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    Your Dumbass~ (Denki x gn!Reader Fluff Oneshot)

    A/N: Hello me angsty gremlins, I hereby dub thee my angst children who I keep locked in my Toe Basement. I will now spoil you with a cute ass fluffy oneshotI came up with whilst listening to this amazing Denki Kaminari Playlist (I reference Everybody Talks). This is my first time writing fluff but I thought I should give you something sweet before Part 12 gets released because... you know what, I'm not going to give any spoilers but yee hehe. Enjoy my gremlins.

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    TW: Mentions of Sex and Light Cursing. Masterlist

    Summary: Denki Kaminari, the class flirt and dork seems to show an interest in you that is mutual, but it’s confusing. Being a flirt means he flirts with everyone, right? Shinsou, Jiro, you… What if he doesn’t like you the way you like him?

    Word Count: 2624


    “He’s looking at you again”, Uraraka sang, making the acknowledgement of the boy’s antics even more painstakingly obvious. You loved her but sometime you had to fight the urges

    You sighed, rolling your eyes. Regardless of your painful reluctance to listen to her, your eyes couldn’t help but flicker up to see that indeed, the charming little charger was looking your way.

    His eyes lit up at the mutual gaze you two shared, further confirming your suspicion of Kaminari being the class golden retriever. His hair was a very soothing shade of golden as well; not too harsh on the eyes. You’d be lying if you said that you didn’t fantasize about running your hand through his locks, ever so gently as to not pull a few strands off.

    A smile mirrored onto your face as you felt your cheeks heat up under the unbroken stare you two still kept up.

    His eyes, another feature you couldn’t help but imagine staring into them until the day ended and the night began. They moved like liquid gold, getting brighter and brighter as the day went on. There was never a dull moment around him, it was always filled with uproars of laughter that left tears in your eyes, or cat memes or singing even. He could make anyone laugh, he could make you laugh. It was like he had a… switch. A switch that could just turn off the darkness in your day and turn on the warm feeling of comfort and joy and pure serotonin.

    Your face fell. It’s useless thinking of something that will never happen.

    Your undisturbed friend who gushed on about how ‘cute you two would be together’ didn’t make you feel any better either so deciding to put a stop to it, you snapped your face back, glaring.

    “Don’t you spend hours staring at Midoriya-kun? Does that mean you like him?” A smirk played at your lips as you witnessed Uraraka letting out a squeal, desperately trying to justify her actions.

    “That’s different Y/LN-san, you can’t say stuff like that… it’s not true at all. Wait, do you think it’s true? Do you think that’s what Deku-kun thinks as well!?” Her affection for the green-haired boy could never be any less apparent to you.

    Uraraka sulked as you pointed out her clear infatuation with the boy, listing out all of her behavioural patterns, taking as long as you could. You could barely make out what Kaminari was doing, your arms shaking in anticipation for the bell to ring as soon as possible.

    Uraraka caught onto your attempt to change the subject, narrowing her eyes at you.

    “I know what you’re doing Y/LN-san”

    Your eyebrows raised at her, trying to keep a solid frontier. She didn’t need to know that your heart was actually racing underneath.

    “And what am I doing?”

    “You’re just trying to get me to change the subject so we don’t discuss how you like Kamnari-kun.”

    Bullseye. You looked at her nonchalant face blankly.

    “What gave it away…” you groaned, slumping your shoulders down. If Uraraka out of all people realised that you had a crush on the class flirt… there was no doubt that he knew as well.

    “I’ve seen you look at him a lot,'' Uraraka recalled. “And everytime you do, you never look away, and you just sit there… kind of like a puppy.” Despite glaring at her once again, you ended up giggling along with her.

    It was true. He was like a magnet and you couldn’t help but get attracted. All he had to do was laugh and you would willingly take in his perfection. Your hands would support your head which would think of nothing but you and him, together at last.

    “That’s the thing though Ura…” you slumped back into your chair beside her, resting your head on the desk before you. “I only look. And looking can only tell you so much…”

    Uraraka pressed her lips together, glancing at Kaminari beyond the classroom entrance. Your head perked up, following her gaze. There he was, leaning against the wall with Jiro-san, his other hand rubbing his chin as he bit his lip.

