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  • the-chariot-tarot
    04.12.2021 - 31 minutes ago

    🔥♔Daily Card For 12.3.2021: Queen Of Wands Reversed🔥♔

    🔥♔Today’s energy is the Queen of Wands Reversed. You may be more short tempered with others lately. Don’t misuse your power, instead focus on why you feel that need to control. You may need to  re-establish yourself, do some self care and get your confidence back!🔥♔

    🦀⚖️ How did my card reading apply to you?🦀⚖️

    🦀⚖️If  you enjoy my daily readings and would like a personal reading  for yourself, then read my pinned tweet on how to get one. I’d be happy  to answer any questions you may have. 🦀⚖️

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    04.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    taken in miami ❄️❄️

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  • quirky-and-kind
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Zen X CMC Lea

    December 3rd Kissing under the Mistletoe and December 4th Snowed in during a Holiday Getaway

    Written for @voltage-vixen ‘Tis the Season for Smut

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    Do not engage below cut unless 18+

    Just sitting down with a steaming mug of tea. Waiting for it to cool Lea watches the snowflakes outside the window across the living room. Concerned for Zen who had run out to get groceries for the next couple of days as the intensity of the weather seems to be picking up. It was unusual to get this heavy of a snowstorm in Seoul but with climate change perhaps not unheard of? Pulling her blanket more tightly around her shoulders the sound of the apartment door opening sent a rush of relief through Lea’s body.

    “Zen,” Calling out as she attempts to untangle herself. Turning her head she can see her snow covered actor crashing around by the entryway shedding all his outerwear.

    “It’s freezing Cherub. Stay there, I'll be right over.” Snuggling deeper into her self made cocoon, Lea watches her boyfriend throwing off clothes. Snow still clinging to his lovely hair.

    “It’s getting bad out,” Lea states it as more of an observation than a question, Zen glances over at her as he crosses to leave the bags on the kitchen table.

    “I heard at the store they might start closing transportation down.” It was a little thrilling to think about being snowed in together. Both having worked hard to arrange a little staycation over the holiday as it was. They had plans but everything seemed less important with the prospect of the world closing around them. Allowing them their own private paradise.

    “Maybe we won’t make it to Jumin’s for dinner.” Sauntering around the couch Lea can’t help but giggle at the nonchalant shrug Zen graces her comment with.

    “I’m not ungrateful for him offering his home or to make us a meal to share but if the result is maybe multiple evenings trapped with my sweet and exceptionally sexy princess. I know which I’ll choose.” The way Zen is devouring her with his gaze sends a shiver up Lea’s spine. The red flush to his cheeks from the chill outside the perfect excuse to throw off her blanket and invite him closer.

    “You look so cold, handsome prince, please come warm yourself, by me.” Fiddling with the bottom hem of Zen’s large sweatshirt. The only thing she is wearing as Lea asks sweetly with her eyes for him to join her. “I missed you, I was worried and you were gone for a long time.”

    “I was barely gone thirty minutes, sweet girl.” Fond, laughing as to Lea’s confusion, he drops to his knees in front of her seat instead of climbing onto it. “Are you that lost without your brave knight, my princess?” Finger’s teasing up her legs pushing the clothing higher, Zen hums gaze drawn down to her thighs squeezed together and hiding her treasure from his view.

    “I get lonely when you’re not here.” Training the smirk off her face, modeling the appearance of innocence she doesn’t possess. Watching Zen’s pupils dilate as he draws in a shaky breath. Intimately knowledgeable how her incessant desire for him can turn her emotional boyfriend into a beautiful mess.

    “I’d never want you to feel that way cherub. You’re to be cherished.” His hot breath tickled along her hips. Leaning forward to reach out both her hands, Lea gently grips the sides of Zen face.

    “You’re frozen darling. Please cuddle with me.” Even having been in the apartment for around ten minutes now Zen’s skin is still ice cold. Sitting up reaching into the pocket of his joggers Zen fishes around for a moment before withdrawing his hand clutching something.

    “What I need, precious girl, is kisses. Deep, delicious ones.” Licking his lips Zen lifts his hand opening the palm and dropping a mistletoe sprig above her hips. Blinking Lea stares at the plant for a moment before glancing back up at her boyfriend. Feeling her legs clench at the intensity his vermillion orbs level her with.

    “You don’t mean here do you darling.” Finger tips grazing her mouth, Lea swallows roughly. Holding her with a penetrating look, Zen slowly shakes his head.

