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  • mole-roll
    03.07.2021 - 5 monts ago
    #my art#bsd#bsd beast#atsushi nakajima #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #beast astushi im so sorry u are so sad [tries to hug him and he immediately slaughters me]
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  • garlicbreadenthusaist
    28.06.2021 - 5 monts ago

    i am rapidly spiraling back into my sskk phase (this is a Cry For Help)

    #shin soukoku#sskk #bungou stray dogs #nakajima atsushi#akutagawa ryuunosuke #astushi wearing akutagawa's coat is my fucking religion
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  • pumpkinpatchkid
    06.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    Got Your Back - 002

    Pairing: Atsushi x F!Reader soulmate au

    Rating: 18+

    Warnings: toxic thoughts, parental abuse, self-doubt/confidence issues

    And that’s how you found yourself sat in an unfamiliar office, your clothing half burnt off and wrapped in Dazai’s large, beige overcoat. You watched the older gentleman sat across from you at his desk, with the blonde and Dazai accompanying him. The blonde man was watching you, stoic faced, his only movements since you entered the office was to either push up his glasses or check his watch. Dazai on the other hand, kept peering over the notes on the desk, and grinning to himself. Occasionally though, he’d hum a tune to himself that you’d never heard before.

     “So,” the man sat in-front of you started after clearing his throat. “I’ll start with introductions. This here, is Kunikida,” he motioned to the blonde.

     “I’m aware you’ve already met Dazai,” he continued, gesturing to the eccentric brunette you’d only met an hour ago. “And my name is Fukuzawa. I’m in charge of this group of misfits.” He said, offering you a warm smile. You nodded, subconsciously pulling Dazai’s coat tighter around you.

     “Y/N L/N.” You spoke quietly to fill the silence. Fukuzawa nodded and wrote something down on the notes in front of him.

     “And how old are you, L/N?” He asked, not looking up from the papers.

     What month are we in? August? Yeah, that’s about right, hard to keep track when you can’t afford a calendar, or keep your phone charged for half a day.

     “I’m uh… I’m eighteen… Next month, the 20th…” You replied and looked down. Surely your age would rouse suspicion within the group. Surely enough, Kunikida looked at you as he cocked his eyebrow, but said nothing. You felt a blush creep onto your cheeks under his stern gaze. Fukuzawa hummed and wrote down the new information.

     “And Dazai told me you were searching for a job?” He asked, finally looking back up at you. You simply nodded, unsure of what to tell him. He nodded in return before straightening up in his chair.

     “I’m correct in assuming you have a gift, L/N? A supernatural ability?” Fukuzawa asked with caution in his voice. Your eyes widened. Nobody had ever spoken so openly about your… nature before. Not like this. Not without poison, or malice. Not just out of curiosity.

     “That’s not exactly how my parents described it, but sure… I have a…. gift,” you muttered sheepishly, tugging at the singed fabric of your ruined favourite jeans. Fukuzawa hummed in approval, almost as if he understood your predicament without having to ask.

     “Well that’s what we call them here. Our organisation is the Armed Detective Agency. We’re run to help the police and government protect Yokohama from people out of their range of capability.” He explained, gauging your reaction.

     You sat there in utter disbelief. You had been told you were a monster by everyone surrounding you in your old life. You were nothing but a freak, a monstrosity to them. But here you could not only be useful, but a good person? You head spun.

     This has to be a fever dream or something surely.

     With your silence, Fukuzawa sighed softly. He opened his mouth to say something and stopped when you shifted in your seat.

     “I’m sorry, Fukuzawa, sir, but I really don’t understand what any of this has to do with me?” You said, or more asked. You scratched the back of your neck sheepishly, afraid you’d spoken out of line, only to be answered by Dazai giggling. Both Fukuzawa and Kunikida shot him a stern look, and he simmered down fairly quickly, the odd snicker still falling from his lips. The silver haired man then turned his attention fully back to you.

     “We usually conduct an entry exam. This is an intense and stressful situation, although harmless, to bring out the best in people. It’s designed to show us who would be capable of giving their life for others if the situation arises. However, due to the circumstances that brought you here today, I believe you would have passed our exam. Dazai also believes so, as he was the one to inform me of your actions.” Fukuzawa flashed you another half-smile. You could only sit there in shock.

     This is NOT happening right now.

     “I-“ you started.

     “We’d like to take you in, Y/N! We want you as part of the Agency! Come on, what do ya say?” Dazai sang, moving from behind Fukuzawa to wrap his arm over your shoulders, shaking you slightly.

     You were about to gladly accept, until the memories came back to haunt you. The worst timing.

