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  • Wellity wellity well. You know how previously two chapters magically became three? Well, through occult means that remain obscured from human insight, three have now become four. I’m so sorry, why am I like this? Why won’t I just stop? I WILL NEVER STOP writing terrible fanfiction very slowly.

    Not linking to other parts because that apparently fucks up tags via similar occult means to those which keep unnaturally extending my stories (”stories” being a generous term indeed for what I write, haha), but it’s tagged as 19years (extra sorries for the crappy title I came up with only because AO3 requires them, the scumbag).


    The room Gloriana directed him to bring Jaskier to is another small, mostly bare chamber, but this one has an empty bed against each wall, and a small window with a badly made clay vase of dried flowers on the sill. The beds look much more comfortable and welcoming than the one Jaskier had been treated on, with fat pillows and faded patchwork quilts, if equally as narrow. Geralt himself has recovered from injuries in far, far less pleasant places.

    Jaskier lies still and silent on one of the beds, where Geralt has just put him as gently as he could. He looks incredibly pale, and though the wounds across his chest and down his arm are stitched up neatly and healed enough already that magic was probably involved too, they’re going to become pretty extreme scars. Still, he’s breathing regularly and his heartbeat is normal - at least for now, he’s free of pain or distress. 

    Geralt watches him do nothing for a few moments then takes the quilt from the other bed and lays it over him, just in case he gets cold.

    He might as well use the other bed himself, he decides, and sits on it with his legs drawn up beneath him, but he finds he just can’t quite enter the meditative state he was intending on, opening his eyes against his will every few seconds to watch Jaskier some more. His brutal wounds may be hidden beneath the worn material he’s now covered with, but in his mind’s eye Geralt can still see them. His true, strange form may be hidden by the magic of the amulet at his wrist, but Geralt can still see that too, see the way he looked on the forest floor and in his arms - strange and otherworldly, familiar and unfamiliar… Unconscious and bleeding. Magical and quite lovely. Torn open-

    Each thought, each image, inevitably flows into the other. He can’t stop them, can’t clear his mind like he normally so easily can.

    And it’s so hard to match those versions of Jaskier he can’t stop picturing - injured, inhuman - to the still, silent man he’s actually looking at. It’s quite surreal, and he could almost believe none of the events of today happened at all. He certainly feels tired enough that it could all have been a painfully vivid dream he’s just woken up from.

    He doesn’t fight his unsettled mind for too long, and soon after he gives up and resigns himself to just having to have patience, Jaskier starts stirring. After shifting about a bit he says something slurred and quiet that sounds like it was meant to be “what the hell is going on”, and Geralt can see his eyes blinking repeatedly, trying to stay open.

    “Hey,” he says, aiming for a calm, unhurried tone of voice, not sure that he doesn’t sound nervous and breathlessly relieved instead. Jaskier turns his head slowly toward him and keeps blinking those blue eyes, this time straight in his direction.

    “Geralt,” he murmurs quietly, a tired smile appearing then quickly disappearing. “Feel… terrible. ’m I… sick?”

    “You’re going to be fine,” Geralt reassures him, hurriedly getting to his feet. He takes a step toward Jaskier’s bed but stops as Gloriana comes marching into the room with perfect timing. It would almost seem possible that she’s been waiting outside, listening for the sound of her patient waking up, except that Geralt would have heard her there, despite his preoccupation, and anyway, he highly doubts an eminently practical person like her would waste her time like that.

    “You don’t remember what happened?” she asks, and Jaskier turns his head again, with obvious effort, to gaze blearily up at her. “Big old monster got you,” she tells him bluntly - possibly a little too bluntly, Geralt thinks for a second, but Jaskier doesn’t look particularly distressed by the news. In fact, after a long moment of blankness and silence, he lets out a tired laugh.

