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    25.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Here's the Alessia art, but instead it's not the one linked to my Furraffinity.

    I'm going to delete the other post

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  • darkeninganon
    25.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Arachnophobia AU is here, again. I tried. This chapter is... blegh, I’m not proud of it. So, because it has been a while, Dream is a drider and is not nice in this AU. It’s also heavily inspired by an AU called Webbed AU. Trigger Warning for: Arachnids/Driders, Vore, Mentions of Fatal Vore, Fear Play, Cruelty, Dehumanization. I think that’s all, if not, I’m very sorry!

    Ranboo yelped, thrown into alertness as he crashed into Tubbo and Tommy, thrown against a slimey wall of flesh. He freaked out for a moment before remembering where he was and what had happened. Right. Dream, the spider beast. Th three teens looked to each other, acutely aware that Dream was laughing. The beast had meant to wake them up like this.

    "Well, that was rude." Tommy huffed, shoving Ranboo and Tubbo off him to sit up. "Seriously, what the fuck is this guy's problem?" Without warning, Tommy was pulled up, letting out a scream as he was pulled from his friends.

    "What?! Why did-" Tubbo followed, another scream echoing in the small area as he was dragged away by his leg.

    Ranboo looked up, staring. Surely Dream was plotting something. Ranboo let out an impulsive yelp as he was dragged out of Dream's storage stomach, slimy saliva covering him and his friends as they hung in front of a new face.

    "Huh, neat." The new spider beast muttered, blank eyes staring down at the trio. Compared to Dream, this one was MASSIVE.

    "This one Tubbo, that's Tommy, and this one's Ranboo." Dream stated, poking each teen as he spoke their name. Tommy tried to bite him, earning a laugh from Dream.

    "Hm, might want to get rid of that one. I could take him for you." The second spider beast smirked, eyes narrowing at the blonde teen.

    Dream laughed again, shaking his head. "Thanks for the offer Eret, but I can handle them. I mean, look at how small they are." Dream gently swayed the trio, Tubbo curling up to grab the string and stand upright; while Tommy screamed and clung to Ranboo. Dream laughed again, loud and without holding back. "See? Just such a simple thing has them all reacting. Well, except him."

    Dream twisted the thread attached to Ranboo's leg around another finger, humming idly as he stared at the teen. "He is good at catching me prey though."

    The second one hummed, gently wrapping a hand around Ranboo and holding the teen up to their face. "Rather tall for a kid. Sure this one isn't an adult?"

    "Eh. Humans are weird Eret, you know that." Dream responded, pulling Tubbo and Tommy into his hand and holding them in his palm.

    "Where did you say you found them again?" the other one- Eret- asked, gently pinching Ranboo between their fingers.

    Dream shrugged. "From some other drider's web. I think his name was... eh, I don't know. Generally don't ask my food for it's name." Dream flashed a smile to Eret, fangs glistening in the little bit of light that came through the trees.

    Eret shuddered a little. "God, how can you even eat other driders? Like, you're so small-"

    "Excuse you, I have skills. Also, give me back Ranboo." Dream hissed, snatching the teen from the other drider. Dream placed Ranboo next to the other two teens, all three settled in his hand between the two spider beasts. "Oh, by the way, have you seen Fundy?"

    Eret perked up at that "You mean the kitsune?"

    "No, I mean the human, of course the kitsune! What other creatures named Fundy do you know?!" Dream's fungers curled around the teens, angered at the innocent question.

    "Relax, you'll break your new toys." Eret motioned to the trio, hugging each other as the three teens shied away from the clawed hands of Dream. Dream rolled his eyes, letting out a huff. "Anyways, last I saw, he was talking to Punz."

    Dream cursed, glancing at the trio in his hand. "Really? Damn. Hopefully that stupid snake-"

    "Nagas are real?!"

    "Really Tommy? Really? We are held by a giant spider beast, who is talking to another spider beast, and they are talking about a kitsune, and you're concerned about the naga?!" Tubbo hissed, throwing his arms up. "No, Ranboo! Move! Let me hit him!"

    Dream growled, curling his fingers in towards the teens, causing the trio to shriek and stop their bickering. "You three... really, sometimes you just..." Dream let out a groan, pinching the bridge of his nose. "You're not part of this conversation. Shut up. Now. You want to join the adventurer I had last night?" The trio shook their heads, cowing away from Dream. "Good, then shut up. Anyways-"

    "Oh, I see the issue now. Yeah, those three would uh... yeah, best keep them hidden from Punz." Eret stated, grimacing a little.

