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  • fictionalquacker
    19.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    Honestly feel a little bit bad for wanting the writers to get rid of the Rinnegan this whole time now that it’s actually happened 

    #i just. dont like it. #the powers that naruto and sasuke got towards the end of shippuuden just bored the hell out of me #too much too quick with not enough downsides is just bah #but!! #didn't mean sasuke should... get stabbed by a child #pfff#boruto spoilers
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  • milk-hotaru
    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    Gaara, Happy birthday! <3

    (and please, don't assign/use/repost my art)

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  • themadaraauchiha
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Be strong enough to be someone who even the demons would fear. -Madara Uchiha

    #naruto shippuuden #madara x reader #obito uchiha x reader #madara #madara uchiha x reader #naruto uzumaki
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  • welkinsky
    17.01.2022 - 2 days ago
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  • ang3donia
    16.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    how i love these two 🥺❤️❤️

    #artists on tumblr #naruto #naruto shippuuden gif #naruto fanart#sakura haruno#kakashi hakate #kakashi x sakura #kakasaku
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  • candyopala
    15.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #obito#obito uchiha#uchiha obito#naruto fanfiction#naruto shippuuden #obito x reader #obito x you #obito uchiha x reader #obito uchiha x y/n #obito scenario#obito imagines
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  • owariowariowari
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    [Throwback] Fluff stuff... bc it's always Kakuzu-o'clock 🙃

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  • welkinsky
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago
    #itachi x y/n #itachi x reader #itachi x oc #itachi #itachi x you #uchiha clan#itachi headcanons#itachi hc#itachi fluff#itachi imagines#naruto imagines #naruto shippuuden gif #naruto
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  • just--another--daydreamer
    14.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Every single time I see a post about Naruto and start the thought of "Maybe I should rewatch Na-" someone should come into my room and hit me over the head. Please do make sure I'm passed out.

    #I've never finished watching naruto #but one day #one day I will #i have however watched a huge part of Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden like 3 times at this point in attempts to rewatch and finish it #my brother has watched Boruto too but only the parts that are on Netflix Germany #personal
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  • wind-becomes-lightning
    13.01.2022 - 6 days ago

    Private Tutoring - Satisfaction

    Hello again! I can't believe I got this finished in time for my weekly update! I have so much on my plate, I can not guarantee I will finish the next 3 on schedule, so I hope you can forgive me. Anyway, I got some lovely feedback after last chapter and I am glad this resonates with you guys so much :)

    Also, completely different: I have noticed that I write different than many authors. I make longer paragraphs and I lot of explaining what people DO, less talking. I'm not saying one is better than the other or so, but I'm wondering what you guys think? Should I make it a little simpler in the future?

    I have a 100 follower celebration running. If you want prompts written here is the post [x]

    PG 18 chapter. mdni.

    Pairing: Kakashi x Fem!Reader

    Chapter 1 - Enjoyment |Chapter 2 - Warmth |  Chapter 3 - Electricity  | Chapter 4 - Urgency   | Chapter 5 - Amazement | Chapter 6 - Heat | Chapter 7 - Lightning | Chapter 8 - Pleasure | Chapter 9 - Satisfaction

    Ao3 Link [x]

    Let’s combine things.