    “S'pose it w’s bound t’ happ'n ‘ventually,” he murmurs, each word melting into the next. Geralt’s heart sinks slightly at his familiar, casual lack of concern for his own safety – a lack of concern that leads him to do things like following Geralt into a strange forest after a fucking leshen. It didn’t occur to him at the time, and he’s had too many other things demanding his attention since, to wonder what Jaskier was doing there, but of course the hunt had taken him longer than he’d expected, the leshen more huge and more ancient by far than he had thought, and he has no doubt that Jaskier started making plans to come and check on him the very moment he failed to return when predicted. As if he could have done anything to help him win such a dangerous fight, or somehow saved him if the monster had got the better of him.

    He’s an idiot, and Geralt could almost be angry at him about it – is angry, he thinks, as he always is when Jaskier isn’t careful - but that anger is in the distant recesses of his mind somewhere, behind the hurt and confusion and all the many other things today has thrown up to fill it. It’s a discussion they’ll need to have soon, but it’s always a discussion they always need to have soon, and Jaskier’s never taken heed of it yet. He’ll let it go for now.

    Geralt suspects he’s frowning as he considers all this, because Jaskier looks at him and frowns back, eyes heavy, watching him with distant confusion as Gloriana checks over his wounds. Geralt tries to listen to what she’s saying about spells and stitches and scarring, because Jaskier certainly isn’t taking it in.

    She seems to approve of his condition, and soon leaves them with instructions for him to rest, sleep if possible, and under no circumstances try and get up, and a promise to return with food and drink and something to help with pain as soon as it’s safe for him to have them. As soon as she closes the door, Geralt pulls his bed easily across the room so he can sit closer, but he finds he has no idea what to say.

    “I’m… sorry,” Jaskier says in a rasp, saving him from having to find comforting words that don’t come naturally to him. “I know you’re… angry with me for… getting myself hurt,” he says in exhausting sounding bursts of speech between sleepy, sighing breaths. “I remember… now… a bit. Had to come, though… Had to… Was… scared, really scared, you… were taking so long. Too long…”

    “I’m not angry,” Geralt tells him. It’s a lie, well, at least a half-lie, and there’s no way Jaskier doesn’t know that. “Doesn’t matter now anyway, just matters that you’re alright.” Jaskier smiles at him, the tired, slightly vague smile of someone who’s been treated with magic and sedative herbs, and Geralt wishes quite desperately that he could pretend nothing (beyond life-threatening injury) happened today and not mention the other thing. He has no choice though – once Jaskier is a bit less drowsy, once he can sit up and take stock of his own injuries, he’s soon going to notice his bracelet is on the wrong arm and Geralt can’t possibly feign ignorance of what happened in between it coming off one wrist and being tied back onto the other.  

    Can he?

    No, of course he can’t.

    At least he doesn’t have to mention it quite yet. It wouldn’t be fair not to wait until Jaskier’s at least had a chance to get some sleep and has something like a clear head – and if it feels like a temporary reprieve to Geralt, well, that’s by the by.  

    “Close your eyes,” he says instead. “Sleep will help you recover.”

    “‘Kay,” Jaskier whispers, and is indeed asleep within seconds.


    The next few hours go on in much the same manner as the last few: Jaskier lies sleeping, and Geralt, incapable of meditation, let alone real rest, waits and watches over him and thinks and wishes he could stop thinking. Gloriana’s assistant, the one Geralt saw briefly in passing earlier on, bustles in and out just to check Jaskier’s breathing, feel his pulse and take notes, nodding but saying nothing. Every now and then, Jaskier wakes up dozily.

    “Is there enough money t’pay the healer?” he asks worriedly one of those times, and is asleep again before Geralt’s finished assuring him that there is; although he doesn’t know how much Gloriana will ask for, they have some, and he’s owed more, and if he needs to he can find another job and come back with even more.

    “What happened?” he asks another time, then grins dopily as Geralt frowns at him in concern. “Just kidding. I remember. Kind of.”

    “You’re not funny,” Geralt growls at him.

    “Geralt, don’t… leave me,” he mutters yet another time, frowning and shifting a little but not even opening his eyes. If Geralt couldn’t hear his slightly increased heartbeat, he’d think he hadn’t actually woken up at all.

