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  • bereft-of-frogs
    07.05.2021 - 1 minute ago

    sooo the thing about fandom is sometimes I get super fed up with it like ‘fine, w/e, I can’t handle the discourse and the infighting, I’m just going to do my own thing in my own corner and not care what anyone thinks of me’

    and then inevitably a week later I’m like ‘oh wait no I take it back, I’m lonely please be my friend’

    #honestly this post is mostly about star wars rather than the mcu #because with the mcu i feel like i have a solid base of friends and i'm frankly sort of.... #hm how to put this nicely....a little upset bordering on angry with a lot of the rest of the fandom let's be real #but with star wars i get like overwhelmed by how big it is and feel stuck in a corner because of my unwillingness to watch tcw #so i'm like eh i'm okay just being by myself! and then i see really good meta or fic or art and i'm like O.O wait no please be my friend #like i feel like i do want to have a stronger foothold in star wars but i'm just....intimidated XD #and 15 years late #whoops #anyways i'm just going to keep hesitantly trying to make friends like i'm the new awkward kid at camp and hopefully that will work XD
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  • zimathan
    07.05.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    kalyx, here we come

    #invader zim#iz#zim#iz zim#art tag #space invaders au #i'm super super proud of this kdhggdjkfd #yes its part of my fic don't LOOK AT ME!!!! #also i found a huge fuck up in my fic so i'm like #;_; really shaken up abt it bc hghhghg i am so scared i lost a massive chunk somewhere
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  • whaticameherefor
    07.05.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #11x7 discourse #today’s resurgence of asks has solidified the fact that I need to post my fic #I promise I will do it after my BB chapter is done #watch out for that I guess folks lol
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  • foxstens
    07.05.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    i just read the heaviest fic

    #my posts#animanga#liveblogging#ficblogging #u know how the book itself is really very heavy and dark #and unsettling and horrifying and traumatizing and s a d #yea this was #this was even more so somehow #even more so than any other fic ive read #and it's not just that its dark #its that it /feels/ dark and heavy and empty #its one where xl becomes jw's heir #and this is different from others in that jw actually exists in it lol #and hc is also there being his wonderful self #but whereas other similar fics feel very tragic and also angry somehow #this one is just plain sad #but it does not have a sad ending #so im just gonna go and #stare into space for a while #bc every tgcf fic i read changes my life in some way #y e a
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  • quelsentiment
    07.05.2021 - 7 minutes ago


    #i love it when me shitposting about what a feeling lowkey gets more traction than my fic posts 🙃 #especially when there's A FUCKING TYPO #anyway i deleted it out of spite #sorry that was me being bitter for a second I'll shut up now
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  • technicallyblakebelladonna
    07.05.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    in today’s LDAU wip snippet i give u blake “emotional speeches” belladonna


    “I’ve never done anything like this before, not with anyone. I…”

    “You’ve told me this before, baby,” Blake said quietly, no hint of judgement or accusation or impatience in her tone. “What makes it different now?”

    “Because, I - it’s real now, Blake,” Yang barely managed, clinging to the hem of Blake’s shirt. “What if I can’t make you feel good?”

    Blake paused for a long moment, and Yang thought for an irrationally heartstopping second that Blake was going to agree with her, that she’d call this whole thing off. But, sensing her tension, Blake just kissed her cheek softly before replying, “Do you know how many people have said that you’re absolutely brilliant at cooking, Yang?

    “I - what?” Yang blinked, nonplussed. “If this is a get back in the kitchen joke, Blake, I swear to god-”

    Blake shook her head, pressing a gentle smile to the corner of Yang’s lips. “I promise I have a point, babe. Now hush.” 

    Yang grumbled, sounding more adorable than annoyed, but let Blake carry on. “Everyone loves the food you make, but I know for a fact that you used to absolutely suck,” Blake said through a fond chuckle. “Babe, the stories you’ve told me about nearly setting your entire kitchen on fire, singeing off one of your eyebrows…”

    “Blake,” Yang said pointedly, shifting a little uncomfortably on the couch next to her.

    “You didn’t start out knowing everything,” Blake explained. “You got better and better over time, gained more and more knowledge about the basics of cooking until now you’re able to whip up almost anything from scratch and have it always taste delicious.”

    Yang’s brow furrowed as she tried to follow along with Blake’s train of thought. Her confused frown deepened when she apparently came up empty. “Are you calling yourself a delicious meal that I’m about to partake in, or like… something? ‘Cause I mean… you’re not wrong but-”

    Even when Yang was nervous as hell, Blake couldn’t help but laugh at the way that Yang just had to slip in that obvious insinuation. “No, you dork,” Blake said, bapping her on the head fondly. “What I’m saying, is that once you knew what you were doing, you were able to just do things on instinct. You knew that if you added this ingredient to that dish, then it would end up tasting a certain way. Because you were intimately familiar with the process. You had a foundation and you were just building off of that.”

