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    17.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #ao3feed #fandom: stranger things #ot3: jonathan byers x nancy wheeler x steve harrington #fanwork: fanfic
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  • olive-musk
    17.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    fuck you. steve harrington, nancy wheeler, and jonathan byers are all dating. it's canon.

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  • pterawaters
    16.10.2021 - 19 hours ago
    #stranger things#stancy#nancy wheeler#steve harrington #ptera's ptober 2021 #ptera writes things
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  • juliasthinkings
    16.10.2021 - 21 hours ago

    (un)expected occurings trailer [stranger things]

    The gate is closed, every part of the Mind Flayer has been beaten and vanished, and I, Will Byers, am finally a normal teenager.

    Well, as normal as I can be that is.

    My friends are all normal, Mike's finally got himself a girlfriend, Lucas and Max got back together (again), Dustin's back from summer camp and apparently he's got a girlfriend too, and Steve got a nice job working at the new mall.

    Me, well I'm doing just fine. I don't have a girlfriend or a paying job but I do enough on my own. My mom's still processing Bob even though it's been a year. Jonathan would stay with her but he has a job of his own so that makes me the man of the house I guess.

    So like I said, I am far from normal. Normal is having the perfect sitcom life where troubles never reach you. Normal is not being taken by a monster into a parallel universe where you can't escape. Normal is living in a place like New York or Chicago. Normal isn't Hawkins. It never was in the first place I suppose.

    Maybe that's why they found me, because I'm not normal. Or maybe they need me, I'm not sure.

    All I know is Mike told me they can't be trusted. It would seem like a lie when all they've been saying is they want to help, but I know something. Something they don't.

    Friends don't lie.

    And now I'm cautious. Like a lion laying in wait. Waiting for their secrets to be exploited, waiting for their downfall, waiting for the final blows.

    Waiting for my friends to save me once again.


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  • roozmatazz
    16.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Season 4 scene: Byers & El come to the Wheelers. Mike is ready with his arms out for an El hug and she books it to Max. Mike is obviously confused. Will instead hugs Mike and he’s ok with that. A confused Dustin and Lucas look at each other and shrug. They hug. Jonathan stands there confused. Ted is there.

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  • never-tell
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    “It can’t just be a coincidence”

    not to be sus but they say that a lot...

    #stranger things #i just think it's interesting - that is it a coincidence is like such a recurring question in S3 #and i could be overthinking but #they could be referring to how there's many hints throughout the seasons that could be coincidences: but what if they're not #joyce byers#nancy wheeler#mr clarke#st3#tvstrangerthings#strangerthingsedit
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  • pterawaters
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • kaypeace21
    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    The ship disses in s3 are really something else. And I still laugh to myself about it XD

    Disclaimer : the ships you like being paralleled to say lonnie/Joyce etc. Doesn't mean I'm saying that ship (or the characters in it) are as toxic /as bad as that paring or say Lonnie. It's just a hint the ship is prob not endgame or not super healthy. Lol let's begin, this is just me listing stuff I noticed (not a super in depth analysis)like my other posts.Also probably don't read if you like the obvious st ships ...

    S3 being advertised as "summer of love" a term for romances that don't last.


    The fact the duffers wrote stuff in the s3 script having people say m*leven is "gross, bullshit, and unhealthy" . Or Mike saying "El sorry,not interested" on the phone.Dustin pointing a object called the 'slammer" (aka slang for prison) at Mike -as El clings to him. Having Mike wear the same outfits as his parents who aren't in love when dating el in s3, as he compares dating her to what adults (like his parents do). And 1 of the parents he's mimicking is also secretly into a dude named William, instead of their romantic partner.

    El/Steve asking if Nancy/Mike "remember" the things they said about their 1st relationships. Both claim they "don't remember". And el and Steve claim that Nancy/Mike love them because they said so in the past . But both don't respond and can't say I love you a 2nd time. Cough cause they both were lying about loving them.

    Alexi says strawberry slurpee is "shit" compared to cherry. El- goes to Max's house on cherry road and Max says El should dump Mike . And as Max gives el a strawberry icecream she dumps Mike (cause as Dustin said m*leven is " bullshit"). Yes!

