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    28.10.2021 - 2 minutes ago

    Happy, happy, Chus! 

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  • wanderfan2000
    28.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    I got zero sleep last night…

    And it was the cause of a small rain shower, my fear levels went up so much that I started sweating so badly. 

    But it’s a new day today! Let’s see what it brings! 

    #i desperately need sleep #Pokemon#Pikachu#My gifs
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  • mothmedicine
    28.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago
    #another lil animation #i wanted to color her in a little more but my hand started to cramp #i think shes neat #cow#anthro#furry#furry art#bovine #artist on tumblr #furry on tumblr #moth flutters#animation#2d art #also non looping!
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  • rominaszh
    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Summary: nothing good ever lasted long. the love between two headstrong ambitious people wasn't an exception either.

    Warnings: mature language, mentions of sex

    Word count: 1,200+

    It felt like a distant dream, a terrifying nightmare with no escape, one she couldn't wake up from. She wanted to wake up, to get out of this place, run far away into the wild. A bitter scoff left her lips as she stared into the cracklings of the fire keeping her warm, there was no escaping this world and there was certainly no running away from the real world.

    The quiet sound she unconsciously made caught the attention of the lounging man next to her, his dark onyx eyes gazed at the beauty he once called his. The woman he stupidly started to lose over the years, now sitting beside him so comfortably that it all felt like a pipe dream to him.

    He oh so badly wanted to be himself, cocksure and infuriatingly arrogant, but the shouting voice in his head reminded the idiot that; that was the whole fucking reason she left him alone. Although now that he thought about it clearer they never claimed to be an item. They couldn't take the chance of the news ruining their lives however dramatic that might sound, it was true.

    Crickets chirping in the dark desert, the moon brightening up the night sky and the burning fire casting a magnificent halo on the brunette's focused features that made her seem more angelic. And if Logan didn't know any better he would've thought she was an angel sent from heaven to guide him away from his path of self destruction, but the woman was anything but a paragon of virtue.

    In the four years he'd known her he came to understand a few things about the reporter that not many people knew. First would be her fake identity -he had to give her some credits though from changing her appearance she took to adapting a slight British accent as well- the second being her confidence that seemed to be oozing out of every inch of her. And he couldn't deny the brilliance of her, despite her career doing more damage to his own alongside his reputation the woman was a mighty reporter.

    The third thing he noticed -something he should've realized a lot sooner- was her familial lineage. That part blew his mind, she had the perfect opportunity to become something much more than a mere reporter, in fact he knew she would make a hell of a businesswoman.

    She we'reas brilliant enough to rival him, he supposed that would always be their fate if he believed in that. But it was more of a feeling really than destiny, the opposition their dynamic felt to him, and once she'd told him she didn't have any personal vendetta against him on their first and only date. His response was one of bitterness, 'well the night's still young beautiful, plenty of time for that to change' and at that time he meant to humor her nonchalance but he had no idea it would come to this.

    A longing melancholic expression took over his handsome features the longer he gazed at her divine face, her delicate cheekbones that could cut through any situation, her mesmerizing eyes that was a pool of whiskey he could drown in, her usually short straight hair now styled into a western updo with wild curls hanging over her face. And her lips, oh those succulent lips he could just devour all the fucking time... and the idiot he was he robbed himself of that delicious advantage.

    If she did notice his lingering eyes -he knew she did- she said nothing, she did nothing. She only sat under his intense gaze somehow at peace, he could see it; the solace swarming in her enchanting auburn eyes. Thinking he might be staring too long for her comfort he very reluctantly broke away his eyes from analyzing every inch of her face.

    "You know if you're cold, I could warm you up." And he masterfully ruined it, he fucked it up with his whole damned personality. The eye roll was too big to miss, she shot the cocky man a bemused glare.

    "I don't think you can catch a cold in the park, but I'll be sure to pass the offer along to one of your whores. They seem to need it more than I do." It was obviously petty and they both could see it clearly but she wanted to strike a nerve in him, anything to get a reaction really. "But then again they're programmed to feed your hollow ego aren't they?"

