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    A Reasonable Doubt by Phillip Margolin; read by Therese Plummer

    A magician linked to three murders and suspicious deaths years ago disappears in the middle of his new act. Robin Lockwood is a young criminal defense attorney and partner in a prominent law firm in Portland, Oregon. A former MMA fighter and Yale Law graduate, she joined the firm of legal legend Regina Barrister not long before Regina was forced into retirement by early onset Alzheimer’s. Now, decades later, he debuts his new trick-only to disappear at the end. He’s a man with more than one dark past and many enemies-is his disappearance tied to one of the many people who have good reason to hate him? Was he killed and his body disposed of, or did he use his considerable skills to engineer his own disappearance? Robin Lockwood must unravel the tangled skein of murder and bloody mischief to learn how it all ties together.

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  • watching: alta mar (2020)

    I just finished gran hotel 2 days ago and now I’m off to another mystery-romance spanish telenovela! This show has the same productions of gran hotel and they even used Cantaloa and there’s also Doctor Ayala (!!!!) I think is the same universe as gran hotel but about 4 decades? Because Alta Mar is in 1940s and gran hotel was in 1905-1907. Anyway! I’m loving the tension (again) between Eva and Nicolas! 

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  • i’ll tell you what i know, you tell me what you know. we could be partners in crime (alta mar, 2020)

    nicolas & eva are the really cuties!! love how healthy their relationship are and how they share their different perspective in the case. mah boi nicolas is smitten :( 

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    Just want to let anyone who reads this know that A Hollow updates more consistently over on Tapas! Have a great day guys!

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  • Elena stumbles again and I spread my legs awkwardly, trying to compensate for the added weight on my left side. She clutches desperately at my shoulder and I put my other arm around her as well, get her stable. I can feel the crust of dried blood just below my hand, feel her pulse pounding and her chest heaving. She moans, low and terrified and I tell her again that it’s going to be okay.

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    Not gonna lie, watched this at midnight and was reminded of the ‘Nun’. 