    Laughing, you stumble out of the broom cupboard, Kakashi right behind you. Your hair is a mess at the top of your head and you have not made an effort to put your mask back onto your nose. After all, now you know each other’s faces in and out, no need to hide yourself anymore behind it. Your neck still burns from where he has kissed it, furiously and deep, just like always. Lately you have neglected your duties and snuck away more than you probably should. Luckily nobody noticed. You turn your head from Kakashi behind you into the room and almost drop your mask in surprise.
    “Hello to both of you”, Yamato says with a little yawn, his back leaning against the Hokage’s desk. Kakashi walks straight into your back, a hand placed onto your shoulder. “Tenzo, to what do I owe this pleasure?” He brushes past you softly, you can see how his face is still blushed red. Yamato looks from him to you and back, his eyebrows raised disapprovingly. You put the mask back on. “I was just trying to bring you the report you asked me for. But I noticed you were busy.” You curl your fingers behind your back.
    Kakashi walks around his desk and sits down behind it. “I waited here for you to…finish .. whatever you were doing” Yamato continues, “I told people who tried to come in here that you were out.” You look from one of them to the other. Did you cause a rift between them again? Kakashi sighs. “That was very good of you. Thank you.” He goes with one hand through his hair, his eyelids hanging down. “Don’t you think you’ve gone far enough with this, senpai?” Yamato asks accusingly and then to you: “And you, Tora? Do you want this to continue this way?”
    You don’t know what to say and proceed to just stare at your feet. Nobody says anything for a little while, then Yamato shakes his shoulders. “I won’t cover for you anymore. Just-just  get it together, senpai.” They exchange a look with each other and for a moment you think Kakashi might say something, defend himself in a way, but he holds himself back. You watch the hokage squirm in his seat, clearly chewing on his lower lip. “I get it”, he says finally, “I know, Tenzo, I know, I’m… selfish.” Yamato huffs and drops the papers onto the desk. “Well if you know that at least.” He walks out.
    Kakashi buries his head in his hands and you walk over slowly to place a hand on his shoulder. “Is everything alright, Kakashi-sama?” you ask. His eyes flutter up at you, he looks right through the mask into yours. “I don’t think we should continue here” he says with a sigh and you feel the ground shaking unevenly beneath you. You let your hand fall, but he catches it immediately in his. “Here”, he repeats, moving your fingers to his masked lips, “We should probably just be in my apartment instead.” His eyes smile, but you can see the worry in them too. Something is definitely bothering him. “If you want to of course” he adds and you grab his fingers tighter. “I do.”
    Not even making an effort to sneak in through the window, you just ring the doorbell to Kakashi’s apartment in the evening. After all, you have been invited anyway. He opens on the second ring, still dressed in his uniform. “You are right on time”, he smiles with his eyes as you slip out of your shoes. A cup of tea is empty on his table. “I could not wait”, you say truthfully. All day you tried to concentrate on your work, but your thoughts kept wandering off to the Hokage office and the little dark corner you have gotten to know so well. It's been six hours since you last kissed him and it feels too long. How did you ever survive weeks apart?
    You fall into him, driven by automatic instinct once again. Kakashi catches you without issue, letting himself fall backwards onto his bed, laughing. He has just about time to pull down his mask before you push your lips on him, too eager to feel and taste him again. “Wow, Tora”, he laughs into your lips, his fingers stroking over the back of your head. “I guess I got you addicted lately.” Right, addicted. That is how it feels. Your body presses on top of his, you can feel your heartbeat rising at how his bulge rubs against your leg. But you are both still wearing vests, you are still in armour.
    “M-maybe we should get out of these clothes first,” you say, scrambling backwards from on top of him. He lifts his head and raises an eyebrow at you. “Really?” he asks. You are already half way into opening your arm protection: “Or not?” He sets himself up fully and quietly chuckles. “I guess I’m still not used to your proactive, bold, new personality. Even though I did help create it.” You stop what you are doing. “Is that.. Wrong?” 
    “No, I like you the way you are” he smiles and you feel it ripple all the way through you. Resisting the urge to jump on him and kiss him again you turn to your feet and slip out of the rest of the armour you’re still wearing. It wasn’t even so long ago when he had first undressed you slowly and carefully, when every item you stripped off had been like a wall around yourself being torn down. Now you are undressing of your own free will, you want to. The only true way of being close to him is by feeling skin on skin.
    You look up at Kakashi and see him pull his sweater over his head to expose his naked, scarred chest. You’ve seen it before of course, but it always takes your breath away a little. He really is the most beautiful man you’ve ever met. “How much do you want me to take off?” he asks, the grin on his face wide and teasing. He lets the band around his pants lose and snap back into place, one eyebrow raised. As a reply you throw your bra off and pull your pants down to get out of them. You are now only in your underwear and trying very hard not to be embarrassed about that fact. After all, he has seen you naked already before.
    He breathes in a sharp breath, his eyes wandering over you, but then he lets his own pants down. You’ve never seen him this naked before. Only wearing a tight pair of boxers. You don’t really have the time to take all of it in, because he is at your side again, plucking you off the ground with ease. “Huh?” you let out, as he carries you in his arms back over to his bed and lets you fall onto it. “I could not wait,” he grins, crawling on top of you from the ends of the bed, “I guess I’m also a little addicted.”