    “Spread your thighs, angel, it’s the rule you know what this means.” Shaking the plant at her, taunting, Zen drops it on Lea’s chest as she obeys his command without question. Pleasure, crossing Zen’s chiseled face as Lea exposes herself to him. Sweet and warm, only he was allowed to see and touch his princess here. “I missed you too cherub. I saw the mistletoe for sale at the store and the only thing I could think of was my head buried between your legs.” Nibbling, mouthing slowly against her sensitive skin as Zen trails from Lea’s knee up towards her cunt already constricting and weeping for his attention.

    “If we get trapped here darling, let’s do everything. Like when we’re on vacation. No distractions, just us.” Gasping, cooing, Lea can barely contain the thrill watching her boyfriend as he nuzzles against her folds. Lifting her legs to rest over Zen’s shoulders, eager for his attention. Feather light Zen runs his lips down the length of her and Lea cries softly for more.

    “Have you drunk on me again? Until you can’t walk?” The heat of his breath against her soft skin and Lea lift’s her hips piteously begging for friction.

    “Zen-“ Whining low and long in her throat. Pleading with her actor, lower lip trembling.

    “Oh look at you sweet angel, so needy.” Huffing, almost growling as he speaks. About to lose it just from the feel of his words accentuated against her if Zen doesn’t provide more. “Your knight will rescue you.” Gripping her ass Zen tugs her closer, roughly, his mouth diving into her cunt as Lea cries out loudly at the change in pressure. The chill from his skin quickly fades as Zen’s tongue plunges inside of her. Lapping up her juices, the lewd slurping sound her boyfriend is making causes Lea’s sensible brain to short circuit.

    Done teasing Zen devours her with the intensity of a man starving. Alternating between delving within her. Tongue tickling her gummy walls as they constrict attempting to capture him there. Before licking long strips up her entire length to suck and blow on her clit with skilled ease. Hands digging into Zen’s scalp begging for him in a string of nearly nonsensical words. Unrelenting, Zen is spurred on as Lea grinds against him. Predatory gaze flicked up as the actor enjoyed watching his precious little girlfriend lose her mind for him.

    A rumpled, whimpering mess Lea is trembling her body is no longer her possession. Surrendering to the scene her boyfriend has created for her. The ache in her cunt the only real and palpable part of her at the moment. Ravaged by Zen, breath heaving, lost to the sensation within this dreamworld he’s brought her to. Absolving for him, collapsing useless into the cushions beneath her. Tingling, the sight of Zen lifting his face to her view and seeing her slick coating his lips, cheeks and chin is too much for her. Drowning in her essence, Zen is the sexiest thing she’s ever seen. Somehow serving her unquestionable while also controlling her every whim.

    “I’m not done yet princess, don’t let those sleepy little eyes close.” Licking his mouth the motion was almost scandalous. “I think I still feel a chill. Perhaps kisses weren’t enough.” When you’re trapped with a god, you can do nothing but cater to his every errant desire.

    Divider by a @luxielle who is currently snowed in at Mint Eye and having a very similar morning to Lea with Ray…. Lucky girl 😉

    Tag game: @goddess-shattering-star @zennysgirlfriend @rubylookingaround @gureishi @agent-bee @geniously-hacked-bebop @my-love-is-eternal @sunlightheidi

    #mystic messenger #tis the season of smut #tis the season of smut content challenge #dramatic romantics #zen x lea #lea backstage
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  • juminhandfs
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Rika: You are running away from your feelings.

    Jumin: Yes, I fail to see the problem? I hate my feelings.

    #mystic messenger#mysme#jumin han#mysme jumin #incorrect mysme quotes #mysme rika#rika kim #source: what we do in the shadows
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  • pyramidmedia369
    04.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    You Are "The LIGHT!" 🌈💡🧘🏾‍♂️

    EVERY cell in our body, every functioning organ, every thought form we think, all have their own frequency that creates harmony among its counterparts. You can use Copper Bowls, Tuning Forks, Binaural Beats, as one of the many natural methods anyone can easily use in their home to aid with immune health, mental health, depression, and even terminal diseases/cancers. All frequencies also have a color because everything has a tone. Color affects human behavior. For example: Red is known to be the most arousing color to the human eye, meanwhile Purple is proven to be the most calming and soothing color to the human eye. Hence, why car insurance companies charge more if you have a red car. I couldn't bring myself to talk about Sound Healing without showing how each octave/tone also has its own intangible color. In other words, one can pretty much say Light is Sound!

