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    Some cozy fluff for these cold winter days…  No Sleep by Maggies_Scribblings.

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    Her grandfather told her she had to watch them because they were watching her. But she was too busy watching something else.

    A tiny hand held on to her dress hiding slightly from the grown up kids that wanted to play with him.

    "Awwww he's such a cutie but he's so shy." Lilly said, bending slightly to take a peek at the boy. She was a member of the noble families. She had been hanging around Elenore lately and Elenore really seemed to like her.

    "Yeah be careful this is his first time outside so he doesn't like to be around people." Elenore answered as she was lifting her little three year old brother. She was eight and her parents allowed her to go off and play with him. He shyly hid his face in her chest.

    "Come on Elenore let us play with him." Terra, another girl Elenore had been hanging around, pleaded. The purple haired girl also bent down slightly to see the little prince.

    "Come on William. Don't you want to play?" Elenore spoke softly, trying to persuade her little brother.

    William shook his head in her chest still not looking at the girls before him.

    "I'll let you play with my toys if you do." Terra said, holding out a little toy horse from her dress pocket.

    William looked at the toy, thinking for a minute then turned back to his sister hiding.

    "I'll let you play with Luna when we get back." Elenore whispered in his ear.

    He looked at her making sure she was serious.

    She nodded at him so he knew she was serious. William let himself be put down and took the horse from Terra. Immediately playing with it and fake galloping it.

    "So you did want to play" Lili smiled crouching down to the boy on the ground. "If you want I can make noises?" She pulled back her blue hair behind her ear and sat down letting her dress puff under her.

    William looked down, getting shy again and stopped playing with the horse.

    "Oh, did I scare him?" Lilly pouted.

    "Only because he knows only his sister can make the best horse noises." Elenore proclaimed proudly.

    "Right Will?"

    He nodded, smiling slightly.

    "Oh really? Then let William decide who is better among the three of us." Terra challenged.

    The three girls crouched around William and got ready. The boy looked at them paying close attention and waiting for their performances.

    Terra was first and she let out a large imitation of a horse like the ones she came on.

    "I can do better." Lilly boasted.

    Her imitation was softer and less powerful than Terra's.

    Elenore chuckled.

    "Well the best must be left for last."

    Her imitation was closer to one of the horses they rode on usually, one William liked and knew. It was steady and powerful.

    "Ewelno wins." William shouted. Slightly mispronouncing his sister's name.

    He stood and hugged her.

    "That's right." Elenore proclaimed with a proud grin. Flicking her white hair at the girls.

    "That's not fair." Terra shouted. In a fake display of anger "He said that because you're his sister."

    "How could I lose. I have failed my horse. How can I face them now?" Lily expressed her dramatic defeat.

    William looked over at them and looked at his sister for permission. She smiled and nodded, granting him the permission.

    " I liked yours too." He said to Terra." It was scawry and oud" he put his tiny hands to demonstrate how loud it was.

    Terra smiled. Glancing at Elenore that her act worked.

    "That means a lot, William."

    Then he moved over to Lily.

    "Fwank you for the toy. Yours was nice but not as oud as Terra's but it was nice." He said failing to find another word to describe it other than nice.

    Then his face brightened as if he had a defining moment.

    "Pweety" he exclaimed " it was pweety."

    "That makes me soooo happy." She said, stretching her arms out.

    William looked down and smiled. He was happy to see she wasn't sad anymore.

    He didn't like it when people were sad, Elenore used that to get him out of his shell.

    "Hey William, let me show you that I can be a good horse and make good sounds." Terra got on her hands and legs.

    William screamed, smiling.

    Terra began to move after him.

    He laughed as she chased him around the playroom.

    Then he stopped. He hid behind his sister. Clutching her legs with his tiny hands again. Still giggling.

    "Ewelno. Look horsey is chasing me." The little white haired boy screamed laughing.

    "Don't worry I'll help you." Elenore got down on her arms and legs. "Get on me." She motioned for him to get on.

    When he was on she and Terra started moving around. Chasing each other around the room.

    Lilly soon joined Terra's side chasing after the siblings.

    Afterwards when the day was over and William went to sleep. Her parents took him away. She waved goodbye to her friends for the day. Today was fun and she felt she could have fun with them and be free.

    Days went by and Elenore didn't see either of them. It got lonely again and now all she had was her family.

    "Where wily and Tewar" William asked his sister as they sat together in the playroom.

