situation is unique he clarifies to himself, because this save wasn't your standard I'm in danger and need rescuing. He wasn’t even aware of what was happening, he didn’t even know he was in peril.

    Read the rest at A03

    Read from the beginning

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  • puppypopcornpizza
    20.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Cold Hands

    She'd forgotten New York's chill. Burning as she breathed in crisp and the hairs on her neck stood. Icy bitterness - biting into skin and her fingers were numb even stuffed into her pockets. The man ahead didn't even seem slightly inconvenienced. 

    "You're being dramatic," a crinkle in his eyes before a chuckle and white breath. His shoulders seemed lighter. 

    "Says the Super Soldier with the metal arm, you've got less parts to get cold."

    "That's rude." 

    "You've said worse to me." 

    Eyes glared in her direction then back ahead, she caught the quirk at the corner of his mouth before he could hide it. She couldn't help her own smile. 

    Bucky, to her, felt like comfort. An odd kind of uncertainty but safety that left her longing for more and she wasn't entirely sure for what. 

    But she caught herself memorising the tension in his jaw when words got stuck, a squint as eyes darkened - the way his head would tilt when he spoke. The sorrow in his features when he thought no one paid mind. He carried more hurt than he'd let on. 

    Though he'd watch her hands, she'd notice. Eyes would focus on chipped nail polish and picking at raw edges as words took - almost distant gazes but she knew he'd heard. 

    "Hey," a bump to her shoulder and she almost gasped at the pull from thoughts. "Where are you?" 

    She breathed a short laugh, watching her boots as she sifted through her brain for an answer that wasn't related to him. Because she couldn't do that yet, she wouldn't. 

    "Uh," another forced chuckle before an awkward smile. He had every right to be suspicious.

    "'Think the cold might be freezing your brain." 

    "That and I can't feel my nose or my fingers," an eye roll with a smile from him. "Don't roll your eyes at me, I will punch you." 

    Feigned fear in his eyes before he broke out into grins, her chest felt warmer. Static in her stomach like he was a high school crush. 

    "I hate you, Barnes."

    Right hand held out to her, he still wore the gloves and it almost made her frown. Even through the leather his palm radiated warmth and the butterflies doubled. 

    "Yeah?" The smug in his grin never faltered, seeming to widen at the colour growing in her cheeks. "Seems like I'm helping now." 

    "Shut up." 

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