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    Gaara of the Sand

    Happy Birthday my Kazekage ❤️

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    The Romances of Youth

    Kakashi tries and ask his biggest rival out on a date. Sadly, things don’t go as planned. 

    Gai was monologuing again. 

    “Whew! That was one draining training session. But the exhaustion is nothing compared to the power of youth I can feel flowing through my veins…” he panted, trying to hold himself high as he dragged himself back to his home. He couldn’t believe how strong Lee was getting. At this point, Gai found it hard to keep up with him. 

    “No matter!” Gai plastered a grin onto his face, “I will become stronger to match my pupil. We will revel in the bounty of our youth together!”

    Some bounty it was providing him. Might Gai almost passed out as soon as he opened the door to his house. The only thing stopping him was the sight that greeted him once he stepped inside: Kakashi Hatake, the Copycat Ninja himself, was perched on his couch with the same lazy expression on his face. 

    “Hello,” he greeted Gai with an awkward wave of his hand.

    “Ka-Kakashi? Is that you?” Gai’s jaw dropped, rendering him speechless for a moment. He shook his head, attempting to clear away any exhaustion that still lingered in his mind. “How did you get into my house?”

    “It’s simple, really.” He gestured to an open window parallel to the couch he sat on moments before. “You should really lock your windows.” 

    Gai grunted. “Bested again by my rival…” he mumbled, crossing his arms and sauntering over to Kakashi. “Is this why you came? Just to gloat about how easily you can break into other people’s homes? I’m sure it’s not too hard - after all, I’m quite nimble-”

    “No, that’s not it.” Kakashi refused to look at the man standing next to him, instead turning his gaze to the ceiling. “I just had something to ask you, is all.”


    “Do you…” Jesus, why was his face turning red? What was wrong with him? He cleared his throat. “I mean, are you free for dinner tomorrow?” 

    “Ah! Of course, we need to discuss our next competition! I swear to you, I won’t lose this time!” Gai slammed his fist into his palm to make a point, eliciting an eye roll and a sigh from Kakashi.

    “No, that’s not what I meant. Gai, I know you think of us as rivals, and I appreciate the competitions we have. You’re…well, you’re the first true friend that I’ve had in a long time,” he paused, closed his eyes, and inhaled. “But the thing is...it seems that I caught feelings for you somewhere along the way. Strange, hm?” Despite his relatively calm and playful demeanor, Kakashi’s heart was pounding. He had thought about this for months, debating whether or not it was worth letting Gai in. He despised dating, as it had only led him to heartbreak in the past. However…his belief that life took away all the good in his life seemed to falter when it came to Gai. Kakashi couldn’t imagine him losing in anything, not even when it came to the challenges life threw at him. This train of thought was illogical, moronic, and quite frankly was likely to set him up for more heartbreak. 

    It was the kind of thing Gai would be able to appreciate. 

    Gai stood frozen in place at Kakashi’s words. Not only did he lack the energy for any theatrics, but even if he did this news was too shocking for some shallow, flamboyant action. No, Kakashi’s words elicited something more real within Gai. 

    “Kakashi…” Gai’s eyes began to water. He opened his mouth to continue speaking, but his lips only trembled. Despite his best attempts, he couldn’t bring himself to blink away the tears, and before he could stop himself, he was openly sobbing in front of his arch-rival.

    No, he corrected himself, sniffing and wiping his eyes on the back of his palm, in front of my best friend. 

    Gai never had felt loved by anyone as a child, constantly being outcasted due to his lack of natural ninjutsu and genjutsu abilities. When Kakashi began to entertain the idea of a rivalry with him, Gai became ecstatic. Even back when he was a kid, Gai knew that Kakashi was a high-profile ninja, that he could be doing other things with his time. Something about him lending Gai his attention lit a spark inside of him from the very beginning, a spark he had never identified as love until now. 

    “Gai, I understand if you need some time to think it over.” Kakashi forced his tone to be steady, but his mind was already racing. 

    Do you really think you deserve to be happy with him, to taint him with your darkness?

    You should have never jeopardized your friendship with him. Look at what you’ve done, you made him cry. 

    You’re already hurting him, you might as well leave. 

    With darkened eyes, Kakashi stalked towards the door, not bothering to look back at his sniveling friend. 

    He needed to take a walk to clear his head. Kakashi couldn’t bear to go into town right now: forcing smiles and small talk would be too painful and not at all convincing. He opted instead to head into the forest, where the chatter from the village would be drowned out by birdsong. 

    Deep in thought, Kakashi weaved his way through the trees. What had just happened back there? Gai was a resilient and passionate man: he often cried out of joy and dedication, but he had never wept as fervently as he did when Kakashi asked him out. There was an unidentifiable glimmer in Gai’s watery eyes that Kakashi had seen…he had wanted to believe that it was the same intensity that he always held, simply taking a different form, but if it had been, then Gai would have answered him before he left. Gai wouldn’t have let him walk out so easily. 

    And now, he was wandering through the woods as the sun slowly sank behind the trees. What was he doing? 