    The tiny muscles in his brow twitched uncomfortably, a sour feeling spread inside him one he didn't like at all. Usually he was the one enraging women not the other way around however being the narcissistic prick he was he refused to give into her traps and cruel words. "Ooh, you're feisty when you're jealous! It's kinda hot." He smirked mischievously watching the controlled temper she hid beneath layers of sarcasm and sass, come to life. "Turns me on."

    Letty forced herself to push past the arousal and resentment she was experiencing and maintained her calm composure. She let herself copy his cool manner and lean her body forward towards his, she saw the excitement glinting in his dark eyes, oh she was going to have her fun with him.

    Her head tilting towards his half exposed neck and let her hit breath hit his skin, she hovered above the edge of his sharp jaw close to his ears. "You've always reeked of them. Did you know that? Cheap perfume and desperation, not an attractive combination." She mused dully going back to her previous position. It was a jab and he saw it coming, not just to his scandalous adventures on Westworld but his previous liaisons.

    A disappointed groan escaped his pink lips as he rolled his neck to try and perhaps clear his foggy mind. "You never complained before." Now the playfulness albeit was still present she could clearly detect the slight irritation mixed with frustration in his smooth voice.

    A cold scoff sounded in the unbearable silence. "Just because somety I'm too horny doesn't mean I'm stupid." He detected something in her eyes and tone, he only studied her as she continued. "I didn't say anything because I knew I could wipe that smell away, because I took some comfort in the fact that you came to me." He oh so forlornly wanted to lock eyes with her, to be lost in the whiskey sea and let the chocolate waves take him to the auburn ocean. "What, did you think I was gonna be that basic woman and fall for your charms?" It was exactly what happened to her! What she allowed to happen to her. But Letty Reeves would be damned if Logan Delos would ever find that out. "If you really think I never minded that you used me to get off your high after letting other whores use you up and all I got was the left over, then you really don't know women at all Logan."

    He was never speechless, he always had a comeback, he always had to be the one to have the last word and now here he was staring at the only person in the entire world who could put him in his place and he would let her.

    And despite the seemingly endless gap between their bodies he knew, deep down the two were connected in more ways than one. Neither wanted to admit it, he was too proud to accept it and she was too stubborn to see it. Their never acknowledged feelings could be their very own downfall.


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    28.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago
    #stayc#yoon#stayc yoon #man i tried to match the colors but somehow they changed the lighting in 4 of these gifs #and id like to say I did my best lmfaoooo the mv was so colorful it was fun playing around with the colors #shim jayoon #s.jy #<3
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    28.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    stayc for esquire korea
    #stayc#dailystayc#kpopccc#femaleidolsedit#femaleidol#kgoddesses#femadolsedit#my gifs #isa and seeun were robbed 😭😭 their shots were either all out of focus or moved at super speed shflsdk
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  • lanadelreysc0ke
    28.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    ‘you adore me, you love me, you cherish me, jesus christ you can't live without me.’

    - buffalo 66’

    #lana del rey #lana del rey aka lizzy grant #my year of rest and relaxation #heart shaped sunglasses #vladimir nabokov #pretty little liars #pinterest#ottessa moshfegh #serena van der woodsen #cigarette
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    28.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I think I have to rename my cat to Sy or Mike, because he steals my bra's and panties 😶. All the lace is destroyed. 😾

    #my cat Dexter is an asshole 😸 #mike (hellraiser)#captain syverson
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  • embarrassedauthornerd
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    The Master Chief and his Gamer.... Rainy Days.

    Intro: Gamer is having a rough time and it's John to the rescue.

    Another sigh escaped you as you looked out your window, the trees swaying in the cold breeze, as the colored leaves splashed the now colorless ground, the gray clouds in the sky seemed to have penetrated your apartment and made a home in your chest. The past few days, you’d been feeling this crushing heaviness for no reason at all. You had no energy and couldn’t find it in yourself to be outside the house.

