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  • there is the sunrise: a slow crawl of light, hesitant but steady fingers brushing away the silver frost, stretching over field and forest without retreat, the hope of warmth and a new beginning, wrapped into the smile of a boy crowned golden and with their hope cradled in calloused hands.

    there is the day: a steady shine, a brightness that lingers in all corners, the smell of flowers springing up wherever the sun might reach, the hum of action and of work, of creating while the light springs forth from a girl with dirt underneath her nails and their life on her tongue.

    there is the sunset: most glorious in colour and beauty, a sight to bring tears of joy into any eye, the colours of a day well-spent changing to a time of rest, the soothing song of gentle breaths drawn by a girl with honey and lavender in her voice and comfort in her eyes.

    there is the night: grave and quiet, yet not without its sound of joy and reprieve, with time for slower thoughts and easy contemplation, a dark canvas upon which to reflect and find new dreams within the smudges under the eyes of a boy with the promise of a new start carved into his laughter.

    #narnia#peter pevensie#lucy pevensie#susan pevensie#edmund pevensie #chronicles of narnia #mywriting#narnia fic #i dont know where this came from or what it is it just happened and im immediately placing it into the world
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  • The New Normal

    An Owl House fanfic. Book 1 of Post Canon AU

    Chapter 2 - Midnight Thoughts

    Lilith wallows in guilt and self pity instead of sleeping.

    This is a bit jumbly and awkward but this time that was on purpose instead of just because I’m a hack. This is all Lilith’s thoughts and semi-failed self reflection at like 2 am after the last chapter, they wouldn’t be completely consice and structured.


    Lilith shifted uncomfortably under her makeshift blanket-a ratty old tarp riddled with holes that did absolutely nothing to shield her from the frigid night air that filled the rickety shed she was sleeping in. The hay beneath her scratched at any exposed skin and irritated her endlessly. When Lilith had asked her sister why she kept a stack of hay bales if she didn’t have any livestock Edalyn had given the incredibly unhelpful and mildly concerning answer of “wouldn’t you like to know, coven girl.”

    Edalyn had promised that they would find some proper bedding for her in the morning but it was too late to worry about it tonight. Lilith was certain that her sister was stalling just to make her suffer, but she didn’t really have any room to complain.

    A painful sting in her shoulders made her wince, the small cuts Edalyn had left there clotted over quickly enough but the skin around them was sensitive and the memory of pain was still there.

    It was late, long past midnight and fast approaching the witching hour, and lilith had gotten absolutely no sleep. It wasn’t the discomfort or pain that was keeping her from sleep, it wasn’t even the faint sounds of unknown creatures moving inside the shed, Lilith was being kept awake by the all-to-familiar feelings of guilt and regret. Her mind swam with memories of everything that had led to this moment, both in the past few days and long before. She had been haunted for years by the image of her sister’s innocent sleeping face lit up by the light of her curse, and the fear and confusing in her eyes when she experienced her first transformation. But now those memories were joined by new images, much fresher but no less heartbreaking. The rage in her sisters eyes on the bridge in front of the Emperor’s castle, soon replaced by shock and betrayal when she learned who had cursed her, and her desparate pleading as the Emperor’s guards dragged her away to be petrified. To be petrified. Edalyn was almost killed at it would have been her fault.

    And then, there was Luz. Try as she might, Lilith still struggled to see what was so special about her. She was certainly impressed with the little human"s tenacity in breaking into the conformatorium and, while Lilith had been holding back a bit, the girl’s prowess in their fight had been a surprise. But beyond that, whatever Edalyn saw in the human was a mystery to her. She wasn’t family, in fact until a month ago they were total strangers, yet Edalyn protected the young girl like a mother Slitherbeast defended her young.

    Lilith never intended to kill Luz, but she needed to catch Edalyn. She told herself again and again that she would have had time to swoop in and save the girl before she was impaled, and she almost convinced herself, if it weren’t for the fact that she didn’t even try. She cringed when she remembered the sight of the human shrinking into the distance as she plummeted to what could very well have been an agonizing death.

    Edalyn’s words echoed in her mind. ‘It’s gonna take a whole lot more than a botched rescue attempt and sharing the curse to make me even begin to consider forgiving you for what you did to my kid’. Lilith had honestly hoped that bearing her sister’s burdon would be enough to redeem herself, but she knew it couldn’t. She had caused far too much pain, decades of suffering, a promising life wasted, spent as an outlaw, all because of her ambition.

    Lilith hated was sickened by everything she had done, and felt nothing but shame when she realized that some small part of her regretted her change of heart. If she had just kept her mouth shut, turned her back on her sister and let the emperor do as he saw fit, she would be back in her apartment sleeping in her nice warm bed instead of freezing under a tarp in a tiny shack. Of course she never would have done it. Lilith was a terrible excuse for a sister but only an idiot would think she’d stand by and watch her own blood be petrified, but the thought that any part of her could consider it made bile rise in her throat as she felt more disgusted with herself than she had in her entire life.

    She really was a monster wasn’t she?


    Apparently by “by the end of Sunday” I meant 1am Monday morning. Whoops.

    This isn’t nearly as good as I wanted it to be. I’ve been kinda a mess lately so my writing is suffering a bit, but I try. I didn’t even mean to include this chapter originally, but I thought seeing a bit into Lilith’s mind might help.

    Next chapter will be some (platonic) Lumity hurt-comfort and the first time we see that maybe Luz isn’t quite as ok as she seemed at the end of the last two episodes and is having trouble dealing with all the loss and trauma.

    Don’t know when that will come out tho. Might focus on The Raven House for a few chapters first.