    “Not going anywhere,” he says in response, feeling strange, like he’s too large for this tiny room, his voice too loud to be comforting. Despite this sensation of odd discomfort, he leans forward and hesitantly puts out his hand to stroke Jaskier’s messy hair. This is stupid, he thinks. Why is he doing this? But Jaskier visibly relaxes, and makes a dozy, contented humming noise, so Geralt keeps running his hand through his hair as he goes back to sleep, apparently comforted after all.

    He can’t help but think about the strange horns he now knows Jaskier has, feeling a particularly painful twist of anger, confusion, loss of all things - everything he’s been feeling all day. He can remember seeing them with such clarity, but he can’t see them now, of course, and he can’t feel them at all. It just confirms that the enchantment on that stone is an extremely good one.

    “Why wouldn’t you just fucking tell me?” he mutters. It’s a stupid question, with a lot of answers, but he can’t stop silently asking him – asking himself. Why the fuck didn’t he tell me? He sighs and continues stroking Jaskier’s soft hair, hoping it’s helping soothe his sleep even as he irrationally resents that Jaskier has forced him into a position where he’s going to have to confront him with his own secret, and while he’s injured at that.

    Eventually, Jaskier wakes and stays awake, looking tired and pale but somewhat more alert.

    “By all the gods, this fucking hurts,” he says with surprising cheer, given just how much it must hurt, pushing the quilt off himself with his uninjured arm. Geralt sees the stone of his bracelet glinting even in the relatively dim room, and feels a jolt of anxiety, a feeling that’s become extremely familiar to him over the course of the day. “Geralt, can you help me sit up?” Jaskier says, cursing as he tries to push himself up and fails. Geralt stands to do just that, and Jaskier smiles up at him, apparently not noticing that he’s frowning so much that he’s making his own face ache, but then looks down at his own bare chest, his expression turning to shock as he takes in the stark gouges across his chest and arm, and then to something even more horrified as he notices, inevitably, that his wrist is bare except for its new scars. He reaches compulsively for his head, wincing in pain as the use of his damaged arm no doubt pulls horribly at the wounds, patting urgently at his hair and his ears, then freezes as he notices the bracelet, hastily tied back onto the wrong arm as he lay unconscious in the forest.

    “Jaskier…” Geralt starts, and Jaskier flinches and slowly, slowly turns to look at him… and then the door opens and Gloriana breezes in.

    “Good, you’re up! I need to have another look at you,” she says, apparently heedless of the tense atmosphere in the room. “Then I’ve got some medicine you need to take, and then you can have something to eat and drink. Bisa!” Her sudden shout makes Jaskier flinch again. Another assistant, a halfling, enters the room carrying a tray, and sets it down, and starts attempting to shove Geralt’s bed back into its proper place, and Gloriana herself starts lining up small glass bottles on the windowsill, and Geralt and Jaskier just stare at each other, frozen in awful stillness, over the sudden sea of activity.

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  • Hey! I figured its time I made a list of things y’all can send me for prompts!

    • Harringrove
    • babysitter!Steve, with one of the kids, or all, or some
    • Italian!Steve (one of my faves yeehaw)
    • Hopper as a father figure for Steve or billy 
    • Steve and Robin best bud adventures!
    • Dyslexic!Steve
    • Experiment!Steve (I read these all the time, they’re very interesting to me)
    • Angst
    • hurt/comfort
    • fluff
    • enemies/friends to lovers
    • Steve/Tommy
    • Steve/Jonathan
    • Stoncy
    • Keg Boys

    Things I am NOT comfortable writing 

    • any types of relationships between the kids and Steve (I don’t think anyone would request but… I’ve seen some gross shit on ao3)
    • NO sexual/romantic relationships between Hopper and Steve/Billy
    • No smut right now pls

    I’ll write many things! Send requests as much as you want! There might be things not listed that I am comfortable with writing and vice versa! 

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  • Life of Luxury

    A scene featuring my newly created OC!
    I’m most likely going to use this scene in a longer fic, but I figured I could put a snippet out if anyone’s curious :)

    (Disclaimer: Female MC, based on Lucio’s route)

    A year after the devil’s defeat, plans for the next masquerade fall into place. Oliviette is temporarily living in the palace as a stand in for Nadia who has a matter to settle in Prakra before the celebration.