    “What’s the matter with me?” You asked as you sat heavily on your bed, swirling the hot apple cider you’d made yourself around in your mug. The liquid not providing you with the warmth you so desperately craved, the clouds in your mind growing darker as you placed the cup on your bedside table. You soon found yourself curled up in a ball on your bed, feeling as if someone had hollowed you out and replaced you with someone else. You hadn’t felt this awful in a long time, and it was frustrating. As you lay there, you soon felt the warmth of a familiar hand resting on your shoulder, gently rubbing circles on your back.

    “Dove?....... Are you alright?”

    “............ I don’t know….” You admitted, turning your head to look back at your worried Spartan,

    “What’s wrong?” John asked after he’d laid down next to you, his brilliant, blue eyes filled with concern as he gently reached up and stroked your hair,

    “I don’t know…… I just don’t feel all that great………… it’s hard to explain.”

    “........ Could you try?”

    You nodded, shuffling closer to John, who was more than willing to hold you as close to him as you wanted,

    “I……….. just feel hollow……. I feel upset for no reason, but at the same time, I don’t feel anything but this deep ache is there that makes everything so difficult…..”

    You felt John’s arms tighten around you as he rested his chin atop your head gently,

    “Why didn’t you tell me, Dove?” He sounded upset as he pulled away, looking you in the eyes as his hands gently cupped your face.

    “I- I don’t know, I just didn’t know how to… and I didn’t want to worry you.”

    “Dove….. I’ll always worry about you…………. I love you..”

    John’s words sparked an odd reaction, you’d typically become a sputtering mess, but this time, it sparked a flood of tears you didn’t know you’d been holding in. John gently kissed the top of your head, delicately stroking your back.

    “Shh….. it’s alright. Just let it out….” John’s heart clenched at seeing you so distraught, knowing he couldn’t do anything for you except hold you and console you. After another hour or so, your tears had finally ceased, and you were curled around John. John didn’t want to leave you in this state, but he couldn’t risk not being there in the morning. So he decided to pick you up and bring you along. Besides, this rain was a drag anyway. And if it was upsetting you….. Then he was more than happy to take you away from it. After all, you were his light on some of his darkest days; it was his turn to repay the favor.

    “You’ll be alright, Dove…..” He quietly assured as he placed you on his bed, his large hand stroking your face before he quickly changed and slid into bed beside you. He wasted no time in pulling you back into his arms knowing full well what it felt like just needing to be held and consoled,

    “Cortana….. What’s the weather supposed to be tomorrow?”

    “Well, if we stay by this planet, then sunny….. Why?”

    “I’m just sick of the rain, is all.”

    So this was more self-indulgent on my part, I suffer from depression and it's been raining almost all week. Making my depression worse, but John is a HUGE help for me. I hope you enjoy it.

    Tagging: @morganas-pendragons, @aot--levi--ttd, @bigfoot-is, @kfcspicychickensandwich, @howlingmoonaite, @alpha-wo1f2

    #Master Chief x reader #Spartan 117 #John x you #Cortana#Halo #I need this man in my life #I should be sleeping
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  • solarehoon
    28.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    « i-land rewatch »

    “I trust Sunghoon will do well instead of me and I want to support him.”
    #enhypen#enhypenet#kpopco#*mine#*iland#sunghoon#jay#park sunghoon#park jongseong#i-land #they're such good people :(( #jay...jay has my heart :(( #and sunghoon please this entire bit :(( #hearts so warm and pure i'm gonna make myself cry again
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  • shambled-hearts
    28.10.2021 - 33 minutes ago

    As A Lover - Bartolomeo [Headcanon]

    A/N: Written with a female reader in mind -  I’ve been watching the Dressrosa arc and wanted to write something for Bartolomeo! I am hesitant to admit but I’ve never once written for him so I really do hope this turned out okay! Thank for reading! 


    PDA? Pfftt! Not in Bartolomeo's dictionary or vocabulary.

