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  • It’s true, I won’t be seeing you, around, catching up, popping out of the blue .

    Gone too soon, the sht we didn’t do, me and you, us, not know how it was going to be, end up.

    It’s tough, I pause and reminisce, just reflect, you’re a chapter I will never forget.

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    Be gay do choreography 

    Thank you @otherworldsivelivedin​ and @aristocratic-otter​ for beta reading!

    Rating: T/M
    Chapter: 16/?
    Chapter word count: 4.7k
    Total word count: 60k

    The making of Rocket Man, races, bored security guards and the pressing question of whether Simon Snow is self-aware or not.

    Read Chapter 16 on AO3

    Read from the start

    #carry on#wayward son #any way the wind blows #awtwb#simon snow #tyrannus basilton grimm pitch #baz pitch#snowbaz fanfiction#snowbaz fic#snowbaz #on thin ice #my writing
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  • Some general info about my slasher sona I thought about while making some art of him

    I originally wanted to write it under the art but it’s way to long so here is it in a separate post. I also updated his design a bit, the colors are darker and a bit different. The mask looks also more realistic and more like a predator with a long snout then a plague doctor mask. I probably will upload some today but we will see ¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯

    🦴is roughly about 5'8 feet tall

    🦴thin, boy needs to stop munching on bones and get real food

    🦴isn’t really human but also not 100% a supernatural being, kinda like a cryptic lite

    🦴has long arms, the length can vary betwen a few inches to OH LORD HE COMING depending on the situation (mainly art, in a realistic situation his arms are about 2-4 inches longer then the norm)

    🦴can open his mask and use it like a mouth

    🦴doesn’t really have a main weapon (if you don’t count his claw like fingers and sharp teeth), it just goes with the flow and if there are any useful tools they gonna use it

    🦴mainly wanders around forests that are know to have boars, deer with big antlers and wolfs

    🦴and also likes to hang out in farms that have a lot of cows,goats and sheep with large horns

    🦴horses are also not safe from him, he will snatch their bones and often times blood, the whole sense looks very clean with no ounce of blood making any mess, and the cuts are extremely precise

    🦴birds and rodents are also not safe around him (bitch will grab a whole ass pidgeon and just walk around with it)

    🦴his favorite human bones are the spine,lower jaw, sternum and it LOVES TEETH

    🦴is a goblin, besides collecting bones they also like

    • Feathers
    • Crystals and gems (or just shiny rocks)
    • Small jewelry
    • Penny’s
    • Old looking masks
    • Broken colored glass

    🦴honestly I can’t decided if the hooves on his feet are just shoes that he made out of real horse hooves or his actual feet, it’s up to the individual to decide

    🦴can speak perfectly normal, he just refuses too and makes awful noises that sound like a person is getting tortured

    🦴usually screeches, small screams, hisses, weird morbid baby language and sometimes mimics the calls of animals

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  • Thème de Lemesle “Le paradis des paradoxes »

    Dans un champ, l'écharde

    Le sang fuit, les gens

    Leurs voix, ça m'rend malade 

Les jours sans

    J'efface les bleus qui cognent

    La chaleur qui bruine

    Me rappelle à l'automne

    Et m’abîme

    Des bas et des hauts, dans un champ l'écharde

    Des bas et des hauts, dans un champ l’écharde

    Et je me fais peur, tard,

    L'aiguille gueule, intime

    Va au lit, ten o'clock, c’est tard

    Je glisse in

    L'allée, et je t'aime, et je saigne, et je traîne

    Des bas et des hauts

    Ça balance vers la folie

    Cerveau grillé, au lit

    Et puis tant pis, tant pis

    Et puis tant pis, tant pis

    Mon verre étanche a l'air

    D'un rockeur sans mystère


    Chaud dans la poudreuse

    Je frissonne auprès

    De ces hommes berceuses

    C'est vrai

    Dans un champ, l'écharde

    Mon dégoût les raye

    Et l'aiguille fine intime

    Ten o'clock, dors, essaye

    Des bas et des hauts, dans un champ l'écharde

    Des bas et des hauts, dans un champ l’écharde

    Et je t'aime, et je saigne, et je traîne

    J'efface les gens, l'aiguille intime

    Des bas et des hauts

    Même la danse est immobile

    J'ai arrêté la vie

    J'ai arrêté l’envie

    Et je me fais peur, c’est tard,

    L'aiguille gueule, intime

    Va au lit, ten o'clock, trop tard

    Je glisse in

    L'allée, et je t'aime, et je saigne, et je traîne

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  • Ice and Steel

    Chapter 5: Frozen Moss; An Interrupted Tussle



    Hazel’s hands were sending off a cold cloud as the blue haired samurai, raised his sword high above his head and swung at her. Hazel expertly dodged the swing and moved to his right, kicking him in the side.