    I’m just trying to clear my head, Kakashi ran a hand through his unruly hair, repeating this over and over as he slumped down against a tree. I just needed a walk. 

    This didn’t explain away the nagging ache in his chest, nor did it explain the daydreams that had been pestering him on his walk no matter how hard he tried to keep them at bay, visions of Gai leaping out of a tree or from behind a bush and engulfing him in a hug, exclaiming a playful “gotcha!” before enthusiastically accepting his date invitation. 

    Under that tree, he waited. With every slight rustle or snap, he perked up, forcing his lidded eyes to focus on whatever was making noise. It was always a tree branch swaying in the wind or a squirrel skittering by, occasionally a bird swooping above his head. 

    He couldn’t remember when he passed out - probably sometime after nightfall. He wasn’t surprised that he had fallen asleep - he knew that if a threat had approached him, he would’ve been able to sense it and wake up immediately to fight. 

    What surprised him was waking up on his own couch, a fresh plate of muffins sitting on his chest. Upon jerking awake, the muffins tumbled off of the plate, which he managed to catch before it broke. A note was taped to the bottom of it: 



    XO GAI

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    Your Beating Heart, Chapter 1

    This work’s initial idea was based on a prompt by @closer-to-u

    Summary: During the preparations for the edo tensei, Obito is conflicted by his own heart and curse and ends up saving a ninja from Konoha from slaughter. He now has to deal with the consequences of his actions and fight his own urges to go back into his innocent past self. Can he return to his heartless actions after this?

    Words: 1k


    Thank you for reading! This is a fic I’ll be working on as I finish Stuck on His Ways. It is a little bit angstier and closer to canon than my other ones, I hope you enjoy! Leave a like or reblog, it helps a lot!

    WARNING: mentions of blood, gore, death and su1c1de under the cut

    The Uchiha ties up the scratches on his skin, tokens from his last battle. He has been getting hurt more often, getting too sloppy in combat. One more week of preparations for the war. One more week enduring Kabuto on the hideout, bringing in nin to slay for the edo tensei. The constant screaming eating away Obito’s mind and patience. Even someone with a track record as dirty as Obito’s would be bothered.

    Obito is sick of it, his heart constricted by the anxiety of the plan nearing fruition, his head far too worried about every detail. He feels tired, tired of working so hard for something he is not entirely sure about the logistics of. Catch the tailed beasts, become the ten tails jinchuuriki, cast the jutsu and? Is that all that there is? Immediate dream world?

    The Uchiha lays his back against the cave’s wall, the same dark and cold place that Madara dragged him to all those years ago. He can clearly picture himself training to no end near that left corner, crying about Rin on the right one after that terrible night…

    His heart tightens even more. He misses her despite his suspicions that they will not meet again in life, not even in dream. Took him years to realize that death is his only escape, that this fake and forsaken world cannot bring her back. He might as well ruin everything as he leaves, bringing the moon’s eye plan to fruition. Serving as the tool he knows he is.

    The feeling of anger and anguish consumed him along the years as his dreams slipped by, sanity chipped away inch by inch every time he had to commit another atrocity. He fully gave himself away, trying his best to kill every ounce of humanity he ever had. He is no longer Obito, this name resides only on the confines of his mind.

    He could not. Obito could not fully kill himself. Obito knows that his heart still beats despite Madara’s seal on it. It still hurts tremendously despite the curse’s attempts of killing it. He knows that he is himself deep down there; he just will not dare utter his own name, not anymore. He watches his actions and secretly hurts because of them, the small naïve boy inside of him still shocked at everything that surrounds him, still looking to find some sort of affection or appreciation.

    As Kabuto and the Zetsus bring in another batch of shinobi for slaughter, Obito faces the other way. A man and a woman. He hears the man scream as Kabuto slays his throat. His heart tightens at the sound but is soon soothed by the curse, making him feel empty again, not sorry for those people.

    “NO!” the woman screams, her pained cries tearing through the stone.

    The slain nin trashes around, gagging in his own blood, fighting for every breath.

    By pure reflex, Obito looks at the scene. Kabuto briefly leaves the room, seemingly going to fetch something he forgot. Obito seem the poor shinobi fumble around her partner’s blood, dirtying her hands as she tries to heal him, picking up his limp body from the ground as best as she can with the shackles tying her. A familiar scene for him.

    Zetsu lets out a chuckle at her struggle, provoking her delicate face to twist even more with anguish and disgust. She notices that she won’t be able to save her fellow nin, he has already bled out. She screams again in frustration, letting out every inch of pain she feels. The woman looks around the cave in desperation, her eyes closing in onto Obito’s orange mask as she finds him against the wall. Obito notices her stare, boring into him. It is as if he were not wearing a mask, she looks directly at him despite having no clear visual ability.   

    “Kill me! Kill me!” She feverishly yells at him

    The Uchiha is surprised by that, caught off guard. The curse tells him to kill her, to cut through her throat with a knife and shut her up. His heart, on the other hand, beats slowly, giving a small and rather annoying reminder of him that it is still there, keeping what is left of him in check.

