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  • just,,,,chopin’s nocturne opus 15 no. 3 everyone

    I love

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  • I will gather up all my parts you’ve shattered and scattered carelessly across this city,

    I’ll piece them together completely different to the one you had eyes for.

    You will never recognise me again

    You will never love me again

    More importantly, you will never hurt me again.


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  • Oh dandelion blowing in the wind,

    Watching all your parts cascade across the meadow.

    What I once naively saw as losing so much of yourself,

    I now see a million wishes scurrying to come to fruition.


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  • But also, on that mini rant I just did, I want to add that, like, I get it. We’ve been conditioned to think that certain looks and styles are attributed to certain tax brackets.

    In a way they’re kinda like cheat codes because if you want to show that you’re worth more than your current circumstances have you at, then you just have to tap into that aesthetic. Go from someone in the hood to someone with an apartment in the city in one shopping trip.

    But that ish is SO stupid.

    There’s way too much nuance to it to be so black and white; you can be sniffed out of that real easily. And there’s also a whole extra conversation attached about how we shouldn’t shame ourselves for not being where we want to be, not having the things we want, yet.

    That we can presents ourselves as deserving more without saying that we’re currently less, ya know?

    But my mind’s already all over the place, and I don’t think I can start that convo. Or carry this one without getting things jumbled. (Which I think I already have?) Anyways I’m done lol, just eff this ish all the way.

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  • Today could’ve started off better.

    Woke up to my dad yelling at me to help him w moving a fridge upstairs. He was trying to get my mum and my big bro to help - both who have serious back injuries - and couldn’t even tell me what plan he had for moving the fridge. I pointed out that they have back injuries and shouldn’t be doing any heavylifting, then he suggested for just me and him to move it. Like. NO??? I’m one of the few people at home who don’t have a messed up back, and I am not going to risk my back health at 22, bc you’re too impatient and angry to come up w a plan, and too prideful to ask for help from more capable people. Screw that!

    Then he started yelling at me to clear up the middle room downstairs, and calling me lazy, and blaming me and Ma for making him angry.

    Like yeah it’s annoying having Ma complain all week about wanting the fridges moved, and wanting the middle room to be cleared so she won’t have to keep going up and down the stairs whenever a customer comes, bc her back injury makes it hard for her, but they’re understandable reasons, even if it’s super annoying.

    Then during breakfast my mum got mad at me for the house being dirty and that “cleaning should be natural for me” and complainging about how it’s not.

    Didn’t cry while being yelled at, which is good. Cried in my room a little afterwards though. Like yes I am super lazy, but it’s not like you see any of the things I do as accomplishments, even though I’m depressed so who even cares?


    Tonight I played Animal Crossing and was on voice call w friends as they played Among Us, which was nice.

    I took a nap during the day and it’s screwed up my sleeping again. It’s almost 1:31am now and I have a doctor appointment in the morning so I’m going to sleep.

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  • #hopeinthewater#replies #talking to the void #my thoughts#writing woes #black sails thoughts #black sails#my wips#miranda barlow#miranda hamilton#woodes rogers #those are more than five but i wanted to include the tea part so #and yes i'm still happy to receive this lol
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  • you may think i sit on chairs oddly because i’m bi but actually it’s because i have immense amounts of back pain and i’m trying to find a way to sit that’s comfortable

    #it must look so ridiculous to everyone around me #i'm surprised i haven't gotten in trouble in an exam yet for moving around So Much #someone please just give me a new back or something #my thoughts #great jokes lol #bi#bisexual#gay#lgbt
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    Originally posted by vsnom

    Vivian: My girlfriend threw out my food.

    Cassie: Baby, I didn’t mean to!

    Vivian: *shakes her head and looks to the left*

    Cassie: Why you looking left?

    Vivian: Because you didn’t do me right!

    Cassie: So why you looking right?

    Vivian: Because I shoulda left.

    Vivian: Now I’m looking down because you always fucking up!

    Vivian: Now I’m looking up because you always let me down.

    *walks away*


    Originally posted by sparrow-hawk

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    Selene: There are many who prey on the innocent. I’m sure your kind would agree.

    Evil Sindel: If I didn’t know better I would say that you are making a threat.

    Selene: Well, do you?

    Evil Sindel: Do I what?

    Selene: Know better?

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  • Y'all I found one! Someone finally gave him some attention!

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  • When you break your wrist and you can’t type without making 100 mistakes in your writing

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  • I just found out mark hamill voices ozai , holy crap that’s crazy cannot believe that zuko was abused by luke skywalker

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  • Today before my shift, I sat in my car as always, trying to find the right songs to listen to before I began driving. But today, for the first time since the peak of COVID, I had a feeling to just pray. I didn’t think much of it. But, I allowed myself to pray and I chose my favorite Christian songs. And so.. today at work, my patient died. He was a good guy, made jokes the entire time. He was a cardiologist for pediatrics. We thought we had stabilized him for the brief moment, but he came back from CT scan.. and deteriorated rather quickly…..  he was puking foam non stop and it started draining from his nose. It all happened within 5 seconds. My attending told me to rush him to the critical room… and he coded in the middle of the hallway. It was messy. I dont know what happened. But I can only think of things that we could’ve done. But my nurses keep telling me that it would’ve happened regardless. I just feel so sorry. I wish I could see him in heaven one day and just apologize. 

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  • You ever go to type a reply or get in on a conversation & realize the intended audience probably won’t be able to grasp what you are saying, so you just stfu? Yeah me too.

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  • I really hope they fix two things in ANIME for Ch 132:

    1) The SC’s being aware of the Colossal Titans miles away, 1 hour before. (I still can’t wrap my head around that none could sense Titans coming until the nth moment)

    2) A believable writing death for Hanji. (I am not against how her last moments were shown) but nothing makes sense that some sort of time was brought to the crew when they practically needed 1 hr to fix their Air Ship and considering the speed of Colossal Titans.

    The whole thing was rushed and forced.

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  • Brie Larson is far from perfect, but by God is she a far better person than Amber Heard and Alison Mack combined.

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