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    31.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    My Fanfic

    Hey all! Here's a list of all my Drag Race fanfiction so far. Word counts rounded, usually to the nearest thousand. XOXO

    Come talk to me anytime! There's nothing more inspiring than getting feedback from someone who's read your work and wants more. <3


    Galactica (Multiship Fashion AU) Collab with TheDane. EPIC AU involving the lesbian mafia of the fashion world, loosely based on The Devil Wears Prada. Centered on Violet, who is a young designer working for Miss Fame. AQ LINK and AO3 LINK Note: the Original “main” story (695K words) can be found at this series link, along with a bunch of prequels/sequels: AO3

    Also in the works, please hit me up if these sound interesting: Sequels to both Tree House Kisses and Undone. A Parent Trap AU. A dystopian ABC AU based on Yentl.


    Tree House Kisses (Adorney Lesbian AU featuring Bitney/Viadore/Rajadore/Pearlet, and other misc ships) - 46 Chapters, 185K words Collab with Scorpio. Angsty High School Lesbian AU. Scorpio lets me help with this one out of pity because I was so obsessed with their first chapter. Now our baby is finally done and a sequel is in the works. AQ LINK and AO3 LINK

    Undone (Bitney - Lesbian AU) 
- 30 Chapters, 79K words Collab with Stephanie. Slow-burn Bitney with many complications (like Bianca’s real shitty OC husband). Features generally Courtney-centric smut with other queens besides Bianca (Violet, Fame, Valentina, Tatianna). AQ LINK, AO3 LINK and LINK TO SERIES Sequels: Come Here Often? - Fluffy porn that involves first-meeting roleplay. (2600 words) Sleepless in Santa Monica - Porn and domestic fluff. (4800 words)

    Exposed (Bitney - Canon Compliant) - 24 Chapters, 61K words A “slow burn” love story of their relationship from before Drag Race airs through a few years later. AO3 LINK

    Just Friends Series (Bitney/Willaska - Lesbian AU) AQ LINK (for all chapters in order) or AO3 LINK to Series Collab with Albatross. Two intersecting college au lesbian stories: No Strings Attached (Willaska - 33K words) and Off Limits (Bitney - 37K words)

    The M Chronicles (Bitney Series featuring both AU and Canon Compliant stories) A series of Bitney vignettes inspired by Madonna songs. AO3 LINK to Series Candy Shop/I’m Addicted/Inside Out AKA Madonna Femslash Trilogy - Three chapters of Lesbian AU. Bianca is a DJ, Courtney is a gogo dancer. Lots of smut and some feelings too. (13K words) Holy Water - Canon compliant jealousy smut (5K words) Open Your Heart - M/M HS/College AU based on the prompt “you were my high school crush, now we are college roommates.” (8K words)

    Sugar and Spice (Bitney HS AU) - 12 chapters, 23K words Collab with Edith. Mean Girls meets West Side Story. Not really finished but the slow burn is over. AO3 LINK

    I’m Not Gay (Bitney/Jalaska - High School AU) - 15 Chapters, 50K words Roy is a senior in HS when Shane, a freshman, moves from Australia. Set in the fall of 1996. Overalls! RENT! Mix Tapes!!! FRIENDS! M/M Bitney and lesbian Jalaska. AO3 LINK

    Endless Love (Bitney - M/M AU) - 26 Chapters, 54K wordsCollab with Fiore. Childhood to Adult AU. Roy and Shane are best friends who grow up across the street from each other. (If Childhood AU is not your thing but you're still interested, you can skip straight to Chapter 13 when they're grown-up, it's written so that it still makes sense without the earlier chapters.) AO3 LINK


    After The World Ends AKA Porn in the Woods (Witney/Sashea/Biadore Lesbian AU Oneshot) Post-Apocalyptic Lesbian AU written as a birthday present for the lovely Dandee, featuring all your faves trying to survive in the woods after Trump’s presidency has destroyed the US. And using sex as a coping mechanism. AQ LINK

    Boy Drag (Bitney - Canon Compliant Oneshot) - 2K words Based on their “prom date” social media shenanigans and Courtney’s overt shipping. AO3 LINK

    Naptime (Bitney - Canon Compliant Oneshot) - 3K words Some canon Bitney smut based on their social media shenanigans before Courtney went on tour with the AAA girls. AQ LINK and AO3 LINK

    One Single Moment (Bitney, Canon Compliant Oneshot) - 7K words AQ Fic Challenge - Jealousy, anger, rain-soaked confessions, and eventual smut. Just your average Pride. AQ LINK and AO3 LINK

    Puzzle Pieces and Glitter in the Air (Canon compliant Shandrew) Andrew tries unsuccessfully to fight his feelings. and Smutty Mardi Gras follow-up.


