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  • spoofybun
    26.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    tokrev boys going to a haunted house with their s/o (pt. 2)

    -> part 1 (kazutora, hanma, draken, baji, chifuyu)

    a/n: i had fun with the last one so i wanted to make a part 2!! :D i hope you enjoy hehe,,,also i’m posting this right before performing a skit in japanese someone pls kill me

    genre: crack

    characters: kawata “angry” souya, kawata “smiley” nahoya, mitsuya takashi, sendou “akkun” atsushi, yamagishi kazushi

    warnings: swearing

    — kawata “angry” souya

    the actors tend not to try to scare him since his expression isn’t exactly one of fear,,, but as soon as one actor pops up in his face, souya is hiding behind you with a shriek. you’re nervous that he might cry, but it’s not concern for souya necessarily, it’s for what will happen to the actors once he sheds the tears. for the duration of the attraction, you let him wrap his arms around your waist as you also resign to gripping onto his shoulders. you’re the jumpy couple the actors target 🧍

    — kawata “smiley” nahoya

    pushes you in front of all the actors and enjoys every second of your screams. nahoya isn’t scared of the haunted attraction, but he knows you are, which is what makes this so fun! he holds onto your shoulders from behind and pushes you in the direction of the actors, laughing at each of your shrill screams. he was having so much fun listening to you lose your shit that he didn’t even notice the actor following close behind. when the actor bangs on the wall next to nahoya’s head, he actually jumps and lets out a scream, causing you to scream too. you can’t help but laugh at his karma, though.

    — mitsuya takashi

    this man is just straight up not scared 🧍he walks through like it’s a stroll in the park; actors screaming in his face and he has no reaction. he holds your hand the entire time, leading you through. he knows you’re scared shitless, and although he can’t understand what’s so scary about it, he squeezes your hand reassuringly and chuckles at your screams. this is in the parking lot of a grocery store, how scary can it be? he scoffs in the actors faces when he remembers this, but all chuckles run silent when he encounters dolls.

    — sendou “akkun” atsushi

    listen, he didn’t want to go in the first place. YOU did. he went because you forced him gave him the puppy dog eyes and he just couldn’t say no. god, does he hate every minute of it tho. he’s not the most jumpy person but he tenses up a lot. he’ll tighten his grip on your hand whenever there’s a jumpscare, you’re pretty sure you’re about to lose your hand. the only thing that crosses a line for akkun is when they snarl or growl in his ear; mans will straight up take off running, forget he’s in a haunted house, and just run straight into a wall. he made you promise not to tell anyone, but the giant bump on his forehead is enough to tell the whole story.

    — yamagishi kazushi

    seriously, why would you bring yamagishi to a haunted attraction? he’s your problem to deal with now. he’s hella scared; not only that but it only took one jumpscare for him to fart into submission. this man farts when he’s scared/nervous. will i ever let this go? no, i will not. he is so jumpy, but he’s the type to hide in your back and scream, which just attracts more attention to you both. when you both make it out, he makes you promise not to tell makoto that he almost pissed himself.

    taglist: @bakugosfieryasshole @sonder-paradise @aruhappy @erishaitto @nullified-kiss @chifuyu-whisperer

    #anime#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x you #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokrev x reader #tokrev x you #tokrev x y/n #souya kawata x reader #angry x reader #nahoya kawata x reader #smiley x reader #mitsuya x reader #mitsuya takashi x reader #akkun x reader #sendou atsushi x reader #yamagishi x reader #yamagishi kazushi x reader
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  • poutsies
    26.10.2021 - 17 hours ago

    cute things they do for you | tokrev men

    feat: mikey, takemichi, mitsuya, ken, souya, nahoya.
    a/n: they’re just my babies.


    after a sleepover with him at your place, he always wakes up early before you to head into work and tells you to lock the door behind him.

    sometimes you moan and whine because for god’s sake it’s six in the morning and it’s freezing and you don’t want to leave the warm comfort of your blankets but he’s looking over his shoulder, face deadpanned when he says, “i don’t care, get up. come lock the door.”

    always has candies and treats on hand and he loves sharing them with you.

    does this thing where when he can tell you’re nervous, he rests his hand at the back of your neck and gives it a nice, firm squeeze as if to tell you ‘i’m here’ and it always anchors you back down to reality.

    always maintains eye contact with you when you speak to show that he’s listening. you could be going on about a random youtube video you watched the other day on hair masks but he’s staring directly into your eyes, nodding along, sometimes giving little “mhm”s and input when necessary.

    i don’t picture mikey as a touchy person but with you, he lets you cuddle into him, hold his hand, play with his hair — just lets you do anything you want because he’s soft on you.


    he always carries an extra sweater for you.

    his face may go pink and warm but he always says random things like, “i like when you wear your hair like that,” or “can we hold hands right now?” he’s great at communication.

    doesn’t let you fall asleep angry at him after an argument. he’s literally sitting by your side on the bed, staring at your back with his posture slumped with sadness. “can we please talk about this?” you always give in because you hate seeing him so upset, just as much as he does seeing you cry.

    he can see you walking up to him from a mile away and will always gets nervous, making sure his hair and clothes looked and smelled okay.

    buys you little trinkets like charms and stickers that remind him of you.

    ## MITSUYA

    sends you songs that remind him of you with a little paragraph underneath it explaining why.

    knits you thick, wooly sweaters during the cool seasons. and not the scratchy kind, he always buys the soft, silken wool from a shop he has to drive out to a different city for.

    he’s another one who stares at you when you talk, but most of the time he isn’t listening and you know this because his eyes go foggy and unfocused, and his lips slightly part from each other. when you kiss your teeth and roll your eyes at him in annoyance, he just plainly says, “you’re just really fuckin’ pretty, i’m sorry but continue.”

    always holds doors open and pulls out chairs for you.

    he kisses you and pulls you closer when you’re sleeping.

    ## NAHOYA

    i hc him knowing how to draw . . . so, he constantly sketches pretty pictures of you sitting at your desk doing homework, lounging on the couch, or just in the kitchen cooking. you never realize until you stumble upon his notebook he hastily throws on the living room table while rushing out the door.

    he pays for your nails . . . like, every single time. come friday of every other week, he’s handing over his card easily. sometimes he makes a suggestion like, “you should get that ombré shit,” or, “can you get them long this time?” ( he loves them super long. )

    he’d rub your feet for you after a long day when he could tell you needed it.

    gives the best hugs. like . . wraps his arms around your shoulders, rests his chin on your head, and softly rocks from side to side — he envelops you. it’s so nice.

    when in a crowd of people, he grabs your hand and forces you to hold the bottom of his shirt. like . . don’t even ask or try to walk on your own, he won’t let you.

    ## KEN

    does this thing where he puts your hand on the gear shift then covers it with his own while he’s driving, so it’s like you two are holding hands.

    he posts you . . a lot. he has twenty thousand followers on instagram and only follows you. and out of the forty posts on his feed, thirty nine are of you, and the fortieth is just a pic of him and mikey.

    he rubs your back while you’re talking to someone. just, slow, wide circles . . sometimes he, himself, doesn’t realize he’s doing it, but you find it very comforting.

    randomly grabs your hand sometimes and kisses your fingers, one by one.

    when he sees you crying, he’s the type to drop every thing to cradle you in his lap. whispers things like, “it’ll be okay,” and, “i know you’re hurting, baby. i’m sorry,” in your ear.

    ## SOUYA

    he’s your number one supporter. he’s constantly encouraging you, whether that be with little things like you managing to do laundry after laying in bed all day or finishing a homework assignment.

    he’s the type to spoil the fuck out of you. you say you want something and he’s already ordering it before the day is over.

    he gives you cheek kissies!!!!! like, soft, gentle kisses on the cheek when he first sees you after a long day and he always smiles and blushes after pulling away.

    i just think he’d adore you ): he always texts you goodmorning ‘n goodnight when he’s away on business.

    he doesn’t care if you smoke or drink, but he’d rather not do any of those around you. he thinks he’d be a ‘bad influence,’ lol. ( he’s precious y’all, i just can’t articulate it any better than this<3 )

    #tokyo revengers#mikey sano #mikey x reader #mikey x you #mikey x y/n #takemichi x you #takemichi x reader #takemichi x y/n #mitsuya takashi #mitsuya x reader #mitsuya x you #mitsuya x y/n #kawata nahoya #nahoya x you #nahoya x y/n #smiley kawata #smiley x y/n #smiley x you #smiley x reader #draken x y/n #draken x you #ryuguji ken #ken ryuuguji x reader #ken ryuuguji x you #souya x you #souya x y/n #souya x reader #angry x you #angry x y/n
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  • dhampirscanz
    26.10.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Tokyo Revengers, Vol. 22 (2017 - ?)