    This man will happily kiss, hug, snuggle, or cuddle with his s/o in public and not care at all who sees. 

    In fact most likely blissfully ignorant to the sight of other people seeing him kiss/hug his beloved s/o. 

    To Bartolomeo, it's just him and his lovely s/o and no one else! 

    If someone does say something he's quick to tell them to go away or just don't look if they have a problem.

    They're just jealous anyways~

    If his s/o expresses that she doesn't like PDA he’s fine with keeping his affection away from others!

    But this man will sneak a kiss any chance he can get before someone notices.   

    Protective of his s/o. If someone tries to pick a fight with his s/o, he's quick to lay the hurt and lays it hard. 

    Makes sure that others think twice before messing with his lovely s/o!

    Can be quite blushy around his s/o. 

    Especially before he confessed to her.

    Almost always stammered and blushed when speaking to her.

    Hardly able to get a word out when he was in her presence.

    Bartolomeo would try to keep his cool around her but his cool demeanor would always break easily especially if she ever smiled at him.  

    It was quite obvious that Bartolomeo had feelings for his s/o and nearly everyone knew it! 

    Follows his s/o everywhere and talks about her a lot to anyone willing to listen to him go on about her! 

    If someone flirts with Bartolomeo's s/o, he's quick to step in and makes sure the offender knows just who it is they're flirting with.

    Might need to be told that it's no problem sometimes but he does mean well regardless! 

    Bartolomeo does have his shy moments with his s/o despite how he might seem most of the time.

    Can become shy if his s/o initiates a cuddle with him and might tremble out of nervousness. 

    He just can’t get over that someone as lovely as her is so close to him! 

     Loves to see her smile especially if that smile is directed at him.

    Any compliments his s/o gives him can turn him into a giggling flustered mess. 

    He loves that she thinks so many nice things about him!

    This cute dork is head over heels and completely whipped for his s/o~

    #One Piece #one piece headcanons #Bartolomeo#my headcanons#my writing #first time writing for him #so please don't yell at me if I'm wrong ; u ;
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  • nodevilsonlygod
    28.10.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    Cinematography 101 with Matthew Michael Murdock

    1: Camera Angles and Shots









    #matt murdock#daredevil#cinematography#charlie cox #the birds eye one is my favorite
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  • bucketofchum
    28.10.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    But also just the other day someone saw my New Lapis drawing and recognised me as the artist. Made me think about how nice it was when Tumblr was alive and there was an SU community and i was actively part of something. Felt really nice to always be engaged with people, talk with people, share art, and be a part of a community.

    Nowadays I'm living a very Adult(TM) life. Got a new job that i just started (boy it's fantastic!). Started playing the violin again. Still not sleeping (lol to the surprise of absolutely no one).

    A fathered a few baby queers irl so that was a fun experience. One of my irl friends went from cis male -> gender fluid/questioning -> trans girl under my Dadly guidance lmao. Some nonbinary folks felt comfortable and safe coming out bc of my presence. So it's been a real fun time being able to provide this sort of supportive queer environment to ppl irl.

    But yeah i def miss having a relevant presence online.

    I'm obviously still here on tumblr (bc Tumblr gives me a nice anonymous place to vent or talk about my personal life) but I'm mostly just on discord now for every day shit and twitter for art things. Also Instagram for irl updates. IG has actually been amazingly interactive considering i only have a small fraction of followers there compared to everywhere else

    #my romantic life is shot through the heart tho and honestly still sad about it but eh you know #im finally in the acceptance stage of grief where its like you know what? its dead and my energy is better spent elsewhere #I'm keeping really busy which is fantastic but also just wish i had someone to share it with and someone who actually cares about me and #doesnt treat me like shit you know?
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  • wolfhymns
    28.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago
    random muse edits ∞
    #[ 🔮 ] ; DEACON DALLAS / IMAGERY #[ 🌙 ] ; MY EDITS
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  • missduckymeowmeow
    28.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    I wanna hug Levi. I wanna kith Levi. I wanna tell him that everything's alright.

