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  • This was suppose to come out after the Pokemon Present, but I was busy celebrating,sooooo…. Platinum oc anyone?


    ( picrew: djarn’s character maker. Made by: https://djarn.tumblr.com/. Also pretend that her necklace her in a large red scarf.)

    Danica Yamamoto! Doing a different format this time! And by different I mean bullet points.

    • Started her journey at 11! Barry was 13.
    • Choose chimchar. His name is Theo and he’s a timid babey
    • Compared to Barry, she’s more quite and laid back.
    • Where Barry would run into people, no one would notice she’s their until she says something. This lead to her unintentionally spooking a lot of people.
    • Her voice is very soft, but can get very cold when mad
    • Not a good cook, but amazing baker
    • Makes amazing poffins
    • Admires Cynthia a lot( who doesn’t)
    • It’s really ironic because before Cynthia, Lucian left her with only one Pokemon left( Zade the Garchomp)
    • She was scared of Lucian because of that for a few years. She’s over it by SM(she was 18 by then)
    • Befriended Giratina ( it took a long while)
    • She didn’t release Giratina, but she did allow it to go back to the Distortion World where it’s most comfortable.
    • She uses Giratina as a way to make sure Cyrus doesn’t die, ie she sends him food and water
    • She genuinely hopes that Cyrus will decide to come back.
    • Uses mega-evolution for her Lopunny Risa.
    • Who is the second most energetic Pokemon on her team. The first is Kit the Jolteon.
    • So you can imagine the cause that was caused by these two
    • But Danica loves them all the same.
    • Her relationship with Barry is one of unhinged siblings.
    • They just say shit and move on
    • Danica is also one of the few people that can keep up with his running.
    • Though she prefers to keep things slow and steady
    • She used to be bullied for how quite and nerdy she was, but Barry would always try to scare the bullies of( not that she needed it, but the effort counts)
    • She’s not shy mind you. She’s just VERY quite.
    • Can stare into your soul
    • Feels like she’s not as strong as Cynthia, thus feels it’s wrong for her to be Sinnohs champion.
    • ( you thought I was going to do a character bio without some angst? Ha!)
    • Cynthia and others have tried to tell her that she’s worthy of the title of champion, but she has a hard time believing it
    • She then compares herself to the likes of Leon, Eva and other champions.
    • How her team isn’t as good or as strong as the rest.
    • Though it did comfort her that she wasn’t the only one who felt like this.
    • For some reason the press likes to depict her relationship with any one of the other champions as either a) a love affair(no) or B) that they’re arch enemies or some shit like that and she doesn’t understand it?????
    • Like Leon! Leon’s a sweetheart! Though a bit arrogant,but he means well! And his little siblings ( Naomi and Hop) are adorable!
    • Or Eva! Again absolute sweetheart! Love her! Great support! Greatly admires her innovation!
    • She would make poffins for all of them!
    • I should mention that by SwSh Danica is 22.
    • Anyway
    • When asked what would she do if she wasn’t a champion, she would say focus more on her baking and own a little bakery in her hometown. Not that she couldn’t do that already, but ironically her time management isn’t the best. It’s ironic because Barry’s is MUCH better in comparison.
    • Also Barry is a really good cook, but terrible baker
    • Ironically
    • Recently she started looking more into ancient Sinnoh…….
    #pokemon oc#pokemon platinum#Danica Yamamoto #i'll admit this was all over the place #but i love it that way honestly #but i'll also try to keep things in a steady beat #i'm still shaking from that Cynthia fight #it was one my first try y'all #MY FIRST TRY #also hinting at pokemon legends? #more likely than you might think #pokemon legends #she get to learn about her ancestors!! #and arceus #also the press sucks #leave Danica alone #pokemon cgampion#pokemon champions #do i add leon for clout? #nah#pokemon
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  • fuck ur zodiac sign do u play fnf with the arrow keys or wasd

    #i believe in wasd supremacy #friday night funkin #fnf #hmm should i tag characters 4 exposure? #nah #cringe.txt
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  • I can perfectly imagine Cornelia and Guilford, after everything is over, traveling around the world in a van. At first of course it would take some time to get used to this new lifestyle. But after that I see them both sitting at a beach at night, watching the stars and the water, cuddling and talking. They don’t need anything else.