    He was playing with his toys while she was practicing her reading.

    "There home Will"she answered her little brother. Putting up a smile so he wouldn't notice how hurt she felt.

    "Oh. I miss elm."

    "Me too."

    Elenore thought back to when her father called her in and told her she wouldn't be seeing Lily and Terra anymore.

    It happened again she thought to herself. Just when she makes a friend they have to go. It was later when she found out the girls were spies. Her grandfather was right about her having to be careful.

    " Why are you crying?" Elenore looked over to see her little brother staring at her. His blue eyes were worried and confused.

    She didn't notice she was crying.

    "Is your stomach paining?" He asked again, looking terrified seeing his sister so sad.

    "Sorry William." She wiped her tears. "Yes my stomach is hurting. So I need to go and sleep." She made a fake pain expression.

    Crying was definitely gonna happen. She couldn't hold it in anymore but she couldn't do it in front of him.

    Elenore headed out the room and made her way to her bedroom. Luckily she held out and didn't break down in the hallway.

    She slid down her closed door. Letting all her pain out. She cried till she couldn't anymore.

    Then she went over to the bed and stared out at nothing. Too exhausted from before.

    Later she fell asleep.

    It was evening but then she was woken up by a tiny little White haired baby boy shifting in her arms.

    William was fast asleep in her arms. She doesn't know when he came here but she hugged him tightly. She was so happy to have someone with her right now.


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    What’s mine is yours

    Shigaraki x Fem!reader

    You entertain another guy leaving him jealous. Good thing you already had a plan to make it up to him. 


    warning: mommy is used, anal, stalking, incel!shig, exhibitionism, slut shaming, misogyny, smut, homemade porno? 

    note: long awaited part 4 

    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

    Much to Shigarakis aversion, I continued to post in the forum regularly. Not interacting with the other users, much, excluding an upvote here or there. 

    When he would ask if I was talking to anyone other than him, I would say no. It was the truth because I never technically said anything other than sending racy photos. Only hearting the replies I got from the other man. 

    I thought that by replying to his messages, he would give a hint of who he is. I gave up hope a few weeks after I initiated the message thread. Now, I thoroughly enjoy the filthy things he fantasizes about when he uses my photos. I'm too selfish to give that up, but maybe I won't have to. 


    Big surprise tonight for @/xH4NDZ0FF666x and the forum xoxxo

    I purposefully didn't attach a photo and hit send. Up until now, I've always added something to my post to give it some zest. 

    6roo: no tiddies? 

    hes5: I would like a big surprise now, just your face and some cleavage is all I need 

    jj3: I know a slut like you has tons of pics to spare, add one to the comments 

    yuou90: Still giving that loser your attention? Have I not convinced you that we deserve each other?


    I already had a plan, invite him to my place to have some fun, and when he asks for more, I will mention what I have in mind. Something that wasn't a part of my plan was him getting mad. 

    The banging on my door took me away from my phone. I dismissed it,  assuming it was just a package until the person started talking. 

    "Open the damn door!" The knocking got more forceful when I didn't reply. The sound of the door unlocking made my heart race. How'd he get a key to my apartment? 

    I sit in shock as his footsteps make their way towards me. I stare at him, not moving or saying a thing as he walks towards me. 

    "Don't act so stunned. I got my key not long after you decided to make yourself the queen slut. I needed something that those other men didn't have and that’s access to you at all times." His eyes go to my computer that is displaying my direct messages. The name on the top of the list makes him look at me like a disappointed parent. 

    I did not try to stop him as he clicked on the other guy's name. The most recent message was from me. 

    "I shouldn't even let you explain yourself but I'm going to give you less than a minute to." His voice is shaking as he stares at the photo I sent another guy. It was one that he never received and somehow that made it hurt more. 

    "You're not even going to try to justify yourself?" We both knew that there was nothing I could say. The ping of my computer makes me cringe. I already knew who it was.

    " would you be up to going out on a date? I'd love to see your gorgeous body in person. even if it was just once I could die happy" He read the message out loud with an unusually calm voice. 

    really? Now he works up the courage to possibly reveal who he is to me?

    I think of the camera setup in my room and knew this was my chance. I can use his anger. 

    "I know I lied to you, but I can't help myself. As you said, I'm just a slut who knows how to take photos and make men hard. It's what I love to do. But tonight I had planned a little "show" for your friends so that you can show me off. You know, show them how good you can use me, make me cum." 

