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  • warning slightly gross comment from Kiki as a quote of a reddit post

    *Tsubomi twins at the Mostro Lounge studying over snacks and drinks*

    *Kiki out of nowhere with no prompting*

    Kiki: Ya know I think a reason why I don’t like guys is cause most are like “Who wants to gargle my unborn crib midgets” which is just gross, ya know?

    *Kimi chokes on her drink*

    *Piper from across the room flustered*

    Piper: Could you not!?

    *Kimi still choking while Kiki is dying laughing *

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    Late night doodles of some ocs, trying to use my new watercolors and sometimes im not patient. Can you tell where I have some color blindness?

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  • Oops I haven’t posted anything for a while :/ Here are my New OC’s


    Yes they are dating ;)

    (Sorry if you can’t read the info)

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    Drew a ref sheet of my boi Jayden. He’s a babie with a very tragic backstory and pyro-kinesis, aqua-kinesis, geo-kinesis, telekinesis and aero-kinesis. (He can control fire, earth, air, water, and has telekinesis.) though he only has what’s called minor powers. Which are basically a weaker form of the major versions of powers.

    I don’t wanna spoil too much, but he lost someone very important to himself when he was six, and it ended up fracturing his family, leaving him stuck in the middle of a war between the two sides. Also his immidiate family are all vigilantes.

    The burn scars come from the fact that in his world, just because you control fire doesn’t mean your resistant to it. And also fire (and all elements) take training, and time, and patience, and he learned it as quickly as he could, all while learning how to control his other powers, use throwing knives (though that’s assisted by the telekinesis and aero-kinesis.) use cavalry sabers, parkour, and a bunch of other stuff, so basically his family sucks and he’s super stressed,

    Anyway he gets sorta adopted by one of Naomi and Eleanor’s teammates. And his life is ok, and he gets to stop being a vigilante (though he does keep training, just not as intensely) until he turns 18.

    Anyway I’m tired but like,,,expect a similar ref sheet for Naomi, Eleanor, Jayden’s adoptive dad, etc etc.

    Posted: Tuesday July 14th 2020

    #art#my art #dark chocolate art #digital art #my oc art #my ocs #my ocs art #my oc #zombie apocalypse oc #artwork#digital artwork#digital drawing#my artwork #jayden wyatt harper #i love my ocs so much
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  • Redraw a la ref de mi OC Eileen. Esta vez con un poco de información sobre ella:

    Eileen es una criatura perteneciente a una raza conocida como “Sky Angels”, criaturas con habilidades psiquicas y cuidadores de Gran Arbol de Eden. Eileen tiene un trabajo de camarera/sirvienta en la Mansión de los padres adoptivos de Maribeell y es respetada tanto ella como su raza por el culto al que pertenece Gabriella, la hermana de Maribeell.


    Redraw to my OC Eileen’s ref. This time with a little information about her:

    Eileen is a creature belonging to a race known as “Sky Angels”, creatures with psychic abilities and caretakers of the Great Tree of Eden. Eileen has a job as a waitress/maid in Maribeell’s adoptive parents mansion and she and her race are respected for the cult to which Gabriella, Maribeell’s sister, belongs.

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  • Happy Nonbinary Day! :-) I’m not one to post selfies so I drew one of my nonbinary OCs instead 💛🤍💜🖤

    Do not repost/use for anything and no kin tags please thank you! Reblogs appreciated! 💖

    #oc#ocs#my oc#my ocs#sourapplesart#sync#sync oc#my art #my digital art #eyestrain #just in case #proud of this... i don't draw him enough! #i feel bad for not drawing anything for tdov :(
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    Damien and Julius ship name is Jamien… or maybe Dulius…

    #my art#my ocs #artists on tumblr #damien bellavia#julius jacquez #just love them so....
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  • Oc fact: Ashton gets physically ill at the mention of being restrained

    #as do i. but. #for so many reasons... he is a mess... n i luv him #my ocs#ashton#tw restraint#tw restraints
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  • messy doodle

    #lucifer#sunny#my ocs#ash art #yes thats who you think it is only older and its very complicated
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    I coloured an old traditional art commission I got from @/othersharks on Twitter of my robo-frog baby!

    #stabbytalk #not my art so its not going in the art tag #my ocs#Amphibot #this is still one of my fav comms ive gotten #i loved the take on the fish
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    Slough: To cast off one’s skin

    #my art#original art#my ocs#julius jacquez #artists on tumblr #july 14 is his honorary bday!! happy bday juli!
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  • My Discord server a while back gave me the idea to make some cute baby sky bison OC’s so here they are. Strawberry and Kiwi are two new species bison who were born during Aang’s era, but live in the Bhanti Village where the sages from LOK have been maintaining and breeding sky bison.

    Strawberry is an extremely rare albino bison, and unfortunately is discouraged from flying away from the island due to him being an easy target for poachers. Thankfully his sister Kiwi tries to keep him company in their containment.

    #my first time drawing sky bison and I'm super proud of how they turned out #my art#my ocs #avatar: the last airbender #avatar the last airbender #sky bison
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  • #LIKE IF YOU COMBINED THOSE TWO VOICES THATD BE ANDY!!! #TYSM -puts this in the voiceclaim playlist- #i love how bass boosted funtime foxy's voice sounds #ask#my ocs#andy#lame-4-u #oc.post #kind of
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    late night

    #typhoon landing #daisy chain! #dorian larsen#raleigh kapoor #daisy chain!: séamus #daisy chain!: maisner #my art#my ocs
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    Meet Boris, local vampire

    (Picrew is Kaz’s Softboi Maker!)


    Full Name: Boris Pavlovich Voronin

    Nicknames: Borya, Borushka

    Birthday: March 9th

    Age: Unknown, stopped aging at 21

    Hair: Blond, curly and long

    Eyes: Vibrant red

    Prominent Features: A mark under his right eye, and fangs

    Other: He’s a vampire!


    Parents: Natalya and Pavel Voronin

    Siblings: Lada Voronina (younger sibling)

    Familiar: Marya (a bee)

    Spouse: Count Lucio

    Children: Luska, Lorena and Zienne (with a previous partner), Andrei and Lucian (with Lucio)

    Other Relatives: Morga (mother-in-law)


    Likes: Red wine, illusions, dates on the rooftops, his children, anything that’s red, green tea with lemon juice

    Dislikes: Lucio’s temper, his kids when they scare Lucio, being a vampire

    Fears: Losing his family

    Traits: Bold (when he’s in front of a crowd), stressed, nervous

    Fun Facts

    -Boris is a vampire and doesn’t recall how old he actually is, but he knows his birthday!

    -He had three kids with his previous fiancé, and those kids are vampires as well

    -His kids like to scare Lucio and joke about turning him into a vampire, so he walks around with a spray bottle and squirts them with water if they get too rowdy

    -He hasn’t cut his hair in years


    Feel free to ask questions about him or whatever! I’m very excited to share him and write his story :)

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  • you know i wish that i had was jessie’s girl

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  • Mia Sand | Outfits

    can’t help myself i guess

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  • but yeah my oldest ocs that im still currently using and working on for my own original shit are nhung, chuy, sancho, miguel, pablo, alejandro, and leonhardt

    #made them in middle school so u can imagine im trying rly hard to revamp them lol #gabe speaks#my ocs#seizing divinity
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  • Wren: When’s the last time you even had a carrot?

    Monica: Well, it’s my least favorite flavor of cake, so…

    #incorrect quotes oc #oc incorrect quotes #incorrect oc quotes #incorrect quotes#oc tag#oc post#oc quotes#ocs#ocappreciation#my ocs#monica#wren
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