    First he kisses upwards from your belly to your lips, before he lets himself fall right next to you, his arm slipping under your head. Quickly your arms wrap around each other, touching and scratching, while your lips are glued to each other. You feel your skin prickle whenever his touches yours and you move on closer to him. Closer, always closer. From the very first kiss you desired to be as near him as possible and now that you are pressed against him so tightly that it takes your breath away it still isn’t enough. You’ve become so needy.
    “Last time you showed me how well you can self-study,” he says, breathless, “and as your teacher I was very impressed.” You smile happily at hearing this sort of praise. “Now, I feel like it is my turn again to teach you something. What do you think?” With your hand in his hair you pull him forward so that your noses touch and you can kiss him again. “I’m willing to learn whatever you want to teach me.”
    A light crosses Kakashi’s eyes dangerously. “If you say it like that, how should I behave with you naked next to me?” You don’t know what he means with that. His fingers run down your chest, over your nipples and down to your legs. “Kissing, yes?” His lips touch yours. “You can do many things while kissing. It enhances the intensity. I know, we have done this before. Without tongue and with tongue. You know to bury your hands in hair, run and scratch the skin and, well, that is all well and good.” He pauses for a second, his eyes steadily on yours.
    You breathe out long as he moves a finger over your clit. You can feel it, even though you still wear your panties. Water is forming in your mouth expectantly. “Yes” you breathe, unsure if it's to what he said or to the movement of his hand. “Right. You know places to kiss and both you and I explored all body parts with that.” His finger moves down along your folds to your entrance and back up. You crawl your fingers into his shoulder.  “We pleasured each other like that. With mouth alone.”  He kisses the tip of your nose. “Now we have to combine it.”
    You rub your legs together. Kakashi's fingers now touch the inside of your leg. “H-how would we do that?” you ask, impatient. You want him to go back to the centre, want him to touch you again there. “I’ll show you”, he whispers in your ear and you can feel it shiver down to your core. Swiftly, he turns you on your back, your head still resting on his arm. After propping himself up he dives down to kiss you again, tongue against tongue and you lose your breath as his fingers dig under your panties and touch you finally without fabric.
    It was different when your fingers were the ones touching it, and it was different when it was his tongue touching it. “You know what it means when you are so wet, yes?” he asks again right next to your ear. Not waiting for a reply he engages your lips into a kiss again. He knows you know. Quickly he moves your panties down enough to give him access to all of you, all of it without moving his mouth away from yours for too long. You moan when his finger starts rubbing over you, but he catches the sound immediately. 
    The heat comes in fast, warming up your neck, cheeks and brain. You want to concentrate on his touch but get constantly distracted by the movement of his tongue on your tongue. How can the same spot feel so different in so many different ways? Human anatomy sure is a marvel. You arch your back closer to his hands, yearning for more. Closer, faster, warmer. You breathe heavily, your arm is clutching to him. With the hand under your head he reaches for your breasts and starts caressing your nipples between his fingers. All while kissing you dizzy. So much stimulation you can hardly catch a breath.
    Kakashi obviously notices your twitching and arching, you can clearly feel him smirk against your lips when he plucks the moans from them. He lets your nipples go, pulls his arm back and props himself up even further. The movement around your clit slows down, which immediately makes you look up at him in a silent desperate plea for more. He grins, his eyes still hanging with low lids on yours. He trails his finger down to your entrance and you can hear the sounds of how wet it all is. You almost bite into his lower lip when he enters fingers inside of you.
    You have read about this too of course, a standard in foreplay during sexual activites. But you feel utterly unprepared to actually feel it. “Kakashi….” you breathe, your back arching heavily into his touch now. He kisses the word away from your lips and starts moving inside of you, fingers curled upwards. Part of you wants to scream. Your leg cramps and you don’t care. The edge is already so close you can feel it tingle in your fingers and toes. You breathe into his lips while he moves faster. Even though your eyes are closed you can feel his gaze heavy on you.
    You bite his tongue as it rolls over you again. The taste of blood in your mouth. Kakashi does not take his mouth away from yours, he does not stop moving inside of you, faster, deeper. You scratch his arms and rip his hair. How can it be different again? How is it different every single time? You can’t breathe, your mind is spinning. This is wonderful, terrible and wonderful. This body is now no longer in your control, it belongs to him. It was always his.
    He lets you ride along for a while, enjoy and experience the way it feels with his fingers thick inside of you moving, but then he pulls it back and you let your body fall back on the sheets. Your heart is still beating in your ears and you have trouble breathing. Kakashi lets himself down from his arm too, his hand now framing your face. Incredible that your lips are not bruised from so much kissing. Maybe this truly is an addiction.
    “See?” he smirks, your eyes and his locked into each other. “Yeah”, you reply and breathe in long and deeply to regain your composure. He squirms a bit and you can see the outline of his hard cock in his boxers. Your hand wanders down to touch it softly. “Can I do it too?”, you ask sheepishly. Kakashi sighs when you stroke over him, eyelids fluttering a little. When he speaks it is not more than a whisper: “Yes, you can. L-let me show you.” He pulls his own pants down and you get your first good look at how his cock looks like. Somehow you can’t help but blush at it. It’s such an intimate thing to see.
