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  • bubutroubles
    09.05.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    blank - nomin

    pairings: nomin (jeno + jaemin) x deceased!fem!reader (ft. renjun)

    genre: angst, some fluff at the end

    warnings: fuck, i’m really sad right now. ilanguage, mentions of depression and suicide.

    synopsis: after the death of their third party, their lover and best friend, jeno and jaemin learn to live life without you by their side. despite all the challenges, they live on, trying their hardest to make you proud while you watch them from above.

    the pattering of rain remained muted in the background of the funeral, the tears and continuous sobs from the attendees weighing over it. jaemin’s hand was clasped tightly with jeno’s, said male letting his tears fall as they lowered down your casket. his boyfriend held two white roses, watching as your family members threw theirs inside the hole, landing atop the glazed and shiny wooden casket of yours.

    jaemin’s eyes were puffy, nose red and flowing with snot. he had cried earlier on when your father read your suicide note, and jeno had comforted him as he cried. now it was his turn to be there for jeno. it was a strange situation.

    maybe because they just weren’t used to not hearing your soft words or warm hugs.

    as soon as everyone had thrown in their roses, it was finally their turn. the boyfriends of y/n l/n. jaemin wiped away the overflowing snot from his nose with the cuff of his black blazer, handing over a rose to jeno who smiled sadly at the former, moving the umbrella to his other hand so that the one that used to hold jaemin’s was holding the rose. jaemin mirrored the older male, moving forward with jeno before stopping right infront of the hole.

    “we love y-you,” jeno told though his voice was hoarse, throwing in the white rose until he saw it land on where you rested in. “and we’ll miss you, love.” jaemin continued, lacing his fingers back with jeno as the buff male began to cry again, squeezing his hand so hard his own was turning blue.

    “it’s okay, jen. she’s free now...” he whispered in jeno’s ear, bringing the male into a hug -- in which he returned, dropping the black umbrella. the rain fell onto them immediately without the large barrier that used to protect them. droplets were now infiltrating their suits, but neither cared. 

    you were gone, and they had to get used to it.

    as they next week came by, jeno and jaemin had came back to school, looking miserable. they bright aura that always emitted from them was dimmed, it had burned out. they looked exhausted, too tired to put on the wide smiled they always had before. their hands remained intertwined of course, but it lacked the softness of yours. with theirs combines, it felt like harsh ground from all the calluses on their fingers; jaemin’s from rock-climbing and jeno guitar lessons.

    “jeno, jaemin.” a meek voice called out to the two males. the couple turned around, their eyes setting on a boy who seemed to be around your height, or maybe a centimeter taller.

    “what?” jeno’s rough voice interjected harshly, making the boy flinch. jaemin sighed, shaking his head. “sorry,” he muttered after seeing his frightened face.

    “did you need something, renjun?” jaemin’s soft voice asked, entirely juxtaposing his boyfriend’s. 

    renjun gulped, “i was wondering if you wanted to hang out? i-”

    “why? who makes you think you can hang out with us? we don’t need you. you’ll never replace y/n, so why don’t you just fucking give up like her!”

    every conversation in the hall halted at jeno’s statement. renjun widened his eyes, feeling tears brimming them.

    but no one expected what came next.

    a hand came in contact with jeno’s cheek, one hard and painful that the students around them winced at how loud the impact was.

    jaemin’s breathing was ragged, stray tears falling past his eyes as his lips quivered. the imprint of his palm on jeno’s face was burning with rage, his hand burned as well.

    “you’re an asshole.” jaemin stated, the crowd around them making way for the male who stomped his way out of the building.

    jeno’s hand slowly moved up to his face, his fingers outlining the burning sensation on his right cheek. a bruise was sure to form there. 

    “fuck.” he breathed out, pushing his way through the crowd to chase after his boyfriend.

    “jaemin?” jeno called out, pushing away the cobwebs in the familiar storage room of their school. it felt weird to be back here again. it’s been so long since he had been in here, in fact, it looked different than before. it lacked the smell of cigarettes -- specifically, the ones you and jaemin smoked before school started and when jeno was scold you two for smoking.