    “I don’t want to live in this world! Fuck this! Fuck this cursed world! Do what you have to do already!” She screams at him again, seeing the he barely responded to her previous plea.  

    Obito’s heart drops. It drops as it has not in years, he feels a rush of sadness and empathy take him away. He approaches her, kunai in hand, looking at her teary eyes filled with despair. The Uchiha tries to raise the weapon and do it, but to no avail. He knows he has to kill her, but something in him prevents him from doing it.

    Her smaller hands filled with blood, her partner in her arms. Something he experienced himself all those years ago, something he saw repeatedly over these awful years in the field. Her face, ever so delicate, dirtied with ugly feelings and her colleague’s insides. She was in hell, Obito knew that.

    Kabuto returns in a hurry and swiftly goes to finish his job, only to be prevented to do so by Obito. Obito acted on a whim, threatening him with the kunai and his sharingan. The curse is overwhelmed by his instinct, for the first time in ages, he takes it over. It had been weakening for months and it finally reached a point where he is now strong enough to fight it, albeit briefly.

    “I’m letting her go.”

    #Obito#obito uchiha #obito uchiha x reader #obito uchiha x y/n #obito x reader #obito x you #obito x y/n #naruto fanfiction#naruto fanfic
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    I’m of the firm belief that we can all squeeze the most character development out of Sakura if she gets to witness Sasuke torture his father to win her heart (if it’s genital torture then it’s preferable as it’s a timely metaphor on ending cartoon patriarchy), a long apology if you will; Kakashi put an end to his misery in a mercy kill; and Naruto toss out his corpse into a woodchipper, who then is tricked (by some other girl-boss) into eating a KFC burger that’s created out of his remains. That effectively ends the Uchiha Clan’s collective evil that’s purged in the grill-fire and greasy sauces of retribution. After this inevitable ethnic cleansing ... uh, I mean, operation clean-up, Sharingans are stuck on toothpicks and pinned into the artery-clogging burgers. Then Sakura awakens 999 tomoes from this tragic eating frenzy (because somebody had to end this clan’s reign of tyranny and restore matriarchy, O-K?!), rips out Hagoromo’s sage-mode-powered balls and eats them raw (she doesn’t even burp; she’s that badass!), and ends mankind. But wait, for there’s more! She makes it rise up again; but wait some more ’cause it only rises up as Itachi. And he’s got 998 tomoes, because feminism. And this time, the Sharingans come in confederate flags of love for nation! One Nation Under God; I showed that Uchiha Dog! After that, they just fuck, fuck, and fuck under the strict guidelines of neoliberal feminism (he’s gotta take it far up his ass every six days a week, seven times a day, and sometimes, after lunch, too), dye their hair purple, and chant “make Konoha great again” under the arcs of Itachi’s golden showers that he’d squarely aimed at Sasuke’s eye that still cast him a shady ... look!

    Yeah, that oughta do it! Proceeds to write Kill Your Heroes.

    #sasuke#naruto manga#kishimoto#anti sakura #anti sakura fandom #anti itasaku #kill your heroes #evil is a relative term #anti sakura fanfiction
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    #kakuhida#kakuzu#hidan#akatsuki#naruto fanfiction #three sentence fic #okay to rebagel
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    Here we have the members of Team 9! Sui Hyuga, Tayuya Uzumaki, and Yuki Uchiha From my fanfic, Naruto: The Tale of Yuki Uchiha. Drawn by Sleepytea. I love how they came out!

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    i worked hard on the prompts so i don’t really want to cancel this event.

    will everyone be able to participate in #NHPrompts2022 in early march? possibly march 1 - 10 ?

    if no then let me know when is a good time for you… i’m trying to get this together 😭😭

    pls reply!!!

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    #naruto#gaara #gaara x reader #gaara fanfic #neji hyuga x reader #kakashi #neji x reader #rock lee x reader #kakashi x reader #naruto fanfiction #happy birthday Gaara #imagines#x reader #Sasuke x reader #kankuro x reader #sunagakure #naruto x reader
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    Suburbia Chapter 3: Peachy

    it’s wednesday, kids, which means: suburbia update! link in reblog!

    “Is that a peach tree?” Tobirama’s voice is nice. Deep and rich, especially for a fifteen year old, and if he’s not lecturing away in that droning tone, then it’s really nice. Izuna shields his eyes against the sun and laughs. “Shit, yeah, I think it is.”
    Standing in the middle of what was supposed to become a garden, the hole for the house already dug, but nothing else done, stands a peach tree. Its branches don’t reach particularly high, nor particularly wide, the trunk is thin, probably close to breaking with every storm. But it’s laden with fruit. Big, handsome peaches, the colours of the setting sun dotted between the dark leaves. Tobirama overtakes Izuna with purposeful strides and well, if the guy wants to be the first beset by wasps, Izuna isn’t gonna stop him.
    “Wow, you can really smell them.” “Isn’t it a bit early for them to be ripe?” “I don’t know. I’ve seen peaches in the store already, so I guess they’re in season.” Izuna hums and watches Tobirama pluck a peach from the tree, sniffing the fuzzy skin with his eyes closed.

    link to ao3 in the reblog! Happy reading and please leave a comment!