    His swung his sword once more but, Hazel was able to grasp his sword with her bare hand, which now turned a blue color. The blade clinked from the hard palm and made the blue haired villain smirk.

    Back and forth, the two fought valiantly, sword against ice encased hand and Hazel was beginning to grow tired of the same old song. Her sandal clad feet located a nearby wall, and jumped off it to kick the blue Elvis in the head. He stumbles back and Hazel takes this time to punch him in the gut.

    His back finds a wall and he slumps against it. The broad shoulders he possessed began to jump as an obnoxious laugh left his painted lips. Hazel wasn’t prepared for this and raised her fists higher by her face.

    “Well, then. My hunch was right after all.” his black slanted eyes looked up at her with a sinister smirk, and he righted himself to return to his defensive position.

    Swinging his sword once, the already broken down shoji doors filled the doorways with men, in multicolored kimonos and all were armed with different weapons. Hazel glanced at the men but, returned her gaze to the blue haired man with a frown.

    “You really want these men to meet their deaths so quickly? How cruel.” Hazel says and he barks out a laugh.

    “Here’s a little tip for you my dear,” he grasps the hilt of his sword with both hands as he bent his knees a bit more, ready to strike once more.

    “When you become involved with the Nine Scabbards,” A tilt of his head made the men around them rush inside, war howls and determination in their eyes to assist their leader. Hazel wasn’t too worried about them as her eyes never left her current enemy.

    “You mess with all of us. But, I wonder, how will you be able to focus with not only them,” his head cocks in the direction of the approaching men.

    “And fighting me as well? Seems to be a bit too much to do all at once.”

    “You don’t know me well enough to answer your own question.” Hazel’s eyes began to glow red and the blue haired man’s smirk was suddenly gone, as he raised an eyebrow at her.

    “Oh really?” he asks with an understanding nod and his hand waves as another group of men came stomping about with Toru and his brothers in their possession. The boys struggled relentlessly and Hazel gritted her teeth at the blue haired man.

    “Now, it will be thrice as hard to keep your focus. You can’t possibly fight me, my men, and save these brats all at once. It’s damn near impossible.” he retorts with a chuckle.

    Ice Surge.” she summons and the men that were bold enough to grow closer to her were knocked back. Some men yelped and ran away while dropping their weapons.

    “I don’t want to kill your buddies,” she begins as her hands formed larger cold clouds. 

    “But, it seems I have no choice.” his right eye twitched as he charged at the woman and Hazel readied herself for the next strike.

    Just as the tip of his blade almost made a home in her face, a new sword interfered in its path and both pairs of eyes watched in shock. The familiar color of moss, and the always scowled face, pushed his sword against the blue haired man, making him slide back on the soles of his sandals.

    “What the fuck are you doing?! This is my fight!” Hazel belted out angrily to the green haired man, but, a henchman took a swing at her with his sword and she roundhouse kicked in their gut. More and more henchmen, began attacking her and Hazel had no choice but, to take them on.

    Left and right, they came at her full force and she wasn’t backing down from their onslaught. As the numbers reduced down to the single digits, the men that were holding Toru and the others made their escape through a nearby window.

    “Miss Hazel!” Her eyes caught them leaving in a haste and Hazel punched the man that was in front of her.

    “Go! Get them, I’ll handle him!” her eyes found the green haired man’s position as he went sword to sword, making it hard for each other to break off. 

    “I don’t take orders from you! Don’t tell me what I was already about to do, Moss Head!” Hazel says and goes through an entrance to help Toru and the others.

    “’Moss Head’? Familiar with the girl are we?” the blue Elvis asks. Roronoa Zoro gives a scoff smirks to the slicked back blue haired man.

    “Don’t make me laugh. I don’t even know her name, you and I are the one’s fighting right now, worrying about some red haired goat is the least of my problems.” Zoro tells him, he then noticed that some of the henchmen were getting back to their feet and arming themselves once more.