    "Wait, they didn't eat Fundy?" Dream asked, tilting his head. "That guy is..." Dream looked to the trio in his hand "Small, to say the least."

    Eret shrugged. "Something about fur and their tongue. Oh, but you did remind me!" Eret clapped their hands together, perking up. "Apparently, there's a little ghost running around Punz's territory. Perhaps someone they've eaten or-"

    Dream and Eret laughed, the three teens cringing.

    Ranboo hugged himself, remembering the cries of the adventurer and the feeling of him being... him being... All because Ranboo...

    "Boss man! Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! What's wrong?!"

    Ranboo shoved Tubbo away, hissing loudly. Dream and Eret fell silent, eyes landing on the tallest teen.

    "Uh, do humans hiss?" Eret questioned, raising a brow at the strange noise.

    Dream shrugged, suddenly shoving the three teens into his mouth and swallowing. "Doesn't matter. He's useful."

    Eret snorted, sputtering in confused shock. "You just- Is that all you do when you-"

    "Yeah. Anyways, Time to go find Fundy. Bye Eret~!"

    #Arachnophobia AU#Trigger warning#tw vore#vore tw#tw arachnophobia#tw arachnids#tw cursing #tw death mention #tw dehumanization #tw fatal vore #mcytg/t#mcyt g/t #Giant!Dream #Giant!Eret #Giant!Punz #drider!Dream #drider!Eret #Naga!Punz #Kitsune!Fundy #Tiny!Tommy #tiny!Tubbo #tiny!Ranboo #Hybrid!Ranboo #What hybrid? idfk hybrid kind of hybrid
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  • safetyfirstpls
    24.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Being inside a naga stomach would feel like being inside a sleeping bag.

    Only difference would be it would be wet, and the exit from it is a bit away.

    Honestly I think that makes it better.

    Being so deep inside the naga, that you pass their first stomach, and you lay inside your new sleeping bag.

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  • slimymaw
    17.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    idea for a guy in the in the world i mentioned 5 seconds ago, my idea is that he loves to learn about the monsters and the preds in this world  and also like to befriend them, b/c of this he studies magic mainly about life, this makes him able to make the lil monsters in the bottom middle, he likes helping preds by feeding them as wierd fact :)

    you may think that hes also prey but hes to scared to get in a tummy and most preds thinks hes to nice to want to eat him (explains top right with him saying “y cant i be in there)

    with this im thinking of a mini comic of him maybe meeting a naga and lain (just came up with his name while typing) writes about naga culture with them b/c the world doesnt like some some preds like nagas for some reason??? dunno ill add more lore im sleepy now 

    #sfw vore#creeps dni#18+dni #also lains aro lol #or demi aro? #kinda want him to date a naga #like a naga bf #also also dragon guy is pletonic w/ him just to be clear
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  • kayla-crazy-stuffs
    16.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Dream team first meet time Tw vore

    Naga Dream having a nap while the tinies that he found are warming up and resting as well in his storage stomach :) you can read it here
    My first time drawing nagas :')
    #g/t#g/t drawing #naga!dream #human size naga Dream #borrower!sapnap #borrower!george #tw vore#safe vore#soft vore#mcyt vore#mcyt g/t
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  • tummieyummie
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    *throws this out to the hungry followers*

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  • awesome-slime-lover
    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    So, we decided before we wrote the requests, we wanted to finish the promise that we made in writing the little Naga idea that Roman, @baka-monarch, said we could write for.

    Sorry if it's a little short. :')

    We hope you enjoy!

    Not So Little Anymore

    Warning: The story below contains swearing and soft, safe vore. If you don't like, don't read. :D

    The sun was bright. Fluffy clouds and trees dusted the ground in shade. Animals shuffled about as they went about their day. The rivers and streams running their beds, full of serenity. A slight twinkle past the trees illuminates.

    A Naga, green scales and sandy blond hair. Perfect to blend into his environment. Philza, is his name. And currently? He was hunting. There were hungry mouths to feed at home, and he was perfect for the job. Being their father and all.

