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    My boys

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    True Love's Last Kiss

    Pairing: Leon x Leri (MC)

    Rating: Mature; Word count: 1252; Read on AO3

    Tags: Spoilers for the AMR demo; Not canon compliant - Leon and Leri (MC) started their relationship half a year before the final battle; Established Relationship; Angst; Hurt No Comfort; Feels; Heartbreak

    A Mage Reborn demo 👑✨ @mage-parivir

    Fic title inspo from the song - True Love's Last Kiss (Eternal Eclipse) 🎶 🤍

    “Why did you do it?”

    The question grates on his mind like long nails on a blackboard. A restless needle poking at his brain.

    Why, why, why?

    He heard it so many times, from so many people. 

    Why? Murderer. Traitor. Why, why, why?

    Asking, shouting, demanding, threatening, using force so he breaks and tells them.


    He endured. 

    “It had to be done.” Wearily he says the same thing he said to others. Over and over again, because they wouldn’t listen even if he told the truth. He was already doomed in their eyes, maybe from the start. No one likes a stray that gets the attention of those in power and steals them from you.

    “Tell me your reasons. Why did you do it?”

    But the way Leon asks the same question is different. He demands like a king he is. The way he squares his shoulders like he prepares for an attack, the jut of his chin when he stands up to a challenge. The fire in his eyes, dark in their silent fury and only a gentle tremble of his voice betrays how deeply Leri’s repeated words sting. 

    Right now Leri is the enemy that refuses to be conquered and he’s aware how stubbornly clever Leon is with his foes.

    “I know who you are, Melmesne.” 

    Oh. So they’re using that to paint him a villain. Briefly, he wonders who was so smart to dig up that particular information, serving it to their king to fuel his wrath. The venom in his voice when he spits Leri’s forgotten surname feels like a slap to the face and he closes his eyes. The phantom feeling of a knife in his chest twists without mercy. He feels it since he’s learnt in the ruins of the old laboratory of what has to be done to stop the countdown to a massacre.

    “Did you plan it? Pretended to be a friend, use me, use all of us just to strike when it suits you best?” 

    Leri silently watches how Leon prowls in front of his cell, like an agitated predator that would tear into his prey at the smallest provocation. He sways on his feet when he slowly gets up from the floor, his bad knee screaming in pain thanks to the hours in one position.

    “Did you lie about everything? About us?”


    He didn’t. Even now Leon’s accusations are like a whip cutting at him until he bleeds. And he does bleed, silently.

    “Was it lie that you loved me just to bend naive prince to your will?”

    No, no, no. 

    It’s the first time in his life he was able to taste something as sweet as love and love back. He still does, with every bitter word, keeping it in his heart even if it shatters. 

    “Tell me why you did it!”

    Leon so rarely asked him for things. Leri never wanted to deny him anything. It hurts to see him like that. To hear the desperation mixed with loathing in his voice. 

    Why why why-

    It’s too much. It builds and builds until it finally spills.

    “There was no other way!” The shout tears straight from the depth of Leri’s chest like thunder. 

    Leon flinches, stopping his pacing.

    Leri’s breathing hard, shivering. The sudden outburst snuffing out his fragile energy like wind a candle flame. He stumbles, limp hair covering his face as he hangs down his head. Doesn’t see Leon moving closer like he wants to catch him when he curls his dirty hands on the bars of his cell, the chains pulling at the gesture. The bruises flare with fresh pain under the cuffs, threatening to re-open the scabbed wounds on his wrists. 

    He doesn’t care.

    “No other way.” Leri rasps, leaning his forehead on the cold iron. A second of relief on his feverish skin. He ignores the hot threat of tears at the back of his eyes.

    He recoils when Leon’s fingers close over his, holding on tight and he briefly relaxes under the warmth of his palms. 


    He looks up at the face of a man close to his own, bowing over him with all his frame. “Truth can save you.”

    Leri blinks, lost in the green eyes so bright he feels like drowning. The hold on his hands grounds him. 

    “Let me save you.” Leon whispers, earnest in his hope.

    He hates to crush it. Hates the light to dim to nothing when he says softly, “Truth won’t bring back dead.” 

