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  • luxielle
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mystictober Day 17: Plushie 💕

    Convallaria majalis (Lily of the valley)

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  • ai-katsuu
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    First day of college starts to day and wanted to celebrate (though not Christmas yet) by doing another crossover piece, this time the iconic cg of the secret ending of the Christmas 2016 event of mystic messenger ! ft a different jack (?)


    #red shoes and the 7 dwarfs #red shoes and the seven dwarfs #red shoes movie #red shoes#rsat7d#rsatsd #red shoes ever after #red shoes jack #rsea#mystic messenger#saeran
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  • quirky-and-kind
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Zen X Reader

    Written for the #Mystictober event

    Day 18: Magic

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    When the lights dimmed you always gripped the seat or grabbed Jaehee’s hand if she was with you for that performance. Anticipation pulsed through you matching the rapid beat of your heart. Vividly your mind's eye could recall the first time you’d seen Zen take the stage. The way he commanded that world. Every step, every note, every gesture thought out and precise. The way your tears had freely fallen that night when his voice had risen in song. Often your boyfriend joked about how he was a god among men. So perfect he had to be a mistake. Usually you obliged him by agreeing but that night you finally understood the truth in his words. As he strutted his way across the stage he truly was perfection. Zen was magic.

    Not in the trickster way, he never created an illusion, No, Zen was honest in his talent and his value for working hard to perfect his craft. The magic Zen brought was taking something within the confines of everyday life and making it extraordinary. When your boyfriend was on stage he took an ordinary night at the theater and transformed it into a spectacle. With feats unseen anywhere but in this one arena. Zen was magic because he filled the whole event with this glorious delight and he knew it. Almost hypnotic in his ability to make the room give their will to him, fall in love. Zen was an incubus of the stage, feeding on all the adoration for his work while he gave back absolute pleasure in the form of entertainment.

    Tonight would be no different. The moment the spotlight rises he will woo you and take your hand in order to lead you on an incredible journey. Without hesitation you will succumb. That is the ultimate power of magic. It takes you far away and always leaves you craving an even greater ecstasy at the hands of the man who not only holds your dreams at that moment but every single person around you.

    Tag List: @goddess-shattering-star @zennysgirlfriend @gureishi @agent-bee @rubylookingaround @my-love-is-eternal @welookateachotherandlaugh @dis-gorl-does-stuff @blossom-daze @wonderwretch

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  • bluejaysarecorvids
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Embracing "Yes, and..." update!!

    It's time for some things we've been impatiently waiting for to occur!

    Check under the cut to get a hint, or just click here to go read it without tiny spoilers.

    [you can totally purchase / customize this ring for yourself at my jeweler's showcase site, if you want to play with things like that!]

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  • mushhroooms
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Kinktober day 11 - Begging

    ❥character - Yoosung Kim

    ❥reader - Dom! Gender Neutral

    ❥fandom - Mystic Messenger

    ❥rating - NSFW, Dom! Reader

    ❥warnings - Cussing, Dom! Reader, Begging, Edging, Overstim

    “Please!” Yoosung begs, trying to thrust his hips into your hand wrapped around his cock

    “No. Yoosung,” you say sternly pushing his hips down back onto the bed

    “Please! I’ll be good! I swear! just lemme cum” he sobs

    you’ve been at this for about an hour now, everytime he’s so close to falling off that edge, you pull your hand away, it’s painful but you make up for the pain when you start touching him again, but holy fuck does he need to cum

    “Hmmm, beg a little more and maybe ill think about it” you coo down at him

    “Fuck! Please! Please! I need to cum! I’ve been so good for you master! I’ll do anything!”

    “Anything?” you purr out

    “Mhm! Anything!” he cries out when your hand speeds up

    “Well then go ahead baby, cum for me” you whisper in his ear

    It’s a beautiful sight, his back arching off the bed, his body trembling as he felt his orgasm come closer and closer

    When he finally falls over the edge, his eyes roll back into his head, and a loud broken moan tears from his throat.

    He tries desperately to push away your hand as your hand doesn’t stop but instead speeds up even more

    “It’s too much! Please!” he sobs, tears streaming down his face

    “Think you can do just one more for me, baby?”


    “You wanna be a good boy right?”

    He did, he did so very much want to be a good boy for you.

    “I can do it! I can be your good boy!”

    “Good” you whisper kissing his head

    He cried, shook, and sobbed. It was too much having been edged for an hour and then overstimulated, as he felt this pleasurable pain course through his body, it was to much feeling his high already forming again.

    “I- im gonna cum!” he yells as his body shakes almost violently

    “Go ahead baby” you coo

    And so he does. Letting go and body slumping into the bed, as thick white ropes shoot from cock, splattering your face and his chest.

    “Good boy Yoosung” you whisper kissing his cheek.

    #kinktober #mystic messenger smut #mystic messenger yoosung #yoosungmysticmessenger#yoosung kim #yoosung x mc #yoosung x reader #yoosung smut
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  • willmeow4kandi
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Plsplsplsplspls (;^ω^)(;゙°´ω°´)(;^ω^)

    All fandoms are tagged

    My bio isnt a lie ppl it hurts to be in so many/j (_ _ )

    Also I reached the 30 tag limit so thats how yk I have a problem/j

    I flee now 🐾

    #danganronpa#yourturntodie#yttd#omori#omori (game)#dra#danganronpa another#sdra2 #danganronpa another 2 #nextgenronpa #danganronpa despair time #drdt #brave danganronpa cowards paradise #bravedr#cookie run#crk#camp camp#ddlc#doki doki#mystic messenger#kakegurui#beastars #panty and stocking #paswg#heathers #heathers the musical #hazbin hotel#helluva boss #give me six characters to make fanart of #give me six characters to draw
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  • anime-artbot
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I haven’t posted art in a while so here’s my recent drawing ^^

    I might do Seven next!!

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  • keeperofthefour
    18.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Jumin: Moments in Time

    A collection of snack-sized ficlets involving Jumin and his f!MC (and one with Jumin x f!MC x Jihyun). The first one is a little...risque. The others are full-on NSFW. Enjoy!

    He kissed you as Sarah Choi simmered and stewed behind you. He kissed you as his security guards stood, flustered, in the doorway, unsure of what to do. He kissed you first with his eyes closed, murmuring about how soft your lips were and how having an audience took the pressure off the fact that it was your first kiss, and a little bell rang somewhere in the back of your mind at his use of the word “first”, celebrating the possibility that there would be many, many more experiences like this...hopefully without an audience. He kissed you then with his eyes open, grey irises boring holes into Sarah’s countenance while she crossed her arms and huffed an angry little sound, stomping her foot like a spoiled child.