    The Naga stopped, taking a sniff at the air and ground. Searching, tracking. It was in due time that he caught the scent of prey and he was on his way. Scales slithering past large tufts of grass and patches of flowers as he traveled through the underbrush. When the scent gave sign to the prey being near, he slowed down, not wanting to scare the prey away. He crouched low, slithering, clawing at the ground as he moved.

    Eventually, he stopped. A small clearing, inhabited by some holes in the ground. He smirked. Too easy. He slithered his way over and placed himself in the center. He readied himself before reaching over to one of the holes and launching a hand down it. Something fuzzy pressed against his fingers. He latched onto it and yanked it out.

    A large rabbit was left in his grasp. He smiled. This would surely be a good feast for his twins. He clamped the squeaking rabbit's mouth shut before moving over to another hole.

    He'd spent the next few minutes, grabbing and luring out rabbits. Eventually he had four rabbits within his grasp. He had already eaten at least three, so he didn't have to worry about carrying anything for himself. With that in mind, he took off. The rabbits in his arms having gone quiet as he traversed back through the vegetation.

    He hummed as he slithered along, full and content, happy to see his boys again and see them get excited over their upcoming meal.

    Though his travel came to a sudden stop.

    He looked down at an old tree. Within its roots, he saw a den. And within that den, he could sense it. He tightened his grasp on the rabbits before leaning forwards and peeking inside. His eyes widened.

    There it was.

    A red egg.

    It was a bit smaller than usual, but he could tell. He could smell it. That was a Naga egg. He stuffed the rabbits in one arm before reaching in with his empty hand, gently grabbing the egg and lifting it out. He brought it up to his face and sniffed at it.

    It hadn't been visited in a while. Phil took a look around and saw no disturbance amongst the foliage. His eyes narrowed. Perhaps more than a while. He sniffed it once more before sighing and lifting it up once more, popping the small ovoid into his jaws before swallowing it whole.

    He hummed softly as he felt it drop into his brooding pouch. And with that, he headed home, eager to show his twins their new sibling.

    Phil knew that when the egg hatched, the baby would have been small. But he hadn't known it would be this small. A small baby Naga laid within his arms. It was sleeping soundly as it wrapped its tail around his wrist. The twins, Techno and Wilbur, had fallen asleep as well, their tails intertwined and heads laid on their father's tail.

    The man coiled his tail more, pulling the twins even closer. He smiled softly as he watched them hold onto each other more. Phil looked down at the baby in his arms. He had a tuft of blond hair, and from what he had seen earlier when the baby was awake, bright blue eyes. He kind of looked like Phil. And didn't that just make his heart swell.

    He pulled the baby close, kissing the top of his head.

    He had a feeling that he would fit right into their little family just fine.

    The first two years went by and there were things that Phil took notice of.

    The baby Naga, which Techno named Theseus and Wilbur nicknamed Tommy, had changed immensely since he was born. Phil took notice of it the day Tommy had turned one. He was a bit bigger than the average Naga baby, but Phil didn't put any negativity towards it. It just meant that his youngest was most likely going to be just like his older brothers, as they too had been a bit bigger than the average Naga when they were young. Of course, it wasn't when they were this young, but Phil paid it no mind.

    Perhaps he maybe should have paid it a bit of mind.

    Tommy had just turned six and he was already bigger than his older brothers.

    It had been quite the shock, when the three older Nagas had taken the realization to heart. Their youngest had become the tallest and yet he was nowhere near even being an adult. They had trouble fitting in the nest nowadays, but Phil made a mental note to add more bedding to it. If his baby got bigger, he would just need to make the nest bigger as well.

    "Dad! Dad, help!"

    Phil looked up from the nest. Straw and extra pelts in hand as he had been adding to the nest. Tommy recently had a sudden growth spurt and he needed to make the nest even larger. He didn't mind in slightest though.

    He chuckled at the sight before him. Wilbur and Techno had their tails within Tommy's grasp. Wilbur had his arm crossed, pouting angrily. Techno had just seemed to accept his current location and had wrapped himself more securely to the larger blond. Tommy, who was now approximately around 30 or so feet, had grinned at his father, sharp fangs glinting in the light.

    "Hi, dad!" Tommy smiled brightly as he slithered closer to stand in front of Phil. "I caught dinner!" Wilbur hissed as he lashed around, trying to escape.