    Galactica Wardrobe Posts

    Art Inspired by Undone

    Art Inspired by Tree House Kisses

    My tag on Artificial Queens

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    #im pretty sure that was the first reader fic i read #that or the rich kid golf caddy au LMAOO #my google searches trying to find those fics bc i only knew about it from a vague tweet #'jk golf club fic' #'jk baseball bat fic' #💀💀💀#ask#anon#stellanswers <3
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    Peter Benjamin Jonathan Parker (link to fic)

    They promise me the world will keep on spinning without you, but honestly, that is what worries me most - Beau Taplin

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    31.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #we will never heal 🤧❤️‍🩹 #i wonder if noraebangs are actually... u know... used for sexy times... #i just be making stuff up for my fics 😭 #ask#anon#stellanswers <3#icrlr
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    🪄 harry potter universe 🪄

    main masterlist ⑊ harry potter masterlist


    warnings: fluff, gay-ness, a bad pun, google translate french, lower case intended and not proof read.

    pairing: sirius black x remus lupin

    summary: how can one expect sirius to do otherwise when remus has the cute face on?

    note: feedbacks are appreciated! :)

    source: pinterest

    ˚₊❏❜ third person ꒱

    it is an another lovely and usual afternoon at hogwarts. the great hall was buzzing with energy, chattering and the sounds of utensils clashing against each other; it is lunch time. delicious foods floated just above each of the four long tables making everyone's mouth water.

    candles floated at a very high height, making the great hall's aesthetic look even better. the chattering from students increased minute by minute but neither of the teachers minded nor paid any heed to it; they were engrossed into conversing amongst themselves as well.

    students ate their lunch with great pleasure and satisfyingly. however, this could not be said one of the notorious marauders. the brain of the marauders is not satisfied with his lunch. his stomach was definitely not satisfied in the least, something was missing.

    remus lupin knew why he isn't feeling content, he know what is missing, but he'd rather sulk than admit it. knowing that remus is not going to receive the only thing he desperately wanted right now, is rather very disappointing and disheartening for him.

    sirius black, as he would rather call it, observing his boy shamelessly but also being discreet about it at the same time. remus' sad body language didn't sit well with his lover. while trying to figure what got remus to feel such, sirius is also thinking of the ways a smile could appear on the gorgeous face.

    had james potter been there, he would've have figured out if the sadness appeared because of something sirius did or it was something else. had peter pettigrew been there, he would've asked remus quietly and let sirius know what was the cause. but unfortunately they both are not currently present at their house table.

    james and peter are currently in detention for which prank sirius can't remember and he has no idea what they are doing, siting in a classroom together. but sirius can't handle the wait, he needed to know now what was troubling his true love. therefore, sirius concluded he would have to ask remus himself.

    "mon amour, are you okay?" sirius asked with worry and softness in his eyes. [my love]

    remus' head perked up at sirius voice, a small smiled automatically made its way to remus' face. oh how he loved when sirius called him that!

    "yes, darlin', i'm good. why do you ask?" remus said, with the same softness as sirius' evident in his voice.

    "you look a bit dull to me, are you sure nothing is troubling you?" sirius said, reaching out and taking remus' hands into his and drawing small circles with his thumbs.

    remus smirked and cheered mentally, he now knew he could get the missing food quite easily. he cleared his throat as he executed his just-made plan.

    "there is something..," remus purpose stopped himself from saying further and kept up the, now an act, sadness.

    "what is it? you know you can tell me anything, mon amour!" sirius said with increasing worry. [my love]

    "you promise to give it to me?" remus put up an innocent face.

    "yes yes, of course my dear, you have to just ask!"

    "could you please get me a chocolate? it's on the end of the table."


    "no? what do you mean no? you promised!" remus pouted.

    "you already had eight since morning, mon amour, you're not getting another!" sirius said, trying his best to be firm. [my love]

    "please, darlin'? for me, please? won't you get l'amour de ta vie a chocolate? please?" remus said, pouting and with puppy eyes, knowing it will work. [the love of your life]

    sirius is left speechless. the way remus looked, an absolute cutie, sirius just wanted grab his face and kiss him all over his face. sirius is also shocked as to how and when did his beloved learnt the french phrase. remus was full of surprises.