    I wanna be his friend. I wanna be his supporter. I wanna be his everything.

    Let him know he's loved and just as valid as all of his brother.

    Let him indulge in his passion without feeling weirded out by others' stare.

    Let me fight anyone who berates him. Let me slap the heck out of anyone who insults him.

    Levi is my baby and for him, I can be his Henry.

    Me: *kith Levi


    #obey me rant #aye what's up with me and poetry lately??? 🤣🤣🤣 #I WANNA SHOUT MY LOVE TO YOU SO YOU CAN NO LONGER BE SCARED AND ANXIOUS 🔥🔥🔥🔥 #😭😭😭😭 #omg i love him so much 😭😭😭😭
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  • marvelsaos
    28.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago
    #agents of shield #aosedit#mcutv#mcufam#my edits#s4#4x16#daisyjohnsonedit#jemmasimmonsedit#grantwardedit#skyewardedit #Skye & Simmons edit #agents of s.h.i.e.l.d. #marvel's agents of shield. #aos gif#gif edit#q
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  • nimedhel09
    28.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Ok, I hope this works to be available to the person that I interacted with and wanted to elaborate on what I meant.

    So, this is for @valentine--heart (do you get notifications when someone links you in a post? I have no idea, but I hope so, haha)!

    Because I have way too much to talk about here, I'm just going to make a full-on post on why I personally think that Super Broly has a lot more depth as a character than the wasted potential of Z Broly!

    Get ready, this is going to be a loooooong one (but when is it not?)!

    So, first things first. The backstory we got.

    Super Broly was deemed a mutation, and thus exiled to a planetoid when he was just able to do basic functions: walk, eat, and maybe fight for his life. Although I think at the time he was still too weak to take on the Vampa fauna head-on without the full moon.

    He could not talk, he had little to no interactions with other sentient beings until his father and Beets (😢) followed him. We don't exactly know how much time passed between Broly arriving on the planet, and his father's landing. Probably a few days. At most.

    So, starting from there, he had barely any interactions with poor Beets before he was offed by a vengeful, distrustful and embittered Paragus. Paragus, who took over Broly's education and training.

    We don't have views of the years passing on Vampa and how Paragus did actually educate his son, nor their relationship. BUT, we have clues in the film. With how Paragus talks to Broly, what Broly tells Cheelai and Lemo, and how he feels about his dad.

    On Broly's part? Respect, love, and probably a lot of co-dependency. Also fear, because, you guessed it, Paragus is an abusive ass.

    On Paragus's side, he seems to be very stern with his son and probably looks at him like a weapon, although I still feel like there might be a bit of affection towards him. He did flee his planet to find him (maybe because he was his legacy, maybe because he knew he was going to be strong, maybe because he thought he could make him as vengeful as him and take the throne, who knows exactly?).

    He was still scared of his son's power, but I'm 95% certain that, when training, he did not teach his son control at all, just how to kill (as is the Saiyan way, I feel, from what we saw with Vegeta and Nappa in early DBZ, as they embodied "true Saiyans"). Not great to have mastery of his energy, and thus his enormous power.

    And how did he deal with his very powerful and unstable son? Shock collar. That he probably used each time Broly even gave a hint of beginning to lose control, instead of de-escalating things.

    Now, let's talk communication. We don't have thaaaat much content in the film when it comes to dialogue between Broly and his father, but, from what we saw? Paragus gives orders, shuts Broly up if he talks, berates him for showing negative emotions or not knowing proper social etiquette (thanking Cheelai, being introduced to Frieza). If that is not psychologically abusive, don't know what it.

    Then Broly just accepts this, because he's grown up with that and he came to accept that, and he does not know better, because the only person he knows until being rescued from Vampa? His dad. He seems like a very taciturn person, yes, but it may be explained in part by his father's treatment of him. He was prorably never allowed to give his opinions or talk about his feelings or anything like that. Just listen and do what he's told.