    The chain doesn’t allow him to reach for Leon’s face, halting him halfway. His fingertips twitch in the space between them and Leon doesn’t move, gaze fixed on him.

    “I promised.” 

    Leon’s eyes widen. “Don’t-”

    “I promised I’ll come back to you.”

    “Stop it, I can’t-” The crack in his voice breaks Leri’s heart further.

    The smile on his face hurts, splitting the cut on his lip. The words taste like copper. “I came back. Aren’t you glad to see me, love?” 

    And before Leon’s stricken expression turns into something else Leri’s the first to withdraw, even if it pains him to do it. Stepping back, until there’s a wall behind him, sinking down to the ground in a heap. His head lolls to the side as he watches Leon’s hands flex over the bars, knuckles white in his grip. 

    “You waited.”

    Leon grits his teeth, jerking his arms away from the cell, eyes burning and too wet for his comfort. He angrily wipes at them, half turning from him and Leri bites the inside of his cheek to keep the hot and heavy tickle in the back of his throat from spreading up.

    “Kept your word. Thank you, love.”

    Leon chokes on a mirthless laugh, his gaze weighty before he turns his back at him. “You’re so cruel.” 

    Before he storms out his parting words reach Leri’s ears, a raw whisper of painful secret. “May the god be merciful to you because I can’t.”

    The silence when he’s finally left alone is deafening. 

    First, Leon.

    Then, Ilya and Saine. 

    And after all of them left him, there’s Ante, who quietly peels off from the shadows to show him she’s been there all the time. Listening and observing. She steps close to the cell doors, staring at him wordlessly. The blankness of her face, the rigid stance say it all without voicing it out loud. 

    “I was right about you.”

    Leri looks at her, golden eyes half lidded. He hurt her companions. She would kill him with her bare hands if not for the orders of keeping him alive until execution.

    He’s so tired, the cold of the floor siphoning what little warmth his battered body still has. Leri closes his eyes, the corner of his mouth curling up. 

    “It’s good to be right, no?”

    And when he’s truly alone the tears leave clean traces on his skin, pouring freely from closed eyes. The chasm in his chest feels almost like during the worst experiments he had to endure. He didn’t know it was possible, to feel pain this great again after what happened to Eli. The risk of having something to lose, the agony of having your heart pulled straight out of you. It would hurt less if it was done literally.

    Maybe Nyx will finally swallow him in his death and he'll come back to haunt them all.

    A ghost, memento of their mistake. 

    But, even if they knew, it’d be too late.

    Truth won’t bring back dead.

    #amr #a mage reborn #icy is writing #spoiler to the title - there's no kiss D: #and there's my take on the dungeon scene #thank you for the angst fuel Adam! #i offer a flower 🌷 #or three 🌷🌷🌷 #done with this fic #two other wips appear lol #oc leri#Valerian Virtanen
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    Mharessa: *gets on one knee*

    Izzy: Oh my god, it's finally happening!

    Mharessa: *collapses*

    Izzy: The poison is finally kicking in!

    #izzy quill#mharessa schmidt #my friend oc #my oc#oc #my oc and not my oc #oc x oc #incorrect oc #incorrect oc quotes #incorrect ocs #incorrect marvel quotes #stamora child #guardians of the galaxy oc #captain america oc #mcu oc#mcu#marvel#marvel oc
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    Ella: Truth or dare?

    Silas: Truth.

    Ella: How many hours have you slept this week?


    Silas: Dare.

    Ella: Go to sleep.

    Silas: I don't like this game.

    #incorrect quotes#my characters#oc: elizabeth#oc: silas #y’all remember that truth or dare game between them that i mentioned once? #cause this is what ella would have done had she known silas for longer by the time they played #my boy needs some sleep
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    Thai is one of the novices of the temple.

    He was born in the capital of the Empire but after his spells showed themselves he was brought to the temple by Tanata.

    He prefers weapons unlike most magicians but also feeling free in battle magic. Thai have some problems in social contacts, he is in warm relations with Vei and Morok, admires his master who teaches him since childhood.

    When Empire separates in problems he chooses not to take sides and proves that he deserves to become the next Highest.

