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  • Chapter 10 of “A Dream Come True” is now up! Link in reblogs

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    Just a smol life update! Ya girl is writing Chapter 3 of “A Dream Only Time Would Fade”! I’m ¾ done with this chapter!


    Originally posted by uglygreenjacket

    #Personal#life update #phantom of the opera fanfic #my fanfic stuff #my fanfiction#fanfiction#fanfic #Fanfic: a dream only time would fade #I'm probably gonna be finished some time soon so stay tuned!
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  • Everyone I’ve ever loved, I pushed them all away

    A Petyr x Sansa modern AU fic

    Link: Here

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  • Hola queridos amigos que no conozco…

    Les traigo la portada…

    Aviso que sigo dibujando, según sería un sólo capítulo pero al final me di cuenta que está pesado condensar una historia tan linda. (Enredada y cliché)… Así que, les paso la portada.

    Abriré una pagina de facebook, por lo que solicito, cuando lo haga, apoyen con su me gusta y compartan. Les avisaré.

    Honestamente quiero que conozcan lo que hago, voy comenzando y me motivan ustedes. UwU)


    Si comparten, por favor denme el crédito. No me enojo

    Bien… Si todo va al mismo ritmo el primer capítulo estará para el Domingo más tardar.

    If I have the same time for drawing, Sunday it will be post the first chapter.

    I love u!

    Los quiero mucho. 😍🎩🖤


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  • Summary: Based off this Youtube series. Jimmy, Ray Garraty’s ex & Pete, His current boyfriend, must choose between the cold hard truth or a nice drink….

    (The Long Walk - They’re 26 in this)

    Words:  3,882

    Ship: Gavries

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    #gavries#CUT AU #let me know your thoughts on this one!! #im still kinda nervous #The Long Walk #my fanfiction#Ray Garraty#peter mcvries#jimmy owens#stephen king #stephen king books
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  • I was ill and I have to study very hard because of my exams but is in these moments when the fanfiction spirit possess me and I can’t resist it, I need to write even a little thing. So here is the little thing. 


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  • Do Angels Need Love || Wonho Fallen Angel AU


    (gif is not mine)

    Wonho x Reader

    Genre: Supernatural Romance

    Warnings: Mentions of blood, surgery

    Words: 834

    Moonboard Preview , Part 1 

    Part 2: Operation

    “Mam? Can you hear me?” A voice echoed in your head. You pried your eyelids open to see nothing but blinding white light. You turned your head away, blinking to adjust your vision. “Ok, eyes are responsive.” You recognized the woman in front of you as a nurse. “Mmph…my head,” you groaned, moving to hold your head in your hands. “You have a mild concussion. The back of your head is a bit swollen. Minor abrasions on your torso from where John Doe landed on you, but no breaks or fractures.” You furrowed your brow. “John Doe?” The nurse jotted down something on her clipboard. “That’s just what we call patients who we can’t find records of. You wouldn’t happen to know him personally?” You shook your head apologetically, but regretted it when your pain intensified from the movement. “We’ll test the severity of your concussion later. We did an MRI scan while you were still unconscious,” the nurse said. “Shouldn’t be too serious, depending on the way you took the fall.” The collision replayed in your head. The same disbelief boggled your mind. How did this happen to you? “Do you know where he came from?” you asked the nurse, who you noticed was named Nadi on her nametag. She shook her head. “It’s strange. It’s like he doesn’t exist. No name, no matching DNA, which means no family, nothing. We’ve gotten patients like that before, but none that seemingly dropped out of the sky.” A strange feeling bubbled in your stomach. “May I call you by your name, nurse?” She put a calm smile on her face. “Yes. I’m Nadi. I should’ve said that earlier,” she answered, chuckling at her own forgetfulness. “You’re name is Miss Y/L/N right?” You nodded. “You can call me Y/N. I just wanted to ask…Do you think… that John Doe could be a Fallen? Those angels people have been talking about?” Nadi placed down her clipboard, a pensive expression on her face. “In terms of medicine it wouldn’t make sense, but nothing so far has! There’s no explanation for the strange injuries on his back and the 2nd degree burns. We figure we’ll just ask him what happened when he wakes up from surgery. If he says the same thing the others have said -” “Others? Others that fell from the sky? There’s more?” Nadi glanced at the open door, then leaned closer to you and started speaking softer. “Twelve more patients have come in before him with similar injuries. Burns on the skin, busted ribs from crashing to the ground- or on top of poor unsuspecting people like yourself- and the strangest thing of all, two gaping holes gushing blood on their backs! And you know something? People around the office are saying it could be from-” “Nadi are you gossiping with the patients again!” A male voice from the doorway caused Nadi to startle and hide her face behind her clipboard. “No, Dr. Whitfield! Just disclosing her injuries to her.” You could see Nadi’s face turning red. You held in a chuckle. The doctor turned to you with a pleasant smile. “Hello, Miss Y/L/N. How are you feeling?” “Please, just Y/N. I’m fine. My head hurts a little…and I’m a bit confused to be honest.” Dr. Whitfield nodded. “That’s understandable. We’ve got a bit of a mystery on our hands. When you’re feeling up to it, we’ll do a couple tests to confirm the impact of your concussion and whether or not overnight stay is neccessary, how’s that sound?” “Ok, thank you. Hopefully I’ll make it to- WHERE’S MY PHONE?” Your voice shot out in alarm as a sudden realization came over you. Nurse Nadi startled at your shout, nearly dropping her clipboard.