    "alright fine, don't do all wolfy-eyes with me." sirius rolled his eyes but they both knew sirius couldn't have possibly be able to resist remus.

    as soon as sirius said that, remus' eyes widen. did his eyes start to transform? was that even possible? but there is still time for the full moon to come. what is happening? he needed to get out the great hall. sirius noticed remus, who is about to slip into panic mode, and his urge to laugh appeared.

    "relax, l'amour de ma vie, you're okay. it was a pun. you were doing the cute face thing and looked like an adorable puppy, but since you can't be that; because you know, you're not a dog; i am. so i said-" before sirius could complete is sentence remus pulled away his hands, which were formally in sirius' hands, and slapped his lover's chest, playfully. [the love of my life]



    "shut up and get me a chocolate."

    "as you say, mon petit loup," sirius said as he laughed whole-heartedly while getting up from where he was seated and as remus gave him warning glares. [my little wolf]


    harry potter masterlist

    main masterlist

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  • gaycodedegg
    31.07.2021 - 13 minutes ago

    just thinking about how tragic the egg lore is again. thinking about how c!bad’s bond w skeppy was meant to be his strength but it became his most vulnerable weak point.

    the unique thing about bad is that at his core, his motivating factor and number-one value is love. bad does what is best for bad, and he does what is best for skeppy. he doesn’t particularly care about the greater good on a deep level. it didn’t truly matter before, because his goals often aligned with what at least one side wanted, and getting overly involved was often detrimental to him, and nothing happening on the smp threatened this value of love. caring more about himself and skeppy than other things happening around him protected him from suffering in all the wars prior. but it makes him the easiest pawn to manipulate for the egg - a parasite that preys on the heart’s desire of its victims, directly controlling what bad values most. 

    so under the egg, bad works. he schemes. he lets the world crumble and die around him. because bad does what is best for bad, and what is best for bad is getting his best friend back, and it doesn’t matter what else burns in the process.

    #badboyhalo#skeppy#bloodvines arc#badboyhalo fic #c!bad analysis #idk if this is analysis or a fic tbh. so i tagged both #outside of the tragedy it's why the egg arc appeals to me so much #because at its core the egg arc is about bonds. i mean bonds and their status as a strength vs as a weakness is a MAJOR theme of the dsmp #but it's so visible in the egg arc especially. #honestly this might be all wrong feel free to discuss in my replies/asks #fig.txt #fig.doc
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  • holy-broken
    31.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Memories of Dean W.

    A bi!Dean outsider pov ficlet

    The men are tall, intimidatingly so, clean and crisp in their official-looking suits and there’s something familiar about the eyes of the shorter one that Luis can’t quite place, the memory of a memory superimposed on these luminous eyes that stirs something uneasy deep down inside him so that he’s zoning out a little even as the man sticks a FBI badge under his nose and says in the gruffiest voice Luis has ever heard coming from a dude that pretty,

    “FBI, I’m agent–”

    “Winchester!” Luis exclaims, surprising even himself. The two men exchange an alarmed glance and fold their badges in the same fluid motion as Winchester — Dean, he’s sure of it now, that’s Dean — looks Luis up and down, brows furrowed.

    “Do we know each other?”

    “Uhm,” Luis stammers, and realizes his mistake. Way to expose himself. “Yeah, from way back! North Carolina, 1995 or so?”

    Luis knows it was actually 1993, could never forget the day his world went shattering to pieces under the unforgiving ram that is Dean Winchester's anger, but Dean doesn't have to know that. If Luis is lucky enough, Dean won’t remember him at all.

    But the man’s face — older and chiseled and god, he looks so good it hurts a little — turns pensive, something soft brushing over his features like a cloud on a blindingly hot day, and he says, surprised, almost apprehensive,


    “Dean?” the man beside him says, questioning and a little unsure, and Dean seems to shake himself out of whatever overcame him — which is for the best given that Luis is busy recovering from the way his stomach just dropped all the way down to his shoes.

    “Old classmate of mine,” Dean explains, short and to the point. “Listen, Sammy, why don’t you uh, go interrogate the next witness on the list, alright? I’ll handle this.” He does a little jerky motion with his head in Luis’s direction, not sparing him a glance. Luis’s hands tighten into fists.

    The tall man looks so confused, it’s almost comical, eyes flitting between Dean and Luis like that’ll solve the mystery of what his partner isn’t telling him.

    “Sure, okay. If you say so. Call me when you're done,” and with a firm pat to Dean’s shoulder, he's gone.