    And when the scene settled down, he led you to the couch where he kissed you again. This time, more bold, his gentle hands cradling your face so you wouldn’t fall completely into him like you wanted to. You knew it was reckless. Tensions were high with the situation at hand, and with Jumin in such a heightened emotional state, kissing him like this was the last thing you ought to be doing.

    But you couldn’t stop.

    You shifted so that your legs draped over his lap and he pressed your back up against the couch, smoothing his hands down over your shoulders, your arms, then to gather your own trembling hands in his grasp. He took a moment to collect himself, to catch his breath, and you took the opportunity to kiss the bob of his Adam’s apple as he swallowed thickly. 

    The resulting lustful moan that left his mouth was positively sinful. Your lips curved into a smile against his skin- still smelling of his aftershave from that morning- before you traced a path with your tongue upward and under his jaw before securing your lips against a particularly sweet spot. He allowed this much, even tilting his head back to give you easier access. 

    “Be careful,” he said, his voice a low timbre that sent prickly heat rushing through your bloodstream. “I cannot guarantee that I can control myself if we continue.”

    You touched his cheek, thumb pressing into his chin as you looked him square in the eye and breathed:

    “Then don’t.”

    "Thank you, Mr. Kim. I understand... Please don't worry, we'll get home safely...Yes...Goodnight."

    You ended the call and slumped against Jumin, who responded by resting his cheek on top of your head; he hummed a simple tune, large hand stroking your back with lazy affection. A church bell nearby rang once, signaling the late hour, and you yawned, snuggling closer.

    "When will Driver Kim be here?" Jumin asked, echoing your yawn.

    "He won't, dear. His daughter is ill, and he cannot come. I think there's a streetcar that runs close to home, though. We'll just have to wait for the next route."

    Jumin's brow furrowed, and you felt his chest tighten, muscles pulled taut under his starched shirt. He had long ago loosened his tie and slung it around his neck, and the first three buttons of his shirt gave you an irresistible view of his throat and a peek of his collarbone, skin flushed from the wine he'd consumed at dinner. A...celebratory dinner, where you and Jumin officially met the next, future Mrs. Chairman Han. Was this four? Five, now? You'd certainly lost track, and while Jumin behaved politely at dinner, the two of you lingered in the lounge together long after Chairman Han and his girlfriend had departed. After two bottles of wine, a curious onlooker began snapping pictures; you were thankfully still of sound enough mind to coax your grieving husband away from the table and out the door, but not before leaving the waitstaff a generous tip.

    "I don't understand," he said, caressing your cheek, his grey eyes brimming with confusion and concern. "Driver Kim is always available. It's part of his contract."

    "Jumin, darling, it's one in the morning. His daughter is ill. The man is entitled to a sick day now and then," you chided gently, pushing his bangs away from his eyes to press a kiss to his brow. "We'll get home. We don't live far. Maybe we'll walk. It might help sober you a little."

    "Assistant Kang," he muttered, ignoring what you'd just suggested. You sensed his growing panic, his loss of usual, impeccable control, and you held him tight against you, stroking his hair. "I should call her. She'll know what to do."

    "Jumin, listen to me." Just as you were about to attempt to reason with him again, the blinding lights of the streetcar approached. "Look, there's our ride. Come on now," you said. "Let's go home."

    Fluorescent lights nearly blinded your already drunken haze as you boarded and paid the driver. The car was nearly empty; the only other passenger was a sleeping, older gentleman with patchwork clothes and a rather large rucksack in the seat next to him. Advertisements offering dental services and legal advice were framed along the walls above the windows, and a couple of the lights toward the back flickered on and off. Jumin looked around in horrified disgust, and for a moment, you thought he might refuse to ride.

    "I think I'll just close my eyes until we get home," he said, reluctantly sinking into one of the seats as the car lurched forward. He held onto your hand and you fell into his lap with a quiet giggle, then buried your face in his neck.

    Without a word, he slipped his hands up along the back of your thighs and under your dress, curling his fingers into the elastic of your panties. You rewarded him with a knowing look and a beautiful blush as you leaned to whisper in his ear, "Jumin, we're in public..." though if you were being honest, you really didn't care who saw. Since his father had left, you'd been toying with each other all evening- lingering glances, fingertips upon flushed skin, bare toes travelling up his leg under the table. The evidence of your arousal gave him pause when he pushed aside the dampened fabric that clung to your sex and pushed a finger inside you.

    "You don't seem to mind," he breathed against your neck before leaving his mark on your tender skin, pushing another finger inside you with wicked intent.

    You muffled a desperate whimper against his chest as he worked between your thighs, agonizingly slow, deliberately teasing. "Jumin, I- ah!"

    "See what you do to me?" he whispered. "Look at me." And you obeyed, focusing on his intense, steel-grey eyes so clouded with lust that your heart stuttered and you held your breath for a moment. "Breathe. Stay with me."

    You fell apart then, eyes open, mouth agape, cunt clenching around your husband's fingers as he stroked with expert precision, knowing where to apply pressure and where to flit gently over too-sensitive nerve endings. Vaguely aware of the evidence of his own arousal pressing against your thigh, you linked your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply, desperately.

    The car came to a stop as he withdrew his fingers from under your dress and brought them to his mouth to savor the taste, humming his low approval.

    "I believe my first streetcar experience has been an extremely pleasant one. Perhaps Driver Kim should have nights off more often." He grinned and winked at you as you stood to fix your dress. And as you made your way past the only other passenger on the car, you heard a low whistle and a quiet chuckle.

    Jumin turned to the gentleman. "Did we amuse you, sir?"

    The man laughed, hard. "Nah, you all amused yourselves. Glad you enjoyed your ride, sir," he managed to choke, before falling into fits of laughter again.

    Speechless, Jumin took your hand and helped you out, avoiding the knowing smile of the driver, whose large rear view mirror had given him full access to your show.

    “Breathe, darling.”

    Jumin’s voice on her ear- low, comforting, infuriatingly sensual- served as a reminder that she had been holding her breath, perhaps far longer than she realized. From the moment she felt Jihyun’s long, agile fingers coaxing her open from behind, she’d pursed her lips together and buried her face against Jumin’s neck, nails digging into his bare shoulders while he supported her at the waist. 

