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  • To whom it may concern:

    Me: he shook his head

    Me, trying to reach the word limit in an essay:

    The aforementioned male character used recurring electrical stimulus from his brain to repeatedly contract and relax the muscle tissue connected to the seven cervical vertebrae in his neck — particularly the sternocleidomastoid and omohyiod — as they navigate the exterior cylindrical shape of the neck, causing stressed points of centripetal tension. These contractions allowed his cranium to rotate on the vertical Y-axis from roughly -30 degrees to 30 degrees point of articulation. He made this motion quantifiably three times, each apex of his oscillating, pendular, and circular motion clocking in at roughly every sixth of a second. He used this motion to perhaps signify a negative response, or more likely disdain and disbelief of ongoing events within the preexisting conversation.

    If he were to increase the duration or frequency of this compressive wavelength it would increase the apparent emotional toll. Likewise, the increase in emotions would cause the body to release more kinetic and chemical energy. Resulting in a more lucrative chemical and neurological response in his brain to his expressed negativity.

    How his brain deals with this negativity is initially negligible in the act itself: as it is generally reflexive. It is ultimately worth noting; however, due to the implication it may have through longer durations of the observed activity of head shaking, thus compounding to the variables which incited the action itself. Even still, at a indeterminate point in time, such articulations may be rendered ironic or obsessive if the brain disassociates or overcompensates, respectively, the preexisting neural pathways between disapproval and the physical stimulation of a constantly vibrating head.

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  • #valdo marx #valdo marx x reader #valdo x reader #reader request#prompt request #magic multicolored miracle #my writing #lakj;alfa yesss my first valdo prompt
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  • @adrinetteapril

    read on ao3!

    Marinette knew she was clumsy. Everyone else knew it too. Careless? Maybe sometimes, when she wasn’t in her spotted spandex. But that day, she couldn’t figure out why she was so clumsy and so careless. It shocked her.

    From the moment she got to school, she was nervous. Adrien had greeted her at the door, and though it made her heart soar, she was stumbling over her words as usual.

    As they walked to their first class together, Marinette clumsily let her hand brush his, twice. She felt mortified even though she apologized and he gave her the brightest smile. It was hard to feel bad when he smiled at her like that, but Marinette kept surprising herself.

    Adrien sat down before her when they got to class, but Marinette tripped on the stair next to his seat, his hand shooting out faster than she could comprehend to catch her. His arm stretched across her upper abdomen and gently held the arm farthest from him.

    “Are you okay?” he asked, her head turning to look at him and wondering how his reflexes had been so quick, realizing how he was holding her. She stepped backwards out of his grasp, smiling.

    “Yes, thank you,” she spoke, blushing as she sat down at her seat.

    For the rest of the school day, things like that kept happening.

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  • New chapter of Crybaby up now!

    5 times a Midoriya cries, and 1 time someone else does.

    Chapters: 2/6

    Check out my other works here 😁

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  • Bırak düşsün dedim kendime.

    Seni hak etmeyen herkes,

    gözünden de gönlünden de…

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  • You can find all other IkeSen works of mine on my page under the Masterlist. NOTES: Thank you so much to the wonderful folks who came out and hung out with me as I wrote my first Ikesen piece since ‘American Dream’ in ages. I’d been batting around this idea at the lovely @a-shout-to-the-void and finally buckled down and did it. TW: torture, abuse mentions and descriptions, blood, painful injuries. A lot of descriptions and references to Ieyasu’s childhood with the Imagawa Don’t worry, no one dies. It also somehow has a good ending? Idk man. Also, hello to my first piece with Yoshimoto in it whatupppppp


    It was three months after the second disappearance of the Takeda, and the main hall was deathly quiet. All were assembled–Nobunaga lording on his dias, his allies gathered close–and no one spoke. 

    Ieyasu wished someone would. 

    “He wasn’t difficult to bring in at all,” Mitsuhide commented, as if it were the weather. Clouds from the shoreline–perhaps it will rain. 

    (Funny, they could use some of that. The summer was stifling and showed no signs of abating, even as the seasons turned. The crops weren’t going as well as expected, and Azuchi was a cooker. They’d slitted the screens open, but even then, Ieyasu could see sweat beading on Hideyoshi’s forehead. Even Mitsuhide, usually pristine and inhuman, sported small pools of darkened silk in the underlayers that peeked through.)

    Masamune almost smiled. “Do you really think he was stupid enough to come here on purpose? He’s got guts.”

    Nobunaga’s perceptive red eyes flickered in Ieyasu’s direction. 

    “Perhaps.” Mitsuhide allowed a smile. 

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  • I did it! I wrote!

