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    He’s my new bad boy! :3 who doesn’t have a name yet ówò

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  • I recently went and cleared out a bunch of OCs that I barely draw/use anymore only to make this one a day later.

    Anyway, their name is Masque and they may or may not be a new member of the Reanimated Circus? I haven’t quite decided yet.

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  • hghfng mikal……….

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  • Photo of my oc from me and @kmcreations01‘s class 1-A, Kokoro Hikaru. I was too lazy to add a good background.

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  • #oc: ayame himaa #friend oc: coffee nana #au ra #au ra xaela #warrior of light #my oc#final fantasy #final fantasy xiv #ffxiv#screenshot
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    This is Terry! He’s Balthazar’s kid and is mistaken for a girl a lot of the time, as you can see, and he is a mixture of a nightmare (obviously) and a ‘failed’ Rockstar(saying failed since mother was banished) so quite a interesting combination. He’s a prince so his small crown has no jewels on it yet

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  • this is a tfa design of my oc pastiche ^^

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    Anime girl) or rather Lyra

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  • #yeah Kas used to eat people- #Kas is a naga #twst#twisted wonderland#twst oc #twisted wonderland oc #my oc #kastiel s. #my writing#dire crowley
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  • un dibujito de la wea espacial

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  • The General and the Captain

    Summary: the retelling of the clone wars with my oc added into the mix, starts from the movie and will go all the way to the end of season 7.

    Chapter 4

    We’ve been sitting with the Hutt for a few minutes when Rex comms Anakin. It’s very cold and damp in the cell; I can feel drafts coming through the walls and shiver, the poor Huttlet must have been freezing in here.

    “General Skywalker, the castle is secure, and it’s nearly midday.”

    “Thanks, Rex. We’ve got Jabba’s son. Any sign of General Kenobi yet?” I’m so glad that Obi Wan will be taking the Huttlet to Jabba, I’m just not in the mood to deal with Jabba right


    “No, sir.” What? Obi Wan should have been here by now. Where is he?

    “Master’s, my Jedi training didn’t prepare me for this. What are we gonna do?” Ahsoka asks. I smirk, already knowing what my brothers decided to do.

    “Well, since you think that smelly larva is cute, you’re gonna carry it.” I laugh as Anakin and I walk out of the dusty cell, leaving Ahsoka to carry the little whining Hutt.

    Ahsoka walks out of the cell carrying the Hutt; it looks like the little guy’s pretty heavy from the way that Ahsoka’s leaning back to compensate for some of the weight.

    We head back the way we came, walking through the same cold desolete corridor as before. we walk by the droids that Ahsoka destroyed, she’s doing her best not to trip over the pieces. We come up to the lift that brought us down here. Anakin sets it to take us back up, and we head back up.

    It’s silent as the lift takes us up. I can see that the clones must have opened the entrance more since there’s more light in here than before, making it look less old and creepy. I can see some clones standing sentry around the place.

    There are pillar’s lined up on either side of us, they go straight up to the ceiling. I think that they might be there to hold it up but I’m not sure. Now that there’s light in hear it looks much nicer, Even pretty; Although I do think the place need’s a little color.

    “How do you like your little buddy now? Still cute?"Anakin says, breaking the silence.

    Ahsoka looks up at Anakin as the little Hutt whines and jumps a little, almost falling out of her arms and onto the ground.

    "You know, he’s reminding me of you more and more.” She tells Anakin as she stops and turns the Hutt towards him.

    “See? You’re two of a kind.”

    “You know what, Snips? Now that you point it out, the resemblance is uncanny.” I tell her as Anakin scoffs.

    “Maybe you should carry both of us then.” Anakin starts walking away and I follow, we’re almost out of the monastery when I hear the Hutt start coughing. I turn and see Ahsoka looking at it.

    “Masters, I think this little guy is sick. He’s burning up with a fever.”

    Anakin and I both stop walking as she brings the Hutt up to us, and Anakin places a hand on the little guy’s head.