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    • part 2
    • Dr.Wilson: testing, testing. Hello, this is Dr.Miller it is 10:22am, November 30th. State your name.
    • Cooper Myers: Hello, my name is Cooper Myers and I am 21 years old.
    • Dr.Wilson: Very good Mr.Myers. Now I am going to ask you some questions, okay?
    • Cooper Myers: Of course, I love our time together, doc.
    • Dr.Wilson: what is your relationship with Seth Myers?
    • Cooper Myers: Isn't it obvious? Hell he's my carbon copy! I'm his big brother!
    • Dr.Wilson: Alright and your relationship with the Mendozas?
    • Cooper Myers: I remember them. Indigo and Aster Mendoza. Pretty girls. ... Don't tell Seth I told you, but he has the biggest crush on Indigo. Not that I blame him. She is fiiine.
    • Dr.Wilson: Then you must know their older brother, Rowen Mendoza?
    • Cooper Myers: ...
    • Dr.Wilson: Mr.Myers?
    • Cooper Myers: ...
    • Dr.Wilson: Mr.Myers did you know Rowen Mendoza?
    • Cooper Myers: Did you know that Seth dated Indigo for a while? It was only because I helped him of course.
    • Dr.Wilson: Why are you telling me this?
    • Cooper Myers: Who starts a story at the end, Doctor? No you need to understand the beginning to get the middle and the end. May I tell you the story?
    • Dr.Wilson: What kind of story is it?
    • Cooper Myers: A love story.
    • Cooper Myers: Seth has always been shy and sickly, but I'm not. I am strong, and I protect him. He's not a people person. but I am. I help him in the bedroom department, and I make sure he doesn't let himself go. If I don't do it, no one will.
    • Dr.Wilson: You sound like a good big brother.
    • Cooper Myers: I am, and you know it's rude to interrupt a story Doctor. Now, where was I?
    • Cooper Myers: I also help him when his social anxiety starts getting to him. Years of being bullied will do that to you. One night. All he did was talk about her. "Did you see her? Her hair was in braids today; she's so cute," he had said. "Yup, go talk to her," I tried to tell him, and he almost did, but then he got all clammy. He almost passed out!
    • Dr.Wilson: And what did you do?
    • Cooper Myers: I called him a pussy, which didn't help any. I don't know why I thought it would.
    • Dr.Wilson: What happened then?
    • Cooper Myers: Well, Seth's cute friend, Marcus came over and invited us over to a party at his place. I tried to tell Seth that we should go, but he was tired and when Seth is tired, he's not going anywhere, but towards a black out.
    • Dr.Wilson: And after you two went home, what did you do?
    • Cooper Myers: Oh, Seth went straight to bed, but I stayed up. I was so bored. I had my camera, but you can only take so many pictures of the same house plant-you know? And his phone was being blown up. His cute friend wanted to know where he was. If we were coming.
    • Dr.Wilson: What did you do then?
    • Cooper Myers: I went. Mom was gone, so I got in our car. I left a note, of course. Not like Seth was going to miss it. I went, and I drank. A lot, and so did Marcus. And we had fun. I almost got Marcus into bed with me, but before we made it to his room, Indigo showed up with Aster and...
    • Dr.Wilson: Who was with them, Cooper?
    • Cooper Myers: ... her boyfriend, cheating bastard.
    • Dr.Wilson: He cheated on her?
    • Cooper Myers: Yes.
    • Dr.Wilson: How do you know?
    • Cooper Myers: I caught him and some girl behind the bushes. I knew Seth would have been pissed, so I drug him over to Indigo, told her what he did and Aster and I continued to beat his ass.
    • Dr.Wilson: What happened then?
    • Cooper Myers: She got all upset, which totally killed the mood between Marcus and I, so after she left. I did too.
    • Dr.Wilson: Did you go home?
    • Cooper Myers: No...
    • Dr.Wilson: Where did you go, Cooper?
    • Cooper Myers: I love photography.
    • Dr.Wilson: Yes, I've seen your pictures. You're quite talented. Is that what you did Cooper? You went to take pictures?
    • Cooper Myers: Yes...
    • Dr.Wilson: Of what?
    • Cooper Myers: You have to understand, Seth isn't responsible. It was my idea. I didn't see it as wrong. Mom always said if you leave the curtains open, you're giving out an invitation for the world to watch you. She loves the attention. Why else would she wear a crown of roses? She loved all the eyes to be on her...
    • Dr.Wilson: What did you do?
    • Cooper Myers: I took pictures for Seth. She was so beautiful, but then...
    • Dr.Wilson: Then what Cooper?
    • Cooper Myers: ...no. Stop.
    • Dr.Wilson: What? Cooper?
    • Cooper Myers: I said leave her alone. To stop, but he didn't listen.
    • Dr.Wilson: Who?
    • Cooper Myers: ...
    • Dr.Wilson: Cooper?
    • Cooper Myers: ...
    • Dr.Wilson: Who did you try to tell to stop?
    • Cooper Myers: Her boyfriend. Rowen didn't know what happened at the party and he let him in. He beat her ass, and completely destroyed her room. Rowen soon figured out what was going on and they fought. Her ex boyfriend escaped through the window and ran off. I couldn't let him to that to my brother's girl.
    • Dr.Wilson: What did you do?
    • Cooper Myers: I broke my favorite camera for it's lens, and I went after him. He wasn't hard to find. I found him in an old shed. He had no chance. I was going to cut him, but that would leave evidence, so I choked him instead...
    • Dr.Wilson: ...Cooper...
    • Cooper Myers: I know that you have taught me a lot about right and wrong, but this time I can say that he had it coming. I gave him a chance to say sorry. To turn himself in, but we all make choices Doctor. He made the wrong one.
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  • Anyway y’all please watch one more time it’s only three episodes and is made in a moving comic style and has an interesting plot and really good voice acting!

    You can watch it all on YT with eng. subs from @guodongsubsLINK

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  • Murder in Mesopotamia, by Agatha Christie

    “I’m not often bored…Life’s not long enough for that.”

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  • Why Being A Celebrity Isn’t All That Great

    If you think celebrity fame will give you everything in life, well, think again.

    Papa-papa-paparazzis will watch your every move. They won’t even give you a break. Like ever.


    Also, forget about your privacy anymore.


    Celebrity life may make you, but it can also break you.


    Rumor, rumor, rumor. Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter as long as it piques the public’s interest.


    Your conflicts with other celebrities may get publicized.


    Celebrities travel often and most of the time away from their families due to their hectic schedules.


    Obsessed fans and stalkers can pose a threat to your life.


    You often hear people calling you names and associate your personality on something due to the nature of your work.


    It’s hard to trust just anyone ‘coz celebrities are prone to being used.