    “Like.. this”, he takes your hand out of the air and places it around him so that you hold it in your hand. He is pulsing with anticipation at your touch, you notice, a little satisfied with that reaction. “You mean like this?”, you ask and move your hand up and down. He whines a little as you steady your movement. You put your free hand under his chin and move him up so that your lips can brush up against his, his heavy breath now on your face. If there is one thing you learned to perfection these past months it is how to immediately copy things he showed you 
    Your tongue searches for his, your fingers in his neck move him back to you each time he lets himself fall back. Kakashi has his eyes closed and this time you can see his face as you pleasure him. His cheeks are flushed red and his hands hold on to you like a lifeline. Precum smears over the side of your leg but you ignore it, continuously moving your hand up and down. Kakashi makes a low sound. “N-no, stop.” His eyes open just a little so he can look at you. “Stop?”, you ask, confused. He breathes in a few sharp breaths. “You are.. A bit harsh.”
    “Oh god, sorry,” you let go immediately, but he catches your hand again. “No, see..” he places your hand once more, a bit higher than before, “..you have to be gentle, otherwise it might hurt.” He moves your hand for you and his eyelids fly shut at the first stroke. “Got it,” you say and he lets your hand go. You keep your hand loosely around him, but increase the speed of your strokes. Kakashi moans softly and you catch his lips again with yours. It is fun to see him like this, completely lost in feeling. Maybe he felt the same way when he could touch you.
    His breathing intensifies, his hands fly over your breasts again, eyes still closed, and you increase the pace even further. Suddenly he opens his eyes and both his hands push your shoulders flat with your back onto the bed. “Wha-” you want to ask, but he is climbing on top of you, your hand is still holding him. The look on his face is strangely serious and different from his usual kind smile, his gaze makes you feel like you are burning on the inside. “Continue”, he growls, almost like an order, while  his head is diving down to kiss you. You obey. His arms shake unsteady to your sides, but he holds himself upright.
    When he finishes, Kakashi bites his lip first and then grunts a little. You watch his face as his body twitches above you. Liquid runs warm over your fingers and your belly, you move him along further and watch his lips quiver and arms shake. Nothing in your life has been as thrilling as seeing him like this right now. You can’t hold your smile back. Happy. So, so, so happy. He stops your hand with his and you let him go, careful to keep your arms to your side so as to not have anything run down. He sighs, for a moment just trying to compose himself, then he leaves the bed quickly to bring you something to clean yourself up.
    Through low hung lids he watches you wipe everything away, his fingers playing with the hair on the back of your head. “I’m sorry, if I was too rough, I will improve”, you say, turning your head to him. “Hm”, he makes, voice heavy and tired. You kiss his nose and he slings his arm around you. Kakashi is asleep in a matter of seconds, well it is late after all. You stroke from his hair to his cheek to his arms down to his hips and take his figure in. Every inch of him is beautiful. You want to kiss it all, but you resist the urge. Let him rest. You close your eyes and press your body against his.
    When you wake up it is dark night outside and you feel frozen all over. Sleeping naked without a cover was probably the easiest way to get yourself sick, you think. You look at him still sleeping next to you. Time to go. You slip back into your clothes quietly, making sure that you aren’t waking Kakashi from his sleep. He stirs a bit, reaching out to the place you were just laying in and you softly cover him with a blanket. You don’t want him to get sick if he is sleeping naked all night. You kiss him on the cheek softly. His lips are slightly parted open, breathing in and out and drool runs down his chin a little. There is no cuter sight in your eyes. But you have to go eventually. So you tear your eyes away and quietly leave the apartment through the door.
    It is cold on the outside, a breeze blowing around your nose as you place the tiger mask back on top of it. It must be 3 am or so, faint voices tell you that there are some people still out drinking, gambling or doing other late night things. You stretch a little to relax your muscles and then you see him.
    Not far ahead, maybe two houses down, sits a guy dressed in an ANBU outfit like yours. His mask seems to be a boar and he is staring right at you. The night guard, you think, shock pulsing through you like ice. He saw you come out, he had possibly seen you go in. If he had, he knows exactly how long you were inside and on top of it all, you exited the apartment without your mask on. Is he able to count two and two together?
    You can feel your stomach turn as you slowly nod at him to acknowledge you have seen him. Boar pulls up a finger in the air to acknowledge you back. Please, you think, please don’t report this. You tear your gaze away from him and jump away to the next building, making your way back to your place of living.
    #naruto#naruto shippuuden#hatake kakashi#kakashi hatake #hatake kakashi x reader #hatake kakashi x you #nisi's bad fanfiction #so this was embarrassing to write because the pictures in my head just .. just killed me #aaaaaaaaah kakashi #also cant blame yamato for being done with this #3 chapters left after this hellooo im going to finish this actually who'd have thought
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  • detectivepoodles
    12.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Kakashi, sneaking up on Iruka : Boo-