    #postcanon #post canon au #the owl house #the owl house fanfiction #mywriting#fan fic #the owl house fan fic #the owl house fanfic #lilith clawthorn
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  • luke patterson 2nd person pov. this is what happens when you combine julie/luke emotions + taylor swift’s folklore.


    your first love is music. 

    it isn’t a slow build. it’s fast, overwhelming, all-encompassing. a wildfire that ravages your life and leaves only scorched earth behind.

    (you think it’s beautiful. fire is cleansing.)

    you fill notebook after notebook with words, phrases, pictures. your mind never stops racing, your hands never stop moving, your voice never stops singing. 

    you press callouses into your fingers again and again. sing until your throat aches and swells with overuse. 

    you pour your blood and your soul out onto the frets of your guitar. your fingertips roughen with scars, your voice roughens with the ache to be understood. 

    can’t you see how important this is to me? you ask. 
    you’re too young to know love like this, you hear them say. 

    (it’s never spoken. not really. but you know it’s what they mean.)

    and then the light goes out, you’re surrounded by darkness, and the love-warmed pieces of your heart turn to ice. 


    her voice gives oxygen to the still smoldering embers of your soul. 

    a spark ignites. the flames start again. 


    she is your second love. 

    it isn’t a wildfire. it’s slower. like the tide coming in against the shoreline, gradually moving closer and then pulling back. 

    toward you. away from you. 

    (you meet her step for step. you’d follow her anywhere.)

    your soul is on fire, but you feel the cold of the water as it curls up over your toes.  

    she sings a melody and you respond with a harmony you swear you’ve always known. 

    the ocean rises to your knees, your stomach, your chest. 

    she hugs you, and you feel the full strength of the riptide pulling you under. the water surrounds you from the outside in, the fire burns through you from the inside out, and she holds you like you’re something precious. 

    you’re burning and you’re drowning and she is your balance. 

    you’re too young to know love like this, you tell yourself. 

    (you’re wrong. you know you’re wrong.
    every part of you loves every part of her.
    you will never know a love greater than this.)

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  • I have a deep yearning to just go somewhere isolated and evaporate…

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  • This scene went from sort of awkward but cute interaction between FMC and LI to a comedy scene with the angry ghost lady commenting on FMC’s ‘date’ that she didn’t realize she was having.

    This is not where I thought this scene would go but I dig it.

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  • #asks #tattoo shop au #grayson dolan#mywriting#good news #grayson dolan x oc
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  • I won! I have managed to stumble past the finish line for NaNoWriMo, despite my ups and downs throughout the month! I’m so pleased I was able to finish a project like this despite how bumpy the writing road has been this year. Thanks for following along with me!


    Originally posted by various-cartoon-awesomeness

    Today I worked on a thing I started towards the end of the month, with no idea where it’s going but to establish a new character I’ve been working on.

    Word Count: 2229

    Final Word Count: 50078


    Vantage, with the markings of blue upon his face and body, had been born to a prescribed duty. His mother hadn’t known it would show so obviously on his skin. She’d thought she could hide him away from those who would come for him, but even her clever spells had limits.

    He’d lived his life on the run, always keeping a step ahead of those who would bring him back to their side. The desperation only grew the more the borders shifted and the various people of the timewilds fought for their own section of the land.

    So many people thought that the Eighth King would solve their problems. The eighth king heartily disagreed.

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  • i was told by someone

    that i’m not writing for myself anymore and i think they’re utterly right, i’m trying to piece all these words together and make art out of it for everyone else but myself and i think that describes who i am perfectly, i think i do everything for everyone but i never take time to think, is this making me happy?? what do i want?? i want to write so intricate that it makes the world shake and my words are remembered forever, i want to write and someone read it and make them feel things, i want it to be perfect and that’s my problem. because that doesn’t exist and i want people to like it but i don’t like it. everything i’ve been writing while i’ve been in this funk hasn’t been for me, i care too much about what people will think of me and my words. i haven’t felt anything through my writing recently but i promise you who ever is taking time to read this, my soul is in this and it’s my cry for help to do things for me. to make myself happy and to not worry about others so much. also off topic but i think i’ve seen heaven and it’s beautiful blue eyes, dimples, and freckles all over. —love always, merc

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  • #geraskier #geralt x jaskier #the witcher #geralt of rivia #jaskier#mywriting#geraskier fic #ive been writing too much #sorry if i post a lot over the next few days hehe #Anonymous
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  • #asks#mywriting #tattoo shop au #good news#grayson dolan #grayson dolan x oc
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  • #asks#mywriting #tattoo shop au #good news#grayson dolan #grayson dolan x oc
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  • image

    Progress! I think I’m finally solidly in ‘middle’ territory now, having intro’d all the major players and the conflict. The fourth wall remains intact despite a couple of instances of the characters talking through my plot holes because mysteries are not my thing. 

    Why did I decide to write this again????

    But anyway. I spent about 20 minutes naming the serial killer’s other victims and fleshing out the plot a bit, so I have a better idea where I’m going now. Just gotta get my butt in gear and get some words down. 

    How is November treating y’all?

    #nanowrimo#nanowrimo 2020#mywriting #gotta work on the romantic subplot a bit here coming up #I'm kinda excited for that tbh #poor kip and his silly name and tragic backstory #why yes I am going to do 37k in the next day and a half #I've done it before and I'll do it again #WATCH ME#ahem #highlight of the story so far is robin dreaming of the murder from the POV of a cat #'cause that's how I roll
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  • image
    #n#writings#poetry#mywriting#spilled ink #collection: sets of four walls #not sure how much i like the font but this style felt in accordance with the theme here #& ik it's more prose but i'll make this a little collection & the others should be different
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