    “Are you okay?” Jihyun had whispered. Her body clenched around the intrusion but soon relaxed enough for him to slip in a second finger. She moaned and bit down on Jumin’s neck, nodding her head. The two men shared a meaningful look between them- Jihyun’s small, reassuring smile and Jumin’s assenting nod went unseen by the woman between them, and Jumin took the lead. Lifting her slightly, he slipped himself into the warm, wet place between her legs and exhaled- long and low and intensely satisfied- when he felt her body welcome him. 

    Jihyun pushed inside from his place at her back; slow, tentative, reacting to her gasps, the way she seemed to freeze at first, but pleaded for him to keep going. “Just...slow, please. Jihyun,” she whimpered. He ran his fingers through her hair to soothe her, bent to lick the bead of sweat that traced down the back of her neck. She shivered and sighed, and he pushed a little further- and further still- until he was all the way inside. 

    A tangled mess of limbs, they moved as one being, the pleasure of the union too much for any of them to bear for long. She came first, the waves of her orgasm crashing against her sanity, blurring her vision, threatening to pull her under. Jumin kissed her through it and caught her cries on his tongue while Jihyun reached his peak behind them, followed closely by Jumin. She would recall later that it had been the fastest she’d ever come. She lay weeping between them for some time afterward; Jumin worried himself, but Jihyun reached and laced his fingers with Jumin’s and squeezed- a reassurance that he’d done nothing wrong.

    “She cried,” Jumin mused still after she had fallen asleep, disheveled hair splayed across the silk pillow case. Her cheeks were still flushed a beautiful shade of pink and she looked utterly spent. 

    “She cried...because she was overcome,” Jihyun murmured, his voice rough with fatigue. “You did nothing wrong, Jumin. And neither did I.”

    Jumin paused, seeming to weigh his friend’s words for a moment, then closed his eyes and settled in beside his lover, fingertips moving along her forehead to push some hair away from her eyes. “Do you think it will happen again?” he asked without meeting Jihyun’s eyes.

    “Do you want it to happen again?” 

    Jumin nodded slowly. “Without a doubt.”

    She's always felt desirable to him. Jumin has never failed to make her feel anything less than a divine goddess in his presence, but tonight?

    Tonight, she feels as if she's ascended to the heavens and is seated on the throne of Jumin's adoration. The ivory silk of her nightgown is bunched above her hips, matching panties strewn to the floor some time ago; a satin ribbon binds her hands above her head, the dim light of their bedroom concealed behind a blindfold cut from the same cloth. He hasn't touched her where she needs him most just yet- no, he's traced and touched and tasted nearly every other part of her body though. She quivers with anticipation, with unabashed need and desire- but she doesn't speak. They agreed before they started to communicate only through touch, through taste.

    She's mad with lust, pulse pounding in her ears and between her legs; she's left a mess on the sheets already, dark and wet beneath her when her hips arch toward his breath. The heat of his hand radiates just below her navel and she thinks maybe, maybe he's going to give her what she's yearning for.

    His hands smooth over the front of her thighs and around, lifting her bottom toward him. She opens for him, unashamed and needy, knees falling apart when she hears his quiet moan, feels his breath on her sex once more.

    The gentle nudge of his tongue sends a jolt of electricity shooting through her veins and she lifts further still, away from the bed and against his mouth, chasing the release she's been dying for since he secured the ribbon around her wrists. He delves deeper, hands at her hips, strong and sure and commanding. She's lost at sea, in the throes of a powerful, earth-shattering release, tugging in vain at the ties that bind her. She craves to touch him, to grab his hair, to dig her fingers into his shoulders and pull him further into her still.

    He rides out her orgasm, offering languid, soothing kisses in place of deliberate licks now. He hums his approval, his blissed-out smile invisible to her from where she lies- panting, spent, wrecked- her blindfold still in place.

    #mystic messenger#jumin han #jumin x mc #mystic messenger jumin
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  • keenanchornacho
    17.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Yoosung x MC

    NSFW! Smut Warneing- not for minors!

    “Hi honey I’m home,” Yoosung said, closing the front door to the house he shared with his wife. She was in the kitchen cooking dinner, of course. 

    “Hi honey! I’m in here!” she said, stirring up some ingredients. She had on her little apron and her hair was put up in a ponytail. When Yoosung saw her he smiled and felt his pants already start to tent in the front. He’d been thinking about her all day at the office and couldn’t wait to get home so they could do it. They were still in the honeymoon stage, and all he could think of was her wet heat and large breasts. It definitely made it hard to concentrate at work.

    “I missed you, my love.” She stopped what she was doing and grabbed him for a passionate kiss, her tongue battling for dominance as soon as their lips met. Yoosung was surprised but happy when her hand wandered down to his pants and palmed his member through his clothes.

    “Mmmmm baby that feels so good,” he moaned loudly.

    “Yeah, I know you like it don’t you?” she said.

    “Oh yeah baby. Take my pants off.”


    They took each others clothes off right there in the kitchen. She forgot all about the food she had just put in the oven and concentrated on her husband’s hard member. She dropped to her knees to insert it into her mouth, licking and sucking his member while he pulled on her ponytal. “Oh fuck yeah baby just like that. Fuck fuck FUCK.”

    She nodded and moaned and felt her wet heat leaking between her legs. When Yoosung shot his load down her throat, she stood up and stroked his member with her hand again and he was instantly hard again.

    “I need you, Yoosungie baby. I need you in me. I’m dripping wet,” she said.

    “Ok,” he said, and took her to their bedroom where he pushed her down onto the bed and got a condom out of their dresser. He rolled it down his member and inserted himself into her heat. Her walls fluttered and grabbed him. “So. Tight.” he said, grunting and sweating as he writhed on her.

    “Oh fuck. Oh god, I’m coming! I’m coming!” she said.

    “Yeah baby, come for me!” he said.

    “I’m coming all over your member!” she cried. There were tears in her eyes. She started shaking and her heat pulsed around his member, milking him dry. He shot his load into the condom and growled.

    “I love you so much, baby,” he said, kissing her face.

    “I love you too, baby.”

    #yoosung x mc #yoosung x reader #mystic messenger #mystic messenger yoosung #yoosung kim
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  • a-muffin-full-of-poetry
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    RFA + Saeran with an MC who has a phobia

    Hello lovelies. First post and I haven't done headcanons since my Wattpad days, which was two years ago now. Anyway, enjoy the self indulgence. Phobias can be treated with therapy as a side note, but there are other coping methods for anxiety. Do some research, try some methods and see what works best for you.

    No idea what happened with Saeran’s, his just became angst fest. Oh, yeah, haven’t actually played his or V’s route since I lost my original account. Will definitely be OOC. 