    Iruka : *Elbows Kakashi on reflex*

    Kakashi, now on the ground : Ow, sensei! To think i actually love you.

    Iruka : Ah, Kakashi sorr- wait, what?

    Kakashi : What.

    Naruto's brain : Woah, my dad is awesome to be able to hit Kakashi-sensei.

    #naruto shippuuden#iruka umino#kakashi hatake#naruto #kakashi x iruka #kakairu #kakairu incorrect quotes #naruto love his dad more
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    11.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    thought this is only one song but it's a playlist

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  • ultimateanna
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Obito and Rin (Naruto Part III)

    うちはオビト and のはらリン the last

    #naruto shippuuden #naruto the last #the last: naruto the movie #the last naruto the movie #uchiha obito#obito uchiha #うちはオビト the last #うちはオビト #obito and rin #obito x rin #obirin#オビリン#mugen tsukuyomi#infinite tsukuyomi#tsukuyomi#無限月読#rin nohara#nohara rin #のはらリン the last #のはらリン#ultimate anna
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  • candyopala
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Stuck in his Ways, Chapter 11

    Summary: Y/N goes out with Obito’s friends, but she feels more and more conflicted when interacting with her friend and mentor. Can some fresh air help her realize things? A strange fellow approaches Y/N when she least expects.

    Words: 2.5k


    Thank you for reading! These two poor souls are so slow to realize their own feelings… But I swear that things will pick up some speed after this one, trust me! If you enjoy leave a like, it helps me a lot!  

    She squeezed into the best affordable dress she could find at the nearby store, a black dress, tight onto her waist and loose once they reached her hips. Y/N made the last adjustments to her hair before leaving her place, checking three or four times if the little make up she had on was smudged. She walks for a little while before reaching the place Kakashi had later described to you: a small and dingy bar with a big purple sign at the front.