    100 words down!!!! 👏😄

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  • “write from the perspective of another person (fictional or not)”

    (madeline whittier—everything, everything)

    these walls have contained me like a fish in a glass tank

    since my sickness doesn’t like the outside

    not anything specifically that i can pin down

    but anything so specific can rot my lungs and suck my core out

    even if i want to feel the dirt between my toes

    and smell unclean air

    it’s safer inside reading my books

    being content with my life now

    than wanting to live for a moment outside

    (prompt by @cgcpoems)

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    Originally posted by lulusunicorn

    Fic Summary:

    Paterson’s new passenger becomes something of a dangerous infatuation.

    There are cracks in every soul. That’s how the dark gets in.

    (A Paterson darkfic in which a seemingly sweet bus driver has no gripes with brutally murdering any obstacles between him and a woman who hardly knows he exists)

    Taglist (under cut):

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  • Ikemen Sengoku:

    Counting Rice
    Jumped” (Modern AU) - For physiologically-salty 

    A Headache
    Louder”/”Louder, Pt 2″ (NSFW. 18+)
    Like He Means It
    Orbit” (NSFW)
    Instructive” (Professor Ishida, NSFW. 18+)

    In Service” (VERY NSFW, 18+. Shibari.)
    Command” (VERY NSFW, 18+)
    Mountain Air” (Commission! NSFW, Modern AU)
    DEATH OF ALL THINGS” (Fae AU! Collaboration!)
    Spring” (Commission! Angst)
    Stay” (Commission! Angst)

    Cooking” -  For Washutakahashi.
    Child’s Play” (Modern AU)
    Fire Breather” (Angst and a LiveWrite!)
    Stardust of a Song” - For Zexal–arc-v–1412 (SJIB Masa!)
    Valentine’s Day Double Feature
    One of Them” - (Commission! Fae AU, Bad End)
    Right Side Up” (LiveWrite!)
    Swing Around” (Commission! NSFW, 18+. Shibari.)
    Shared Space” (Commission! SUPER NSFW. 18+)

    Hairbrush” (Slightly NSFW) - For Heavenly–dove
    Command” (VERY NSFW, 18+)
    Hot Springs
    Valentine’s Day Double Feature
    Shared Space” (Commission! SUPER NSFW. 18+)

    Hot Springs
    On Target” - For Boopbeepbopblarg
    Deep Waters” (Modern AU)
    Every Hour Your Heart Was Broken” (Angst, Kenshin’s Route)
    Drinking Down” (Modern AU) - For war–lords
    DEATH OF ALL THINGS” (Fae AU! Collaboration!)
    The Stranger” (MAJOR ANGST, LiveWrite!)
    Between Friends” (NSFW, 18+)

    The Difference” (Modern AU)
    Fingertips” (NSFW, 18+)
    Feeling That I Belong” (Modern AU) - for A-shout-to-the-void
    Office Pet” (Modern AU, NSFW, 18+. Shibari.)
    Over and Over” (Reincarnation) - For stardust-and-ashes
    Falling” (Modern AU, Commission)
    Heatwave” (Torture TW, Angst)

    Listen” (Implied NSFW)
    Shattered” (Modern AU, Depressive thoughts TW)
    And a Hard Place” (NSFW, 18+)
    DEATH OF ALL THINGS” (Fae AU! Collaboration!)
    Running Away Is A Strategy” (Livewrite!)
    Never Have I Ever” (NSFW, 18+. Commission!)

    Traitorous” (VERY NSFW, Mafia AU) - For Arrrsandarss
    Whiskey, On The Rocks” (SJIB/1920s Mitsuhide) - For Wasabilove82
    Snakes” (Mafia AU, Violence)
    Can We Pretend That We’re In Love?” (Modern Mitsuhide)
    Command” (VERY NSFW, 18+)
    A Mystery Bouquet” (Modern Mitsuhide) - For jindalraekarkki
    Unraveled” (Angst and a LiveWrite!)
    Paradise” (Commission! NSFW, 18+. Shibari.)
    Any Way” (for ihavenotfallenyet)
    Can You Keep A Secret?” (Angst. Commission!)
    Valentine’s Day Double Feature
    Breathe Deeply” (for kerriescreativecorner, mild angst)


    The Time Traveler’s Guide To Solidarity
    Punishment” (Based off Shadowfairyy’s Robot Sasuke AU, Angst)
    And a Hard Place” (NSFW, 18+)
    Running Away Is A Strategy” (Livewrite!)
    Fairy Tale Ending” (Commission! NSFW, 18+.)
    Never Have I Ever” (Commission! NSFW, 18+.)
    Decorate Time” (Fluff)

    Til Death Do Us Part” (Modern Kenshin, VERY sad)
    Safe Word” (Modern Kenshin, NSFW. Shibari.)
    Ocean Eyes” (Slightly NSFW)
    Anchor” (To Honor And Protect Kenshin)
    A Sharp Edge” (Living Sword Spirit??? Kenshin Route Spoilers)
    Warmth And Clouds” (Commission! Fluff.)