    Mike claiming m*leven is on "just a break". And Max/ Will disagreeing saying its over . El knocking out all the candy except the one mike wanted the kit kat (slogan: having a break? Have a kit kat). Aka not a break so no kitkat for Mike XD

    In s3 Dustin says him and his gf are like star-crossed lovers like romeo and juliet. Similar to the term "summer love" , 'star-crossed " meant the relationship doesn't last. And it was a hint to the audience of the play the pairing wouldn't end up together . Some people say this also applied to m*leven since they were out of frame during this line by Dustin, and right after Dustin says this they try ditching the group, to kiss. Also: shakespeare didn't believe in "love at first sight" similar to m*leven - infact every play where he had this trope it ended horribly for the pairing . He actually believed in the trope of realizing you're in love with someone you've known for a long time after a great separation. Hmmm.

    Will to Mike as El ignores him "welcome to my world". Cough s2 lucas saying about he-man and barbie: "they're not in love they're not even from the same planet". Cue El in s1 watching he-man and s1 her being compared to et (who like el) dresses in a barbie-essque disguise. Then lucas in s2 says he-man kissing the barbie doesn't mean they're in love- and Dustin in s2 also has a he-man next to an et (to make the parallel to m*leven more apparent).Also- lucas says the 2 figurines kissing aren't in love ... and the scene right before that was j*ncy kissing for the first time- suspish.


    j*ncy (like s3 m*leven) is also called "gross" by Will in s3. And in s3, Nancy says to jonathan:"I guess we just don't understand eachother anymore ". A similar line jonathan says to nancy- about his parents’ relationship, in s1. "I guess, they loved eachother.(I just wasn't around for that part)." Or In s1, Nancy says to jonathan, his excuse for taking her pic  was "such bullshit".similar to m*leven and stancy being called "bullshit" which in s2 meant Nancy didn't love Steve . In s1 she even said sl**ping with Steve was "bushit" as foreshadowing for s2. (and m*leven/st*ncy are similar to j*ncy, because they were compared to a different dysfunctional parental romance: karen/ted). We also have Murray in s2 saying about j*ncy “cut the bullshit- and share the damn bed.”

    Also Dustin calls m*leven in s3 "bullshit". But in s2 when him and Lucas are playing a videogame fighting over princess daphne(max) and Lucas wins - Dustin says the game is "bullshit" too.

    J*pper (+j*ncy/m*leven)

    Not to mention Murray says in s3 that hopper must remind joyce of a past "bad relationship " (Lonnie). Cough both saying she's "on the edge" in s1. Both making fun of her for her obsession with lights vs magnets. Murray also says " cut the horseshit." (Which is closely related to the "cut the bullshit" line). Also j*ncy and j*pper yelling in the car as both relationships are compared to joyce/lonnie. I wouldn't say either ship or characters are as bad as lonnie though

    Also,in the same s3 episode, hopper and billy ask joyce/karen out ( both are stood up). Hopper orders 2 glasses of red cherry chianti as joyce stands him up. Joyce after hopper asks her out thinks of how she shared 2 glasses of red wine with Bob (on the sofa) . And hopper drinks the wine alone on his laz-e boy when stood up. Similar to karen after Billy asks her out, sadly looks at ted sleeping on the laz-eboy and regrets being with him,in s3. Lyrics playing as she looks at ted there: "I should have walked away". Also in s1, el is into ted's laz-eboy and Mike compares her to ted saying "that's where my dad sleeps want to try it?" Hinting at his later emulation of ted/Karen's relationship , when dating el .In s3, Karen whose trapped with ted finds j*pper odd ,but oblivious ted ships them together . Murray says j*pper should jump in the "SACK" similar to karen/ted who settled in the "cul-de-SAC." Murray says this in the car. In the car is where j*ncy is compared to lonnie/Joyce via the " i guess we just don't understand eachother" line vs "I guess they loved eachother " line . Both s3 car fights of j*pper/j*ncy have them compared to questionable dynamics (karen/ted) & (Joyce/lonnie) via callbacks to the lines nancy and jonathan mention about their parents not loving eachother (when both were shooting cans together in s1). And ironically, after this s1 scene, jonathan says nancy being with Steve will have her end up in a miserable relationship exactly like her parents (which has some truth to it - since similarly steve/nancy was also paralleled to ted/karen in a myriad of ways). But j*ncy also parallels Jonathan's parents, similar to stancy's paralleling Nancy's parents.

    Also, during the scene where joyce is thinking of Bob, and drinking red wine,she is watching cheers where the character Dianne says "he (fraiser/hopper) ordered chianti and asked me to marry him". Dianna left Frasier at the alter because he was a rebound. And later hopper is grumpy when alexi/Joyce mention Alexi's preference for cherry. And hopper claims strawberry "j*pper " is the same as cherry (boyce). Its not . We also had when hopper ask joyce out there is a radio shack sign behind him- showing where her mind is. After she stands up hopper - she even drops a heart magnet at Hopper's, as part of her explanation for doing so : earlier the magnet holding Bob (her heart) falls . Her obsession with magnets is symbolically part of her mourning Bob too...