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    Mutt by @funkinmadnesss

    (I love their design sm! /gen)

    #fanart #click for better quality #not my oc #madcom#madness combat#madcom oc #madness combat oc
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    Here’s some artwork that I drew of my oc as a Lamia skeleton heheh :)

    My friend inspired me to make this soooo, yeah.

    Speed paint up on my channel!

    Go and check it out

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    Just a short back-story of one of my OCs, Blaine.

    If u wanna know her backstory...

    In their Universe, there are humans and some hybrids. Which some underground scientists and government leaders wanted to test out the powers and anatomy of different hybrid. They resulted in kidnapping or hunting down some of them.

    One of the test subjects, Blaine's mother was tricked when she married one scientist that tricked her. Blaine was born inside the Facility walls. Her mother and father lied to her for her sake saying that all the injections and tests she was given were because there was a 'virus' going around and it was her own health and safety.

    When she grew a bit older and found out the truth when she eavesdrops on her father's co-workers and watched her mother screaming while she cries in pain.

    When she grew older, she helped her mom and some other lab rats escape through garbage chutes. Once they were out and headed to the cities, some of the given fluids injected in them have cause some of their friends, including Blaine's mother some seizures, headaches, etc.


    I am not going to spoil anymore and save for later, but yeah, hope you like her. I give her story an 8/10 ig. :)

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    Some drawings of Zy that have been sat in my sketchbook

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    #ask game#ocs#sage (oc) #i really need a last name for them #ask#lemonadesoda#lemon stuff #twilight rift au #'something' ended up being the reason why i can now say that i have had a knife pulled on me as the result of my own actions #it got taken care of #and no one got stabbed #but hey.
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    TOLKIENOCWEEK! ( @tolkienocweek )


    Calenrîs Silimhren, the Queen of the Greenwood

    One of the Silvan native to the Greenwood, Calenrîs was a vivacious, kind, and clever woman who was dearly loved by her people.
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    Kissing under the summer sky 🌠

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    [FANFIC] BNHA Neutral AU: Book 1 - A Finger in Every Pie: Bonus #1: All Hail the Lizard Queen (Spinner/Shuichi)

    WARNINGS: Sex, Mild Blood, Language (Ok, if you're not a scalie/scaly, you should probably skip this. Don't say I didn't warn you.)

    -Kanae’s POV-

    I'm not sure what day it was, or even what month, but that's alright.

    I might be in the worst situation anyone could be in, but at least I made some friends here. Like Dabi, Toga, Jin, and...

    I started to wonder if Spinner was in that category.

    Our first meeting started off okay, but ended in disaster, so I have no idea what he thinks of me. It would be nice to talk to him again.

    I hear the door open and, speak of the devil, there he was, Spinner.

    We looked at each other and I said, "Hi."

    Not a word. He just walked up to me and kneeled down.

    I was confused until he bent forward to put his forehead and hands on the ground, in the dogeza pose, where he immediately said loudly, "I'm sorry!"

    This surprised me greatly. You wouldn't expect Spinner of all people to do this.

     "Um...for what?"

    "For what I did to you. Twice told me about who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Judging on that, to me, you are a true hero no matter what you call yourself. So please, forgive me for how I've treated you."

    The way he said it showed that he was serious, and you don't just throw the dogeza out willy-nilly. You only do it when you're truly, deeply sorry for whatever you did.

    I smiled and patted his head. "I already forgave you, remember?"

    He opened his eyes and sat up, looking confused until he remembered, then he started to blush from embarrassment. "Oh yeah..you did..."

    I giggled a bit to myself. I had to admit, seeing him all flustered is quite adorable.

    I guess he caught my giggling, because he asked, “The hell are you laughing about?”

    “Oh, it’s nothing. You just look so cute when you blush like that. I can’t help but love that look.”

    Even though Spinner was annoyed, he still kept on blushing.

    Jeez, I didn’t know I could affect him this much.

    He shook the blush off and said, “Whatever, I said what I wanted to say, so I’m outta here.”

    He started to get up and walk away, but I immediately got up and grabbed his wrist, saying, “Wait!”

    He flinched and looked back at me, clearly annoyed. “What do you want?!”

