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    Michael and Adam is just perfect 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

    I love them so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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  • Day Fourteen: @klaineadvent Nest & @gleepotluckbigbang Ornament


    A knock on the door roused Blaine from the nap he had been enjoying on the couch. It had been a long few weeks at work, what with the holidays coming up and he was quite frankly, exhausted. He shuffled over to the door and was very surprised to see Jesse there. He opened his mouth to greet him when Jesse started in.

    “Please tell me I can hide out here. Rachel has started to nest with the baby due so soon, and I can’t sit anywhere without her biting my head off about having just cleaned there or fluffed that pillow or whatnot.” 

    Blaine stopped at that, gesturing Jesse inside and going to the fridge for a glass of water, offering one to him as well before speaking. “She does know that the baby isn’t living with you guys right? Like that’s part and parcel of the whole surrogacy thing, she has to give it to us when it’s born.”

    Jesse sighed, pulling on his hair before slumping onto the counter, turning his face ever so slightly so that his words weren’t muffled. “Oh believe me, I’ve tried. Then she argues that she’ll be the baby’s favourite aunt, so she’ll have to babysit all the time, thus the house has to be ready.” 

    “She’ll be the baby’s only aunt unless Cooper miraculously decides to commit to a relationship longer than five minutes.” Blaine snorted. “And while I’m sure that in the future we will be happy to avail of you guys for babysitting services, I doubt it will be within the first few weeks. We’ve been trying for this baby for years, we’ll want to spend it’s first few moments with it.”

    “Yeah, she has baby brain. I mean, we do want our own eventually but after almost nine full months of pregnant Rachel when the baby isn’t even ours is leading me to think we may wait a few years to try for our own.” Jesse said, polishing off his water. 

    Blaine smirked, then gestured to the couch. “Well you can hang out here if you want, I’ve got a few things to finish up in the nursery if you want to help with that, or you can abuse my Netflix account if you don’t.”

    “It’s not crib building is it? Because that’s like sitcom level corny.” 

    “No, my mom sent us a pre-built one straight from Macy’s. I have a few paint touch ups and then putting everything back to rights.”

    Jesse nodded that he would help, mostly with the furniture moving, so they chatted about general topics while Blaine finished the paint job. They had the room back in order before too long when Blaine decided to add the final touch; a miniature Christmas tree. 

    “Really Blaine?” Jesse’s judgemental tone said as he set it up. 

    “The baby is due before then, so why not?” Blaine replied, pulling out simple cloth ornaments to decorate the tree with. He finally pulled out a silver star ornament, engraved with ‘Baby’s First Christmas 2020’ on it, hanging it with pride near the top. He couldn’t wait to be a dad, to hold his son or daughter. To rock them to sleep in this room in the same rocking chair that Kurt had been rocked in by his mother. 

    Jesse took in Blaine’s expression and saw that maybe Rachel wasn’t the only one who was nesting. Oh well, he was stuck with this crazy bunch, and there was no way in hell that Cooper Anderson was going to be this baby’s favourite uncle. That job was all his, thank you very much.

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    I did once say I would post my own photos

    Then I forgot

    So, here!

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  • #edgy AND sappy? I'm on a roll #tboi OC#my stuff
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  • Tbh I can’t believe it’s already Saturday. My finals are in 2 days and I don’t feel like I’m ready but at the same time I can’t wait until Tuesday at about 11am when I’m done with all three.

    Wish me luck on studying for my intensive cell bio today… I have 8 chapters to know!

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    dumb lil maxence sketch

    #i forgot how to draw #my stuff #maxence danet fauvel #pencil sketch
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  • Pride and Prejudice and Zombies (2016)

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  • Five More Decades, Please StarlightSystem

    Dipper has more time on his hands than he knows what to do with. Sometimes, he just does nothing.

    I’ve been thinking about podfic a lot lately, and decided to try my hand at it by recording myself reading my shortest fic. So, here’s “Five More Decades, Please”! Hope you enjoy!

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  • Thanatos’ “Train of Thought” in episode 60:


    The real reason why he didn’t tell Minthe about witnessing Hades and Persephone beingcozy” together at work.

