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  • I was growing blue pansies in this part of my town’s main neighbourhood, and I decided to turn it into a little reading area! 📚🌷

    I’m going to continue growing the hybrids until I decide which flowers I actually want here… if anyone has any suggestions, lmk!

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  • according to my new weekly routine/uni work timetable i have sundays off, which is great bc i can do whatever without feeling guilty abt procrastinating work. but. nothing is taking my fancy and i am so fucking bored.

    #i've tried netflix and video gaem and youtube and phone gaem and television and outside and everything. #i really want to go nap bc i am so aimless that it's threatening to affect my mood so i am getting tired but i aM NOT ALLOWED TO NAP #-sigh- what do #text post#my posts#personal #i am okay btw !!!!! just like. @brain please let me do something. anything. blease
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  • Please leave me alone mr beast

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  • wonder what din’s new ship in season 3 will look like 👀

    #will it be even older than the razor crest or is he finally gonna treat himself to a more luxurious upgrade #with that generous bounty prize that he's inevitably going to receive for capturing moff gideon #i mean nothing can replace the razor crest in my eyes but boy really needs a ship that doesnt almost fall apart every 5 minutes #din djarin#the mandalorian#mando text#my posts
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  • I love the fight between Vader and Kanan. Vader is crazy stupid powerful and Kanan is just like “well Vader isn’t gonna fight himself…” And at one point Vader literally grabs Kanan’s wrist with his hand and just throws him. And then Kanan kinda does a version of that when he fights Maul and that’s so cool. Kanan’s like “wait I’m gonna do that thing. That thing was so annoying when it happened to me.”

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  • I’m pretty much nearly a month late, but it felt weird not posting my reading list for this year! Despite my obsession with comics and a certain videogame, I definitely find comfort in books above everything else. So here are my top 10 to read this year. 

    1. A Memory Called Empire (and the rest of the Teixcalaan series) by Arkady Martine I am really interested in this one, so much so that I refuse to read it until I have no other obligations in the back of my mind. This F/F (with a bi main character 👀) SFF book is a blend of political thriller, cyberpunk, and space opera that centers on 26yo Mahit Dzmare, a diplomat endeavoring to solve her predecessor’s alleged murder, while saving her Station from an imperialist empire’s unceasing expansion. The author’s historical/architectural background apparently shines through this book’s worldbuilding, and this review…man if that doesn’t convince you I don’t know what will. And the opening sentence, This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever fallen in love with a culture devouring their own. Woah.

    2. Rise of Kysohi/Shadow of Kyoshi by F. C. Yee and Michael Dante DiMartino  I have been procrastinating on these books so hard but I’m so ready for this series as well. It introduces and/or expands on the customs, culture, and politics in the ATLA universe, and it will be really interesting to see what all the nations were like before the ATLA timeline. 

    3. Crier’s War/Iron Heart by Nina Varela Another book I’m pretty sure a lot of people have already heard of. It’s told from the alternating perspectives of Crier, an Automa princess, and Ayla, a human rebel, in a world where Automa now rule over the humans who once created them. 

    4. Gideon the Ninth (and the rest of The Locked Tomb Trilogy) by Tamsyn Muir A lot of the blogs I follow love this books and I want to see what the fuss is about lol! It’s set in a galactic empire of nine planets, each ruled by a noble house that practices its own unique type of necromancy. The opening line of the preview somehow shows you a glimpse of all the weird, all the violence, all the rebellious snark and darkness wrapped in a freaky science-fantasy-horror-romance mash-up. Also… lesbian necromancers :/

    5.   The Silence of Bones by June Hur A bloody mystery that takes place in 1800s Joseon (Korea); a 16yo indentured servant named Seol is tasked with assisting a well-respected young inspector with the investigation into the politically charged murder of a noblewoman. I’ve always been a sucker for history, especially on subjects I know so little of, and the theme of this mystery feels suited to the Korean setting and the backdrop of political and religious struggles.