    I can tell my words are getting to him, so I step closer to him. My sensitive nipples harden when I slip my shirt off and discard it on the floor. He makes no move to touch me, but his eyes follow my fingertips. Painted nails pinch and pull the soft skin before moving down to my shorts.

    "I want them to know how much of a whore I can be. Pictures are fun, but videos would be even more exciting. Possibly a Livestream..." A few days ago, livestreaming was added to the site. So far, it's been used for bullshit ranting, but I know I can use it for bigger things. 

    "Is that what my surprise was? Getting to show you off?" He wasn't going to try to lie and say that it didn't sound like heaven. That was always what he wanted this whole time. To show his loser friends how lucky he is to get to use me. 

    He will eternally regret posting my photo and sharing me with the world. After he posted one, I followed it up with a few dozen more. The comments would get to him, leaving him on the edge of brushing me off as another slut. But the attention I gave him was too good to give up. 

    If he has to share me, then he will. He now knows that it's stupid to think he can keep a slut all to himself. A blessing like that has to be shared. Thankfully his smart mommy is there to teach him what it means to be a good boy. 

    "I have the camera set up in my room..." I didn't need to say another word before he hauled me away, clothes left on the carpet. 

    Unlike the previous times we've had sex, he is the one pushing me on the bed and telling me to wait. I wasn't used to not having power when I was with him. Good thing it doesn't take much to drain the brattiness from him.

    He unlocks my computer without needing to ask for my password. Hardly surprising since he had a key to my place without my knowledge. 

    My nerves begin going away when I remember how touch-starved the man in front of me is. The memories of him begging me to slow down as I use his cock to make myself cum. He can act up all he wants, but I know how easy it is to make him surrender. 

    "Don't just sit there. Touch yourself and look pretty." He messes with the new desktop camera I bought for this occasion. 

    Oh, this is going to be fun.

    I pull out a box from under my bed, find the toy I need, and hide the rest. A dildo. Something he has seen me use before and something he hasn't. 

     He has asked about ass play, but I always said no. It was the surprise I had planned for him tonight. I could've invited someone else over to rub it in his face. Let him watch another man enjoy me. 

    "What the hell are you doing?" He tried his hardest to keep his angry facade up. The sight of his whore using her ass is so lovely.

    "This was the true surprise for you tonight..." My pussy juices add extra slickness to the toy, making it slide in with ease. A small pinch of pain followed by the fullness I've grown to know over the past month. 

    He sits in the chair, cock pulled out and leaking precum, holding his phone with his own stream ready to go. My cunt throbs when he starts both streams at the same time. One angle showed the two of us, while the other focused primarily on me. 

    I say nothing as he walks to the bed, bringing the phone down to show the slowly growing audience how pretty their 'mascot' is. He makes me hold the phone and speak to my 'fans' while he gets undressed. 

    "...what do you guys think of the surprise?" I focus the camera on my face as I read the comments that come in. 

    3jpp: invite me over after he's done and we can continue the stream?? 

    90hj: shut up whore show me your ass 

    7nnm: I'm screen recording this thanks for the new content 

    "I wanted to do this tonight, but he got jealous that I was giving myself to another man." The phone is torn from my grasp before I can read the replies.

    "I was not jealous!" He knows he doesn't sound so convincing. As he scans what the people watching have to say, they fuel his insecurities. 

    5uu6: Don't hog the good sluts we all deserve a taste of heaven 

    ppod: what do I need to give you for a go at her? 

    jdg5: she's nothing but some holes. The perfect female 

    yuou90: don't worry bro I'll still let you get some when I make her mine. You don't have to get jealous. 

    "Oh, look, your little boyfriend is watching." The phone gets brought back to my face, and I read the comment. I try to keep my moans to a minimum as he uses his free hand to fuck the toy into me.

     "it's okay baby you don't have to hold yourself back. I know sweet sluts like you can never say no to pleasure. Let me see your face while you cum let go for me." The second reply I read made Shigaraki mad. My fingers trail down my torso, playing with my clit, eyes glazing over as I feel my first orgasming approaching.

    Watching my neglected holes throb with need makes his heart swell with love. Hearing me read that comment and come so close to cumming that's when he knew this is what I needed. What I craved.

    Who is he to deny the one he adores most with what her body needs?