    “this is where she did it.” jaemin’s hoarse voice rang throughout the room, making the older male tense.

    right. this is where he and jaemin had found her a few months back.

    “yeah...” he muttered, leading himself further into the place as the visual of jaemin sitting on an empty paint tin emerged into jeno’s sight, making his heart clench.

    “she loved painting the walls here. they were so fucking ugly, but she didn’t care. something about painting from the heart or whatever the fuck that meant.” jaemin chuckled, blowing smoke from his lips as he brought the cigarette butt to the empty ash tray beside him. a few cigarettes were already in there, meaning jaemin has been huffing and inhaling some nicotine for awhile now.

    “jaem, i’m sorry for saying that back there...” jeno sighed, crouching to where he could meet jeno’s eyes.

    “you were right though...she gave up.” jeno shook his head at his boyfriend’s words, placing his hands on jaemin’s cold ones. “no, she didn’t give up. the world was just to harsh on her for her to find away out. it trapped her in, and she was too late to find the escape. i should’ve never said those things.”

    “i’m proud of her. with everything she went through, even i would want to lose hope.” the tears of pain fell from his eyes, creating a stream of water to slip down his cheek, before it fell on the sleeve of jeno’s black jacket. “i didn’t know she was going through so much. i thought i was having super bad days...now i just look pathetic. she was always there, holding me while i cried and cried about so little things. she just listened, even though she had her own set of problems. even if it was slowly eating her inside, she was always there for us, ready to listen and be there for us. she’d never leave us alone until she was sure we were fine. and the wost part of it all -- she never once came to us for her problems. i feel so, so- so fucking useless!”

    jeno immediately wrapped his arms around the younger boy, shaking slightly as his own tears fell. jaemin gave into the hug, wrapping his around the buff male. 

    “your problems weren’t insignificant either, jaemin. you deserve none of it, she deserved none of it either.” jeno told, his warm breath hitting jaemin’s skin. “you aren’t fucking useless either. even if you couldn’t be there to comfort her, you made her life amazing. you made our lives amazing, jaem. yeah, it was eating her, but you gave her light, you were her hope. we were the last strings that she held onto till the end -- and i’m sure she’s watching over us with that beautiful smile of hers. her two boys, getting through this together, and fucking thriving even if she isn’t here physically. what more could she ask for?”

    jaemin held on tighter to jeno, and jeno did the same.

    sure you weren’t with them now and you won’t be for awhile -- but they’ll learn to get through it. and they’ll do it together.

    “yeah, she’d be proud of us.”

    “fuck yeah she is.”

    ©bubutroubles2021 | don’t repost, copy or translate without permission!
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  • littleredwritercould
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    맛 (Hot Sauce) JAEMIN

    NCT DREAM The 1st Album 〖맛 (Hot Sauce)〗

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  • scarletwinterxx
    09.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    only fools rush in...

    For my other works you can check them out here, and for my other story series’ you can check them out here.

    All works are copyrighted ©scarletwinterxx 2020 . Do not repost, re-write without the permission of author.

    Na Jaemin. 

    The sweetest boy to ever exist probably. Not only is he out of this world handsome, he’s also a good cook, likes photography, and is good with kids. He’s pretty much close to perfect.

    You went out on a couple of dates with him, but you told him you weren’t really to jump into a serious relationship at the moment. This did not discourage the boy like you thought it would, not even one bit. If anything, he just proved himself to be worth it. 

    He keeps on saying you’re worth the wait but really all you can think of is how he’s worth the risk. 

    “Do you want some snacks?” you asked him with a quiet voice, a few hours ago he asked if you wanted to hang out. You did but you also had tons of school work to finish. So the solution? He went over at yours to work with you, he said he didn’t mind as long as he get to spend some time with you

    “Sure, what do you have here?” he asked back, always with the smile you’ve grown to love. 

    You walked towards your kitchen to see if you have anything but much to your dismay the fridge was pretty much empty

    “Okay bad news, I don’t have anything. Let me run down the store real quick” you said as you grab your phone from the table. You were already out the door when you heard him calling out for you

    “Aren’t you forgetting something?” he asked, thinking if you did forget something but came up with nothing. 

