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  • No one would know the lights on this corridor are powered by our sparks,

    Growing in brightness as we edge towards one and other.

    I know you reciprocate these feelings I have hijacking my entire body,

    So what’s stopping you?

    What’s stopping you pulling me close?

    What’s stopping you uniting our lips?

    I can hear your heart race as you move ever closer,

    Mines racing back in response, reassuring yours it feels the same.

    My eyes flicker between the floor and your face, looking away when I become overwhelmed by all that you are.

    We gaze for a lifetime in a second as we pass,

    A film reel of our potential romance projected above us.

    And then it ends.

    We continue on in opposite directions.

    What’s stopping you?

    What’s stopping me?

    Is it the fear that reality may never live up to the desire?

    So we just continue re-enacting these clandestine encounters.


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  • Bicameral Mind

    Ch. 1

    Westworld AU

    America x Female England

    Some info about the setting for those who haven’t seen the series: Westworld park is a Wild West themed park where androids called ‘hosts’ entertain visitors called ‘guests’. Everything in Westworld is historically accurate and guests can’t bring in anything modern from the outside.

    Hosts are artificial but they are closer to the biological than they are to the mechanical and can do pretty much anything that a human can. The main difference is their ‘brain’ – a control unit that holds all their programming and memories. Hosts don’t know that their world is fake and that they themselves are fake, living in pre-programmed narrative loops or storylines that guests can engage with. That is, until an update in their software causes some of them to become ‘sentient’.

    Also last but not least [this] [and this] is my version of nyo England and yes, she’s called Edith not Alice. With that said, please enjoy!


    Edith glared at the tablet in her hands for what felt like the hundredth time that day. Another useless status report. It seemed that was all they got these days – dead ends and insubstantial updates. The technicians and forensic teams were beating their brains out 24/7 and they were still no closer to solving the rogue host issue than they were when it first came up.

    She clicked her tongue and flicked the message app away. In the end it would be her that got the short end of the stick. Middle management shouldered the blame as a rule and considering the ramifications this incident could have, she knew she was potentially looking at total professional death.

    Bloody great.

    Taking a deep calming breath, she looked over at her associate who appeared to be dozing under a nearby tree. His ankle-length coat made him look impossibly bulky as it draped over the ground and she had to wonder how he only ever accumulated a moderate tasteful sprinkling of dust on his person.

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  • I published my first adventure time fanfic Date Night on the 29th of September- which is in ten days, so I’m gonna remaster it and some of my other older writing to celebrate :)

    #lemongrab#lsp#lumpygrab#my writing#fanfiction #I'm gonna be living in uni accommodation away from home tho so idk #nuts to think that it's been a year and I still have so much to write
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  • Reunion

    Lex protests. “That place is dangerous Timmy! No matter how long they’re open, how much they boast about security and safety – so long as there’s people on that island, and dinosaurs on that island, it’s dangerous!”

    “What if it’s not?” Tim stops, looks at his sister. “What if it’s perfectly safe this time?”

    “Do you really believe that?” Lex asks, and Tim can’t help looking down.

    Read it here on AO3.

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  • A Blanket Of Stars

    Here’s what I wrote for @flashfictionfridayofficial’s prompt, Golden Decay!

    It begins with us holding hands

    In the moonlight on the bandstand

    Having both crept out

    To stargaze in the park.

    It continues with a smile like sunshine

    And citrus perfume

    While we each fall in love just a little

    Constellation by constellation.

    The climax is hardly climatic

    Thick blankets wrapped around us

    But to me it feels

    Like fireworks through my telescope.

    But the night is soon washed away

    By the golden rays of the sun

    And as the stars blink out of sight one by one

    We squeeze each other’s hand.

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    How about we give little witch reader a terrible warlock to love her

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    #Jojo's Bizarre Adventure #jjba#N'Doul#N'Doul JJBA#Reader#reader insert#my writing#yandere prompts #Warlock!N'Doul #Monster!AU #Critters AU#Witch AU #Witch!Reader #hehehehehehe#COLLEAGUES#BUT ALSO #N'DOUL IS FUCKING IN LOVE WITH READER
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  • As soon as I’d left the trees behind and the ground changed from soft dirt to solid concrete, I headed straight for Bea’s house. The necklace was almost too easy to steal.

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  • Titile taken from the CYL “Hear From the Heroes” with Claude. 

    This is also a really late birthday gift to @stuffedtight … Hope you enjoy it despite the lateness,,,


    Claude lets out a frown as he touches the slight expanse of his tummy. His body jiggles as his wyvern continues to fly. Unused to the extra bit of weight, always thin, the sensation of his body jiggling is foreign to him. Grimacing, Claude keeps a tight grip on the reins as he glances down. A slight bit of heft to his stomach, his hand pushes the pudge down with some extra pressure. His wyvern as trustworthy as ever, Claude disobeys any sense of safety as he feels himself all over. His roaming hands grope his arms, his powerful biceps from drawing his bow now sporting a heaping of fat to encase them. Still able to feel his muscles, he mostly gets fat. However, his overly poofy sleeves cover up the pudge on his arms. Pressing a hand to his chest, the same issue occurs. His hand feels the fat. His respectably broad chest no longer defined, a generous portion of flab makes its home there. Two budding moobs resting there now, they jiggle during the flight, Claude cursing to himself. Resting a hand on his thigh, the expansive body part has a lot more surface area now, his hand no longer taking up most of the space. Claude ignores the way his thighs squish further into his wyvern. Sitting on his rump, Claude gives it a slight poke, but not before checking for any other possible flyers that might spot him. His butt rounder than before, it is affected by his weight gain just as the rest of his body. It shakes under his prodding poke. Groaning to himself, Claude shifts his hand to his stomach. His belt is still tied around him, but it’s a bit looser. The once flat stomach suffering the most from his extra poundage, his flab protrudes outward. Sporting extra curves, a budding love handle and a sagging gut the two most prominent ones, Claude rests a hand under his tummy. He clears his throat as he finds himself able to lift his stomach, unable to ever do so before from having a thin body. No mirror around, Claude doesn’t try to think about how round his face is.