    Just a few months ago he was sharing creepshots with his friends. Now he doesn't like when his whore shares herself with someone who's not him. When truly he should be sharing his gift with the world. Show them that worthy pussy exist and he found it. 

    "Cum for us, mommy. Let them see what I've been enjoying. I'm sorry for being stingy and getting mad at you. You know I hate sharing what's mine." He honestly does hate sharing me. But watching me finger my sloppy pussy while he fucks my ass makes him so proud. 

    Proud of me for indulging in pleasure and himself for giving me so much. 

    The camera focuses on him pushing my fingers away and replacing them with his own. Leaning down to suck on my clit as he and everyone else watches my orgasm take over. Legs drawing him in while I grind against his face. 

    From through the phone, I can see him look into the camera, rubbing his rabe against my now sensitive cunt while the men watching cheer him on.

    21dd: goddamn this so sexy make her cum again 

    mxd6: let us see her gape

    wq33: woah even better than porn did you see how wet she got?

    yuou90: so fucking pretty. Can i send you more toys to use for us?

    This was supposed to be a one-and-done deal, but now I don't think these guys will let me live it down. Pictures will never be enough now that they know what I sound and look like when used. I offered scraps to the hungry strays, and they will forever come back for more. 

    "You want to fuck my ass now, baby?" My fingers comb through his hair while he looks at me with so much happiness. 

    I watch as he frantically sheds his clothes, completely ignoring the fact that other people are going to see him naked. If he can get me looking the way he does, who cares what they think. 

    He settles himself between my open legs, slowly removing the toy from my ass before dropping it on the bed next to him. 

    "Go ahead, sweetie. You don't have to be gentle, I know you can't help getting lost in the feeling of me, so don't stop yourself. Get lost in me and let yourself go. Let me make you feel good." My words give him the motivation he needs. 

    He looks me in the eyes, ignoring both cameras on us, and pushes his cock in all the way. Balls clenching when he feels some of my arousal leak out of my throbbing cunt. While taking his clothes off, he already knew he wasn't going to last. Too turned on by what his slut is letting him do to her. 

    I can feel him twitching and knew he was already close to cumming. Good thing he made me cum first or I would be very angry with him. I don't like my men selfish. 

    "You can cum, I won't be mad at you. You've been so good to me, making me cum and sharing me with your friends. You earned it." My hips grind up onto his erection, fingers rubbing at my clit, working myself up for another orgasm. 

    "Oh thank you thank you" He will thank me more later, but now all he can think about is fucking the slut beneath him.  How did he get so lucky? Have the perfect holes to pour his cum into? It's a dream come true. 

    I try to hold the camera steady, no longer bothering to read the comments that are flying in, but I do catch a glimpse at the view count. 

    45K viewers

    For the first time since starting the steams I get shy. So many people are witnesses to how much of a whore I can really be. No cute pictures or teases of skin. An actual whore who opens her holes for all to see. 

    "Oh fuck! Don't stop! You're going to make me cum again" He notices the phone slipping from my grip, taking it before it can fall. 

    I use my newly freed hand to finger my hungry pussy. The camera picked up on the sound of my sloppy holes makes Shigaraki smile. He wanted them to hear. Hear how good he is at servicing his female. 

    "fuck yeah cum on my cock. Use me to make your slutty holes cum. I want to feel your ass clench for me" Pace gets erratic as his high approaches. The desperation in his tone tells me that he needs this. He can only finish after I do. 

    Good boy, he knows I always come first, no matter what it is. 

    "oh my god, he's going make me orgasm." I turn to face the camera and let them watch. Rubbing my clit to prolong my high, other fingers drenched in my arousal, playing with my tits. 

    "He fucks me so good" My words are breathy as I feel him start to release his sperm into my ass. He wishes he could be mad at me for ignoring him but when I feel so good he will let me get away with anything. 

    Even moaning for other men while he using you.

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    I am a dramatic as fuck writer. I really want to finish this story

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    Many thanks to @wickedwitchofthewilds and @mrscullensrutherford for tagging me!!

    Tagging: @ripley95, @natsora, @ljandersen, @ferusaurelius, @ainzaphir, @barbex, @starsandskies, and @pip-n-flinx with no obligations. Only if you want to share. 

    I’m currently working on the sequel for The Path We Take and I’m 15k words in. And here’s a snippet, unedited:

    Not a lot of time has passed. That very same day Lexi came in. Ryder was expecting a long speech. Followed by an argument.