    Jaemin just watched you fondly as you think about it, you tend to be forgetful at times so it became a habit of his to remind you things. What he didn’t expect was for you to walk back to him, hands on his shoulders and you on your tiptoe. Then you gave him a quick peck on the lips.

    When you stepped away from him, blinking your eyes as if what you did was the most normal thing even though it’s the first time you kissed. Jaemin can’t help but chuckle at you, “You’re so cute, I don’t know what to do with you sometimes” he said then pulled you in for a quick hug. 

    “I was referring to your wallet but yea a kiss is good too”

    That’s when you realized what you just did, “Oh my god, I’m-”

    “It’s okay, like I said you’re worth the wait”

    “But this was totally not how I thought our first kiss would go” you pouted up at him, suddenly feeling upset with yourself

    “Hey, it’s okay. Don’t be sad, why don’t we go get snacks together and eat at the park?” He asked you, he was already shrugging his own jacket on. Closing the door behind him while his other hand was holding yours

    “I’m no sad, I just- I can’t believe I did that”

    “You can’t believe you kissed me?” he asked with a laugh, “No! I mean not like that atleast”

    “How did you thought our first kiss would go then?”

    “I don’t know, I was just kind of waiting for it to happen. Maybe my mind just went you know what let’s just do it” he then stopped on his tracks making you stop too, he was a step below you making you eye level with him

    “You were waiting for it to happen?” he asked, he can’t help but smile at you. Felling a bit shy while he looks at you like that, “Yeah, this will be so embarrassing if that was never suppose to happen and I was just imagining things in my head. If that was the case please forget the last five minutes.”

    This time it was him who kissed you, his lips gentle on yours. 

    “No way, cutie. This moment will forever be bookmarked in my head” he said the kissed you on the nose, “I really thought you meant I forgot to give you a kiss”

    “I was talking about your wallet, which you did forget but hey atleast I got a kiss”

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  • reflectedreflectionz
    09.05.2021 - 2 hours ago


    #nct dream #nct dream jaemin #na jaemin#jaemin na#LOOK#THE MELANIN #he looks so good ohmygosh #IM SORRY #IM LITERALLY JUST #wow #w o w #he’s just#ethereal#kina rants
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  • hyeoniejung
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ❝cuddles please?❞

    a/n: just short drabble and there's nothing triggering in it so enjoy! ^^

    jaemin & mark: this is based on a request by my friend which i by mistake deleted sorry- and its a little too short bc the plot you told is smth kind of like what i wrote for hendery in i'l be there for you.

    as always, lowercase intended.

    "ugh i have so much school work" you groaned in annoyance as you pouted softly at mark who was busy studying. mark looked at you and laughed. "that's what happens if you just go out with jaemin all the time and not focus at the right time" mark teased and rolled his eyes, as you groaned softly. "why are you even my friend ugh" you whined and continued to write your work down. "and, this is not my last work you dumbo. the teacher gave 10+ assignments yesterday and i need to submit them in three days" you said and gulped down some water from the glass as you heard the door open and looked up to see jaemin grin and walk towards you. "hey angel" he said and swooped you up in his arms. "your girl is stressed today help her" mark said to jaemin without looking up from his book.

    you giggled and kissed jaemin's nose as mark groaned. "ew gross" he teased the two as jaemin slapped his head and you started laughing. "i want to cuddle with the two of you" you said and pouted, as jaemin laid you down on the bed, lying himself on your right and makr laid down to you left as the three of you smiled at each other. "my angel, you and your health matter more than school so just fuck it. okay?" jaemin said and snuggled in your neck, as mark wrapped his arms around your waist and took his glasses off. "and give the both of us a kiss" he said as you giggled and pecked their cheeks.

    "lovely angel" jaemin cooed and kissed your forehead. mark rolled his eyes at his cheesiness, as you slapped his shoulder. the three cuddles and joked together as they fell asleep in deep slumber.