    #tokyo revengers#manga#manga scan #black and white #tokyo revengers volume 22 #takemichi#takemichi hanagaki#draken#ken ryuuguji#chifuyu#chifuyu matsuno#nahoya#nahoya kawata#souya#souya kawata#hakkai#mitsuya#mitsuya takashi#hakkai shiba#ryohei hayashi#peyan #takemichi (tokyo revengers) #draken (tokyo revengers) #chifuyu (tokyo revengers) #nahoya (tokyo revengers) #souya (tokyo revengers) #hakkai (tokyo revengers) #mitsuya (tokyo revengers) #peyan (tokyo revengers)
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  • butterflyemi
    25.10.2021 - 22 hours ago


    Haitani Ran, Kawata Nahoya, Sanzu Haruchiyo

    NOTE: *sighs* I’ve been searching for something like this but nothing pops out so I had to do it myself 👺

    TAGS/NOTES: Fem! Reader, mentions of violence, weapons, profanity, slight suggestive, crack, rivalry, slight Bonten Arc spoilers [Sanzu’s part] I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3


    Your boyfriend is everything you wanted, right? So why does he feel jealousy towards your ex girlfriend who is still in love with you when he knows you both have broken up.



    ➩ He knows he isn’t supposed to be jealous.

    ➩ For fucks sake, he’s Haitani Ran, someone who rules over Roppongi and someone who is feared by a lot of people.

    ➩ So why is it that he feels jealous over your ex who is your ex for a reason.

    ➩ Oh wait, it’s cause your ex girlfriend is also his rival who had unknowingly beat him to a fight.

    ➩ Rika, your ex, chuckled upon seeing Ran and she frowned as she exhales “[Name]-chan, is this who you are really dating now?” She mocked Ran with a sly smirk plastered on her face.

    ➩ Ran held you waist tight, showing Rika that you are dating him not her.

    ➩ From her body language and expressions, Ran could tell that Rika is still in love with you.

    ➩ So he decided to taunt her a little.

    ➩ Ran smirked, seeing Rika clench her fist after you kissed his cheek.

    ➩ Rika scoffed and crossed her arms as she turns away her gaze from Ran “Whatever, not like you can make [Name] feel good” Rika squinted her eyes at Ran as she glares at the man.

    ➩ “Careful now, Rika. You’re going to hurt [Name]’s feelings” Ran’s eye twitched in annoyance.

    ➩ Meanwhile, you just wanted to go home and sleep.


    ➩ No, just no.

    ➩ He literally hates your ex with passion.

    ➩ He does not care that your ex is a girl. He’ll fight her anytime since he knows she can throw punches.

    ➩ Though, you’d always remind him that he is the only one you love now.

    ➩ Still doesn’t make him feel any better because you and Yuna are in good terms and he’s heard from his brother how Yuna is still in love with you.

    ➩ Nahoya has to remind himself that you love him and not her.

    ➩ So when you and him stumble upon Yuna after he took you to a restaurant, he didn’t hesitate to even fight her.

    ➩ You could only stand beside Nahoya as he throws insults at your ex.

    ➩ “At least I’m not obsessed with [Name], you fucker” Nahoya spat at Yuna and she rolled her eyes “You’re jealous that she and I have more chemistry” Silence filled the room and Nahoya almost created chaos if it weren’t for you holding him back.

    ➩ “Yuna! I thought you promised to not do something like this!” You scolded your own ex to which she pouted at this.

    ➩ Yuna’s lips curled into a smile “[Name], my love, he’s obviously not--” Before she could even finish her sentence, Nahoya landed a punch at her.

    ➩ “You really want to test my patience, huh?!” Your boyfriend grinned.

    ➩ You had to call Souya to inform him about the fight between Nahoya and Yuna.


    ➩ It’s like as if him and your ex are destined to be rivals.

    ➩ You’re definitely a lucky one.

    ➩ You currently have a boyfriend who is Bonten’s number 2 and you have an ex girlfriend who is the most wanted assassin in the country.

    ➩ Yeah, you don’t know how you managed to capture their hearts-

    ➩But oh god, never put these two in a room together.

    ➩ It’s a mutual hatred that Sanzu and Mae have. What makes it worse is that Mae still loves you and won’t give up till you and Sanzu break up.

    ➩ Which annoys him so much.

    ➩ Currently, you are being dragged by Mae because she invited you to go shopping with her.

    ➩ And since you are still friends with her, you don’t see any issues with it.

    ➩ Apparently, your boyfriend has a problem with it.

    ➩ In fact, Sanzu almost killed your ex girlfriend but she dodged his bullet easily.

    ➩ “Come on, [Name]-chan!!” Mae whines as she holds your arm tightly “Admit it! I’m a better partner than that clown will ever be!” A irk mark appeared on Sanzu’s forehead and he pulls out his gun and points it at Mae.

    ➩ “You fucking bitch! You both broke up for a reason!” Mae pulled out her dagger and points it at Sanzu “Oh my god! I was offered to go to Chanel here...” You sulked.

    ➩ When suddenly, Sanzu and Mae’s eyes widen in realization.

    ➩ “I’m getting her that Chanel bag!” They both left you and immediately ran to the nearest Chanel store.

    ➩ Oh well, at least their willing to give you anything.

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  • softmitsuya
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    This Is The Only Time I Really Feel Alive

    CHARACTERS: Kawata Nahoya | Smiley x GN!reader

    WARNINGS: horror, blood, major character death, murder (attempted/implied/discussion of - tagged as “tw murder”), knives, reader's nicknames (sweetheart - used condescendingly), swearing
    A/N: this was originally supposed to be ~400 words, something short, but i got so carried away with writing nahoya and i really love how this turned out! this is my first attempt at writing anything horror-related since i was a kid, please go easy on me lol. if you enjoy please like/reblog, it means so much to me! thanks :)
    word count: 1.79k


    ♬♩♪♩NOW PLAYING♩♪♩♬

    ⁌ They’re Coming to Take Me Away--Ha Ha! - Sloppy Jane

    ⁌ Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge

    ⁌ Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) - Nancy Sinatra

    ⁌ Moonlight Serenade - Glenn Miller


    “Do you really think your stupid fucking phone is going to help you now? How could you possibly be that dumb?” he yelled, voice raising the more words came spewing out of his mouth. “C’mon. Give it up. It didn’t help the rest of them, sweetheart, so why would it help you now?” He raised his arms in frustration before suddenly dropping them back to his sides. The light pole standing off to the side helped illuminate his features more clearly as the only other light was provided by the moon hanging from the sky. His body was shaking, whether that be from adrenaline or excitement, you didn’t know—you weren’t sure you wanted the answer anyways.

    You cowered back in fear. Your eyes not leaving his right hand which was caked in layer after layer of a dark red, nearing brown, liquid—blood. A large butcher’s knife, still dripping residual blood from his previous victim’s of the night hung loosely from his fingers. All of whom had been your best friends. As you looked at him, the memories came flooding back. While you knew it was actually happening, it seemed like a fucked-up nightmare—your friends' blood-curdling screams and pleads for their lives echoed in your mind. It sent chills running down your spine and goosebumps raised on your arms.

    You did your best to choke back a sob as your gravelly voice pleaded, “Nahoya, please! You don’t have to do this. I don’t know how you got to this point, but I want to help.” You struggled to find the right words, hands moving around with no clear motive. You didn’t want to upset him any further than he already was. “I want to... Tell me what happened, I want to help you. Please. After all we’ve been through together? Don’t let it come to this.”

    He looked down, examining his bloody hands. His eyes began to lose focus, honing in on the minuscule details of his hands. The dried blood left cracks on his skin, revealing the dirt caked beneath. His whole body seemed to still and relax in almost an instant. Although you could tell he was thinking, you didn’t risk letting your guard down. You couldn’t tell if he was actually thinking for a while or if you were just traumatized, but he slowly lifted his head up to look at you. “You really think so?” he whispered, a sad smile beginning to break out on his face as his eyes teared up.