    Maybe I should have accepted Obito’s offer to guide me here…

    But what would I say to him? I embarrassed myself so much earlier, fuck! Granny fans?!

    She thinks, as she feels inappropriate walking in there alone, not knowing most people she was set to encounter. Taking a deep breath, Y/N heads in and starts looking for someone she might know. Quickly, she spots Obito’s spiky and messy hair through the crowd filling the bar. Crossing the the pool table, she finally reaches the group. Sitting with her mentor are Kakashi, a bearded guy, an insanely attractive brunette and a man with a bowl cut and incredibly thick eyebrows.

    As he spots her, Obito gets up from his place, a bit too fast and too awkwardly. He is wearing a dark blue jacket over his usual all-black outfit; it is adorned with orange details and his clan symbol in one of the sleeves, who are folded, showing a bit of his arms. Now that she is closer to him, his hair is not that messy as it usually is and his gloves are missing, as well his eyepatch. He seems to be more and more confident in his own image.

    He looks so good…

    Control yourself!

    “H-hi Y/N! You came!” he spat out in a fit of intense awkwardness and eagerness, fumbling with a soda in hand.

    “Yes, I’m here!” She laughed uncomfortably, unsure of how she should greet Obito in front of his friends. Should she act close to him? Does he feel comfortable with that?

    We’re friends now, aren’t we? Why am I still so awkward around him?

    Obito also seemed to be struggling in the same regard, avoiding approaching Y/N and opting for a professional handshake. After the weird exchange, he started introducing Y/N to everyone else on the table she did not know already.

    “This is Asuma, he likes to bother me with the fact that his father is the third Hokage, other than that he likes to tell everyone he won some contest for the best beard”

    “The best moustache, Uchiha” Asuma responds while blinking provocatively back at Obito.

    “Big deal. That one is Kurenai, she thinks that she can beat me at genjutsu and makes the best pies around Konoha. Oh, she and Asuma are dating too.”

    Kurenai rolls her eyes at Obito’s affirmations.

    “Lastly and least, that one is Gai. He’s Kakashi’s “rival”, they are fighting for something, I don’t care enough to know any more than that besides not letting him come near alcohol.”

    Gai doesn’t seem to listen Obito’s introduction of him, he’s too busy talking about something with Kakashi. Obito pulls a chair right beside him for Y/N to sit, and so she does. They order some drinks and Y/N gladly takes them, trying desperately to overcome her feeling of social ineptness.

    After a while, Asuma and Kurenai talk to Y/N about her first impressions of the village and her training, discussing some techniques here and there. Obito stays silent for most of the time, only chiming to comment on her progresses. Gai suggests his own brand of taijutsu training, explaining in details the series of push-ups Y/N should do to become more “youthful”.

    An hour or so of drinking and a whole lecture about “youth” later, most people by the table are almost pass-out drunk, save for Y/N and Obito. Y/N focuses all of her attention on reading the information written on the beer bottle in front of her. Silence grows awkwardly between them; both seem to be unsure of what to do in this social situation or what to talk about. Everything is so different than it is in the field. Once again, Y/N does not know if Obito would be bothered about her expressing any friendship or closeness in front of other people, hell, she does not know how she would feel about that.

    Her attention is drawn from the bottle onto the other side of the table, where wet sounds stand out amongst the loud voices of the bar. Asuma and Kurenai seem to be trying to fuse themselves, that is the only logical explanation Y/N can think of. They are kissing so intensely that Kurenai is now sitting on her boyfriend’s lap, both of their bodies flushed. Y/N is stunned by the scene, trying to recall which chapter of Icha-Icha this reminds her of. She takes a sip from the warm beer in her hands.

    “…Babe, can I help you bake a pie once we arrive at home?” he asks his partner.

    What? Who talks about food whil-

    “Sure… a cream one” she responds, excessively loud.


    Y/N’s face is now red with embarrassment. It’s not as if she was inexperienced or naïve, nothing like that. It’s just… that it has been a long time. Trying to avoid the subject from consuming her thoughts, she turns to Obito.