     ‘You’re nothing but a monster!’ Smack. Your father had screamed and hit you again.  ‘You’re disgusting! You should die in a hole!’ Smash. Your mother had thrown her favourite vase at you, missing your face by inches. ‘Nobody will want you! You’ll end up in jail for being a disgrace to this earth!’ ‘We’d all be better off without you alive!’ They had both hurled insults, beatings and objects at you until the sun had risen.

     You snapped out of your memories with a harsh flinch and glanced up at Dazai.

     “I-I’m not sure… I just… Is it really true?... Can I be a good person, even as a monster?” You trailed off into a whisper, tears welling in your eyes as you looked at your lap.

     A soft hand with slender fingers cupped your chin, and through blurry eyes, you could only just make out Dazai, who was now crouched in front of you.

     “Hey, I get it… I promise I do. But even monsters have a chance to be good people. You do too, and I can also promise it’ll make your life a little more beautiful.” He spoke softly, wiping away a few stray tears that trailed down your face. You were in awe – the man who was an eccentric, loud and slightly strange character when you first met him only hours ago, was now giving you some of the most motivational words you’d ever heard.

     You sucked in a large breath and steadied your whirring mind. You closed your eyes for a moment, letting your thoughts dissipate before looking at Fukuzawa.

     “Okay. I’d like to accept your offer, Sir.” You said with a half smile. While Dazai returned to his odd self, whooping and dancing around the room, and Kunikida checked his watch again for what seemed like the hundredth time, Fukuzawa nodded, scribbling some more. Dazai threw an arm around you and pulled you into his side, a large smile plastered on his face.

     “Welcome to the Agency, Y/N!” He sang, twirling with you. You felt your cheeks heat up immediately, and you couldn’t help but let a giggle slip from your lips.

     “You’re so obnoxious, Dazai.” A deep voice piped up. You looked up to see that it was Kunikida who had spoken for the first time since you met him. His face was stern as he stared at the brunette prancing around you, but you noticed the look of fondness in his eyes. Fukuzawa stood from his position, and you looked up at him as he approached you.

     Are they all this tall?... You wondered. With a slight bow, he handed you a small piece of paper – a cheque with a sum that made your eyes bulge from your head a little. You’d never been allowed to get a job due to your parents’ fears of your ability being found out – and they had only given you small amounts to keep you alive.

     “I-I uh… Thank you so much…” You stuttered, still processing the amount in your shaking hand.

     I’m certainly not going to worry about money now… A smile crept up onto your face.

     “Consider it your first pay-check. Since my schedule isn’t fully booked today, I’ll be the one introducing you to the rest of our members.” Fukuzawa nodded and led you to the door of his office, where you could now here muffled voices and rustling behind it.

     I suppose they must have just arrived at work.

     A bubble of anxiety brewed in your stomach when a large hand patted at your shoulder. You looked up at Fukuzawa once more.

     “They may look like a strange bunch, but they’ll become your family sooner than you think.” He finished with opening the door to the main part of the office.

     Kunikida immediately returned to what was presumably his desk, muttering something about having to get back on schedule, pushing his glasses up and huffing.

     Fukuzawa cleared his throat, and everyone, except Kunikida turned their attention to him, and you, the new girl.

     “Everybody, this is Y/N, our new recruit. She’ll be working close with you all, do please take care of her.” Fukuzawa asked – or more instructed politely. At that moment, Fukuzawa’s phone started ringing. He sent a silent apology in your general direction and gestured for Dazai to take over, and with that he was by your side again.

     “That’s Yosano,” Dazai pointed to a young woman with a short black hair style, legs crossed over one another, as she read today’s paper. She looked up and smiled, before returning to her paper.

     “Kenji.” He pointed to a shorter blond boy in dungarees with a smile as bright as the sun. He waved to you with the hand that wasn’t occupied by a watering can, before turning to tend to the plants on the windowsill once more.

     “We have Kyoka” A short, teenage girl with long dark hair and big eyes pulled her attention away from assisting Kenji and have a short wave before going back to her duties.

     “We have the siblings, Naomi and Junichiro Tanizaki.” He pointed to an older teenage girl sitting at a computer, maybe high school age, sitting next to a sweet looking ginger male, who’s sweater sleeves covered his hands. They both offered quick ‘hellos’ and smiles before working once again.

     “And the young lady with the pretty face and brown hair that you saw at the entrance of the building was Haruno. She’s our secretary.

    And that’s everyon- wait. Where are Atsushi and Rampo?!” Dazai cried dramatically.