    Your mouth dropped open slightly, words stuck on the tip of your tongue. Would you really be able to make it out of this alive? Did he buy it? You took a small, tentative step towards him, raising your arms slowly to reach for his hand, his weapon. “Nahoya, I know you. You’re a good person.” You began to feel your confidence grow as words of comfort spilled from your mouth. “This isn’t like you, and I know this was all a misunderstanding.” As you continued to inch towards him, your hand began to move closer to his in an attempt to get his weapon.

    His smile grew as he began taking his own steps towards you. He was getting closer to the light pole that stood almost perfectly between the two of you. It let off a dim and muddy light. Somehow, the prospect of seeing his dirty and blood-stained face made you almost more terrified than knowing you were feet away from someone who murdered your friends only 10 minutes ago. You knew that the blood on his face, which also covered his whole body and pale complexion, was from your friends. The same friends you knew for years. Your friends. His friends.This was the proof of what he did. The person standing before you, your friend—ex-friend—brutally butchered your friends, ended their lives without a second thought. Knowing this information and truly internalizing had your heart hammering in your chest within seconds.

    The pair of you now stood next to the light pole, and much closer than before. You could smell the blood and sweat that stained his clothing, a pungent and sour odor. Your fear of how demented Nahoya was grew as you thought about how he might be able to hear your heart with how fast and intensely it pounded. As much as you hated yourself for thinking it, you almost enjoyed how you felt at the moment—electric adrenaline pumping its way through your body. You didn’t feel any pain right now, and as much as you knew you should be sad and mourning the lost lives of your friends, you didn’t feel anything right now except for nearly-paralyzing fear and empty.

    You took a closer look at Nahoya, deciding to observe how tonight has affected him physically. His hair was matted down from sweat and surely blood, as well. His usually soft-looking and clean skin was now stained with blood. You knew that below the layers of dried blood was dirt from those who put up a valiant struggle— of those he needed to throw to the cold, solid ground and beat into submission before he could take their lives. As you continue to look over his features, you finally notice his eyes. His usually kind and playful eyes were now alight with something akin to exhilaration, or perhaps… arousal? You desperately searched for any sign of self-reproach in the dark specks within his eyes, but there didn’t seem to be any remorse laying dormant in his eyes.

    As much as you thought you were ahead of the game by beginning to take a slow step back and away from him, you weren’t. You were never ahead. How could you, when it was his game? Behind you was nothing but a long and expansive lake, stretching for miles on end. Well that’s not an option. Your eyes scanned behind him, looking for a fast escape. Past his right side was a wide-ranging forest which went on for many miles, spindling its way around the lake which added to the supposedly “tranquil retreat” appeal of the cabin you rented for the week. On his left side was a makeshift path that you knew led to the cabin, where the bodies of many of your friends remained. I need to run. I need to find help. I need to get away.

    You turned your body around as fast as humanly possible, but to no avail. Nahoya’s hand shot out and managed to grab your wrist, pulling you back to him. His hand was clammy against your wrist, despite how much physical activity he had been doing all night. Upon feeling his blood-crusted hand grip your wrist, you let out a scream of horror, yanking your wrist as hard as you could, trying to get free—no matter what it took.

    After your failed attempt to get free, he wrapped his left arm around your waist, holding your back to his body. His forearm barred across your ribs, grip strong so as not to let you escape. His palm wrapped around your shirt, giving him an extra-strength hold on you, and effectively trapping you. He was as close as he could get to you. Your hands moved from your sides to begin clawing his arm, nails leaving angry red lines and crescent-shaped cuts. You continued to scream profanities until it felt like your throat was bleeding. The skin inside felt shredded and raw. Your tastebuds began picking up the coppery taste of pennies. You wanted to stop, give up, but you didn’t want to die in vain. Your friends spent their last moments pleading for their lives and you were just going to give up?

    You could feel his hand touching your waist, almost making you gag. You could taste the acidic bile rising up in your throat but to prevent it from entering your mouth you swallowed it back down. Nahoya’s right hand trailed up the side of your body, the tip of his knife just barely touching your skin as he made his way from your waist to your collar bones. Moving his way up to your face, he used his dirty thumb to swipe away some of your tears which stained your cheeks. As he wiped your face, he let out a quiet chuckle at the sight of the blood and tears mixing, leaving a stain behind on your cheek. Before you could even begin to plead for your life, he inched his head closer to your ear, whispering out your name and then, “Do you really think this is all a misunderstanding?”

    “Yes! Yes, I do,” you exhaled, words coming out choppy and hurried. Your heart beat pounded in your head like a snare drum keeping rhythm in a parade. The sudden increase of your heart rate left you dizzy and light-headed, you felt like you could barely stand on your own two feet. Nahoya’s overwhelming presence behind you helped to keep you grounded, as well as his scent—sweat and blood, which congealed and dried on his clothing hours ago—overpowering everything else. Turning your head to try to get a better vantage point, the smell from his clothing wafted up into your nostrils. It was putrid and all-encompassing. You couldn’t keep yourself from breathing in the scent even if you tried. The horrible odor of blood, dirt, and internal organs flooded your nostrils and before you could help it, you were spitting up onto the ground beneath you. “Nahoya, please,” you begged, feeling like you were on your last legs. “I just… Please. Everyone else is misunderstanding the situation. I know you wouldn’t do this without reason.”

    “Well… I think that’s the one thing we can both agree on here, finally,” he laughed out. “It is all a misunderstanding. Except—you’re the one misunderstanding here, not me.” He reached his other arm around your body, managing to keep you exceptionally still throughout the struggle. You wriggled around in his grasp, trying to at least free one of your arms which was now trapped beneath both of his. “You know, I don’t actually have a reason. Except for the fact that—I can do whatever I want.” You knew you lost the moment those words left his lips. He managed to come out on top. As you opened your mouth to scream, he plunged his knife into your body repeatedly, leaving tens of stab wounds on your torso. He could slowly feel the life drain from your body as blood seeped into your shirt and onto his arms and hands.

    Sure, it sucked he didn’t have any more friends. Yes, he knows he’s the one who killed them—he’s annoyed, not stupid. And yet, knowing this truth, he continued to smile through it all.


    © softmitsuya 2021

    # # #tokrev#kawata nahoya#tw murder#tw blood#tw horror #tw character death #tw knives #kawata nahoya x reader #kawata nahoya x you #kawata nahoya x y/n #nahoya kawata x you #nahoya kawata x reader #nahoya kawata x y/n #tokrev x y/n #tokrev x reader #tokrev x you #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo revengers x you
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  • marrymemanjiro
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mikey’s Girl - Chapter Thirteen

    Summary: I just really love the Kawata twins so I had to dedicate a chapter to them. It’s literally just you, Nahoya, and Souya all chilling together. Very much fluff. Plus, Nahoya teaches you how to fight :) Also, you seem to have a talent for getting people to open up to you. So in this chapter, you find out what happened that made Nahoya cry. Btw, this series is like 30% cannon and 70% not, so don’t overthink it if things happen differently to how they did in the anime/manga.

    Warnings: Mild violence - I Mean, It’s Nahoya, What Did You Expect? - References to Manga (Chapter 162 Spoilers)

    Table Of Contents

    Next Chapter


    It had now been 23 days since Mikey left. It didn’t sound like a long time when you said it aloud but each day you wondered if he was already dead. If he was even going to come back at all. When wasn’t the issue anymore, it was if. You had no way of knowing if you should hold out for a few months or just move on now. You would think in circles about this same dilemma for hours until you remembered Chifuyu’s words. ‘Sometimes you just gotta take a deep breath, say okay, and move on, thinking about it isn’t gonna make it better, it's just gonna make it hurt more.’

    Feelings of simultaneous guilt and the intense desire to be left alone would’ve consumed you, had you not been so determined to become a stronger version of yourself. Instead you found yourself ignoring your feelings until it was like they weren’t even there, kinda like how Mikey did. Unbeknownst to you, spending so much time in his environment caused you to slowly become him. Whether that was a good or bad thing was still up for debate. 

    The Toman captains had implemented a more realistic schedule, realising quickly that leaving you with just two people wasn’t sustainable. Instead, they’d make sure at least two people were with you at all times, swapping out every few days so they wouldn’t overwork themselves. Still, you were sick of it. You just wanted to be alone so you could be sad about Mikey in peace. But you put on a brave face regardless because you knew you should be grateful that they were sacrificing so much to protect you. You hated feeling like a burden. 