    All the ships

    A j*pper moment being interrupted by Hopper puking in a bucket in Joyce's lap. Or max saying the boys are probably heartbroken and crying over the breakups. And INSTEAD we have Mike and Lucas laughing and farting/ burping. Wow the duffers take these relationships very seriously...

    max saying to El should dress in a way that feels like her- not her parent or boyfriend. Lucas dresses like karate kid because he knows max (his gf) has a crush on him. Hopper tries dressing like magnum pi- which doesn't impress her. Steve takes off hat to impress girls- doesn't work.According to the clothing designers nancy dressed like the girls from "new age music videos' cause jonathan is into it (instead of her usual preppy attire). Mike in s3 mirroring the loveless dynamic of his parents so he dressing like them. joyce in s3 wears the same shirt- that in s1 jonathan wears. This shirt is worn when jonathan overhears his parents fighting on the phone (in a flashback). Proceeds to do the same thing with nancy in s3- and have his relationship compared to his parents(lonnie/joyce). Joyce wearing same shirt looks longingly at pic of bob/thinks of him when wearing the shirt (after Hopper asked her out). Has her dynamic with hopper also compared to lonnie/Joyce, as Murray says she may want a "nice guy" (bob) but is curious how Hopper is in the "sac "(aka bed). Murray suggest both pairings sl**p together despite their issues/ "quaraling" - awful advice Murray . Not saying any of these characters are bad as lonnie or neil. Nor are the ships are as bad as lonnie/Joyce or neil/ex wife. But still ... not a great parallel if we're thinking about these ships' futures XD

    Nancy in s1 says Steve is "crazy" and an "idiot "(stupid) for her . In s2 he begs for her to be "stupid" with him at the party. Nancy says the relationship is bs, after throwing the word "stupid" back at him at the party. Max in s2 says lucas is "crazy" , and Dustin says as lucas spies on Max he's "stupid". Then in s3, max and El say there's "more to life than stupid boys". And all of s3 when criticizing m*leven they say "el's not stupid."Steve and Mike confess to robin/el using the words "crazy and stupid". But similar to the other gals- Robin says she wasn’t into Steve’s ‘stupid hair’/ El says “what makes you crazy? Nancy in s3 is even called "crazy and stupid"  for wanting to pursue the news story in s3. And jonathan doesn't care about the story like she does and says it’d be “stupid’ to get fired over it. While Tom fires her and says she's "crazy" for doing what she did .flo: Only love makes you that  crazy and that damn stupid”. Aka Nancy's true love is journalism not steve/jonathan. And max, robin, el, and Nancy don't actually romantically "love" the boys they're usually shipped with.

    Not even getting into how the 2 different songs playing during the stobin confession/rejection play during the j*ncy and m*leven goodbyes at the end of s3. And that's suspisous for alot of reasons . since robin rejecting Steve in the bathroom also parallels nancy (in the bathroom) saying she doesn't love Steve (by saying the relationship was "bullshit"). Stancy's first s1 onscreen kiss was also in a bathroom, and dustin in s3 interrupted both the bathroom stobin rejection/m*leven confession, and also the s1 almost kiss between m*leven ( was also in a bathroom). Hmm.

    Mike in s3 about el spying on him : whats if I was in the bathroom taking a massive shit? Max : well ,then gross. (LOL like how in 1 scene , in s3,they called m*levn bullshit and gross. Lol and Max and Will both agree about m*leven being gross too XD). The duffers really compared relationships in their show with (gross) shit, burps, and vomit... bro.

    Neil (in s3) yells at ex wife “stop lying to me .” her : i’m not lying to you.  Mirrors how Joyce in s1 says to Lonnie (her ex)  “don’t you lie to me.” him: ‘I’m not lying to you’. El in s3 dumps Mike for lying to her (and even when caught in a lie ,he tries to lie to her and falsely claim he's telling the truth about nana). And when (in s3) El says "but friends don't lie?" Max says “boyfriends lie all the time”. In reference to s2 when Max called out Lucas for lying , right after he claims “friends don’t lie’. Both max/Joyce shove a paper into lucas/lonnie's chest to prove they were lying. The first j*ncy kiss has the song "the first lie" play over it as well. In s3 robin tells Steve after being romantically rejected by a girl "crazy idea ever think of telling the truth." Later in s3 he spies on this same girl he lied to with binoculars (similar to s2 lucas lying/spying on max with binoculars). Cough spying or lying to a love interest isn't "crazy" (love) ya'll.