    But instead of any of that happening Lexi placed an omni-tool at her bedside table. She recognized that as the one she used to talk to Asher with. 

    “And that?”

    Lexi said nothing. At least nothing at first. She went to the chair and sat in it. “You’re like a child aren’t you Ryder?” 

    She wasn’t sure where this conversation was going. “What?”

    “The more the grownup, in this case me, tells you no the more you do it.”


    “I understand you want answers Ryder,” Lexi said, “And you’ll find them. It just takes time.”

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    #the legend of zelda #loz#loz au#ganlink#link#myart#my wriitng #adventure boyfriends au #crown of calamity #i know i've linked this like a million times in the last day i'm just trying to organize all the links to chapters properly this time #many thanks for the patience lol
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    we need a special ep with waikorn, inkpa’a wedding and patpran coming clean to their parents

    #or i’ll write a fix it fic #i have up wriitng fsnfics but this makes me question my decisions #bad buddy
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    Another productive work day in the bag, I thought as entered the empty elevator to exit my department from the 25th floor.

    Is it selfish to wish the elevator was empty all the time?

    Yes, but more unrealistic than anything, considering I share this 30 story building with hundreds of people, from all ethnic backgrounds.

    Walden Finance’s first Core Value is Diversity and Inclusion, which is why I applied 5 years ago.

    I reveled in the quiet, surprisingly uninterrupted ride down with my eyes closed, until the 10th floor, when my tranquil moment found it’s end.

    The dinging of the opening doors was my cue to open my eyes and look friendly, so I forced a half smile and in that moment our eyes met.

    It seemed as though time stood still and my stomach began to quiver.

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    I have zero idea how to make a fic post so bear with me, please.

    Part 1 and 2 of All My Loving  by Kenniewen (A03)

    Word count: 5.4k

    Summary: T4T Fluff (see actual fics for more information)

    Happy Reading! 

    Part 1 (Make You Feel My Love)      Part 2 (Hopelessly Devoted To You)

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    Survivor’s Guilt

    I promised this fic to @blackindiaink back in July or August, and promptly burnt out so hard that I literally have not completed any piece of writing since the summer. I’ve been slowly easing myself back into it, and while I’m not proud of this by any means, I’m ecstatic to have gotten something done. 

    Raelle woke to a chorus of screams. All around her were witches crying out in terror, desperate to save themselves and their sisters. It was all so loud, so overwhelming, that she hardly recognized her own sisters' voices within the chaos.

    Still, she could sense them beside her, standing just outside her field of vision on either side. They spoke quickly, with a familiar urgency that made Raelle's stomach churn, though she wasn't quite sure why. She tried to turn to Abigial on her left, only to find that she couldn't move.

    Her breathing quickened as she began to strain, completely unable to budge, her sealed lips the only thing preventing her own scream from joining the tumult. Frozen in place, she was forced to watch each young woman drop, consumed by writhing black tendrils, and their falling bodies clear a path for what appeared to be a solid mass of whatever was killing her allies.

    It took a good thirty seconds for Raelle to even realize she was looking at a person, and countless more for that person's name to come to her via Tally's horrified voice.

    "Penelope," she said on the edge of Raelle's hearing. "She's the source."

    At that, Raelle finally remembered. The attack, the Witch Plague, what they were going to have to do. But... hadn't they done it already?

    Her eyes stung as Penelope drew closer, up to her neck in Witch Plague, so lost within it that she had no idea what she was doing to those she had sworn to consider family. It wasn't her fault. It wasn't fair.

    I don't want to kill her again, Raelle thought desperately. She didn't want to end this young, promising life, to tear apart three sisters before they even had a chance to be a Unit. The poor girl hadn't even started Basic yet. Compared to everyone else here, she was still just a kid.

    "I think I can end this," Abigail began, and if Raelle could have moved freely, she would have whipped around to protest. Instead, she found herself nodding against her will.

    Please, no, she wanted to scream. She couldn't do this. Not again.

    "Raelle?" someone asked, hardly audible above everything else. Raelle thought vaguely that she should know that voice, but she was too overwhelmed to place it.

    Something brushed her arm, and through her reflex to twist away she found herself able to move again. The something grabbed hold of her wrist, gripping tightly as she tried to wrench it away.

    "It's just me," the voice said gently, growing louder each time Raelle pulled against whatever was holding her. "Raelle, it's okay. Raelle!"