    It didn’t affect me, so I told him, “I...I’m glad to see you again. I really did enjoy talking with you that first day, I was hoping we could talk more...if that’s alright.”

     -Third Party POV-

    Spinner was kind of surprised at this. A girl wanted to spend time with him? Does she even know who she’s talking to?

    Although....he kind of secretly hoped she would.

    He wasn’t sure why, but ever since that night, he had so many questions he wanted to know about her.

    Who exactly was she? Why was she so nice to him? Why isn’t she afraid of him? And why is she being so nice to everyone else, even though they’re keeping her prisoner here?

    Maybe staying with her for a bit might answer some of the questions he had.  

    “Ugh, fine,” he said in an irritated voice.

    He walked over to the wall and leaned against it, his arms crossed. "Alright, what did you wanna talk about?"

    Kanae thought about it for a second and then said, "You know Stain, right?"

    He looked at her, already thinking she was suspicious, but decided to go on with it.

    "Not personally, but I do know a lot about him."

    "Do you really think he'd see me as a true hero? Or someone interested in his cause? Or nothing at all?"

    He closed his eyes, thought about it for a bit and said, "Well, from what I've heard, you do meet the qualifications of a true hero; someone who wants to help everyone and is willing to do whatever it takes for it. But I don't know what he'd think of you for sure. You'd be better off asking him yourself if you ever get out of here."

    "Actually, I was planning on finding him and letting him know about me."

    He looked at her again, kind of surprised at that statement.

    "Seriously? You do realize that he's Stain, right? Hero Killer: Stain? You'd be dead the moment he sees you."

    Kanae did understand that Stain was dangerous, but if she was to do her job properly, she had to know where she stood in his eyes.

    "Do you know where he is?"

    Spinner just stared at her and said, "You..You're serious about this. You're going to look for Stain, all by yourself."

    She nodded.

    Good God, this woman either has nerves of steel or is an idiot, and Spinner was going towards the latter.

    "Are you insane? You can't go find him all by yourself and think you'll get out unscathed!"

    "Would you come with me, then?"


    "Well, you know a lot about Stain, and probably where he would hang around. Plus you seem pretty strong and are probably pretty good at fighting, I mean, why else did they let you join the League of Villains? So I figured you'd be a good candidate for that."

    This infuriated him to no end.

    "WHAT MAKES YOU THINK I’LL HELP YOU OUT?!? Who do you think you are asking me to--?!"

    A thought then came to him that stopped him mid sentence: He would get to meet his idol, Stain, in person.

    While this would be one of his dreams coming true, he couldn’t let Kanae see him looking like an idiotic fanboy.

    He calmed down and looked away from Kanae, saying, "....I'll think about it."

    She seemed pretty happy about his response, her eyes almost sparkling. “Oh really?”

     Kanae tried standing up, but she tripped on her robe, stumbled and started to fall forward.

    Spinner went to catch her but they both ended up falling to the ground, him falling backwards, bumping his head against the wall.

    "Ugh..ow.." he grumbled.

    It was then that he noticed that Kanae was on top of him, her robe had fallen off and she was now completely nude.

    Her face was really close to his and he noticed he had his arms around her waist, their groins a bit too close to each other.

    Spinner felt panic building up inside him, but he was frozen at the sight of a nude Kanae on his body and their faces being close.

     -Kanae’s POV-

    As I looked at Spinner’s face, I felt my face get warmer. By the look on his face reminiscent of a high school boy encountering his first girl, I could tell he was feeling the same.

    If it weren't for the green skin, his face would probably start turning red.

    At that moment, I could feel his body against my own.

    His chest was hard, but it was warm and I could feel his heart beating. His arms around me made me feel safe and able to relax, with the kind of build he was.

    I focused on his face, and I realized something I hadn't before.

    "You know, I noticed something."


    "The more I look at you, the more I notice that you're... really attractive."

    Now he had a bigger blush on his face and I couldn't help but smile at how cute he looked when he's all flustered.

    "R-Really? You think I'm attractive? You don't think I look like a freak?"

    "Yes, I do. And no, I don't think you are a freak. If anything you look like you could be in a rock band. Your lizard features would make you blend in well with a good number of bands, they’d probably just see it as extreme body modification, and you already have the aesthetic down with your hair and its color. That and with your physique, I’m sure fangirls would swoon over you. You'd look so awesome."