    So, the big BOI ended up being kind of emotionally stunted and socially inept, as shown in the beginning of the film until they arrive on Earth.

    Another point: Baa. Broly's only friend in his 40+ years of life (I think he was 45? 47? by the time of the film? Super's timeline confuses me a bit). A friend that was taken from him by his caretaker. A former friend that refuses any more interactions with Broly, if Baa is still alive at this time (we don't know much about Vampa's fauna).

    Broly took the ear that was cut, and made it into a pelt that he keeps on him at every given moment. If someone dares to talk disparagingly or touch it in a disrespectful manner, his temper appears quite violently. That shows that he has a deep connection with the pelt and the memories attached to it. It might also show that he uses it as a security blanket, something to give him comfort. Something that he does not have with his father, comfort.

    Furthermore, we have also the fact that Broly barely knows ANYTHING about the universe he lives in. He does not even know what water is. Water. Which makes me think that, really, Paragus must not have talked to him much at all outside of the basic: be understood for orders, know how to kill king Vegeta III and have his vengeance.

    Thus Broly is deeply uneducated. Does it mean he's stupid? Nope, not at all. It just shows that he has a lot to learn. And I'm sure that he'll learn quickly, since he was shown to have learnt proper fighting techniques during his bout with Vegeta. Like a lot of Saiyans, he's very adaptive.

    Now on with the Earth stuff, because there are tidbits that give some clues about him too. So, you remember that when they came, Broly seemed to be on the brink of going all feral and showed signs of impatience and aggressiveness that Paragus and Frieza talked about very briefly. That might be a sign that, while nearing Earth, Paragus hyped Broly up, or made him purposefully angry enough towards Vegeta to really want to fight him. So emotional manipulation.

    Another thing is Broly being raised as kind of an attack dog by his father. "Broly! Attack!" is not really a sentence you would say to someone you consider to be their own person and with whom you have a respectful relationship. It looks more like a person giving orders to their pets. So beings seen as lesser. A tool.

    (And yep, we also had that in the original! But it was not done as subtly or as good as the Super film narratively).

    And the dude is even scared of being killed by his own son because he does not have the remote to control the shock collar anymore and saw how far Broly can grow in his strength when he goes Ikari. His fear of his own son is there, visually, not just a dialogue like it was done in the Z film. He even said that King Vegeta was right to be afraid of Broly.

    Look at that, Paragus agreeing with the king he so despises because he fears for his life, instead of being steadfast in his belief of his son, or showing any kind of emotional response other than a master being afraid of the beast that was unleashed.

    On the other end, Broly's attachment to his father runs deep. I touched on it earlier, but it's the most apparent when his father is killed by Frieza and he loses all control and goes berserk, unlocking his Super Saiyan transformation.

    Contrary to Goku's transformation on Namek, for example, it's not a mix of hatred and grief, I think, but mostly very deep grief of losing the only person he has known since he was little, his only family, his very respected and loved father. He experienced such deep pain that, in the pits of his despair, he just became a rabid animal and let his pain turn to aggression.

    However, in the last scene of the film, we see him back on Vampa, with Cheelai and Lemo arriving three days later, and he's back to his sweet, adorable cinnamon bun self. And when Goku shows up, he acts protective of his friends, but not overly aggressive, contrary to how he was on the ship when that purple guy assaulted Cheelai, because, then, there was more than just a potential threat, but a danger that already happened to hurt one of the new people he met and latched on to. Because I'm sure since they were kind to him and his father, he did latch on to them like a lost puppy.

    And then, all the thing with Goku showed us that he did not feel any kind of resentment towards Goku, at least. We have not had anything with Veggie-chan, so we can't know if he still feels anger towards the prince or not.

    Anyways, with how he acts towards Goku, I feel like does remember how their fight went up until the death of his father and his complete loss of control, even though he was full-on Ikari with the super Saiyan hair and all.