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    Summary: Y/N has always been a timid and awkward person and artist when it comes to social interactions and it only gets worse when she asks her crush and best friend, Katsuki Bakugou, to model for her.

    And not just any type of modelling; Y/N needs to do a composition of a nude male body. Luckily for her, Katsuki’s personality is anything but shy and he doesn’t hesitate to undress in front of her. It’s for art, he says. But Y/N feels that there’s something else that Katsuki wants from her and she has no idea what it is.

    Copyright © 2020 by Roque. The story plotline and some other elements belong to me, but all the My Hero Academia characters belong to Kohei Horikoshi.  No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher.  

    Genre: fluff, humor, suggestive content (a wee bit of NSFW themes)

    TW: cursing, sexual themes, nudity.

    Pairing: Katsuki Bakugou x fem!artist!reader


    QUIRK: LIQUIFY! Y/N can manipulate any type of liquid to her advantage and can also melt inanimate objects, but doesn’t work on animals, plants, or people. And at night time she can make any type of liquid into a solid!  


    a/n: i took longer with this chapter but i hope y’all enjoy!! we have 1-2 parts left, i’m not sure yet,, anyways, if you enjoyed, please leave a like, reblog, follow and/or comment! i really appreciate it! feedback is always accepted ^^ 


    “Start!” Present Mic announced. 

    You swiftly dodged one of Katsuki’s explosions, water bending your sweat and with a bend of your index finger, solidifying them into small spikes, sending them towards Katsuki in several directions- from behind, in front, and to his sides. From his grunt of pain, it’d seemed that one of them managed to hit him.

    “HAH?!” Katsuki roared as he jumped off the floor and shot powerful explosions in your direction. He sounded mad. You grinned and satisfaction and an airy laugh escaped your lips as you dodged and rolled towards a rock, ducking behind it for cover. Your quirk Liquify had a range of 5 meters and if Katsuki got close enough, you would be able to take him down!

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  • #the arcana#julian devorak #julian devorak x reader #julian devorak/reader #the arcana reader insert #the arcana/reader #gender neutral apprentice #my writing
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  • “Mia, honey… what are you doing?” Charlotte gripped the side of the door, looking Mia up and down in confusion.

    The girl in question was covered in what appeared to be fresh dirt and had three fist sized potatoes balanced precariously in her arms. She grinned and held them out for Charlotte.

    “I hunted!” Her grin only got wider. Charlotte cracked a small smile.

    “I see that, don’t you usually hunt… animals?” Charlotte had no idea where Mia had gotten the potatoes and honestly she was afraid she didn’t want to know.

    “I hunted for you!” Mia was bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet now, “you don’t like animals.”

    “Oh…” Charlotte didn’t know what she was supposed to do, but she took the potatoes extended out to her. That seemed to make Mia happy.

    “Do you want to come inside and clean up?” Charlotte grimaced at her dirt covered girlfriend, “I can’t let you on the bed all dirty like that.”

    Mia frowned and pressed her lips together in a thin line, “but I hunted for you and you’re going to make me take a bath?”

    Charlotte chuckled and cupped Mia’s cheek in her hand, balancing the potatoes in one arm, “thank you for hunting for me, and while you’re in the bath I can make dinner.”

    Mia’s tongue peeked out between her lips, “okay!”

    Charlotte let Mia into the house and watched her bound up the stairs to the bathroom. Charlotte plopped the three potatoes onto the counter and began to wash her hands to prepare dinner.

    Sometimes Mia didn’t wait for Charlotte to answer the door (because sometimes Mia came by at two in the morning) so Charlotte had the luxury of waking up to a collection of things on her doorstep.

    Today the morning collection was two beets, an entire cherry tree branch, four apples and a ton of mostly squished blueberries.

    Charlotte laughed to herself and took the fruits and vegetables and brought them into her kitchen.

    Mia came by later that day with dirt in her hair and a bundle of carrots.

    “Sweet pea…” Charlotte dusted off some dirt from Mia’s shoulder.

    “I’ve hunted!” She grinned proudly, rubbing her eye with her free hand.

    “Thank you honey but… where are you getting these vegetables from?”

