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  • rizz2live
    30.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    Crusted curry pesto

    #foodporn#mmm😋 #made by myself
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  • usamikii
    30.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago


    #𖦹 ࣪˖⊹ usami rambles #kanina in science class i was unmuted and mumbling swear words 🙁🙁 #MY FRIENDS WERE CALLING IT ASMR IM GONNA CRY #time to delete myself off the face of the earth #ive done too many stupid things bc i forget to mute my mic tangina
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  • moonflower-poet
    30.07.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    And she didn't like the bustle and commotion of packing up. She longed for the old quiet and the sweet, remembered talks...

    -L.M Montgomery, Emily of New Moon

    #l.m montgomery #myself
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  • daystiny
    30.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago
    #yav.replies #kiki <3 #i admit i did scroll around your blog a bit #and just laughed to myself the entire time #(but not at you; at the content) #not that it was ridiculous #not entirely #i really like your sense of wit and humour #damn this was a ramble #imdamnrambling
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  • cloudscda
    30.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    do you guys like my new header

    #(ᗒᗣᗕ)՞. spilt soda #i made it myself 😌
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  • honei
    30.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    just got out of therapy i feel like 👍🏻 ok but have u seen what i look like

    #like why or how could i love myself when i. when im dante u know
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  • inky-starlight
    30.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    It’s interesting, I don’t know what flipped the switch in my brain but I’m finding it a lot easier to go through my various collections and sell things? I actually have gone through my books several times recently and I haven’t been able to do that for years. When Funko first came out with the FNAF plush I was trying to be a completionist with that set (before they started putting out every variant ever) and now I can go through it and figure out which of those I actually like.

    I like being able to do this without getting anxious!

    #for context I have hoarding tendencies and I have to REALLY monitor myself so I don’t end up with too much #I’m pretty sure whatever causes those tendencies is genetic ^^; my grandparents were bad about it and my dad is kinda bad about it #although I think that him having to clean out his parents house pretty much by himself cause my aunt couldn’t find someone to watch #her dogs made him realize that it’s unhealthy #so my parents are cleaning out their attic this fall after the summer heat goes away #but I used to have SO MUCH anxiety surrounding getting rid of things #Marie Kondo helped but also I don’t know what switch flipped in the past few weeks to make me actually WANT to do it
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  • lolsmp3
    30.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    a little bit about me...

    so, a few days ago i decided to start a studyblr account, just because it's something i've always wanted to do. i figured that now would be a great time to begin, since i'm starting my first term at university, and i thought it would be a great way to keep myself motivated and accountable of my studies throughout the year. i was also hoping to make a few friends along the way, so don't be afraid to reach out if you want!

    about me:

    my name is andrea, and my pronouns are she/her

    i'm 18 years old

    i live in puerto rico

    i will be in my first year of undergrad. i got in through physics, but i'm hoping to move to literature.

    i'm a musician.



    i love music. more than anything, actually. (i was thinking of making a few playlists for you guys and posting them)

    reading. although i'm not as efficient as i used to be.

    i'm mother of two fancy rats, tokyo & beverly.

    i love stargazing, and am fascinated with astronomy.


    goals: (why studyblr?)

    do perfectly on my academics this year, (and actually learn something this time!).

    learn french.

    be productive, and create healthy habits.

    find pleasure in the small things in life. (such as waking up early, reading a book, lighting candles, cleaning a room, learning something new, etc.)

    what i'll post:

    notes and reading pics.

    advice on studying and living a more fulfilling life.

    notion setup.

    music recommendations.

    my daily life and reflections.

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  • despairing-rage
    30.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    #tw eyes #tw multiple eyes #tw minor blood #drawing#art#artist #i am too lazy to tag #so whatever #this is just for myself #shush
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  • clumsyyhearts
    30.07.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    Everyone drop ur best ideas about Kaz’s future tattoos since we all know he’s gonna get a TON of them post-CK. I’ll start. I think he gets all fourteen of Inej’s knives on him somewhere, and Sankt Petyr is tattooed on his chest so the tip of the knife points at his heart —

    #hah yeah. couldn’t sleep was thinking about heavily tatted kaz my beloved #folks drop ur ideas i wanna read em ALL #six of crows #kaz brekker #i think he’d get a tattoo of an anchor as well #both to represent inej’s ship and the effect she has on him (as an anchor keepin him steady) #sobs and i think he’d get more crow tattoos too maybe six of them real small somewhere on his arms #god dammit i made myself cry about kaz again
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  • hoodwinkedtoohoodvsevil
    30.07.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    it's my traumaversary and idk what to do to celebrate

    #artie.txt #i'd buy myself dinner or a cake or something but i just quit my job lol
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  • markynaz
    30.07.2021 - 17 minutes ago


    Folklore / Tea Written for @tes-summer-fest 2021 Wordcount: 1587 Content Warnings: Telvanni-typical betrayal mention, Dunmer-typical censorship mention Ao3 Mirror: here Note: "Daesan" is 'sibling' in Dunmeris. For some reason, the wiki doesn't have a gender-neutral version, so I made one. Fight me.

