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  • Part of my Hallmark Holiday Movie Bingo series


    Bucky watched as a young girl bolted straight to the pastry display, tiny hands and nose smooshed against the glass. She couldn’t have been older than six, but she was the perfect picture of carefree. Her brown hair was in two neat plaits on either side of her face, hot pink mittens held to her coat by strings trailing behind her on the floor. But it wasn’t her that caught Bucky’s attention. 

    Not exactly. 

    Because on further inspection, Darcy Lewis sidled up behind her, arms around the little girl’s waist as she hoisted her up to ogle the treats a little closer, eliciting a giggle.

    Rating: T
    Relationship: Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
    Prompts: Main character bonds with kid of love interest
    Tags: Fluff and angst, mentioned death of parents, adoption, relationship
    Word Count: 1,838

    Chapter 1 of 4: https://archiveofourown.org/works/27858474

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  • Lady Jade was in the guest room that had been provided for her. She nervously sorted through all of her dresses in an attempt to find just the right one for dinner. She decided to keep on what she had already been wearing and add a different lace shawl and headpiece.

    She had her maids fetch the gift that she had brought for his grace, and for the lovely princess. She had them delivered just before dinner. 

    The maid knocked on the door for Lady Isadora and was greeted by her maid. “I have a gift for the young Princess from my mistress, the Lady Jade.” She handed a large velvet box over that contained a doll that Jade herself had played with as a young royal girl. 

    Isadora’s maid bowed her head and thanked the visiting maid, “Thank your mistress for us, I will see to it that she receives this straight away.”

    The maid then made her way towards the royal chambers but was stopped by a tall knight in a suit of armor. “Please wait here, madam.”

    The knight sent word inside that she had come calling with a gift box from the Lady Jade. After a few tense moments of silence, a man appeared in the doorway and beckoned her in. She bowed and followed whom she assumed was a servant. 

    When she spotted the chain around his neck she dropped to her knees, “I am so sorry Your Grace!" 

    He chuckled, "It’s quite alright. Please stand, I understand you come bearing a gift from the Lady Jade?" 


    She handed him a small velvet box, "I delivered a doll to your daughter as well from my mistress. It was hers when she was around your daughter’s age. It’s not a small child’s doll but more of a collectible item.”

    The King opened the box and inside was a small painted photo of the Lady Jade, and a ring with a beautiful jade stone in it. The King smiled, gifts that would remind him of her. The King picked up a box and handed it to the maid. “It seems she and I had similar ideas. Please see that your mistress gets these.”

    With that, the maid bowed to the King and made her way back to Lady Jade. She was just as excited to see what the gift was as she knew her Lady would be. She hurried along the corridor and into her mistresse’s guest chambers. 

    “M'Lady, the King has sent a gift for you.” The maid set the small wooden ornate box down on the table in the room. 

    Lady Jade hurried over and opened the box lid. Inside was a beautiful necklace with a mother of pearl cross hanging from a silver braided chain.

    “M'Lady… it is so beautiful. Here let me help you put it on.” The maid helped Jade slip it over her head and then pin up her hair in a fashion to not hide it at all. 

    Jade made her way into the dining hall, where she was introduced to a few important members of the Court, and she was sat next to Princess Isadora, and near the King.

    Isadora was delightful during dinner, telling her all about her studies. Thanking her for her new doll. When Jade told her that it was hers and all the adventures that had gone on when Jade was right around Isadora’s age. Her face lit up and she smiled greatly. Jade told her that she was an only child and spent a lot of time having to entertain herself while her parents were away on something important.

    Isadora expressed how she felt lucky that her father had taken her along on so many trips, but hoped that if siblings resulted from his next match… then she would look forward to helping with her younger siblings.

    Jade and Isadora chatted and bonded talking about what they liked to read. The King sat back and watched her interact with his daughter, a smile across his face.

    The council members took note of how at ease Lady Jade was with Lady Isadora. She was at the top of their list now for recommendation to the king. The members had also heard that the two of them had already exchanged gifts with one another, and even included Isadora.

    The Chancellor took out his list of names and put a star next to Lady Jade’s name. This was to mark her as the current favorite for the council.