    #mark lee#na jaemin#markmin #jaemin x reader #mark x reader #jaemin fluff#mark fluff#nct dream #nct dream drabbles #mark x y/n #jaemin x y/n #nct dream smut #nct dream fluff
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  • ambivartence
    09.05.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #jaemin#na jaemin#nct#nct dream#itsnctsworld#my art #guys my friend made me watch how to hate you #and now i cant stop thinking about what heartbroken jaemin looks like #and so i needed happy nana in my life #so ofc its got to be diggity crack nana LOL #i think the blush choice is hilarious thank u #also ive been overthinking my drawings lately but this one just FEELS so much better than the prev ones i hope u can tell #ONE DAY TIL HOT SAUCEEEEEE
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  • i-love-minle
    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Nana & Lele 1theK update 💚

    #nct#nct dream#재민#천러#na jeamin#zhong chenle #nct na jaemin #nct zhong chenle #nct dream na jaemin #nct dream zhong chenle #jaemin#chenle#nct jaemin#nct chenle #nct dream jaemin #nct dream chenle #1theK update#jaemin handsome#chenle handsome#jaemin gorgeous#chenle gorgeous
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  • i-love-minle
    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Sir… What are you tryna do? 🤨 You’ve already snatched my heart, so are you tryna snatch my soul too??? 😍👻

    #nct#nct dream#천러#na jeamin #nct na jaemin #nct dream na jaemin #jaemin#nct chenle #nct dream jaemin #jaemin handsome#jaemin gorgeous
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  • jaeminsucks
    09.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    [210509] 🐰💭 update !


    "high definition>.<"

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  • lovelychocolateberry
    09.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    (Date:05.08.2021) 💕

    #kpop#nct#nctzen#nctzens#nct dream #nct dream hot sauce #zhong chenle#nct chenle#chenle #nct dream chenle #nct dream mark #mark lee#lee minhyung#mark #nct dream jisung #park jisung#jisung #nct dream jaemin #na jaemin#jaemin#renjun #nct dream renjun #haung renjun #nct dream jeno #lee jeno#jeno #nct dream haechan #haechan#lee donghyuck
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  • what-if-nct
    09.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Doyoung: Jeno please get your hand out of Jaemin's mouth.

    Jeno: You think I wanted this? You think I asked for this? You think I incited this?

    Doyoung: Jaemin?

    Jaemin: He spilled coffee on his hand, sweet sweet coffee.

    Johnny: Coffee!??

    Doyoung: Johnny sit down. Jaemin, sweetie please get help.

    Jaemin: *licks Jeno's hand* Coffeeeee.

    #jaemin#na jaemin#doyoung#kim doyoung#jeno#lee jeno#johnny#johnny suh#johnny seo#nct #nct incorrect quotes #nct incorrect texts #nct dream #nct dream incorrect quotes #nct dream incorrect texts #nct 127
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  • jenojaemssss
    09.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    stay next to me

    a/n: repost bc i think i accidentally deleted it when i was trying to edit it LOL anyways, this is a new style for me so hope you guys enjoy! based on this song by quinn xcii and chelsea cutler

    warnings: there IS a makeout session so be advised :D

    jaemin and you are pushed against a wall about 2 feet away from each other

    when i say pushed against a wall, i mean quite literally pushed against the wall

    because there were maybe 20 people dancing around you

    and they were all shoving and jumping and swinging their arms back and forth

    and no way in hell do you want to be swept away in that mob

    the space around you was probably 7 square feet at most with too many sweaty bodies surrounding you

    like there are probably 400 people at this place because no way the carrying capacity of 250 would put you in this situation

    and you're sweaty and sticky

    and so is jaemin

    because there are just way too many fucking people

    you're trying your best to keep your drink from spilling over because everyone is shoving

    jaemin looks just as uncomfortable

    you notice this because what kind of best friend are you if you can't tell that he was feeling uncomfortable?

    so you reach over to feel for his hand but before you reach it you accidentally brush your hand over someone's butt

    and then someone's boob

    and then someone's crotch

    but you finally reach his hand

    you hold onto his hand and he holds yours back

    he pulls you in a little closer

    you're pressed against each other's sides

    sharing even more heat because of how close you are

    "i don't even know this band," he yells over the noise

    you chuckle in response and nod

    "me neither!"