    The silence that follows is awkward to say the least.

    “So,” Luis starts, because he's nothing if not recklessly good-natured, “you made it to FBI.”

    “Yeah,” Dean nods once like that explains anything, and doesn’t miss a beat. “What about you, what’d you go into?”

    “Lots of things,” Luis nervous-laughs, and then realizes Dean most likely doesn’t care about his exhaustive list of failed careers. “But right now I’m a chiropractor.”

    Dean nods again, mouth flat, and Luis relaxes a little, tries to smile without coming off as condescending.

    “Mostly I deal with people's back pain,” he offers, and Dean takes the way out of admitting he doesn't know what a chiropractor is.

    “Could use a little of that,” he sighs, and then appears to steel himself. “Listen, uh, Luis, can I call you Luis?” A brief nod, and Dean continues, “We’re here on the missing person case, Beverly Cooper, ring any bell?” Luis acquiesces, throat tight — he’s heard about Beverly from a friend, the way she stopped answering calls after a night out. He doesn’t know her that well, only saw her a handful of times in the past few months, but he hopes to God she's okay. Dean takes note of his silence, scans the area around them, the people milling about, the children screaming happily in the park, and seems to come to a decision as he turns back to Luis and says,

    “What about you and I head out of here and you can tell me about her over some beer, hm? I mean, for you. I don’t drink on the job.”

    He smiles then, polite and a little fake. There are crow’s feet around his eyes, and that's Dean Winchester right there, asking him for a drink but it's all wrong, and Luis doesn’t want to be alone with him.

    “Sure, lead the way,” he says anyway.


    Dean’s at the bar asking for a beer and a water and Luis takes the opportunity to catalogue the ways in which he's changed — there’s a lot, because at fourteen Dean had that type of delicate beauty that could never have indicated that he would grow into this, this hunk of a man, still the male model type but built and weathered in a way that models simply aren’t. His hands are rough and look strong, adorned with a single silver ring Luis notices when Dean deposits the beer in front of him and god, Luis, get a grip.

    “Never expected to run into you here,” Dean says as an opener, a little too cheerful. “Or anywhere, really.”

    “Yeah, me neither.” Luis tries not to let it show on his face that it would have been for the best if he never had to see Dean Winchester again, and especially not a Dean Winchester in his thirties who looks hot and capable and not at all the kind of redneck asshole Luis sometimes pictured him to be when he was feeling low.

    There's another silence as Luis sips his beer. Dean doesn’t look that eager to start with the interrogation — not that Luis has anything relevant to say, really, but if he can help Beverly he'll gladly do it. Dean is running the tip of his index finger in the condensation that has gathered on the glass of water that he hasn’t touched yet, jaw clenching and unclenching in a subtle way that Luis only notices because he’s looking, he’s looking too much and he should stop, should have stopped sooner because when Dean raises his head again and locks eyes with him Luis can't pretend he wasn't looking. He's grasping for a distraction when Dean beats him to it, still looking at Luis with those earnest beautiful eyes,

    “Listen, man, I'm sorry.”

    For what, Luis wants to say, or It's fine.

    It’s not, though, it's not fine, so Luis only swallows tightly and acknowledges the apology with a jerk of his head, and Dean looks lost for a moment, like he expected an easy out, a It was a long time ago, anything to ease the conscience he apparently has.

    Shit. Luis’s homophobic first love has a conscience. He’s going to have to live with that knowledge now. Dean’s shoulder tense and he soldiers on, sounding considerably more demure now,

    “I- I know you probably don’t want to hear it, but–”

    “I do.”


    The way Dean looks then — eyebrows raised halfway to his hairline and mouth hanging open — would make Luis laugh if this was a laughing moment. Right now, he’s rather trying not to show the old anger that’s welling up inside him, so he takes a deep breath and sits back, arm crossed defensively over his chest.

    “I do want to hear it, actually. I think that’d do me some good.”

    “Right.” Dean ducks his head again, tucks his chin in like that'll help him ward off the shame. But hey, maybe it does. Luis wouldn't know, he’s not the one that goes around punching people in the mouth. “I’m not usually the type to… do this but, I think I owe you that much,” Dean trudges on, and wow, great, thanks, it looks so hard to apologize properly–

    “You were right.”

    “About what,” Luis asks, puzzled, because this was never about being right.

    “About me.”

    A beat. Luis still isn’t getting it.

    “I uh, I– I’m– like you. In a way.”

