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    Pedro Pascal [Shadows], Thomas Cooskey
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  • Carillo is so hot, you cannot change my mind

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  • Ok real talk, Pablo x Tata x Gustavo is the OT3 of this show

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  • I want to kiss you

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    Damn, Anything else you want to do…? ;)

    Pass your fucking class.


    Hold The Line

    Pairing: Professor!Javier Peña x Student!reader

    Warnings: 🔞 Smut, fingering, blow jobs, rough sex, dom/sub, and Professor Peña~

    A/N: thanks for @poes-hemlet for helping me develop this! This takes place before Pablo Escobar, Javi hasn’t been on the DEA for too long and is choosen to give a course to some students.

    It had been the worst fucking day.

    You needed a stress reliever. Yes, you whimpered, you deserved this. No reason to feel guilty. And you needed that stress relief for the whole damn night.

    Javi moved from under the sheets, hand sneaking down your stomach. You hissed, hips jerking against his hands. How does a man with such little sleep have so much energy?

    “Fuck-” you moaned when he slipped a diligent finger into your dripping cunt.

    “Just how bad was your day, baby?” He said in your ear, kissing his way down your neck.

    “Bad! Oh, Javi!” His tongue met your bud and it was like every other time-but better.

    He slapped your thigh, hard enough to wake you up. He was always like this, commanding. You couldn’t find a single ounce in you to hate it.

    “Sir!” You changed your words.

    “Yeah, babygirl.” He rubbed your clit.

    He brought you to release again, and again. It seemed, not that he complained, you were always very greedy when it came to him. You were so lucky, but you always wanted more- more of him. The little touches, a real relationship.

    “I wish we didn’t have to hide.”

    He stopped.

    Of many things in law school, some were more exciting than others. But Drugs was an incredibly inviting concept. And, according to Connies giggling, “There’s a new hottie for a teacher this year!” There was more than just the curriculum to look forward to.

    You sighed, Connie could think about these things, you were busy learning (who the hell gives this much homework?) and frankly, not thinking about boys. How old was she? Fifteen? Sometimes you worried she was.

    “Yeah, and twice your age.” You said, rolling your eyes.

    But even you surprised yourself, the next week, almost excited to get up at fuck-off-o-clock in the morning for this class. You threw on leggings and ate breakfast almost- happily?

    In the end, your excitement (for the lesson, not the teacher, please.) brought you to the class a whooping eight minutes early. You were the second in the classroom, and opted for a seat at the front.

    You don’t think you’ve been as excited for a class in a long time, but this is what you wanted. Nothing incredibly huge has happened in the drug transits, but dammit it was interesting. You wanted to be DEA, and apparently (you might’ve read up on him a little) your teacher has had that job for two years now. You were interested, to say at the least.

    And it got much more interesting when the professor walked in not ten minutes later. Clad in a button down, with just one to many buttons down, and jeans - fuck, those for nice. You shivered, which was odd, it was quite hot in the spring of Dallas.

    The worst part, he didn’t look older than thirty five.

    You observed, looking him up and down, much like every girl in the classroom.

    But, oh.

    You eyes narrowed at him, how attractive could he really be when he winked at Veronica, eyeing her breasts hanging out of her top, if you could even call it that.

    But even you, clad in a messy bun and leggings, he looked on. It’s a swift glance, but you could see the smirk in it as he check you out. As quickly as it came, he looked away and walked to the front of the room.

    “Good morning.”


    Well, contrary to previous belief, you deduced that, yes, some perverts could be very attractive. But voice of angels be damned, this man would not get to you- or worse, your grades.

    You stopped sitting in the front, choosing one in the back where you could look at him without his eyes you. His eyes, a deep chocolate that brought through so much hot pleasure that you had to stay away. And it was torture listening to “Damn, I want a piece of that.” and “I’d like to have him bend me over a desk.” from the giggling girls in the first row. Professor Peña, who looked awfully young to teach a college class, seemed all to happy at the attention. As if the mans head wasn’t big enough already.

    You noticed he didn’t think much of it, he just thought they were enthusiastic students. Yeah, I guess most of his students have always been enthusiastic with that in front of them for an hour and a half a day.

    He always found your eyes though, drifting up the rows to yours. He would call on you more than any teacher. And, of course, he would make you walk up to the front and write on the board. Who even does that anymore?

    And as if he wanted to see you fume, he made it evidently obvious to you, and the whole class, that his eyes followed your body as you walked.

    So, being one to never give up a challenge, you found yourself getting up more than necessary, if only for educational purposes. Was he going to look, would he smirk like he always did. Only experiment would tell.