    When you had visited the penthouse, it had been one of the first thoughts you could think. Wow, this place is tall.

    You couldn't mention it when Jumin was in such a state over his cat, but you were absolutely terrified.

    It's not like you wanted to think of the height of the building. And it wasn't like you were trying to think of the ways you could die.

    Your mind just wandered and you couldn’t stop the nausea from even the thought of how high you were. It was even worse living there day-in, day-out so you took every opportunity to leave the place and go elsewhere.

    Even using the elevator to get to the penthouse became a task that had your knees shaking, just imagining as you rose through the floors.

    Having dinner right by the window was an absolute nightmare that had you jostling your knee and clawing at the table cloth.

    You had tried so desperately to hide how scared you were, but Jumin was no fool, especially when it came to you.

    "What is it, my love?"

    And you had looked up at him with your eyes wide with terror, unable to hide it any longer.

    "It's, uh, really high up here."

    You had confused the poor man as he barely tilted his head and raised an eyebrow.

    "I'm-I don't like heights."

    Of course, you were still down playing it, but Jumin took one look to the window next to you and realised. He set his cutlery down and moved to stand up.

    "Well, we can't have that now, can we?" He began gathering up the table. "I may require your help with moving dinner somewhere more appropriate."

    He knew very well at that moment he couldn't move out of the house that frightened you so, but he could help you in that moment. Maybe not completely, but he would try his best to erase your fear.

    It was worth it all when you laughed, helping to move the table further in and away from the window.

    Jumin sped up the plans to move in to your new house the very next day and you couldn't have been more thankful. Although, he did say that you should try going to therapy for it in the mean time. He couldn’t have you anywhere else by his side and with the only other option of housing being an apartment with a bomb in it, he wanted you to feel at least a little safer in your home.

    You took him up on his suggestion the moment he offered it.

    It helped that you had someone as supportive as him and he felt he was finally getting to repay you for the kindness you had shown him at the very beginning.


    When living underground, it should be expected you would find a spider. It just goes without saying, you really hoped you wouldn't.

    Besides you hadn't mentioned to Zen your crippling fear of them and you didn't want to ever mention it. He had done so much for you, you really didn't want him to get worked up over spiders.

    Quite honestly, when you had first gone to Rika’s appointment and it had become somewhat of a permanent home to you, you were almost certain that it would come up sooner or later. You were lucky it hadn’t come up earlier.

    Although, when you were staying at the apartment, you had a plan. Maybe that plan was just begging Seven to come over to kill it.

    It was the best you could do when no one was allowed to know where you were. No matter how scared you were, you kept you word.

    But all good things come to an end, and you were cooking one day when you opened a cupboard, pulled out a jar, only to find a spider on top of it.

    Screaming, you fell away from the cabinet, landing on the floor with a thud. The world spun around you as you scrambled to get away, panic making your heart beat wildly.

    "MC? MC?!"

    You didn't need to turn around to know he was in the doorway. He made a beeline over to you, gently clasping your elbow. "Are you alright? What happened."

    "Uh, spi--spider."

    "Sorry babe, what'd you say?"

    It was humiliating, stuttering out a single word. The bane of your existence, in fact. But Zen just looked at you and smiled softly.

    "Do you want me to kill it?" he asked, oh so kindly, and you nodded, backing a bit away from the cabinet.

    Thankfully, he managed to trap the spider in a glass, and move it out of the window. You wondered why he didn't kill it, but you didn't care as long as it was gone.

    Moving back to your side, he helped you up. "I'll stay here with you, chase all those spiders away, hm?"

    You were grateful he hadn't said anything about how silly it was that you were scared.

    More than anything, you were glad you had someone to kill those spiders.


    To be honest, you had no idea why you hadn't said anything to him when you knew he had a phobia of spiders, but he had been so excited to go to the zoo with you.

    Almost immediately he had pinpointed where all the snakes were and you could feel your hands sweat at the prospect.

    But you had managed to distract him by pointing at the map. “What about the lions first?”

    At every turn, you tried to steer him away from the exhibit. Going elsewhere to see the monkeys, the meerkats and the tigers, you lead him everywhere until you couldn't put it off any longer and he pointed to where all the snakes were.

    "MC, c'mon, c'mon! You said we could see them when we got there and we're here now."

    You didn't really think he was much of a snake guy, but Yoosung liked to surprise you.

    As he dragged you in, you could feel your hand start to shake and your legs felt weak underneath you.

    Then, you were face to face with your worst nightmare, and you couldn't even bring yourself to look at them.

    There Yoosung was, excitedly talking on and on about these snakes (why did he know so much?) and you couldn't even let him enjoy it.

    In your panic, you hadn't realised that Yoosung had stopped talking and was now trying to get you to talk to him.

    "MC, are you alright? What happened?"

    He placed a hand to your shoulder and you flinched, drawing your gaze up to his. You nodded your head towards the exhibit. "Snakes.”

    Thankfully he, he seemed to know what you were trying to say.

    “Oh, oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know!” he rushed out, grabbing your hand and taking you straight outside.

    Back at the map, Yoosung quickly scanned it and then pointed to where there was a bird show. “I quite like birds, don’t you MC?”

    Although you could still feel your legs shake and the hands, you grinned at him. With the residue fear seeping away, you nodded. “I can do birds.”

    You gave his hand a squeeze. “Lead the way.”


    After all her hard work, dealing with Jumin for as long as she had, she deserved to have a vacation. However, when she said that you would take an aeroplane.

    Really, if you’d have known, you would’ve suggested a cruise, or a holiday in the country. But alas, she had pulled up at the airport with one of those award winning smiles she flashed you (the one reserved for you and only you, with the warmth and love just radiating from it).

    What could you do? You couldn’t deny her this.

    So, even thought you could feel your head spin going through security, knowing it was about to get worse, you didn’t complain.

    As you ate your dinner in the airport café, you didn’t complain.

    When you were boarding, you didn’t complain even though you could feel your stomach churning as you sat in your seats.

    However, once you felt the plane speed up and the lurch that meant you were in the sky, it was a whole other story.

    You were mumbling to yourself, trying to calm yourself down. Recounting TV show characters, counting up to a hundred, anything to distract yourself.

    For a while, you were certain you had Jaehee fooled, since she was watching a movie but then you felt her hand move over yours.

    She rubbed soothing circles around your knuckles and moved your head onto her shoulder.

    “What’s the matter, dearest?”

    Turning, you buried your head into her shoulder, taking a minute to let yourself calm down. Luckily, she seemed to understand and just let you be until at last, you took a deep breath and sat upright.