    Spinner seemed flattered at the compliments. But once he noticed I was naked again, he turned his head and looked away from me, his face still having a red tint. "T..Thanks.."

    I then felt something inside me that made me start blushing more and my heart beat fast.

    Maybe it was because I was this close to him, along with being completely naked.

    I was now curious about something.

    "Uhm, hey, Spinner?"



    "My name. It's Shuichi. You can...call me that."

    "Is that ok?”

    “As of now, I think we’ve reached that point.”

    I think he was referring to him seeing me naked.

    “Oh, ok. Hey, Shuichi?"

    He turned his head to look at me.

    I started to stutter a bit as I said, "I-Is it okay if I try something? It's nothing bad. I promise."

    He seemed curious about what my intentions were. "Ok..but if you try to attack me, I'll kill you."

    "Deal. But first...you need to close your eyes. I'm a little nervous."

    He seemed suspicious, but since we made that deal, he decided to go along with it, saying, "Alright."

    He closed his eyes and waited. I took a breath to calm myself down and shifted myself closer to him. I looked at him a bit more to figure out a way to do this, because of how his face was shaped. Once I figured it out, I went in and...

     I kissed him.

     I started with just my lips, to get him comfortable with it.

    His lips were pretty rough (did he have lips? I don't know), because of his reptilian features, but I didn't mind.

     -Third Person POV-

    As he felt Kanae's lips on his, Shuichi started to panic in his head. ‘Oh God oh God oh God, I'm getting kissed by a girl! WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO WHAT DO I DO?!?!?.'

    He then started to remember the moment that was stuck in his head for the longest time: the first night they met: when Kanae reached out and placed her hand on his cheek, looking into his eyes and smiling.

    Her eyes never showed any hatred or disgust, only kindness and sympathy. Her smile showed no ill-will or anger, it was gentle and calming.

    He remembered her hand feeling so soft and warm on his rough lizard skin.

    She accepted him for what and who he was, never being afraid or disgusted by him, to the point of forgiving him after he had murdered her so brutally....

    That was when he realized something: kissing Kanae wasn't so bad. So…

    'I guess it's okay to kiss her back..'

    He held her close and kissed her back, letting the kiss go deeper.

    Both of them felt a chill go down their spines and a heat start to rise within them as they held each other close.

    Kanae put her arms around his neck as he put his hands on her waist.

    Shuichi was enjoying it and then he heard Kanae let out a small moan. That started to send him over the edge. He wanted to hear her moan more, ready to just pin her down and give her a better reason to moan for him.

    He could already feel himself getting aroused from the kiss and her, and that was the signal to push her away to break the kiss.

    Both were slightly panting from the rushing emotions, and Kanae asked, “You ok?”

     “Yeah.. I...I think that’s enough..”

    “Ok. Thanks. You’re a pretty good kisser.”

    Shuichi rubbed the back of his head and said, “Heh..thanks.”

    Kanae smiled and then she had a weird look on her face.

     -Kanae’s POV-

    I felt something touch against my groin and realized quickly what it was.

    I smiled smugly and said, "I see you really enjoyed that kiss, too."

    Shuichi blushed, embarrassed that his arousal was exposed.

    "Here, lemme help you with that."

    I shifted myself downward until I was kneeling in front of the crotch of his pants.

    "W-Wait! H-Hold on! Y-Y-You don't have to--!" Shuichi stuttered as I undid his belts and pulled the front of his pants down.

    Soon I was able to get his manhood out of its hiding place, and the sight of it amazed me.

    With a guy like Shuichi, you had to wonder what he was packing underneath, whether it was human or reptile. But by the looks of it, it was the basic human male genitalia, but the size was a bit bigger compared to normal men and everything was a deep reddish-pink color, the flesh looking soft and smooth.

    Talk about the best of both worlds.

    I could tell it was extremely erect because it was throbbing and already starting to drip pre-cum.

    I couldn't help but gulp down the saliva that was in my mouth as I gazed in awe at it.

     "It's so big...That kiss really turned you on, didn't it?"

