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  • Caspian: Is stabbing someone immoral?
    Reepicheep: Not if they consent to it.
    Edmund: Depends who you’re stabbing.
    Drinian: YES?!?

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  • “Am I supposed to be happy to be back? This is worse, this is wrong,” Peter said, eyes immediately brimming with tears. “I’ve been sent years into the future where Narnia is at war again and my wife is dead.”

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  • Lucy: You’re smiling, did something good happen?
    Edmund: I can’t smile just because I feel like it?
    Caspian: Eustace tripped and fell in the parking lot.

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  • Just rewatched the Chronicals of Narnia… someone discover a magical world with me please!!

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  • Their brother is a vision to behold, Edmund muses as he wipes blood away from under his nose. They are at a stalemate, each side of the conflict frozen as their leaders meet in the middle. And none within the battle can deny that the High King looks truly magnificent.

    Little of the silver of his armour shows, with mud and blood coating most of it. Rhindon is held in a steady hand at Peter’s side, as is his shield. His hair, drenched though it is, does nothing to detract from his regal bearing. A smile, or rather, a baring of fangs adorns his face. He towers over the enemy in both statue and presence.

    His voice is another thing, the Narnians and their enemies alike soon remember and realise, when the enemy leader lunges as if to fit his sword through Peter’s stomach. Peter twists to the side and roars. Underneath them all, the ground shakes. Narnians stream forward with their own answering call, their High King’s voice flooding their veins. Above, thunder rumbles and Edmund laughs.

    A vision Peter is to see, and more yet he is to hear, Edmund thinks to himself as he follows his brother into battle.

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  • headcanons for Susan Pevensie

    - when she was very little, before Edmund and Lucy were even thought of, she had a special name for Peter. It was not like any English word their parents knew, but Peter always heard her when she called

    - she loved to sew, and she was always mending her siblings’ clothes after Edmund got into another fight or Lucy had absent-mindedly snagged her skirt

    - in Narnia she carried on with their mending, though there was no need for a queen to do it. But sewing up cloth torn by blades or arrows always felt like healing to her, and she would take their travelling cloaks and stitch secret flowers in the linings, her own domestic charms for protection

    - when they got back and she began to feel untethered, she took up her old sewing bag again. Edmund and Lucy shared a habit of picking at Peter’s shirt when they were upset, so there was always fresh mending to be done in those first few weeks to occupy her hands and mind

    - when Snow White came out in 1938, the children were taken to the pictures as a treat. Afterwards, whenever they played a game with a princess in it, ten-year-old Susan wanted to be Snow White because they had the same colour hair (but also because looking after everyone and setting everything in order appealed to her)

    - after the war started the next year and their father went away, she already felt too old to be pretending. But when Lucy tugged on her hand and begged, she would play along for a little and be smiling by the end

    - in Narnia, though as an archer she did not often wear it, she owned a complete suit of extremely beautiful plate armour, modelled on the records of the legendary armour forged for Queen Swanwhite

    - whenever Peter rode away to war, he would give her his coronation ring to seal her authority as regent of the power of the High King. It was too big for her, so she would wear it on a chain around her neck. After she lost him, without knowing quite why she did it, she took the ring their grandfather had passed down to him and threaded it onto one of her necklaces

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  • Eustace: You know those things will kill you, right?
    Caspian, pouring another glass of whiskey: That’s the point.
    Edmund, smoking a cigarette: We’re trying to speed up the process.
    Lucy: *Nods while eating raw cookie dough*

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  • hi can we talk about how edmund was not to blame in the lion the witch and the wardrobe (the movie at least, it’s been a while since i read the books) and that he - while having his moments - he always tried to protect people and help them when they were in danger? even when he was with the white witch?

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    Originally posted by saralou23

    ·         You are in his crew. You joined to Narnia navy when your family went missing because of the Green Mist. (Thankfully, you found them safe.)

    ·         You like to be in the crew, you love to watch the see.

    ·         And Caspian likes you being in the crew, he loves to watch you.

    ·         You are the only woman in the crew but Caspian thinks you are the bravest, strongest and the most talented.

    ·         You two like to duel on the deck, and rest of the crew watch you becasue you move in harmony. Watching you two fighting is like watching two professional dancers dance.

    ·         Speaking of dancing, when you feel upset and he (immediately) sees that, he comes to you, asks what the problem is and after talking you about it, he takes your hands and makes you move your arms. He smiles at you and says ‘’Everything will be alright. C’mon, dance.’’.

    ·         He is so charming and handsome, you can’t even resist him. You let him lead you. He spinds you around and you realize you are smiling and feeling better already.

    ·         After that day, you start to like him. (I mean, you’ve always found him attractive but this time, it hits you.)

    ·         But you don’t know that Caspian likes you since the day you stepped into the deck. He’s never seen a woman like you, so brave, so selfless, so beautiful and smart.

    ·         But his favorite characteristic of you is your wittiness. He loves how easily and quickly you can defend yourself, make other listen you whenever you talk, find a solution, make a useful plan. Caspian adores it when you immediately put your hand to your sword and how fastly you step in front of him and get protective everytime  you sense danger,

    ·         Well, he is very protective of you too. His first thought in a battle is to protect you. When he can’t see you anymore, he fights quickly and pushes the enemies out of his way until he can finally see you.