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  • happyocelot
    19.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    Telephone Game Ch. 2

    I don’t know how many views I’ll get by posting this here, but it doesn’t hurt to try! :)


    Neji airs his family's dirty laundry during the Chuunin Exams in front of hundreds of spectators, Naruto has no brain-to-mouth filter, and Hinata accidentally becomes a world-famous celebrity. Poor, poor Hinata. NH, crack.

    And here’s a short preview of ch. 2 in case anyone wants to read on.

    Hinata wished her team would stop getting sent out of the village on escort missions. Everyone seemed to know her, and everyone seemed either thrilled to meet her, or terrified to meet her, or believed that she was in control of samurai armies for some inexplicable reason. No one even wanted to fight her lately. They all just screamed and ran away if they saw her activate her Byakugan.

    FFN / AO3

    Tsunade was roused from her blissful daydream by the rude slam of papers on her desk.

    She scowled at the interruption, then contorted her face into a overly bright smile when she saw who it was.

    "Oh, Izumo, good job, good job, thank you for your help!" She chuckled far too loudly to sound innocent and discreetly covered her lottery tickets with her sleeve.

    It didn't work.

    "Godaime," he said, making a sound like an angry duck. "You were looking at – "

    "Mission reports!" she said brazenly. "Of course I was looking at mission reports! Did it seem like I was doing anything else?"

    The answer was obviously yes, because the mission reports were on the other side of the desk and impossible to read from the angle she was seated, but Izumo chose not to answer, scowling and muttering under his breath, before bowing as little as decorum allowed and stomping off.

    She shook her head in amusement at the sight before turning to address the portrait of her predecessor.

    "Sarutobi-sensei, you sure made these ninja melodramatic while I was gone, didn't you?"

    Not that she was anyone to talk. Anyway, she really did have to look at mission reports now, or else Shizune would be the one to flip out on her next. Sometimes she missed being on the road. The Hokage never had much free time.

    Tsunade picked up a random stack of papers from the recently promoted chuunin squads and gave the first paper a cursory glance, trying desperately to stop her eyes from glazing over.

    Team 10...mission report 1575396...B-rank...escort mission...Yamanaka Ino (012604) referred to mission desk for arguing with the noblewoman too much...

    Bleh. Such a trivial matter. The noblewoman probably mouthed off to Ino and Ino probably didn't hold back. Not that Tsunade blamed her. No, she was blaming the one who gave Team 10 this mission. Didn't they have any common sense? Tsunade languidly turned the paper aside and reached for another.

    Team Guy...mission report 1575397...B-rank...rabid squirrel catching mission...Rock Lee (012561) referred to mission desk for terrifying client and amassing a forestful of squirrels in his arms and claiming them to be his "friends"...

    Another bleh. Which idiot was assigning missions to chuunin teams lately? Clearly not anyone who had any experience with Team Guy, or else they would have known to never put Lee on any mission involving rabid squirrels. Did no one ever look at those massive eyebrows and make fitting decisions on where to put him?

    What was she, this village's babysitter?

    Scowling, she moved this one to the side as well and reached for a third.

    Team 8...mission report 1575398...B-rank...bandit catching mission...Hyuuga Hinata (012612)...referred to mission desk for masterminding bandit's capture by cunningly posing as a celebrity and gifting him an autograph...pay raise?

    Well, that was nice. Tsunade honestly liked Hinata. She was a capable chuunin who was fast improving in strength and agility, she was always kind and pleasant, and she had very good eyes. Of course Hinata could get a pay raise. Why not?

    Smiling, she turned to the next file.

    Team 8...mission report 1575399...B-rank...escort mission...Hyuuga Hinata (012612) referred to mission desk for protecting client from another bandit...incident remarks: bandit screamed in terror and fled, yelling something about kidnap attempts when Hyuuga activated her Byakugan...pay raise?

    Tsunade blinked, nonplussed, before putting that paper aside too. Ah, well. Sometimes ninja encountered nutcases on their journeys. It was all part of the job. And it looked like Hinata was getting quite the reputation! That was nice. Another pay raise it was.

    Team 8...mission report 1575400...B-rank...scroll retrieval mission...Hyuuga Hinata (012612) referred to mission desk after villagers in the Land of Tea saw Team 8 passing by and gave Hyuuga 1,000,000,000 ryo in gold coins "so that she wouldn't call a samurai army on them"...Hyuuga graciously turned it down (is pay raise necessary? please advise...)

    Tsunade stared blankly at the words "1,000,000,000 ryo" and "samurai army."

    She...supposed that was...nice?

    Making Hinata a chuunin was clearly a great choice, Tsunade thought. She struck terror into the enemies of Konoha and commanded a hefty sum of ransom money.

    Pay raise it was.

    And that was all the attention that Tsunade gave the matter for a while. She would come to regret this.


