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  • hostagine
    16.04.2021 - 1 minute ago

    Boys version of the female's school uniform! 🤫

    I'm on the fence about the pants. And thought about maybe a long sleeved sweater instead of a vest? Just to give it some more yellow. And of course I cropped out my ugly work shoes x'D

    #ouran high school host club #ouran#ouran cosplay#boys uniform#personal cosplay#hostagine cosplay #PLEASE EXCUSE MY MESSY ROOM OMGG #I DIDNT KNOW MY LAUNDRY WAS EVERYWHERE LOLOL #i work 6 days a week pls excuse me xDDD
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  • naru-uzumaki
    16.04.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #good morning everyone! #i'm going to try and be here as much as i can today since my work week is gonna be crazy until next saturday #hope everyone is doing well on this friday! #it's snowing here lmao colorado you drunk go home
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  • klimtandbencbatch
    16.04.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    I tried to sit through the second kingsman movie (for pedro duh) and like... I think it melted my brain???

    #i'm like sitting over here w/ my features and spec scripts tryign to work #but ppl who write like f-slurs and the f word a lot and 'oooh we have to finger this girl to get the tracker in her vagina' #like.... work #regularly#woof #woof y'all that's all i'll say #mainstream movie making #ouch #anyway pedro was great #'tinder what'
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  • viiimcmxc
    16.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    “Welcome to the end.”

    - 2 days left until I fly down to Texas for good. I can’t wait for this new adventure. Please good to me Texas. I’m terrified. I’ve only known Canada to be home for the past 31 (almost) years. Leaving is bittersweet. ❤️

    #alesso #music is my escape #music is life #music is my love language #love#happy#me#selfie#self portrait#music #ask me questions #ask me things #last day of work #moving soon#Texas#bittersweet#houston
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  • wizardoface
    16.04.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    I have this writing style called

    fuck around and find out
    #more at 6 #or maybe 7 #you know what? might be safer to say tomorrow #cause who knows what time the story in my brain will go again? #i dunno man i just work here #i know nothing #writing #i think im a writer?? #like #i write things #they might not be good but they exist
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  • cr0wc0rpse
    16.04.2021 - 12 minutes ago


    #why is my mom like this . literally for no reason #she learns that I’m severely depressed and basically for real suicidal and continues to be mean and unhelpful #saying I just need to try harder and wake up on time (I can’t) and get work done no matter what (I also can’t do this) #like. sometimes she claims to understand my problems and sympathize and whatever #other times she claims I’m being irrational and she doesn’t know what is wrong with me #but either time she is unhelpful and often makes me feel worse #I’m just so exhausted . it hurts a lot #dead text
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  • aqvva
    16.04.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Oh lord dealing w customer tickets again today, please no

    #made the mistake of checking my work email... let me go back
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  • vil-dekus-spaghetti
    16.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    I swear I'm actually writing this 😂 I'm currently working on this in my car while I'm on lunch...today has just been exhausting. Not sure if I'll be traveling later today or not so trying to cram in some writing and editing.

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  • groundzero-and-deku
    16.04.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Me when a single bad thing happens to my little make believe characters in my little make believe shows: OH GOD!!!! MY LIFE IS RUINED!!!! WHAT IS THE POINT OF ANYTHING ANYMORE!!!!

    Me when awful things happen in my real actual life: ah well, couldn't be helped, what next-

    No no no it's a good thing, I get my need to be a drama queen/damsel in distress out in these fictional worlds that have 0 real life consequences, and I can work through with real life issues quickly and calmly so I can get BACK to my natural state of being a drama queen but about things that are unreal and will not be adversely affected by my reactions!!! It's great!!!

    #finally figured out why i don't have actual emotions about my life #but will cry over hinata shoyo and kageyama tobio at any point in time #it's a COPING MECHANISM #and Good For Me #i will tag this as save so i can read it over when i beating myself up over being ''heartless'' because im Not. i just CHOOSING my emotiona #involvement according to what works for me!! and different things work for different people #this might not be perfect but its good for now and doesn't have to be permanent!! #i can change when i feel the need! it's okay to reflect and ask for help!! @ me !!! #today's a day for epiphanies huh #anyway thanks to hq bnha atla she-ra mlb and naruto for channeling my emotions!!!!! #this feels like a bigger realisation that it probably is. like i always 'knew' on a fundamental level. but im finally looking at it like it #a good thing #wow #mm feeling unclogged a little. that's good. #uh oh ra's rambling again #save#fave#personal
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  • ckerouac
    16.04.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Reasons I should not check tumblr before meetings: my boss asked if anyone had anything important to discuss at our staff meeting this morning and I thankfully stopped myself 0.5 seconds before replying ‘how good Sebastian Stan’s dick looks, like that boy should be proud’ and like yes it’s important because he looks good and I want him to know I appreciate him, but I don’t think that’s what she was looking for with that question.