    Obito… seems a little bit too stunned for someone that sober. His entire face is red, from ear to ear. He was also staring at the scene unfolding in front of them. Once his gaze crosses Y/N’s, he jumps a little, causing Y/N to smile a bit. He seems to be too nervous, as if he was about to jump off from a cliff. A few seconds into the staring contest, Y/N starts feeling a bit uneasy as well, her belly totally cold from inside out.

    Y/N decides to get up and head out for the bathroom, to wash her face and rearrange her own thoughts. She crosses the bar and walks towards the small dimly lit corridor that leads to the bathroom. Opening the big wooden door, Y/N freshens up and checks herself on the mirror, scrutinizing her own looks.

    For her own surprise, she finds herself to be looking quite good like this. It had been ages since she last got dressed up like this, wore makeup and the whole works. She is proud of herself for coming out of the house, finally interacting with people. Despite the initial awkwardness, these people were nice to her. Maybe Obito is right, it feels right to open up a little bit more to the world.

    About Obito, what’s wrong with him tonight? He seems so uptight…

    This situation of showing friendship publically is actively frying Y/N’s brain, leaving her unsure on what to do or say. She is sure she feels happy going out with him and his friends, it’s just… something still feels off. She feels that something might be still missing.

    She tries to shrug it off and go back to her friend. As she dries her hands and goes back into the corridor, she stumbles on someone.


    “Hey!” a familiar man says, his face twisting from annoyance into a flirtatious expression in a beat. “It’s you babygirl! Come drink something with me, will ya? Name’s Shi, by the way”

    “No thanks.” She says as she recognizes the guy from the other day, trying to go through him to return to her table.

    A hand blocks her way, Shi puts himself on her way again.

    “Come on, don’t waste your time with those losers, I’ll show you a good time”

    “No thanks, idiot.” She says as she begins to lose her composure. People treating her like this is by far one of the things that drives her mad the most.

    He places a hand on her shoulder and closes in, trying to intimidate her.

    “You shouldn’t be saying things like these kitten…” he says as he gets even closer, making Y/N go tense “After all, I’m doing you a favor offering you to come out with me”

    “The fuck you mean by that?” She says, as calmly as she can.

    “You know, you have few good options by your table. Asuma is taken, Gai probably doesn’t even date, Kakashi prefers to be single and the Uchiha… should I even bother talking about him?”


    “Well, you’ve seen him. Besides his face, his family is fucking cursed. I bet you already know how they get their powers, right? They’re all killing machines; you should stay away from people like him babygirl.”

    Her blood finally boils at the last sentence. Yes, Obito might come off as cold to anyone else, but he’s shown himself to be one of the most supportive and delicate people she has ever met. He shouldn’t be judged by some rumor against his family’s abilities. 

    “…I’m going to kill you, shithead. The fuck did you say about him?”

    Y/N reaches for the concealed kunai on her tote bag while Shi reaches for her hair. As she’s about to move and cut his hand off, she senses another presence behind her. A familiar presence.

    She finds Obito behind her, with his arms crossed and sharingan clearly shinning red into the dim corridor. Shi moves away from her, retreating his arm. Y/N keeps her fingers inside the bag, still touching the kunai.

    Obito approaches the man. The air grows heavy; you can sense Obito’s rage and killing intent as well as yours. Adrenaline takes over you as you drown in Obito’s dangerous chakra, making your insides twist in a way you have not felt in eons. He shoots you a warning look, telling you to not start any trouble before returning his attention to the man.

    “Stop bothering her, asshole.” Obito says.

    “Shut your mouth, freak.”

    “Make me” The Uchiha responds, a small, deep chuckle in between his words.

    Akio proceeds to try throwing a punch at Obito, who becomes intangible. Akio goes through him and falls face first into the floor. Obito picks him up by the collar, staring deep into the man’s eyes.

    “Touch her again and you’ll regret being born”

    Akio picks himself up and runs away. Obito turns back to Y/N, his face taken by worry.

    “Did he touch you?” He asks her.