     “Rampo wanted snacks and dragged Atsushi with him for help. You know how Rampo is getting about.” Yosano spoke without looking up from the paper as she turned the page. Dazai flopped against your shoulder, sighing into the crook of your neck. You patted his head awkwardly, sure that you’d have to get used to his affection quickly otherwise things could get uncomfortable.

     “I suppose you’ll have to meet Rampo and Atsushi some other time. Give me your number and I’ll walk with you tomorrow.” He sprung up again. You chuckled softly at his antics and added your number to Dazai’s phone. As he led you to the door, Dazai flashed you the charming smile he introduced himself with.

     “Can you find your way home from here?” Dazai asked, leaning against the door frame.

     “I can, thank you. Would you uh… Like this back?” You gestured to Dazai’s over coat still draped around your shoulders. He grinned.

     “Keep it until you get yourself some new clothes. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He blew you a kiss as you entered the hallway and you laughed, calling your goodbyes to the rest of the team, waving to Dazai as you walked off. As you got to the main entrance of the building, a young man, dressed in brown, a paper boy hat and glasses bumped into you. He looked lost.

     “My apologies, are you alright?” You bowed slightly. He looked up at the building, then at you and cocked an eyebrow.

     “I’m fine, thank you, Miss. I’m just waiting for a friend.” He dismissed you with the wave of a hand. You smiled and nodded before making your way through the streets to return to your shack – which seemed warmer and more welcoming than when you’d left it this morning.

     Rampo and Atsushi. I wonder what they’re like. You hummed to yourself as the names of the two missing members settled in your mind, smiling to yourself. You shrugged off Dazai’s coat and laid it over the arm of your small sofa, and traced your fingers over it lightly, his words coming to the forefront of your memories, making your heart swell with hope.

     It’ll make your life a little more beautiful…

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    29.05.2020 - 1 year ago
    #bungou stray dogs x reader #bungou stray dogs headcanons #bsd x reader #bsd headcanons #chuuya nakahara x reader #chuuya nakahara headcanons #chuuya x reader #chuuya headcanons #atsushi nakajima x reader #atsushi nakajima headcanons #astushi x reader #atsushi headcanons
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  • bsd-cards
    20.03.2020 - 1 year ago

    (SSR) Nakajima Atsushi - the decider

    Affiliation: armed detective agency

    Affinity: light

    Type: offensive

    Max HP: 8010

    Max ATK: 2267

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  • okayto
    04.10.2020 - 1 year ago

    Mini-Review: Bungo Stray Dogs

    Atsushi Nakajima is having a bad week. First, he gets kicked out of the orphanage he called home--home to abusive adults, but still. Then, he seems to be stalked by a bloodthirsty tiger so he has to stay on the move. Also, he’s about to starve. THEN it turns out he is the tiger--specifically a weretiger, but he didn’t know and can’t control it.

    My initial reaction from episode 1, and my current reaction 37 episodes and 1 movie later, are the same: Atsushi is a sweet cinnamon roll who needs a HUG and a THERAPIST and to SLEEP FOR A WEEK and I LOVE HIM

    While Atsushi is our entry into the series and one of the main characters, BSD follows the supernaturally-gifted members of the "Armed Detective Agency,"  who accomplish different tasks including running a business, solving mysteries, protecting people and running interference with the local mafia, which also employs a number of supernaturally-gifted people.

    This is a VERY FUN SERIES. It starts out seeming like a straightforward Underdog Good Guys vs. Well-Funded Big Bad Organization, and that’s not necessarily wrong. But as the series progresses, the “bad guys” get their share of the spotlight too.

    Now first, I want to say, because I was confused for the longest time: this takes place in an alternate modern day. They’ve got smartphones and the internet, but there was apparently recently some big sort of war that doesn’t correspond to anything real, and the characters’ dress is...well:

    For several episodes, despite the cell phones and computers I swear I thought this was set in the 1920s, but no. They just all have the fashion sense of a 10-year-old playing with paper dolls.

    I mean, look at the image above. And then look at Mr. Edgy High-School Vampire below:

    These people not only inhabit the same city, but no one ever seems to think they look out of place.

    Not a criticism. I admire a series that has devoted itself to such distinctly cosplayable designs and refuses to give an explanation.


    The general storyline is usually: the Armed Detective Agency receives a job that involves investigating something murderous and/or supernatural, or that involves protection from something murderous and/or supernatural. Sometimes this is straightforward, sometimes this is part of a longer story that means things even more murderous and supernatural are lurking in the shadows.

    The players are often the Agency vs. the Mafia, but these orgs will occasionally team up for the greater good if an outside threat tries to move in. Some members of one org were previously with the other, so there’s a lot of history and emotions between certain factions.

    One such complicated person is this dork: Osamu Dazai. He’s the one getting strangled by his partner.

