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  • prongsism
    27.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    the thing abt the draco-regulus comparison/parallel is that it does make sense but ppl who like regulus hate draco and ppl who like draco hate regulus so if u even bring it up they go into this whole stupid fight abt which character is better when the discussion is not even abt that

    #regulus black#draco malfoy #that whole tiktok comment section makes me want to SCREAM but i mean it was my own doing so 🤷‍♀️ #both characters from noble families joining the DE when they were way too young #And narcissa witnessed regulus’ downfall do you really think she would not look at draco and fear for his LIFE not only bc it’s her son but #bc shes seen this before and she knows how it ends but there’s not much she can do #one of the best scenes of the entire series is narcissa going to snape for help fight with me abt it genuinely one of the most interesting #characters #also it makes NO SENSE for u to dislike regulus and like draco like they’re basically the same fucking premise #ok defend*** one and not the other u can dislike one and not the other #anyways anytime a comment on that tiktok video pops up I want to SCREAM ppl cannot be that pissed off abt a comparison
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  • tavsianus
    27.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Snape his done with the war AU

    -Snape is done with the war. He does'nt want to be on the light or dark side.

    -But because that he knows he can't run from it, he decides to form his own 'side'.

    -All of this starts to happen at the sixth and the seventh year oh his school. After he realizes how little he matters to people when SWM and The Accident happens.

    -The dark side is scaring people with their lifes. They are too barbaric, Voldemort does'nt care for his people. How can he trust someone who tortures... even kills his own followers? As a half blood, how can he be there?

    -Light side does'nt care for the people who they think are 'dark'. How can he trust to Dumbledore to protect and support him in the real world when he didn't even protect him from his bullies, in a school?

    -This means he has to protect himself.

    -He starts to talk to people at The Hog's Head... listens to their problems, ideas and dreams. What they wish would happen. Everyone is scared of the war.

    -People think he is too young for politics and stuff, but he does'nt care. What does he have to loose?

    -Regulus and Narcissia wants to join him. They are too afraid to speak their minds... But Severus can stand on the front for them. They can help from the back.

    -Snape talks with half-bloods, muggle-borns, vampires and even werewolves and many more. He tries to get all support from the outcasts and working class.

    -Severus is great at making speeches. And as a poor, abused half-blood, people can easily empathize with him.

    -Snape does'nt want to just change the world between Wizard and Muggle but the wizarding society itself as well. He wants to change the government where all of the workers are almost pureblood families (where they have all the power and money), have a better justice system (not just Azkaban), and to have equal rights and oppurtunities between all magical beings.

    -Snape is not afraid to talk in front of people, everyone can freely talk about him. He does'nt hide himself.

    -He does'nt scare people to join him or make fake promises. He belives every word he says.

    -Light and Dark side is not very happy about this new 'side'. This makes everything more complicated for Voldemort and Dumbledore.

    -The Marauders and Lily are shocked on what is happening. Their relationship is still very complicated...she does'nt know what to think of this.

    -As big supporters of The Dark Lucius Malfoy and Bellatrix Black and the others are furious.

    -The wizarding society and Hogwarts is very confused about this news. But many are happy about it.

    -Slowly gathering a crowd around himself, Snape promises good changes to people who will support and help him. At the end, he will either make all their dreams a reality or die together trying it.

    #severus snape#pro snape #severus snape headcanon #severus snape au #Narcissa Black#Regulus Black#The Marauders#Death Eaters#Voldemort#Dumbledore #Severus Snape is done with everyone's bullshit #He is gonna do what ne thinks is right #He isnt gonna be a follower
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  • jessweasleyy
    27.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    I’m currently writing a gideon prewett x oc fanfiction that is black family centric, has five chapter so far, & I have so much planned that I’m super excited for! the first book (which you can find on my wattpad @ accioweasleys- titled ‘gold rush’) is basically centred around their romance first & foremost, with some emphasis on the black family as well as the first wizarding war. though the golden trio era sequel I have planned ??? au ! fully black family centric! basically a what if: the black family took charge & got shit done. so very excited. might even throw in a fred/george spinoff. ugh the lack of prewett twins fics genuinely upsets me so y’know what I took it into my own hands!

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  • theblacksistersoff
    26.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Narcissa: what the hell are you doing? she is gonna find out...

    Andy : No she's not

    N: i promise you she is..because if you dont tell her i will.

    A: i thought you were my sister

    N: dont you get it i am trying to help you do the right thing.

