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  • Made it to 4000 words. Which is nearly half of my goal for this camp. Probably will get to it in no time now that I’m done editing.

    Already got pretty far tonight. So feeling pretty good.

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  • For now he got to his feet, holding it steady against his chest. Slowly letting go of its scruff to grab his bag and sling it over his shoulder. The Dobhar-chú chirped at the moment but it made no move to jump out of his arms. In fact, it nuzzled its nose against his neck and made a soft sound in its throat as it settled in his arms. Feeling secure that it wouldn’t run off, he made his way back towards camp. Talking softly with it, and keeping the promise of food and warmth. Gwyn knew he would have to do this carefully so not to frighten it. Especially in camp that was full of people and the hounds. It took a bit of walking to get back since he took more time. Walking slowly to keep the walk back less bumpy than it could have been.

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  • Get ready for me to drop more stuff now that I’ve started the new book XD

    The Dobhar-chú took up the lower half of Gwyn’s stomach and a little of his waist but not more than that. He had probably gotten lucky to get a baby rather than anything bigger than that. Getting an adult to trust him and then trust Croi would be a lot more work than taking in a baby. It had already come closer to him and that was a big step.

    It was a light gray color that Gwyn knew would turn brown as it got bigger and older and its permanent coat grew in. There would be gill slits along both sides of its neck, invisible to the naked eye but if you ran your fingers along them you would feel them. Dobhar-chú hide within the water and didn’t always have the ability to come up for air. The gills made it so they wouldn’t drown themselves. Black eyes were focused on Gwyn, watching his every move with curiousity. The only thing missing was the larger fangs that adults had in order to subdue and kill their prey. This one was too young for that, he had a year or so at least until then. Not that he didn’t have sharp teeth but they weren’t visible.

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  • Air dry the body

    After showering

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  • All my writings for Freddie, I made it separate from my NHL Masterlist just because I wanted to lmao.


    “Let Me Down Slowly.”

    Dating Frederik Andersen Would Include.


    Age. (Summary: You take your boyfriend, Freddie, to meet your parents for the first time and it goes less than great. Harsh words are said that causes Freddie to break up with you, and just when you’re about to leave you find something that causes your heart to break even more.)

    Part One.

    #frederik andersen #frederik andersen imagines #freddie andersen imagines #freddy andersen imagines #freddie andersen x reader #Frederik andersen x reader #masterlist#my writings
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  • The Cowboy || Ewan McGregor AU Fic


    So I came up with this idea of writing more of Ewan as cowboy!! I been playing RDR2 lately and just thought about writing a fic of it, tho Ewans name isn’t his in this! I changed it to Dan and the last name I got from a cowboy name generator online! Same with the woman’s name as well even tho it’s kinda the same as my first name except it’s a “A” in it! But again Idk where this fanfic is going? But we’ll see!! It’s ether gonna be posted on here or wattpad!!

    He was a Lone Ranger looking something in this god forsaken town… after losing everything he had and loved. That was till he found her.

    Dan “Lone Ranger” Dalton was very well known in the town called Blackwater. He was known for being a small out bounty hunter and damn was good at it till things changed, that was till he found the love of his life but it all vanished before a blink in a eye when one of his missions went wrongfully planned. Ever since he hasn’t been the same, even the town folk knew he was off… always being in the saloon with his daily beers. That was till he met her…

    Sandra “Angel Eyes” Monroe. Well known outlaw who was sentenced to jail till she was offered a deal to become a bounty hunter after seeing her skills of being an outlaw it was only fair to use her to catch criminals as herself. She rather work alone… that was till they paired her up with Dan. They both were rewarded a great enough money to find the big wig man… the same who killed everything Dan loved.

    They both weren’t up for such job. Dan not wanting to venture into the bounty hunter business, Sandra wanting time work alone. Having met Dan at a outbreak at the local saloon almost shooting him she wasn’t too fond of him, handsome she thought but she knew never to let her thoughts get the best of her, so she rather fight tooth an nail till Dan backed away from the job. Only it drew him closer to her, the fire burned him in a way he actually enjoyed. He didn’t wanna get closer to a woman again but this one was something else.

    Eventually they take on the path of the job, having to work together and tent out in the wilderness, wasn’t their cup of tea yet they took it. Something drew them both in but both away. Dan swore to himself to be on the look out for her safety. He wasn’t ready to have a part two to happen again so he started to take her under his wing. Nether of the two would admit their feelings to each other down the road but eventually that would come sooner than they thought


    Again idk where this fanfic is gonna go?! But I was inspired and had to write this for the fun of it so maybe I’ll write it?! But let me know what y’all think?! Also I made this collage!!

    @stardancerluv @cinebration @whyisgmora @ladyofhellhounds
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  • “Aigean’s new puppies a part of your deal with the goblins? You should warn them that I take wagging tongue and sell them to brownies. I’ve heard redcap tongues make the best meat.”

    I can’t write from a woman’s pov but I love all the lady main and side characters that I have managed to write really well. Samhain probably being my favorite because she has biting wit and will follow through with her threats.