    “I’ve hunted hard, all night!”

    Charlotte just sighed knowing that she would get nowhere with this conversation. She smiled and kissed Mia on the cheek, “thank you for the food.”

    Waking up to an oversized 100 pound dog sitting on your chest at four in the morning is not the way Charlotte wanted to wake up.

    “Ugh,” Charlotte gasped. Staring down at her was the dark gray haired fluffy wolf that was her girlfriend. In her mouth, an entire tomato plant, roots and all.

    Mia sat back on her haunches and dropped the tomato plant ripe with red tomatoes on Charlotte’s chest.

    “How did you get in?” Charlotte asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes. She tried to sit up but Mia was still sitting on her.

    Mia cocked her head to one side, her yellow eyes sparkled like she was smiling.

    Charlotte blinked, processing the tomato plant on her chest. Some of them were punctured and soaked into Charlotte’s pajamas.

    “Hey off, off, you’re big and I’m small,” Charlotte pushed Mia off her chest and sat up, clicking on the bedside lamp.

    “You hunted these for me?” Charlotte picked up the tomato plant. A bit concerned about the dirt and tomato juice that was getting all over her bed.

    Mia nodded, licking her lips.

    “Thank you sweetie pie,” Charlotte put the plant down on the bedside table. She ruffled Mia’s fur. Kissing her on the forehead.

    Mia licked Charlotte’s face, cuddling up closer.

    “I appreciate all the vegetables but please not in the middle of the night. And we can grow a garden here at my house so you don’t have to steal from places,” Charlotte stroked Mia’s fur.

    Mia snorted and stared up at Charlotte with an indecipherable look. Charlotte smiled.

    “Okay, okay, I know you love me and I love you too,” she reached over and clicked the bedside lamp off, “but it’s way too early for me.”

    Charlotte curled back up under the covers, Mia snuggled close, her nose pressing against Charlotte’s neck. Charlotte smiled softly, her fingers buried in Mia’s dark fur. She’d take care of the tomatoes in the morning.

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  • After Shouto’s revealing video and Izuku’s subsequent break from social media, the two come back together and work things out. 

    Goshhhh chapter 6 already?! How is this week almost over??! This is the second-to-last chapter of my seven-chapter fic for @tododeku-week! Today’s chapter was very, very loosely inspired by the quote of the day: “Never let your sense of morals prevent you from doing what’s right.” This is a very important chapter in which Shouto and Izuku set things right between them after the misunderstanding from two chapters ago.

    Once again, I give my love and so many thanks to Kat @sunshineijirou for her work on my cosplay photos!!! Please go give her blog a follow if you can. She’s absolutely wonderful.

    You can read the chapter here on AO3!

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  • #trubel#theresa rubel#grimm#nick burkhardt#answered #thanks for the ask! #my fics#my writing#my works#mine #OKAY SO JUST ONE MINUTE HERE #HOW #HOW DID YOU #YOU DON'T WATCH THIS #DID YOU SEE SOMETHING FROM SOMEONE ELSE WATCHING IT? #BECAUSE THIS IS LITERALLY HOW THESE TWO MEET/FORM A FRIENDSHIP #they see things no one else can #she thinks she's crazy #he knows what's going on and convinces her that she's not crazy #i know you don't watch this #but did you KNOW? #otherwise this is just. wow.
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  • #fair game#my writing #my fan fic #An Anthology of Affection
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  • меня все равно не устраивает закрепленный пост 🗿

    ну да ладно

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  • #juliette silverton#sean renard#grimm#answered #thanks for the ask! #gelpen is great #my fics#my writing#my works#mine #you said you were assuming no ships for all of these. so i kept this ambiguous. #^-^
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  • #tododekuweek#tododekuweek 2020#tododeku#todoroki shouto#midoriya izuku#my writing #boku no hero academia #bnha fanfic #also known as 'lets see how many headcanons i can squeeze into one fic' #the answer is a lot
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  • #prompt fill#fishyspots #rachel this frustrated me so much but i think it came out nice! #schitt's creek#schitts creek#sc fic #schitt's creek fic #sc ficlet#david rose#patrick brewer #david x patrick #my writing#my post #my sc fic #schitt's creek ficlet
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  • #nick burkhardt#monroe#grimm#answered #thanks for the ask! #gelpen is great #my fics#my writing#my works#mine #tbh sean would probably be kelly's legal guardian if anything happened to nick and adalind. #because of diana #but still
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  • Summary: As the recall has been issued, new recruits start to flood into overwatch due to recommendations, from old and new allies. However, the newest recruit seems to have an interest in Hanzo, much to Jesse’s dislike. 

    Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV

    (A/N): For those who are wondering what (M/N) means and (L/N) means, (M/N) stands for middle name, and (L/N) stands for last name.

    There is heavy usage of swearing in this chapter, be wary.


    Originally posted by thaflowstate

    “You’re a feisty one.” Dallas chuckled, his vocal cords deep, menacing.

    “Can’t say the same for you.” (Y/N) mocked, as they felt the blood from their shoulder wound drip onto the floor or into their fur.

    The two werewolves circled each other. 

    “You’re only stalling for time,” Dallas began. “Even if I cannot turn him tonight, I will see the next full moon.”

    “I’d like to see you try!” (Y/N) howled, leaping at Dallas yet again.

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  • A snippet of something I’m working on, since I haven’t had a chance to post anything on AO3

    Nene stared down the little apparition before her, at the tousled dark hair and big bright eyes that were usually so threatening. 

    Nene reached out and gently pinched his cheeks, a delighted giggle escaping her at their softness. 

    “You have mochi cheeks!” She laughed even as Tsukasa attempted to swat her away. She scooped him into her arms, and before he could do anything, Nene peppered his cheeks with kisses. 

    It took her a second to realize the little body in her arms had froze, and Nene pulled back hurriedly. Tsukasa stared up at her with wide eyes, his mouth open in an “o” of surprise. 

    Before she could say anything, he reached up and set his small hands against her face. He blinked once, and pulled, and Nene obediently dipped her head. 

    Her lips landed against his cheek again, and she smiled as she pulled away. She hefted him higher in her arms, curling one around his waist, the other cupping the back of his head, and dipped him quickly. The laugh that burst out of him startled them both, and she dipped him twice more until his face was red from laughter. 

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  • this is based on @target-block‘s stuck au, go check them out!

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  • ((((This idea stemmed from @thesevenumbrellas post from earlier. I would link the post–but again, the rising threat of people posting phishing links is making me weary to do so. You can find the post over on their blog though; or the couple of reblogs that i did on said post. I’ll also be posting this over on ao3.

    Anyway, this is just a theory, but i hope you all enjoy it none-the-less)))

    Everything had happened way too quickly.

    One moment they were invited to Vanya’s concert, and the next, they were fighting outside of the concert hall.

    None of them made it to the performance.

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  • Paring: Zuko x Reader

    Request: 66 and 94 from list 2 with Zuko would be really cute 🥺

    Prompts: “When I say I want to be alone…I usually don’t want to be alone.” and “I think you’re amazing…even if I don’t say it much, I really do. The things you do…”

    Word Count: Approx. 1.1k


    Looking over the wares in the market, you quickly made your decision. Paying for the apple tart, you left to go rejoin the others. Spotting Katara, you waved her over. She waved back and walked over to you.

    “I just finished shopping,” you said, holding up your bag from the bakery, “Is everyone else ready to head back to the hotel?” 

    “Not quite yet,” Katara said, glancing down. “Zuko left to do his own shopping a little while ago. He seemed upset, said something about wanting to be alone.” 

    You felt a prickle of worry go down your spine. It was bad enough for all of you to be out in a Fire Nation market, but he was easily recognizable as the banished prince. “I’ll go look for him,” you offered. 

    “Thank you,” she sighed. “He seems to open up to you more than the rest of us.” You had to admit she was right about that. For some reason or another you just bonded and came to trust each other.

    “Do you know where he was headed?” 

    “No,” she shook her head, “but he mentioned something about tea.” Well, that really narrowed it down. It wasn’t like there were about twenty different tea shops in the city. “I already looked in the ones near the market, so it’s probably one on the outskirts of town.” 