    The Buoyant Armiger tucked another pillow behind the small of his back before he leaned against the wall again, frowning at the several sheets of half-inked lyrics and notes floating around him with the barest threads of magicka. None of the half-formed thoughts flying through his head would leave him alone, but none made sense enough to be formed into three songs, let alone one.

    He reached for the practice lute and fiddled with a string, as if he hadn’t already been playing with it for the past hour, and started in again on trying to find an overarching question-answer musical phrase for the piece.

    “Oh, heavy lies the crown,

    But there’s a gleam in your eye,

    Never backing down,

    And it’s reflected in mi-”

    The half-formed verse broke off as he dropped one hand from the lute to throw up a gleaming ward, off of which a shoe bounced. He didn’t lower the ward as the shoe-flinger stormed in.

    “It is two in the fetching morning, Veysavi, have you any respect?”

    “Good morning, Athvyn,” Veysavi responded as cheerfully as he could, only dropping the ward once he was sure their other shoe wouldn’t come hurtling his way. “I thought I locked the door.”

    “You did.” Athvyn crossed their arms, ghost-pale eyes intent on him. “You didn’t ward it.”

    “My mistake,” said Veysavi, who had neglected that on purpose, and reached for his lute again. “I only Recalled a few hours ago. Did I just now wake you?”

    “What do you think?”

    Veysavi arched a brow at them, looking them slowly up and down. Their short-cropped black hair was too smooth to have been lying against a pillow, and the over-robe covering their pajamas was quite securely tied.

    He then shifted over and made a place for them in his nest of floor pillows and silk carpeting without a word.

    He went back to his exploratory string-plucking as Athvyn roamed about his two-story room, browsing his bookshelves momentarily, disappearing upstairs, coming back down to let the softly bubbling water in the corner fountain run over their light gray fingers. At last, as Veysavi reached for his pen and scribbled down a few more ideas that might eventually become verse, they settled by him and peered at the floating pages.

    “So whose treasured legends are you meddling with this time?”

    “I thought Ordinators were supposed to be charitable,” Veysavi told them, pretending to be cross. They weren’t pretending with the look he got in return.

    “Who gave you that idea? I’d like a chat with him.”

    “You’d like to drag him in front of High Ordinator Vermethys.”

    “Even so.”

    Veysavi sighed, strumming his thumb across the lute strings, then putting a hand on them to silence the chord. “Nobody’s folklore, actually. I was thinking about that business beneath Tel Fyr.”

    “Finally adding to your own personal collection,” said Athvyn, if not with satisfaction, then with understanding. “Is your friendly Ordinator rival making a reappearance?”

    “Here.” Veysavi, too tired to explain, passed them the sheet with the most complete scribblings.

    He tried two different question-answer phrases while he waited for their quick gaze to scan the paper. It was only when their brow started to furrow that he realized giving this most recent song, with all accompanying historical notes, directly to an Ordinator of Doctrine might not have been the best idea.

    “So, before you start interpreting,” he said, but it was too late, and Athvyn had already jerked their head up, lips parted.

    “I don’t need to interpret when you color code everything.”

    Veysavi made several attempts at starting speech, failed every one, and fell silent, which seemed by far the easiest course of action. Athvyn looked down at the paper again.

    “So, you have silver and gold. No names, but gold wants tradition, and silver wants change. And…. they’re fighting together.”

    “I told you I was thinking about the rift beneath Tel Fyr,” Veysavi muttered half-heartedly. “And you know, I thought gold would be happier that silver was home, and not throw a shoe at him.”

    “Silver shouldn’t be caterwauling a single floor up from gold’s bedroom in the gods-abandoned hours of the morning, then,” Athvyn responded without thought. And then they wrinkled their nose and shook their head, determinedly undistracted. “But this isn’t about you and your pretend rival below Tel Fyr.”

    “It is,” Veysavi insisted. “Look, I dont have all the story verses written yet, but there'll be far more about the fights through a dangerous underground space teeming with divine things not of Nirn.”

