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  • Secret Identities chapter 11

    The whole story is on ao3 under the same name, trying to find the whole thing on here is a little messy because I was incredibly disorganized when I first started this (still am?) I’ll fix it when I make a masterlist when the fic is done!

    Tag list: (tell me if you want to be taken off, or if I forgot anyone!) @lucamase @seaweedbrain3000 @narutoyaoifans @aoifelaufeyson @starkercrossedlovers


    In just five minutes Peter was dressed and waiting outside. He was nervously bouncing a little, hoping that he looked presentable enough.

    He hated how nervous he was about seeing a guy that had brutally rejected him. 

    Happy pulled up in the car a couple of minutes later, rolling down the window and looking at Peter. “Hey, kid. Uh…get in, I guess. I’ll take you to Tony…”

    Peter got into the car silently, nervously running a hand through his hair. He figured that Happy had the address, so he didn’t ask. A quick google had showed him that there were two brunch places within a thirty mile radius that seemed to fit Tony’s style and budget. So he assumed they were going to one of those two places.

    The atmosphere in the car was awkward and tense. The last time that Peter had seem Happy was the night that he had driven he and Tony to the hotel. 

    “So. You and Tony together yet?” Happy asked, breaking the silence.”Is this a date or somethin’?”

    Peter’s face flushed. “No. We aren’t together. And…” he trailed off. Was it a date? Or just trying to buy back Peter’s affection? 

    He wasn’t sure.

    The driver winced. “Oh, sorry, kid. Well, maybe this little…meeting…will have something come of it.”

    The younger man didn’t respond, focused on picking at a piece of leather peeling up from the seat. He must have done that in the short time he had been there, Tony would never let his things show even a little bit of wear.

    A couple of minutes later, they arrived. It was one of the places that Peter had figured it was going to be. Tony was kind of predictable, no matter how much he tried not to be. 

    Peter waved awkwardly to Happy, getting out of the car and going inside. He got a couple of odd looks, obviously not the usual patron of such a place. Too much money for him. 

    “I’m sure there’s a table under Stark. I think he’s already waiting for me.” Peter sounded a mixture of tired and nervous, anxiously clenching his hands together in front of him. He tried to let the pressure ground him, bring him back down to earth. He was still terrified. 

    The host looked surprised at the reservation name that the nervous boy in front of him supplied, but stepped from behind his podium to lead him to the table. “Right this way…Mr. Stark has already been seated.”

    “Thank you,” Peter whispered, running a hand through his hair.

    He heard Tony before he saw him, rolling his eyes as he heard the older man laughing. He saw Tony with- who he was assuming was- the waitress for their table. 

    “Thank you, sweetheart, I’m sure he’ll be getting here at any moment and we can order.”

    His eyes landed on Peter and he smiled, waving him over. “And there he is, speak of the devil.”

    “The devil was already here, I’m looking at him now,” Peter quipped lazily, sitting in a seat across from the other man. 

    “Hilarious, isn’t he?” Tony said, sending a charming smile towards the woman. “Now we can order. What do you want, Peter?”

    “Whatever will cost you the most money,” he deadpanned, grabbing a menu to look through. “Okay…I think I’ll have french toast, roasted potatoes, an orange, and the light beef stew. Thanks. And to drink…a glass of cranberry juice and a cup of coffee. Please.” He looked at Tony like he was going to challenge his order. In reality, he was planning on paying for it all himself, but he wanted to act like he was going to make Tony pay. 

    Tony snorted. “Hungry, aren’t you?” He hummed, looking at the menu. “I think I’ll have a tall stack of pancakes and two eggs, sunny side up. With coffee. Thank you.”

    The waitress nodded, giving the two men an odd look as she took their menus. “It’ll be out soon, sir. I’ll bring your drinks while you wait.” She left the room without another word.

    Peter looked at Tony, face not giving away any kind of motion. “Now…why am I here?” he asked, crossing his arms. 

    “Did you really not sleep with Beck?” Tony asked, mostly ignoring the question. 