    6. Black Girl Unlimited by Echo Brown This book has an interesting semi-autobiographical take reminisce of Dazai Osamu’s No Longer Human. It goes through the journey of Echo, a girl growing up in a family impacted by drug addiction, poverty, and abuse. The influence of several teachers allows Echo to use her talents, including her status as a wizard, to find her way out of the negative cycles in her family, and a path forward by going off to an elite college.

    8. War Girls by Tochi Onyebuchi Set in the year 2172, Nigeria is now in a civil as tensions between the Biafra renew. I usually read books on different backgrounds because I was a little intimidated with acknowledging my own, which is a whole other mess. The Nigerian Biafran War wasn’t that long ago and it effects are still felt today. My family still tells me stories about the horrors endured there; minorities that were targeted in what is now argued a genocide.  

    9.  Rise to the Sun by Leah Johnson Seems like a really cute romance novel. Two girls meet at a music festival and realize that they’ll need to join forces in order to get what they’re searching for out of the weekend. 

    10. The Glass Sentence Ok listen. I didn’t get the chance to read middle grade books like these because they were ridiculously hard to find at a local library or cost too much. I’m indulging in my inner 12yo who would’ve gone bonkers over this series. In the Great Disruption of 1799, time itself broke apart and fragmented, stranding countries and continents in different time periods, some of them thousands of years apart. It’s pretty much headlong into a complex world built around the very nature of time.

    #i really went off a bit too much but i've never talked abt books to people ever soo i'm really excited :) #can you tell i like political intrigue and f/f romance lol? #books#reading#my posts
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  • Together you and I burn hot and cold

    Each of us filled with conflicting emotions

    You burn loud for the world to see

    Me, allowing the flames to consume me internally

    When we’re together the world see us as whole

    We were so close to merging

    Yet always seemed to turn away at the last second

    Regardless I will love you until our sparks go out

    Care for you in celebration and in trauma

    But forgive me,

    For I can’t help but still wonder what could have been

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  • wait someone whose love live art i rly admired a couple of years ago just followed my art tumblr what–

    #and i still like their art it's great! just a v different style than it used to be #i actually never even followed their blog tho bc i kept seeing the art in the tag anyways because... popular #or i might have followed it after all i can't remember hdhdgsk #but #yea. im so '??!!!?!' rn #my posts
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  • i don’t think I am a bitter person at heart but lately i have been getting Unreasonably angry whenever i see people post online about their relationships and how happy they are. because lately i have been having Issues :)

    like starting with my toxic ex in high school who destroyed my confidence to ever find anyone again up until a few months ago when I started gaining confidence in myself. so i get on dating apps yknow and of course most of it doesn’t work but then i find someone!!! and they’re super sweet and make me feel special! and we have so much in common!! and the few times we met in person were the most fun I’ve had in months

    but they never really mention how the feel about me and now they won’t talk to me for days or maybe a week at a time and ignore me whenever i talk about my feelings.

    but i also don’t want to give up on them because I know they’ve been off their meds for like two months and they’re nd so maybe they approach this kind of stuff differently but. there’s just little to no communication about anything and i just feel left behind and lonely and it feels disingenuous to start looking for someone else when there’s a chance they may still like me.

    but when I asked them to at least warn me when they’re going to be offline for a while so i don’t think they’re ignoring me they just didn’t respond! but texted me the next day. i know they saw it. am I asking for too much?? just simple communication??

    and this wouldn’t feel so terrible if i didn’t really put myself out there and be incredibly Known and was really honest with how I felt about them only for this to happen! and they never really let me get to know them beyond a surface level! was i just someone they liked to kiss and now they’re no longer interested in that? was i just too much? why does it have to be this complicated when all i want is a kiss and to know one person cares about me.