    Jaehee just continued to rub soothing circles around your knuckles, and you sighed. “You know how you’re scared of dogs?”

    She hummed.

    “Well I’m scared of aeroplanes.” It came out muffled and quiet because you were desperately trying to hide yourself away and focus on her hand to stop the anxiety.

    You had expected scorn, but she just moved you back to her shoulder and used her free hand to stroke your hair. “You should’ve told me, I wouldn’t have booked tickets if you had.”

    “No!” you protested, although your voice was still just above a whisper. “No, you deserve this, I wasn’t going to scare you away from a vacation because I’m a little afraid.”

    The flight jumped, as if to prove you wrong, and you couldn’t help but whimper.

    Her hand in your hair brought you back. “Just focus on me, MC. There’s nothing to be afraid of while I’m here.”


    Contrary to popular belief, you were probably the most fearless out of the two of you. Seven would probably be the first one to admit, you were an absolute badass.

    But he was absolutely biased.

    That being said, you had one, terrible weakness no one had considered.

    You were completely, utterly and absolutely terrified of dogs.

    It wasn’t your fault you had been attacked and bitten by one, they were just little monsters that were best observed from very, very far away. From you specifically.

    Sure, they were cute, but all dogs harboured a demon inside of them. And unluckily for you, it seemed one of your neighbours owned a chihuahua.

    Unfortunately for you, you also had an irritated Seven sitting in your apartment doing whatever the fuck and very pointedly ignoring you, which drove you outside and into the hallway.

    Sat on the ground, minding your own business and totally not crying, you weren’t really expecting to feel a little dog come right up to you and rub against your hand.

    Once you realised, you screamed and scrambled away, scratching at the floor as you tried to push yourself away. The poor dog jumped away and seemed so confused as to why you were terrified.

    Another fright was the door opening to your side and a frantic Seven rushed out in a hurry.

    “MC! Are you hurt? What happened?”

    You whipped your head to see him and he stared at you, trying to see if anything was wrong. Then he glanced to see what had frightened you to see a small dog in the middle of the hallway.

    There was a beat of silence as he panted and then he burst out into laughter at the absurdity of it. You burned bright red with humiliation, but you didn’t have much time to think about it because the dog barked again.

    This time, you didn’t stick around, sprinting to behind Seven, clutching at his shoulders.

    If you couldn’t see it, then it wasn’t a problem.

    “MC, it’s okay, it won’t hurt you when I’m here.”

    As much as you loved the man, you weren’t exactly holding out hope on that. He did say he had training, but he was running on no sleep and chips.

    But he led you inside again, being careful to make sure you were in first and locking the door behind him. He even made sure you were safely tucked in bed, whilst you were still pretty freaked out.

    Nothing was said, it didn’t have to be. No matter what he said, no matter how he acted, you always knew deep down he cared.

    It was nice to see Him again.


    It had been almost four years since you had last been, you had thought you would’ve gotten over it. But it still persisted.

    He was alive, it was fine. In fact, the hospital had done some good. It was a good thing, a great thing, even. However, as the building loomed over you, you felt the familiar nausea return.

    “Jihyun, it’s really not necessary, it’s just a cold.”

    It was not, in fact, just a cold. Unfortunately for you and your low, terrible immune system, you had developed pneumonia and you knew it, you just didn’t want to face the prospect.

    Even though Jihyun had so diligently cared for you in the past week and you knew he was making himself sick with worry, you really didn’t want to go inside.

    “MC, you need to see a doctor,” he urged, rubbing at your arm as you broke into another coughing fit that had you wheezing afterwards. With your lungs burning, you had little choice as he slowly lead you inside.

    The place was still as blindingly white as it was the first time and stank of antiseptic.

    Paired with the sickness, you were having an awful time, and Jihyun realised very quickly.

    "Angel, are you alright?”

    No, you were going to have a panic attack and pass out, but all in a days work. “Can we leave? Please, I can’t--”

    Unfortunately for you, you didn’t get to say anything else as you passed out.

    When you came too, you were still in that awful place with the stench of antiseptic and you flung your hand out in desperation, trying to find Jihyun in the mess. Someone grabbed your wrist before you could do much else and that calm, soothing voice called out for you.

    “Angel, shh, it’s okay. You’re okay.”

    Focusing on his whispered assurances, you relaxed as much as you could back into the bed, although you could still a very prevalent discomfort at where you were.

    A thumb was brushing against your knuckle, rubbing circles on the rough skin around it and you looked over to him. His face was lined with worry and you tried to gently cup his cheek, but he stopped you before you could get that far.

    You sighed, he probably wanted to say something about how you should’ve gone in earlier, but he said nothing of the sort.

    “After you get better, I think you should see someone about this. It’s not good to be so scared of something that can help you.”

    With a voice quieter than a whisper, you said, “I know.”

    He was right, he usually was. But you realised far too late that this wasn’t a way to live. You called and asked for an appointment the day you got out.


    During your stay at Mint Eye, you had developed a prevalent fear of the dark. All your memories of that awful place were dark and fuzzy, full of crazed eyes, flowers and moonlight.

    You couldn't bear the thought of telling Saeran, though, so much so that you ended up always sleeping on the couch with the lights on just to avoid it.

    Although he noticed that you were sleeping on the couch, you were able to explain it away with a wave of your hand and blame it on watching late night television.

    Most things don't stay secret for long and it came in the form of a thunder storm and power outage.

    You had been warned in advance that it would probably happen but you hoped it wouldn't, falling back on that unwavering optimism.

    It happened and you dropped your tablet in fright, screaming at how sudden it was.

    With the shattering glass and terrified screaming, Saeran found himself running in from the other room.

    If something had happened, if he couldn't protect you again--


    It was the call of his name that made him blindly feel out for you in a panic. "MC? MC, where are you?"

    The urgency in his voice had the familiar gnawing of guilt rise up your throat but you couldn't help it when you were shivering and fuzzy headed, your breath coming out in quick pants as you verged on a panic attack.

    A long, long time after Saeran would say that he must've looked completely mad but in that moment, when he accidentally tripped over you on the floor, it was the scariest thing that could possibly happen.

    In fact, you both ended up screaming, at least until Saeran realised who it was and reached out for you. You shoved yourself into him, clutching at his shirt and running your fingers over the fabric again and again until it was ingrained in your head.

    With your focus on the roughness of his shirt, you were able to calm your breathing down. Saeran’s hand ran through your hair and you sighed shakily.

    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

    Quietly shushing you, he just rocked you back and forth, quietly muttering under his breath.