    The lying of l*max , m*even, j*ncy. The st*lking aspects of j*ncy, m*leven , and l*max.Mike being angry at El for spying. literally in s2 l*max and m*leven dance to a song about st*lking an ex. And at the same dance jonathan and nancy look at eachother. El in s2 watches soap opera where the couple breaks up, and later on the ex st*lks the other.

    Lonnie ignoring Joyce's calls- and him and joyce arguing on the phone , and Lonnie disconnecting his phone to not answer . Similar to (in s3) jonathan/max saying at the phone 'shut up" as lucas/nancy call. And in s3 nancy/jonathan arguing while talking on the phone. Joyce in s3 on the phone, and Hopper and her start yelling at eachother (while she's on the line with someonelse). El not answering Mike calling for 353 days. Jonathan being angry in s3 Nancy didn't call him about an emergency that could relate to Will (similar to his anger at lonnie in s1 for not calling joyce back- about a Will related emergency). Hopper after being stoodup says to joyce "no phone call? No apology? You've outdone yourself." Mike blaming el for the breakup , and never bothering to call her on the phone to apologize right away- even when lucas suggested they should call them .Mike lying to el and hanging up on her . Mike saying on the phone "el? Sorry not interested... telemarketers". Mike in s2 when calling her on walkie talkie, hangs up as El tries touching his cheek as she (wrongly) spies on him

    L*max, m*leven, and j*ncy , and j*pper being called "bull/horse shit". And m*leven and j*ncy being called "gross ".

    Like... I'm pretty sure the duffers don't ship this stuff lmao. They are so petty and honestly pretty harsh. It is unreal... truly XD

    There's way more from prior seasons ...but lol there's just too much . M*leven being compared to a ghost vs ghost hunter? While byler is venkman/Dana. M*leven being compared to Et and Eliot? And worse of all siblings XD

    Mike in s1 tries asking El to snowball, as El wears his sister's dress.And El ask if Mike will they'll go to the snowball as "friends " or if Mike will be "like (her) brother". Right before Mike kisses her. Cue in s2 them being compared to siblings luke/leia (who kissed in the past). Mike(leia) saying "its a trap" to El(luke). Meanwhile in s1, byler is compared to leia/han. At the snowball: Dustin and Mike sit/mope to themselves after both were sadly staring at the couplets of max/lucas & Will/girl dancing. Then, Nancy (Mike's sis) dances and teaches Dustin how to dance. And, Mike similarly, teaches El how to dance. Cause those dances were familial not romantic...

    Plus that whole song-door thing in s3. Will in s3e1 says (unconvincing) he won't fall in love and the lyrics being played in the scene were "love that's new to you. You open up the door." At the end of s3, Mike not kissing or responding to El's love proclamation is in Will's room (as mike is infront of Will's open closet door).

    Besides the open 'closet' being a metaphor for COMING OUT. And Will's open 'closet' literally being in the frame of the one sided m*leven kiss. In s1- Mike literally closes his closet door as El is inside, as he and Karen talk about his feelings for Will. The s3 timeskip , with the open closet door: indicates Mike doesn't want to use El anymore to keep his closet door closed (aka to hide his feelings for Will/ pretend to be straight with El ,anymore). In s3 e1: same ep with Will's love/open door song. M*leven kisses with 2 songs - 1st one "just a little more time (s3 time skip) can open closing doors (Will's door)." And the other song they kiss to is 'can't fight this feeling" : its about hiding the fact you're in love with your friend of many years and being afraid to admit said feelings to them. Opposite of m*leven who kissed after a week and are already dating . Lyrics : " what started of has friendship has grown stronger, if only i had the strength to let it show. Even as i wander (dating El) im keeping you in sight. if i have to crawl upon the floor come crashing through your (Will's) door, baby i can't fight this feeling anymore. " it literally matches how Will's song says "love you open up the door". Meanwhile when El dumps Mike the song cold as ice plays "You're closing the door,you leave."

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    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago
    #jancy #nancy and jonathan #jonathan and nancy #jonathan byers#nancy wheeler#natalia dyer#stranger things #jonathan x nancy #charlie heaton#team jancy #nancy x jonathan
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  • stincorrect
    15.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    Nancy: *bursts in* Jonathan: You don’t knock? Nancy: Women who knock rarely make history. Jonathan: … Jonathan: Yeah okay, fair enough.