    It sacred you, honestly, how you found yourself becoming closer to one of those girls on the front row. Each day was more tempting, and even from afar you started actually looking, looking deeper.

    The dimple on his right cheek, the shine of his eyes, it was all- not going to happen.

    So, it, in fact, did happen.

    “Professor Peña?” You said, knocking against the wood.

    “Yes? Come in.” He said

    You stepped in, and it was hard to misunderstand the smirk below his moustache. He has his aviators tangled in his hair, and- he looked hot.

    Though again, when did he not?

    “I need help.” You said, and sat down across from him as he gestured to the seat.

    One of his eyebrows rose, and his eyes flashed dark.

    “With what?” Was his voice always that low?

    “My assignment.” You said, avoiding his eyes. They were dangerous.


    Your eyes shifted up to him, and narrowed them. He was too- cocky.

    “I need help with the history part, well the ending. How did it effect us now? Do I just tell the beginning of the DEA?”

    He nodded, taking in the the question. He stood up and walked to your side of his desk and sat on the edge of it. Damn, those were some nice thighs.

    He held his hand out and you put your assignment into his hand. He took out glasses that you’ve never seen him wear and, woah, who deserves to look that good? You watched him attentively, wincing when furrowed his eyebrows.

    He shifted his gaze to you, and took in your worried gaze. A small smile swept him as he stood, and slipped a hand on your waist.

    This was normal, right?

    “It’s really not that bad,” when that didn’t fix your gaze, he sighed, “I would give it a B already, but your right, I would describe how that contributed to the DEA’s making.”

    Good, answers that, now it was time to leave, but you didn’t move an inch. Well, you inched closer, but with his voice so deep, it was hard to hear. Right, you needed to hear better.

    “Im guessing you want to be DEA?” He questioned, thumbs rolling over the curve in your hip.

    He leaned in too, but his was more of a downward motion. Your breath caught, and you didn’t trust your voice. You nodded, a small, curious smile touching your lips.

    “Have you done any big cases?”

    “No, I’ve done some small cases, but I’m still new to the DEA.” He answered, his other hand getting dangerously close to your other hip.

    Okay, that was your answer, now it was definitely time to go.

    Go, go, go.

    You both leaned in, he slowly took off his glasses and set them down behind him.

    Get out. Now.

    “This is going to happen, isn’t it?” You whispered to him as he turned you into his desk.

    “Yeah.” He breathed against your lips, “I think it is.”

    You didn’t make it to any of your afternoon classes.

    “Didn’t know you were into that kind of thing.”

    You whipped around, eyes wide. Of course, his loud voice had gotten the attention of the whole class. You flushed red and glared.

    “It’s for school!” You snarled, keeping your voice down.

    “Don’t remember that being on any of the teachers lists.” Pretending to scrap through his mind, man of many talents, Professer Peña could put on an act.

    “It’s private.”

    “Oh really, I thought it was school?”

    “And I thought you weren’t going to act like a perverted teenager.” You mumbled, but controled a laugh as you saw the anger in his eyes.

    It was more fun than you thought, annoying him.

    “Watch it,” his poked a finger to your workspace, “above all things- I’m your teacher.”

    Your superior, he said with his eyes. You scoffed, but at the eyebrow raise you knew he meant buisness- hypocrite. You put your head down and sighed.

    “Get to work.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    That bastard, he knew how embarrassing that was.

    You cringed internally as you looked up to watch his ass walk away. Yeah, angry as you were, who would miss that?

    Not to worry, you always had an advantage that the other students didn’t have.

    Fuck!” He groaned, fingers wrapped in your hair.

    You hummed against his shaft, using your hands on him. It was all to much- too good. The thought of letting him finish was almost to tempting because, dammit, he was hot like this.

    But, devil to his pleasure, you popped off his dick when he was just about to cum.

    “Huh?” He jerked, like he was thrown out of a dream.

    The man was not used to not getting what he wanted.

    You used this to your advantage, and tried to run out of the room, maintainung your composure. Hopefully you could make it to the bathroom before anyone your knew saw you.

    You didn’t even get a step out.

    He shoved the door close in front of you, smashing your body against the door.

    “What was that?” He growled, boxers against your ass- how was he that fast?

    “Revenge.” you mumbled, trying to not throw your hips back to his.

    “Yeah? Then I’ll just have to show your pretty ass what you get for your little tricks.”

    He grabbed you into his arms, walked the short way to his desk -lucky bastard had a huge office- and pushed you down. Your breathing was uneven as you braced yourself against his desk, on top of this weeks assignment.