    “Can’t say that fighting someone like you would be on my to-do list,” the one eyed swordsman said and removed his blade to swing at him. The blue haired man dodged and the two clashed swords again.

    “But, I’m not upset about the delay.” He says. Zoro makes another swing at him and takes this moment to use his Kitsunebi-ryu to swipe at the approaching men. The wind blades swiped the air and the men in its vicinity, cut them all down in one swipe.


    Originally posted by yonkou

    His eye turns back to the blue haired samurai, his smirk larger than before.

    “Bring it on.” Zoro taunts.


    End of Chapter 5

    Here’s another chapter for you guys! I hope you like it and shoutout to @vangooh-works for allowing me to continue this series!

    Chp. 1⬅️

    Chp. 2⬅️

    Chp. 3⬅️

    Chp. 4⬅️

    #black reader #black!reader #fanfiction#my writing#ronoroa zoro #zoro x black reader #zoro x black!reader #one piece zoro #vangooh works oc #black oc
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  • Year One, Chapter Four

    “How did they do this?”  Lyric growls, lifting her bag above her head.  “How do they find the time?”

    Garen climbs onto a chair and pulls her up after him.  “I don’t think they sleep.  Or do homework.”

    “How can they just not do homework?” she sputters.

    “I think you should be asking how they avoid sleeping, but to each their own.”

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  • May you dance to your deaths

    “You’re staring again” he hissed , this was the third time he made eye contact with you this evening .

    “Why are you here?” you asked , ignoring what he previously said .

    He chuckled , ever since he entered the ball room , your eyes were on him , not letting a detail go outlooked.

    He liked it.

    “Why wouldn’t I be? I enjoy coming to a ball every now and then.” he said , not breaking eye contact.

    “No , you’re not here because of a ball. You don’t take interest in such thing , do you? You’re here for something else.” you hissed , you hated that smirk on his face . He was your nemesis , but over all the things you hated about him , his smirk was on top of the list.

    Now that you think of it , you never saw him smile , no , not that evil smile that he always has , a true smile , one that comes from the heart. The only thing that comes from him is hatred . That’s all.

    You were so deep in your thoughts that you didin’t notice him standing up from his chair , coming towards you.

    You’ve snapped out of your thoughts when you fell something on your chin , his gloved hand , to be exact.

    He looked as handsome as always , black suit , black tie , black hair , you could already guess what his favourite color was.

    But his eyes told a different story , blue as the sky , perhaps the ocean . Sometimes you wondered how such a good-looking man could’ve become such a mischievous villain .

    He lift your chin up , staring into your eyes ,

    “Maybe , maybe not , care for a dance?” he said still smirking .

    The man who kills people for ‘fun’ , the man who burns villages for the warmth , the man who wanted to rule the world , the man who wanted your kingdom ,

    wanted to dance with you.

    Well , sitting in a chair was boring anyways .

    You take his hand and head to the dance floor , suddenly the music stops , you turn around and notice that everyone was staring in fear at the two of you , and now that you think of it , it was pretty interesting if you said so yourself , the most loved hero , the one that was said to hate the villain , was standing with him in the middle of the ballroom.

    One hand firmly around your waist , and the other gently holding yours.

    “Is she with him now?” ,“What is she doing?!”

    “This can’t be happening!” you’ve heard whispers coming from all around you.

    “Oh well what happened?” he loudly said so that the whole ball could hear. But his expression was the same as before. So calm.

    One of the men started the music , they didin’t want to make him mad.

    Turning his head back towards you , he smirked again .


    “Let’s continue , shall we?” he said in his still calm voice , you shook your head and started to move .

    You were actually impressed at how a good dancer he was , he was holding you so gently , like a doll.

    After a while you placed your head on his chest , listening to his heartbeat , he was little surprised at the gesture , but didn’t move a muscle . He didn’t want to startle you , not yet.

    You danced for hours , even when everyone left , you were still there , music playing , staring at eachother .

    It was nice to see this part of him , the calm one .

    It was nice to have a break from all the fighting .

    But what you didn’t know , is that was exactly what he wanted .