    "There’s a sub-meaning.”

    “It’s verse, daesan. There’s layers of meaning to everything.”

    Athvyn put down the paper and gave him the coldest of stares.

    “Making one of the layers of meaning a relationship between Saint Nerevar and the Sharmat is a dangerous game to play.”

    Their voice was flat, and Veysavi had to admit, he hadn’t really thought about what he was writing that deeply until they said it aloud. He couldn’t stop the shiver creeping up his spine. The floating papers drew in closer to him as the threads of magicka responded to his subconscious will.

    The silence stretched.

    It was Veysavi who dropped his gaze first.

    “Look,” he muttered, smoothing his hand over the lute on his lap. “Do you remember when I told you about Llahyn?”

    “The Ashlander you were trying to seduce back in House Telvanni. Yes.”

    “Yeah, well,” Veysavi said, debating arguing the use of seduce there, but ultimately deciding it wasn’t worth it. It was an accurate description to the attempt if not to his feelings. “When we were… talking, one time or another, we got into a doctrinal argument. I quoted Vivec at him, and he laughed and told me what the Ashlanders say about… how all that started.”

    Athvyn’s eyes were narrowing, starting to burn with that cold flame they always got when they were hunting down something dangerous. “And then he disappeared,” they pointed out. “Ever wonder why?”

    “I always figured it was because that motherfucking lizard tricked him into breaking his oath against killing, but what do I know? Have you seen him, O Doctrine Ordinator?”

    Athvyn almost seemed startled by his vehemence. To tell the truth, so was Veysavi. But he didn’t back down now, staring them down, red eyes meeting pale.

    His ribs unclenched when Athvyn’s gaze flickered away first. He breathed out, raising a hand from the lute to card it through his long, unbound hair.

    “Besides,” he said, pitching his voice lower, more reasonable. “It’s probably a blessing I haven’t been able to track him down and ask him about it again. But still… I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. Especially not with running into Seht’s creations beneath Tel Fyr. The rift magic is like nothing I’ve ever seen before, and I specialized in melding Nirn with things that shouldn’t be here when I was a Telvanni. B’vehk, even Magister Fyr is having a hard time with it. I can’t help… wondering. Thinking.”

    Athvyn set the paper down gingerly, as if it would bite them. “Must you put it in verse, though?”

    “What is it Lord Vivec says? A mind unopened is as a festering wound?” At their lowered-brow look, he gave a half-hearted grin. “I know my quotes, too. You can’t catch me out.”

    Athvyn sighed and crossed their arms, staring at one of the paintings on his wall. After a moment of watching them for any further objection, Veysavi returned to his notes, reading through them all once more to try and collect his thoughts.

    Several minutes passed. He had nearly figured out the question-answer phrase he wanted to run through the entire song when Athvyn said, “At least change this verse.”

    “Huh?” he responded, quite eloquently, blinking up at them. “Wait-” He reached for his pen and scribbled down the notes he’d been toying with before they left his mind, humming them as he did so. “Okay. Continue. What verse?”

    They took another sheet of his notes down from the floating web of magicka and read aloud,

    “So tear us asunder!

    Raise us high,

    Don’t you know our story will survive?

    “It’s a little on the nose,” they added, lowering the sheet of paper, though they didn’t meet Veysavi’s eyes. “Especially with that Ashlander-Velothi tapestry the Lore office found last month. The one depicting Saint Nerevar in a… grotesque position, with that abominable caricature of Lord Vivec’s spear through his….”

    “Ah,” said Veysavi hastily, remembering them talking to him about it, their stricken expression over the dinner table. “Yes. I don’t know how that got in there. Yes, I suppose that’s a little… I’ll change it.”

    He reached for the sheet of notes. They gave it over, though their grip released only reluctantly.

    “And in the future,” they said after a few more moments, as Veysavi counted the syllables in the lines to be changed, “you should probably keep your less reverent verse to non-Dunmeri legends.”

    Veysavi gave them a glance, not trying to hide his gratitude for their understanding.

    “It wouldn’t let me alone until I’d written it.”

    “Yeah, well,” Athvyn muttered, “we all have to sleep at night somehow.”

    “We both seem to be doing so well with that.”

    Athvyn sighed and got up to browse through his bookshelves again. They came back to curl up around a floor pillow with Veysavi’s copy of Vivec’s sixth lesson, much less dog-eared than Veysavi knew their own was.

    He bent his mind and his eyes back to his verse, and neither of them broke the silence this time.