    Her eyes flew open to meet dim surroundings she didn't recognize. Panicked and confused, she tore her hand away, twisting to around to find not a threat, but Scylla's concerned face.

    It was then that she realized where she was; far from Fort Salem, in a Spree safe house deep within the Cession, tucked safely into bed beside her girlfriend.

    "Scyl..." She exhaled the name, throwing her arms around the woman beside her, desperate for some semblance of comfort or safety. Scylla provided it readily, tucking Raelle close to her chest with a few soft murmurs.

    "It's okay," she said as her fingers gently carded through Raelle's hair. "Do you want to talk about it?"

    "The attack on the base," Raelle said into Scylla's nightshirt. "What happened to Penelope..."

    "She was the source, right?" Scylla recalled.

    "She was a person," Raelle corrected, perhaps a bit too harshly. It wasn't Scylla's fault, and she knew that, but she couldn't stand hearing that poor girl referred to as simply 'the source' as if who she'd been didn't matter at all.

    "Of course. I'm sorry," came Scylla's unoffended reply. Then, gently, she added, "Go on."

    "It was horrible," Raelle continued, glad for the chance to vent. "I've never- I mean, I've killed before, but never like that. She didn't even know what she was doing. A-and I knew her. She wasn't just some nameless enemy. She was one of ours. She was Tally's friend. And she's gone because of us."

    "Not because of you." Scylla gently guided Raelle's head up to make eye contact. "You didn't put that Witch Plague in her. What happened to her is because of the Camarilla, not you."

    "We still killed her..."

    "You weren't given a choice," Scylla insisted. "If you hadn't done it, everyone on base would have died, including you and your Unit, and Penelope still would have been lost. I know it feels terrible, but there was no way to save everyone. You did the best you could."

    "It doesn't feel like we did," Raelle confessed. "And I don't know how to get over that."

    "Raelle, it just happened," Scylla murmured. "It's okay to not be over it. It's okay to never be over it. Sometimes you don't get over things, you just grow around them."

    "Is that what you did?"

    The second those words left her mouth, Raelle could sense that she'd made a mistake. Scylla stiffened ever so slightly, pulling away to look at Raelle more directly. Her discomfort was palpable.

    "No," she replied simply, her tone a mix of gentleness and a profound desire to not be having this conversation. "But you have to understand that it's not the same. You stopped a mass murder, and I kind of did the exact opposite."

    "I'm sorry-" Raelle tried to say, but Scylla hushed her softly.

    "Don't be," she said. "You're dealing with a lot right now, and even though I can't exactly relate, I'm still here for you."

    Raelle let out a long exhale and rested her head against Scylla's shoulder, taking some comfort in her earthy scent.

    "That's all I need," she sighed, and in that moment, Scylla's mere presence meant more than the world itself.

    #motherland fort salem #raelle collar#scylla ramshorn#raylla#my wriitng #Motherland: Fort Salem #apparently I've been tagging the name of the show differently in different posts and I was devastated upon realizing that #also this is not proofread sorry
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    @stormbrightwriter thank you! I’m using ‘autumn’ for it! consider it a first look at Hound Of Gold’s characters !


    It’s late autumn and for the first time in almost ten years, Ailen feels like he’s actually himself. There are still too many weeds in the fields out behind his small little farmhouse, but Dog seems content enough to chase the large falha moths through the mess of briars.

    The wind blows, and Ailen doesn’t here the Echo as loud as he did in the summer. Golden leaves hit the ground. He lights another cigarette, and he smiles.

    #wip hound of gold #my wriitng#microfiction
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    in the refrigerator light

    Dean retires from hunting and finds a new hobby. (2.2k) (ao3)

    "Soup Day!" Dean proclaims loudly as he bursts through the front door of the bunker.

    Sam groans loudly. "Do you have to announce it like that every single week?" he asks petulantly, as if he doesn't enjoy the soup that comes out of Soup Day.

    "My loyal fans love Soup Day," Dean says, stomping through the hall on his way to the kitchen. He shouts over his shoulder, "The Meat Man makes excellent soup!"

    Sam doesn't reply with anything more than an even louder groan.

    Dean hefts his grocery bags up onto the counter in the kitchen. He doesn't really care if Sam doesn't approve of his new hobby; it makes him happy. Taking a step back from hunting means that he needed something to do. Getting Cas back from the Empty was a big win for them, the kind of win that can't be followed up.