    The River daimyo's granddaughter leaned forwards. Hinata leaned back.

    "So how was it like?"

    "How was what like, honorable granddaughter?"

    Hinata wished her team would stop getting sent out of the village on escort missions. Everyone seemed to know her, and everyone seemed either thrilled to meet her, or terrified to meet her, or believed that she was in control of samurai armies for some inexplicable reason. No one even wanted to fight her lately. They all just screamed and ran away if they saw her activate her Byakugan.

    "Your birthday! Hyuuga-san, please tell me all about your birthday!"

    "Erm, it was...nice, honorable granddaughter. Kurenai-sensei brought me some cake, and afterwards my teammates and I had a snowball fight."

    The girl waved this aside airily. "No, I mean your other birthday. The one when you almost got kidnapped."

    Hinata leaned back even more. This didn't stop her fangirl, who didn't appear to care at all that her question went unanswered.

    "Is it true that Menma is your boyfriend?"

    When did she get a boyfriend? How many people with ramen topping names were there on the planet? Why did these weirdos keep popping up out of the woodwork to ask her about her nonexistent boyfriend and the time someone tried to kidnap her?

    She looked to her teammates for help. They didn't. Or rather, they couldn't. They gave her looks of confusion that rivaled Naruto's when he first read the questions during the Chuunin Exams.

    "Who is Menma, honorable granddaughter?" she finally asked.

    "The one who got angry when your cousin called you a loser!"

    Hinata rubbed her eyes to make sure she wasn't hallucinating. But unfortunately, she was still stuck walking along a forested road in River, and she was being informed that she had a boyfriend named Menma and that he didn't like it when her cousin called her a loser.

    She fought the urge to cry in frustration.

    Think about the pay raise, think about the pay raise, think about the pay raise.

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    19.01.2022 - 14 hours ago
    "Times have definitely changed for the better." - Chapter 40, Farewell [x]

    Fanfiction promo #14: A goodbye

    With a heavy heart, Nomasaki watched her father as he departed Suna.

    It was his promise to return to Yamagakure, and he decided to fulfill that promise that pledging his life to rebuilding the mountain hamlet. A group of Suna-nin, builders, blacksmiths, and civilians joined him - with the Kazekage’s permission, of course. When asked to come and be the bridge between her clan of the Yamamori and their ancestral home, Nomasaki reluctantly declined and stated that she can’t leave her duties in Suna behind. She promised to write to her father, and they hugged tightly before the vassal disappeared beyond the desert horizon. Gaara apologized for her father’s departure - assuming she would go with him, and when she said it was alright, he asked her for one final duty that related to war-business. She agreed to meet him later that afternoon in the desert - for whatever it was he requested, and gave a parting smile that masked her guilt. 

    As they parted ways, he crushed the flower he made from his sands behind his back, and realized his flawed timing to tell her of his growing affections for her.

    In the desert, Gaara and Nomasaki stood before Shukaku.

    Gaara was tasked with a difficult decision after the war - a decision that the council heavily anticipated. To be a jinchuriki again with Shukaku was a subject Gaara debated for weeks following the discussions, leaving him pacing his office in sullen and irritated silence as councillors argued incessantly. But now, he made his decision - and informed the tailed-beast that they were no longer bound to the village by jinchuriki. Shukaku was a free tanuki. Rowdy as ever, the tanuki joked about Nomasaki’s subtle shaking. She told the beast it was because of his chakra and that she couldn’t help it - and the beast eyed his former jinchuriki with a joking intent, leaving Gaara confused. As the tanuki disappeared into the sands that sunset, Gaara stood and watched. Noticing his silence, Nomasaki saw his ringed-eyes shining with the essence of tears. When she asked if he was alright, he said “Times have finally changed for the better”.

    Slowly, the sand nudged her hand to his - and they watched the sunset together.

    That next morning, Gaara awoke to find a note on his desk.

    And his assistant had quit, deciding to return to her homeland to the north.

    Read more to find out!

    Links: AO3 | FFN | Wattpad

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    Linewalkers - Notes

    It has been a while since I’ve posted some extras, so I’d like to share some background infos.

    Today’s topic will be: Team Ke

    I know you are curious about them, so while I won’t share their identities yet, you’ll get a few other funny infos:

    There’s a lot to say about them, so this note will just cover three things:

    Their first appearance

    How they managed to get the guard duty

    Parrot’s and Badger’s Haunted House incident that has been hinted at

    ANBU in a kitchen

    Four masked heads turned around as Naruto stepped through the kitchen door. Naruto's first impression was, that they were not in a hurry. In fact, their postures were rather relaxed, and they seemed to be quite at home in his kitchen.

    Team Ke’s introduction is very...anticlimactic. Four ANBU hanging out in your kitchen don't make a very scary picture - and they know it. That's why they've thought carefully beforehand about who's going to stand where. They've even practiced it. 

    However, their dress rehearsal was interrupted by Kakashi, who had just happened to pass by the extremely secluded third-floor meeting room. Naturally, he promptly elected himself as trial audience.