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  • Does anybody know the Ancient Greek word for Ember?

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  • Chapter 3

    Blue steps through a large, domelike barrier in the middle of a large meadow. A house sat in the middle of it, with Ink in her dragon form, waiting on the porch for Blue. Inks tail starts to wag, and turns into her humanoid form, leaning on the porches railing. She starts to open her mouth, but Blue cuts her off, grabs her arm and pulls her inside in a fury. Ink whines.

    “What did I do?!”

    Blue smiles sweetly. “Other than the fact that you almost got us discovered by the humans by trying to eat someone?”

    Ink flashes back to earlier that day, when they had went to the store to shop, just the two of them. Since Ink wasn’t trusted to be around raw meats, she was forced to stay in toys. While she was playing with a stuffed unicorn like a child, a man was setting up a food booth nearby. When Ink heard him, she had went to go see what was going on, and got excited by the food. She had attacked the booth, and tried to eat the poor guy, because he smelled like raw chicken. Blue had come running over, finding Ink chewing on his leg with her human teeth while still clutching the unicorn.

    Ink was still drooling at the smell of food as she flashes back to a glaring Blue.

    “In my defense, it was the guys fault for setting his booth up near me.”

    Blue huffs, “ That stunt tonight scared me too! Ink, that monster would have ripped you to shreds if it had heard or seen you! You are not careful, you see, react, and act careless!”

    Inks long, slender ears lowered, she actually put all of them in danger. Guilt burned her inside, her face heating in embarrassment. Ink looks over, her eyes landing on the large couch to her right, with an upside down Nightmare and a sleeping Dream. Her eyes landed onto Dreams peaceful face, more guilt crushing her. He had went after her to help her. She had put him in more danger than the others. Nightmare watches her expression behind his book, he sensed the guilt. He finally falls off of the couch trying to get up.

    “Ouch.” Nightmare mumbles, rubbing his head.

    Ink lowers her head and stalks past Blue. Nightmare scrambles up to catch her, but she teleports away. He turns to Blue.

    “What? I am worried! Is that bad?” Blue exclaims.

    Nightmare raises an eyebrow, “The way you said it was.”

    Blue growls and turns away, storming up the stairs. Nightmare punches his brother in his arm, startling him awake.

    “Nightmare! That hurt!” Dream whines, rubbing his arm.

    Nightmare tells him what happened. Dream frowns, looking to the stairs where Blue just sat, mumbling to herself and scratching at the rail post with a single sharp nail. She looks to Dream, her face hardened into a sharp glare. He looks to his brother and nods.

    “I’ll go find Ink.” He murmurs.

    ———– **************————–

    Ink sniffs quietly, wiping the tears that were falling from her eyes. She was a dragon, not a ninja, and Blue should have known that, for she too, was a dragon. Dragons were more childlike than anything else, and much bigger and careless than any other creature.

    “There you are.”

    Ink freezes at the voice, it was deep, mature but a childish, sweet voice. She sniffs the air, breathing in Dreams sweet vanilla scent. She looks back at him.

    Dream sits beside her, sighing, “ Blue isnt happy with you,” he begins.

    Ink nods. “I don’t mean it… I just… react…”

    Dream watches her sniffle, and wipe her eyes, shivering from the cold night air. Pulling off his jacket, he tugs it around Ink, pulling her to him. Her heart thumps, her face heating. She had a very bad crush on Dream, and the little movements he didn’t mean to do affected her in the slightest ways. However, she accepts Dreams warmth, leaning into him to listen to his soft breathing.

    Their nice little moment is interrupted by a distant roar of a monster. Ink looks up to Dream, who shakes his head.

    “I’m sorry Ink… we wasted enough energy on the past two villages…”

    Ink lowers her head, her long slender ears drooping. Dream pulls her up in his arms, to where she was just sitting on his arm like a child would, his other arm holding her legs so she wouldn’t fall. Ink wraps an arm around his shoulders as she lays her head against his neck. Her eyes droop sleepily for a couple minutes as Dream walked, finally closing as she rested comfortably in Dreams arms.

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