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  • Gel gel gel güzelim…

    #books & libraries #literature#my writing#writers #writers on tumblr #poetry #poets on tumblr #wildlife#quotes#pets#tumblr#tech#sevgiliyesözler#sözler#aşk sözleri#sevgili#sevgilim#aşk şarkısı#aşka dair#kalp acısı#aşk #i love it #i love her #i love him #i love them #i love you
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  • Dancing around with time, telling yourself sweet lies.

    Next time you’ll say those words, next time you’ll make the first move.

    But you know that isn’t true, you’ll always wish you would, but never follow through.

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  • I Can’t Save You

    Lover put the bottle down

    I can’t save you if you drown

    Footsteps in an empty house

    Why do you keep running out?

    Climbing up a hanging tree

    I can’t save you if you leap

    Folded hands and prayers for peace

    I think we’re chained up to a beast

    Orange coffins, sleeping pills

    I can’t save you from your guilt

    Panic-ridden fever chills

    Now I know what addiction kills

    Lover put the bottle down

    I can’t save you if you drown

    You gotta put the bottle down

    I won’t save you if you drown

    Please just put the bottle down

    I won’t save you when you drown

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  • Making coffee and then working on my Santiago series. It’s a snowy Saturday here, perfect for writing and getting the little things done around the house!

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  • Fandom: Wannabe Challenge
    Characters: YoohaxReader

    Summary: In which Yooha decides to bait you repeatedly with fries. 


    “Can I have a fry?” you ask, eyes glued to the screen of your computer. Your fingers are in a frantic dance on the keyboard as you try to clear the game. 

    From the corner of your eye you see Yooha extend a single yellow fry towards your lips. He’s been watching you play for the past hour. At first he tried to get your attention, but soon he gave up when he realised that you were too engrossed to pay him any heed, or worse that you would get mad at him if he distracted you and made you lose. Then he too, got wrapped up in watching you play, even ordering some food to the house so that he could snack in the meantime.

    You lean your face forward, mouth wide open to eat the fry, but your eyes don’t move from the screen. You can’t. You’re so close to clearing this level. 

    But when you bite down, your teeth and tongue only find air. In your mind you roll your eyes, knowing he’s messing around like he always does. 

    “Can I have one please?” you ask again. If you could afford to, you would be giving him a side glare now. 

    Again, there’s a yellow fry, dangling near your lips and drawing closer and closer…

    You lean forward once more, but again you can only imagine the saltiness of the fry in your mouth, because the damn fox snatches it out of reach before your lips can even graze the snack.

    Third time. Third time’s gotta be the charm.

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    #wannabe challenge #wannabe challenge fanfic #wannabe challenge fanfiction #yooha#yooha fanfiction#my writing
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  • #Galadriel#Sauron#Galdriel/Sauron #How did they end up here? Excellent question #maybe in this verse there are Two Rings #not one#hmmmm #Thanks for the prompt! #my writing#actuallymiriel#askaipi
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  • Red Queen’s Lament

    I never thought

    That I was crazy

    So I guess

    It might be true

    I pluck your heart

    Like a daisy

    Whenever I feel blue

    Is it my fault

    Simple people

    Are quick so lable sadness

    As homicidal madness?

    When they often cheer it too?

    The door mouse

    Heard some advice

    Spoken from a hat

    And now this is what

    They label to be true

    And how is that

    Not a treasonous thing to do?

    Some girl had the nerve to stumble

    And try to claim, what is mine

    Through a hole she tumbled

    Into a wonderful landmine

    Full of mishap

    And misadventures all told

    Through a single perspective

    Of a girl they call fearless and bold

    As they label me cruelly vindictive

    But it’s so easy to rule with love

    When love is given so freely

    The first time she crosses them

    Will they still love her, really?

    Madness is the norm

    In this chaotic Wonderland

    So I rule as those I rule act

    With my wit and riddles intact

    In a way they were crafted to understand

    With a healthy love of violence

    A befitting reprimand

    So she calls me a monster

    For taking a few heads

    Kills the only thing I love

    Slaughters my supporters in their beds

    They will call this justice

    And cry her name with glee, for now

    But the crown is a heavy burden

    And there’s no waking for Alice, not now…

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  • Dialogue Prompt #nth

    “Do you trust me?”


    “So if we jump, you’re gonna trust me to get you down safe?”

    “I said I don’t trust you, you pea brain!”

    “See what you’re saying doesn’t match what you’re doing…oh look we’re mid-air”

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