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    can you believe that louis william tomlinson wrote O N L Y T H E B R A V E about ziam?

    #i hate that i had to download the t*mblr app just to make this post #ziam#louis tomlinson#my posts
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    im being hit by nostalgia so im just… replaying this after years….

    #my posts#personal #look... chicken invaders was fun...
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  • human: she said “i am so glad i moved to divinity’s reach and met all the freaks like me” - first of all, those aren’t freaks, those are attractive people with heavily vetted idiosyncrasies

    norn: so i hand the human some ale and he goes “what am i supposed to do with this”; now we’ve been friends for several years and i wanna and-yes him, so i go “you chug it”

    charr: i was in a human neighborhood and there was, from a hundred yards away, a chihuahua - and i was like oh i don’t have to run and i just kept talking; then i looked over and he was like fifty yards away and eventually i was just like w ell i guess i have to start running okay-

    asura: i KNOW it’s for babies… but i NEED IT

    sylvari: i can tell when a social situation is going well when i find myself saying something that could be found in a how-to-speak-english textbook… “do you go to restaurants?”, “what sides do you order?”, “do you have a grandmother?”, “how hungry does she become?”

    #gw2 #guild wars 2 #text#my posts
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  • yesterday i ate week old spaghetti that made my stomach hurt and today i ate like a three day old doughnut and AGAIN my stomach hurts when will i learn

    #my posts #ive also got an awful headache and cramps cause my body hates me :)
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  • Hey, what month is it?

    #I'm a bit confused because of quarentine #my posts #we can be kind once more 64
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  • me, everyday as a diagnosed DID patient:

    .. pretty sure I’m faking, but ok.

    #did #ok but like pretty sure i am #my posts #i dont know maybe i have schizophrenia
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  • Cute Date Idea: you invite me over and chain me to your toilet then ignore me all night except when you come into the bathroom to use me as a urinal.

    #my posts #disgusting little girl #relationship goals
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  • @ anyone who’s ever left a comment on one of my posts and i didnt respond just letting u know i appreciate you and probably the only reason i didnt answer is cuz this is a sideblog sbjfh <3

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  • I need to pee.

    Someone come step on my bladder and threaten to beat me within an inch of my life if I dare piss myself.

    #my posts#mine #disgusting little girl #relationship goals
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  • I need a sadistic Daddy who will let me have candy while we watch a movie before bedtime then make me throw it up because only a dumb baby would be stupid enough to eat candy before bed.

    #mine#my posts #disgusting little girl #relationship goals
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  • trying not to overreact & become overwhelmed while having both nicki minaj’s “roman holiday” (u know the one) and ldr’s “spinning like a ballerina” is kind of a tall order but here we are i guess

    #lately my brain has been Very Loud #and i did not say it could do that #being immunocompromised during a pandemic is a new thing #and i just want ppl to be aware that their actions could have serious consequences #text posts#my posts
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  • i was trying to go through my likes to find something and i can only do it up to a certain number of posts and then i cant load anymore either on my phone or on desktop i hate this website

    #my posts#personal #staff for the love of fuck #i went in and counted. i can only see 20 posts down my likes #this sucks
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  • it’s a slow day for me and i want to interact with the community more sooo

    what are some hopes/ideas/general things y’all wanna see in the cantha expansion?

    #gw2 #guild wars 2 #my posts#text #go OFF in the tags in the replies hell come into my inbox
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  • after rewatching the series I can conclusively say that it should have ended in season five episode 13

    everything after that was insane bullshit til the finale and it is not worth it

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  • so.

    i’m ridiculously excited.

    the palace letters have been released, which pertain to the whitlam dismissal on rememberance day 1975. the dismissal/constitutional crisis has always been my favourite part of australian history, almost entirely i’ll admit because of whitlam’s badass fucking speech on the steps of old parliament house lmfao. “well may we say god save the queen…because nothing will save the governor-general” and “kerr’s cur” are probably the only quotes from any australian politician i actually know lol.

    i’m gonna waste some time today reading the letters lol. this is my goddamn shit

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    1. Can’t remember.

    2. Rough, usually.

    3. Perhaps to some people. I feel it’s a matter of opinion.

    4. My treehouse.

    5. M¡ss¡onary or dogg¡e preferably. I like kisses. 👉🏻👈🏻 But I’d do whatever my partner wanted.

    6. Submissive, I don’t know how to be dominant in any capacity.

    7. For money, yes, I don’t really prefer that for myself though.

    8. Somewhere comfortable, preferably, but anywhere my partner wants.

    9. Yes.

    10. Yeah. 🙃

    11. Frilly and pink. They’re meant for girls but I like them so suck it.

    12. Classified.

    13. 👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻👉🏻👈🏻

    14. Giving.

    15. Crying/Asthma attack.

    16. “Lights Down Low” - Maejor, Waka Flocka Flame, “Feisty” - Jhameel, “Blue Moon Motel” - Nicole Dollanganger, “Lol¡ta” - Knee High Fox, “Undisclosed Desires” - Muse, “Senpai” - Shiki-TMNS, “Ride It” - Regard, “Naughty Naughty” - Porcelain Black.

    17. “Young God” - Halsey, “Training Wheels” - Melanie Martinez, “Love me Harder” - Ariana Grande, “Uncle” - Nicole Dollanganger, “Undisclosed Desires” - Muse, “Sweater Weather” - The Neighbourhood.

    18. If that’s what my partner wants.

    19. If my partner wanted that, but I don’t like it in either.

    20. Sebastian Michaelis, or any of the people I like from my canon.

    21. Yes, but they’re a but intimidating so I don’t enjoy them as much.

    22. They’ve been used on me, and if my partner wanted that then j would let him.

    23. No.

    24. If he wanted to, the maybe.

    25. I need cuddles after.

    26. Possessiveness.

    27. Night.

    28. I’m not attracted to women anything other than platonically.

    29. Everything.

    30. Duh.

    #my posts#my stuffff#my dear #need you; baby do you need me?
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