    You groaned, “The fuckboy face again. I’m telling you Ura, he does this with everyone. He looks at me and I look at him but does that really mean he likes me at all?” You continued, losing hope as Uraraka silently agreed. “Flirting is probably his normal. Just like helping everyone is the ‘normal’ for you and being a doormat is for Deku.”

    “Hey, leave Deku out of this!”

    You snickered, putting your hands up. “I’m joking, I’m joking. But see how much you like him? Getting all defensive when I insult him?”

    Seeing Uraraka go red in the same hour never turned old.


    Waking up early for school was never an easy task. It required coming to the realisation that you lived in a world where real things happened, and real things were never as nice as your dreams. Your real life was particularly darker than today’s dream.

    Waking up meant that the confession, the reciprocation, the kiss, the cuddles… they were all but a fragment of your lonely mind that you would never be able to make a reality of.

    It was all that was needed for you to mope around the halls of Yuuei with your hood on, hands tucked away in the pockets. Of course you were fucking early. An hour at that. Not only did you wake up earlier than everybody else because your stupid alarm decided to stay back an hour, you wasted one hour of sleep time you could have used to progress your dream relationship with the one and only dork of Yuuei, Denki Kaminari.

    “Hey honey, could you be drug, I can be your new prescription~”

    The resonance of someone’s voice bounced through the halls of Yuuei. Your legs stopped as you looked around, the fatigue leaving your eyes, a gleeful glint replacing it.

    Everybody Talks. You giggled. There could only be one person who’d sing such a song unironically.

    “Denki…” you exclaimed under your breath, trailing after the melody, determined to find the source.

    It took a few turns but you found him, sitting beside one of the lockers, his headphones plugged in his laptop , his head in rhythm with his tapping foot, a wide grin spread across his face, eyes closed in appreciation.

    He rested his head against the lockers, leisurely opening his golden orbs whilst flashing you a lazy grin.

    Your stomach bubbled in excitement, your heart warming up as you locked eyes with him for the second time this week.

    “You know, I knew that out of all the people in our school, you were the only one who’d sing that song out loud.” You strolled near him, plopping your bag beside his, sitting down peering at his screen.

    “It’s an honour that you out of all people know my music taste so well”, he chuckled, pulling his arm back as you elbowed him as a joke. He settled down before turning towards you.

    “How come you’re early to school today?”

    “I could ask you the same question, not much about the great Denki Kaminari says I like to be early to school”, you exaggerated with your hands, causing the blonde to playfully roll his eyes.

    “Tutoring. Bakugou’s given up with trying to teach me the maths syllabus and I’d rather not get hit on the head by my own fucking homework by him…” he explained, sheepishly smiling. “He did that with Kirishima because he got one question wrong and I was like, yup, that’s my que to leave.”

    Both of you snickered at Bakugou knowing well enough that he wouldn’t be hesitant to slam both of your heads in the lockers if he heard you two.

    “Honestly, I’m shocked that he manages to keep someone as nice as Kirishima-kun by his side.”

    “Exactly”, he dragged on, “that’s what I always say. Well Sero more than me but you get the point.”

    Like you said, there was never a dull moment around him. Both of your eyes twinkled as you tried to keep yourself from being too loud.

    “Anyways, now that I told you my reason, I think it’s fair for you to tell me why you're so early”, he egged on, pouting in attempts to make you laugh again.

    It worked as you nudged him again, covering your mouth as you smiled at his cuteness.

    “My stupid alarm clock went back an hour or something. Because it woke me up an hour early, I didn’t fucking check until I got on the bus and now I’m here.”

    He observed you before squinting his eyes. “And I thought I was the clueless one.”

    “Oi listen”, you started, swatting away at his arm. “You can’t blame me, I was tired and angry as hell. The time was one of the last things I was caring about.”

    “I get the tired, but why the angry?”

    “I had an amazing dream. Like the best dream in the world. And then I had it interrupted by the fucking alarm clock and I realised that if it didn’t ring an hour early, I could have still be dreaming said dream.

    “Ahh, an amazing dream I see. Any chance that I was in it?”