    "let's dip?"

    you can feel his hot breath on your ear

    but you're dumb enough to look up

    and you're met with his smile

    his smile, god his smile

    he was so close too

    and you just wanted to kiss him but you shouldn't because he's your best friend

    so you nod instead of doing anything dumb

    he takes you and literally has to drag you away from the crowd

    but you make it to the front door of the club

    when you step foot out of the door and feel actual air

    you both let out the biggest sigh

    deep breaths and all

    his hand is still holding yours and you were about to pull away but he just grips it tighter

    "are we going somewhere, jaem?"

    "anywhere but here," he chuckles

    it's the chuckle that kind of rumbles from his chest

    and you find that shit so attractive

    you guys don't say anything else

    you just lead him down the busy streets

    it's dark out, but the streetlights and cars are lighting up the road

    and it's just so pretty

    but there's something prettier?


    he looks so pretty illuminated by the lights and you can't help but gawk at him

    like, normally yellow lights make people's skin look a little off and saturated

    but this man looks so fucking good with this kind of lighting

    nah, any kind of lighting

    you realize how hard you're staring and focus on the road instead

    he's still holding your hand, by the way

    and honestly, it was kinda normal for him to hold your hand because he likes affection


    he likes affection only when he's comfortable with that person

    but this was weird because he doesn't often hold your hand for this long

    but hey, you guys are wandering around the city and it's fun

    and you were both a little tipsy

    not drunk

    just one or two drinks each

    so tipsy

    and then you reach a place that reminds you of something and you smile

    it was a skate park that your friends dragged you too a lot

    jaemin notices this and leads you there

    and he buys both of you water from the vending machine

    and you guys just sit down and talk about life and whatnot

    like school, jobs, whatever that comes up

    he mentions something about prom and high school sweethearts because he sees a group of teens running down the street and laughing

    and he's reminiscing how the two of you ditched prom to get mcdonald's your senior year

    and then you bring up the topic of first loves

    jaemin goes speechless when you ask him who his first love was

    because little did you know, jaemin was also pining over you

    so he tries switching the subject to something else

    he doesn't answer you and shoots you a question instead

    "when was the last time you've been in love?"

    you're not sure what the hell comes over you but you respond


    and he's like


    and you just blush

    and he's like


    and your heart lowkey drops because you're not sure who it is

    then you look at his face and realize that he's also blushing

    and then it clicks in your airhead


    "cool," is all you can get out 'cause????

    jaemin loves you back?

    "'cool?' y/n we just confessed and your only response is 'cool?'"

    "we confessed?"

    "yes, i thought it was obvious?"

    "well then yes, because i'm not sure what to do in this situation."

    he suddenly lets go of your hand

    and you're scared you did something wrong so you look up from your feet

    but before you can bring your head all the way up he's already cupping your cheeks

    and he's leaning in

    you're just frozen because jaemin is about to kiss you???


    and right before he reaches your lips he asks for your permission

    "can i kiss you?"

    and instead of answering you meet his lips with your own

    and now the two of you are kissing

    his lips, god you wish you can kiss him forever because they feel like clouds

    he smiles mid-kiss and your heart skips like 20 beats

    his breath still had the slight hint of burnt whisky

    it's so damn addicting

    he pokes his tongue against your lips and you slightly open your mouth a little to give him access

    and you swear there are spurts of electricity jolting through your body

    you're quite literally melting into his touch

    and his lips

    you two continue to kiss and it's just like you're in heaven but on earth

    did i mention how his lips felt like clouds?

    sure, they're a little chapped but they're still the softest pair of lips you've ever laid eyes...i mean lips on

    it's like his lips and yours were made for each other because the movements the two of you make send chills down your spine

    you're breathless at this point

    when he finally pulls away you're both grinning like idiots

    he rests his forehead against yours and you use this opportunity to reach up a little bit and give him a peck

    and he smiles even wider

    he grabs you and pulls you into his arms and you rest your head on his chest

    you're both leaning against the wall of one of the ramps so he takes this as an opportunity to throw one arm behind your shoulder

    he places little kisses on your hairline and whispers little sweet nothings

    but then he asks you

    "what now?"