    Celebrities are expected to be perfect and flawless all the time. You can’t mess up or else…



    Although regretful for watching it this late, I am both happy and relieved to have seen Find Me In Your Memory at this perfect timing. To me, this drama is like an oasis I found in the middle of a Kdrama desert. I’ve no words on how much I enjoyed this♡

    Maybe not expecting too much from the get-go also became a factor here, but this drama is positively shocking in all forms and angles. The poster gave me the impression that this might fall under a melodrama genre (which I hate) but thankfully, I never trusted my instincts haha. As a matter of fact, I think scenes that made me smile/laugh in this drama were more than those scenes that angered/worried me.

    Find Me In Your Memory got a gripping storyline, which for me was well-written and well-paced. Also, I was very much satisfied with the casting and acting. There were lots of lovable and funny characters here to look out for. And of course, how will I ever move on from the undeniable chemistry of our main couple despite the huge age gap (to my surprise!) They look so good together and I ship them so hard!

    Now that I finished this drama, I felt some sort of emptiness in my heart. Like honestly, I fell into a showhole. I don’t know; it didn’t occur to me that this drama will leave me with such impact. I will certainly miss this from time to time, so I downloaded the episodes just in case I feel like rewatching my fave scenes.

    Will I recommend? It’s a YES for me.

    P.S. The ending had me screaming. I was flabbergasted♥︎

    #find me in your memory #kim dong wook #moon ga young #그 남자의 기억 법 #김동욱#문가영#kdrama#korean drama #too much dramas #romance#korean dramas#kdramas#drama#mystery#mbc#mbc drama
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  • This week there are some pretty wild dreams some strange some funny and everything in-between u gotta c it 2 believe it https://youtu.be/YrM5kT_134I

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  • Come celebrate my 28th birthday with me and watch me stream the new mystery thriller game Twin Mirror tonight at 9PM PST and tomorrow at 9AM PST! :) I will be streaming as long as I can tonight and all day tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. Watch the stream at twitch.tv/jaytheenerd. If you follow me you can receive an email notification every time I stream!

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  • This is the End - OhLenaLena - T, WIP - The Battle of Hogwarts is over…but what happens next? As the dust settles, Hermione tries to figure out her next move. Surely whatever she has planned isn’t going to involve her sworn enemy, Draco Malfoy.

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    The Outcast Girls by Alys Clare

    A World’s End Bureau Victorian Mystery #2

    Interesting, intriguing, and informative this was a book well worth reading. It worked well as a standalone story although at some point I may want to read the first book in the series.

    What I liked:

    * Lily: investigator, nurse, returned from India, business owner, compassionate, good friend, intriguing

    * Felix: investigator, good friend, outgoing, caring, warm hearted, interesting

    * The unflinching look at treatment of women in India by the British troops – I learned from this story and then learned more after researching the topic a bit more.

    * Marigold: sweet, intelligent, a wonderful child, strong, caring, capable – hope she gets the medical help she requires

    * The writing, twists, and turns

    * The way the investigation transpired

    * The flashback to Lily’s past and why she gave up nursing and left India

    * Some of the supporting characters that I want to know more about

    * That my suspicion about the missing girls was not quite spot on

    * The relationship between Felix and Lily as they worked together

    * Tamáz: not much said about him in this book – would like to know more about him

    * That it felt of the time and historically accurate

    * All of it really except

    What I didn’t like:

    * The things I was meant not to like including issues in India, the reason girls went missing, coverups, the way girls were regarded in the school…

    * Being reminded of how cruel some can be

    Did I enjoy this book? After I got into it, I did

    Would I read more in this series? I believe I would

    Thank you to NetGalley and Severn House for the ARC – This is my honest review.

    4 Stars



    Private investigators Lily Raynor and Felix Wilbraham get more than they bargain for when they take on a case in a girls’ boarding school, in the latest World’s End Bureau Victorian mystery.

    London, 1881. Lily Raynor, owner of the World’s End Investigation Bureau, is growing increasingly worried. Work is drying up, finances are tight and she cannot find enough for her sole employee, Felix Wilbraham, to do. So when schoolteacher Georgiana Long arrives, with a worrying tale of runaway pupils, it seems like the answer to her prayers. The case is an interesting one, and what could be less perilous than a trip to a girls’ boarding school, out in the Fens?

    Disguised as the new Assistant Matron, Lily joins the Shardlowes School staff, while Felix - suppressing his worries about his cool, calm employer - remains behind. But there are undercurrents at Shardlowes, and the shadowy, powerful men who fund the school’s less fortunate pupils loom larger as Felix’s own investigations unfold. Felix can’t shake off his fear that Lily is in danger - and soon, his premonitions come frighteningly true …

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  • A Cooking With Christie outtake! (Caramel Cake)

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