    Anyways! I've not seen the film in quite a bit, so I am sure that I forgot stuff to show that, yep, this version of Broly has a lot of depth that was absent in the original Z film, although the bases were already there!

    That's the thing with the OG Broly, we got good bases, but not a lot of substance to really get something more than a one-dimensional crazy villain (although I did read a thread on Twitter that was very interesting on why Z Broly dislikes Goku in the first film before he just got his one-liner in the following one - which is horrible narratively, but great visually, lol).

    I hope that the post was not too much of a hassle to read. I know it's super long though, so, if you read it to the end, thanks a lot, and I do hope that you see the point of my original comment with this!

    #answering a question #writing an essay on this even though I can't string two words on my WIPs #Why brain? Why must you hate me so? #Nim rambles#DBZ#DBS Broly#Super Broly #I love that feral cinnamon bun #Can you tell? #also the ikari transformation is the bomb #we need more of him in the franchise honestly #very excited to see him in the new film #and his green girlfriend #and his orange uncle
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    28.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    danna paola via instagram stories

    #danna paola #danna paola gifs #my gifs
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  • theoverlyenthusiasticwriter
    28.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Music  (Chapter 15)

    Music Masterlist

    Fanfiction Masterlist

    Previous Chapter

    Author’s note: Hello, I’m back. My computer broke there for a while, but I was finally able to buy and new one and actually sit my ass in the chair to write. Anyway, this is like wholly unedited because I really wanted to just get it out there and posted because a few people have been asking if this series was going to continue. Enjoy!

    For the first time in a long while, Nesta was cold. She stood on the beach wrapped in a flimsy shirt, listening for the sound of footsteps on the sand behind her. There weren’t any for a long while. Just this silence.

    She took a moment to breathe and smelled dead fish.

    “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting,” a voice came from behind her.

    She didn’t turn, the wind ruffling her hair. “What do you need me to do?”

    “Show me your siren form.”

    At that, she looked over her shoulder. Hybern stood a few paces back, a woman to his left and a man holding a camera box. The carriage loomed behind them, horses nickering. Nesta tensed. “My face won’t be in any of the photos.”

    “Of course, my dear. They will simply be for record keeping.” He showed his hands, palms up in a placating gesture.

    He was lying. She knew photographs were expensive, but they were impossible to fake. No one would waste that kind of money if they didn’t expect profit.

    She took a step back towards the sea. “Tell me what you plan to do first.”

    “I have done my research on the mythologies. I have scoured the sea for your kind for decades and the people thought I was crazy. Now, I will have my proof.” He stepped towards her and she stepped back again, feeling the sea begin to lap at her heels.

    “I will let you photograph me and nothing more.”

    “That isn’t what we agreed to.”

    He was right. They’d agreed to an experiment.

    “I want scale and blood samples.” Hybern waved the man on his right forward. What she had thought held a camera, was actually simply a normal box. The man set it on the ground and lifted a syringe from it.

    Nesta swallowed hard.

    “What are you waiting for, my dear? You need to shift. We have an agreement.”

    “Why did you let me think you had a camera?” It wasn’t even the right lighting for photographs. How could she have missed that?

    “I do have a camera. We will take photos later.” Hybern spoke quietly with the other man for a moment before lifting his head. “Do you have gills? Where are they on your body?”


    “Really? How do you breathe, then?” He was moving closer, the other man coming in from the other side, as if they were trying to trap her against the sea.

    “No. I will be breaking our agreement.” She was up to her ankles now in the surf, the sea waiting like a predator behind her.

    Hybern laughed. “Oh, my dear. You don’t have a choice. If you will not come willingly, then I have other forms of persuasion.”

    “There is nothing you can do to keep me.”

    He sighed. “I really didn’t want it to come to this, but we had a deal and now you leave me no choice.” He snapped his fingers and the woman approached with a net. It was one of the large, sturdy ones, made for heavy extreme amounts of fish from the sea.

    Nesta moved without thought, her body turning into a dive as her fin replaced her legs.