    Sunflower” (Modern AU)
    Antidote” (Mild Angst and a LiveWrite!)
    Once Bitten” (Commission! Modern AU)
    Welcome Home” (NSFW, 18+)
    Between Friends” (NSFW, 18+)

    Heatwave” (Torture TW, angst)

    Azuchi Boys:
    Talking to God” (Modern AU) - For Melissenpai
    A Full (Masa)Moon” - (Modern AU. A LiveWrite!)

    When He Says He Loves You The First Time
    When He Knows You Are The One

    LIGHTNING PROMPTS! A LiveWrite! Game:

    Lightning Prompts 8/11 | Lightning Prompts 8/20 | Lightning Prompts 9/10 | Lightning Prompts 10/5 | Lightning Prompts 2/20 |

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  • #tma #the magnus archives #magnuspod#tma fanfic#jonmartin#fanfic#my writing #mind the warnings folks I get very wordy when I make my favs suffer
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  • Late again! (An author is never late, Frodo Baggins. Nor is she early. She arrives precisely when she means to!)

    You can find the first two parts, as well as this one, here on Ao3. Some aspects of this story will make very little sense without them.


    Story Summary: Was originally, “Just a short piece set right before our favorite dwarves show up at Bag End.” I’m thinking it should probably be changed to: “Yet another retelling of The Hobbit… but from Kili’s perspective.”

    This Chapter: A burglar and a would-be king meet. It does not go half as well as Gandalf should have liked, and they liked it half as well as the meeting deserved… or something along those lines. :) I am apparently all about cheerfully mangling Fellowship of the Ring quotes today.

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  • one frustrating thing about writing megarod, for me at least, is that I headcanon that megs would write poetry for Roddy but I couldn’t write a poem to save my god damn life. 

    #my writing#personal #it's so aggravating lmao
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  • I was really in the mood for some possessive Hari. 

    Lyra Malfoy was beautiful, everyone knew it. Especially her girlfriend, Hari Potter. There was something about her that was so captivating. Her smile, the way she held herself, her fashion sense. At any gala they attended, Lyra was always the belle of the ball. Everyone wanted to look at her, to speak to her, and some a more careless sods, to touch her. Brief, light touches. Sometimes to her shoulder, to her arms. She rarely noticed these.

    But Hari did.

    Hari noticed everything, the hungry looks that men and women alike would give her girlfriend.

    She didn’t like it.

    Lyra was stood, talking with the Minister who was giving her that look. It was all Hari could do not to go over there and wrap her arm around Lyra’s waist, to ensure that everyone knew exactly who she belonged to. Lyra sipped her champagne, looking terribly bored, when she caught sight of Hari’s fiery stare.

    She smirked. Hari knew that smirk. It was the dangerous smirk of a Malfoy about to do something bad. Lyra turned back to the Minister, and placed a hand on his arm.

    Hari growled, before she knew what she was doing, she had crossed the room, “May I see you for a moment?” she asked.

    “Terribly sorry Minister,” she lied. Hari pulled her aside, just out of view of the Minister and the rest of the crowd in the ballroom, pressing her up against the wall.

    Lyra giggled looking up at her girlfriend, “Hi Hari,” she said innocently.

    Hari growled, “The Minister was certainly very friendly,” she said. Lyra shrugged, looking bored again. “You just love to rile me up don’t you?” Hari asked, leaning down, to nip at Lyra’s jaw. Lyra sucked in a breath then.

    “Mmm, you’re so sexy when you’re jealous.”

    “Bad, bad girl,” Hari said, sucking hard on her throat, determined to leave a bruise.

    “Your bad girl,” Lyra replied.

    Hari nodded, “Only mine,” she said.

    Lyra shuddered, arching her back at that, “Yes,” she hissed.

    “Mine,” Hari growled into her throat, marking her up all over.

    “Mmm, yours Hari, always and forever,” she said, breathlessly.

    Hari smiled against her throat. “We should spell these down a little,” she said eyeing her handiwork on Lyra’s throat. “People are going to think you got mauled by some wild magical creature.”

    At this Lyra laughed, “I’ll tell them the truth, I got mauled by my girlfriend. Then they can be jealous they don’t have you to claim them so everyone knows who I belong to.”

    Hari sighed happily, burying her face in Lyra’s neck. “Gods I love you.”

    “I love you too,” Lyra replied. “Now come on, let’s dance,” she said pulling Hari onto the dance floor.

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  • IS ANYONE LISTENING? - Escapril Day 3

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