    You nodded, thankful you wouldn’t have to search through all the different tea houses. “I’ll see what I can do.” With that, you turned and walked towards the edge of town. 

    Most Fire Nation cities were kept fairly clean, and the one you were currently in was no exception. However, as you left the main city limits, the area became gradually more run down. Smog from a local factory filled the air, and you were reminded of the town Katara helped as the Painted Lady. 

    The signs on passing buildings were covered with a thick layer of dust and grime, so you could barely tell what each shop was for. A little girl was sitting outside one of the shops, dirt matted in her hair. She looked up at you as you passed by and you glanced down at your bakery bag. Taking out your apple tart, you handed it to her. “Here you go,” you said gently.

    She smiled up at you, her eyes wide, “Thank you.” You nodded and walked on, hoping to find Zuko quickly. 

    Finally, you saw a small tea shop, and sighed in relief. It seemed to be the only one out here, so if Katara was right that’s where Zuko probably was.

    A set of steps led up to the rickety building. Laying outside, a scrawny cat soaked up the afternoon sun. As you entered the shop, you could spot Zuko out of the corner of your eye. He was sitting at a table, head resting in his hands. You could tell his eyes were focused on the table and he hadn’t yet seen you. A cup of tea sat in front of him, forgotten.

    Walking over to him, you touched his shoulder gently and he looked up. “What’s wrong?” You pulled a chair over to sit across from him. “Katara told me you wanted to be left alone, but I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

    He smiled slightly, “When I say I want to be alone…I usually don’t want to be alone.” 

    “I thought so,” you said, taking a seat. “So what seems to the issue?”

    Looking back down he shook his head, “I heard some people talking about the outskirts of town. Saying how awful it was, that it had been abandoned by the throne. They were right.”

    You took his hand, “Zuko, that’s not your fault.”

    “Look around, how is it not my fault? I’m the son of the Firelord and I can’t do anything to help them. I spent my childhood growing up in a lavish palace, oblivious to everything happening in the world.” 

    He took a deep breath shaking his head, “How many more towns are like this? The Fire Nation doesn’t just create refugees from other kingdoms, they abandon their own people.” His voice was brittle, and his hands shook slightly in yours.

    “Those things didn’t happen because of you,” you insisted. “Look at me. What you’re doing now is trying to help these people. Fighting your father alongside the Avatar is the best thing you can do for them right now. When it’s your turn to take the throne, you can create real change.”

    He met your eyes, “Thank you. I just hope you’re right.” 

    “Why don’t we head back to the hotel? I’m sure the others are worried about us.” 

    “You’re right. Speaking of, I’m sorry if I worried you. I just wanted to see this place for myself.”

    “I understand,” you replied with a small smile. “And if you ever need to talk, I’ll be here for you. But maybe let me know the next time you plan to take off. As your girlfriend I tend to get a bit worried when you go missing.” 

    He smiled as you exited the small shop, linking your fingers through his “Thank you. Ever since I became a part of this group, you’ve been there for me.” 

    You blushed, “Hey, it’s what I’m here for.”

    “No, I mean it. I think you’re amazing, even if I don’t say it much, I really do. The things you do…” he trailed off, trying to find the right words. “I guess what I’m trying to say is you mean a lot to me.”

    “You mean a lot to me too,” you whispered back.

    “This war is almost over,” he said, glancing down. “We have to act like we’ll be the winners, we have to plan for it. I wasn’t planning to ask you this yet, but when I take the throne, I need someone by my side who I can trust. It would be an honor if it would be you.”

    You gasped, “Are you asking…”

    “Yes,” he answered, “I love you, and want to spend all my time with you. Will you marry me?”

    You broke into a grin, pulling him close to you. “Yes, Zuko. Yes, I will.” You pulled away for a second, a thought crossing your mind. “How will we tell the others? They never even knew we were dating.” 

    He pressed a soft kiss to your lips, “We’ll figure it out. We always do.” You kissed him again, a smile on your lips. He was right, and you couldn’t wait to return to camp. You have some important news to share.


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