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    29.07.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    Zen: Yoosung went to the grocery store this morning, which was super helpful, so now I’m headed to the grocery store to get all the things we need.

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    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    forgot to post this a bit ago! forgot to edit out the ‘the’ in the card but i will for the final result

    saeran tarot - strength

    i don't think i need an explanation for this card. he is the strongest!!

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  • saviorsaeran
    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    driver kim starring in the jalapeño topping is very spicy 

    redraw of an old (cursed) drawing

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    28.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Butterfly outfitl Nancy my cmc and saeran

    Inspired I-hope-you-know-with-what ;)

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    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #mystic messenger#saeyoung choi#707#headcanons#siniy #blue! #i'm so sorry you were sick for your graduation!!!
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  • huneyseven
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Jumin: Can you please keep it down? I’m trying to think.

    Jaehee: Don’t worry. Trying anything for the first time is hard.

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    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #love him so.much <333 #pinned post#mystic messenger #mystic messenger 707
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    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    OK I just need to say this because it's been bugging me lately.

    Can we stop associating " liking Jumin Han" = "daddy issues"?

    It's really gross and uncomfortable.

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  • space-kitten-606
    28.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    With Him Forever


    The sudden call of his name made him jump. His mind immediately started racing, trying to find a reason she would call for him this time. Yet, he swallowed his fear, his face remaining calm to counter the fear his brother had in his eyes.

    “Why is she angry?”, Saeran asked him, already on the verge of tears. Saeyoung shrugged. He couldn’t know, but he knew he preferred her directing her anger at him instead of Saeran.

    Saeyoung put his hand on the younger Choi’s head, stroking his hair. “Don’t worry,” he cooed, “I will be fine. I am strong enough to endure her outbursts.”


    Her voice was even louder now and Saeran covered his ears, cowering to protect himself from her wrath. Saeyoung wrapped his arms around his shaking form, whispering some more reassurances to him, before hurrying into the living room occupied by their “mother”.

    “I am sorry.” Saeyoung did not dare to look at her as he spoke, his voice timid. Whatever it was that upset her, she was unpredictable. Maybe she just wanted to see him as she yelled abuse at him, or she might want to let her anger out of him otherwise. What she requested instead however, filled him with confusion he had never experienced before.

    “Come sit on my lap, Saeyoung.”

    When he dared to raise his gaze, he saw her looking right at him. Her unkempt red locks fell into her face, hiding her intentions. She leaned back into the seat of the beaten up and stained armchair, patting her hand on her lap, waiting.

    He felt frozen. Why would she ask him something like that? She never cared about having the twins close to her. What was different now? His whole body denied him from moving.

    A bitter laugh fell over her lips. “What are you waiting for. I am your mother. If I tell you to come sit with me, you should be happy. Or do you hate me that much?”

    He shook his head and took hesitant steps towards her, only barely lifting his feet above ground.

    “Won’t you answer my question?,” she continued when he stood right in front of her.

    Saeyoung let out a shaky breath. “I don’t hate you, Mom.”

    He tried his hardest to sound convinced of it. Scared of her reaction, he glanced at her face. Her features were completely blank. It was impossible to tell what she felt. After a moment of silence, she outstretched her arms, and helped him onto her lap. A gesture he had seen other mothers do at the church with their children time and time again. He wondered if it felt just as strange to them, just as threatening. If they could also feel their pulse hammering in their throat.

    Humming, she combed her fingers through his hair. Because of how rarely it was brushed, there were many small knots in it, making him wince whenever she pulled her nails through them.

    “Your hair is getting too long. Soon you will look like a little girl. Maybe I should shave it all off?,” she mused. It sounded like she was in a good mood today, but Saeyoung’s heart was racing regardless. What if she was really planning to hurt him? Who would protect Saeran if she did? It took all his willpower to not jump off of her lap and back into their shared room, locking himself and his brother in. He had found the key to their room recently and hid it under his thin mattress. Maybe they could run away through the window-

    “You are scared of me, aren’t you?”

    Saeyoung pursed his lips and shook his head. He was glad she couldn’t see his face, as it would likely give him away.

    “A lier. Just like your father.”

    His breath hitched.

    “I am your mother, Saeyoung. A child must not be scared of their mother. Can’t you see what I do for you and your brother? I give you a roof over your head. I give you clothes and food. I give you beds to sleep in and I protect you from your father, that despicable creature. You’d be dead without me, both of you.”

    “I know. Thank you, Mom.”