    You forgot how to breathe for a second, choking on air. You turned away from him, trying to keep from coughing on the boy. Well that and the heat that flooded under your cheeks.

    Kaminari lingered behind you, stifling a laugh.

    “No no, you laugh asshole. I almost experienced a near death experience and you just fucking laugh at it”, you deadpanned, sorting out your clothing.

    He slapped his hands on his mouth in an attempt to keep his mouth shut. His winsome grin reached his pretty eyes though.

    How could you not be soft towards him? Especially when your heart melted into a little pool of affection all for him.

    “Task failed successfully”, you snorted along with him. “I’ll have to go now though… Ura is… calling me.”

    And you left him, walking rapidly until the next corner before bolting out of campus.

    “You’re never going to guess what happened.”

    Uraraka could guess it was going to be a long phone call though.


    “Y/LN”, Kirishima-kun approached you at lunch, chips in hand. “Wanna join us, we’re playing Truth and Dare hehe. You can bring along Uraraka-san as well!”

    How could you put down such a lovely invite? Dragging a reluctant Uraraka and a clueless Deku you found yourself in front of Kaminari’s competitive determination… Shit.

    You mentally scolded yourself before trying to shuffle away from the seat, only to be obstructed by Kirishima-kun and Ura. You didn’t want to be impolite… moving would mean you’d have to go past them, probably squeeze your way past them, and then make that awkward leg shaped as you chickened out right in front of Kaminari…

    You braced yourself, hooking your arms underneath the lunch seat. Your eyes glazed over the confessions, your ears blocked out the cackles. If you weren’t interested, they’d forget about you right?

    Well they did at first at least. Hope rose in your chest. Maybe you would be able to make the last 10 minutes without getting called on. You knew there was only one question on Kaminari’s mind and if he found out, it was going to be over.

    “Y/LN-san hasn’t gone yet”, someone chriped in, causing your head to jolt, eyes opened wide.

    “Yeahh, Y/LN, go on. It’s only fair, right.”

    “It’ll be fun, come on.”

    “I agree Y/LN, it’s only a little bit of fun. Or are you scared ‘cause you’re just hiding Mineta-type perverted thoughts?”

    Your ears rang as your fists shook under the table.

    “Not Y/LN being a pervert”, Mina remarked, the entire table uproaring in howls.

    The anger rushed to your head. You got up immediately disregarding the two sitting next to you.

    “Fuck you Kaminari. Fuck you.”

    You ran out of the canteen, hyper aware of the eyes fixating upon your form. A pervert. Says him, that fucking flirt. Was it so hard to keep one single dream away from him? He didn’t have to know everything, and there he goes calling you a pervert because you wanted to keep your personal thoughts to yourself. Unbelievable, fucking unbelievable.

    Your hands held your torso, your knees giving in against the wall. You slid across the wall hiding your face in the nook of your leg. You weren’t sad, he was just so conflicting sometimes. You loved his jokes, you loved his laughs, but when it was at you, especially when he called you a pervert for what you clearly kept a secret, you couldn’t help but curl up into a pile of anger and guilt.

    Your body sensed the disturbance in the floor, hands immediately wiping at your face.

    “Y/LN”, he gasped, out of breath, “I’m sorry… That was a shitty thing for me to say. You aren’t a pervert, and making a joke out of that was dumb. And I was being childish, so please”, he cupped his hands in yours, kneeling down to meet you, “can you forgive this dumbass?”

    There it was again, that tug at your heartstrings. Your hands tightened around his hold, your fingers intertwining together.

    “Don’t know, can I?”

    He clenched his jaw, cursing at himself.

    “I’m sorry… That was really stupid and I get why yo-”

    He felt himself getting pulled into a hug, his face beaming as he felt your words breeze over his ear.

    “I’m joking. I forgive you dumbass.”

    You stayed there, your heart fluttering in sync with the boy you had wrapped around you. It was just like your dream, quiet apart from the faint sound of your heart beating in your ears, gentle like his delicate arms wrapped around your waist and perfect like him.

    “My dream… it was about us two”, you breathed out, reluctantly letting go of him.

    His interest peaked as he motioned for you to go on.

