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  • poetsbloom
    20.06.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    You're forgetting to live my dear,

    Lift your head out of your hands

    And use them to hold mine

    Let me show you what you're missing.

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  • alecbaene
    20.06.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    #I want to read the rest of Shadowhunters chronicles #(I have only read till lord of shadows) #and my friend is on my ass to read the rest #but everytime I think about it I remember how mad CC's and her stupid writing makes me #also she is so problematic and her stories are kinda repetitive #so I am confusion™ #anti cc#delete later
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  • brokendreams111
    20.06.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    How long does heartbreak last? how long does pain last? I have been lost for so long and I still cant find the light.

    God please help me. I surrender. I cant go on. I feel this pain within my bones. Pretending to be ok has teared me apart even more.

    Life changes, nothing last forever but if life goes on...why cant I?

    The storm has lasted an eternity and these wounds dont seem to heal. Im on my knees, crying for help because Im struggling to breathe. Why? They say it gets better... does it ever?

    What are you supposed to do when people expect you to be strong but you cant find the strenght to even move? You wake up and try to put a face for the world to see but the tears make it harder to pretend.

    Why is that after a relationship ends we have this tendendy to blame ourselves? I have this horrible habit of judging myself harder than anyone else ever will. In the process of healing I insist in destroying myself. A nightmare I cant escape from. But why?...

    What is so wrong with me?

    ~ YB

    #new poets society #poetry #new poets on tumblr #poets on tumblr #poems on tumblr #grief journal #love quote life quotes #spilled ink#sadness quotes#relationships#my writing#words#text #writers on tumblr #writing#love story#heartbreak
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  • mysandy0610
    20.06.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    My RL Gameplay

    She came out of her brother's room. N. didn't hear us, he thought she was gone! He listened to music on his phone, while shaving.

    When I saw Sofia I had such HATE for her! I hate arguments (I'm a Libra, harmony above everything 😉) but Sofia..aghh!😡

    Me: You’re still here? 🤨 This apartment is not yours! Are you paying rent here or your brother?

    Sofia: Haha .. I'll pay your boyfriend with sex. Why do you think, he otherwise tolerates me here. Hm?

    Me: You are so gross! You make me puke! Why are you doing this? 

    Sofia: I just hate women like you! Who let their guy protect them and can't get their damn mouth open! This MF there, controls you and you doesn't even defend yourself! I heard everything!

    Me: Fuck you! You don't know ME and you have no idea why I can't just do everything I want!

    Sofia: Wow! ...that’s so pathetic! Just do what you like! Do you want a Pill? Then get one! Very easily! Who should forbid you? He? Why do you even listen to a man? You don't belong to him, you are free!

    Me: You are the devil in person, I swear! I'm addicted and these pills made me sick! No matter how much I want them! Don't you get it?😠

    Sofia: If it makes you happy, do it! Who cares? Your own fault if you allow yourself to be addicted! 

    Me: I'm not arguing with you how an addiction works! You are talking complete bullshit! What do you want here? Why are you here? 😒

    Sofia: That tiny fucking room there, belongs to my brother! He gave it to me. 

    Me: But Nico has to agree with that too! And as his girlfriend, I say NO! I don't want you here!

    Sofia: Haha! You!? You’re just his toy and you think you can decide that for him? hahaha ..😂😅

    Me: Uhmm .. Yea! A toy, he can't live without! So, fuck off!

    Sofia: Naahh .. maybe later? Now.. I still like it here!

    Me: He doesn't need this apartment, he just won't pay any rent while you're here and then ... you'll be homeless!

    Sofia: He's homeless then too, you stupid bitch! 

    Me: Haha..NO! He's moving in with me or in his mom’s house!..Bitch!

    Sofia: We'll see!  

    Me: Ok! Just wait if I come here every fucking day and make your life hell! Yea, and I'll bring my sis and my bf over here, and we do all the crazy girls stuff. You will love that! I’m sure!

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    #ts4#sims 4 #sims 4 story #myrlgameplay#simself #my rl with my simself #sims 4 city living
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  • mistymeadowsgaming
    20.06.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    I made Ariana Grande in the sims 4

    #sims 4 #sims 4 cas #sims 4 cc #sims 4 legacy #sims 4 story #my sims #sims 4 edit #sims 4 gameplay #sims 4 screenshots #simstagram#ariana grande#arianator#positions#Ariana#positions album #thank u next #thank you next #sweetener#mocha grande #stardew valley edits #stardew valley#stardew#animal crossing
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  • sookyshima
    20.06.2021 - 51 minutes ago
    #kuroo is used to having a kenma so he isn’t phased at all by you being an introvert #if anything he can understand you and your needs more because he’s already been able to read kenma easily #once you get comfortable I can see you gossiping with him and he would be GENUINELY invested #probably crack a joke in at some point too #I just feel like he’d very sweet towards you but behind closed doors it’s a digger my story :’) #*different#;)))) #very very soft and understanding with you #and only wants the best for you #;) <3 #pick.a.timeline! #rosie hits a milestone! #hq matchups#haikyu matchups#reply: dai🌙
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  • tiny-brushbug
    20.06.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    A story in two acts