    Shuichi looked away again, trying but failing to hide his embarrassment. "I couldn't help it..." he admitted.

    I smiled and said, "No need to worry. I know what to do."

    "W-Wait a minute, what do you--NGH!?"

    He flinched once my tongue went up the shaft. I licked up the pre-cum that was dripping out, my tongue going up on every inch of him.

    Shuichi tried to fight the pleasure, but he wasn't stopping me either. "K-Kanae..N-Not--! Gaah, haah..!"

    I let my tongue lick around his sensitive areas, but by his reaction, all of him must've been sensitive.


    I soon slipped the head into my mouth, letting my tongue run all around it.

    Shuichi started to pant a bit, and he started to look at me and what I was doing.

    I took more of him in my mouth, starting to suck. I couldn't fit all of him in my mouth, but I'd do as much as I could.

    The skin was as it appeared, very smooth and slick, comfortably sliding against my lips and tongue.

    I started to bob my head as I continued to suck. I took little breaks from the sucking to lick up the shaft, and put him back inside my mouth, going a bit deeper each time.

    "K..Kanae...haahh..." I heard him moan my name as he put one of his hands on the top of my head, finally accepting the pleasure.

    I kept on my routine until I felt his cock start to twitch, which meant he was close. "K-Kanae..I..I'm..I'm--! Gaah!"

    With that he came and I was able to swallow all that came out. I also licked the tip to try to get any remaining drops.

    After that, I looked up to him and smiled. He collected himself enough to look back at me and say, "You...didn't have to...do that..."

    I noticed he was still hard and I smiled as I went closer to his face and said softly as I slowly rubbed his member with my hand, "It's alright, I wanted to do that. If you want to go further, I'd be more than happy to."

    I went to the side of his head, to where his ear would be (at least where I hope it was), and whispered seductively, "I'm all yours for the taking, Shu-i-chi~."

    This line must've driven him over the edge because he immediately pounced and pinned me to the ground, the robe lying underneath me.

    I could hear him lightly panting and he said my name, "Kanae..."

    He kissed me deeply once again, but this time he had a hunger in him. A kind of hunger only I could sate.

    I kissed him back and felt his hands roaming all over my body. I could feel my entire being heat up as the makeout session continued.

    Soon, he moved his mouth lower, kissing and licking my neck, and he soon moved down to my breasts and as he put one nipple in his mouth and used his hand to gently pinch the other, groping and massaging the breast attached to it.

    I could feel his hot tongue run along my nipple, causing it to get hard, and his hand kneading my other nipple between his fingers.

    "G..aah..n..not so hard, S..Shuichi.." I moaned.

    It wasn't too much longer when he moved his hand down lower to my groin and he slid two fingers into my opening, his thumb rubbing on my clit.

     "Haah..! S-Shuichi.. P..please be c-careful with the claws.." I struggled to say as the pleasure was fogging my mind.

    "Don't worry, I am," he responded.

    Luckily I was already extremely wet, so his fingers slid in and out easily.

    He was right; he was being very careful with his claws, they weren't scratching me from the inside, they just added a tiny bit more depth in how far he went in.

    I could feel the rough reptilian skin of his fingers rub against my walls, causing more pleasure.

    His thumb rubbing on my clit gave all that I was feeling a boost up.

    Soon enough, I couldn't hold in my words anymore, and I moaned out, "More! Please do it more!"

    He obliged, going at a slightly faster speed for a bit until he pulled his fingers out, marveled at the wetness of them, and licked them clean.

    I was on the floor, trying to recover, but then I felt my hips being lifted up.

    I looked and saw that Shuichi was on his knees, had grabbed my hips, and had his member positioned towards my slit, about to enter me. "You ready?"

    He asked. I panted out, "Please..put it in me..I want you...I need you...I can't stand it any longer..!"

    He gulped, his face showing the same lust as I did, and said, "O-Okay."

    He started to press the head against my opening, but there was so much wetness and he was so slick that he accidentally slid in all at once, causing me to gasp and arch my back at the shock of pleasure jolting up my spine.

    As soon as the shock wore off, I relaxed and sighed as I let the pleasure envelop me.