    "Dad! Tell him to let us go! Techno! Tell Dad!" Wilbur glanced at his twin for back up. The pinkette merely looked at him and shrugged. "Traitor! This is a betrayal! I can't believe you would fucking do this to me! After all we've been through together! Techno, you bastard!" There was no malice behind the words, everyone knew that. Phil let out a loud laugh as he watched Wilbur continue to spew curses and unserious insults at his brothers.

    "Alright, alright. Tommy, let your brothers go. The sun's about to set and I've almost finished up the nest." Tommy gave a pout before bending down and gently releasing his brothers. They slithered from his grasp before all three helped their father finish setting the nest up.

    Once everything was in order and the sun had fully set, Tommy coiled his tail around his family. He held them close, hissing gently in affection. The three each gave him a pet to the nose, though Wilbur's was more of a playful smack. Tommy retaliated by licking the brunette. The older screeched in disgust, the other two laughing at his predicament.

    All was well within the happy little family.

    #slime writes#tw vore #giant!tommy #naga!tommy #naga!philza #naga!wilbur #naga!technoblade
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    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    #mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #giant!dream #tiny!george #g/t size comparison #minigiant!dream #because yeah I guess that's technically what he is #naga giant!dream #naga minigiant!dream #vore mention #meal time au #my stuff#anon#answered asks #naga!dream
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  • giant-tiny-squid
    07.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Wrote this to help get my writing juices flowing so I can catch up on asks. I love writing nagas, especially naga Dream.


    Meal Time

    Warnings for vore mention + fear of being eaten, mistreated tiny (naga Dream is treated like a pet and isn’t taken good care of.)

    Word Count: 2,750


    The second George is dropped into the tank he freezes, staring at the bundle of coils with wide eyes. The human who'd dropped him in just chuckles, tapping the glass once before leaving.

    Fuck, that's a SNAKE.

    When there's no movement from it, George slowly steps back, glancing around as he tries to figure out how to escape. None of the fake plants in here are tall enough for him to climb and the lid looks to be securely latched on, but maybe there's-

    The coils shift and George scrambles back, ducking inside the fake rock cave because that's the only hiding spot. It's big enough that the snake will probably be able to follow him, but. . .maybe it won't notice him. Maybe it'll go back to sleep and he can try to figure out how to escape.

    Luck isn't on his side, though. The snake continues to move, letting out a quiet hiss as it wakes up, and George flattens himself against the cave wall and hopes that because he can't see it, it won't be able to see him.

    It's a pet. Maybe it's not a good hunter, maybe it doesn't know how to track my scent.

    There's a quiet hum and then a voice mumbles a sleepy-sounding "what the fuck?" George's breath catches in his throat.

    Is there someone else trapped in here too? But that doesn't make sense, they sound like they just woke up, what-

    "That's definitely not a mouse," the voice mutters, sounding a bit more alert. George shudders when he hears scales brushing against the fake plants. "That- okay. Can you come out? So we can talk?"

    George's curiosity gets the better of him and he hesitantly pokes his head out, stiffening when his eyes lock with the snake's. Except it's not a snake, it- he doesn't know what they are. Some blend between person and snake and he feels pinned under their gaze the second he makes eye contact.

    They still look like they're probably big enough to eat him and he's already regretting revealing himself.

    "Great," the snake hisses when they get a good look at him, slowly lowering themself so that they're no longer rearing up. "That's great, you've gotta be fucking kidding me. You're not a mouse."

    "Um." George swallows, fighting the urge to duck back into hiding because he doesn't want to lose sight of them. Also, it's really hard to look away from their eyes. 

    He's not sure what to do. They seem upset but he isn't sure if that's a good or a bad thing. . .does it mean they won't eat him since he's not a mouse? Or were they just hoping for a mouse since that might be a slightly more filling meal than George would be?

    ". . .yeah, not a mouse," George eventually stammers. "And you're not a snake. Seems our first assumptions were both wrong."

    The snake sighs, coils bunching up. George prepares to leap back before realizing that they seem to be trying to appear smaller, not preparing to pounce. "I wish you were a mouse."

    George wrinkles his nose. "Okay, thanks I guess."

    "What? It's true." The snake gestures to their coils. "I'm willing to bet you're wishing I wasn't a snake."

    "Well, okay. . ." George clears his throat. "At- like, at first. But now I don't?"

    He can't help the way his voice trails off in a questions because he does wish that this guy wasn't a snake, wasn't a predator big enough to eat him. But, well. . .maybe that doesn't have to matter? They haven't attacked him so many them being part snake or whatever won't affect anything.