    “No, I’m fine. I was about to be convicted for murder, though.” She says, joking with a hint of truth underneath it. She closes the bag with the kunai inside. “…Thanks Obito.”

    “We’re cool. I have to protect the few friends I have, right?”

    “…Right. Speaking about that… what that dude said…”

    “Don’t worry about it, Y/N. I’m working on changing my family’s fame, remember?”

    “Right. But I’m beating up the next one that says something like that…” Silence echoes between the two of them. Obito hides his face in the shadows, Y/N continues: “Anyway, want to go back to the table?”

    “Actually… I was about to ask you if you want to go home? I think I had enough for one night” He laughs as he scratches the back of his nack, showing you the scene unfolding in the main salon of the bar: “Gai and Kakashi are into some strip pool competition and Asuma and Kurenai are… doing their business.”

    “Oh, cool. Let’s go then, I really don’t want to see Gai’s “youth”.”

    Jokingly, Obito offers his arm, imitating the old gentleman gesture. Without thinking, Y/N takes it and both exit the bar. Close like this, Y/N lets Obito’s cologne fill her lungs and the surprising touch of his arms warm her into the cold night, guiding her once more to her own home. Not that she is complaining, she feels as if she’s growing more and more fond of this weird man’s company. 

    A chill goes through her spine: exactly how fond? Sure, they are both friends now, right? Maybe she just needs to calm down. She shouldn’t make any think like this, Obito clearly isn’t interested in this sort of thing, he also has a lot on his mind.

    Y/N tries to repress the wave of thoughts that wash over her. Obito is an attractive guy, that’s obvious, she concludes that the awkwardness she has been feeling tonight is due to that, nothing else. She just has to get more used to his presence.

    Can she?


     The cold wind from the street bites slightly on Obito’s nose, contributing to his ever growing bad mood. He is actively trying not to seem so bothered in front of Y/N, but he cannot help feeling more and more angrier as he remembers that man’s hands touching her, him approaching her that way. He feels like tracking that dude down and snapping his neck for that.

    Fuck what he said about his family, Obito is confident enough in his own blood to know that is not the whole truth. Sure, some Uchiha might have seriously fucked up throughout history, but haven’t all ninja families? Doesn’t everyone in this ninja world have blood in their hands? He knows that it’s up to him to solve that problem, and he is working on that goal.

    However, touching her without her consent? Obito feels furious. Furious that he cannot do anything else to punish that guy, furious on how unsafe Y/N is. Not that she is not a capable fighter, she has proven it otherwise on many occasions by now. Obito just feels stressed that someone he feels deeply connected to experienced vulnerability.

    That’s how she must have felt that night on the inn…

    He tries to slowly return to reality as they walk on the empty streets, slowing down his breaths back into a normal rhythm. Glancing at Y/N, she still walks beside him, holding him arm tightly and shaking a little. Cold, she is probably feeling cold with that dress.

    Obito avoids thinking about his first impression of her clothes earlier in the night; he does not want to let his own thoughts betray him. For his own displeasure, he untangles their arms and takes his coat off, placing it on Y/N’s back.

    “O-Obito, you don’t need t-“

    “Shut up, you’re shaking, Y/N” He shrugs her off, letting an easy smile take over him.

    He already feels much calmer. She puts on his coat, although it seems to be excessively large for her, the sleeves hanging on the last centimeters. Covertly, the Uchiha watches over her, seeing her get more and more comfortable by wearing it.

    Y/N catches him staring, throwing him a playful look in return.

    “I’m not returning this, you know? It’s warm.”

    “Keep it.”


    Obito examines her figure again, the dress has almost vanished under his coat, but he still finds everything he sees endearing. As she crosses her arms, the Uchiha crest on the coat’s sleeve comes into his vision. It looks good on her.

    “It looks good on you.” He says without putting any thought into it.

    He immediately regrets it. There he goes again making every situation weird between them. It is because of things like these that everything this afternoon and at the bar was so… awkward. Obito notes to himself that needs to further restrain himself.

    “Oh! T-thanks.”

    There, you made it awkward.

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