    Dean is entirely avoiding his gaze now, twirling his ring madly around his finger, one knee bouncing rhythmically under the table and there are a long few moments where Luis still doesn’t get it but then he does, and, oh, god, he doesn’t know what to do with that feeling.

    “Are you… Coming out? To me?”

    Dean winces, bites his lip too hard, and makes an apparently tremendous effort to look up at Luis.

    “Yeah, I guess that's what this is.”

    Luis is stumped. Absolutely speechless. Dean Winchester has plagued his fucking nightmares for a good twenty years — okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but it was so easy sometimes to get carried away and let his dreamy little face become the mask of a demon — and now here he is, sitting opposite Luis in a bar in the city where Luis has finally made a life for himself, vulnerable and earnest and looking ready to bolt out of his chair, and he apologized and he came out to him.

    Luis’s silence must go on for too long because Dean swallows with a little difficulty and keeps going,

    “I know this doesn’t change anything, and I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, but I’ve had… time. To think about it. And I thought about it often, I thought, there's a kid out there whose only memory of me is me almost knocking his teeth out ‘cause he dared to have a crush on me,” Dean chuckles then but it’s joyless, tags a little “Not my proudest moment” on the end of it and suddenly Luis is spiralling away, sent spinning through time to that classroom, this fateful day of late June, the way Dean’s smile illuminated his whole face, the way his rings and bracelets caught the light, the way his eyes seemed to shine from within and Luis was powerless to stop his infatuation from growing a little more with each teasing, flirty joke Dean sent his way until he felt comfortable enough, good enough, special enough to reach for his hand and–

    “You were into me,” he accuses, too loud and sudden, but Dean doesn’t flinch.

    “Yeah. Yeah, I was. I thought you’d found me out.”

    “Fuck,” Luis exhales, and deflates entirely, resting his hands on his forehead. “It was so bad after you left. The other guys wouldn't let me live it down, I had to change schools, it was a living hell.”

    “I’m sorry,” Dean says again, and this time Luis hears the sincerity in it.

    “Thanks. For telling me that.”

    “Don’t thank me,” Dean rebuffs in a blushy way that looks a little funny on him. “How are you holding up now?” he asks in a practiced casual tone and finally takes a sip of his water. “Got anyone?”

    “As a matter of fact, I do,” Luis can’t help but smile big as he holds up his hand to show off the understated ring there. “Happily married. His name is Jake.”

    Dean raises his eyebrows and his mouth quirks in a way that says he's impressed, and for the first time Luis thinks he might actually have it in him to forgive him.

    “What about you, FBI leave you any time for a love life?”

    “Nah,” Dean says, wry, like it’s no big deal. “It’s just me and Sam.”

    The name conjures up a small blurry silhouette waiting by the school gate on some days, dogging Dean’s brisk steps on his little-kid legs.

    “Your brother Sam? You mean– the guy earlier, that was…?”

    “Little Sammy, yeah,” Dean grins wide and proud, and Luis can’t help the laugh that pushes out of him.

    “Man, who would have thought, he was so tiny.”

    “I know,” Dean laughs too, full-on laughs, and it does something to his face that Luis never thought he’d get to see again.

    “Anyway,” he shakes it off, because getting sentimental over Dean Winchester is more than Luis can handle right now, “Working with your brother, huh? That must be hard.”

    “It’s nice, actually. We know where we stand.”

    “Huh,” Luis says, pensive, and takes a long sip of his beer. “When you put it that way.”

    “Yeah,” Dean answers almost dreamily and he’s looking past Luis, lost in a sort of soft reflective mood that he surfaces from slowly, peacefully, redirecting his attention and full focus on Luis. “Speaking of work,” he says and his tone has changed already, professionalism overcoming both awkwardness and intimacy, and Luis knows the moment is over. “Why don’t you tell me about this friend of yours?”

    “Alright,” Luis says, and does his best.


    Man, the things he’ll get to tell Jake tonight.

    #a little something about dean #and his past #spn fic#spn ficlet#outsider pov#spn#ficlet #bi!dean #i don't know how to tag this it's the first time I'm posting a story on tumblr help #i don't know how americans speak I'm not american. what is a north carolina accent i have no idea #also i don't know if chiropractor is a common word that just sounds like smth sam would know and dean wouldn't. in the show #outsider pov my beloved #mine#my fic
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    #👀👀👀 new material for my jw fic maybe????
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  • kirkwallers
    31.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    I'm gonna try really hard to finish my fic today

    #i want to move onto my story again but i dont want to just leave it unfinished cuz i worked really hard on it #and i only have some editing and rewriting the last chapter #so...thats todays goal #fjnish the enemies to lovers shakarian fic #and get em to lovers finally #i mean #its more forehead touching and agreeing not to murder anymore instead of lovers #but for them its pretty much the same thing right
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  • disdaidal
    31.07.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    Harringrove Fic Recs | pt 2

    More fic recs from my AO3 bookmarks ✌ tbc...