    Hopefully. They did wish that he was a mouse, after all, which means they're probably hungry. And that's definitely not a good thing.

    He's obviously not going to say any of this, of course, so he just stands and stares at the snake while they stare back at him.

    "Is it just you?" The snake asks. "Or did he capture a bunch of you guys to feed me? Please tell me it's just you, I- fuck. He'd better go back to feeding me animals."

    George quickly nods. "I, uh, it was just me. As far as I know, at least. So when he next feeds you, you'll get a yummy mouse or something and you won't have to worry about being hungry."

    The snake stares at him for a long time. George shifts his weight, a bit uncomfortable with how intently they're watching him.

    "I fucking hope so," they eventually hiss, turning away almost reluctantly. "But even then. . .that's a week of waiting. Fuck."

    They lash out, smacking a fake plant with their hand before turning and slithering over to the other side of the tank. George ducks back out of sight at the first sign of movement before hesitantly peering out again, watching them as they curl up.

    Now that he's looking, they seem pretty skinny. It's a bit hard to tell with the snake part of their body, but when looking at their back their spine is scarily visible underneath their skin. And yet they still didn't eat him.

    Wow, okay, that's. . .definitely a surprise. I'm certainly not going to complain though.

    George waits in the fake cave for several minutes, just in case the snake-person is just trying to get him to lower his guard. They seem to be breathing slowly, though, going still after they bundle up their coils to mostly hide their torso. 

    No wonder I thought they were a regular snake at first; they protect all their bare skin with their scaled coils while they sleep.

    Once George thinks it's safe, he slowly steps out into the open, constantly glancing over at the snake as he starts to explore the tank.

    It's not tiny but the snake's bundled coils take up nearly a quarter of the tank, so it's still much smaller than George is comfortable with. The rock cave takes up a whole other section but there's room for George to squeeze behind it, which might be a good hiding spot during an emergency as long as the snake isn't strong enough to move the cave.

    The snake's lying under some kind of human light; George thinks it's red, and when he moves a bit closer he feels a weak heat coming from it. He wishes he could lie underneath it since the rest of the tank's a bit chilly but there's no way he's getting any closer to the snake.

    There's what looks like a small water container in one corner of the tank near the snake's tail, made out of fake rocks and too shallow for George to do any kind of proper bathing in it if he ever felt like trying. The ground underneath his feet is made of shredded wood, too little to be able to burrow underneath, and the fake plants all look too thin to climb.

    He's definitely not going to be able to reach the mesh lid of the tank unless he manages to figure out how to climb the plants, unless. . .well, the snake looks like they're tall enough to reach. Why haven't they reared up and pushed the lid off by now, is there some kind of lock? George doesn't remember hearing one when he was dropped in here but he was a bit preoccupied by his approaching death so he might've missed it.

    How am I supposed to get out?

    He can't- the snake said a week. Does that mean they won't be given a mouse for a whole week? How often are snakes supposed to eat, are they going to lose control and attack him? And even if they don't, he's going to starve if he can't get out. He can't live off of raw mice once a week, and that's assuming the snake would be willing to share their only food with him.

    Surely the snake would be willing to cooperate with him to escape, right? They don't seem happy in here, there's no way they wouldn't work with him. Even if they're hungry enough to consider eating him. . .he might be their only chance of escape. There's no way they'd throw that away.

    George eyes the snake, trying to decide if it's worth the risk of waking them up to try talking with them. He eventually decides not to because pissing them off would definitely not help things, so instead he tries to see if he can make some kind of weapon. He's not sure if he plans to use it against the snake or the human, but it would be nice to have.

    . . .what will the human do to him if they figure out the snake didn't eat him? Would they let him g- unlikely, very unlikely. If they realize he survived, they'll probably have some other horrible fate in store. They might decide to keep him as a pet or maybe they'll try feeding him to a different predator.

    George got lucky with this one, he knows he has. He doesn't know how long it'll last, though; eventually the snake will get hungry enough to eat him. 

    They're a predator, they need to eat. It's just a fact of life. That doesn't mean George is just gonna sit around and let it happen, though.

    He has no luck finding any weapons. There are a few splinters mixed in with the shredded wood ground but there's no way they'd do any damage to a human, let alone get through this snake's scales. There aren't any hiding spots where the snake wouldn't eventually be able to reach him, either.