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  • “That is no way to talk to anyone. King or not. You did not have to come with me. You choose to and if you are going to choose to be at my side, then you should be more respectful. I am here to help my sister and my family and my people. Croi is here to do that as well. I am working with him and neither of us needs the disrespect because you want to throw a temper tantrum because you lost to Gwyn.” Doiteain opened his mouth to speak, his face flaring with dark color as embarrassment took over and more anger. But Uisce held his finger up, already moving to stand right in front of him. His ears were flat against his head, and his tail flicked back and forth. His entire body screamed anger and even Gwyn looked shocked. Like he had never seen him lose his temper before. Which maybe he hadn’t.

    He seemed the type to talk everything out and keep his cool. But eventually, everyone had their snapping point. Croi was more than happy to step back from it. Even though it was for his behalf and Gwyn’s, he didn’t need to be a part of it. Neither did Mun. Seeing her brother angry was only confusing her. Croi leaned down to her, speaking softly in her ear for her to go and find Stiot and stay there until her brother came to find her. She nodded, giving one more glance at the fight before running off. Quick on her feet and out of sight before long.

    “You are not leader material and you know it Doiteain. You make rash decisions, and I love your hotheaded nature and the strength that comes from it. But that doesn’t make a leader or even a king. The fact that you lost to Gwyn should be enough to show you that. If you want to help me, then be there to help me. Do not alienate strangers because you think you deserve more when you don’t. I love you, but sometimes you are a fool.”

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  • Plotting out the start of book four and I’ve already realized more is going on in this book than three. Two was the same way. Like I try to make each book focus on one or two new courts. But sometimes the courts are very small and don’t hold a big plot thing so I add more in that do. Book two was a lot of introduction. Book three was mostly all about the goblin court.

    Book four is a lot of more darker yet smaller one person courts. So we’ll see how long it turns out to be. I only have the first part figured out right now. We’ll Croi and Gwyn.

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  • Going to edit four chapters today and then we’ll see if I get any actual writing on book four done.

    But one more week of editing and book three should be ready for publishing @hannahs-creations

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  • image

    Originally posted by itsgeraskier

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  • Jazz bass on the radio and orange juice on my lips. I was dressed in a ripped satin blouse I’ve stolen from my mother two years ago. My drink was a bit acrid, yet as frigit as the night. 2 am, dirty feet, sleeping pills on the floor. Itchy lips, hollow eyes, swaying soul. My appartement was obscure, only the living room was fairly bright. I swayed with the soul of the melodies. Dancing feet, weary bones. Starlights and saxophone. I had accidentally stepped on a pill. I did not need it anyway. I squeezed a love letter I’ve written to nobody between my breasts, and pursued my dances. Lights and the wind. Orange juice on my neck. I placed my cat on my shoulder, he gashed my skin. He left. I blocked the blood with a mouchoir. I cherished le rouge. I turned off the radio. Orange juice in my mouth. The cup was finally empty, and I went back to le noir.

    (c.ai 2020)

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  • Title:  dnd au (what’s the dnd campaign like? is it just one piece or is it something else? the answer is yes.)
    Word Count: 7,719

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    #opfanfic#one piece#my writings#fanfiction #i don't remember all the tags i used for posting these on tumblr anymore #it's been THAT LONG.
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  • Or if you guys wanna bite into that demon au thing I posted.

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  • i am sorry for not taking you in. 

    i am sorry for not seeing the signs.

    i am sorry that in your lowest moment, i did nothing.

    i am sorry that they didn’t listen when i tried to tell them that everything was awry.

    i am sorry you died cold and alone. 

    i am sorry that they had to see you like that.

    i am sorry you stiffened in that position. 

    i am sorry i wasn’t there. 

    i am sorry that my heart doesn’t hurt in the right way. 

    i am sorry that your grave wasn’t wide enough. 

    i am sorry.

    i am so so sorry. the guilt is eating me alive. 

    i would take it all back if i could. 

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  • Imagine:

     Janus singing Bayushki Bayu as a lullaby for baby Remus.

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  • “You’re saying that if I sign this… you’ll act as my creativity and give me amazing ideas for videos and help me act and become a famous star?”

    Thomas eyed the contract that had been placed in front of him. The demon next to him, Roman was his name, grinned with too many sharp teeth and jovially slapped his hand on Thomas’s shoulder.

    “Of course!” He said. “You think this is my first time? Do you have any idea how many famous actors, actresses, poets, authors, and more have pledged their souls to me? A lot. Sign this and I’ll give you the fame you so rightfully deserve.”

    Roman tapped the contract with one of his long nails.

    “I dunno…” Thomas was hesitant. “I mean… this is a lot to think about…”

    “Then allow me to help,” said Roman. “This life you have? It’s the only one you get. When you die, it’s all over. So it’s important to make the most of this life. Squandering your talents and wasting your time is not only absurd, it’s irresponsible! Tell me, Thomas… wouldn’t you rather be remembered as someone great? Someone meaningful? Someone powerful  who touched the hearts of millions around the globe?”

    It did sound appealing… but giving this demon his soul in return for it? Thomas wasn’t sure. It was a big deal. Way bigger than anything he’d ever experienced before. He’d been prepared to sell his soul to a Hollywood devil for fame, but not a literal demon.

    “You’d best make up your mind quickly…” Roman purred. “My offer is only available for a limited time, and once it’s gone I never come back. Decide. Do you want to be famous… or do you want to waste your life here in this swamp?”

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  • Undertale au:

    Is Mettaton Roman or Remus?

    It could go either way…

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  • Would you guys like to send me stuff?

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