    He’s often found in the middle of a [failed] suicide attempt, or asking a pretty girl to commit a lovely double suicide with him. He’s cheerfully nihilistic, not intimidating, comes off as an airhead and a dork.

    ...and then you see this face, which is Universal Anime Face for “character who knows SO MUCH and is excellent at scheming.”

    The characters are this show’s strength. If you’d told me during the first handful of episodes that one of my top 2 characters would be a mafia leader, I’d laugh, because why would I like a bad guy *that* much? When something is set up as clearly good vs. evil, I don’t tend to land on the side of evil regardless of evil’s extremely good character design

    But hey, lots of evil gets a backstory and turn out to be super interesting--heck, this guy here is part of the focus of a half-season prequel! (Season 2, for the record--the first half is a prequel, then the second half picks up after the end of season 1.)

    The series is about fighting, and people get hurt, and people have to make tough decisions. But it’s often balanced with humor, and that’s part of why I enjoyed it so much. There’s so much to track--people on both sides with tragic backstories, the city- or world-ending plots that pop up, the many, MANY attempted murders--that if it went straight through, it would be overwhelming.

    But in the midst of all that, you have characters making jokes, or being inept, or responding to a hostage situation by playing rock-paper-scissors to see who deals with it, or tripping their enemy in the middle of a Very Serious Battle like Bug Bunny showing up to fight Thanos.

    (None of that really translates to gifs well, but here’s a character, in the middle of a dangerous fight, picking up Mr. Teenage “I Swear I’ll Kill You If You Laugh At Me” Hot Topic Model and carrying him like a sack of potatoes.)

    Another fun thing about this series is that the title translates to “Literary Stray Dogs,” and all the main characters are named after famous late writers. This is easy to miss if you’re American like me and have never heard of “Doppo Kunikida” or “Akiko Yosano,” but once international characters show up in season 2, you’re faced with “Louisa Alcott” and “John Steinbeck,” part of a group led by "Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald.”

    The characters’ powers all vary as well. Their names are often weird, until you learn that the names are all lines/titles of the original authors’ works (Chuuya Nakahara’s Upon the Tainted Sorrow gravity manipulation sounds ridiculous, Astushi’s Beast Beneath the Moonlight weretiger ability sounds pretentious until you know the connection). Abilities range from “cool fighting ability” to “useful defensive ability” to “Herman Melville creates small flying whales and that’s...cool, I guess?”


    English dub? Yes, and I love it! I tried watching both, and I actually prefer the dub’s voices.

    Visuals: This is a show dedicated to its aesthetic, at least as far as fashion is concerned. I don’t know if any of the character designs/outfits are based on their namesakes (although remember my comment that I thought this was set in the 20s for a while? A lot of the namesake authors were active/alive between 1900 and 1930, so...), but maybe? Or maybe they just wanted to have suspenders and hats and long coats. Whatever, it’s cool and looks good, as does the rest of the series. Much of it it bright and/or takes place in the daytime--avoiding the “too dark to see what’s going on” thing.

    Worth watching? YESSSSS. Please watch sweet cinnamon roll too good too pure for this world Atsushi find a place of his own and learn he does get to have nice things. Please watch Dazai act like a total goof before the next scene shows us he’s five steps ahead of everyone else. Please watch Chuuya manipulate gravity so his hat stays on while he flips upside down. Please watch characters snark at each other even as they team up to defeat city-destroying monsters.

    Where to watch (USA, as of September 2020): Funimation (sub and dub), Crunchyroll (sub and dub, plus Spanish and Portuguese)

    Click my “reviews” tag below or search “mini review” on my blog to find more!

    #bungou stray dogs #bungo stray dogs #literary stray dogs #the manga series is ongoing so there's always the possibility we'll get more anime in the future #and BOY HOWDY DO I WANT MORE #just writing this review has me longing to go rewatch the entire thing because I loved it so much #particularly relationships between characters and PARTICULARLY relationships between characters that don't want to admit they like eachother #reviews#anime#recommendation
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  • bsd-fitzgerald-appreciation
    13.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Poll results!

    Hello everyone! 4 months ago, I released a popularity poll out of curiosity to see the general consensus. I will likely do this again in the future with more characters being introduced and more development. It was a lot of fun!

    I also made some predictions to the ordering as well if you choose to read onwards, along with some commentary.