    A Strategic Proposal by @platypanthewriter Fantasy/Fake Relationship | Mature | 8/8

    Heat Me Up, Cool Me Down @gothyringwald Sunburn/PWP | Explicit | 1/1

    Room 35 by @memes-saved-me AHS Hotel/Ghosts | Explicit | 2/2

    Give it A Go? and Run With It by Stralia_Harker Model/Rockstar AU | Mature/Explicit | 3/3

    and there's a storm you're starting now by peachypunk Mob/Light dom/sub | Explicit | 1/1

    The Haunting of Steve Harrington’s House by UrieNanashi Horror/Mystery/Slow burn | Mature | 31/31

    More Like Ghost Dick by TeenCaterpillar Ouija/Ghosts/Humor | Teen And Up | 1/1

    in your neighborhood by @rvspberryjvm Ghosts Dating | Explicit | 2/2

    honey drip, I can't keep away by @bewires Multiple Orgasms | Explicit | 1/1

    Sugar Pills by Aubrie1234 Unhealthy Relationships | Teen And Up | 1/1

    also tomgrove (kegboys):

    every king on his lonely throne by @brawlite Unrequited Love/Drunk sex | Explicit | 1/1

    So those were the 10 first recs from my bookmarks. Mostly explicit/ghost-themed this time. 😁 So go check them out and give authors some love. ♥

    #harringrove#keg boys#kegboys#tomgrove#harringrove fic#harringrove fanfiction#fic recs#my recs#ao3#ao3 recs#fanfiction #top steve harrington #bottom billy hargrove #top billy hargrove #bottom steve harrington #power bottom billy hargrove
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    31.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago
    #I hope you all enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it #cheers and happy inceptiversary! #inception #inception fic rec #inceptiversary#inceptiversary 2021 #inception big bang #inception big bang 2021 #cobb/saito#limbo husbands#dom cobb #kimi no na wa #your name#my writing #cobb x saito #arthur/eames#dream husbands
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  • ivi-prism
    31.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    What if I just blackout and write a segment of the Dream goes to HC concept…. But only the part where Grian goes “if you choose to harm my friends I may choose to not abide to morality today”

    Hm?? What then?

    Edit: I have planned out an entire fic…. Do I dare? XD

    #ivirambles #is calling to me #for days it has #but I keep ignoring it cause I have too many wips #but… it calls meee #my three ongoing fics and uncomplete fic for a fic trade: the fuck are you doing??? #me: I have no idea and I’m sorry #hc x dsmp #just in case someone needs it to blacklist
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    31.07.2021 - 28 minutes ago
    #my fic #star trek tng #trek fanfic#deanna troi #the old guard #but make it the enterprise crew instead #greek mythology#classics#mine
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  • theaudacitytowrite
    31.07.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    I'm taking my 3 week leave from work, so now I gonna have lots of time to write.

    Feel free to drop some requests in my ask box, if you'd like:)

    #always happy for some ideas #got some fics of my own planned as well
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    31.07.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #rvb fic #red vs blue fic #rvb felix#agent connecticut #my fic links #RVBfantasyAU #highly doubt carmichael has his own tag lmao #honestly I think he's mentioned like three times the entirety of s13 #but he's got a fun name and i liked it so here we go #anyway. deadly assassins as adorable wee con artists :3
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  • brighteyedjill
    31.07.2021 - 35 minutes ago
    #this is the smuttiest thing I've written in a while #why not get back on the horse with a gangbang? #(no horses involved) #twff#my fic#geralt/jaskier#smut#the witcher#geraskier
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  • pukner
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    in every Witcher fic I read it's very important to me that Jaskier and Yennefer are friends. I want them to be bros. I want them to be bros so badly

    #witcher#the witcher#Jaskier#yennefer#yennskier #yennefer x jaskier #i just love them okay #in my fic theyre married and just sauntering their way into love #and geralt is off Being Adopted
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    #castle#caskett#castle fanfiction#castleficathon2021 #my fic: as long as we're together
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