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    Mysterious Guy: We are almost in Colony

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  • Does anyone else find people in tenchcoats, hats and faces you can’t see just great?


    Dont these just REEK potential!? Especially that first one, I took that photo of an old photo at a huge hotel once, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since.

    Dont these just bring ideas to your mind???? Makes me think of an old immortal shapeshifter that everyone knows to fear, but never why.

    #ideas#inspiration#photo#trench coat#mysterious#ooooo #low key sexy #Emerson pls wear one
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    They were just traumatic nightmares

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  • “The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science. Whoever does not know it and can no longer wonder, no longer marvel, is as good as dead and his eyes are dimmed.”
    Albert Einstein, The World As I See It

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  • Дневная прогулка по парку  
    Всё скучно, обычно, опадает листва  
    И огромные зеленые камни  
    Пусть хоть как-то удивляют тебя  

    Темнота и пустое пространство  
    Интересно конечно, чарующе манит оно  
    Заглянуть бы туда и понять  
    Живет ли здесь кто  

    Как в диснеевской сказке всё дальше пошло  
    В иной мир вмиг тебя унесло  
    Здесь эльфы гуляют и песни поют  
    У них тут мир, гармония, покой и уют  

    Afternoon walk in the park  
    Everything is boring, usually, leaves fall off  
    And huge green stones  
    Let them surprise you somehow  

    Darkness and empty space  
    Interesting of course, charmingly beckons it  
    I would like to look there and understand  
    Does anyone live here  

    As in the Disney fairy tale everything went further  
    In another world in a moment you were carried away  
    Here the elves walk and sing songs  
    They have peace, harmony, peace and comfort here  

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     Curiosities were killers and fortune-filled coffers that rewarded boldly and swallowed unequipped venturers.

    Shelah quickly leaped backward to try for advantage in the shooting but she’d tilt ahead to notice and feel the breath of a kissing dirk striking against her shoulder disrupting the wind, a partner to an assigned sniper, she had the same technique as Captain’s a modified and elevated move on the Shukuchi or ghost-step. The cut against the Duskwright’s arm shredded an amount of spurting violent rain, that soaked on this savage-fighters face she’d gobble and wipe it up with using her own flat secondary blade and slather it for new face-paint, a trademarked habit to wear her slain victim’s as her battle paint. Sadistic but twistedly was seen as ‘honor’ to prey, by Fiona’s standards.

    The Elezen’s arm weighing more, her rifle was special, known as a Kog’we from her origins was often weightless but acquiring an injury to her main shooting limbs was dangerous. That arrow’s shaft luckily was also unusually made of the same thing and deflected a second hit that wouldn’t be acquired if Shelah didn’t keenly use those advanced senses.

    Captain struggled to know his crewmate’s intentions or plan. Though snapped out of his state something triggered in those Red-Gloved words that made him begin trying to think of means to escape this situation. Shelah and Captain had one fail-safe plan, but his sniper would have to acquire the opportunity to hit that target. Not moving was vital for them.

    Shelah raised up shooting a chamber shot that caused Fiona to break out manically and laughter challenging the velocity of the bullet and deflecting it with her steel at the right angle. Uplifting it up, Shelah fired another, six bullets left within the mag which, unlike her rifle, were natural bullets that required ammunition and to fill, reload, replace them organically. The first one deflected Shelah focused her sight on stopping and halting its velocity. The second one was a dummy shot, Fiona was rushing forth, juking this one, a third low shot she took in how her ranged opponent angled for precision and would leap over by studying preemptively. The fourth shot came whizzing and whiffing seemingly, unimportantly signaling that this sniper was out of her match, she was desperate now, the fifth accompanying right by requiring that to block or dodge by Fiona or it’d hit her in the heart. She crossed her-blades to deflect. And ran through it.

    This savage relished in despair. That was her dance or <Improvisation>  Why among her assassin’s organization she was infamously heralded in the silent’s of her colleagues as the Chaos Swan. Her movements were graceful.

    Shelah’s fourth shot ricocheted off the paused bullet frozen from her time-clocked-halt irises in effect, to angle back in a trajectory towards Captain’s ship, where her crow’s nest and look out, she held hanging stoned talisman’s that looked like slabs of hollowed mirrors but they were surfaced with a special stone solid that helped deflection, but they were her ‘territory’. Within the velocity of her Nest, she took advantage of her axis, times, measurements, and placements, inside her head, the world was on a grid. The tickling clocks of overabundant watches sleeved on her arms allowed Shelah to close out all other thoughts and focus on them individually honing in on them with her Elezen ears. She solved her armed-shots like a blueprinted tactician, on her Island. She was the weakest and hadn’t brawn and couldn’t win ever physically against Elder-Sisters.

    While normally bullets colliding with others wouldn’t result in a rebound Shelah’s quantum stoppage prevented the object’s flow of aether and every function to become stationary on stand-still. This was like creating a wrapping point for her bullet to bounce at off the same energy values depending on her angle, which recalibrated the wind soaring into a heard ‘twang’ it hit back at her hung assortment of her ranging rubber-hollow wards. Sending that concentration once again back.


