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  • gaaralover02
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Gaara x Reader


    (This was an ask of a very nice reader from my old blog, who what wanted a different story... Thanks for your idea darling, it was a pleasure. And... Guys my native language it's Portuguese)

    Warning: Blood and violence

    The afternoons were warm and welcoming, after you undo the walls of sand that Gaara time after time, tried to climb between you, you could admire the sunset together. 
    It took a while and you're still just friends.
      Months before...
    When you arrived there was no warm welcome from the Kazekage.  You've been assigned security for the Suna leader, but with one big little detail.  Against his will.  So he did everything in his power to make you give up his duty. 
    At the council where everyone seemed to want to decide for the Kazekage's welfare, he vehemently resisted.  "- Why put someone weaker than me at my door? That doesn't make sense."  asks Gaara. 
    "- Kazekage we are apprehensive since the last attack in Suna, after that episode we have to be very careful. Gaara not to shake even more the relationship with his advisers, decided to say yes, but only lip service. Upon being told that you would protect the Kazekage by your unique abilities, like your speed among other things, you were elated.
    On your first day, you took your steps towards the Kazekage's room. When knocking on the door, Gaara didn't answer and you entered, and when entering one amount of sand enveloped your body. Soon your happiness gave way to the Kazekage's obvious rejection of your post. You were getting strong pressure from the sand around your body, and Gaara was still sitting at his desk, staring you in the eyes, but in a few seconds, Gaara felt a Kunai on the back of his neck. He opened his eyes, when he checked to the amount of sand that when it came apart was empty.
    "- It's a pleasure too Kazekage, I hope we can work  well together if you don't object." You said in a firm tone. 
    Gaara still on his back smiled, but there you were again with your leg stuck in the sand. "- I can send you home right now, let's go there will be much easier. I'll double your payment, do we have a deal?"  As he spoke in a calm, gentle tone, you found yourself gazing at the rich red of Gaara's hair sticking out of Kazekage's hat. 
    "- Kazekage... I think the price to make me give up my principles will be much higher than your royalty can afford. Can't we keep the word you've already given to the councilors?"
      As you said this, he turned and looked you in the eye.  "- What's your name, officer?" 
    "-Y/n, Kazekage Sama."
      "-Well y/n... Let's see how strong your principles are."  He made the sand leave your limbs and asked you to stay at the door while he finished work. In silence you walked and remained where the Kazekage asked. 
    In the days that followed, your shift felt more like a training ground, full of traps, but with the strong intention of sending you home.  And day after day you honed your skills, but confessed to yourself that you were frightened by the extreme actions of the Kazekage.  When trying to talk to Gaara about the matter he would not grant permission, and claimed to be busy. 
    Until one day we can say that you've had enough.  Walking around for another expedient outside the Kazekage's office you felt something causing you to trip hard on the floor, and this time you sprained your ankle.  Other officers around noticed you fell and tried to help but you refused, and limping against the walls you stormed into the Kazekage's room.
      "- Listen here, you selfish idiot, do you know how long I trained and all I went through to reach such a post? I'm doing my best to protect you... Now I understand why the counselors put someone as a guardian for you , even more so a woman, because you look like a spoiled child."  You said pointing your finger in the face of the Kazekage who was half-smiling for finally pissing you off enough to have a reason to dump you.  But Gaara did more than dump you, he ordered you to spend the night in prison, after all, you weren't kind to the ruler of Suna. 
    You were in a cell, and feeling your ankle throbbing with pain.  And it looked bigger and bigger, the skin color was purple and you couldn't even put your foot down.  After many hours of pain you finally fell asleep. 
    You wake up with a dialogue around.  In front of you is the Kazekage and a member of the medical team explains your situation to the Kazekage.
      "- She didn't twist, she broke."  Gaara has a shy expression.  You don't say a word or look the Kazekage in the eye, as if you were already in the worst possible situation. 
    "- Take her to be treated properly, and shortly thereafter she will return to the post she was given." Said Gaara.
    With the treatment over time you have recovered. And today is your new first day. You are cautious walking the halls, but nothing happened. When you reach the Kazekage's door you announce your arrival. Gaara responds. "- Enter y/n. " You open the door and he gets up from the table, you are confused, but you have your posture as it was trained.
    "- On your orders Kazekage Sama." Gaara takes off his hat and scratches his head. "'Y/n, I need you to escort me to a place I need to go." Gaara said in a serious tone.
    "- Sure, Kazekage Sama ."
    He walks like he's on a secret mission, and gestures with his index finger over his mouth for you to be silent. You nod your head positively and you have an expression determined to do your duty. He take you both to a room you've never seen before, and he asks you to wait at the door, and you're there like a faithful guard dog. 
    You didn't even have time to think about everything that happened before, and even though you wanted to think about something now, your meditation was interrupted. 
    Gaara sticks his head out of the door and gestures for you to come in, you frown your eyebrows as you have no idea what and who might be there, and for what purpose, you enter fearfully.  And when you look in front of you, you don't believe what you see. 
    "- I'll tell you something y/n... I needed this, but no one can know that I had to come here during office hours, this is a top-secret, do you understand?"  Gaara said, smiling to the point of bursting out laughing as he sat at a table, where there were several flavors of ice cream. 
    You run your hand over your face like a facepalm, silently thinking... "- It's not possible that he's making fun of me at this point." 