    I could feel Shuichi's claws dig into my skin as he started to thrust in and out, slowly at first to get me used to him.

    I couldn't help but moan as his cock stretched my walls so good.

    "Hahh..Kanae...fuck...nngh.." I could hear Shuichi groan as he started to quicken the pace.


    This bliss that we were both feeling felt like it lasted for hours, I noticed he seemed a little hesitant about his speed.

    Was this his first time?

    Before I could continue thinking over it, Shuichi lifted me up and when we were face to face, I wrapped my legs around him to keep myself steady, but this caused me to reach the base of his cock.

    The head hit my cervix, causing me to throw my head back and cry out in pleasure.

    "H-Hey, don't die on me..!" I think Shuichi thought I was dying by the sound I made.

    "N..no! I..it's just that I..I...I'm gonna..!"

    "Ngghh, me too!"

    Shuichi held me close, his claws digging into my back.

    After a few more thrusts, we both came at the same time, letting out a long moan.

     This caused Shuichi to drag his claws down my back, ripping into my skin and causing me to bleed. I didn't even feel any pain from it as the powerful orgasm I was having masked it.

    I could feel his semen fill me up so much, I swear I could feel a small bump on my stomach forming. Some dripped down our legs, dripping onto the floor.

    After our high was over, Shuichi gently put me down, pulled himself out, and lied down on his back to try to recover, his arm over his eyes.

    As I was trying to recover too, I noticed something as I sat up to see how he was doing: he was still hard.

    Damn, the resilience this thing had.

    Luckily, by the time I saw this, I was ready for another round, so I crawled up to Shuichi and got on top of him, positioning his manhood to my pussy.

    He saw this and seemed a bit surprised seeing me on top of him like this.

    As soon as I got the proper position, I slowly slid him back inside me, making us both softly shudder in pleasure.

    Once he was fully inside me, I put my hands on his abdomen and started moving up and down, using his body as leverage.

    Each stroke caused a moan to escape my mouth, but I didn't care. It felt too good to care about anything anymore.

    Shuichi propped himself up with one arm, and he put his hand on my hip with his other arm, and smiled as he enjoyed the show.

    I could feel him fill me up all over again, and at this angle, he was rubbing against my g-spot, which amped up the pleasure like never before.

    I started moaning out at each hump, not having a care in the world.

     -Third Person POV-

    Shuichi momentarily snapped out of the lustful trance he was in and noticed what he was doing.

    He was fucking the League's human pet.

    Even though they could do whatever they wanted to her, he still felt amazed that he was doing this with her.

    He then realized something: she was into him.

    She was the one that came onto him. She was the one that was very attracted to him.

    She was riding on him at that very moment, her face full of pleasure and lust.

    And she was loving every second of it.

    He grinned as he thought to himself, 'Damn, this girl can't get enough of me.'

    He then got up and put her in a position where she was almost upside down and he had his hands under her thighs and gripping onto them, giving him control on how much and how fast he could go.

    He could definitely get deeper in this position.

    He proceeded to ram himself deep inside Kanae, causing her to moan more.

    At that point, he wasn’t worried about anyone hearing them, you’d have to scream at the very top of your lungs in order to do that, anyways. All he cared about was what was right in front of him.

    Kanae was losing her mind from the pleasure that she was feeling, if she hadn’t already lost it.

    She could feel him ram onto her cervix repeatedly and in this position, he was rubbing on her g-spot, which was driving her closer to her orgasm.

    Shuichi picked up speed, showing he was getting close too.

    Soon enough, both of them came at the same time, each of them trying not to yell out in pleasure.

    Once the euphoria was over, Shuichi put Kanae down and laid on the ground next to her, exhausted.

    After a short minute of silence, Kanae chuckled and said, “Oh, you are an animal...”

    Shuichi felt pretty proud of himself, enjoying the fact that he was able to satisfy a woman.

    Or maybe it was the ego boost from the sex.

    “You’re welcome,” he responded.

    He then got up and fixed himself back into his pants.

    Kanae started to clean herself up as he heard him say, “Okay, how did you wanna do it?”

    Kanae was confused, saying, “Do what?”

    “Going to meet Stain, remember?”