    Yang’s eyes lit up as she finally started to catch on.

    Blake smiled at her, nuzzling their noses together and pressing her forehead against Yang’s. “That’s all this is, baby,” Blake murmured reassuringly. “This whole experience… what we’re about to do together, it’s new and exciting and maybe a little scary in some ways, but we know each other. We trust each other. We love each other. And that’s what matters in the end, right? Because the end result is us, together. And we’re together right now, so nothing will change, baby. Okay?”

    #rwby#bumbleby #yang xiao long #blake belladonna#ldau#ray writes #random reagan rambles #fic distance #and YES i am STILL fuckin working on this skfhskghdgkh #slowly but surely it will come to a close #this WILL be the last chapter #no more extensions #plus i do have an Exact Ending in mind #(already have it written actually) #it's just... connecting the middle to it #but the middle may include smut and that's my main hang up skfhskhgr
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  • oi-levi
    07.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #...... NO BC IM GONNA WRITE A FULL FIC FOR THIS #mark my words #put me at gun point and force me to write this #sar.speaks #concepts#levi#au#suggestive
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  • aewriting
    07.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    RNM Fanfic Remix: Alex Manes is Trying


    This is my RNM Fanfic Remix. I matched with @skinsharpenedteeth and was inspired by their story “Michael Guerin is a Grower”:


    The original story is told from Michael’s point of view. In the story, Alex’s application for a aPtsd service dog is accepted, and he must attend a three-week training program in Florida. He asks Michael to house-sit, and plant shenanigans ensue. I wrote my remix from Alex’s perspective.


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  • supernaturalisahorrorshow
    07.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    okokok here you go, lesbian win(wee?sam is 15)cest  teaser. This currently has no name and lots of warnings, for like, the usual fuckery. 


    Your mother is crucified on the ceiling in a white dress. She bleeds into your baby sister’s mouth like communion and you don’t remember anything but the smell of charred flesh and curtains, the roar of flame, the bleat of sirens. You didn’t know it then, but that was the moment you stopped being your mother’s daughter, and became your father’s son. The moment your future of party dresses and sweet sixteens and lipgloss and sleepovers was cut short, fast and hard, a cauterized wound. 

    It’s fine. You would never never been very good at being one of those girls, anyway. It would have been an ill fitting mask, you think, so you don’t feel any great yawning loss in your heart when your father buys your clothes from Army Surplus and the boys section of goodwill, when he shaves your hair down into a crew cut because its pointless to have anything longer when fly-away strands could get caught in the chamber and bolt of a rifle and fuck up your shot. 

    Your father fashions you into a girl-version of him, such a flawless replica you’re not sure you’re even the girl-version anymore. Maybe just the younger version, the sloppier version. You drink the same brand of whiskey he likes, when he lets you have whiskey. You talk like him, you listen to the same five bands he does, you wear his leather jacket like armor, and you don't miss the Deana who could have been, natural highlights and the sort of lips that make boys forget their names. Instead you cut the A off and go by Dean, and you do everything in your power to downplay and silence the parts of you a man might notice. Under your oversized white V necks you double up on sports bras that compress your chest, and even when you turn pretty girls out in church basements, you don’t let them touch you under your shirt. You do the touching, you tilt them back, you bunch their cheerleader skirts around their narrow hips, mind a mess of lotion and perfume until you find the one place on them that’s dirty, and put your tongue there. Just like your dad does, when he leaves you and Sam alone in a motel and comes stumbling back with a whore, only to book a room down the hall like the walls aren’t thin and his daughters-turned-sons won’t hear him. 

    Sammy though—she resists it. The transformation into a son. As soon as she hits puberty she digs her heels in and wails for the right to wear pink, to have soft things, to chew bubblegum, to watch Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    #lesbian wincest#SISTERSSSSS #I literally just could not sleep last night because I was thinking about eldest daughter butch dean #and reeling#my fic#fic stuff
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  • raptorbox
    07.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    part of my realization/mini breakdown i guess was that maybe i don't wanna do prompts anymore bc it's like........all i do, and i wanna do more stuff that's not prompted. the problem, though, is that i think prompts are Super Fun and i should have fun, right? but it's coming at the cost of thinking of things for myself, or at least i think so.

    it's complicated...i should just do what i want/what feels right but i don't know what that is. i'll still take the 3/5 sentence au prompts bc no one can take those from me, but like...should i completely wipe away all my current prompts and start fresh?

    i have some new prompt lists saved bc i can't stop myself but i should save those for much later, maybe. i guess i'm stuck on what to do next. i'm not in a writing mood necessarily so maybe it's a good time to go through my prompts and decide which ones sound like good ideas and maybe just cut them down? or maybe just get rid of all of them. idk. i'll figure it out.