    “You’re okay, you’re okay, no one’s here, it’s just a storm.”

    “It’s too--It’s too dark--” you cried.

    Moving away he gently pried you from his shirt. “Okay, wait. I’ll get a flashlight.”

    “No, Saeran, no. Please.”

    Your mind went straight back to Mint Eye to whenever you would spend nights outside, listening to him talking about how useless and worthless he was only to be replaced by a man you didn’t know, who made you feel useless and worthless.

    But more than anything, you remembered Rika as she cried and screamed and blamed all her short comings on everyone but herself. And those horrible, horrible nights you spent in your room thinking something would happen, waiting for it.

    There was glass in your hand now, you knew there was but you couldn’t feel Saeran anywhere near you and it was sending you spiralling more.

    “MC, I’m here, hey, hey, hey, I’m here.”

    The light flashed on and once you could see Saeran staring at you, you grabbed at him, pulling him into another hug.

    You stayed like that until the lights flickered back on again and he took one look at his bloodied shirt and looked to you, raking his eyes over you in a frantic search for any injuries.

    When he found your hand, the glass still in it, he took you to the bathroom and began cleaning it. In the time it took to bandage it up, you had explained all about your fear, that the reason why you had been sleeping on the couch was because you were too scared to sleep in the dark and you didn’t want to wake him.

    Sighing, he washed his hands. “You should see someone about this, MC. I’ll book you an appointment with my therapist.”

    “Can you be there with me?” you asked, voice cracking after the long, stressful talk you’d had.

    “Of course, I’ll be there for as long as you’ll have me.”

    #mystic messenger#headcanon#jumin han #jumin x reader #zen #zen x reader #yoosung kim #yoosung x reader #jaehee #jaehee x reader #v mystic messenger #v x reader #ge saeran #saeran x reader #why are these tags so longg #x mc#technically#707 #707 x reader
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    Mystictober 2021 | Day 17: Favourite Ending / Plushie

    #soRRY THIS POST IS LATE #mystictober2021#mystictober #saeran mystic messenger #choi saeran#mystic messenger#mysme#daily saeran #mystic messenger saeran #post ge ray
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    i wanna plant strawberries with saeyoung and then take turns feeding them to each other as they’re ready for harvesting

    then he kisses you and tells you you taste like strawberries

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    i know i don't use tumblr much but i wanna use instagram more often. is there a way to gain followers that aren't bots? i'm active on discord, snapchat and now instagram so please add me on those platforms. (my snapchat and discord are listed on my insta) i'm interested into many things like marvel, dc comics, anime/manga, some video games. i don't mind the whole follow for follow thing if that's all you wanna do, but i'm also interested in making acquaintances. group chats are most fun. 😊

    i'll list some of my interests in the tags

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    day 17: favorite ending

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    *Mystic Messenger Romance Challenge Update*

    I'll be a bit busy helping my little brother move this week so please take this time to think about your CMC....even though there's no cutoff date.

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    A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

    Jumin Han x Reader Cinderella!Au

    Sfw, fluff

    Practiced fingers moved along small black buttons, precisely slotting them into the button-holes of a black suit vest. A sigh escaped Jumin Han’s lips as he stared at himself in the mirror. He didn’t want to go through with this. And this was the deal that Jumin had negotiated his father DOWN to. What his father had wanted was an arranged marriage. Just the thought of it made Jumin feel nauseated. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to get married. However he wanted the person he married to be the one that made his heart leap at the mere thought of them; he wanted them to be someone who genuinely loved him and not his money or because of his royal status as a prince. Because, Jumin was certian, if he had to give up everything except the love his life, he’d do it without hesitation.

    But if Jumin was good at anything, it was negotiation. He had only agreed to his father’s terms so as long as he got to choose in the end. What he hadn’t expected his father to do was organize a grand ball with an open invitation to everyone within their kingdom.

    Jumin put on his suit jacket, examined himself in the mirror once more and walked out of his personal parlor with a dissapointed look on his face. The castle was too loud today. It made him want to curl up and dissapear. The sounds of several women squealing as he entered the ballroom didn’t help. He joined his father, sitting in the seat set aside for him at the front of the room. His father’s voice was stern and dissapoined as his son took his seat,

    “You know, you of all people should know how rude it is to be late.”

    “Late? Cant exactly start without me, can you? You’ve made it quite clear to everyone that I’m the man of the evening.”

    “This is what you wanted.”

    “No. This is what you wanted. I dont find pleasure in building up and crushing the hopes of all of these people. This is a show. You’ve pit an entire kingdom of singles against each other. Division of a kingdom is the single worst thing a king can do and yet you-“

    An orchestra swelled to a loud start, cutting off Jumin. He was greatful for it, not wanting to know what would come out of his father’s mouth in response. He watched the room fill with even more people, most of whom seemed desperate to get his attention. Little did they know that that’s exactly the reason Jumin would look past them. Eventually, the line of people streaming through the doors stopped, and Jumin was able to turn his full attention to his dinner. An easy escape.

    Jumin was halfway into his steak when he saw the large doors to the ballroom open slowly, the opener taking care to hold the door so it closed back silently. A late arrival. This peaked Jumin’s interest. He wiped his mouth with his white cloth napkin before abruptly getting up.

    “And just where are you going?” His father asked.

    “Someone has peaked my interest.” He walked away and headed towards the doors, trying to keep his eyes on you so you weren’t lost in the crowd. Jumin paid no mind to everyone trying to talk to him, He approached you quickly, a small smile on his face.

    “Good evening, how were your travels?” He asks, watching you take in your surroundings with bright, wandering eyes. He felt his chest warm.

    “Huh- oh! Y-yes, good evening. Quite fantastic actually, thank you.” You said, clearly flustered. His eyes traveled down to your dress, a light blue, off the shoulder gown with sheer, wrist-length sleeves. Jumin found himself wanting to call you beautiful, but feared coming off too strong.

    “Did you come here this evening in hopes of winning the prince’s heart?” He muses and locked eyes with you for the first time.

    “Me? No chance he’d even ever look at me.” You laugh.

    “I find that hard to believe. Honestly I think he’d find it hard to look away from you.” Jumin watched as your cheeks turned red and a smile formed on his lips.

    “Actually, I was wondering if I could be so honored as to request to dance with you?” Jumin asked. Your head turned quickly to look at him, eyes widened, but your focus quickly turned to the floor.

    “I’m not sure how good I’ll be… I’ve never danced with anyone before.”