    It was the Kawata twins who were currently tasked with keeping you safe. Even Mitsuya had abandoned his house to spend his free time visiting his sisters, Luna and Mana, at his mum's house. 

    You and Nahoya were deciding on a movie to watch while Souya was getting popcorn and snacks.

    “I vote we watch a horror movie, like Conjuring or The Shining.” 

    “No way horror movies are-” You stuck your finger down your throat to imitate throwing up at Nahoya’s idea. “We should watch a classic romcom, like Clueless. C’mon, back me up Souya.”

    “Nah, both your ideas suck, no offense.”

    “You know, I wasn’t offended until you said no offense.”

    “Why don’t we watch a comedy, oh how about Deadpool? Its funny and its got gratuetous violence plus explicit sex scenes so you both get what you want.”

    “I never said I wanted sex scenes. I said romance.”

    “What’s the difference?” It was the fact that Souya was always so genuine that made it sting so much more when he teased you. Usually unintentionally.

    “Nevermind, let’s watch Deadpool.”

    “Wait, I never agreed-” Nahoya rejoined the conversation, only to be shut down immediately by both you and Souya replying in unison. 


    You couldn’t help but be intrigued by the excessive violence in the movie. You knew it was all stunts done for entertainment purposes, but all the blood and bruising made it look so real. Your mind went back to the night Mikey came home bleeding severely, mostly from head trauma. It was hard enough just seeing him with injuries, you’d never have the heart to bring yourself to picture how the injuries got there. You couldn’t imagine the pain he must’ve been through, not just emotionally but physically too. And it wasn’t just Mikey.

    “What's it like being in Toman?” You asked.

    You looked over to Nahoya and Souya who were calmly watching the fight scenes unfold. Blood and severed limbs flying everywhere, you didn’t expect them to react but there was still something so unsettling by the way they didn’t even stop eating their popcorn. And Nahoya, of course, didn’t stop smiling either. This was normal for them. The fighting. The blood. The pain. All of it. This R rated movie filled with graphic depictions of horrific ways to die, that was their daily life.

    When the movie ended you couldn’t help but be curious about what exactly these guys had been through in Toman that made them so desensitised.

    “What do you mean?” Souya was the first to respond.

    “Like in the movie, there was so much intense violence. But you guys seemed so unphased, as if you were used to it. Is that what Toman is like?”

    “It’s just a movie, it's not real.”

    “But it isn’t just a movie for you guys, is it? That typa shit happens in your daily lives. All the fighting and blood and death. Yet you still go home at the end of the day like everything’s fine.”

    “It’s super exaggerated though. There's a lot less bullets and stabbing in real life.”

    “That’s not the point.” You eyed the boys’ faces, various bruises and scars were littered all over their skin. Most of them were almost fully healed by now, but they were there if you looked closely. It was one thing to act strong, to suppress your emotions and replace the tears with a confident smile. But these guys were actually strong, they could take a punch and just laugh it off. They were kinda like Deadpool in that way, nothing could kill them.

    “What is the point then?” Souya questioned.

    “I wanna learn how to fight. Like you guys. I wanna be able to take a punch and give one right back. I just wanna be strong.”

    Nahoya's interest in the conversation peaked as you said this, “I can teach you how to fight, it’ll be fun. I’m not gonna hit you though so I don’t know about showing you how to take a punch. But I can teach you to dodge punches. And trust me, dodging is better.”

    Souya really only fought when he was in danger, so he stayed on the couch to watch Deadpool 2. Nahoya, however, would fight whenever he got the chance. Just for the thrill. Even if being your sparring partner meant having to take a lot of hits. He didn’t really care. Sure your technique was improving but your strength was still on the low side compared to what he was used to.

    “Here, try this stance.” Nahoya adjusted your stance in an attempt to help you strengthen your punches. “Make sure to follow through when you punch me this time, use your body weight to your advantage.”

    Despite already being exhausted, you were determined to improve not only your strength but your stamina as well. You didn’t hold back, focusing your energy with a deep breath before punching Nahoya in the chest at full strength. He didn’t even flinch, he just smiled.

    “That was really good!”

    “Don’t patronise me, you didn’t even flinch. How come I could knock one of the Black Dragons unconscious but you're here smiling.”

    “Smiling is kinda what I do (Y/N). Besides, most of the Black Dragons are weak compared to Toman’s guys. That's why they use such scummy methods to get what they want. Five of them couldn’t even take out the commander's girlfriend.”

    Nahoya’s praise made you blush slightly, but you still wanted to be able to fight well enough to get him to at least react. You surprised him with a punch to the stomach.

    “If you're gonna do a gut punch, make sure you crouch down more so you don’t lose strength on your swing.”

    “Are you serious? It's like you can’t even feel this.” You punched him in the gut again, this time heeding his advice and crouching down slightly.

    “If it makes you feel better, your technique is really improving. But you can’t build strength in a day, you really just gotta do a shit ton of pushups and wait for your muscles to get bigger.” 

    Nahoya got on the ground to demonstrate how much practice he had with doing pushups. You tried to copy him. He was good. He had already done about 15 pushups by the time you got on the ground with him and figured out how to position yourself. With each pushup you did, he did 5 in the same time, never breaking a sweat. You tapped out at 7 pushups, panting and wheezing on the ground,

    “Okay so pushups are a work in progress, how about I teach you how to dodge then we can work on some combos?”

    You actually spent a really long time training with Nahoya, and he was a good teacher too. Souya had finished watching Deadpool 2 and turned around to watch you practise while the credits were rolling.

    “Wow, you guys are still going? Can I see what you’ve done so far?”

    “Sure. (Y/N), let’s show him the last combo we were working on.”

    Trying to utilise the element of surprise you immediately reset your stance and lunged at Nahoya using the momentum to your advantage. You punched him in the gut with your right then left fist before ducking to the left to dodge one of his punches. (Although, even if you hadn’t dodged, he still wouldn’t have hit you.) You then got behind him, so you were out of his field of vision, and elbowed him in the back. Immediately stepping back afterwards knowing he would turn around. You let him come to you and attack first, so you could dodge it and punch him in the blind spot his previous move created, this time it was his jaw where you landed a final uppercut before stepping down to bow. Signaling you were done with the combo.

    Souya clapped at your efforts but you were still frustrated. You were sweating and panting, and had no choice but to call it a day. Yet Nahoya still hadn’t flinched once. But then you noticed him rubbing his jaw.

    “Damn, that last hit was really good, a couple more of those and I’d have a serious bruise. Going for a jaw punch for that finishing move was a smart idea. Even I didn’t expect it.”

    It wasn’t much, Nahoya didn’t actually react to being hit. But after two straight hours of training, one of your punches managed to hurt a Toman captain. You couldn’t contain your excitement as you jumped around in victory. Nahoya was really happy for you too.

    “Wanna go again?”

    Right as he said that you collapsed onto the ground and shook your head.

    “Hell no. I’m exhausted. But tomorrow I’m gonna beat yo ass.”

    “I’m counting on it.” Nahoya laughed at your confidence. You were getting better, sure. But you were still a long way away from winning against him in a fight.

    “You know, I’ve known you for a few months now but it still never ceases to amaze me how you always smile even while being punched in the face.” You got off the floor and let your body fall back onto the couch beside Souya. Nahoya made himself comfortable in the spot next to you. “Can I ask you guys something?”

    “Sure.” They replied in unison.

    “How are you always smiling, Nahoya? And Souya, why do you always look angry?” The twins looked at each other for a moment. Somehow, they weren’t expecting you to ask that.

    “You know, we’ve known most of the other Toman executives since middle school and yet you're the first person to ask us that.” Souya responded.

    “Really? No way, I’ve been curious since day one! Have you guys just always been like this? Like isn’t it annoying when you're sad or something but you can’t show it.”

    “Well it's a funny story actually.” Nahoya started.

    “I wouldn’t say it’s funny, Smiley. Like 10 people ended up in hospital.”

    “WHAT?” You were not expecting this kind of story, but now you were all the more intrigued. It was Nahoya who started telling the story.