    “You’re right. We’ve got to get him back to the ship immediately. Trooper! Get me a backpack!” I feel bad for the little guy, I may hate the Hutts but this one’s just a youngling. He doesn’t deserve to have do many bad thing’s to happen to him. I just hope that we can help him once we get to the ship.

    One of the boys brings us a backpack, and we start trying to put the little Hutt in it. The poor little guy’s fighting and squealing as we try to put him in it.

    “Will you just let me do it?” Ahsoka tells us as we’re trying to put the Hutt in the backpack.

    “I hate Hutt’s.”

    “Anakin! He’s just a baby. Don’t say that kind of stuff around him.” He turns to me and I can see the guilt in his eyes.

    “Sorry, Blaze.”

    When we finally get him in, I go to grab my helmet off the ground. That’s when I realize that I left it on the Resolute. Kriff! I got so caught up in the mission that I didn’t even realize that I forgot it. I must have left it in Anakin’s room when I was showing Ahsoka.

    Ah, well. I can’t do anything about it now. I turn to Anakin who has a giant smile on his face, holding back laughter.

    “You forget something, sis.” I turn and see Ahsoka looking at the ground in guilt.

    “I’m sorry, Skygirl, I set your helmet on Anakin’s bed and never gave it back to you.”

    “It’s fine, Padawan. I can live without my helmet! Don’t worry. I just can’t believe it took me this long to realize it.”

    “Thanks, Master.” Ahsoka says, smiling and looking relieved. I smile back at her as we start walking farther out of the temple, towards my brothers fighter. I pause when I hear captain Rex call my name, I let Anakin and Ahsoka go ahead while I turn towards Captain Rex.

    “General Skywalker, you made sure you didn’t get injured down there, right?” I look at him confused. Why is he asking me this? He knows that I can take care of myself.

    “Yes, Captain. We destroyed every droid in there. Why are you asking?”

    “No reason, General. Just checking up on you.” We’re interrupted by a comm from Anakin, Rex nods at me as I turn and answer it.

    “Blaze, Obi Wan’s going to holo-call us, so you better get over here.”

    I look towards Rex. He just nods at me to go, so I head over to Anakin’s fighter. I can see a wall just behind it, I get there just as a holo-image of Obi Wan pops up.

    “Anakin. Blaze. Did you two locate Jabba’s son?”

    “We have him, but it looks like the Separatists are behind his abduction.” Anakin reports to him. Obi Wan doesn’t look happy knowing that the Separatists are involved, which means it’s going to get even worse when I tell him who else might be apart of it.

    “This smells like Count Dooku to me.” I tell him as Anakin nods in agreement.

    “I think it’s little Stinky you smell.” Ahsoka says, and I have to hold back laughter as Anakin gives her a quick glance.

    “I’ll bet Dooku is using us to get Jabba to join the Separatists.” Obi Wan says as he strokes his beard, like he always does when he’s thinking.

    “Master Kenobi, we have another problem. This Huttlet is very sick.” Ahsoka tells Obi Wan, and my brother chimes in right after.

    “I’m not sure we can get him back to Tatooine alive, Master. This whole rescue may backfire on us. I still don’t think dealing with the Hutts is a good idea.” I have to agree with him. Even if I don’t like the thought of the little one dying, we might not be able to keep him alive for as long as it will take to get to Tatooine.

    “Anakin, you know they control shipping routes in the Outer Rim. Jabba’s cooperation is crucial to the war effort. If you let anything happen to his son, our chances of a treaty with him will disappear.” We suddenly hear a ship arrive.

    “Master’s? We’ve got trouble!” I look where Ahsoka is looking and see two Separatist ships arrive. I really wish I’d remembered my helmet now.

    “Defensive positions!” Rex yell’s to the men as the ships get closer.

    “Anakin?” Obi Wan asks as Anakin quickly fills him in.

    “I’ll have to call you back, Master. We’re under attack. We could use a little help here if you have the time.” I can see all the clones running around getting into their position’s.