    You nodded slowly and Jumin couldn’t believe it. You had never danced with anyone before? No. Surely that was a mistake. How no one had ever wanted to twirl you around a ballroom, or even a quaint kitchen for that matter, was beyond him.

    “Then may I have the honor of being your first dance? I’d be happy to show you how.”

    “I… yes, please. You may.” You say, clearly flustered.

    Jumin extended his white gloved hand out to you, shocked at the strange feeling that stirred in his chest when you put your hand in his. Why am I nervous? He thought. Perhaps it was wanting to make sure your first dance was perfect- though he was a more than capable teacher. He pushed it all aside, concentrating on what was at hand. Jumin kept his head raised high, hoping that you weren’t noticing the glares from other women as you passed by them. No. He hadn’t introduced himself to you, he realized suddenly. The way you had talked to him he was certian you didn’t know who he was. He liked that. He liked that you were treating him as a normal human being. But he had to tell you soon. It was wrong not to. He wanted to get to know you and… he wanted you to get to know him. Jumin lead you to the ballroom’s center, and stopped to face you. He snaked his arm around your waist, letting his hand rest on the small of your back. This pulled your bodies close together, and you found yourself blushing. Jumin could feel his pulse begin to race. The closer he got to you, the more small details about you he noticed. The way your eyelashes left tiny shadows on your cheeks, your slightly nervous breathing under his hand, the perfect shape of your lips. Jumin gave your hand a gentle squeeze as the orchestra swelled to a start, playing Émile Waldteufel’s The Skater’s Waltz.

    “Just follow me, you’ve got this.” He said quietly enough that only you could hear. Jumin started you off slow, making sure you could follow each of his steps and moves. You had your head down, clearly trying to watch his feet. Jumin thought it was cute, but would rather look at you. He suddenly wished even more that he knew your name. But he couldn’t now. Not with so many ears and eyes.

    “Hey.” He said softly. When you looked up at him he felt his heart jump. You both locked eyes and Jumin smiled softly

    “There, you’re doing perfectly. Just like one of those little dancers in music boxes.” He moved to twirl you, still refusing to take his eyes off of you. He didn’t understand himself. The feelings flowing through him were so sure and strong that he couldn’t even attempt to question or dismiss them. Nothing else seemed to exist when he was looking at you.

    “Thank you.” You responded to him quietly, giggling when he twirled you. He pulled you slightly closer when he brought you back in. But, much to Jumin’s disappointment, the orchestra ceased to play way too soon. You both did a small bow to each other You were smiling, and Jumin wanted to see that more.

    “Follow me? Quickly.” He said, suddenly maneuvering quite quickly through the crowd of people who were all trying to get his attention. You tried your best to stay close behind, following him out of the ballroom, down a short hall and put into the gardens. Jumin glanced behind him, making sure no one else was following you. To his relief, you were both alone.

    “Thank God. What is wi—“

    “Excuse me?” You asked softly, cutting him off. Jumin looked down at you.


    “I… realized I never asked your name before.” You said, fiddling with your fingers. He smiled.

    “I’m Jumin.”

    “Jumin… wait” Her eyes went wide, “as in… the prince?”

    Jumin chuckled,


    “I’m so sorry! I didn’t- Of course now it all makes sense but I…”

    Jumin put his hand up, stopping you.

    “No, please. Trust me. It’s a relief to be treated like a normal person.”


    “More than I could ever say. I mean… a room full of people only trying to get your attention because of your status or wealth? Being forced to pick one of them for marriage by a father that insists an arranged marriage is the only way for our kingdom to succeed? Today should have been one of my worst days. I woke up this morning figuring it was going to be. Then you walked in, late, unknowing of who I am, not a shred of knowlage on ballroom dancing, and you’re the most beautiful person in the room? I think… maybe today isn’t so bad. All thanks to you.” Jumin sat down on a white marble bench and stared down at his feet, trying to hide the blush rising on his cheeks.

    “It’s a shame… that no one wants to see the real you. Of course, I’ve never paid much attention to your public facing mask, which I’m afraid I’ve made painfully obvious. But… this you in front of me feels so warm. It’s not so serious and prince-y.


    “Yeah! As if… I dont know. It’s something radiating off of you. Something happy, something longing.”

    Jumin looked up at you,

    “What’s your name?” Loud bells began to chime behind his question.”

    “Midnight… I-I’ve got to go.. I’m so sorry Jumin. Thank you for everything.” You said, clearly panicked, before running off. Jumin called after you, asking you to wait as he ran after you. But you didn’t slow down. Confusion flooded him as he ran down the castle steps, stopping to pick up one of your shoes that you had dropped. He examined it closely. He had proof of you, even if he couldn’t physically find you. He would never stop searching until he did.

    The next morning, Jumin called for a kingdom wide search, much to the disappointment of his father. Jumin didn’t care. He needed to find you. So he went with his guards to home after home, each person unsuccessfully. And even as they searched the final home, you were still nowhere to be found. Jumin stepped outside, letting out a deep sigh. But not a moment later, someone bumped into him, spilling water from a watering can onto him im the process.

    “Oh! I’m so sorry I- Jumin?”

    Jumin looked at you, his eyes widening. It was you. You were dressed quite different than you had been, your simple, plain clothes covered with a stained apron. Jumin glanced back at the door, noticing how differently your family was dressed than you. The realization made anger bubble up inside of him. They were using you as nothing more than a maid. Jumin looked back at you,

    “Dear… I still haven’t learned your name.”

    “(Y/N).” You smiled, eyes going to the lone shoe he had in his hand, “Is that mine?”

    “It is… I’ve been looking everywhere for you, (Y/N). I couldn’t just forget you. I’m so glad I found you.”

    #Jumin Han #Jumin han x reader #i tried to do it a littleeeee different because I know everyone knows Cinderella’s story #mystic messenger#mysme #jumin x reader #jumin x mc
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    Mystictober 2021: Day 17 - Delivery

    You can read this on Ao3 if you want to.

    Rating: T

    Prompt: Plushie

    Pairing: Yoosung/707

    Wordcount: 1249

    Summary: Seven gets Yoosung a surprise gift.


    There was a knock at the door, and Yoosung looked up from his homework, irritated. He’d finally managed to focus on his homework and not on his games, and then someone decided to interrupt him. He got up, and went to the door - it was a deliverywoman who looked peeved.

    “Sorry for making you wait!” he said, and opened the door for her.

    “It’s fine, just… what the heck did you order that’s almost impossibly light? It was hard to keep these boxes on the cart, even.”

    “Uh… I didn’t order anything?”