    “Back in elementary school, Angry and I usually always felt neutral in terms of emotions. Even in really scary or stressful situations, we would hardly react. It was one of the things that made me such a good fighter, I’d intimidate my opponents because no matter how badly I was outnumbered, I never seemed to care.

    “Wait, you were fighting people all the way back in elementary school?”

    “I mean yeah, you don’t get this good at fighting without starting young. I thought that was normal?”

    “It’s not, but continue.”

    “Okay well one day, a bunch of middle school kids surrounded me. They were pissed because apparently I beat up one of their friends or brothers or something. I tried to fight them but there was only one of me and like 10 of these middle school kids. And they were all older and stronger than me. It was the first time I lost, they beat me up real bad. That was the only time I've ever cried actually, in case you were wondering.”

    It was odd seeing Smiley being so vulnerable and open. It was almost as if you had a talent for getting these guys to open up for once in their lives. If you could get Mikey to learn to communicate properly, it only made sense that you could do the same for the twins. You didn’t say anything yet though, you just listened as Souya continued the story.

    “That’s when I noticed what was going on. I wasn’t a fighter in elementary school. I don’t know what Smiley’s on about because fighting at that age is insane. So when I saw my brother crying I felt awful because I couldn’t do anything about it. Maybe it’s because we’re twins but I could feel his pain so I started crying too. For the first time ever I think. Our mum always thought we were special because we never cried as babies. And it wasn’t until that day that we realised why. Because after I started crying, honestly I don’t remember what happened, but Smiley does.”

    “Usually I’m a much better fighter than Angry, but something scary happens when he cries. He turns into what I like to call the blue ogre. When he’s like that, he’s a hundred times stronger than me. I don’t know how, but he took on every single one of those middle schoolers and won without a scratch. It wasn’t until all the guys that tried to fight me were in tears that Souya calmed down. They all ended up in hospital because of how badly they were hurt, only half of them ever fully recovered.” 

    Nahoya leaned into your ear to whisper this next part. “Don’t tell Souya this, I don’t want him to feel guilty. But a year or two later two of the guys died from complications caused by their permanent injuries.”

    You had to consciously stop your eyes from widening at this shocking news. Souya, probably the nicest guy in Toman, was partly responsible for the deaths of two middle schoolers. What?

    Souya continued the story, “Since that day I promised Smiley that I would never cry again, so I wouldn’t lose control like that anymore. We got in so much trouble too, I wanted to cry just because of how much we got yelled at. That’s when Smiley told me, instead of being sad, I should pretend to be angry because they’re actually really similar emotions but if I’m angry, I won’t cry.”

    “And I promised Angry, that I would never make him cry for my sake again. So instead I always smile to let him know that I’m okay. And after a while, it became the new normal for us. That's how we got our nicknames. And as a bonus, it makes me seem a lot more intimidating when I punch someone with a smile on my face.”

    “Wow.” You finally spoke. “That’s beautiful. You guys do this because of a promise you made to each other all those years ago.”

    “Well, it’s mainly so Angry doesn’t go on a murderous rampage again.”

    “No, shut up. I like my interpretation better. You guys have such an amazing bond as brothers, I love that. Okay, yeah, this definitely calls for a group hug. C’mon, bring it in.”

    Smiley definitely did not want to do a group hug but you literally did not care, pulling him into a hug anyway. Angry joined awkwardly, realising he didn’t have a choice. You pulled both of them tighter into the hug before speaking softly. 

    “Thank you for sharing that story with me. You know, I think you guys are really fucking cool.”

    Nahoya's usual wide, toothy smile subsided when he heard these words, replacing it with a smaller, genuine smile instead. And it’s hard to be sure, but for a moment, you think Souya smiled too.

    #tokyo revengers#tokyo rev #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers x y/n #tokyo rev x y/n #tokyo revengers fanfic #tokyo manji gang #tokyo manjikai #tokyo manji revengers #kawata twins#nahoya kawata#souya kawata#smiley kawata#angry kawata #tokyo revengers smiley #tokyo revengers angry #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyorev fluff#nahoya#souya#nahoya fluff #nahoya x reader #nahoya x you #souya fluff #souya x reader #souya x you #nahoya x y/n #souya x y/n #smiley x y/n
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    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’ll take care of it.

    └ Pairing. Souya “Angry” Kawata, Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata, Yasuhiro “Muto” Mucho.

    └ Summary. Kawata twins plus Mucho help carry their s/o after she twists her ankle.

    └ Warnings. Nahoya Kawata.


    Souya “Angry” Kawata.

    He didn’t know you were hurt, because he wasn’t able to see you for a couple of weeks, school and the gang being the reason.

    That day he decides he is going to see you, yes or yes, so he tells his brother the night before that he’s not gonna be able to attend anything gang related. When he knocks on your front door he is met with your mom, and he bows, his characteristic resting face softer.

    “Souya baby! Come, come.” He hugs her and gets inside, taking his shoes off and his gang jacket too. “Y/N’s in the kitchen, I’m making coffee.”

    When he gets to the kitchen he stops on his tracks and frowns. You’re sitting on a chair with one leg on top of another one, your ankle all wrapped in a cast.

    “Oh, what happened?” He runs to you with worried eyes, you smile at him.

    “Hi Sou’, I twisted my ankle like four days ago while playing volleyball at school.” You tell him while simultaneously wrapping your hands around his neck to hug him.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” He asks, his hands going around your waist.

    “Uhm… we haven’t talked in almost a week, Sou’” You whisper softly.

    He tenses and looks down at his feet, you are right.

    In silence he takes you in his arms bridal style and waits for you to take your cup of coffee, he walks to your room with you in his arms and puts you down on your bed, then he pulls closer the chair in front of your desk and sits on it.

    “I’m sorry.” He mumbles.

    “No, it’s okay baby, you know it doesn’t bother me.” You smile at him but he shakes his head.

    “I’m sorry. I don’t have an excuse, the least I could’ve done was texted you.” This time you shake your head.

    “I could’ve done the same, Souya, it’s okay.” He nods. “Although, now that you’re here, can you carry me around for the day?”

    “And for as long as you need.” He nods.

    “I love you.”

    “Love you more, pretty.” He chants while getting inside the blankets with you.

    Yasuhiro “Mucho” Muto.

    He was about to knock on your door before he stops himself and sighs.

    Right, you can’t walk.

    He texts you that he’s gonna be entering your apartment before he opens the door like it’s his own house. You’re sprawled out on the couch, with your twisted ankle on top of a pillow and reading some notes.

    “I’m home.” He says in a soft tone to not scare you since he doesn’t even have a spare key yet and he’s inside your apartment. You look up and immediately put your hands up and make grabbing motions to let him know you wanna touch him.

    He kneels and leans to hug you, letting you slide your hands all over his back, you hum.

    “Hi, baby.” You murmur.

    “Hi, love.” He kisses your lips briefly.

    After that, he just sits with you, putting your legs on his lap and watching a random action movie on the TV while you went back to study your notes for when you have to get back to college.

    At some point he starts feeling the discomfort in you, but not wanting to make a fuss about it he just watches you without saying anything. He rolls his eyes when he understands.

    “You want to go to the bathroom, don’t you?” You nod and he rolls his eyes. “Why am I here if you’re not gonna use me?”

    “I’m embarrassed, Yasuhiro.” You say as if that’s not obvious and he rolls his eyes.

    He takes you in his arms and walks you to your bathrooms, kissing your temple.

    “You don’t have to be embarrassed around me, little one.” He whispers.

    He rolls his eyes again when you are sitting on the toilet looking up at him.

    “It won’t come out if you keep looking at me like that!” You say and laugh, he turns around. “No, because you’re going to hear it, close the damn door!”

    “We’ve been more intimate than this, why are you so shy now?” He mumbles under his breath but still closes the door behind him.

    “I love you!” You say, entertained by your serious boyfriend wanting to hear you pee.

    “Love you more, love.” He says, loud enough for you to hear him.

    Nahoya “Smiley” Kawata.

    He hasn’t let you know peace since you twisted your ankle because you wouldn’t let him help you ride his bike. Now, he makes fun of you while simultaneously helping you in everything.

    “Hoya baby,” You mumble sleepy on his neck, he hums and slides his hand under your shirt to caress your low back.

    “What’s wrong?” He whispers.

    “Can we go down to make breakfast? We should do something on this free weekend.” You tell him.