    ·         He is also very kind. To you, to everyone. You love the way he talks with other people. He does not speak like he is their ruler, he speaks like he is their friend. But when there is a situation in which he needs to be dominant, you melt. He stands upright, with his crown on his head, he uses his strong voice tone and his eyes become darker.

    ·         But as he has a big crush on you, sometimes when he is around you he gets clumsy. You adore it by the way. He drops something when he abuts against to the closest desk or drawer and he drops the thing again while trying to pick it up.

    ·         One day, when he does it again, you giggle and pick up the statuette he’s dropped for him. While he takes it from your hand, he looks deep into your eyes and says ‘’I love you.’’. He doesn’t relize what he’s just said but when he does he panicks and he tries to speak but can’t say anything.

    ·         Well, as a person appericated for being witty, you quickly respond but not with your words. You put your hand to his nape, pull him closer and kiss him.

    ·         When you end the kiss, Caspian just looks at you in shock, but he quickly comes round and kisses you back. The kiss is sweet, long and soft. You like to feel his lips on your own.

    ·         ‘’You-‘’ he whispers but you interrupt him saying ‘’Yes, I like you.’’. His face brightens up and he smiles. He puts his hands to your waist, he lifts you up and kisses you passionately.

    hello, hello, hello! i hope you like it! please let me know x💫 requests are open by the way. 

    also, you can read my peter pevensie fanfiction on wattpad: swords|peter pevesie, my username is @/swordofpevensie thank you! 

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  • #narnia#lucy pevensie#wardrobe #the lion the witch and the wardrobe #lww #narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe #the chronicles of narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe #lucy#georgie henley#andrew adamson
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  • so remember when i made that art project based on the chronicles of narnia?

    well uh… here it is. i hope you like it because i’m pretty proud of it :)

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  • The Deity Tash.

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  • Lucy Pevensie Icons - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

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  • Dating Peter Pevensie would include… (College AU)

    warnings: mentions of bleeding, fighting, a tiny bit of smut. (i know it sounds like a bad boy thing, but believe me it’s not.)


    • In the first day of the college, in of the classes you and are Peter both attend, when you argued with Peter about a subject given by your professor, he knew that he was obsessed with you.

    • He liked how smart you were, speaking your piece, defending your arguments but being able to drawback when he was actually right.

    • For your first date, he took you to a bookstore, his favorite book store. He recommended you books, helped you finding the book or the record that you were looking for. He wanted to pay your account but eventually, you two agreed to pay each other’s.

    • Then you two went to a local restaurant, you talked, laughed, told each other stories and at the end of the night, he decided that you were his soulmate.

    • And while walking you to your dorm, Peter kissed you. It was a soft and short kiss. He just wanted to taste your lips because you looked so cute while speaking and smiling.

    • That night, you couldn’t sleep because the butterflies in your stomach didn’t let you. You realized that you like him more than you thought.

    • And then the real dating came. Peter was a smart, funny and playful man. He made you laugh, he helped you study, asked for your help to study, he read the books you’d recommended, he always bought you your favorite coffee.

    • His only problem was he was so protective. Not only of you, he was protective of everyone he loves and anyone who needed help.

    • Therefore, sometimes he would get into a fight. Whenever he saw a woman being disturbed by a man, someone being bullied, an animal being treated badly, he would get into a fight without hesitating. Luckily, he was strong and smart enough to win, mostly. But it was inevitable that he would get hurt.

    • And he would simply come to your door, looking at you with his puppy eyes and bleeding nose or lip.

    • Of course you would take him in, take care of his wounds and telling him to stop getting into fights. You loved that he was always considerate and selfless, he always tried to help others but you also hated to see him bleeding.

    • He promised you that he wouldn’t get into a fight anymore every single time you scolded him about it. (But it is not hard to guess the conclusion.)

    • Peter loved kissing you, everywhere. Your lips, your cheeks, your forehead, your hair, your hands, neck, nape. He loved to show his love physically.

    • He loved to take you into his arms, lie down and enjoy the time he spent with you.

    • He would tell you that you were beautiful, smart, funny, considerate, kind.

    • He would always encourage you whenever you told him something you really wanted to do.

    • As he was protective, he could get jealous very easily. When he was jealous, he would put his hand to your waist, come close to you as much as possible and kiss you on the cheek.

    • One day he took you his house and proudly announced you as his girlfriend to his family.

    • You became very close with Susan and Ed, you adored Lucy and his parents obviously loved you.

    • After meeting his family, you two spent time together in his childhood room. He felt so happy that you agreed to come and meet his family and got along so well with his siblings and parents.

    • And the hottest lovemaking you two did was there, in his childhood room. He was so passionate, so intimate.

    • He kissed you harshly but somehow softly. He kissed you everywhere, touched you everywhere. It felt like he couldn’t get enough of you.

    • And after that day, things between you two became serious but better at the same time.

    • You two were the mom & dad of the group of your friends.

    • One day one of your friends said you two are like a ‘married-old couple’. Peter smiled and looked at you while you were doing the same. And he kissed your cheek. It was the best thing he’d heard about you and himself.

    hello, hello, hello! i sincerely hope you like it. please let me know what you think. ✨ and requests are open, you can tell me whatever you’d like me to write about. btw, i love my baby peter so much. 🥺

    read my peter pevensie fanfic on wattpad: https://my.w.tt/lBkVala0Fbb

    i do not own the gifs.

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