    Back towards the sender but coming in-from behind. To Fiona’s pursuing march. Her daggers were ecstatically ready to cleave and puncture. “Ye like range so do I!” She’d fling one of her daggers, the throw would be offset as that bounding series of the shot, finally all came together and hit the same shoulder of the flinging projectile of Fiona.

    Shelah launched her arrow to try to upset the trajectory more but she’d be stuck in the kneecap still by Fiona’s stray blade still prone unable to flee back any more distance, Shelah wore steel-protected pads in that spot, though that dagger did get a piercing contact. While Fiona’s bone took up the hit of that shot, the energy was less-powered and reduced. Which caused her to become unbalanced and lose footing. Gasping but not downed, in-fact, Fiona’s blood boiled and rushed from actually being delivered a hit against her assumed helpless prey becoming lusted in this fever.

    “Blimey! Ye a’ surprise! Pointy-hood!” Groaning out though terrifying regulating herself. Shelah dropped in anguish, only one-last bullet remaining. She searched for Captain and looked with a prepared sorrow of this inevitable failure to return to protect Captain back. All she could do was resort to one-remaining shot to the dark. Succumbing and her blood-loss was making her become more unstable and numb her own stability shaky.

    Fiona’s last pursuit was inbound, she was like a rabid winter-wolf charging in as she put her hilted remaining dagger in-between her gnarling teeth and would rush for a slash across the juggler in one more sprint, though, Shelah held that rifle now in both arm’s aiming so she’d have to be a bit more careful in how she graced against this shot, more concentration and focus came and it only took one-shot to end everything. That went for snipers and assassins alike.
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    #Creative Writing #Final Fantasy XIV #Tales of the Goldbrand #Shelah#Fiona#Chaos Swan#Red-Gloved#The Cleaner#FFXIV #Seeker of the Sun #Captain Kuro Solaire #Sniper#Assassin#Savage#Mysterious#Chronomancy#Duskwright#Midlander Hybrid#Midlander #Tw : Fantasy Violence
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    Mysterious Guy:We’ll be in Colony in a few hours

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  • Charles please Charles say something.
    I heard how the phone felt from Charles’s hands. I was in charge of every legal deal about that man. I was always there and nothing rare was going on in his life.

    He had one son but he never used to visit him, he rarely talked to me about him. He will go: “the kid hates me and I hate him too.” It was better not asking the reason why he hated his son cause he will through a: “fuck you Janet stay in your business”.

    I hated him I do… but killing or kidnapping the old man? it was never an option for me. I’m too good for that, I guess.
    Janet, that was not the question (an officer said while he pushed a cup of coffee to my hands).

    What was the question then?

    What you were talking about with Charles when you heard the scratches over his door? And why you choose to call him at that hour when you both have a specific hour to talk out of the office?

    I stood the cup of coffee as I remembered the scratches on Charles’s door. I wanted to run away cause I had answers but I was not in the condition to give them, I just refused to go to jail.

    Mam, would you please… answer the questions?


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  • Funniest Memes: 20+ Funny and Weird Coincidences Proving That Our World Is a Mysterious Place

    Funniest Memes: 20+ Funny and Weird Coincidences Proving That Our World Is a Mysterious Place


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  • 《国有宝藏》走进北京天文馆

    National Treasures: Welcome to Beijing Planetarium

    本片由北京天文馆副馆长齐锐带您一同走进北京天文馆,宇宙星空 浩瀚无垠,珍贵月岩  镇馆之宝,古观象台 年湮代远,触摸138亿年的浩瀚宇宙,体会时间、空间的纵横交错,置身漫天繁星中感受宇宙的无限魅力。从60岁的天文馆,到近600岁的古观象台,来北京天文馆,一起探索宇宙的奥秘。

    This video is narrated by the deputy curator of Beijing Planetarium - Qi Rui.The starry sky of the universe, the boundless vast, precious moon rock, the treasure of the town hall, ancient observatory, time-honored. Touch the vast universe of 13.8 billion years, experience the crisscross of time and space, and feel the infinite charm of the universe among the stars. From the 60-year-old planetarium to the nearly 600-year-old ancient observatory, Let’s explore the mysteries of the universe together!

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  • Assassin’s Creed’s Mysterious Isu Language Has Been Translated By Fans

    Assassin’s Creed’s Mysterious Isu Language Has Been Translated By Fans

    The secret Isu language found in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has been deciphered by fans of the series.
    Assassin’s Creed fan community Access The Animus released a video on January 13 (as reported by Eurogamer) detailing the fascinating process behind translating the secret texts, which has led them to decipher symbols found in the collector’s edition of the game.
    There are a number of tablets you…


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    don’t know about anyone else but i have this sneaking suspicion 2021 is going to be much worse than 2020

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  • Heck if I know, but I’m in a mood, and I feel it captures the vibe

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