    #It's 1:41 am right now #I have online classes tomorrow #I should probably get some sleep #Nah #sleep is overrated #Code geass is more important #code geass in 2021? code geass in 2021! #code geass#headcanon #cornelia li britannia #waifu#gilbert guilford #guilford x cornelia #cornelia x guilford #cornelia+x+guilford#guilnelia
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  • image

    I don’t remember what started this cursed path of mine. I adore Waluigi and somewhere i got the idea to do something… Idk if anyone else has *sweats* and created some Waluigi Jojo’s.. (SWEATS MORE) These became emotes that also became icons.

    (i’ll likely have them somewhere available if anyone does happen to want.. however I never did finish dio)

    #waluigi#jjba #jojos bizarre adventure #giorno giovanna#jotaro kujo#josuke higashikata#dio brando#fanart#digital art#my art #do i apologize for something this cursed?? #NAH #i need more waluig in my life #USING MY POWERS FOR EVIL #what can i say #shrug #idk if anyone wants these as icons either hahaha #cursed #i still love my mutant children #BAhaHA #these will not be the last #wip#sketch
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  • image

    I used to treat him like a god

    but nah not anymore

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  • what even is the queue

    like i used it for a week and a half

    but like i’m on here all day every day, so what’s the point of queuing stuff

    #well i also used it when i was tagging becky in a bunch of kelliott things #i can't find any new ones becky #it's annoying#nico's ramblings #maybe i should queue this just to be ironic #nah
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  • Oh you ship them? Which one do you project onto an unhealthy amount and which one gives you immense gender envy?

    #‘one is you the other is your type’ nah fam #nah #I’m self centered they both me #mad ducks
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  • The Special Grades are so funny like you have a brat, an irresponsible gal, a college dropout and a zombie.

    #special grades #are a kind of its own #HSHSHHS #these people are the strongest #can you believe that? #nah#jujutsu kaisen#jjk#gojo satoru#gojo
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  • Imma play ikemen cuz i have nothin else to do

    #i could sleep #but#nah
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  • Elinden geliyorsaaaa azıcık sevsene beni

    İçinden geliyorsaaaaaa

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  • #this is so nice #we should #we should talk more #nah #... #unless?
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  • ok but do we already have a petition to cancel the judges? where do i sign?

    #please #17 for keiichi with a perfectly good landing and 17 for stoch including the stumbling? #nah#ski jumping#season 2020/2021#oberstdorf #nordic ski world championships
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  • Someone else blocked me 😭

    #Do I say who? #Nah #I hate this though #I mean tell me
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  • i want to… draw pokemon 😔

    #also play pokemon #hm. should i make another blog for not wc art? #nah #thats too much work
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  • El primer trago para el suelo…

    Y una mirada para el cielo..

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  • my aesthetic is shoes that all add at least half an inch or more to my height so at all times even my height is ambiguous

    #gender? vibes? name? #nah
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  • eh. i got nothin.

    #opened this app to say something #nah
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  • 18+ post, minors dni w/this.





    Okay, so now that the adults are here, I have yet another question.

    Which would you prefer for a smut fic: Bakugou, Midoriya, or both?

    That’s it!

    #♪.kure rambles #tw.mature #tw.smut #tw.nsfw #tw.sex #Bnha #boku no hero academia #nah #my hero academia #midoriya izuku#izuku midoriya#bakugou katsuki #mha x reader #Bnha x reader #Bakugou x reader smut #Midoriya x reader smut #Midoriya x reader #Bakugou x reader #izuku#deku#Bakugou#dynamight
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  • the #tfa tag is a terrifying mix of Transformers Animated and The Force Awakens

    #tfa #should we sort it out? #nah#transformers animated #the force awakens
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  • As much as we all hated wtfock s4, we can’t deny the absolute artistic beauty of everyone saying hello to Kato at Senne’s party and Robbe and Sander literally ignoring her entire existence. That’s the type of reception we love and deserve.

    #wtfock #is this harsh? #nah #nothing against the actress but holy shit that character was fucked up
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