    “Why does it matter to you?” Peter asked, pursing his lips. He leaned on the table partially, elbow on the table as he propped up his chin with his hand. “As I remember, you said you were too old for me. So why does it matter if I did or not?”

    Tony pinched the bridge of his nose, listening. “Peter-”

    “No. Don’t do that. You don’t get to patronize me like that. I’m an adult and I can make choices of my own. You told me no, so I’m free to do whatever I want with whoever I want.”

    “You’re right.” 

    Peter rolled his eyes. “You’re just the worst. I don’t know why I agreed to this. You act like I’m a child that doesn’t know what I’m doing, then you say that I’m right in that I can make my own decisions. You’re a walking contradiction and I’m so…I’m so done.”

    Tony watched him, eyes not leaving the younger man. He didn’t say anything for a moment. Then he sighed. “Peter, I used to always get what I wanted. No one told me no. Now I’m actually trying to hold back from something I want and be a decent person. Because you…you deserve everything. You’re the best, kindest, most perfect person I’ve ever met. And you deserve so much better than me. I don’t know why you want me. I just…know I need to discourage it.”

    Peter looked at him, blinking. He didn’t know what to say. And he didn’t want to let himself get his hopes up with the sweet words with nothing behind them. Then he frowned. “You don’t get to do this. You don’t get to say all these things and get my hopes up and then leave me again. It’s not fair, Tony.”

    The older man pinched the bridge of his nose, eyes squeezed shut like he had a headache. “I just want you to understand where I’m coming from.”

    “I understand. And I understand that it’s all stupid. It isn’t difficult, Tony. I like you. And you like me. We can just…do this. Easy. You keep going like you have been, keeping all your feelings bottled up and ignoring them, you’re going to break down and not have anyone there to help.”

    “How unfortunate,” Tony said dryly. 

    Peter frowned, looking at the man across from him. “You’re impossible.” Before he could stop himself, he was leaning across the table and catching Tony in a desperate kiss. 

    Tony was surprised at the kiss, but didn’t break it for a few moments, letting them both get lost in it. 

    After that time, Peter was the one that pulled away, licking his lips. “I hate you,” he said, just as Tony mumbled, “I love you.”

    Then they both burst out laughing.

    Tony ran a hand through his hair. “I…I know you’re right,” he admitted.. “I just think you deserve so much better than what I can give you.”

    Peter leaned in again, kissing him softer this time. “But all I want is you,” he whispered, all previous anger and frustration melting away. “You and all that comes with you. We can work it out. I know we can.”

    Tony smiled a little, looking at the beautiful man across from him. “I think I’d be okay with that. We can try to make this work.”

    “I know we can do it.”

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  • Some people can’t keep it together.

    Let them fall apart.

    We can build them anew.

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  • Fluffcember Day Seven

    Prompt: Lazy Morning

    The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and the bed was warm.

    And Tobias had no desire to move.

    Acheflow sighed, trying unsuccessfully to lift the arm from around her waist. “Tobias, we can’t just stay in bed all day.”

    “Why not?”

    “Because there’s work to do, and Scamp needs to eat.”

    Tobias groaned, burying his face in the pillow. “That cat hates me.”

    “He doesn’t hate you, but you did take his pillow.” Acheflow rolled her eyes when Tobias pulled her closer. “Tobias, I’m hungry.”

    “Five more minutes?” Charm worked much better now, tailored to work in these specific situations.

    She sighed heavily, leaning back against the pillows as she attempted to pull the blankets back to a more comfortable position. “Fine. Five more minutes.”

    Tobias hummed under his breath, pressing his lips against her temple, arm still around her waist. Acheflow still wasn’t used to so much contact, which was likely part of why Tobias made it his mission in life to make sure she was.

    But she wasn’t going to let him use that to distract her… again.

    ~Two Hours Later~

    Scamp found his way through a window, jumping up carefully enough not to knock anything over. Acheflow was normally so good about finding him in the morning, leaving food and praising him over any of his hunts; it was the other human that changed their perfectly good routine.