    Team Ke was not pleased to be pelted with popcorn every time he deemed them too scary. They were even less pleased with the ninken he summoned to serve as theater critics.

    First appearance

    But wait, that’s not the first time we see Team Ke. They actually turned up in chapter 4:

    The Third threw a mildly exasperated look at the ANBU crowding around his crystal ball.
    Somehow Team Ke had managed to wrangle themselves into being the Hokage's guards today, despite the fact that it was not even part of their usual duties.

    I wonder how they managed that? Well, let's revisit that topic after I've restocked the toilet paper in the ANBU headquarters and gotten rid of Owl’s special brand cookies.

    The Haunted House Incident

    Did you know that even nightmare-inducing Shinobi sometimes get frightened, too? Especially of scary bunnies.

    “Parrot dragged me to a haunted house, and it had that weird fluffy animal thing with red eyes. Scary, I tell you," Badger shuddered.
    "That was not an animal," Parrot corrected him drily. "That was the electrician who had tripped over a wire. The fluffy thing was his fur coat and the red eyes you saw were the buttons reflecting the ceiling light."

    What happened there?

    Well, Parrot absolutely loves hunted houses. Badger, his best friend, however, views them with a healthy suspicion. He got startled by a randomly appearing monster and threw his cotton candy at it. The monster, who turned out to be the electrician about to check on a technical defect, was so surprised that he tripped over a wire. The rest happened just as Parrot said.

    Why was he wearing a fur coat?

    Because the haunted house was understaffed, and even the electrician had to play part-time monster. Don’t ask me what he was supposed to be, though because I have no idea either. But I’ve heard from a reliable source (Badger) that it was something scary.

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    "Sometimes love comes around." (Kakashi x Reader x Genma) Part. 5 (Finale)

    Warning: angst, swearing... maybe fluff AND nostalgia.

    Writer's note: The song of choice for this finale was "Knock you down" by Keri Hilson. I love music so much and always try to mix songs and vibes while I'm writing, so feel free to listen to it while you are reading this.

    Part.1   Part.2   Part.3  Part.4 

    -"So are you coming with me?" -Genma asked.

    -"This is the second time you are asking me that Genma..." -you said, getting frustrated.

    -"Well, why don't you answer then??, I told you, I have been called, to work for Sunagakure's Kazekage and I want to take you with me."

    You pinched the bridge of your nose.

    -"Silence is also an answer, I can't do that to Konoha, to my friends...to Kakashi."

    Genma sighed.

    -"You are so dramatic sometimes Y/N..."

    -"Fine, if that's how you see me..."

    So you were on a mission with Genma, and everything was going well, I mean the main target of the mission was neutralized, you got the information you needed for Konoha and on the way back, arguing with Genma you fell into a trap, and when Genma tried to help you, you guys started to argue more, and now the both of you were 20 feet deep inside of a pit, in a forest, in the middle of nowhere.

    Your chakra created some light so you could see each other's faces, but it wasn't enough to get out.

    Did I forgot to tell, that both of you got Chakra depleted trying to get out of there?

    -"I'm sure that Kakashi is going to send someone for us..." -you mumbled to yourself, trying to remain calm.

    -"Of course, because he is Mr. Perfect and this wouldn't have happened, if he was on a mission with you instead..."

    You rolled your eyes at his statement.

    -"That's not what i said Genma..."

    -"You didn't have to."

    The truth was, that after your birthday, and after having to face your feelings with the two men you loved... you were not as confused as before. You only wanted one thing now.


    -"We need to get out of here..." -you said.

    Genma towered over you.

    You looked up.

    -"Why are you so afraid, of leaving everything behind and start a life with me?..."

    -"Because I'm in love with Kakashi..."

    -"I thought you loved me."

    -"And I do! But i can't live this way forever."

    After your birthday, Kakashi and you got stronger than ever, you talked about marriage, you talked about moving in together, you talked about having children and actually, you weren't waiting for him to propose to you.

    But he did.

    And you didn't give him an answer right away, and now you are trapped with Genma.

    And Genma doesn't know that you are about to be engaged.

    -"Hello?!! I'm talking to you, Y/N, I have been talking to you for the past five minutes, are you even here?"

    -"Kakashi proposed to me..."

    -"Alright, I think I have a plan to get out of here... he what?!!

    -"He proposed, Genma..."

    -"And you said no...right?, you said no." -he was toying with his senbon, but that was just a signal, that he was about to lose his mind, with the bomb you just dropped on him.

    -"I haven't answered to him yet..."

    -"The fact that you didn't answer right away, means that you love me..."

    Good point.

    -"What do you even mean Genma?!"

    Maybe he was right, maybe that little boy with a senbon and sarcasm permanently attached to his tongue, grew up into the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. Maybe Kakashi wasn't the one for you, because he didnt knew how to love you, because he never loved you in your love language, maybe the person that you are trapped with right now, is going to be the one you are going to grow old with, maybe this is a sign from the universe, maybe....