    “Maybe building trust isn’t worth my waistline…” Claude comments with a sigh. So dead set on testing the trustworthiness of other summoned heroes, he had paid zero attention to his growing waistline. Good wine, good food, good company, the enjoyment of a feast was too tempting of an offer to pass up, even with him being the one to offer.

    Struggling a bit with his clothes earlier in the day, Claude had begun to run late for his meet up with the summoner. A myriad of heroes in the order, Claude found none of them to be as mysterious as Kiran, Kiran hailing from an entirely different world. While Claude scoffed at the notion of placing immediate trust in someone, Kiran simply rebutted. Doing some digging, Claude had been unable to find a sliver of a trace, even Prince Alphonse or Princess Sharena unable to provide much information. Commander Anna was the same, the only information she was able to give being that she had brought Kiran to Askr with Briedablik, Briedablik choosing Kiran. Said info over a good meal yesterday, Claude sighs as he rests a hand on his gut. It grumbles from the touch, already hungry despite the early morning.

    Claude breaks out of his thoughts as his wyvern screeches at him, his wyvern spotting a clearing in the garden. Immediately landing, the landing is perfect, his wyvern stopping at just the right time despite diving down. Stepping off, Claude gives his wyvern a pat on the head. His wyvern leans into the embrace before complaining, tired from the extra weight of its passenger. “Sorry about that pal,” Giving another pat, he heads off.

    Kiran seated on a bench, they leave a bookmark before closing their book. Resting the heavy item in their lap, they have a smile plastered on their face as they glance up at Claude. “Right on time,”

    “On time for what?” Claude scratches the back of his head. Normally unwilling to meet with someone without confirming what the plan was, Kiran had left before Claude could say something. And while Kiran hardly acted like a superior, Kiran kind and understanding with each and every hero, Claude wasn’t ready to cause any issues with Kiran. Simply wishing to spend time with Kiran is only secondary to his reason.

    “Just breakfast,” Kiran replies, standing up from the bench with a spring in their step. “You were going on last week about how feasts help with getting to know others,” Kiran smiles, a grin worming their way onto their face.

    “Yes, it helps-”

    “And you’ve been building a lot of trust lately,” Kiran rests a hand on Claude’s stomach. The bit of flab caves in on his touch, his stomach squishing under the warmth of Kiran’s hand. Claude fights back a blush.
    “I might have. All in good reasoning though,” Claude shifts  a bit, pulling the collar line of his vest. “But yeah, there’s just so many heroes with interesting tales. Like that mercenary, Gerik. He sure can put it all away too,” Kiran’s hand still on his tum, Claude forcibly tries to not think about it, instead staring at Kiran’s smug face.

    “Not as much as you, I bet,” A hand drifting up, they latch onto Claude’s arms and squeeze them. “Your outfit can’t hide as much as you think,”

    Claude clears his throat, smiling at Kiran as they stare at his face. Kiran’s eyes entranced, Claude tries to not think about how Kiran must be staring at the extra roundness of his face, or his slight double chin. Taking a deep breath, his slightly distended gut filling with air, Claude grins to himself, deflecting always a good tactic.

    “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you might actually be enjoying my size,” Claude’s eyes momentarily widen, realizing his blunder for admitting to his extra heft. Though the error is gone in an instant, Claude’s grin drawn back on. “Not that I’ve gained any weight, mind you,”

    Kiran simply nods at Claude, their eyes seemingly shining. “I have no shame in preferring men with some meat them,” Kiran grabs Claude’s hand, the warm round digits holding onto their fingers. “So, why don’t we have a feast? You feast, I watch. And maybe you’ll get to learn a few things about me,” Grinning at Claude, Kiran holds back a budding purr as Claude simply blinks at them.

    “You… do? Hypothetically, of course,”

    “Maybe I do.” Claude’s hand still in their own, Kiran leads the way. “Have a feast with me and maybe you’ll find out,” Kiran jokes. They laugh as Claude hums, Claude following along without a complaint.

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    Fuck “the art of seduction ”

    I need to learn “the art of eye contact ”

    PS - I can easily make eye contacts with a person that is either underconfident or I’m not in love with… Because in those situations I’m confident enough to do this… But try being confident…. And make me fall in love with you…. That’s when you’ll truly see me shying away like a person you never know…. And I think it’s cute in it’s own way….

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  • Okay so I’m sitting on one finished book draft, and I just managed to edit the scene list of another book idea to a somewhat solid 24 scene list. If I write out two scenes per month - summing up the scene in rough brackets in a week and typing it out the next week - I could have a solid book draft done in a year.

    #and both of them are in finnish #personal#writing#my writing
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  • Adi rubbed her forehead with her free hand. “‘I have a lovely vintage of wine for you to try,’ said the System. 'Right down here in my basement, you’ll see.”

    “Do you suppose so?” Eurias said in delight.

    “No! The man in that story was murdered!”

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  • Hero

    Born in despair
    meant to save them all
    Even in her sleep
    she heard the silent call

    She fought their battles  
    they called her name
    A name like any other
    a sign of hope it became

    She came and took the darkness
    only light was where she went
    Enemies tried to break her
    strength was the message she sent

    They all trusted blindly
    no one cared to look inside
    Everyone said she must be happy
    no one saw when she cried at night

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