    #I gotta remember to give my brain at least 10 minutes to get into work mode #and not just open my mouth #my coworkers already think I’m nuts
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  • sluttyten
    16.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    I have a real problem with making impulse purchases while I’m on break at work

    #I just preordered a book I thought I’d talked myself out of like two months ago #but I’ve read pretty much every book by this author and I adore the original series this was a spin-off of #but idk I haven’t been reading as much as I did until about midway through last year #but this is an exclusive edition of the book and I saw it in an email and now here I am #just spent $30 on a book that I will eventually read #but I still have a book I got for Christmas sitting unread on my bookshelf #as well as a book I started rereading in January that I’m not finished reading #probably because I spend my free time watching Netflix or thinking about writing or actually writing instead of reading #but I’ve decided that tomorrow since I don’t work I’m going to sit down and read that book until I finish it
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  • zaynrry
    16.04.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    very tempted to draw harry as a sexy mermaid

    #gssgahjaj going into work rn let’s hope it doesn’t drain all my motivation 🤒
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  • xaconite
    16.04.2021 - 22 minutes ago

              hey, hey !! I’ll probably be on more tonight bc I want to work on replying to things ! & the genshin stream is sure to give me yuanjun brainworms 

    #and I wanna work on mateo's bio !! #& my blog... #so much fhdsjkf #hey mickey.
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  • nootnootwatermelon
    16.04.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    “tool of tools”


    #art#old art#painting#hands #not my own work i wish i was this talented #pretty sure the people who painted these are not 6 feet above ground #or maybe they are idk
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  • i-am-the-unicorn-triumphant
    16.04.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    god i just had the worst stress dream about my old job and i want to die

    #my post #not fr about wanting ti die that’s hyperbole #basically they wouldnt let me quit but then fired me anyways #but like they fired me rehired me then fired me again #after i said i wanted to quit #and i woke up ANXIOUS #like enough that im not gonna be aboe to drive 4 hours today like i planned :/ #amelia's anxiety adventures #amelia’s adventures at work #kinda #i irl quit that jib and yesterday was my last day #and it was all amicable #but i wish it wasnt #everyone there is the worst
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  • fairycosmos
    16.04.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    sat in my garden and observed summer approaching and decided i want no part in it. quarantine was the right idea lads

    #i'll stay in my room even when we're free unless i have obligations or work stuff i think. i dont want it without my sister. truly dont #care what happens to me. it's all went wrong beyond repair anyway. it didn't make me happier like i thought it would #actually made it worse to see the world coming back to life without her.
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  • bipidin
    16.04.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Got my first covid shot and boi do my arm h u r t

    #plus i gotta stay 30 min instead of 15 bc ~allergies~ #i got work later today too and i really hope my arm wont be too bad bc if not yikes
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  • spockoholic
    16.04.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    another rejection without an interview... it’s been 7 months of job searching and I still havent got an interview, there must just! be something wrong with me that I dont know about! I’m so tired! what did i do to deserve this!

    #have to leave the city you went to school in and wanted to stay in because of pandemic #moved back home worked old summer job another year #but there is no winter economy here at all #so i cant even get something here like i have to move #it’s a tourist town with a population of 3000 like I cant even work as a waitress because there are no restaurants open in the winter #so I’ve been unemplyed since september #and I cant even collect unemployment because of the way that unemployment works in maine even though I worked all summer and make like 16k #but since there are quite literally no jobs here in the winter I have no income #like a ton of people here live off what they make in the summer #because there is no work #i just want to move back to st pete but housing costs are skyrockting and wages are insanely low #and i hate it #i’ve seen my twice in the last year pretty much #i hate my life! so much! #rant#delete later #it’s not even like anything i’m applying for is a reach. and I’ve had my resume professionally looked at and worked on with my career #counseler from college like #i’ve done everythibg right and still cant get ANYWHERE and in thr meantime i #am stuck in a place i hate living with my parents who i dont get along with that well and.... #it’s just my own personal nightmare that wont end
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  • seraph-exe
    16.04.2021 - 35 minutes ago

    I just got accepted into one of the colleges I applied for! B)

    #today has started off rough but this feels like a weight off my shoulders tbh #at least one of them has accepted me!!! #idk abt any of the other colleges yet but at least one is good #also means I sent the transcript properly #holy shit #it’s a good day today is a good day bc I want it to be #i am making this a good day #I have an small crick in my neck and when I turn a certain way I can feel it from my right shoulder blade up to that spot in my neck #also I have work to do #but it’s a good day! #personal
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  • virginalbehemoth
    16.04.2021 - 37 minutes ago
    #asks #i dont have anything to add my brain’s fried but absolutely #i’ve seen other mediocre to offensively underresearched fics get popular on here but nothing this Bad u know?? #also it IS awful all around like racism aside (i know.) the writing is fucking terrible! the prose is BAD. stop referencing old memes every #three fucking seconds. if this is the work of a professional and published writer then it goes to show that white mediocrity (and I’m being #generous when i say ‘’mediocrity’’) will get you anywhere
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