    “There’s not much we can do with that ankle of yours.” He chuckles and you groan, detaching yourself from him.

    “Go to hell.” You tell him.

    In the best mood, he stands up and takes you in his arms, starting to walk while humming a song. he sits you on top of the counter and starts cooking something for the both of you.

    “How’s the gang going?” You ask him.

    “It’s alright, the guys wanna see you tho. Apparently, the members of my unit think you’re their parent with me.” You giggle.

    “Those are my babies.” He rolls his eyes.

    “They probably protect you more than me.” He murmurs and you nod.

    “Of course, I’m raising them.” You tease and he looks at you deadpan. “It’s not my fault that you’re the bad parent here, Nahoya.”

    He doesn’t say anything and keeps on cooking. When everything is ready he takes the food to the living room and then takes you there. After you take the first bite, he decides you are not going to know peace for the day.

    “You wanna go on a date? We can go wheelchair shopping!” He says and you feign a cry.

    “Boy shut the hell up!”

    There’s no way you’ll ever win against Nahoya Kawata in a teasing match.

    🏷: @saturnmitsuya @milliumizoomi @dai-tsukki-desu @haitanigigi @yunho-leeknow @melaninnntae @keimisan @welkinmoongrab @plutosexc @ccxiia @manjiroarchiviste @aasouthteranoswife @crushsoli @gwynsapphire @erishaitto @crapimahuman

    #☽. kk writes #tokyo revengers#tokyorev #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyorev headcanons #tokyo revengers headcanons #souya headcanons#souya fluff#souya kawata #tokyo revengers souya #souya x reader #tokyo revengers angry #angry x reader #yasuhiro muto x reader #yasuhiro muto #mucho x reader #tokyo revengers mucho #yasuhiro muto fluff #nahoya fluff#nahoya headcanons#nahoya kawata #nahoya x reader #tokyo revengers nahoya #nahoya x you #tokyo revengers smiley
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    Tokyo Revengers | Icons

    please like/reblog if you use/save

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers anime #tokyo revengers icons #tokyo revengers mikey #mikey icons#manjiro sano #manjiro sano icons #tokyo revengers hanma #hanma icons#shuji hanma #shuji hanma icons #tokyo revengers smiley #smiley icons#nahoya kawata #nahoya kawata icons #tokyo revengers kazutora #kazutora icons#kazutora hanemiya #kazutora hanemiya icons #tokyo revengers draken #draken icons#ken ryuguji #ken ryuguji icons #anime icons#icons
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    I just love drawing traditionally at the moment 🖤 and I love these two

    Drawn with ballpen

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    #nahoya kawata#nahoya smut #nahoya x reader #tokyo revengers nahoya #nahoya headcanons#nahoya hcs#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyo revengers x reader smut #toman smut #moonlight . . . ?! #alphabet game . . . ?! #checked in . . . ?!
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    Types of Kisses

    tr boys x reader

    word count : 1.k

    warnings : some spice 

    synopsis : many personalities, many kisses

    A desperate kiss; hands pulling and tugging at one another because fuck, you aren’t close enough, even if there’s not a single inch left between your heaving chests and trembling legs. Knowing goddamn well he shouldn’t be doing this- he can’t be doing this because you’re too good for him- you deserve someone better, but your lips are so soft and inviting and fuck fuck fuck you’re moaning out his name into his mouth and he knows right then that he’s never letting you go. Full of “don’t stop”’s and “kiss me harder”’s; His brain is beyond focusing on anything that isn’t you when you have him trapped against the wall, begging for him to just “kiss me again, please, wan’ you, only you” which is exactly why you’re pinned to the same wall in the next few seconds with him buried in your neck trying to find some resemblance of composure because if he doesn’t get a hold of himself now, he’s going to go crazy at the feeling of your lips busying themselves with his own neck. 

    ↳ Takemichi Hanagaki, Manjiro Sano, Kakucho Hitto, Rindo Haitani, Ken Ryuguji

    A passionate kiss; his hands are securely cupped around your cheeks while yours grasp the back of his neck and shoulder, neither wanting to let the other get too far out of reach. It’s hot and heavy and borderline messy because he only lets your lips part for a couple seconds at a time- he’s waited too long for this and he’s not stopping until he gets his fill. And maybe it’s borderline selfish because god knows he isn’t the most stable person, and fuck, you could find so many people better than him, but you’re here and you’re kissing him and pulling him closer and that just riles him up more and more and goddamnit you’re his. Whispers of “you’re mine”’s and “fuck, I love you”’s fill the surrounding area and he swears on everything it’s true; he’s never loved- longed- for anyone more than you. And he swears he’ll do the best he can because he needs you to stay.

    ↳ Hanma Shuji, Kazutora Hanemiya, Izana Kurokawa, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Kokonoi Hajime

    A lazy kiss; it’s slow and euphoric- neither of you care about the time, date, or place- all that matters is each other. It’s a secure feeling, vulnerable, even. To feel so comfortable with you has him practically reeling and for a short second he thinks he doesn’t deserve this. The “so good for me, princess”’s are spacey and habitual- he’s not paying attention. But one lidded, love-filled look from you and a whisper of his name followed by “want your attention…’m yours” has him remembering you chose him. Only him. So he grips your waist tighter and pulls you that much closer with a much more vigorous “My pretty fucking baby, yeah?” falling from his tongue before it tangles with yours. 

    ↳ Ken Ryuguji, Kakucho Hitto, Wakasa Imaushi, Shinichiro Sano

    A playful kiss; filled with giggles and the occasional teeth-clashing, all because the two of you couldn’t stop smiling. You had to have been at this for hours, but in reality it’s only been around 30 minutes. Time is irrelevant, though, because here you are, on top of him with the prettiest smile he’s ever fucking seen. And it’s there because of him. That fact alone has him beaming up at you, bringing you closer and closer so he can whisper his love to you. “can’t believe you’re all mine”’s and “god, I’m so fucking lucky”’s swim around in your head after they’re spoken; everything is fuzzy and warm and filled with the scent and sight of him. 

    ↳ Chifuyu Matsuno, Takemichi Hanagaki, Takuya Yamamoto, Akkun Sendo, Mitsuya Takashi

    A teasing kiss; it’s a feather light feeling- his lips brushing over yours- but it’s not enough. You want more and it makes him laugh : “what’s the matter, baby? can’t get enough of me?” He doesn’t dare tell you that he’s getting antsy over his own teasing because in all actuality, it’s him that can’t get enough of you. He wants to devour you- to hear your breath catch when he steals it away. He longs to feel your hands in his hair, gripping and tugging in an attempt to ground yourself to reality because he makes you feel that good with just a few kisses. He thinks he could actually beg just to hear his name fall from your lips in a sweet moan- he craves it. But he also has pride and his ego pushes to keep teasing you, to make you beg even though his body is screaming to just take you already. “s-shit, you know I’ll take care of you baby, you just gotta ask- fuck! fuck, c’mon princess, just ask me.”

    ↳ Baji Keisuke, Nahoya Kawata, Kokonoi Hajime, Rindo Haitani

    An angry kiss; there’s an unwelcome feeling that comes crawling up his throat when the yelling finally dissipates. He sees the tears lining your waterline and the way you stubbornly lift your head so they don’t fall. He’s ready to curse and break shit because he knows it’s his fault- he shouldn’t have yelled at you but he just got so mad when you didn’t listen to him because “you could’ve gotten hurt, damnit! What would I have done then? HUH?!” and he’s still mad. Mad he blew up on you, mad you didn’t seem to care about yourself whenever it came to him, mad that he’s tied you down to him when you deserve better. But you’re his. He never wants you to stop being his. So he grips your face firmly and slams his lips against yours. It’s mean and rough, but he’s hoping it’ll convey all the things he’s feeling because he’s done enough with words today. And he knows you understand when you softly rub his cheek with a whisper of “we’re okay” before changing the kisses to soft and reassuring ones.

    ↳ Manjiro Sano, Baji Keisuke, Ken Ryuguji, Hanma Shuji, Kokonoi Hajime, Sanzu Haruchiyo

    A “fleeting” kiss; it was supposed to be a quick, chaste peck to say goodbye before he left for work, but…damn, with how busy he’s been, it’s like he’s relearning the feel and taste of your lips. He’s remembering how addicting it is to kiss you and that has him leaning in to press more and more quick kisses to your soft skin. He keeps denying he’s gonna be late : “just one more”’s or “they’re just quick pecks”’s fall from his own lips like a mantra but they’re both lies; he wants to spend all. fucking. day. kissing you and relearning your body after what seems like an eternity of not being intimate but shit, he really has to get to work. 