    Brainwaves and their effects

    You notice how these brainwaves all still have colors that represent its frequency?

    I don't intend to give you so much at once, but I am just here planting seeds that you may be able to use to connect some things for yourself. Look at this.

    Real Picture of a Rainbow

    Pay attention to the natural order of the colors! Isn't it interesting how the human chakra system is has the exact same color spectrum?

    Now look at what happens when you try to trap light into a PRISM....

    Interesting right? I will explain more about how the human experience is a projection through a prism (which is a the body itself). I will do this on another article or a new podcast episode on YouTube. But I just want to give you the correlations so you don't have to do too much to try and make the connections for yourself. The point I Am trying to make is YOU ARE THE LIGHT!


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  • eyemint
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Guys I got the glitch and im dying 💀 "That's me in the photo" WHO????

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  • amee-racle-ofmyown
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    comfy TwT

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  • sincerelymystic
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • thedevilsruby
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The Bloodied Diamond (Multi chapter Spanche fic)

    Sequel to A Sapphire Among the Diamonds. Blanche and Spark must fight in a war they unintentionally started, along with dealing with unexpected twists and allies. But together, our favorite couple will get through anything, war or no war.

    Chapter Seven: Arrival

    Arlo groaned as he held his stomach, looking green in the face. "Can Gyrados stop bobbing like that for one second?"

    "I didn't know you got sea sick." Spark raised an eyebrow before taking his backpack off and getting a bottle out and offering Arlo two small pills. "Dramamine."

    Arlo greedily took the pills and swallowed them, ignoring the taste. He sighed in relief. "Thanks." He said. Spark nodded in reply before looking back forward.

    "Remind me again why we couldn't just take Zapdos." Sierra raised an eyebrow at Spark.

    "Zap can only hold up to three people, and there are five of us." Spark said seriously. "And I already exhausted his wings flying me back home, I can't just summon him whenever I want."

    "Just saying it would be easier..." Sierra muttered, hugging Cliff's waist tighter.

    "Gyrados flies a lot faster than Articuno in an emergency, the sooner we get Willow and Candela, the better." Blanche said.

    "The sooner I get off Gyrados, the better." Arlo moaned, wishing the dramamine would kick in sooner.


    Cyran stood over the edge of the cliff, arms behind his

    back as the wind blew. A soldier walked up to him, keeping at a distance. "Shall I give the army the signal, sire?" He asked.

    "Soon enough." Cyran said simply.

    "They're closing, aren't they, sire?"

    "You assume correct. I will tell you when the army should come out, just be patient, Gregory." Cyran said, a flash in his eyes.

    "Yes, sire." With a bow, Gregory turned to walk away. That's when Cyran held his hand up.

    "Wait," He said, his lips curling into an evil smirk as he saw a blue dot approaching. "They've come. I knew they would." He turned to Gregory and nodded. Gregory nodded back and sprinted off towards the village.

    Blanche clenched their fists as the island came into view. They were normally the neutral type, but this?

    This was unforgivable.

    "Faster, Gyrados!" They commanded, blue flashing in their olive green eyes.

    Gyrados roared and heeded his master's words, flying as fast as he could. Arlo yelped and gripped Gyrados's back. "Slow down!" He couldn't help but whine, feeling his lunch about to come back out.

    "We can't!" Spark snapped. "Those fuckers need to pay!"

    Sierra and Cliff shared a glance, surprised the blond was able to cuss that hard when he was angry.

    Gyrados snarled as he came close to the shore, Blanche and Spark jumping off before he came to a complete stop, not even caring their their feet were in shallow water ad they stepped forward.

    They saw Cyran now at the edge of the beach before them, smiling evilly.

    "I presume you've come to die." He chuckled. "A very wise choice."

    "They didn't come here to die." Cliff snarled, helping Sierra and Arlo off. "We came here to fight."

    "Where are our friends?" Spark growled.

    "Die first, then we'll release them." Cyran responded.

    Sierra let out a growl, hating this pompous asshole for killing innocent people. She gathered a large ball of dark energy in her palms, releasing it at him with a scream.

    Cyran didn't even have time to react as the ball hit him square in the gut. The wind was knocked out of him as he fell to his back with a pained yell. He snarled but smirked as he saw his army approach.

    "Kill them all!" He screamed.

    All the soldiers let out battle cries before rushing at the group. Blanche and Spark looked at the Rocket trio.

    "Hope you brought your battle spirits." Spark said, gathering lightning in his hands.