    If they attack him, he's screwed. There's no getting away or defending himself.

    George lets out a shaky breath, eyeing the water dish. He wants to get a drink and the best time would be while the snake's asleep, but he's nervous about getting close to them in order to do that. He would have to walk around them and he'd easily be within reach.

    I should do it now, while they're still asleep. If I wait any longer, I might not have a chance.

    He creeps over, watching the snake the whole time. Their coils are all bundled up to the point that they almost look like a ball, their chest and arms and head buried in the center of those coils. Based on how thick those coils are, they're definitely big enough to eat him.

    The scariest part is stepping over the end of their tail; he practically leaps over it to avoid touching it, wincing when he lands and rustles the shredded wood, but the snake just lets out a breath and adjusts their coils slightly before going still again.

    Okay, okay, they're asleep. 

    The water dish is shallow and in the corner of the tank; George is forced to crouch with his back to the snake in order to drink. He scoops up a handful of water, glancing over his shoulder every few seconds to make sure the snake hasn't budged, and takes a long sip.

    It doesn't taste good, but he wasn't expecting it to. He's just glad it isn't dirty.

    This is the first drink he's had all day and he drinks several more handfuls, wanting to keep his stomach full to stave off the eventual hunger pangs. He's used to going a day or two without eating so he'll be fine for a bit, but it's always best to stay ahead. Plus, he doesn't know when he'll next be able to drink.

    How much do snakes sleep? Are they nocturnal? Is this snake just going to wait until night to ambush and eat him?

    Fuck, I'm not going to be able to sleep, am I. They might just be waiting for me to lower my guard.

    George doesn't know if he'd be harder to swallow than a mouse, but that could definitely be a part of the snake's reasoning for waiting to kill him. Although. . .surely they wouldn't have much trouble crushing him in their coils. Maybe they were being genuine about not wanting to eat him, or at least not being desperate enough to eat him yet.

    George sighs, wiping his hands dry on his shirt before standing up. He'll probably try and hide behind the fake rock cave, because-

    The snake's coils have relaxed slightly and George can see one narrowed yellow eye watching him.

    He scrambles back, yelping when his back hits the glass wall of the tank and he realizes he's still within striking distance. The snake huffs and starts to uncoil and George sprints for the cave, half-expecting for fangs to sink into his spine.

    He reaches the cave and flattens himself against the back wall, breath catching in his throat when he realizes that he's just cornered himself. He should've gone behind, not inside, but he was just thinking about getting away as quickly as possible.

    George shudders when he hears the snake slither closer, watching the entrance with wide eyes as he waits to see what they're going to do. Will they reach in to grab him, or will they use their coils to crush him?

    They don't do either. He can hear their scales sliding against the fake stone before they speak. "Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you."

    "I'm sure," George mutters, refusing to let his guard down. "Then why'd you follow me?"

    He jerks back when the snake's face comes into view; they squint at him, tongue flicking out before they put their elbows on the ground and rest their chin on their hands.

    "Because I'd like to talk. I'd sure you wanna get out of here just as badly as I do, right?" The snake asks. George slowly nods. "Well, I can reach the latch for the top of the cage but I can't open it. You might be able to, though."

    George frowns, wary. ". . .how come you can't open it?"

    The snake reaches into the cave; George hisses out a startled curse, jerking back, and they go still. "Your hands are smaller than mine, you can probably fit more than just your fingers through the mesh roof. I can stick my fingers through but can't get the latch. I could lift you up to open it."

    "That's. . .actually a really good idea," George eventually says, squinting at their hands. He can see where some of the skin is raw, presumably from them forcing their fingers through the mesh to try and get at the latch. "And then what?"

    The snake furrows their brows. "What?"

    "I mean, how do I know you'll let me go?" George asks. "Instead of just using me as an edible lockpick?"

    The snake wheezes, eyes squeezing shut for a moment. "An edible- okay, no, I wouldn't eat you. Why would I? A full belly would just slow down my escape and I'd rather just wait until I'm out and catch a mouse or lizard. I don't eat prey that can talk."

    George nods. "Okay. I guess let's do it, then?"

    "Wha- no, we can't right now," the snake blurts out. "We have to wait until the human's gone. If they catch us doing it, they'll replace the lock with a better one. We only have one chance, we can't screw this up."