    She laughed again, and he could feel her body shift behind him. Her face crept up next to his ear. “Then why are you stealing from me. I know that you want to run away,” she whispered.

    “No, I-”


    Saeyoung struggled against her grip. But no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t get away. Her hands dug into the flesh in his stomach, keeping him on her lap as she continued to scream at him. The fear overwhelmed him, tears stinging in his eyes as he screamed out in pain and terror. No matter how loud he screamed however, no one came to stop her, to help him. No one-


    “NO!!!”, he screamed, sitting up straight in his bed. He was out of breath and disorientated, spinning his head around in fear.

    “I’m here, dumbass, look at me.”

    His head followed the familiar voice, bringing him face to face with his handler.


    “You were making one hell of a fuss. I could deal with you kicking your shit off your nightstand, but that screaming was unbearable. You’re a handful even when you’re sleeping. I can’t believe I have to deal with this shit.”

    Saeyoung looked down on the blanket wrapped around his legs. The sheets were ruffled and all over the place. A bit down the side, Vanderwood had sat down, looking at him with an emotion he couldn’t quite identify.

    “I might be able to get you something that makes you sleep too deep to have to deal with shit like this.”

    Sighing, he shook his head, and ran his fingers through his damp hair. “You know I don’t want to take any drugs.”

    Vanderwood shook his head, but still didn’t get up from his place. Instead he kept looking at his partner, searching his face.

    “You okay?”, he asked hesitantly.

    Saeyoung climbed out of the bed, nodding. “Sure. I am going to take a shower.”

    He could feel Vanderwood’s eyes on him as he left the room. If he thought he was going to talk to him of all people about this, he was mistaken. It wasn’t like he’d be able to do anything about this anyway.

    After all, he remembered, she told him she’d be with him forever. He could never leave until the day he died.

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  • juminsmysticmc
    28.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    ⚠️ It’s not my child! - Trigger Warnings

    Trigger Warnings: Rape, sexual assault, pregnancy, breakup, birth 

    Summary: Mc and Zen are trying to get pregnant but suddenly Mc get’s raped by the director.

    So, this is based on my other One Shot, where Mc gets raped and pregnant. This time it’s not Jumin but Zen who is sure that this isn’t his child...I hope you guys enjoy the One Shot and btw, I loved that after all this time someone wanted another version of this.

    ,,So, I heard that you and Zen are currently trying to get pregnant,’’ the director said. You somehow always felt uneasy in his presence, even more so when the both of you were alone. When he first interviewed you for the job, you already had the feeling that he gave you the job for a totally different reason other than your knowledge. But you didn’t think of it anymore. Knowing that you would be able to work with Zen, everything was alright for you. ,,Yes,’’ you shortly answered, not wanting to tell him anything more, but also not wanting to be rude. ,,How long?’’ he still asked you, apparently not understanding that you were trying to get away from him and not talk to him. ,,A long time, right? Let me help you. We’re basically family,’’ he mumbled, his voice suddenly way too close to you.

    You felt uneasy. You didn’t want him to be with you, next to you, or behind you. He began to massage your back as you tried to get away, shaking him off. ,,Please don’t touch me,’’ you whimpered. However, it was no use. ,,Zen won’t get angry, but just in case, don’t tell him anything… If I get you pregnant, you two will become happy, right? I will give Zen the big job too, I promise,’’ he laughed and forced himself on you, despide you hissing, crying, and begging him to stop. His forceful touches began to make you feel bad, sick, and at some point you were way too tired to fight against him. All that was left at that point was to go through it…

    ,,Is it true?! Mc! We finally did it!’’ Zen cried, kissing your cheek. You, however, were in trance.

    ,,Gosh, I was so scared when I heard that you fainted. You gave me a heart attack, but knowing that you are pregnant… Mc, I think you made me the happiest man ever,’’ he smiled and hugged you. You were still unable to respond to him, trying to collect your own thoughts. Maybe it was Zen’s child after all?  But what if not…? Suddenly tears began to flow and you, not being able to tell him the reason, lied, telling him that you were crying out of happiness… ,,Director, I will make sure to give my best!’’ Zen smiled brightly, feeling as if he was on cloud nine. His life was currently turning out to be the best. All he felt was pure happiness.

    You were pregnant with his child and he even got a big job. The both of you were healthy and everyone seemed to be just as happy as him. Nothing could destroy this immense happiness he was feeling. Well, almost… ,,Of course, Mc did her best for you after all,’’ the director smirked, making Zen come to his senses again.