    Gaara, seeing your reaction, starts to laugh.  "- This is serious y/n, it's too hot today and I need this break, sit down, I'll serve you." 
    You gesture saying no.  "- Kazekage-Sama I'll wait for you at the door, ok, and you can take your break." 
    He looks at you calmly, quite different from the first few weeks of your arrival.  "- Y/n, I know you can stay and do your duty. But I won't think you let your principles go because you had ice cream on a hot afternoon. After all, if you sit here, you can watch over me, won't you?" 
    You sigh and sit cautiously and fearfully speak.  "- I'm sorry Kazekage-Sama for what I told you before, I was nervous." 
    Meanwhile Gaara calmly serves you both.  "-Y/n, take back your words, I must apologize to you, and don't call me Kazekage, call me Gaara. Forgive me for hurting you while trying to fulfill your duty."
     You were speechless and just shook your head, he realized your shyness, smiled.  And seeing him with that expression in front of you was a bigger blow than any he could have tried to give you.  It was a sincere and serene smile that took you sailing, carried by the waters of his eyes, and how intense the red of his hair, ignited a fire in your whole being.  You swallowed hard, but soon went on to eat the ice cream that the Kazekage himself served you.  And all you managed to say after looking away from that fascinating sight, was.  "- It's delicious, thank you."  You said smiling back. 
    After this day you returned to your duty, but everything was different, Gaara had turned out to be a gentleman, and you started to show a side that involuntarily flowed.  During your conversations you would adjust the Kazekage's clothes, who for whatever reason were messed up, or when you arrived at the office you had something specially made for him in your hands.  Whether it's a pie or whatever.
    " - Y/n... I'll be an even more spoiled child if you continue to treat me like that."  He said smiling as he received a bowl of ice cream in his favorite flavor. 
    "- If you become, I'll yell at you again." 
    He smiled at you mischievously.  You went back to your post.  In the following afternoons you "had" to escort the Kazekage to the roof, where he would take you to the roof by putting his arms around your waist so you could climb with him, on his sand, where you had the best view possible. 
    After a few afternoons this became a tradition.  It seemed that every time he held you in his arms, you two made sure it was slower and slower, until you reached the destination.  As you approached of him, you could smell his scent, as you put your arms around his neck for more "security". 
    Today is a beautiful sunset, and you are silent as you admire it.  But there's one thing, Gaara still hasn't taken his tender arms from you.  You can still feel the steady touch of the Kazekage enveloping your being.  It's a beautiful coral ballet, invading the sky and you take your eyes off the beautiful setting sun and boldly turn to the turquoise gaze of the Kazekage.  Gaara doesn't look away, you're facing each other and diving into each other's eyes.  "- I have a secret to tell you y/n... You look even more beautiful when lit by the sunset." 
    You smiling gently at him, placing your hand on his face smoothly, caressing his features. 
    But in an abrupt movement you bring him to the surface of the ceiling, making him fall under you, as you place your arms on the sides of his head, supporting the weight of your body. Gaara is totally scared, because your lips are dripping with blood, and when he realized you had several arrows that had hit your back.  Gaara immediately stands up enveloping you in the sand, as he looks down, he sees a group that is spreading across Suna, it's an invasion. 
    He picks you up in his arms and takes you to a safe place. "- Y/n, darling, please hang on, help will arrive soon, I'll take you to the doctors. Gaara said with his eyes already flowing like waterfalls as you were severely injured.
    "- Gaara." You call him, putting your hands over his face, speaking in a weak voice.He holds your hand to his face as his tears flow down.  "- Darling, I'm sorry, I will no more to watch the sunset with you, but I want every sunset you see from now on, you remember my words. Gaara, I love you, and I was happy in all the moments you shared with me."
    Gaara hugs you to his chest, crying copiously. "- Me too y/n, I love you so much don't leave me dear, please." 
    You smile at him, as the blood runs from your lips. " - You cry like a spoiled child, go my love, and save Suna."
    And you breathe your last breath in the arms of Gaara who with your last words, let's die the new Kazekage, and brings from its depths the wicked boy he was once, bloodthirsty like a bear that wakes from hibernation.
    He lays your body gently on the ground, and kisses your hand. Looking at you, one last tear falls, and Gaara leaves for his massacre.
    In his eyes as he walks it is possible to see the abyss of darkness that came along with the night at sunset.
    The group that invaded Suna was already in conflict with the sand shinobi, who can see their Kazekage approaching. Gaara approaches the group that is fighting with arrows and by identifying the killers of his precious y/n, he gives vent to all his fury.
    It's not just bodies being crushed, now we have limbs being ripped off, with no mercy, or heads being chopped from the suspended bodies off, in a shower of blood,  Gaara raises an absurd amount of sand to finally sweep away any intruders whose lungs are filled with Gaara's hateful sand. 
    Upon finishing their revenge and defending Suna, the shinobi scream with joy at Gaara's landslide victory, but Gaara falls to his knees, causing an ocean to multiply from his eyes and flow through the sand on the ground around him. 
    He can't hear anything, even the sound or call from his allies, who are celebrating the victory.
    Gaara walks back to where you are, and taking your still warm body in his arms he surrenders to the immensity of his sadness.  Peace was established in Suna again. 
    Days pass, months, and years. But from that day on, people in Suna could see, their Kazekage being illuminated by the coral color of the sunset, which he insists on observing day after day, floating on his sand, towards to the sky.
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  • artbyonion
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    It’s @gaalee-events GaaLee Halloweek Day 1 and I drew something for the prompt Haunted House! I hope you enjoy!​