    "Will they leave in the morning?" George asks.

    The snake shrugs. "They don't leave every day. We'll have to wait and see."

    Which. . .okay, that's annoying. But at least now George knows that the snake has a reason to keep him alive, so they probably won't eat him. Hopefully.

    "Okay." The snake doesn't make any moves to leave and George frowns. ". . .go back to your hot rock."

    "I'm Dream," the snake says, completely ignoring him. George thinks about throwing a handful of shredded wood at them. "What's your name?"

    It won't do any harm to tell them, I guess.

    "George. Now go away and let me sleep," he grumbles, The snake wheezes again before turning around and leaving, curling up on their rock underneath the light.

    George closes his eyes and slows down his breathing. He has no plans to sleep but he wants to see if the snake is actually going to keep their word.

    Nothing. Several minutes pass and George opens his eyes again.

    The snake seems to be asleep, curled up on the rock. George watches them, his blinks slowly getting heavier and heavier, and without meaning to he drifts off and falls asleep too.


    I might write more for this au and if I do, there’ll probably be two or three more chapters. There will be vore in later chapters if I do write them.

    Now I’m off to go work on asks! I just wanted to share something since I’ve been pretty inactive recently.

    #g/t#mcyt gt#mcyt g/t #giant!dream #tiny!george #giant naga #naga giant!dream #naga!dream #vore mention#my stuff#my writing #meal time au
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    Ha ha! More Hummingbird!Dream! Why? I like tormenting him. It’s how I show my love. XD

    Trigger Warning for: Mentions of Vore, talk of eating a person, mentions of fatal vore, implied death, abuse, implied torture. Y’all have been warned~!

    Sam walked through the casino, glancing around at the various crowds and patrons. He was supposed to keep people in line, but most people shied away or ran when they saw him. He paused though, catching a glimpse of a huge terrarium surrounded by kids. Something was hanging in the middle, and the kids seemed sad. Sam approached, eyes going wide as he realized who was hanging from a spider web in the center of the terrarium. Sam ran over, pulling open the one human-sized door and running to the dangling prisoner.

    Sam pulled Dream from the tangled web, looking at the children before dashing out, landing harshly as he slammed the door shut. “Dream? You good?” The tiny hybrid wasn’t moving, and felt weirdly cold. Sam was never able to feel the hummingbird’s heartbeat. “Dream?” Sam carefully removed the webbing, praying the tiny hybrid was just unconscious and not… dead.

    “Sam! What are you doing?”

    “Quackity!” Sam ran over to the Casino owner, being mindful of the tiny hybrid he held. “A spider got into the terrarium! It… Dream got caught in its web. Do you think he’s okay?” Sam held up the tiny creature, close to Quackity so the other hybrid could see.

    Dream gasped to life, sitting bolt upright. He gasped, clutching his chest as he tried to calm down. By Prime Techno’s venom sucked. The ground was… warm? And he didn’t feel any remaining webbing clinging to him. Did Punz pull him down?

    A cacophony of cooing and giggling filled his ears. His eyes finally caught up to the reality, and he saw a bunch of children staring down at him, eyes shining and smiles bright. But… Quackity and Sam’s faces lingered beyond the children, one looking relieved, and the other looking confused as hell.

    Dream… Wasn’t inside the terrarium. Dream was free.

    Dream bolted, wings humming to life as he flew up, far out of the reach of the children and Sam and Quackity and- Wait… where was Karl?

    A rainbow blur slammed into Dream, earning a yelp from the tiny hybrid before he was suddenly grabbed out of the air.

    “Punz! Let me go!”

    The snake hybrid ignored him, looking to Sam and Quackity, a bored expression on their face. “Lose something you two?” Punz dangled Dream by his wings over the group, glaring at the hybrid as he struggled. Wilbur flew over, landing safely next to Punz before being joined by Technoblade, then Karl, and finally Sapnap.

    “Wait, what are you all doing here?”

    “Punz, give him here. Let’s all go to my office to talk, okay?” Quackity hissed, doing his best to be pleasant in front of the guests. Punz listened, tossing Dream unceremoniously into the larger hybrid’s hands, which tightened around the tiny hybrid in a vice-like death grip. “Let’s go~.”