    #nancy wheeler#jonathan byers #nancy and jonathan #jonathan and nancy #source: only murders in the building #jancy#i mean #she has a point #also #the fact that selena gomez said this in the original source material #that is so freaking iconic #and i love it so freaking much #genuinely my favorite line from the show #it's so perfect #stranger things #stranger things incorrect quotes #accurate
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  • reddie-as-ill-ever-be
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    My ST kids Hogwarts house headcannons 

    Gryffindor: Max, Will, El, Billy

    Ravenclaw: Dustin, Robin

    Hufflepuff: Mike, Jonathan, Steve

    Slytherin: Lucas, Nancy

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  • tea-for-one-please
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    FINALLY made some progress on chapter 3 of welcome to hawkins!

    let’s just pretend it hasn’t been three months since I updated it lmao

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  • hazy-spirits
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    All this time, I’ve been trying so hard to pretend like everything is fine, but it’s not.

    Nancy wheeler

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  • nomorerhyme
    14.10.2021 - 2 days ago

    ↾ ֍ ted wheeler ⋯ @kissys-n-kiwis​ ֎ ↿

    continued from here 

    breakfast had always been something that ted wheeler looked forward to each morning. the chaos of the family all bustling around ready to start a new day. he probably enjoyed it more than the rest of the wheelers. mike and nancy spent it bickering, holly was usually fussy and karen was stressed. the father of the house was a morning person and found amusement in the antics as he read his paper and sipped his coffee. his oldest had outgrown his jokes a long time ago so having her indulge him was the start of a great morning. "good, because i've got a great one for you." he ignored the fact that mike rolled his eyes and told him that his jokes weren't funny. it wasn't going to stop him from telling it. "why do fathers take an extra pair of socks when they go golfing?" ted's eyes lit up and he waited a moment before delivering the punch line. "in case they get a hole in one!"

    #kissysnkiwis#kissys-n-kiwis #↾ ֍ ted wheeler ⋯ interactions ֎ ↿ #↾ ted x nancy (001 / kissysnkiwis) ↿ #↾ ted x nancy ↿ #↾ ֍ all queued up : queue ֎ ↿ #( add to thread tracker )
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  • hardassheart
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Look who it is.

    Starter for @nancewheelers:

    Billy was waiting outside the school for his step-sister like usual. He was bored waiting for her but then noticed that Nancy was walking in front of him so in his annoying style manner he called out.

    "Oh look, it's Harrington's little girlfriend. Where are you off to in a hurry Nance? Stay awhile, let's talk."

    #stranger things rp #st rp #billy hargrove rp #nancy wheeler rp #hardassheart#nancewheelers
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  • sporadicrandomfandomwriter
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    stranger things masterlist !

    Started: ?

    Last Updated: ?

    Requests Open !!

    Steve Harrington

    Robin Buckley

    Billy Hargrove

    Dustin Henderson

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  • petecochrans
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    cameron frye my best friend in the whole world cameron frye 

    #literally. the amount of love i have for this fictional character is ever expanding MY BESTIE #his internal dialogue is so funny you go you little insane hypochondriac #literally who will matter in the way cameron frye matters to me. literally no one except maybe nancy wheeler
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  • jonathanssweatercollection
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    i saw another surviving stoncy comrade did this meme recently so i took the opportunity to be unoriginal :)

    i got the templates from here

    #stranger things#stoncy#steve harrington#nancy wheeler#jonathan byers#my edit#mine#stoncyedit #i always just associate the bat emoji w nancy bc. well she had the bat ya know #but there’s no baseball BAT emoji so. make do :) #it’s because of this weird mental association that i think he favourite animal is a bat too :) #jon’s is obviously rabbits (and all rodents in general) #and steve’s is either bears or dogs i can’t choose #bears bc. well he played with a stuffed bear and my brain makes loose connections to these things bc the duffers obviously won’t go into #this kind of depth #also steve loves ewoks so. yea no brainer #anyways thought tangent over i’d like to see other iterations of these hcs for them #so helo monster hunting trio stans 👉👈
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  • motherflippinaliens
    14.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Max: "Billy's been taking the breakup kinda hard."

    Lucas: "Really? Are we taking about the same Billy here? What are you even talking about?"

    Max: "Well, he's been listening to Michael Bolton, for one."

    *Michael Bolton's How Am I Supposed To Live Without You, blasts from behind his closed door.*

    Lucas: ".... Yikes." 😬


    Ooc, I know. But funny nonetheless.

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