    “I may have confessed and you may have told me you liked me back and we may have cuddled… and kissed maybe”, you winced, closely observing his amused face.

    “We didn’t have sex though just saying... I’m not a perv like Mineta, just wanted to get that clear.”

    You two exchanged looks, the pit in your stomach growing bigger. You just ruined everything, didn’t you?

    “Are you saying you like me, in real life?”

    “That’s… that’s what I’m saying…” You twiddled with your thumbs, the silence getting to you.

    “I’m sorry…”

    “No, no need to be sorry”, he chuckled, flashing you a reassuring smile. “I’m just shocked that you like me, and it’s a bit to process but I’m not mad. Or angry at you.”

    You tilted your head, scrunching your eyebrows.

    “What I mean is… I’m scared of commitment… It scares me a lot and I just like people and flirting with them…”

    “So what you’re saying is… dating without the responsibilities that comes with it?”

    “Yeah… I just want to have fun, you know. Because if I dated someone… I’d probably suffocate in that relationship just bound to one person and one person only.”

    You nodded in agreement, his words slowly making sense to you.

    “I get you… Relationships seem really scary to me as well… guess it comes with experience am I right?”


    He turned towards you, pulling you closer, grinning expectantly. “I like you as well Y/LN, and I’m willing to try something.”

    He looked so eager, like a determined puppy ready to fetch a stick.

    “Have you heard of an open relationship?”

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    I simultaneously love and hate how I interpret characters because I exaggerate features so much. Like I exaggerate height and body types and hair length and skin tones and just yes I love doing it like that but I also feel bad cuz it doesn’t look like the character anymore

    #oh a character is shorter than the others? absolutely teeny tiny in my art. #oh a character has slightly longer hair? beautiful long locks now. #oh this character is described as small and thin? I will emphasize that when standing next to other characters. #oh this character is chubby in my headcanon? I will not hide that from anybody because it’s cute as fucking shit dude
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    okay probably an odd theory but hear me out:

    the preeminent is slowly (and i mean SLOWLY) digesting the inhabitants of the cursed realm

    which is why the longer a ghost has been there, the more distorted they become & why when lloyd visits garmadon there, he says he's in the belly of the beast

    ghoultar has been there the longest, so that's why he's straight up a skeleton

    #ninjago #ninjago cursed realm #ninjago theory#ninjago headcanon#my interests #there was also a cut line from curseworld part II where bansha says the preeminent is hungry #and then morro looks at the steamboat of people and says 'then i shall help feed her' #implying that. yes the preeminent literally eats people and turns them into ghosts
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    14.06.2021 - 22 minutes ago

    one of my favorite little headcanons is that pietro also got an element of chaos but it didn’t manifest itself in the same way it did wanda. he obviously didn’t get any of her abilities and is very much a speedster but it still flows through him quite vividly and i think its a good indication as to why he’s so, well, self destructive. 

    he’s making things into a mess and there are times where he even admits to himself that he doesn’t know why he does it. it’s like an instinct. i think that the chaos manifests itself within him in a way that makes him act chaotic rather than possessing the power of chaos. 

    trauma is a good excuse to a point but at some point the twins have worked the kinks through all of their childhood nonsense and even through their late adolescence but pietro still manages to mess everything up and never fucking learns and at some point it just breaks him down and he can’t figure out why he’s constantly like this but the answer is in his bloodline. 

    the twins were born for chaos. 

    #headcanon tag. #i literally only wanted to make this like a two sentence thing #but here we are #a whole post #but n e ways it makes sense to me and i adore it and i want to hold it close to my wrinkly little heart
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    Mao Mao 🤝 Perry the Platypus

    Great (possible) asexual representation in kids cartoons without being 100% overt or bludgeoning it into anyone's skull.