    Punz crawled over to Sam, Techno and Wilbur doing the same while Sapnap and Karl clung to Quackity as the group walked to Quackity’s office. Once there, Quackity shut the door, locking it behind him before running to his desk and throwing the tiny hybrid into his cage with as much force as possible. “How the fuck are you alive you little shit?!”

    Dream cowered away from Quackity, glancing at Sam as the bigger hybrids surrounded him. The bigger predators.

    “I… I got cursed?” Dream whimpered, pressing himself into the bars and floor of the cage. He hated this, it always made him feel so stupidly small. Quackity grabbed the cage, lifting it off the desk, a look of pure fury in his eyes. “I’m serious! I was cursed! I went to visit Sam and came across some other hybrids! One of them could use magic and cursed me! Please!”

    Quackity was silent as he slammed the cage back down, Dream flying into the air before crashing down again, a chirp escaping his pained body. Quackity turned from the cage, pacing around while pinching the bridge of his nose, face contorted in furious thought; “Great, just fucking great. We’ve got a fucking immortal annoying-ass hummingbird hybrid and we can’t even do anything about it!”

    Sam was staring at Dream intently, head tilting as Quackity ranted to himself. “What if… We experimented?”

    Quackity spun back around, startling Karl and Sapnap from where they clung to him. “What?”

    “Well, he’s immortal, right? I think we should see how it actually works.” The Warden spoke, locking eyes with Quackity. Sam paced around the desk, looking back to Dream, hands folded behind his back as he contemplated how it would work. “I think… I can find a way to make a set of chains small enough for his wrists and neck, plus a length of chain to pull him from whoever’s stomach he’s in.”


    “Can it!” Quackity smacked the cage, silencing the hybrid inside. He turned back to Sam, the two staring at each other. “I’m fine with that, so long as everyone else here is as well.”

    “Me and Techno are too close to his size to be any part of this.” Wilbur stated, casting a glance to the drider before looking at his own blood-stained clothes. “So, we can’t be part of this.” Everyone nodded in agreement.

    “I mean, I’m not going to like having a chain in my mouth and throat, but it seems like something to do.”

    “Punz you traitor!”

    Quackity grabbed the cage, slamming it down on the desk several times; “I said CAN IT!” He stopped when he was sure Dream finally got the message, the smallest hybrid curled up on the floor of the cage, now littered with feathers. “Anyways. Back to the discussion at hand.”

    “I literally cannot eat meat, so I’m also out.”

    “Yeah, I’m going to have to dip on this one too. Last time I ate Dream, he nearly choked me and probably nearly caused some internal bleeding. Not a fun time.”

    Quackity looked to Sam, who tiled his head in confusion. “Well?”

    Sam looked around before pointing to himself; “Me?!”

    “Yes you. I’m fine with being part of this experiment as well. The little shit has to contribute somehow and I’d rather not face this alone.”

    Sam glanced back at Dream, who looked up to him pathetically. “I… Oh, this is awkward. Uh, Quackity, I don’t eat.”

    “You what now?”

    “Um, Creepers are… kind of machine, kind of moss? So… I don’t need normal food.” Sam winced. He’d never really spoken about this before, but it was part of the reason he was so into redstone contraptions and lights. “I mean, I’m sure I can find some people, but I can’t do it myself. I literally don’t have the organs for it… I think. It’s not something I want to test.”

    Quackity sighed, waving his hand dismissively. “Fine. Go find at least three other people.” Quackity plopped down in his chair, sighing heavily as he rubbed his temple, Karl and Sapnap perching on either shoulder. “Go and make the chains. And take Wilbur and Techno with you. They’re usually good with people. At least Wilbur is.”

    Sam nodded, letting Punz slither down his arm to the desk and around the cage that held Dream. Quackity waited until the trio left before leaning forward, staring intently at Dream. “I told you I’d make every day hell.”

    Dream could only pray Sam didn’t run into two people.

    #Trigger Warning#tw vore #tw fatal vore #tw abuse #hummingbird!Dream #Naga!Punz #preying Mantis! Wilbur #Creepertaur!Sam #Horned Lizard! Sapnap #Bird Of Paradise! Karl #Drider! Technoblade #hybrid!Quackity #What hybrid? You have to guess! #:)
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    #~the doctor’s sessions~ #dr. carl dolion #~horrorvoregirl~#vore rp#fearplay#unwilling vore#fatal vore #((naga carl’s got a lot more complicated inner functions))
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