    He tilted his head, not understanding the words of the director. ,,You know, if the baby looks like me, don’t get angry with her, I promised her to give the job to you,’’ the man laughed as he looked at his papers again. However, he was the only one laughing.

    Zen’s hand became sweaty as he tried to progress the words he just heard. It took less than a minute to approach the white haired man and give him his fist in his face, making him stop laughing. Punches were thrown at the man he once looked up to as he imagined you and him hooking together.

    ,,Let go of me! LET GO!’’ Zen hissed, his eyes meeting yours as he got pulled out of the building, you behind him. ,,TELL ME! Were you trying to force a child on me?! Were you so impatient?! Mc, why?! I thought I could trust you! You… you…’’ he mumbled, collapsing as his hands covered his face. ,,I’m sorry,’’ you whispered, tears slowly flowing down. ,,I… I tried to stop him, he… he didn’t stop… I swear, I wanted to tell you, but I was scared… and I promised myself to check if it was your child,’’ you mumbled. Zen looked up again. Time seemed to stop for him as he tried to think straight. ,,He… forced you…?’’ he asked you to make sure.

    You patted your belly. Uneasiness grew as Zen once again worked overtime. The both of you decided to change agencies. You were currently going through a process against your director and staying at home, resting since you weren’t allowed to move around. Since it took you a bit longer to get pregnant, the doctor said to keep it down. He said that adding stress was the best choice. ,,I hope you have white hair, I deeply hope you are your papa’s child…’’ you whispered as you felt a kick.

    You gulped as the sudden feeling made you feel a bit sick. Your hands began to tremble a bit and the best idea you had at that very moment was to call Zen, who unfortunately didn’t respond. Not even when you called him for the third and fourth time. Suddenly, a crazy idea came in your mind and before you could stop yourself, your fingers dialed Jumin’s number.

    ,,Hello, Mc? What can I do for you?’’ he asked you, kind of cheerful, making you feel better for a bit. ,,Hello, Jumin. I’m sorry, if I’m… if I’m, well, if you’re busy,’’ you finally finished your sentence. ,,Mc, is everything alright?’’ Jumin asked you and suddenly you began to sob. ,,I feel… sick, my belly hurts and… Zen’s not answering,’’ you explained. The black haired man immediately tried to calm you down and promised that he would help you and at that moment you felt reassured for the very first time in a long time.

    You still decided to cut the call and wait for help, when suddenly Zen came home, opening the door, looking kind of tired and down. ,,Zenny,’’ you whined, not getting up as the pain became even worse. ,,Hyun!’’ you said again, finally making him approach you. In panic, your eyes met, as you held your abdomen. ,,Help me, please…’’ you sobbed and before you realized what was going on, you passed out.

    ,,Are you honestly… I can’t believe you! This is abuse!’’ you heard a voice, a rather dark voice, hissing. You looked at the monitor which was beeping once your eyes adjusted to the light. ,,I… I thought… if I leave her like this, the baby would… I didn’t think that it could be so serious. I don’t know what I wanted to happen,’’ another voice mumbled. It suddenly hit you that Zen and Jumin were talking, and even though you still didn’t know what was happening, you were 100 % sure that you understood what was going on. Zen tried to kill your baby, maybe he even succeeded. ,,I will take her to my place. I will care for her and her child. I don’t care who this baby belongs to, no one deserves to be treated like this!’’ and with that, the door was opened. That day was the last time you ever saw Zen.

    Jumin did what you heard back then, never telling you any details on what happened that day you collapsed. The black haired man was always around, working with Jaehee from home and making sure that you were happy and healthy. Living with Jumin came natural to you.

    ,,I will tell the chief to make us some dinner,’’ he told you while you were on your way to shower, nodding at his words as he informed you. However, not a few minutes later you somehow managed to trip, making you yell out in pain and panic, attracting Jumin’s attention who was at your side immediately. ,,Don’t worry,’’ he whispered, using the towel to cover you. ,,Don’t worry, I’m here,’’ he kept whispering, stroking your head as you cried, fearing for your child’s health.

    ,,A C-section is needed, but we will make sure to do our best,’’ the doctor informed Jumin and disappeared again, making Jumin look worried. ,,I will inform the other,’’ Jaehee said, pulling her phone out and writing the essential information.