    -"You are such a fucking idiot, Genma..."


    He took his shirt off.

    -"It's so damn hot in here." -he said.

    You ignored his comment, but did a double take.

    -"Are you wearing that choker still? "

    -"Yup... and it supposed you were wearing one too... but it doesn't fucking matter." -Genma mumbled under his breath.

    One time, when Genma and you were little kids, he brought you a choker to school, exactly the same as the one he was wearing.

    (-"this is for you y/n."

    -what, is it... oh a choker? don't you have a choker Genma?"

    -"yes but this is special, because it means we are going to be together, forever. You are mine and i'm yours, promise?."

    -"alright Genma, friends forever and ever, i promise."

    Baby Y/N let Genma close the choker around her neck, then gave him a cheeky smile.)

    -"Trust me, I have mine too." -you said.

    Genma looked at you in disbelief.

    You sighed heavily through your nose and rolled the left sleeve of your Jonin's shirt.

    Some kind of black ribbon was wrapped around your wrist.

    You showed it to him.

    -"Wait... it's that?"

    -"Yes, it is."

    -"Why you never told me you had it"

    -"Because it wasn't important , Genma..."

    -"Bullshit! It is important, when it's still on you, you are just trying to avoid your feelings for me at this point."

    You reminded silent, and leaned your head on the wall, you've been sitting there for more than six hours, or eight, you don't even remember anymore.

    -"Would it be easier for you, if I dissapear?"


    -"No! Be honest Y/N, if I go on a mission and I die, or if I die doing my job, protecting the Hokage, would you be relieved?"

    -"Can you just for the love of everything, shut up?!!" -you yelled.

    He nodded.

    -"You are my girl, it doesn't matter if we ever dated or not, every Jonin in Konoha knows that you are my girl, hell! you have been my girl since we were little kids. If there was ever anybody meant for me, it's you... Everybody knew that BUT you."

    And maybe he was right.


    -"You are just in denial -he was pacing- you know what's the difference between me and Kakashi?"

    -"I don't want to know..."

    -"No, I'm going to tell you. Kakashi is waiting to put a ring on your finger, to cut your wings, he is waiting for you to make a mistake on a mission to make you resign as an active Jonin..."

    -"He is not like that, Genma."

    -"No, you listen! He is waiting to do that, however to me, would be an honor to die by your side on the battlefield. Holding our hands, covered on dry blood and dirt, doing what we love, fighting for our people. Being a team, fighting together, because in that moment we are even more powerful than when we fight alone... and you know that, I will never cut your wings Y/N, I never did."

    You were staring at the wall behind Genma, you couldn't hold your gaze at him anymore.

    -"This is not the moment, or the place for that conversation..."

    -"Hell yes, it is, if I don't say this now, next thing that is going to happen would be you, marrying him... when I was six years old and gave you that choker, I vowed to be yours forever, at least I kept my promise..."

    You were speechless at this point.

    He grabbed your arm.

    -"Let's go."

    -"What?, Where?, Where are we going?"

    -"I'm going to teleport us."

    -"I thought you didn't have enough chakra to perform anything..."

    -"Maybe I wanted to spend some time alone with you..."

    You blinked.

    -"Honestly Genma... Sometimes i want to punch you."

    -"I love you too." -he chuckled.

    When you arrived to Konoha, Genma and you were called for a meeting with the Hokage... and Kakashi. He has become his right hand and needed to be there, to discuss about why you delayed your arrival to Konoha, they suspected something happened in the way back.

    And it did.

    You fell into that damn pit.

    And so did Genma.

    Kakashi was standing next to the Hokage, that was on his chair.

    You waved hello at Kakashi.

    He was staring at Genma.

    Then he looked at you.

    He didn't waved hello.

    Fucking great

    Genma looked so damn confident and relaxed...

    This bastard.

    He even winked at you.

    You rolled your eyes at him.

    He looked cute trying to calm you down with gestures.

    -"Can we know what the hell happened to you two, and why do you arrive, literally hours later from the mission?" -Kakashi asked while pinching the bridge of his nose.

    He sounded extremely calm and collected.

    He was fucking pissed.

    -"I...well... Kakashi..."

    -"I'm so sorry Lord Hokage, it's all my fault, I was guiding the route to Konoha and I got us lost. If you are looking for someone to blame, that would be me." -Genma interrupted, completely ignoring Kakashi.

    Why did he do that?

    -"Genma Shiranui, it's normal for those things to happen between Jonins, the most important thing, that was the mission, it was succesful, I see no problem here." -the Hokage said.

    -"All my excuses lord Hokage but, there is something that doesn't add up to me -Kakashi interrupted- Y/N can you tell me your own version of the story?"

    Kakashi said while lifting his Hitae-tai from the eye, he wanted to check your Chakra in case you were lying.

    Is he out of his mind?!

    -"Kakashi, is that really necessary?" -Genma asked.

    Your eyes were on the floor.

    -"Y/N?!" -Kakashi asked.

    The Hokage looked confused but he trusted his most skilled Nin with his eyes closed so, he let him carry with his interrogation.