    "what do you mean?"

    "what are we now?"

    "jaemin," you sit up straight and look at him dead in the eyes

    "will you," you point at him

    "be my," you gesture towards yourself


    "are you drunk right now?"

    "NO! i'm dead serious," and you are

    "yes, y/n, i will be your boyfriend," he chuckles and pulls you back into his arms

    you hear his heart beating in his chest and you feel so calm

    because although his heartbeat was a little fast, it seems to be matching the same rhythm as yours

    "it's getting late," you mumble after checking your phone

    you turn your head a little, but jaemin's resting his head on top of yours so you can't really move it

    "don't you have places to be tomorrow?"

    "i don't care," he murmurs against your hair

    "just stay next to me."

    a/n pt 2? if y'all can't tell, i get a ton of my inspo from quinn xcii songs:) a lot more are in the works, so i recommend listening his album "a letter to my younger self" bc half of my fics are based on that album LOL

    #na jaemin #nct dream scenarios #nct dream#jaemin#jaemin scenarios#jaemin fluff #nct dream jaemin #nct dream fluff #nct dream fic #na jaemin fluff #jaemin imagines #jaemin fluff scenario #nct dream na jaemin
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  • cupfullofjeno
    09.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    jaemin is the mom and jeno is the dad. period.

    #remember when jaemin was talking about that one time jeno came into his room and layed on top of him and told him he was hungry #nomin#nct#nct dream#na jaemin#lee jeno
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  • coupswrld
    09.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    NCT DREAM: we’re the best friends what can i say?

    #mr. mark lee #mr. huang renjun #mr. lee jeno #mr. lee donghyuck #mr. na jaemin #mr. zhong chenle #mr. park jisung #nct dream#mark#renjun#jeno#haechan#jaemin#chenle#jisung#nct#nct 127#nct u#wayv #nct dream edit #nct edit
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  • m88n
    08.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    [2.21 am]

    The moment your bodies hit the bed, you’ve only known the feel of your fingers making home in the spaces of Jaemin’s hands. With his back against you as your bodies entangle itself with each other, Jaemin gently kisses your knuckles slowly, as if to savor your presence. His kisses are so gentle, it threatens to coax open the confines of your heart, and for once, let softness fill you to the brim.

    “You’re so cute,” He begins, kissing one knuckle.

    “So sweet,” He continues, kissing the next.

    “…And you genuinely care about other people.” He finishes, sentence seemingly hanging in the air.

    “….Well thanks for seeing that in me, I guess,” You say, with a quizzical yet innocent smile, silently questioning his sudden remark, as you’re unable to see his face.

    He keeps quiet for a moment.

    “You know, y/n… I-if feelings become involved, if you catch feelings, in the past I’ve just let things go, but with you, I’m willing to work things out, see how things go,”

    “…Come again?”

    “Or if I catch feelings, you know, either way, I’m willing to work things out.”

    “..You think I’m catching feelings?” You say, your own voice not reaching the depths of your heart this time around, as if reverberating on the surface of your skin. “What makes you think I would?” You scoff, pushing away the remnants of tenderness that’s turned into suffocation within a mere second.

    “I don’t know, you know, just in case, because I hadn’t thought of that stuff yet—”

    “—Well, me neither. So we’d be on the same page. Nothing wrong about that,”

    The warmth you’ve been feeling from his grip radiates in gentle stillness, a little too still, a little too gentle, to the point that it might almost hurt you.

    “..But things can go wrong even when two people are on the same page.” He finally replies.

    “….I guess you have a point.” You respond matter-of-factly.

    ....Not wanting to reveal to Jaemin, not especially to your own self, that you just wish to dismiss this conversation, that this conversation shouldn’t even take place given the connection you’ve built, and that the moment he’s held you in his arms, there’s nowhere else you’d rather be, and that you’ve chosen to submerge yourself in his warmth over the one you’ve cultivated for yourself. That you knew, at that very moment, you’ve clearly made up your mind on taking this precarious risk over the very comfortable safety you’ve come to know for the longest time. Holding him feels so right, it scares you like nothing else. And you’re silently hoping that he feels the exact same way too.

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