    On the other side, someone completely different was in immense pain, trying to numb his own feelings in alcohol. He was scared of going to sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, he could see your pained face, your cries and your pale face. Whenever he closed his eyes, he thought back as he stood there, doing nothing while your eyes closed. What if that day you simply would have waited for him? What if you didn’t call Jumin? Would you be dead now? Or would just the child you were carrying be dead? Was it fate that you both survived? Was God giving him a chance to not feel that desperate?

    ,,Zen, get the fuck up, Mc is in the hospital,’’ Seven hissed, trying to get the white haired man on his feet. ,,Huh? Why?’’ Zen asked him, feeling dizzy and at the same time sick. ,,She fell and is now giving birth. Let’s go, you reek of alcohol! Go shower!’’ Seven hissed, happy that he could hack his friend’s door to enter. Zen seemed like a completely different person as he had dark bags below his eyes, greasy hair, and no style at all as he walked into the hospital. The last time he was here, you were on the verge of dying… If he would beg for forgiveness now, would you accept him? Yes, he was sure that you would accept him. He was sure until he heard your faint laugh.

    ,,I… I feel the same, Mc, when I saw you there in the bathroom, I… I was worried and maybe a bit happy to see you naked,’’ he heard Jumin. ,,Don’t make me laugh, it still hurts!’’ you laughed and sighed. ,,I’m so thankful that you helped me… I never thought I could fall in love again after everything that happened… I’m happy that you are here. Honestly, I’m so thankful…’’ you began to sniffle. And at that moment Zen knew that at some point of the story he totally fell out…

    ,,Happy Christmas, huh?’’ he mumbled as he looked at the magazine that was in the 24 hour shop. Zen’s hand touched the cover of the magazine as he placed it on the cart, next to the four bags filled with beer cans. Once at home, the white haired man opened his fifth beer of the day, his eyes almost glued on the cover with your bright smile. He still had it in front of his eyes, but somehow you seemed even happier on that damned cover. His eyes fell on the white haired girl in front of you, the white haired girl between you and your newly wed husband, Jumin Han, who was holding a black haired young boy. ,,My wife surprised me with her Christmas present. Our third child is on the way,’’ Zen read out loud.

    His fingers touched the picture as he took a scissor and carefully cut you and your daughter out of the magazine, pinning it on his wall, making you join the other mixed pictures of you, the baby and the both of you together. He was happy that Jumin Han learned how to take good pictures. That way he still had the chance to see your smile and the smile of his own daughter, the one he almost killed years ago while you were carrying her in your belly.




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    Okay, this was supposed to be something about MC taking care of Vandy, but things kinda took a different turn halfway through? Idk, man xD it's kinda a bit all over the place, but I've had fun writing it, so here's more brainrot 🤷🏼‍♀️

    Gentle hands

    Vanderwood x Reader

    If there was one thing Vanderwood didn't like, it was asking for help. Even asking you for help. Not because he didn't trust you, it was quite the opposite. He probably trusted no one more than you. He just didn't want to bother you with his problems or make you worry. Though in his current state he had no other choice, if he didn't want to go to the hacker brat instead. The thought alone made him grimace as he knocked on your door.

    It didn't take long until he heard you shuffle closer and at first you beamed at him when you opened the door, your expression dropping rather quickly when you took in the state he was in; covered in dirt and some blood, majority of it wasn't his own, and his right hand bandaged.

    Your touch was light, careful, as you wrapped your hand around his wrist to tug him inside. He doubted he'd get used to you treating him so gently any time soon. He was used to people being rough, uncaring about possibly inflicting more pain. And then there was you... Sweet, loving, always worried about making him feel uncomfortable in whatever kind of way. It never failed to make his heart skip.

    The agent got pulled out of his thoughts when your small hands were brushing down his chest, then over his sides and towards his back, brows drawn together in a frown. It didn't need a genius to notice how you were trying to check him for any bigger injuries.

    "Baby girl, I'm fine...", he murmured, dropping a kiss the top of your head, his arms wrapping around your waist to pull you into a tight embrace.

    "Are you sure? You look a little worse for wear. If you need help with anything, just tell me."

    "Just need a little help cleaning up. Quick scrub. Kinda difficult with only one hand."

    You pulled back enough to be able to look at him, hand moving up to run through his hair. And next to the worry that was still very much evident in your gaze, there was also a hint of amusement. Throwing him off a little.

    "I hate to break it to you but you need more than just a quick scrub. There's all kind of stuff stuck in your hair, too. Come on, into the bathroom we go."

    With a gentle nudge, you got him to move, Vanderwood not really having the energy to even attempt to argue with you about it. After all, he hated going to bed with dirt still stuck to him. No matter how exhausted he was after a mission, he always made sure to take a thorough shower first thing after he came home.