    You had somewhere to be! You couldn’t be in the hospital! She was waiting for you!

    “I need my phone! Get my phone! She’s waiting for me! Oh no! How long have I been here? Where’s my phone?!” Nadi looked at Dr. Whitfield with concern, to which he responded by nodding and exiting the room. “You’re trying to call that woman aren’t you?” Her voice was small, almost afraid. “My stepmother! She was waiting for me! I have to call her now! She’ll be so mad!” A rush of panic swept through your whole body as you thought about the extent of her wrath. Your breath began to have trouble breathing. Nadi rushed to your side and touched your shoulder. “It’s alright. Breathe, relax.” You tried to steady your breath. “Will you please let me call her?” There was a small stretch of silence before the nurse answered. “We…already did. She’s here.”

    As soon as she said that, you’re heartbeat went from racing to still as your whole body locked up. The sound of heels approaching and a bickering woman’s voice made the blood drain from your face.

    As your eyes met hers, you couldn’t help wishing that instead of John Doe, you were the one getting an operation right now.

    A/N: Part 2 is finally here! Sorry it took a little longer than I wanted. But I couldn’t get it to be more interesting. I promise part 3 will be less boring. As always, any feedback is welcome! I hope you like it!

    Tag Requests: @jackiejacks923 @tanithrea @ohleegukk

    #do angels need love fic #wonho fanfiction #shin hoseok fanfiction #wonho imagines#wonho scenarios #monsta x fanfiction #monsta x imagines #monsta x scenarios #kpop fanfiction#kpop au#wonho#shin hoseok#lee hoseok#ultimate bias#my writing#my fanfiction
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  • I’m Mr. Brightside (17741 words) by tabbytabbytabby
    Chapters: 1/1
    Fandom: The Witcher (TV)
    Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
    Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
    Relationships: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion
    Characters: Jaskier | Dandelion, Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Cirilla Fiona Elen Riannon, Yennefer z Vengerbergu | Yennefer of Vengerberg
    Additional Tags: Light Angst, Pining, Bodyguard Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Musician Jaskier | Dandelion, Concerts, Protective Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Falling In Love, Tour Bus, Misunderstandings, First Kiss, Love Confessions, Kidnapped Jaskier | Dandelion, Stalking

    Everything is Jaskier’s life seems to be going great. His career as a musician has been soaring lately. He’s about to go on his first co-headlining tour with Yennefer. Things are perfect. At least until he comes home to find his place trashed and covered with pictures of himself. Fearing for his safety, his manager Ciri insists on hiring a bodyguard. That’s how he meets Geralt, his sworn protector, and the two set out on a tour that changes things for the both of them.