    #vnc #at At first I was like. How very not straight of her to do that. #I mean #No I didnt expect the cover to reflect the story #HELLO DARKNESS MY OLD FRIEND
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  • goneadrift
    20.06.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Daaaamn. My brother came to visit unexpectedly and I totally forgot that there was a toy recharging in the living room 👀 never closed the door faster in my life. Thankfully brother was more interested in chocolate sweets in my kitchen

    #my weird toy story #personal
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  • tamara-catherine
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Kill The Silence"

    He looks at me while saying so many things

    About his travels of where he’s been

    His eyes scanning the materials I wear

    Refusing to look into my eyes so he looks elsewhere

    I do not refrain my eyes from his

    Sweat rolling down his face slowly in drips

    He plays with his fingers in spite of guilt

    Searching for words to say in defence of his sins

    He says nothing, nothing at all

    If a pin dropped, you would hear it fall to the floor

    I stare at him in desperation to fight for me

    But instead, I’d be better if the ground opened up beneath me


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  • kairi-yajuu
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    So I was going back and forth with someone who has a very keen eye for detail and we were talking about what those details could mean in Monkie Kid.

    We ended up asking some questions about the fake-mayor character because they saw something that looked like a silhouette of him during one of the glitches in the calabash.

    And this was my response (sorry if the formatting for this post is screwy, Tumblr sometimes messes that up when I post something from a draft on mobile but I’m having hyper energy right now so I’m finishing this post while laying in bad at 4 am) What if he was someone LBD had possessed in the past? A regular human? And she had him in control for a very - very - long time. Some way or whichever he was freed from her, she was buried and locked away, the day was saved and everyone went home happy - hooray. But perhaps her using him as a host for so long left a permanent effect on him. Perhaps that effect made it so he could not return to being human and instead he is now immortal among other things. That's why he seems to have similar abilities to her, acts as a devoted servant who is nothing more than a puppet in all honesty, and has that glitching effect. The glitching thing is representative that there's still a part of his original self fighting back. DBK first found the tomb before the Calabash episode, right? Cause, if so, maybe that's why that glitch is there. Maybe he was trapped in the Calabash as well and when he felt his master calling to him to be freed, he saw an opportunity to get out so long as MK - the kid with the Monkey King's powers - could break his prison from the inside. Okay fuck I think I just made a whole ass OC backstory for the fake mayor what the hell WhY dOeS mY bRaIn Do ThIs WhEn I dOn't WaNt It To?!

    A big part of where this theory/backstory came from is the fact that LBD was still in the tomb when fake-mayor-guy showed up in Skeleton Key. And he gave the key to MK hoping he would use it to free LBD.

    So yeah that’s a thing I’ve been stewing on for a bit now. I think I might make a series of short comics for him because deadass I’m in love with what I’ve come up with. (Which not everything is on this post since I’m not set-in-stone on a lot of details).

    There’s also the ideas I came up with both for a happy end and for a more bittersweet end.

    Happy end for him being he’s freed from the curse at the same time as the girl once The Gang™️ saves the day and defeat LBD. He ends up becoming a sort of God-father type figure for the girl because, while she turns out to have a supportive family that she returns to, he’s the only one who can truly relate to her.

    Bittersweet end still being that he’s freed at the end of this adventure, but he is only conscious for a few moments, enough time to realize he’s been freed, and then he passes.

    The song “Pluto” by “Sleeping at Last” has been a massive inspiration for me trying to figure out what I’m doing with him. Also “I’ll Keep You Safe” is what inspired that happy end where he helps the girl work through things.

    Still don’t have a name ‘cause I want his name to be traditionally Chinese since he’s from way way back in the day and I am not Chinese. Nor do I have any reference point for Chinese names besides possibly looking up a list of names on Google.

    So if anyone’s got some suggestions I’m all ears. Until then I’ll have to continue calling him “my version of fake-mayor-guy’s story”.

    I’ll probably be sad when the show answers who/what he is and it’s not what I’ve come up with - cause obviously it won’t be any of this - but for the time being, I don’t really care.

    This is the first time I’ve ever had an older adult character as a fandom OC (I usually stick to characters that fit the age-range and maturity level of the canon cast) so I’ve been having a ton of fun with him.

    He’s a sweet guy with a lot of trauma in that Happy End which will be what content of him I’ll be making in the future.