    Andy : it was one kiss..

    N : Pff

    Andy : Listen to me cissy...

    N: Or what ???

    A: if you say something about ted to Bella i will tell everyone about the Lucius "things"..


    Narcissa : qu'est-ce que tu fous ? elle va le savoir...

    Andy : Non elle ne saura rien

    N : Je te promets qu'elle le saura parce que si tu ne lui dites pas, je le ferai.

    A: Je pensais que tu étais ma soeur

    N : tu ne comprenez pas, j'essaie de t aider à faire ce qu'il faut.

    Andy : c'était un baiser..

    N : Pff

    Andy : Ecoute moi cissy...

    N : Sinon quoi ???

    A: si tu dis quelque chose à propos de ted à Bella, je parlerai à tout le monde des "choses" de Lucius..

    #narcissablack #youngnarcissa #narcissamalfoy #andromedablack #tedtonks #Luciusmalfoy #Thenoblehouseofblack #Harrypotter

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  • harkximoff
    26.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    Does anyone know that fic where Zabini's mom is obsessed with Narcissa and she's kinda freaked out for her live?

    I forgot how it's called.

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  • visxme
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    first time writing something that full of happiness??

    Introducing the woman she had married - after the entire three weeks of knowing each other - to her parents was kinda complicated. More than kinda. (Narcissa may have or may have not cursed her mother's toothbrush into cleaning all of her teeth expect that one in front.)

    But in the light of introducing her wife to the Weasley family - it seemed like the easiest thing in the whole world. (Hermione may have or may have not would jinxed all of Molly's cupboards into splashing water at her every time she walked by them.)


    After another huge argument with them, Hermione went on holidays - to Sant Andreu, Barcelone. She - obviously - came back after the entire three weeks. With her wife next to her.

    To był sen, wspomnień sen o Barcelonie w San Andre

    Nowa miłość liczy się może była, może nie

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  • mischiefhasbeenmanaged
    26.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Narcissa: *visiting Andromeda after the battle*

    Narcissa: *moving to sit closer to Andromeda* I just- I’m not very good at this..

    Andromeda: *turning to look at her* Well I am..*putting her hand on Narcissa’s knee*

    Narcissa: *smiling sadly*

    Andromeda: *pulling back* mm not yet

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  • wishmasters-muse
    25.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Thats yet ANOTHER chapter up. Chapter 14 of Betratal of an Ally up now 😊

    #fanfic#femslash#bellamione #hermione dark plot #boaa #betrayal of an ally #bellatrix x hermione #bellamione discord #bellatrix x narcissa #bellatrix black#bellatrix lestrange
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  • daphnepearson
    25.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    BLACK FAMILY (and Malfoy, Lestrange and Tonks) if they had a Pokemon

    Bellatrix Black/Lestrange and Gyarados

    Andromeda Black/Tonks and Milotic

    Narcissa Black/Malfoy and Serperior

    Sirius Black and Mightyena

    Regulus Black and Nickit

    Lucius Malfoy and Furfrou (they both have really good hair)

    Ted Tonks and Zangoose

    Draco Malfoy and Ekans

    Nymphadora Tonks and Ditto

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  • lovely-euphoria
    24.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    *Narcissa planning out The annual Malfoy-Black family Christmas party*

    Narcissa: I need everyone to make something

    Severus: *asking Bellatrix* what are you going to make for Christmas.

    Bellatrix:  A scene

    Bellatrix: *puts on sunglasses and turns on a lighter*

    #bellatrix black headcanon #bellatrix x narcissa #bellatrix lestrange #Bellatrix Black X Severus Snape #severus snape headcanon #Severus Snape #Narcissa black headcanon #narcissa malfoy #narcissa malfoy headcanon #lucius malfoy headcanon #Lucius Malfoy#narcissa black #draco lucius malfoy #lucius malfoy #draco malfoy headcanon #harry potter headcanon #harry potter fandom #Harry Potter #Draco Lucius Malfoy #the malfoys#the blacks#christmas party#pureblood#professor snape#death eaters
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  • loislame84
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    This one is partially done 😂 I gave up but here’s Bella. Enjoy. 🖤🤌🏻

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  • toujoursincorrect
    24.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Andromeda: So, how did you know Rodolphus was the one?

    Bellatrix: He looked at me the way every woman wants to be looked at

    Andromeda: Awwww

    Bellatrix: With fear in his eyes.