    ↳ Seishu Inui, Ran Haitani, Ken Ryuguji, Nahoya Kawata, Souya Kawata, Shinichiro Sano

    A teary kiss; he always feels his heart break a little when you cry- especially if it was over him. He knows he technically did nothing wrong, all he did was come home with a couple (a lot) of bruises and scratches. Even so, he still feels his heart drop at the look in your eyes as you take in the blood dripping onto the floor and his sheepish smile. It’s used as an apology when he kisses away the tears staining the apples of your cheeks. It’s a silent “I’m so fucking sorry” when those lips press against yours, disregarding the salty taste. When he pulls back and your eyes meet, he finds himself being hit with the fact that he’s so fucking glad he met you. “thank you, angel.” 

    ↳ Baji Keisuke, Takemichi Hanagaki, Hanma Shuji, Kazutora Hanemiya, Mitsuya Takashi

    #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #sano manjiro x reader #draken x reader #ken ryuguji x reader #takemichi x reader #mikey x reader #hanma shuji x reader #kazutora x reader #mitsuya takashi x reader #nahoya kawata x reader #souya kawata x reader #shinichiro sano x reader #ran haitani x reader #rindo haitani x reader #seishu inui x reader #baji keisuke x reader #chifuyu matsuno x reader #kokonoi hajime x reader #sanzu x reader #sanzu haruchiyo x reader #wakasa x reader #kakucho hitto x reader #akkun x reader #takuya yamamoto x reader #izana x reader #izana kurokawa x reader
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  • shinichirosgirl
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    tokyo rev charas as your therapist

    some crack because I'm going insane over statistics


    best therapist you could get

    takes his job seriously

    a good listener

    gives you the best advice

    might be actually the most helpful



    he can be a good listener

    but his advice

    he gives his best but

    try it out for yourself if burning down cars helps you with your problems


    also very helpful

    takes her job seriously too

    will always patiently listen to you

    will never judge you for everything

    you will feel so welcome and understood

    gives you good advice but will also scold you if you don't follow her tips or want to give up


    the next good listener

    therapy session with animals

    bad at advice

    his solution for all your problems will be his cat

    at least you can pet peke j


    if you are lucky he pretends to listen

    drug as solution for everything

    don't have any expectations


    will be silently listen to you

    but that's all he would do


    a menace

    not listening and not helpful

    would tease you if you tell him something embarrassing

    at least you will get free food


    you need to be his therapist instead

    you can go cry together

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  • quirklesswriter
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    PART 1

    Smiley definitely would become more clingy

    Angry would also be more needy

    Both of them would give you no chance to be by yourself when their heat cycle is nearby


    Makes sure you well taken care of until it’s time to do the dirty (Good luck cause they do it together)

    Smiley would be rougher on you while Angry would be gentler

    Smiley would be the first then Angry cause that’s how it’s always been

    “Nahoya~”, you whined out as it’s been hours on end when you two started then going for multiple afterwards. He continued his devilish pace as he was too entranced in the pleasure. While all of this is happening your eyes met with Souya’s.

    He was getting a little restless but still being a patient good boy. “Souya~”, you called to him. Making him walk to you before giving you a nice gentle kiss. “Nahoya’s being mean but don’t worry I’ll be nicer”, proceeds to mark his territory on your neck and collarbone.



    Everyone of his senses would go haywire

    He knows when is heat cycle is nearby

    So he would stay in his room more often to relieve his aching knot

    Scared to make the first approach which is why it would take you a while to see the signs

    When he does get desperate he would just hug you out of no where from behind

    “Baby~ baby please can we?”, his eyes were watery, he was just in too much pain. He needs you to help him and you can tell from the desperation shown in his eyes. So the two of you made it upstairs to then do the dirty.

    When making love, most of time in your control as Hakkai loves to see you have so much authority over him. He would beg you to make him feel good, and you do.

    “Please my Y/N… mmmh my omega! Make me feel good”, he whined as he then felt you sink down on him.

    “No worries Baby, I got you”, reassuring him as you then begin.


    Gets aggressive during this time to others (Extra protective)

    Makes sure to be by your side whenever he can

    Scents your clothes and if they rub off for whatever reason he’ll re-scent you no matter where it is

    Loves it when you rub his ears (His tail would be wagging furiously)

    Snuggles up to you wherever you are (School, Supermarket, Library, and Etc)

    When it comes time to mating best prepare yourself to be stuck to him for multiple rounds (Does at least more than 40 rounds each time)

    “Kei~ please no more… too ahhh much ah”, you pleaded as he continues his demonic pace.

    “A few more Baby I ah I know you can give me a few more, alright just a couple more”, he requested.

    He always says that but what he really meant for you to last 30 more rounds till he feels satisfied himself.

    “I’m gonna~”, you couldn’t finish your sentence before you made your release with Baji following right behind you. “Shit that was amazing let’s do that again”, he said to excitedly with you burying your head into the pillow. “No more! Or else I’m going to break!”.

    “Good cause then that’s how much I make you feel good”, he bite back.

    “You idiot!”, you teased him as you then kissed him to shut that foul mouth of his.

    -A/N: Hope you enjoy!

    #tokyo revengers #nahoya x you #tokyo revengers nahoya #nahoya x reader #nahoya kawata#nahoya smut #tokyo revengers souya #souya x reader #souya kawata #souya x you #souya smut #hakkai x reader #hakkai x y/n #hakkai x you #tokrev hakkai #tokyo revengers hakkai #hakkai scenarios #baji x y/n #baji x reader #baji x you #baji smut#baji imagines
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  • kakuchew
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I colored Smiley!!

    #smiley#kawata nahoya#nahoya kawata #tokyo revengers coloring #manga coloring#manga panel #smiley tokyo revengers #kawata twins#tokyorev manga #tokyo revengers manga #tr icons#tokyorev icons#tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers icons #icon
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  • dogwater102802
    24.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    I'm Going To Fix Everything

    Baji x sibling reader

    Hints of spoilers

    a/n: this is the last piece I have in my drafts, so I'll be working on requests and some other ideas I've gotten recently

    word count: 375

    Sitting across from the long haired male, watching as he slowly ate his food. Trying to enjoy it as if it were the last he would ever have. You let out a sigh, setting your silverware down next to your plate.

    “Baji, are we still going to have our movie night tonight?” You questioned. He continued eating, not sparing you a sliver of attention. You waited patiently for an answer that never came. “Baji.” You called out to him. His fork clanked against the glass plate, his eyes glancing up at you from under his hair.

    “I’m sorry, Y/N. I think I’m going to have to cancel tonight.” He said, picking his plate up and taking it over to the sink. A frown appeared on your face at his words, a small groan falling from between your lips.

    “But Baji,” You dragged out his name, repeating his actions with your own plate. “You promised.” Following his form through the doorway into the living room, watching him grab his Valhalla jacket off the coat rack. Your frown deepening as he puts it on. He let out a shaky exhale as he looked at himself in the mirror by the door, his eyes meeting your glossy ones.

    “Y/N.” He turned around, walking towards your body standing in the kitchen doorway. He wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his tight embrace. “I’m sorry I haven’t been that good of a big brother lately.” His words trembled past his chapped lips. Your eyebrows scrunched together in confusion, pulling away slightly so you could see his face. Tears formed in his eyes as he spoke to you.

    “Baji, what are you talking about?” You asked, gently holding his face in your hands. He gave you a sad smile, pulling away from the hug. You took a step forward, following him towards the door. “Baji?” He gripped the doorknob tightly, hand shaking as he did so.

    “There’s going to be a fight between Toman and Valhalla today. So, please don’t leave the house.” He opened the door, the sunlight peaking in and lighting up the room. Turning toward you, he gave you one more smile before walking out the door.

    “Don’t worry, Y/N. I’m going to fix everything.”