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  • pixel-bird
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Naruto in this Ursula Halloween costume cause I was doing art requests on Twitter

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  • a-side-of-ravioli
    24.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I don’t regularly watch Boruto anymore but today I saw Baryon Naruto for the first time and that shit’s hype, holy crap, excuse me while I got watch that episode now

    no shading because I got lazy

    #uzumaki naruto#naruto fanart#boruto#baryon mode #look I'm a sucker for cool floaty coats #or capes whatever #my point is I fell in love with this design the moment I saw it #also I challenged myself to this pose when I could've just done a headshot #think it turned out alright???ish #my art
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    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the solution to artblock is Hogwarts AU (this means my life is a perpetual artblock then)(I should rename to Hogwarts AUs United)

    I accidentally gave Obito Bakugo’s hair.

    So I was like « wow, it’s not that hard, I guess I can draw the rest of Bakugo now » and I did but it’s very underwhelming

    Also, I really need to work on Fantastic Idiots, so I doodled some scenes to get myself back in a writing mood (spoiler : it didn’t work)(but I have one more illustration for my unwritten chapters now, there’s that)

    what is Sanji saying ? Something rude and hard to translate.

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  • madbalalaika
    24.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    SNStober 2021, Day 23. Scars

    If you like my art, consider donating a coin or two: here's my Ko-fi ♥

    #snstober2021 #didn't make it on time yesterday so posting it today hehe #naruto#sasuke#sasunaru#narusasu#sns#nsn#art#fanart#sketch
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  • sakurinhatake
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    A little advance of @hetteh-spegetteh 's Narutober ^^

    This time, I had my little sketchbook so I can draw on white sheets of paper 😁

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  • uchihalife
    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    He looks so beautiful here, I'm in love with it!

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    24.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
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  • madbalalaika
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    SNStober 2021, Day 24. Mermaids AU

    If you like my art, consider donating a coin or two: here's my Ko-fi ♥

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  • its-pip-art
    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Deidara is probs my fave Akatsuki member, mainly because he was my first ever cosplay and I got to use my real hair and didn’t have to deal with W I G

    I love him

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    24.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Redraw based off this cosplay 🥵

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  • chrimsonbonez
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    ☕️🍂🍁𝒜𝓊𝓉𝓊𝓂𝓃 𝒲𝒶𝓁𝓀🍁🍂☕️


    𝐻𝒶𝓅𝓅𝓎 𝒩𝑒𝒿𝒾 𝐻𝓎𝓊𝑔𝒶 𝒮𝓊𝓃𝒹𝒶𝓎𝓈

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  • kiscsipetdumpster
    24.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #sorry it took so long #i was sick:( #uchiha brothers in the akatsuki at the same time?? #well this is something i wanna make more art of #naruto fanart#naruto shippuden#akatsuki#akatsuki fanart#naruto#anime art#nart#sasuke fanart#sasuke#itachi#itachi fanart#uchiha#orochimaru#brother rivalry#art request#anime boy#ibispaintapp#digital art #sorry if its a bit messy
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  • mosgruenart
    24.10.2021 - 8 hours ago


    day 24 "Mermaid AU"

    Eyes blue like the atlantic and i'm going down like the titanic, eyes black deep and romantic and i'm going down...

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