    Total votes: 650

    0 squad:

    Kirako Haruno

    Motojiro Kajii (no taste honestly…)

    Ryoru Hirotsu

    Louisa Alcott ( ;-; )

    Margaret Mitchell

    Herman Melvin

    Alexander Pushkin

    Joint 28th (1 vote)

    Naomi Tanizaki

    Katai Tayama


    Nathaniel Hawthorne

    Mushitarou Oguri


    Ango Sakaguchi


    Joint 26th (2 votes)

    Ichiyo Higuchi

    Michizo Tachihara

    Joint 22nd (3 votes)

    Lucy Maud Montgomenry

    H.P. Lovecraft

    Mark Twain

    Ivan Goncharov

    Joint 19th (4 votes)

    Kenji Miyazawa

    John Steinbeck

    Any Hunting Dogs member (minus the obvious)

    18th: Francis Fitzgerald (5 votes)

    Joint 16th (6 votes)

    Yukichi Fukuzawa


    15th: Yumeno Kyusaku “Q” (7 votes)

    Joint 13th (8 votes)

    Sakunosuke Oda

    Gin Akutagawa

    12th: Junichirou Tanizaki (9 votes)

    11th: Akiko Yosano (12 votes)

    10th: Nikolai Gogol (13 votes)

    9th: Edgar Allan Poe (14 votes)

    8th: Ougai Mori (16 votes)

    Joint 7th (22 votes)

    Izumi Kyouka

    Doppo Kunikida

    6th: Fyodor Dostoyevsky (23 votes)

    5th: Ranpo Edogawa (28 votes)

    Joint 3rd (36 votes)

    Astushi Nakajima

    Ryunosuke Akutugawa

    2nd: Chuya Nakahara (with 166 votes)

    1st: Osamu Dazai (is there any surprise?) (with 180 votes)

    Here are my predictions from before starting this poll. Tell me how you think I did!

    Osamu Dazai 

    Chuya Nakahara - Both 1st and 2nd place couldn’t be any other two, I’m aware of just how popular they are.

    Ranpo Edogawa

    Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Doppo Kunikida

    Akiko Yosano - I most certainly overshot her... She’s a strong character, bit crazy and is one of the most prominent female.

    Oda Sakunosuke - And him... But he’s such a beautiful human...

    Edgar Allan Poe - I don’t think I was far off. I know who the fangirls like!

    Louisa Alcott - Nevermind… Okay, she’s adorable and cute and I thought she’d get at least ONE vote. I have a feeling that she is universally loved, but other characters outshine hers, hence why she isn’t on the board.

    Nikolai Gogol - Ayy! I know what the fangirls like!

    Ryunosuke Akutagawa - Dammit...

     Atsushi Nakajima - I really undershot with these two... Despite them both being main characters, I didn’t think they were more iconic than other characters and what happened with Louisa Alcott I predicted would happen to these two instead. Thought wrong... 

    Kyouka Izumi - I FORGOT HOW MUCH OF AN ADORABLE SNOWFLAKE SHE IS. I didn’t see that fandom mention her much compared to other characters and undershot.

    Kenji Miyazawa - I thought he would get more votes, but I feel like the lack of his mentioning in recent chapters paired with his lack of appearance played a large role. He’s acknowledged as the sunshine of the cast, but at the end of the day, is not really developed.

    Lucy Maud Montgomery

    Ougai Mori - You’ll see that I got the leader trio pretty well- apart from Mori. This one still honestly perplexes me...

    Ichiyo Higuchi - She’s a badass! A cute badass!

    Yukichi Fukuzawa

    Junichirou Tanizaki - He had more fangirls than I expected...

    Francis Fitzgerald

    Nathaniel Hawthorne - He had less fangirls than I expected...

    Gin Akutagawa - Looking back, I feel like I mixed up Higuchi and Gin’s ranking

    Koyo Ozaki - She’s a queen. But again, same thing I feel like that happened with Alcott

    Michizo Tachihara

    Katai Tayama

    John Steinbeck - More beloved than anticipated. But who can resist a guy in a suit?

    Sigma - LOOK I MESSED UP! He deserves all the love in the world. (I feel like this was partly due to recent manga events tho)

    Any Hunting Dogs member - Personal bias may have played a part... I honestly hate all of them apart from the strange loli girl and [redacted due to spoilers]

    Ryoru Hirotsu - Ya gotta admit, the guy has style

    Naomi Tanizaki - At this point, I expected no one to get any votes.

    Mark Twain - I was surpised. Fuck boi has fangirls. (I should not be calling him a fuck boi in this case… please don’t attack meeee)

    H.P. Lovecraft - Okay- I personally love him. And I’m glad so many other people love him too.


    Margaret Mitchell

    Herman Melvin

     Mushitarou Oguri

    Kirako Haruno

    Yumeno Kyusaku

    Motojiro Kajii

    Ivan Goncharov - Whaaat he has votes?

    Alexander Pushkin

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