    So he started in on his current passion project: his cooking YouTube channel.

    Keep reading on ao3

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    sometimes i could write yall 5-6 pages on these birth chart readings bc i just have so much i want to tell you about how cool ur chart is and how u can use it to ur benefit like i fr be having to go back and edit an hour or two of content out bc its too much + would have to charge more cos… its a lotngksmgmdn.

    #text #like i just be wriitng and wititng writing and then realize i took up an enitre page w their sun sign #KDMSMDMMSMFND like oh my bad.. my bad.
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    Opening up askbox for a bit for spoilery questions about my story outlines/character backstories, if there are any takers.

    #fanfiction#my wriitng #the world's treasure #missing scenes #stars not constellations #have brain will parent #born on the train #gag gift fic
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  • deusvervewrites
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    #my wriitng#bnha#fanfic #in triumph doth wave
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    Fuck and treat me like the good little slut I am

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  • cannedmilkpoetry
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    take a look around, but not too quickly or the whiplash of sonder will leave your brain stiff with existentialism. 

    take only a peak! trust your eyes enough to only look at what’s on the surface. you’ve been chasing liberosis* like it’s a game of tag, just when you think you’re about to reach it with the skin of your teeth it calls a timeout and you’re left out of breath with a stuttering heartbeat. life flashes before your eyes and if you’re not quick enough to look away it’ll leave you wanting more-- the taste of a life left to live.

    so even though your neck is sore and the game seems to be dragging on far too long, you think maybe...you can learn to love to live again. 


    *n. the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life

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  • ritika-podcast
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    I think you'd like this story: "Unfulfilled Desires" by ritu5594 on Wattpad https://www.wattpad.com/story/290266827?utm_source=android&utm_medium=com.tumblr&utm_content=story_info&wp_page=story_details_button&wp_uname=ritu5594&wp_originator=%2Bg8uke99Umm6lRVvCgfFjZvBjKlqhnO1gtGktlM5%2BwJYAbrQmLjCC9dBghqjqYoNiJ%2BCtPrWhohH9qqgOLyziTLsQ94x%2BZdznLHNKxn14lNciRiZCgPI1e0nIgzWq0Ii

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  • wickedwithwings
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    Apple Picking- Reader and Frodo friendship

    Written for @thorinsbeard

    I left reader gender pretty fully ambiguous and tried to leave it easy to project onto without the reader’s dialogue being written or any descriptions of them. Imagine you replied whatever you would like to have said to Frodo. I also hopped on and used LOTRO for the locations of things so they’d make sense. Please enjoy the short and sweet one shot. Also linked here for the AO3 version

    The day was warm as you and Frodo hurried over the rolling hills of the Shire back towards Bag End, or more correctly, towards the Appledore orchard. You had both gotten permission to pick apples to your heart’s content by Gaffer Gamgee, so long as you brought a basket of them back to him as well.

    “It was nice of Mr. Gamgee to let us pick some apples. He does such good work in our gardens, so, it’s not surprising he can get such plentiful harvests on the apple trees as well,” Frodo said and smiled at you- an expression you returned in earnest.

    Arriving at the orchard you stopped by the stone wall surrounding the property to get the ladder that was laying out on the ground against it. You carried it along to one of the trees holding the bottom steady so Frodo could climb up and start to gather some of the delicious fruits you had come for. While he worked the two of you chatted about everything and nothing to fill the quiet in the air and keep your minds occupied. You learned of some new books he was enjoying and he heard of a new recipe you had tried recently. It was a peaceful way to make the work pass.

    It took longer than you thought to fill Gamgee’s basket letting the sun that was warm before drift to blistering. Wiping some sweat from your face as you helped Frodo down the ladder, you both settled in the shade to finally enjoy your well-earned treat. Leaning back against the tree you almost started to nap before Frodo spoke up with a serious tone.

    “Hey, I wanted to say… thank you. For being my friend. It’s not always easy what with my Uncle’s reputation and all the rumors those like Lobelia like to start about us. I appreciate that you don’t put any stock in them,” He said with a sincere smile and when you tried to brush it off he reached over and squeezed your shoulder.

    “Plus, since you’re my best friend and all, you get to carry the apple basket back! It’s the best friend’s honor.” He said slyly as he hopped up to start running ahead leaving you to carry the heavy basket back with a playful shout after him which only earned you a laugh in return but you didn’t mind too much since he was your best friend after all.

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