    Kanae’s eyes shot wide and said, “Y-You’ll do it?”

    “Yeah. Stain’s a pretty dangerous guy and I’m not letting you go all by yourself. I don’t wanna know how I’ll feel if I find out that you were brutalized by him.”

    Kanae noticed this and realized something: He didn’t want her hurt. He was worried about her.

    And she was right.

    Shuichi knew that Kanae didn’t do anything wrong, so he didn’t like the idea of anyone hurting her.

    When he heard that Muscular had his way with her against her will, he was ready to find Muscular and kill the sick bastard, or at least try to.

    He never liked the idea of innocent people getting hurt for no reason, so it makes sense why he got pissed off.

    “Actually, maybe it’s best we talk about it after you’re out.”

    “Wait...how do you know for certain I’ll be getting out?”

    “Oh yeah, some of us are setting up a plan to get you out. We’re not happy with what Shigaraki is doing with you, which is why we’re doing this.”

    This surprised her.

    She knew that Twice was planning to try to get her out, but she didn’t expect more than one person to be part of it.

    Did they care about her well-being that much?

    “Just take it easy tonight, ok? We’ve had a long night. Oh, and sorry for the marks I left on ya.”

    Kanae smiled, “Hey, it’s alright. If I didn’t have this healing quirk, I’d be happy to wear these for as long as possible.”

    Shuichi laughed and said, “You know what? You’re alright, Kanae. I can see why everyone likes you.”

    With that, he walked to the door and said as he left, “See ya.”

    He was about to leave the room when he noticed Toga was standing at the other side of the door, with a bag in her hand.

    “How long have you been standing there?”

    “I just got here. Why?”

    “None of your business.”

    With that, he walked by Toga and left.

    Toga walked into the room and smiled as she said, “Hi, Kanae-chan! Did Spinner cause you any trouble?”

    “Hey Himiko. No, we actually had a pretty good time.”

    “Oh good! I’m glad you’re getting along with everyone here!”

    Himiko dug into her bag and after pulling out some bentos, she pulled out a large bottle of alcohol. Kanae’s eyes went wide and she said, “Whoa, where did you get that?”

    “I stole it while I was out today. It’s a new brand, so I figured I’d try it out with you!”

    “Aww, thanks.”

     -A half hour later-

    The room was soon filled with girlish giggles and drunken talking.

    The bottle was already two-thirds gone by the time Kanae was completely tanked.

    Toga had only a bit, since she had work to do, so she let Kanae drink most of it, but she was a little flushed.

    It wasn’t long until Toga brought up something, “So, you and Spinner. What did you guys do anyways?”

    “*hic* Welp, I’ll just say this.. Iffin ya wanna try some interspecies sex, ya go for it because you may find the fucking jackpot!”

    “Whaa? Really?”

    “Oh, we were fuuuuuuuckin! Where do you think I got these from?”

    Kanae showed her the claw marks on her back, she had forgotten to heal them up before she got drunk, so it’d be a while before they healed.

    Toga laughed and said, “Oh my god!”

    “I know, right?! It was awesome!”

    It was then that Kanae did a big gasp and had a look of joy on her face when she said out loud, “I AM THE LIZARD QUEEEEEN!!”

    That caused the girls to start having a laughing fit which lasted for quite a while.

     -A half hour ago-

    Twice and Dabi were sitting at the bar when they saw Spinner come from the back.

    “Well, well. Not a drop of blood on ya,” said Dabi, a smug look on his face. “Didn’t know she was into lizards.”

    While a tint of red appeared on his face, he sat on the barstool next to Twice, saying, “No, I wouldn’t sink as low as fucking some girl in the basement.”

    They were talking for quite a while until the drunken voice of Kanae rang out from downstairs, loud enough to be clearly heard, “I AM THE LIZARD QUEEEEN!!”

    Spinner immediately slammed his forehead on the bar table, a mix of anger, humiliation, and pure embarrassment showing on his now red face.

    Dabi had a smug smile on his face and Twice was trying to stifle his laughter until Dabi spoke, “So how’s the view from down there?”

    That caused Twice to burst out laughing, almost falling out of his seat.

    Spinner tried to hide his head as he spat out the words, “Shut up...”

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