    #tokyo rev x reader #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers x reader #tokyorev x reader #tokyo revengers baji #tokyorev baji#baji keisuke #baji x y/n #baji imagines #baji x reader #baji x you #tokrev baji#takemichi hanagaki#kazutora hanemiya#mitsuya takashi#draken ryuguji #tokyo revengers sano manjiro #kawata twins#nahoya kawata#souya kawata#hakkai shiba#chifuyu matsuno #draken tokyo revengers #mikey tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers takemichi #tokyo revengers kazutora #tokyo revengers chifuyu #hanma shuji#kisaki tetta#baji fluff
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  • avbbb77
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Tokyo Revengers | Icons

    please like/reblog if you use/save

    #tokyo revengers #tokyo revengers anime #tokyo revengers icons #tokyo revengers mitsuya #mitsuya icons#takashi mitsuya #takashi mitsuya icons #tokyo revengers mucho #mucho icons#yasuhiro muto #yasuhiro muto icons #tokyo revengers smiley #smiley icons#nahoya kawata #nahoya kawata icons #tokyo revengers takemichi #takemichi icons#takemichi hanagaki #takemichi hanagaki icons #tokyo revengers chifuyu #chifuyu icons#chifuyu matsuno #chifuyu matsuno icons #tokyo revengers draken #draken icons#ken ryuguji #ken ryuguji icons #anime icons#icons
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  • kokonoi-hajime
    23.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    missing u

    uncovered mucho version cause im proud of it

    #dylan talks #wakui wont show smiley dealing with mucho’s death? :thanos voice: fine…. i’ll do it myself #(grinch face) i understand why tokrev so sad now.. its funny making ppl sad over fictional characters #/j #i have. emotions over them #tokyo revengers spoilers #tokyo revengers#kawata smiley#smiley kawata#yasuhiro mucho#mucho yasuhiro#muto yasuhiro#yasuhiro muto#kawata nahoya#nahoya kawata #so many chara tags for just two characters :wails: #character death#grief#for blacklisting#idk #anyways hi sorry for posting a bunch of funny silly things n then suddenly posting this 😃 #jk im not sorry #thats what following me is like #omg i forgot #my art#oops #also i accidentally made it look like they’re holding hands in the first pic #theyr not tho #the way ive done a proper drawing for these two but not for ba//j1to/ra (hopefully doesnt go in tag) yet despite talking abt them more… hdjh #these tags r so LONG sorry i never shut up
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  • maitani
    23.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    falling asleep on your chest

    note — ooc + suggestive

    characters — mikey + angry + smiley + kazutora

    manjiro sano ; mikey

    normally mikey had his executives do any of the dirty work for him without lifting a single finger. yet there he was — entering inside the shared penthouse, rolling out his limbs in an attempt to remove the ache that burned on the muscle of his arms.

    scanning the area, he can see the kitchen light on and so his first choice of action was to see if it were you in there and luckily it was.

    he reaches for the light switch, flicking it off and on to gain your attention and you immediately turn towards him with enlarged eyes. he can see the way your eyes scan him from head to toe, frowning at the bruised fists which meant he was probably tired.

    you walk towards him, leaning up to press your lips against his and you inquired, “ how about we set you up a bath. it’ll help with the ache if you have any. “ he doesn’t reply, just a small nod in agreement has you leading him to the main bathroom which was located in the bedroom.

    mikey can only trail behind you, only thanking the heavens that he has someone like you who can identify his needs without being told. he removes his clothing while you begin to fill the bath with warm water and as you wait — his hands find themselves tugging at your top to be lifted.

    you let out a small laugh, amused by his actions and that made his chest clench. he takes notice that the bath is filled to the perfect height for two and he takes your hand, motioning you to enter the bath first so he can follow suit. you oblige, sitting down before he does and his head finds itself on your chest. he mutters into the bare skin, “ thank you, baby. “

    souya kawata ; angry

    saying souya was exhausted was an understatement — with the restaurant being busy and only being him and his brother, he was drained. throughout the day that he spent in the kitchen, he only wanted one thing and that was to return to you.

    and when he did, he didn’t waste any time to seek you out.

    souya enters the apartment, loosening his hair from the bun he wore all day and quietly groaning at how sensitive his scalp became. dropping his keys onto the counter, he glanced around with you in mind until he heard your mumbles of a song that you mentioned has been stuck in your head.

    he navigated to the bedroom, his tired expression faltering from his features the moment his eyes landed on your back. you were folding laundry but when you heard his footsteps, you halted your actions and turned to him with a small smile, “ welcome home, souya — “ he takes your hand and gently leads you towards the bed without a care for the laundry that fell onto the floor when he climbed in after you — more like crushing you.

    souya laid in between your legs with his head lowering onto your chest, hoping you couldn't see the flustered expression from your perspective but he nuzzled his face into your shirt with a mumble, “ hi baby. “

    your eyes softened, recognizing his current state and your fingers begin to comb through his hair in hopes to course him into sleep. no words were shared, just you tending to your boyfriend as he lulls himself to sleep with your heartbeat in his ear.

    nahoya kawata ; smiley

    one thing you know about your boyfriend is that he gets whatever he wants; whenever he wants — that includes you participating in his antics one way or another. so when you watched him from the corner of your eye sneaking into the kitchen where you were currently residing in, you anticipated something from him.

    all you knew was that he wanted something and it involved you.

    “ are you busy? “ he questioned, that same grin alarming you and you nodded slowly, “ yeah, i was about to cook us some — “ “ don’t care. “ he interjects, pulling you away from the stove — that was before he tossed you over his shoulder when you tried to escape from him.

    he marches towards the bedroom with you smacking his back, “ hoya, put me down. “ but he immediately retaliates back with a hand pinching the back of your thigh, snickering when you whine at the slight pain you felt.

    finally entering your shared bedroom, he dumps you onto the mattress and laughs when you spare him an adorable pout. you grip the comforter from below as you try to reason with him, “ babe, we can do whatever you want — later. i’m trying to make dinner for us and i was going to make your favorite. “

    as tempting as that sounded, he shook his head to decline. “ we’re cuddling until tomorrow morning, no escaping or i’m tying you up and you usually don’t complain when i do so. “ he teases, enjoying the way you avoid his gaze. you ignore his innuendo and sigh, “ fine, come here. “

    smiley crawls in, forcing your arms open for him to plop his head onto your chest and you comment, “ they should call you softy for the amount of times you pulled this stunt on me. “ no response was given, just a kiss on one of your breasts and nuzzling into you to capture some shut eye.

    kazutora hanemiya

    kazutora sat on the couch, eyes glued onto the clock that was decoratively hung on the wall — counting the minutes you should arrive and if his assumptions were correct, you’d be home in about five minutes.

    his palms were rubbing against each other, just anticipating your arrival ever since he had gotten home from work. it wasn’t bad or anything but he’s been feeling under the weather and he thought the best solution was comfort for you.

    “ i’m home, tora. “ you shouted, closing the door behind you and seeing kazutora turn his head to spare you a gentle smile and a wave, “ welcome home. “ you walked over to the couch, ringing your arms around his shoulders from behind with the couch between the two of you as a barrier. he lets out a small laugh when you nuzzle your nose into his cheek, “ glad to be home, tora. “

    “ babe, think we can stay in bed for the rest of the day? “ he queried, his eyes glancing at you from the side to see your reaction except he met an expression of worry, “ no, yeah — did something happen? “

    he shakes his head to clear your concerns, “ just wanna be near you, that’s all. “ 

    your heart melts at his excuse, not finding any suspicious because in fact; you felt the same way. you felt that way so much that you didn’t even give a reply, already circling around the furniture to pull him up from the couch with a bright beam that similarly matched his own.

    he trailed behind you and amusingly watched you bounce onto the bed with arms extended out for him to crawl in — by routine, he lays his head on your chest enjoying the way your arms embrace him closer to your form.

    #scenarios ; tokrev #mikey x reader #angry x reader #smiley x reader #kazutora x reader #tokyo revengers x reader #tokrev x reader #tokyo rev x reader #mikey hcs#angry hcs#smiley hcs#kazutora hcs#mikey headcanons#angry headcanons#smiley headcanons#kazutora headcanons #manjiro sano x reader #mikey sano x reader #souya kawata x reader #nahoya kawata x reader #kazutora hanemiya x reader #tokrev hcs#tokrev headcanons #tokyo rev hcs #tokyo rev headcanons #tokyo revengers headcanons #tokyo revengers hcs #tokrev fluff #tokyo revengers fluff #tokyo rev fluff
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