    For @lovelylittlegrim and @eclecticklutz

    #geraskier #geralt x jaskier #geraskier fanfiction #the witcher fanfiction #the witcher #geralt of rivia #jaskier#my fanfiction #i cannot believe i actually finished this #and it's almost 18k #gees #i am proud if this though #it's my baby
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  • So after reading @pinkiepiebonespost, I got excited to do some BOP!Harley-style intros for my Batman OCs. Which I’m still working on. But I also did one for Earth-24 Zsasz, since I’ve been working on him. (Basically BOP and Gotham Zsasz kinda crammed together.) Harley’s voice is somehow both a breeze and challenging, and this got longer than it has any need to be, but… *gestures*

    “Funky Town over there is the most feared mob hitman in all a’ Gotham and Ozzie’s favorite throat-slitter, Victor Zsasz. Once upon a time he coulda bought and sold at least half the suckers in this room. But like lotsa little rich boys in this city, he was afflicted with a bad case a’ Sudden Mommy and Daddy Death Syndrome. Even though he was all grown-up at the time, he took it pretty hard, started throwing himself int’ all kinds a’ risky business, probably jes tryin’ ta feel something but soul-crushin’ grief an’ loneliness. Sooner than ya’d think, he’d gambled away all a’ his and his parents’ considerable fortunes, and since his life was already over in every way that mattered, he decided ta make it official. So he heads ova’ to the Westward Bridge ta end it all…

    And he gets mugged! Can ya believe that shit? The man is on a bridge at night, lookin’ like hell, tryin’ ta tie a weight to his ankle, clearly about ta kill himself, and some rando pulls a knife and asks for money! Guy can’t catch a break! Well, that was just one act a’ cosmic fuckery too far, and little Vicky finally snaps. He wrestles the knife from the guy and stabs him a few dozen times in what I figure was equal measures self-defense an’ a well-earned psychotic break. The story gets kinda fuzzy and philosophical about here whenever he tells it, but suffice to say the whole experience left him pretty fucked up. He was teeterin’ between suicide and a spree killin’ when his old private school pal Roman Sionis found him and offered a marginally more constructive alternative. See, Romy had just been kicked out a’ his dad’s company an’ was lookin’ ta make a career change by makin’ a play for the East End where folks weren’t so pleased with King Penguin’s reign, and he was in the market fer someone ta help him check off his kill list and provide a steady stream a’ personal validation and unquestionin’ devotion. And that is how two grown men with some pretty severe abandonment issues end up in an intense codependent feedback loop for the next several years.

    How Zsaszles went from bein’ the Black Mask’s human weighted blanket to the right-hand pyschopath a’ his most hated rival is a whole sordid soap opera on its own, and we’ll get to that. But fer now ya jes need ta know that Zsasz’s on Team Penguin, which crucially means he ain’t runnin’ loose in the streets, ventin’ his existential crisis on the fine citizens a’ this shithole city.

    That, and I’m, like, 99% sure he’s not fuckin’ his boss this time. …What? Toldja it was sordid.”

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  • Borrow My Heart

    Sanditon Fanfiction | Charlotte Heywood/James Stringer
    AU - Canon Divergence | Fake Engagement | Fluff

    written for the @sanditoncreative 6 sanditon valentines event

    day 6: free choice - fake relationship

    Tired of her family’s endeavours to marry her off, Charlotte convinces her friend the architect Mr. Stringer to act as her betrothed for a few months so she can have some breathing room. 

    However, as they start spending more time together, Charlotte finds she quite likes playing the role of Mr. Stringer’s fiancée. Perhaps a little too much…

    (link in reblog)

    #sanditon fanfiction#sanditon edit #charlotte x stringer #james stringer#charlotte heywood #6 sanditon valentines #sanditon #charlotte x james #my fanfiction#my edits #my fic: bmh
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