    Narcissa: Awwww

    #the black family #the black sisters #andromeda black#bellatrix black#narcissa black#andromeda tonks#bellatrix lestrange#narcissa malfoy#incorrect quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #hp incorrect quotes #incorrect black family quotes #the most noble and ancient house of black
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  • lovely-euphoria
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Narcissa: Lucius is refusing to talk to me.

    Narcissa: I’m going to enjoy it while it lasts.

    #narcissa malfoy#narcissa black #narcissa malfoy headcanon #lucius malfoy #Narcissa malfoy x Lucius malfoy #lucius malfoy headcanon #harry potter fandom #draco malfoy headcanon #draco malfoy#hp#maruders #severus snape headcanon #lucius malfoy x severus snape #bellatrix black headcanon #bellatrix x narcissa #bellatrix black#auntie bellatrix
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  • sketchyblondes
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    There were SO MANY fics for @hprarepairfest this year (56!). Trying to keep up with the fest was like drinking from a rarepair firehose. I’m splitting my rec list into three: Bratty Femmes, Angsty Boys* and Giggles with Gilderoy*  (*and others). This specific rec list is 90% Narcissa and Pansy having great sex and making bad decisions. 

    Absolute favorites marked with **


    **Looking For A Complication by @the-wig-is-a-metaphor (Ginny/Narcissa, 8k, M)

    "Mother, when I said you should get out more," Draco shouts, "I did not mean you should have an illicit affair with a scandalously younger woman!"

    I already made a whole rec post for this one. Humor, heart, heat. The fic has it all. One of my new all-time favorites. 

    This Regret We've Got Accustomed To by mouldy_voldy (Il_Valentino)(Astoria/Pansy, 1.5k, E) 

    “He may be my best friend, but you are the fucking love of my life,” Pansy snarls against her lips and then closes the distance. The kiss is more teeth and want than anything, but her lips are just as Astoria remembers, the taste of her enough to induce euphoria. She can’t remember ever wanting anything as much as she wants this. Pansy won't let her forget.

    Little fic packs a (very sexy) punch. Pansy is SO HOT in this. 

    Fate & Jupiter by thewakeless (Parvati/Lavender & Padma/Katie, 25k, T)

    Padma and Parvati might not agree on everything, but they know one thing for sure, they’re both ready for a change. Padma is worn out from her Ministry job, and Parvati is tired of pining after Lavender 24/7. So, they decide to open up a potion shop in Hogsmeade but of course nothing goes quite as planned because you can’t stop fate, and you certainly can’t stop Jupiter.
    Or wholesome double getting together wlw with strong winter vibes

    Bit of a stretch to include this in bratty femmes but it was so darling, and Lavender is very much a femme and a bit of a brat in this in a lovely way. Wholesome and very queer, and I now have a crush on butch Katie Bell.


    **Your Cigarette Smell by @lumosatnight​ (Sirius/Narcissa, 10k, E)

    It’s easy, she thinks.
    Falling into each other while their family falls apart. Lips connecting while other connections fizzle away. Losing themselves to pleasure while the rest of the world grows lost to war.
    Bodies sliding together as months slide by.

    It's exactly what I love about Sirius/Narcissa - the sense of desire and shame and duty and fury and hate and love! And the tragedy of it all! I loved how the author wove together the nonlinear narrative, which gave the fic a haunted and inevitable quality - very doomed lovers bound by fate vibes.

    Table For Two by maeshowers (Sirius/Pansy, 3k, E)

    Pansy isn't having a good time at Draco and Hermione's wedding. Neither is Sirius. Maybe copious amounts of alcohol and a good fuck could change that.

    It’s fun, and it’s hot, and it’s Pansy/Sirius. I love a messy friend group full of ex’s (because I am a lesbian), and I absolutely adore how much of a brat Pansy is here: “I led your godson on for months because I wanted to fuck his wife." Incredible!

    Disparities by @mean-whale-writes (Remus/Narcissa, 2k, E)

    As much as he sometimes tried to spin the truth into something more palatable, he enjoyed the immorality of fucking the enemy.

    Hot and dangerous and unexpected - perfect for rarepair fest!

    Slash recs on their way in the “angsty boys” category :) 

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  • mischiefhasbeenmanaged
    23.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Regulus: You can’t sneak into Andy’s room!

    Narcissa: *opening the door to her sister’s room* It’s fine! I’ll do something nice for her. I’ll clean her jewelry while I’m in there

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