    “I’ll get there as soon as I can. Protect the Hutt, Anakin. Blaze, please make sure he does.” Obi-Wan says with a little shake of his head as he cuts the call. I can see the Separatist fighters come down and start shooting at us. Anakin and I make sure to use our lightsaber’s and deflect them away from Snips and the Hutt.

    The clones including Rex are all shooting at them as we deflect the blaster bolts away from us and the Hutt.

    “We’ve got spiders inbound!” One of the men yell as I turn and see them coming through the opening in the wall. There’s some super battle droids coming up right behind the spiders.

    We all back up as Artoo jumps out of Anakin’s fighter, and it explodes. A shot must’ve hit it. We all start running towards the entrance of the monastery; still doing our best to deflect the blaster bolts away from us.

    I can see hordes of droids coming through the opening as the clones shoot at them.

    “Get inside!” Anakin yells as Ahsoka and I start running into the entrance, she’s still carrying the Hutt, keeping it tightly against her as she runs.

    Artoo follows right behind us as we dodge blaster bolts, I’m to busy running to grab my saber. We keep dodging the AT-TE legs as we get closer and closer to the entrance. I can see the same pillars we had passed before, I know that we’re close and we’re going to make it.

    We make it into the entrance, and I make sure to check snips over for injuries. She’s fine and I breathe a sigh of relief as we wait for Anakin and the rest of the troopers.

    I look around at the earth coloured monastery, I can hear the cries of clones as they’re shot down, and I almost can’t hold my tears back.

    I hate when people die or end up injured. Even if the clones say that they’re expendable, I did my best to get to know each and everyone of them. I hate that they’re being shot down like droids.

    “Fall back!” Anakin yell’s as he and the clones start running for the safety of the monastery. I do my best to pull myself together; I’ll have time to mourn when the mission is over. Now, I need to protect my brother and Padawan.

    “Fall back! Fall back!” Rex yell’s as he jumps in the entrance and activates the doors so that they close. I can see it getting darker as the door closes and if I look closely I can see how old and crumbled the door is, I don’t know if it will hold. Anakin is the last one in, sliding in just before the door closes.

    I walk through the clones and over to Anakin, Once I get close to him I give him a quick squeeze on the arm. He does the same back; it’s our way of quickly telling eachother that we’re thankful that the other is alive.

    Rex walks up to us, and I stay standing beside Ahsoka. She’s taking the Hutt out of the backpack to hold it as Anakin and Rex start talking.

    “Captain, we’ll stay here until General Kenobi arrives with reinforcements.” Anakin looks over to Ahsoka, and I do the same. She has an unamused look on her face.

    “What?” Anakin asks her.

    “Master, do you honestly think we can hold them off? We’ve got to find a way out of here.”

    “I have to agree with our Padawan, Anakin. We won’t be able to hold them off.” I don’t think that wall is going to hold much longer. We need to get the Hutt to Tatooine as soon as possible.

    “Our mandate is to protect this Hutt, and that’s what we’re going to do.”

    “Our mandate was to get this Hutt back to Tatooine, and time is running out.” I have to agree with Ahsoka on this one. The Hutt is looking worse off than before and I’m even more worried that it won’t make it to Tatooine.

    “I suppose you have a plan.” Artoo starts saying that he might be able to find another way out. I smile and give my droid a little pat.

    “Yes, or I think so, Artoo willing.”

    “Alright, Snips. I’ll trust you on this one.” I smile at Anakin, and turn to Ahsoka.

    “We’ll both trust you on this one, Padawan.”

    “Captain, hold them here as long as you can.” Anakin tells Rex as we start walking further into the monastery, away from the clones waiting at the door.

    “Will do, sir. You heard the General! Get ready to turn those clankers into scrap metal!” I start to feel worried about my men. I hope nothing happens to them, although I know that won’t be true. Right know, I’m feeling even more worried for Rex. I’ve got to get my head into the mission and nothing else. I need to stop thinking about Rex even if I might just be in love with him.