    She screamed as Hybern slammed a knife through the end of her tail, pinning her in place. Her hands scrambled on the rocks while she felt another pair of hands on her, pulling at her golden scales.

    “Where’s that damned syringe?” Hybern snapped. “Hurry up. Both of you.”

    Nesta shrieked again when the net collapsed on top of her, the holes too small to fit her hands through. Her voice echoed across the beach as she was pulled out of the water. The waves chased her, spindly cold fingers grasping her skin, letting her slide easily over the smooth rocks.

    She kicked out her tail, ignoring the spike of blinding pain in search of a way out of the net. Through its metal fibers, she could see the man Hybern had brought with him, carrying that syringe.

    As he approached in quick, purposeful steps, she realized that it wasn’t empty. There was already liquid inside--likely a sleeping agent or something to weaken her.

    No. If they got her to a separate location, she would be dead.

    In her panic, she shifted back and forth between her forms, but found the pain to be worse as a human, drawing her back into her scales. She was crying as the man knelt beside the net and wondered what Cassian would think if he saw her right now.

    Pathetic. His mighty siren reduced to a blubbering mess.

    His siren.

    Hybern’s man grinned a slimy grin. “Thomas sends his regards.”

    She had made a vow when Cassian gave her his heart. A vow that had gone unbroken, her lips sealed shut against the song that threatened to pour out.

    The man lifted the syringe.

    She would break that vow.

    The man froze in time as the notes started quietly, barely a whisper, but just loud enough to be heard over the crashing of the waves. His eyes widened, becoming glazed as the syringe slipped from his fingers.

    The rocks crunched as Hybern yelled, “Plug your ears!” but it was too late.

    “Will you give me your heart?” Nesta asked the man.

    “Yes. Gods yes.”

    “Take off the net.”

    “No!” Hybern was still shouting and Nesta’s gaze snapped to him as the net lifted. His fingers were in his ears like a child refusing to listen, but Nesta could see the struggle. See his eyes roll back, then widen.The woman he’d brought was on her knees, crawling across the beach to Nesta. 

    “Grab the knife,” Nesta told her. 

    She scrabbled for where it had fallen, still sticky with seafoam. Hybern lunged at her, but his knees collapsed underneath him as another voice joined the song.

    Nesta didn’t turn, not ready to see the other siren ready to drag her back to her watery grave. They would let her do this, at least. Let her deliver her hearts.

    “Cut out his heart,” Nesta ordered the girl and in an instant she was on top of the other man, the knife sinking into his chest with animalistic fury. Nesta turned her face away to watch Hybern, who was clutching his head now.

    When the girl finished, she returned to Nesta like an obedient dog, her blue eyes wide as saucers. 

    Nesta lifted her chin between thumb and forefinger. “And your heart? Can I have that one too?”

    The girl nodded, knife turning in her hand. It sank with expert precision into the skin above her breast. She stared at Nesta with a pain-free expression, however, as she carved the center of her chest out, her body becoming weaker with every movement until she was dead.

    Nesta took the knife from her and shifted into her human form, limping over to Hybern.

    “I won’t give it to you,” he hissed into the remaining silence. She hadn’t even noticed the other siren stop singing. “You can’t have it.”

    “I don’t want your heart,” Nesta said simply, and drove the knife into his neck. 

    His eyes widened, a gurgling sound coming from his lips as his hands reached up to scrabble at hers while she twisted the knife over and over again.

    It was two passes before his head fell from his shoulders.

    Nesta watched it roll across the beach.

    Slow clapping came from behind her. She turned, chin raised and palms bloody. She’d kill a siren too. Whatever got in her way.

    Amren had perched herself on a boulder, her tail as blunt and short as a sharks. “I thought I would come help. Well done.”


    She held up a hand, her nails catching the moonlight. “I’m not going to hurt you, dear girl, but we need to move and quickly. Every siren in a twenty-mile radius likely heard your shrieking.”


    “Why are you still standing there like a fool? Shift and lets go. Plans have moved up. We’re leaving tonight.”


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