    Finding Acheflow still in the bed -and that other one on his pillow- Scamp leapt onto the bed, moving around Acheflow… and stepping heavily on the lump that was Tobias. Ignoring the groan, Scamp curled up between the two, purring happily with his head next to Acheflow’s chin… and flipping his tail onto Tobias’ face, over and over when the man tried to nudge it off.

    That would teach him to lounge in bed!

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  • Yeah…every time I think I might have a glimmer of an idea of a title, I’m like…”But it probably still sucks right??”


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  • dear dani,

    one of my favorite poets once said that some things are holy enough that they should only ever done properly

    whether that be love

    or playing the cello

    or trying to convince your friend of her own lovely from a continent away

    but I disagree

    if that we’re true I would’ve never gotten around to writing this poem

    I think love is at it’s best when it’s clumsy and well intentioned

    drunken confessions in the girl’s bathroom

    and nervous half-veiled ‘I miss you’ over text

    truth is, I think you’re better at love then any of us

    I see your life over flowing

    future loves lined up like train cars

    each waiting for you to stow away

    and I’m wearly about writing a warning in a love poem

    but i need you to know your own worth

    that just because someone desires you doesn’t mean they value you

    because my friend, you deserve a love like waking up in a new country every night

    like radiator hearts in the midst of winter

    and lazy sunday afternoons where the light creeps through your curtains and cast the northern lights on your bedroom window

    and i need you to know that

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  • #overhaul x reader #overhaul scenario#overhaul headcanons#fanfic overhaul #chisaki kai imagine scenario #kai chisaki x reader #chisaki kai x reader #bnha imagine #bnha x reader #bnha characters#bnha villains#bnha #bnha villains x reader #my writing#zuffer writings#overhaul#chisaki kai
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  • image

    “Despite the fact that I believe in my very own sanity, I’ve always believed in 3 dimensions. There are three of me, one bastard for each dimension. Past, Present and Future”

    This is one of my recent short-kinda-stories. You can try to read it, but I simply like how it looks, so 😂

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  • Warlord modern! Roller coaster rides

    Hahahahahahahahahaha I can’t imagine seriously imagine a headache that would this would be. Have you ever gone to a theme park with a young child? That would be a cakewalk compared to this. I am in the United States and one of my favorite theme parks is Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia which was my first real theme park where I got to ride roller coasters(side note I also got a concussion that day from the damn roller coasters and my brother got his ass beat that night! Its a fond memory). That park will be the one in this imagine/headcanon/ short story.

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  • sucker punched by a memory

    suppressed deeply

    scarred savaged surfaced

    lingering on the tip of your tongue

    whisper behind your ear

    why did you come back now?

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  • #mo dao zu shi #my writing#op#the untamed #i actually only watched the untamed so idk about characters as well as i prob should
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  • #fic: the pale blue dot #fic: out along the edges #my writing#my fics #thanks for asking!
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  • #my fics#my writing #fic: as my memory rests #thanks for asking!
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  • image

    Το διαζευκτικό ή - ή ακούγεται σαν εκβιαστικό δίλημμα. Αλλά αυτή η διασταύρωση, η διχάλα, αυτό το ή - ή αποτελεί την ουσία της ανθρώπινης κατάστασης. Είναι τα όρια των ελεύθερων επιλογών μας. Είναι τα όρια των εναλλακτικών δρόμων που διαθέτουμε.

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  • Next door - elu fic

    Chapter 1


    Ao3 link


    “This tiny boy with shiny smile and piercing big blue eyes, with so much words to say, with his always good mood, with his stupid annoying pretty face, he’s all fake. Fake. Fake fake fake.

    Boys might not see it, but Eliott does. Eliott noticed. He can’t lie to Eliott, Eliott doesn’t buy it. It’s fake. He’s not buying his bullshits.

    Nobody can be this sun and joy and positive all the fucking time.”

    or: a story in which Lucas is pure sunshine with secrets and Eliott is suspicious prick. 

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