    #raptortext #i have a lot of non-prompted fic sitting in my evernote #which are partially there bc i don't finish things #but a lot there bc i prioritized finishing prompts
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  • papergirlverse
    07.05.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    phoenix black & regulus black :: for @materialkii

    “if he had loved her so much, why had he left her?”
    #ocappreciation#fyeahharrypotterocs#allaboutocs#ochub #made for friends #friend's ocs #made for others #oc: phoenix black #fic: decadence#my edits #gifts for friends #{you hurt me so I'm gonna hurt you} #{jk I just loved this idea and decided to run with it}
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  • patroclusdefencesquad
    07.05.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    when love interests in a period drama call each other by their first names for the first time...the intimacy...

    #im on my sanditon fix it fic binge #el randoms
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  • johannadc
    07.05.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Inspired by these photos of Mycroft in dark, plain suit, I have a new chapter of “Mycroft in Fashion” for you. 

    Mycroft’s Funeral Suit https://archiveofourown.org/works/26606602/chapters/76991954 Don’t worry! They’re just going to a funeral, nothing more. But they spend time talking about how public to make their relationship along the way. 

    (I’m not entirely sure how I went from talking about a funeral to a Papa Lestrade reference. These two! So inspiring in such odd ways!) 

    #my fanfic#mystrade fic #mycroft holmes x greg lestrade #mycroft holmes in a suit #as always
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  • hahanoiwont
    07.05.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    hey so does anyone on here use a screen reader when they read fanfiction...? I've been looking up screen reader accessibility tips to figure out how to make my own fics accessible, like reducing/providing transcripts for any garbled text, taking out some stylistic details so that a screen reader will be able to parse my sentences, etc., but I'm afraid I just don't have the experience with screen readers to know if I'm missing something. Would it be fair to tag Whither Then as screen reader friendly?

    #j no#writing tag #whither then fic #if anyone wants to give me a top 5 pet peeves or anything that would help too #i have no idea what annoys screen readers #and i really don't want to tag it as screen reader friendly if it isn't #but also i would like it to be screen reader friendly #so you can see my problem here #google is helpful but mostly gives me info for coding entire websites #instead of blocks of text #i've done my best so far but please if you have any tips i would appreciate them
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  • foolforshera
    07.05.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Hey, why not post chapter twenty? Just two more and epilogue. We're moving right along.


    Finn slept right up until dinner and when they woke up, the first thing they saw was Izzy working away at the table, tapping away at her data pad. As they sat up, Izzy looked up.

    “Do you feel better?” she said.

    “A bit. I think I’m going to grab a shower and then start trying to talk to people again,” Finn said.

    “It’s almost dinner. I was thinking about going to eat with the clones again,” Izzy said.

    Finn stretched as they stood up. “I think I’m going to skip it, is that ok? I really want to do more on this.”

    “Yeah, that’s alright. You going to be alright on dinner?” she said.

    “I’ll throw something together out of our stuff,” Finn said as they walked into the bathroom.

    Izzy watched them go in and then back down at the display in front of her. She’d identified multiple voids, all of them down in the section of the castle that moved the most. She muttered to Pat and ran another simulation. She thought maybe some of them were just errors manifesting in the model and while she’d ruled out a couple of them, the rest seemed to be valid. She thought about the sight of the crack in the wall disappearing and wondered who’d been inside that wall that had left food out for her.

    Read the rest at AO3!

    #finn #finn and the moms of power #my fic#spop#entrapta's prize
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  • foxybananaaaz
    07.05.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    I have new fanficion ideas, following Footprints and Presents.

    I know these ones aren't widely popular, but I thought I would mention that I have an idea in writing a Jessie and Lucien scene that takes place after Presents. So I'll give writing it a go.

    Just thought I'd post it here so I have no excuse to wave it off.

    If interested, you can read Footprints P1 & P2 and then Presents.

    #Jessie is my OC by the way #and luciens daughter #well#elains too #shes eluciens first child #and i have written two fics featuring her now #and i have an idea for a third #shae writes fanfic #elucien kid fic
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  • slothspaghettiwrites
    07.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #sloth asks#nonnie#dark#dark fic #dark!stucky #tw birth #tw non con #tw serial killers #tw breeding #oh my goodness
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  • mouthymandalorian
    07.05.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    vehemence & provocations - masterlist

    moodboard by me

    summary: you’ve been warned to stay away from jack “agent whiskey” daniels if you want to keep your heart intact. as the new chief of technological development for the statesman new york city branch, keeping your distance from the lead agent is all but impossible. your attempts to keep the brash, cocky cowboy at bay cause explosions, and a one-night stand only leads to more tension when jack realizes that he wants you to be his. will a mission gone wrong bring the two of you together, or will it drive you apart for good?

    pairing: whiskey x fem reader

    rating: E [see individual parts for specific warnings]

    part i - presumptions [coming soon]

    part ii - assumptions [coming soon]

    part iii - urges [coming soon]

    #agent whiskey #jack whiskey daniels #whiskey x reader #whiskey x you #whiskey x manhattan #vehemence & provocations #my fic
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