    #mao mao heroes of pure heart #mao mao #mao mao mao #my art#asexual headcanons#pride 2021#pride fanart
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    Bucky gets so used to being around the Wilsons after moving to Delacroix that one day he accidentally refers to himself as "James 'Bucky' Wilson"

    Unfortunately for him, it happens when he's at Avengers HQ and he's introducing himself to all the other new recruits, alongside some of the og Avengers

    He corrects himself and moves on, trying to ignore Sam and Rhodey giggling to eachother from the back, hoping that by a miracle they'll let him get away with it

    Eventually, the introductions/meeting ends and the three join up, he can tell Sam and Rhodey are just waiting for the other to make the first joke. Rhodey starts them off by congratulating the two on making their partnership official then complains about not being invited to the ceremony. Sam asks if it was him Bucky married or Sarah.

    Later, they see Scott and he greets them as "Sam and Mr Wilson". At that point Bucky's counting down the days until their trip is over.

    They finally fly home and Bucky thinks he'll finally have peace, until Sarah proudly announces "There's my beautiful husband" upon seeing him

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    I did a thing, have some pride headcanons


    #purgatory creates #my hero academia #my hero headcanons #pride month#pride icons#mha shigaraki#natsuo todoroki#miruko#shoji mezo#izuku midoriya#tokoyami fumigake #boku no hero headcanons #boku no hero manga #boku no hero academia
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    evan god damn buck buckley ‘cos i’m still not over that last episode. 

    act as if what you do makes a difference‚ it does. [ in character / evan buckley ] it's a birthmark‚ not a burn. [ visage / evan buckley ] i really need somebody to call my own‚ i wanna be somebody to someone. [ musing / evan buckley ] head in the dust‚ feet in the fire ; labour on that midnight wire. [ aesthetic / evan buckley ] straight through the smoke‚ and the fight is all we know. [ headcanon / evan buckley ]

    and if you were drowned at sea‚ i'd give you my lungs so you could breathe. [ rel. evan buckley x eddie diaz ]

    #act as if what you do makes a difference‚ it does. [ in character / evan buckley ] #it's a birthmark‚ not a burn. [ visage / evan buckley ] #i really need somebody to call my own‚ i wanna be somebody to someone. [ musing / evan buckley ] #head in the dust‚ feet in the fire ; labour on that midnight wire. [ aesthetic / evan buckley ] #straight through the smoke‚ and the fight is all we know. [ headcanon / evan buckley ] #and if you were drowned at sea‚ i'd give you my lungs so you could breathe. [ rel. evan buckley x eddie diaz ]
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    the most upsetting/important implication of hagakure having to be naked to do her job effectively isn't that she has nothing to preserve her modesty (not only does she have more important things to do, she's invisible) or the lack of physical protection (more relevant, but not the top of the list).

    it's that hagakure, a female athlete who's job relies on running and other high impact activities, can't wear a fucking bra.

    #look running and fighting without a bra is incredibly uncomfortable #it's not just for looking pretty #why is hagakure naked? #mha#bnha #my hero academia #hagakure tooru#hagakure headcanons
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  • shokinlima
    13.06.2021 - 38 minutes ago


    I always thought that Baki bleached his hair to look like Yujiro, and then when all the childhood saga and Emi stuff happened Baki stopped dyeing his hair, and now looks like a carbon copy of Emi.

    #baki the grappler #grapplerbaki#baki hanma#baki headcanons#baki dou#my art#fanart #baki chikito baki chikito
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    okay so in peter pan goes wrong, in the bit where chris and robert are heard talking about jonathan and sandra over the recording, robert says (about sandra) "and she's just as bad, flirting with everybody, it's no wonder max is obsessed with her"

    he didn't say "every guy". he said "everybody". meaning he thinks she doesn't only flirt with guys, but other genders as well. and although sandra looked offended by the statement, she doesn't necessarily deny it.

    anyway this is a long way of saying that sandra is canonically bi/pan, sorry i don't make the rules

    #when i say canonically i mean i have taken some canon and made it fit with my headcanons #she personally gives me bi vibes but anywhere of the m-spec is good #please don't take this too seriously btw #this whole post is /hj and /lh #sandra wilkinson #cornley polytechnic drama society #cornley drama society #peter pan goes wrong #mischief comedy#mischief theatre
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  • lucanae
    13.06.2021 - 43 minutes ago

    wol inspiration chart .