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  • CHAPTER THREE IS UP! *small dance* 

    Don’t let yourself be fooled by my dancing, though. This wee chapter contains angst and nudity. Buckle up, darlings! Let’s all hug a dragon <3

    You can find the First Chapter of my 25 days of Drarry (and Wolfstar) HERE.

    Summary:  In 2004, when Remus spends two scary weeks in the ITU due to complications of pneumonia and his HIV condition, Sirius walks around the house like a ghost and Harry finds comfort and strength in Draco through a chat in an online LGBT forum. Harry falls for him, but Draco has a lot of secrets and, before long, will need to come clean—even if he believes that no one is able to understand a dragon.
    This is a story about falling in love online and about facing the reality of death, but above all, this is a story about acceptance. 

    (Non-magical / bookshop AU)

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  • I thought long and hard about Eileen in my fic, what to do with her, and in the end, as a woman and a fan, I decided to let her go.

    I could easily go with Saileen, they’re cute together, there no longer is impending death (well, more or less) or divinities controlling their fate…. But she deserves better than to marry the hero, come on!

    She spent her life being a hunter, grew up like a hunter, basically alone, living in the shadows, working small, random jobs to survive. She died and came back to find out she was just a pawn in that huge Winchester’s game… She shouldn’t spend her life married to a hunter (because Sam will never stop and we know), maybe living inside a bunker, forced to be a hunter forever. She’s not a Winchester, she became what she is to get her revenge and she got stuck, but she can do so much better!

    That’s why I decided I’ll give her a chance out, I’ll give her a real job and a career worth of her intelligence, away from the disfunctional brothers where she would always be a “minor character” in their lives.

    Obviously I don’t work at C W so I’ll gently ease her out, showing her process as much as I can for a secondary character and trying to give her the decent end she deserved.

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  • Adventures in Truth and Texting – December 3rd

    Former Death Eaters are being targeted with a Veritaserum curse – it’s permanent, and makes victims speak aloud their every thought. Luckily, it’s easier to control when writing – and Hermione is trying to introduce Muggle technology to the wizarding world.

    An advent fic featuring texting, identity struggles, and a Draco Malfoy who will literally not stop talking.

    (Completed – uploading once a day til December 25th. 😘)

    Read today’s update on AO3!

    [day 1]

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  • Duuuuuuudeessss!!!!!

    I couldn’t wait.

    I finished next chapter of Flashpoint, I only have to check for major mistakes (not that it always works I found some typos when I already published) BUT DUDES. I CRIED. I SUFFERED WRITING IT SO I HOPE YOU SUFFER READING IT.

    I’ll post it tomorrow I swear. I only want to draw a little something to go with it, you’ll see.

    For now, here’s a meme with the chapter’s summary.

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  • As some of you might know, I’ve been writing a Supergirl Renaissance AU, so I randomly decided to put Kara’s picture through one of those “turn a photo into a Renaissance painting” apps. I started with this:


    And got this:


    AND I ACTUALLY LOVE IT. I might do some more characters eventually, because this is fun.

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  • When Amaya is accidentally caught up in a Sunfire prophecy and its subsequent ritual, her and Janai’s journey to Mount Helios may finally force the two to confront their feelings for each other.

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  • Every now and then I get kudos on my Godless fic that I haven’t updated in…. 3 years and I’m just like. Damn. Y’all really going all the way to the bottom of the list huh?

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  • I was reading through @gaslightgallows​ fantastic list of September prompts (which can be found here) and got inspired to write a bit of Bel and Freddie from BBC’s The Hour. This is based on the prompt “I am no coward, nor am I weak, but tired,” and is set a few days after the end of Season 1.

    Long(ish) fic below the cut!

    Keep reading

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  • I have a work in progress where Robbe is a detective and Sander is a master
    gunman .

    I have the plot twist in mind and it is making me so damn excited :))

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  • Ok ok I finally wrote 1,000 words of the last chapter of the fake relationship fic. It’s not going to be as long as a typical chapter since it’s just an epilogue, so I want to give it to you guys before Christmas.

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