    You tried not to drool on his work as bucked his into your clothes backside.

    He jerked your pants down before you could object.

    “Fuck, Javi!”

    He slapped your ass and you cried out.


    When you didn’t respond immediately he slapped it again, and it threw you into action.


    He laughed, a dark, lust-filled laugh, that made your toes curl. He dipped his finger into the lining in your legging and pulled.


    Not a man to waste time, yanked down any borders to him and your pussy. Pulling his hands back slightly, he slapped your pussy this time, earning a moan.

    “Yeah, you gonna like it when I fuck you over this desk?”

    He pulled out hair back, and you spread your legs.

    “Yes, sir!”


    He gave your ass another slap for good measure, then rubbed your ass cheeks generously, almost as if he was guilty. But you knew he wasn’t. This man, body of a devil, was more of one than you thought. It just made it more- sexy.

    He slides his thumb over your clit, and it’s just- fuck. He doesn’t stop his languid strokes, tricking you into thinking he’ll speed up then stop.

    “Oh, Sir! Please-”


    He pulls away and you whimper, trying to thrust you hips to his again.

    “I’m gonna fuck you so hard against this desk, teach you to lead me on.”


    He pulled your hair back- in words, student.

    “Yes, Professor! Fuck me against your desk, please!”

    He smirks, and, fuck me, you can only tell because you could feel it against your neck. He lifts your shirt up just enough to undo your bra. He throws it behind him, and leaves your shirt like that, almost wrapped your neck.

    “Lucky for you, I plan on doing just that, baby.” His teeth scratch your neck as he talks, and you almost fall, knees giving out.

    But, always the protector, Javi’s firm hands pull you up, and pushed you harder into the desk. You grip the edges hard, loud moans filling the wooden walls.

    The next thing you know, his thick cock is teasing your entrance and you cry out.

    “Yeah, babygirl. Want me to put my cock in you?”

    “Yesssss.” You whimper into the desk, now defacing the assignments with your liquids are the last thing on your mind.

    He moves his shaft over your entrance, gathering the pure and needy arousal at your core. He growls once, a sole warning before he plunged into you. Bottoming out in the first thrust, you almost scream.

    He takes this as good sign, but you didn’t think he’d stop anyways. He thrusts hard, taking you from behind in the small amount of time he has between classes. You have a class, but who could care about that while he’s- oh shit.

    He pivots into you, the tips of his hands squishing your breasts.

    “You like it when I take you like this,” he growls into your ear, it wasn’t a question.

    “Professor!” You’re wasn’t either.

    He felt you tighten around him (damn, already? You were hor-ny.) and went into a frenzy of rough strokes into you. He waited till you exploded over him to pull out. He came on your back, and grabbed your ass in gratitude.

    With much effort, your pushed off his desk and looked at the damage, many of his assignments had been ripped. You smirked, maybe you did get some revenge out of this after all.

    “I have copies on my computer.” He said, wiping off your back with a handkerchief.


    You gasped as he wiped your spent pussy, so much more sensitive and spent. He turned you around and wrapped his big hands around your waist.

    “Gonna try revenge again?”

    “I think I might, you might have to show me what happens when I try, just to get it stuck in my head.” You cooed, wrapping your dainty arms round his neck.

    You don’t think you’ve ever seen him smile like that at anyone else.

    “I wish we didn’t have to hide.”

    He stopped.

    He wasn’t used to this, he was used to the women on their knees. No, Javier would be lying if said he would be on his knees every day for this women. In the beginning, he didn’t expect, couldn’t expect- you.

    All smiles and heart, he was scared. He had left someone before, not in the most respectful way.

    But he didn’t know how to leave.

    Why do we fall in love with the people we can’t have?

    “I know.”

    @ohpedromypedro @oberynispunk @that-phat-chic

    @spookyold-saintjm @amarvelousmandalorian @poes-hemlet

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    a/n: god another love, him and chapo have me motherfuckin heart eyes … i just love my little rancheritos okay 

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    #narcos imagine#narcos imagines #narcos mexico imagines #narcos mexico imagine #narcos mexico#narcos #rafa caro quintero #rafael caro quintero #rafael caro quintero x reader
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  • Warnings: Angst mainly.

    Pairing: Javier Peña x Reader

    Word Count: 2,545

    A/N: Here it is, the final (I think) part of the San Valentín series. Here is part 1 & part 2 if you missed them. I won’t say much but this is kind of angsty and full of feelings. As always please let me know what you think! Enjoy!