    Seriously though, any help on a name would be GREATLY appreciated labdlsndoe

    #lego Monkie kid #monkie kid oc #lego monkie kid oc #lmk oc #lmk fake mayor #lmk mayor #kairi yajuu rambles #the more I think about him the more excited I get to work on comics #Kumi is still a super important character that I’ve put a lot of work into #and I’ll still be working on that big fic of her story #but fake mayor guy is super fun and new and different for me #and I have all these images in my head of what I could do with him #especially since he won’t have a plot to work on #just dealing with the day to day after being freed #as well as backstory stuff #I’m excited
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  • tushanfoxspirit
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    This scene💔💔

    I actually don’t know what to say…

    Just look at his eyes💔💔

    He doesn’t deserve to cry💔💔

    She doesn’t deserve to cry either💔💔

    They deserve happiness together💔💔

    I still have hope for a happy ending to them

    #狐妖小红娘 #huyao xiao hongniang #fox spirit matchmaker #Tushan Honghong#Dongfang Yuechu #Tushan Honghong X Dongfang Yuechu #Dongfang Yuechu X Tushan Honghong #Power Couple #To think they kept him youthful in that scene even though he ran out of mana at that time #I would like to thank them for that #I want to see the continuation to their story #I patiently wait for their movie #Also that Arc about them that is currently going on in the Manhua that I hope to see it animated one day or at least to get fully translated #OTP#MY OTP #MY OTP FOREVER
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  • copiesofme
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

            me quietly muttering myself i need to hurry up and finish Felix’s tags. don’t mind this tag adding and tag fix.

    #[ dolores abernathy / v: supernatural ] i hear the wolves calling my name; leading me home #[ ekganit shargam / v: supernatural ] lay your hand in mine and see your existence laid bare before my eyes. #[ wanahton / v: supernatural ] the pack is my priority; wolf human and seer alike. #[ leliana / v: supernatural ] my story is much more complicated than meets the eye. #[ out of character. ] a raft fit for a queen
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  • post-futurism
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    logging onto jstor dot com to see if someone has written an ackademique essay on transgender representation in Angel Sanctuary (1994-2000) by Kaori Yuki. 

    #there was this class in my first degree where you had to write a mini phd #i failed it twice and scraped a pass the third time around all because i had no fucking clue what to write #now 7 years later with 2 degrees im like ok time to have a million ideas about Essays I Would Like To Exist #in this essay i will discuss the various levels of transgender representation #where the author went so right probably accidentally and where the author went wrong #like for one thing there's setsuna's soul posessing a body of a woman for like more than half?? of the series #and on the same side of that alexiel possessing his body and many previous bodies before that #characters constantly blurring the line between strict male and female #actual transgender characters #and trans characters that are purely a plot device #for the sheer number of characters in this story i could legitimately write a 10k essay lmfao #there's so much to cover
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  • karlakattz
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    On Father‘s Day, our lads find themselves in a pillow fort. Knight Ben fights dragon Sebmaster, while princess Abi is having a tea party with subject Aaron. Jester Robert tries to juggle.

    "Last night I was pretty good with balls,“ he says. Aaron blushes, tho the kids don‘t get why.

    #robron #my little stories #happy Father‘s Day
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  • meisei-musings
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Souichirou’s favorite line lmao. These are captions of the English dub by the way. 

    #souichirou tachibana #mix meisei story #my screenshots: mix
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  • euro2016changedme
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "It confused him when it all went to shit because he couldn't remember the point at which it had started to go had"

    #Story of my life #The Southern Reach
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  • gludgenbell
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago


    M working on story..

    Human cursed to be a dragon?? no

    Dragon cursed to be a human

    Now that is sexy

    #story talk#gludgen talk #Ananda the Dragon King #hehe yes thats the title #i think #need to confer with my associates #and by that i mean the 3 people I interact with on a daily basis #aside from my family
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  • tamara-catherine
    20.06.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I learned the hard way

    That you express love out of gilt

    -I can’t help but love you anyway


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  • 70s-raggi
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I miss these two...

    #pls post on your stories or smth 😔 #måneskin#blind channel#thomas raggi#olli matela #my beloveds 🥰 #henry.txt
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  • insadmnia
    20.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I’m more upset with Frozen 2 now knowing how much content they decided to delete that would’ve fit much better than the movie we got. All of the deleted scenes and songs are all better than the movie. I would’ve loved seeing how the royal life actually effects Kristoff. It would’ve be great for Anna to have the same closure about her parents that Elsa got. And the song ‘Home’ showing why Anna would make a good queen as foreshadowing would’ve been lovely. And also, Olaf is 10x funnier I’m the animatics than he actually is in the movie. (I’m sorry Josh Gad but even you can’t save Olaf for me at this point). Overall, whoever the hell was calling the shots for what scenes to add fucked up tremendously. I’d rather have a long movie that doesn’t have a bunch of plot holes and bad jokes over a short one that does. Or maybe give us the dc treatment, where you stitch the deleted scenes in with the movie. Because I love most of these characters and they deserve a proper story to be told.

    #super salty #Kristoff in the deleted scenes make him much more understandable and actually be taken seriously instead of being treated as the joke #and Anna being less oblivious to things would’ve added more #idc about Elsa at this point #I love my ice lesbian but she already had her story told #I’d prefer more of Anna and Kristoffs relationship ya know? #but whatever #what do I know #I’m not a multi trillion dollar company #and I know they only made the second movie for merchandise #good ol capitalism #insad rants
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