    "I was fucking born ready." Arlo said, all his nausea disappearing as he summoned a large steel sword in his hands,

    "Let's do this." Cliff said as he summoned and spun rocks around him.

    "To war." Blanche said, their eyes turning blue.

    #pokemon#pokemon go#leader blanche#leader spark #team mystic leader blanche #team instinct leader spark #leader sierra#leader cliff#leader arlo #team go rocket leader sierra #team go rocket leader cliff #team go rocket leader arlo
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  • juminsmysticmc
    04.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    𝓕𝓲𝓻𝓼𝓽 𝓒𝓱𝓻𝓲𝓼𝓽𝓶𝓪𝓼 𝓽𝓸𝓰𝓮𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓻

    by: myself aka @juminsmysticmc

    for the 04 December 2021

    Pairings: Jumin x Mc

    Warnings: /

    Author’s note : Hello! So, this is my story, of course I took Jumin and the day of my birthday, hehe...hope you can enjoy my story!

    ,,Jingle bells, jingle bells, lalalalalala, lalalala lalalalala, lalala lalalalala!’’ you hummed as you held your little newborn in your arms.

    You were kind of overjoyed that he was born in November and not after Christmas as you couldn’t wait to spend your first Christmas together with Jumin as a real family.

    ,,I’m here, my love,’’ Jumin whispered as he opened the door.

    Of course the first thing he did before he even greeted you or your son was to wash his hands properly and quickly take a shower.

    ,,All germs are gone, I can finally hold my son,’’ he whispered and took the baby in his arms.

    You observed Jumin as he softly pressed his son against his bare chest, still warm from the hot shower.

    Both of you slowly sat down and observed the sleeping baby.

    ,,Thank you for taking care of us and showering before you greet us,’’ you smiled and kissed him. The issue was that when you were to give birth to your son, you saw how another family had to bring in their newborn because of an infection and since then you were scared.

    No one was allowed near your son if they were sick and no one was allowed to hold him without their hands washed.

    No kisses on his hands. You just wanted him to grow up healthy and for that you would do everything.

    ,,Of course, my love, you two are my life’s purpose…’’ he whispered and gave you a kiss on your hand.

    Days passed and you were super hyped for your first Christmas pictures with your son in them.

    You made sure to decorate everything before Jihyun, the one who would take the pictures, came in so that everything would go smoothly.

    ,,While we are there, we can take the newborn picture too. Are you okay with it?’’ he asked you after he made sure to wash his hands properly.

    In the chatroom, Jumin already informed him that you were kind of sensitive about that and so he made sure to prepare everything so that you would feel comfortable.

    ,,Good idea! I will take off his Christmas clothes,’’ you giggled and while you were at it, making sure to also change diapers.

    Christmas time this year was so special that you and Jumin made sure to enjoy every single moment of it.

    The cozy afternoons together with the hot chocolate while your son was sleeping in your arms were one of your favorite moments and watching christmas movies was even more meaningful as now you had someone else to think of.

    And you knew that Christmas evening this year with your friends and family would for sure become a meaningful memory for the two of you...


    04.12.2021// 01:30 MEST

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  • deathandrebirth
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    this ones going to flop but i love her

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  • iamwinklebottom
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Tarot 📿PICK A CARD🌼: “Ancestor Messages?” Blessings, Boundaries, Colorism, Money, & Rejection


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  • tdc-incorrect-quotes
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    UrSu: The life of a Mystic is a strained and tense one. I envy the life of a smooth rock resting on the beach... warmed by the sun ... unaware of the trials and tribulations of sentient life...

    UrSol: Do you need to talk?

    UrSu: I wish I was a croissant.

    #ursu #ursu the master #ursol #ursol the chanter #mystics#urru #tdc incorrect quotes #source: tumblr#mod submits
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  • waylonwrites
    03.12.2021 - 5 hours ago


    I don't have any requests right now. I haven't had the motivation to write any of one shots I've thought about but I'd love to write requests. If you wanna request something, feel free to send it in!

    #waylonwrites#writing requests #mr love queen's choice #obey me #obey me shall we date #shall we date obey me #mystic messenger#mlqc
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  • rei-does-stuff
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Yoosung is trans no I don’t take criticism

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  • saiyumichoi
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Suit Saeran need to be honest with himself !!

    I love his style but his vibe he give me sometimes make me scared 😂😂

    Saeran x Saiyumi


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  • mostlysignssomeportents
    03.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The seance room in the back of the new Slashback Video storefront

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