    You looked up at Kakashi and you could felt the tears forming in your eyes, trying hard to hold them back you answered:

    -"It was all my fault..." -you mumbled.

    -"What was that Y/N?" -Kakashi asked.

    -"I said, that it was my fault..." -you repeated without breaking eye contact with him.

    Genma's senbon was now between his fingers, he was playing with it, again, a sign of distress.

    -"And how it was your fault, Y/N?"

    -"Kakashi..." -Genma warned.

    Kakashi crossed his arms and leaned on the Hokage's table.

    -"No, no Genma, I want to know what she has to say..."

    At this point you had silent tears running down your face.

    -"Dear, do you want some tissues?" -the Hokage asked.

    You quickly dried your tears with the sleeve of your shirt.

    -"I wasn't focus and fell in a trap, Genma tried to help me out and fell in the trap with me... we were Chakra depleted... -you said ashamed- I know it was a mistake to not be more careful about where I stepped... I am so sorry Lord Hokage..."

    At this point your voice was breaking and tears where finding their way down your cheeks again.

    -"Y/N stop it... I'm here" -Genma muttered to himself.

    He hated seeing you cry.

    Kakashi didn't bat an eye.

    -"I'm honestly not surprised -Kakashi said- you are as reckless, indecisive and weak as a bad Kunoichi can be. I didn't agree with giving this mission to you from the beginning, and I was right."

    -"Kakashi, the mission was succesful, our way back was the issue."

    -"I'm talking to her Genma!"

    -"Yes but I'm talking to you! I'm tired of you acting like it was your life goal to make Y/N feel bad about the type of Jonin she is, so she relays on you!" -Genma snapped.

    -"Apparently you have a lot to say about Y/N, Shiranui..." -Kakashi was fuming.

    -"Actually yes! Kakashi..."

    The Hokage cleared his throat.

    -"Well I think it's fair to say, that this meeting is over. Genma, Y/N, I'm happy you are back, thank you for your service and for another succesful mission."

    Genma and you left the office.

    -"Thank you for having my back Gen."

    -"Of course... but I think you should really talk to Kakashi, he is getting vicious with you... and that's not nice. I don't think your future husband should treat you like that. Not even if you were married already."

    -"I know, I'm going to do that now. So, see you later?"

    Genma hesitated.

    -"I'm going to be fine, Genma, I promise."

    -"Alright. Take care."

    You went to Kakashi's place in the evening.

    He opened the door.

    -"We need to talk" -you said shouldering pass him.

    He was definitely surprised with your visit.

    -"Alright Y/N, what do you want to talk about?"

    You took a deep breath.

    -"This is over Kakashi..." -you finally said.

    -"I beg your pardon?"

    -"I know you heard me the first time."

    You wondered where that strenght came from, but you were grateful for it.

    -"This is not over Y/N -he ran a had through his hair- what are you even talking about?"

    -"Wasn't the meeting we had today enough?"-you asked.

    -"What about it?"

    -"That meeting helped me to realize something..."

    -"Would you like to sit?" -he interrupted.

    -"No! I am good standing, please listen to me, because I wont say this twice. I just realized that you are just obsessed with control and you never loved me..."

    -"You are wrong Y/N..."

    -"No Kakashi, I am not, I just realized how controlling you are, it was actually always there from the beginning, I just failed to notice, i even think you initiate what happened the night of my birthday, because you needed to be in control... of everything. You are obsessed with me, I became a prize to you, not a human being, and I'm tired of that, I am not a prize to your ego, I can't even think how would it be if we get married and I don't want this anymore Kakashi, this is over."

    He frowned.

    -"And what are you going to do?!"

    -"I'm going to actually look for my happiness, and I hope you do it too."

    You left Kakashi's place without waiting for an answer, you knew him well enough and he was so stubborn to even recognize his mistake.

    Genma's appartment wasn't far from Kakashi's, so you decided to visit him, you found the way to his living room jumping on the balcony.

    -"Wow you actually entered the house like a real Shinobi for the first time!" -Genma mocked.

    -"Hey, stop it!" -you chuckled.

    -"So... do you want to talk about it?"

    You sighed

    -"No, not really...or maybe yes! In our way to Sunagakure. If you still want me to go with you." -you smiled.

    Genma looked surprised but smiled back widely.

    You could swear you saw some tears in his eyes, but it was Genma, he would never admit that.

    -"I love you, Y/N" -he only managed to say.

    -"I love you too Genma, I really do." -you said back, taking the senbon off his mouth and going for a kiss.

    Note: I'm sad to say this story is over BUT! My brainrot with Kakashi and Genma is permanent, more stories x Reader are going to come, so keep an eye on those. Thank you so much to the ones who waited for the chapters, I'm forever grateful for this little community and fandom that I hold dear to my heart. I just started my journey as a fanfic writer and any feedback, comment or reblog is appreciated. English is not my first language (Spanish is) so I'm so sorry for the mistakes i have made. Thank you, thank you for reading. ♥️

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