    “You are Yoosung Kim, correct?” she rattled off his address, and he nodded.

    “Well, someone sure sent you a lot of nothing.”

    “I can guess who.”

    “I know it’s your privacy, but if you’re willing to will you pop one of those open so I can see what I was carrying?”

    Yoosung laughed and blushed a little, but then opened one of the smaller boxes. OH. It was plushies?

    He reached in and pulled out a plush UFO, complete with cute green alien.

    “Apparently someone decided I was studying too hard and needed plushies to survive.” Yoosung said, laughing.  The delivery woman just shook her head, also laughing.

    “Thanks for humoring me, kid. Good luck on your studying, and remember to tell your girlfriend thank you.”

    “Uh... Thanks?” Yoosung said, "I don’t have a girlfriend though.”

    “Oh, my bad.” The deliverywoman said while walking away. “Guess it makes more sense for a soft gift like this to come from a boyfriend anyway.”

    Yoosung blinked. He had been feeling like he could probably get some studying done, but… she thought he had a boyfriend? He wished!

    After the door closed he tore into the rest of the boxes.  Let’s see, there was the UFO, and then a cute white unicorn… that was a latte mug with a face on it.  So.. Wait.. That one is a snuggly glass of red wine.  These were cute plushie versions of all of his friends!

    So, the UFO was obviously Seven, his favorite alien. The Coffee was Jaehee. The Wine was Jumin.

    Those three were easy.

    The Unicorn… yeah okay, that had to be Zen. He really was a mythical beast.

    And the cute little dinosaur had to be V, because it was the same color as V’s hair and eyes… and also old and rarely seen. Yeah, that tracked.

    But was one supposed to be him? There were 3 he didn’t know, a sun, a ghost, and a … was that a plague doctor?!

    “God Seven, you’re weird.”

    “Thanks!” came a voice from the other side of the door, followed by a knock.


    Yoosung went and opened the door, and it was Seven… and another large box?

    “I had this one delivered to my house by mistake so I brought it over and it looks like I had good timing?”

    Yoosung smiled, and helped his friend carry the (suspiciously light) box into the room.

    “Seven, you sent me all these plushies, right?”

    “You know I did.”

    “So, I figured out just about everyone I think, but I have at least three left over.”

    “At least?”

    “Well you just brought another whole box.”

    “Oh! This!”

    Seven ripped the tape open, and pulled out a giant corgi-dog beanbag.

    “Puppy!!!” Yoosung said, and went to hug it but Seven tossed it to the side and stole Yoosung’s hug instead.


    “How else was I going to get a hug with all of these plushies in your life?”

    “Um. Uh… ask, I guess?” Yoosung’s cheeks were bright red when Seven finally released him.

    “Oh! Okay!” Seven said cheerfully. “So, beanbag corgi aside, you said you had three unassigned?”

    “Yeah…” Yoosung went over what he’d thought about for all of them, and Seven nodded along. ”You’re entirely correct. So, you have three left. Which ones?”

    “Well, I have this plague doctor?”

    “Yeah, that’s Madam Vanderwood. Not that you will ever know her, but. She’s scary but when I need her she’s very important.”

    “And the ghost?”

    “That’s… well, I picked it for someone special to me who’s not part of my life anymore but you can use it to hug when you’re missing someone.”

    “Like Rika.”

    “You said it, not me.”

    Yoosung chuckled, and then brandished a big fluffy sun at Seven.

    “So who’s the sun?!”

    “Well, you obviously.”


    Seven, of course, started singing.

    “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…”

    “God, No, Seven, Anything but that.”

    Seven shrugged, and switched songs.

    “You light up my liiiiife….”

    “Okay, okay!” Yoosung said, and threw his sun-self-plushie at Seven.

    “Oh, are you throwing yourself at me now?” Seven said, and stepped precariously close to Yoosung. “Can I hug you?”

    Yoosung blinked and nodded.

    Seven wrapped his arms around the blonde, who pulled him close.

    “Thanks for the gift, Seven.” He said quietly, but loud enough for the hacker to hear him.

    “Anything to make you happy, Yoosung.” Seven said, equally quietly, hugging him tighter for a moment before pulling away. “Do you have time for a movie??? I kinda want to curl up with you and all your new plushies!”

    Yoosung laughed, a blush still coloring his cheeks. His friend had way too much energy.

    “Well, I was trying to get some studying done, but…”

    “Pretty please???”

    Seven pulled out his secret weapon: puppy dog eyes.  Yoosung was done for.

    “Okay, okay. We can watch a movie.”

    Later, multiple movies in, with the remnants of delivery pizza and too many cans of PhD Pepper scattered about, Yoosung looked up at Seven’s sleepy eyes and smiled.

    “Hey, Sevenny?” Yoosung said, laying a drowsy head on the hacker’s shoulder.

    “What’s up, Sung?”

    “You know I love you, right?”

    Seven froze for just a second, before pulling Yoosung closer into his side.

    “I guessed, but… well, I know now.” Seven said, trying to remind himself that the boy probably just meant like as friends, or as family, not… not the way he wanted to take it.

    Yoosung sighed a little, seeming disappointed, but Seven thought he was probably just reading into the tired sounds of the most important person in his life.

    “Hey Sung, what’s wrong?”

    “Nothing.” Yoosung said, cursing the traitor tear that escaped his eye and rolled down his cheek.

    Seven was an agent. He missed nothing.

    “That’s patently untrue, hon.” Seven said, wiping the tear off of his cheek and turning so that he could look the  blonde in the eye. “Please, tell me? I can’t make you happy if I don’t know why you’re upset.”

    Yoosung sighed. Well, now he could refuse and ruin his friendship or tell him and ruin his friendship. Great.

    “I finally told you… but you didn’t say it back.” He managed to say, though he choked up halfway through. Seven looked and realized that Yoosung was holding onto the plush alien for dear life, and his brain refused to connect what Yoosung wanted with what he himself dreamed of.

    Seven blinked a few times. “You meant…” No. It wasn’t possible.

    “I’m sorry.” Yoosung said. “I just thought, maybe.. I know you said that was something agents can’t have but…”

    Seven couldn’t bear to hear the sad tone in his voice anymore, and pulled his best friend into his lap, planting a kiss directly on his surprised lips.

    After a moment, Seven pulled back and golden eyes met violet. “I love you so much, Yoosung. I will make it work somehow. I have to.”

    This time, it was Yoosung who kissed him.

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    Mystic Messenger Characters as Squishables

    This is surprisingly relevant to today's Mystictober fic. This is the website from which these soft friends can be acquired!









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