    #my posts#dont rb #if you have any advice I'm all ears #im just so tired
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  • i locked my keys in my car at this one gas station MONTHS ago, and yesterday i went back for the first time since then and the cashier asked me if i had my keys this time 😭 i can never go back

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  • If my future wife hasn’t mastered the kubrick stare then what’s the point

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  • Star of Bethlehem (Ornithogalum umbellatum) is a winter bulb belonging to the Lily family, and blooms in late spring or early summer.

    found poetry

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  • Positivity to lesbians who are trying to handle better their time spend on social media, trying to drastically reduce their use of them. It’s difficult but at the end of the day we know that it’s better for our mental health and our quality of life and relations in general. Certain social media steal your attention and time like a voracious monster, it’s the black mirror. Take care of yourself, your usage, addiction is to be tackled down. @ to you for taking the right decision, I know how difficult it is so, good luck ! 💕

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  • Too big for his suits 💪🏽

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  • rewatched chapter 10 earlier and i can’t believe i just realised that din asked peli if the mandalorians that frog lady’s husband had seen on trask were the ones that left nevarro. din was hoping he would reconnect with the surviving members of his covert 😭

    #but instead he had the displeasure of meeting bo-karen 😭 #din djarin#the mandalorian#mando text#my posts
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  • ty @flamepony for the tag, here’s my ten songs from my playlist shuffled. feel free to point and laugh.

    1. taylor swift - champagne problems

    2. carly rae jepsen - warm blood

    3. arlo parks - black dog

    4. chvrches - lies

    5. frank ocean - thinkin about you

    6. inxs - mystify

    7. robyn - time machine

    8. future islands - seasons (waiting on you)

    9. she drew the gun - something for the pain

    10. the avalanches - electricity

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  • Everyday we wake up and see people tell lesbians that compulsory heterosexuality is not a thing and that it is 1) biphobic 2) homophobic when really, we didn’t ask for their opinion. Sexual orientations are one thing and social expectations are another, if you care enough about how patriarchy impacts women then you know that patriarchy pushes the standard of heterosexuality and straight attraction. People who think that compulsory heterosexuality isn’t real think that a woman who had sex with a man once when she was young and didn’t know better cannot possibly be a lesbian. They think lesbians can only be women who always knew and had a perfect path toward living a life that reflects who they are. Don’t spread their homophobic rhetoric, we see you. Also yes, lesbians themselves can spread it (goldstar lesbians - and just as a reminder I’m a goldstar too so it’s a problem these specific women have and not a problem goldstar lesbians have in general) and it’s a work they have to do on themselves to understand how toxic what they say is. If we had to believe them then it would mean there is next to no lesbian in homophobic countries (punishing same-sex attraction with jail, torture or death, or even just countries where gay marriage and adoption isn’t allowed). No, the curtain of heteronormative values stop them from living their truth. The less a country tolerates same-sex attraction the less you’ll find our people, that’s how brainwashing works. Think a little.

    As for the bi women criticising something that is very much real for many lesbians : it is not about you. You genuinely are attracted to men. Lesbians aren’t. It doesn’t erase the fact that when we live in a society that pushes women to be passive objects of men’s desire, to think that this is what is supposed to be normal, then it makes it complicated for lesbians to realise their sexual orientation. Not as far as yesterday I saw a Tik Tok from a woman who got married to a man at 19 because of her Mormon background, divorced 3 years after because she could tell something wasn’t right while still in deny about the nature of such feelings, came out as bi, kept dating a few men for about a year after that because she thought maybe the absence of butterflies was because she hadn’t find the right man yet, finally realised it wouldn’t work because she isn’t attracted to them, and came out as a lesbian (she’s now happier than ever at 25 with her first girlfriend). Some lesbians know right away, some don’t. In a perfect world, heteropatriarchy absent of it, this would not happen. Alas we live in a flawed world and you cannot pretend that this doesn’t happen, that compulsory heterosexuality is not a thing. If as bi women you want to support lesbians you have to stop saying that this experience doesn’t exist. It was never about you. We support you and we expect that support in return. ✨

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