    #TALE OF A HERO ⋯ headcanon . #this was rlly hard bcus the only ones i knw #off the top of my head #were link and jaskier
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    A quick thought but imagine, if you will: preteen Kakashi, at the onset of puberty, when his facial hair starts growing in. He has no one to show him how to properly shave so he just...wings it. Like the man he is. Nicks his face a thousand times so he’s got all these little cuts on his cheeks. He just stares at himself in the mirror for a second, defeated, before sighing and tugging his mask up back around his face murmuring something along the lines of “Well, thank god for this.” Because at least that way he can hide his shame over the fact that he, Kakashi Hatake the Copy Ninja, boy prodigy, cannot shave for shit. 

    Also don’t you dare imagine a grown Kakashi, still a sloppy shaver, finally revealing his face to his S/O and they see all of the little cuts he keeps making all over his face from his terrible shaving skills and decides to just do it for him. Don’t imagine them pampering him and gently turning his head and sliding the blade smoothly and carefully across his cheek and the absolute level of trust that would require for Kakashi to not only open up enough to reveal his face to someone but to allow them to slide a blade across that face knowing that they will never hurt him I just--

    #now my feelings hurt #kakashi hatake#naruto#headcanons #my precious ninja husbando
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  • tothedarkdarkseas
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #thank you for the question! #don't tell anyone because i'm supposed to be working on my dull somber character study WIP but #i might have jotted down some dumb dialogue that i'll try to expand into a dumb PWP #headcanon posts
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  • aliveandrestless5
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #it’s my favorite headcanon that all of sbi (except for Wil) all have crooked noses #he’s had his nose broken atleast thrice #that definitely leaves a mark #matches fics#ask
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  • anderperrian
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    if dead poets society happened sometime around 2011, todd and neil would have totally watched captain america and started saying “with you ‘til the end of the line”

    #you can’t change my mind #dead poets society #anderperry #with you til the end of the line #dps headcanons #j.txt
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  • clandestineloki
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #omg i remembered my grandmother's best friend!! #loki x you fluff #loki x reader fluff #loki laufeyson fluff #loki headcanons#loki headcanon
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  • emcads
    13.06.2021 - 1 hour ago
    𝐕𝐀𝐍𝐈𝐋𝐋𝐀 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐃𝐀𝐘 𝐌𝐄𝐌𝐄.      /        accepting.      ( tw: nsfw )
    @murroyilodel​  said : 9 & 21 for the vanilla meme please, spill the tea!
    9.  Is your muse attracted to any features in particular?

    ohoho this is a good one.  I .. can’t think of any physical features that stand out particularly in common in the people she’s attracted to,  I suppose she is a sucker for green eyes,  and fitness over softness,  but she doesn’t have a single type appearance wise.  mostly it’s lifestyle or attitude things,  she’s attracted to power and leadership,  and also like ...  people that could definitely kill you if they wanted to.  (  often this manifests in physical qualities, and swordsmanship,  but she’s also drawn to people who are more malicious and cunning,  especially when it comes to women because they’ve had less access to environments and training which would produce good swordsmanship   )  also this is an odd one to say because it’s not immediately obvious to me, but the more i think about it she definitely is attracted to intelligence and/or knowledge,  because she isn’t necessarily academic herself but she loves learning, and she thinks its so cute when her partners rambles on about her interests. 

    21. Would your muse ever send a sexual text message? Would they send pictures?

    yep. yep.  text messages and pictures and videos, on occasion.  she loves ....  her partner being obsessed with her and thinking about her all the time,  so she’ll sext them whenever she’s even slightly in the mood ( which is often ) and particularly when they’re at work, and busy, and definitely not thinking about Esme.  she’s also fairly confident in her body,  not to the degree that she would want an onlyfans or anything,  but she would love sharing pictures of herself meant to just be held by her partner because she knows they love her body.  

    #tw: suggestive#murroyilodel #gina have i said how much i love you lately #i feel like we never properly interact but you have been on my dash for so long and you always brighten my day #you are a pool of human sunshine #✘; IN A WORLD WITHOUT GOLD,WE MIGHT HAVE BEEN HEROES ( headcanon ) #✘; LETTERS ( answered ) #✘; LOOSE,CATCH THE WIND ( meme response )
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