    "Need help undressing?"

    "Are you offering?", he couldn't help but tease. The blush covering your cheeks because of his words was way too adorable. Especially considering how shy you could still get, even though it was by far not the first time either one of you would see the other one naked. Still, at the same time he already peeled himself out of his clothes, trying his best not to hiss or groan at his protesting muscles.

    Meanwhile you had already turned the water on, filling the tub with hot water for him to sink into.

    "I can see a couple bruises forming", you murmured, rubbing a washcloth ever so carefully over his skin.

    "They'll be gone in a couple days... They're really not that bad", he tried to soothe you, pressing his lips to your arm when you ran the washcloth over his shoulder.

    Your only response was a hum. One that didn't sound all too convinced. Afterwards a comfortable silence settled between you. His eyes focused on your face and a small smile tugged at the corners of his lips because of how concentrated you were.

    "Okay, now on to your hair. Tilt your head back. Eyes closed."

    For some reason he felt kind of ridiculous... He was a grown man, sitting in a bathtub, while his girlfriend had to help him clean up... Nevertheless he did what you told him and as soon as you began to work the shampoo into his hair those thoughts were forgotten in no time. The way your fingertips massaged his scalp easily helping ease the tension in his body. Slowly but surely coaxing him to relax and a long sigh escaped his lips.

    Maybe having you help him wash his hair wasn't that bad after all... He'd always liked you playing with his hair, so it wasn't all too surprising that he enjoyed you washing it as well.

    "Temperature okay?", your voice nearly got drowned out by the rushing of water when you rinsed his hair and the only thing he could really do was give a short nod.

    It was nearly sad when you were apparently done and if your quiet chuckle was anything to go by, it seemed to have been noticeable that he was a bit pouty.

    But no matter how much he would've liked to prolong everything, he still eventually stepped out of the tub in order to dry himself off, wrapping the towel losely around his hips when he was done. Though it didn't take long until you motioned for him to lean down, something he did without really thinking too much about it. And just like that you grabbed another towel to help him dry his hair.

    "I could also blowdry it for you, you know? Since you seem to like having my hands in your hair and all", you teased him this time. An amused lilt in your voice.

    "Y/N... You're lucky I'm tired and you're cute. Otherwise I wouldn't let you get away with that", he muttered, knowing full well that all he would've done at most would've been tickling you until you begged him for mercy.

    And maybe, just maybe, did he put a bit more of his weight on you, as soon as his arms once again wrapped around you, causing you to let out a surprised squeak, hands sprawled out on his back.

    "Vandy! You can lay on me when we're in bed!", you laughed, the sound easily making him smile and soon enough his lips pressed soft kisses along your jawline.

    No matter how exhausted he was, it always felt like being with you, having you close, was enough to help recharge his batteries.

    "Mhm... Fine. But I hope you know I won't let go of you."

    "I'm counting on it, big guy~ Sleeping alone really sucks. And tomorrow... Maybe I'll help you tame your hair in the morning. Pretty sure it'll be quite the nest when you sleep on it while it's still wet."

    "You little...", he growled playfully and pulled you into his chest, lips brushing so lightly over your neck that he managed to make you squirm and chuckle.

    "Stop! Babe, that tickles!", you snickered. "You should rather get dressed!"


    You made a confused noise when he let go of you all of a sudden to simply flop down on the bed, once you've made it to the bedroom. Towel still slung low around his hips. In that moment he was quite thankful about his face being buried in a pillow, which meant you couldn't see his smirk.

    "You- are you really planning on sleeping in a towel?"

    "I could also ditch the towel, if that's more to your liking."

    "Oooh you are such a little shit... You're lucky I love you so much", you muttered, clearly faking being upset with him. Because in a matter of seconds you already crawled into bed next to him.

    And while you pulled the blanket over the two of you, Vanderwood shifted to be able to rest his head on your chest, the steady beating of your heart, along with your fingers carding through his damp strands, quickly lulling him into a peaceful slumber.

    "Sleep well, Vandy..."

    Masterlist I Masterlist II

    If you'd like to get added to the tag list, please let me know 💕

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    Alright then. New chapter. Mouse goes out for Italian food... again.

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    Masterlist Part 7


    Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6


    GE Saeran w/ an MC who colors their hair like his

    Seven comforting an MC struggling with sensory issues when they eat

    GE Saeran W/ an MC who draws him

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