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    At this point I’m taking any excuse to play with colors. I don’t have a name for this one yet, but it’s ya girl, Cecily

    #should I make an official OC chart for my girl here? #I think she’s gonna be the main one I draw for a while #my art #just a buzzing bee #digital art#illustration#art #hashtags I guess #cecily#oc cecily#my oc #also in this house we treat light as both a Wave and a Particle
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  • i love sheet ghosts lol

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  • Nyahahaha~

    Who’s ready for my BNHA cat boy?

    #ankin speaks#Miya Kyoji#my Oc #ankin watches bnha #;) #soon but not tonight #gotta hype up my boy
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    pls rb :)

    #my oc #i never have finished a ref 4 him and maybe i never will </3 #my art #god.txt
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  • What’s this? 

    A proper reference for Faith when she’s in her mid-20s and living in Middleverse?

    You’d be surprised! 

    She takes up a job as an Ice skating teacher and a couple of odd jobs to make ends meet (She’s incredibly speedy with packages in the winter, I hear). 

    She’s become a bit of a coffee addict, haha. 

    While Ida is willing to give her all the money she wants, she doesn’t like it, and she actively works for what she wants, because she then gets a sense of satisfaction from it. 

    Middleverse content and creator here: @doodlesofmiddleverse

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  • I made a few IkeVamp children OC’s that are teens/adults. (Female’s Part I)

    !! I did not draw them !! Their all from picrew I just designed them !!


    Extra Info:

    Like’s having her ears pet/scratched, She’s been friends with Gabriela since she was 2 years old.

    They live seperately from Comté their house is near the mansion by a few blocks. In the present time she’s a gamer and a otaku

    Most of the time she’s shy and very timid (unless your close to her then she’ll act like a child) but she isn’t a pushover if you decide to insult someone she cares about you’ll be getting your ass thrown to antartica.

    She owns a 3 hamsters (a robo hamster named buttercream, a syrian hamster named butterscotch, and a chinese hamster named vanilla)

    She used to take dancing classes when she was younger but dropped out when her spark for it died out.

    “Eh!? You want me to take dancing classes again? Pfft- They don’t need a disgusting otaku like me there, beside’s I prefer to stay home and play games all day anyways”


    Extra Info:

    When she was born her eyes were actually golden yellow, they faded out of color though as she grew older.

    As she grew up her Peré ALWAYS spoils her to the point that she has her own storage room of gifts from him. Her mother though tells her that she shouldn’t be entitled and be thankful always.

    She dislikes dresses but when Comté buys her dresses she’ll bite her tongue and wear it for him. (She can’t lie that her father has taste)

    She also owns 2 pet guinea pigs (Penelope and Taffyta)

    *puts a blanket over her father who has fallen asleep doing paperwork* “Tsk, this is why Mère always worries about you”


    Extra Info:

    She dislikes it when someone teases her that she likes someone from the Doyle Family.

    When her aunt was pregnant she felt jealous and thought that she might get replaced as the only child in her family. All those thoughts went away though when they were born.

    In highschool she would always stir up trouble with her friends, however she always manages to not be mentioned when the trouble is being brought up by the teachers.

    She owns a shitzu named Perry (She named perry when she was 11 don’t judge her)

    “Shut up four-eyes, there is a zero percent chance that I’ll ever like you romantically.”


    Half of her childhood she lived in the mansion with her parents and her Uncle but when she turned 12 they moved to the Philippines.

    In the Philippines her grandma kept on feeding her all types of food which resulted in her having chubby cheeks.

    During christmas she gets a lot of gifts and salubong but her favorite gifts are from her parents and from her Uncle Theo (Yes his children count)

    Brush ended up having mini baby raccoons and they became Marie’s pets (ChokNat, JackJack, and… Natoy)

    She’s a fan of drama’s and photography. (She got Natoy’s name from a drama)

    “Maman! Maman! Uncle Theo is calling me! Should I answer???”

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  • Bueno aquí una idea uWu @drawsrubens64 gracias por esa idea, pensé en varias cosas pero primero estos dos jotos jsj💗💕💗💕💗💕💗💛

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