    #longform#tesfest21 #song lyrics sampled from victoria carbol's 'silver and gold' #i'm not very good with poetry myself so I 100% recommend you go give her a listen! she's really good #armiger veysavi drothan #ordinator athvyn sarethi #two characters who haven't actually appeared here before.... #on this blog I mean #veysavi is my brittleden for ESO trials #he's got all my content achievements #v proud of the boy #but i mean it's not a tes character if it doesn't have LORE lmao #sometimes you just live in your little sibling's attic and write poetry except that's literally your job for god because it's tes #and that doesn't make you a deadbeat lol #'daesan' = 'sibling' in dunmeris #there was no gender-neutral term on the wiki so I meshed both endings
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  • blasphemicalchemy
    30.07.2021 - 18 minutes ago

       It’s baby time.

    #❝ so i got myself a citrus friend. ❞ → colton ic. #❝ birds of a feather. ❞ → idle. #hes just a little guy
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  • ask-hws-eesti-ja-tallinn
    30.07.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    || Hima: * Doesn't acknowledge the Nordic-Baltic 8 exists and rather makes Estonia all Nordic obsessed even though that shit died just when it began*


    Also let's make hws/aph NB8 an actually used tag hell yes ||

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  • theluckyone--13
    30.07.2021 - 23 minutes ago

    Do people even try to understand me or do they just not want to?

    #I'm proud of myself to put this properly
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  • dreamerwithoutthewings
    30.07.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    30.07.21 13:43

    Oggi è successo qualcosa.

    Oggi sono crollata emotivamente.

    Per tutto il tragitto di ritorno sentivo una rabbia bollirmi dentro, arrivata in casa ho messo la musica a palla e mi son messa i guantoni.

    Ho iniziato a dare una raffina di pugni al muro, al divano, ho urlato ed infine ho iniziato a piangere.

    Son caduta sul pavimento non capendo cosa mi stesse succedendo.

    Non mi era mai successo così.

    Sono andata in bagno e vedendo il mio volto allo specchio ho ripreso a piangere, mi son sciacquata il viso con l’acqua fredda mischiando le lacrime con essa.

    Tempo addietro c’era solo rabbia in questo corpo, ora cosa c’è?

    Il pensiero di poterlo raccontare alla psicologa oggi mi rincuorava, però come sempre sono sfortunata poiché mi ha avvisata che c’è stato un imprevisto.

    Ed anche oggi faremo i conti da sola, ormai sei abituata 😉

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  • moonflower-poet
    30.07.2021 - 26 minutes ago
    "she has what one might call an artistic temperament,"

    -L.M Montgomery, Emily of New Moon

    #l.m montgomery #myself
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  • footballmouth
    30.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    you want an electric guitar for your whole life and once you finally get it you

    #thats it #i want to play so bad #but i know that once this shift is over #ill have to make myself practice <3
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  • holy0ak6
    30.07.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Good morning.

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  • lavender-kills
    30.07.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Tw: Death (don’t read this if you’re triggered by such topics)

    This is kind of hard for me to write but being alone in my room for the first time in over 20 hours after mourning a friend passing away really makes you feel so alone in this world. 

    I rarely talk about my personal life on my blog but I felt like I needed to let this out somehow because I feel like I can’t breath or function since I’ve heard the news. It really hasn’t hit me until now that my closest childhood friend has left this world and is no longer with me, I think my brain just refuses to believe that because that’s the only thing that can explain why I feel like maybe just maybe this is all just a nightmare that I’ll wake up from …. But I know it’s not, what I’m feeling is too real to be a nightmare. 

    This past day has been an absolute blur, I just feel empty and I don’t know how I’m supposed to go on. 

    She was the first person that I called a friend and the one that kept me going for all those years especially at my lowest times. She brought so much joy to my shitty depressing life and I cannot imagine a life without her. 

    In the past 3 months I’ve lost 7 people to COVID and this is the 8th, it’s just one after the other and my brain cannot comprehend what is going on anymore.

    To everyone, please stay safe and take care of yourselves, your families and friends. 

    #tw#tw death#covid #honestly i feel a bit out of it #i haven't spoken a single word to anyone since yesterday #i just don't know what to say #that feeling of loneliness really fucks you up #i'll be okay ... i know i will #i just .... feel a bit lost right now #my separation anxiety is really peaking #i've tried to distract myself but nothing is working #i just .. don't know what to do #i don't even know what i'm saying #i don't know i just don't know #i feel like i'm so close to relapsing and just falling back into my old habits of avpd
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