    “Murphy c’mon, don’t you want to be in on this assignment, huh? The glory of catching a big name sicario?” you whine to your new co-worker as you leave the ambassadors office.

    He groans your name with the frustration of a man who would give anything to work with less obstinate colleagues, which makes you think Javier had the same response to being informed about the overnight stake-out you and him have been assigned to.

    “I can’t.” Steve pats you on the shoulder as he walks away, turning to add “And you can’t avoid each other forever”

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    • A Javier Peña x Reader Fanfic
    • No rating - nothing but fluff!
    • Word Count: 800
    • Summary: You’re sick, and Javier takes care of you; a surprise drabble for @pedropascalito​​
    • Warnings: absolutely none, except for some very soft Javi
    • Author’s Note: A small aside, sopa azteca is how my family calls an old recipe from a good friend of my dad; a lot of people also know it as chicken tortilla soup. Being sick is the worst, especially right now. This is for all the people fighting right now, and going through any sickness. You’re not alone! Be safe, and be well 💕

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    #soft!javi #javier pena#javier peña #javier pena x reader #javier peña x reader #soft javier#narcos#reader insert#drabble #much love to all out there #we'll get through this #feel better soon #for the right person i know javi would melt into a puddle of soup
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  • tell me why i just realized that pedro pascal is an aries???? IT ALL FINALLY MAKES SENSE

    #josé pedro balmaceda pascal #pedro pascal#narcos#the mandalorian#aries #kingsman the golden circle
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  • Uhhhhhh

    Just got to see a kink of mine played out in Narcos so thanks for that y'all

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  • Javier Peña’s Clothes


    I realized the first Javi scene after the Pilot is Javi pulling on his jeans. I think we could all stand to see it again:

    So far, we have only seen him in jeans. Not complaining! The man can wear a pair of jeans!


    But he wears this jacket throughout the episode, which is some LL Bean bullshit I think is all wrong for Javi. I love LL Bean, but Javi is not an LL Bean guy!


    I think they were still finding his style. (I’ll talk about the light suit in another post. 😍)

    #pedro pascal#fashion#narcos #javier pena best clothes in every episode #pedro pascal
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    Pretty sure this is Javier in his own apartment. I count three ashtrays and one very fancy lighter on his coffee table.

    I just wanna sit on his love seat with him and chainsmoke with his fancy lighter and multiple ashtrays. (I don’t smoke as a habit.)

    #pedro pascal#narcos#javier pena #Homes and Gardens DEA Edition
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  • Well shit, @little-ms-fandom informs me this is her apartment. (Thank you.) I fucked up. I’ll blame the virus I have. I’ll leave this up but nevermind!

    This one is important to me, because it reaffirms what I believe about the man Javi is.

    This is the brief shot we get of the wall in his bedroom:

    • Top left, that looks like a photograph with children in it.
    • Top right, it looks like a shot of the Rio Grande valley, where Laredo is located. (Laredo, Texas and Nuevo Laredo, Mexico straddle the river. A bridge connects them.) A shot of the family farm?
    • Below left almost looks like a child holding a baseball bat. Bottom right looks like another landscape shot.
    • And above the photographs, more books. I love the idea that Javi stashes books all over the apartment.

    I believe hanging these photos shows Javi does have a sentimental side, and anyone he brings home would see that. Soft!Javi is a real thing. And writers who write Soft!Javi are not writing out of character. He’s a guy who doesn’t always know how to express emotions. But he has them.

    Here’s the shot in context:

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  • Warning: Smut, three some, swearing

    Requested: Yes, literally 2 words - PART 2

    Part 1



    It was another long day and Javier Peña, Horacio Carrillo, and you were back in Carrillo’s office drinking whiskey and smoking. Entering the office, you took the glass Carrillo offered you and threw yourself on the couch, groaning as your body relaxed into the cushions while Javi sat in a chair across from Carrillo’s desk. At first, none of you talked to each other, trying to let the stress of the day fade away, not that it worked. You almost had three sicarios today, but they led you into an area that you wouldn’t be able to escape from if you’d arrested those men, meaning you had to let them go, angering everybody as you left.

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    #javier pena x reader #pedro pascal x reader #javier peña x reader #javier pena imagine #javier peña#javier pena #Reader x Javier Peña #javier pena smut #pedro pascal fanfiction #pedro pascal smut #pedro pascal fic #pedro pascal imagine #pedro pascal#narcos#narcos imagine #narcos x reader #narcos fanfiction #stress relief series #gif by @padfootwantsatummyrub
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    Don’t look at his pants. Don’t look at his pants 🥺

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