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  • leportraitducadavre
    18.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Naruto re-read VVI

    Chapters covered: 73- 81 Ninth Volume of the manga

    Site used: https://manga4life.com/manga/Naruto (official translation of the manga)

    Disclaimer: This is intended as a list and simple observations of the topics that particularly interested me in the aforementioned chapters, in that sense, do not expect a linear -or totally deep- analysis.

    Tumblr’s update doesn’t allow me to attach more than 10 pictures, therefore, all of them will be LINKED. Apologies.

    119) Okay? But Ino actually did make Sakura withdraw???? And Hayate casually ignored it??? (talked a little more here)

    120) Naruto influences everyone around him because, apparently, Sakura can do nothing if there isn’t a man guiding her -except maybe climb a three, so.

    121) This panel gives me life.

    122) Temari, as I’ve said before, was cruel towards Tenten -who was at that point fainted. This isn’t even fueled because they’re planning to invade Konoha -she has displayed this exact personality before. I’m not particularly saying that Temari is bad, just that she isn’t the nice girl some of her fans claim, to think that she’d be friends with every Konoha leaf kunoichi just because she married Shikamaru is both false, and mistreatment to Temari’s canon characterization.

    123) Lee literally attacked Temari, and she was the one who stopped him. Hayate did nothing, despite being the proctor, and Gai did nothing either -simply jumping down after Temari stopped Lee’s kick. (Hayate is a good proctor solely for a shy Hyuga heir it seems.)

    124) I’ve made a post about it, but I’ll add something here for good measure as well: The only reason Sakura was able to tie with Ino was because of Naruto -there’s literally no other reason. She even admits it.

    125) Although, logically, they’re the only ones who have seen his growth, literally no one but his team thinks Naruto is good enough to beat Kiba -even Lee (who fought him before) thinks he isn’t that lame.

    126) Naruto’s fight style is rather… let’s call it, not exactly suicid*l, but close. He allows Kiba to punch him to see what type of strength he has -of course, he has Kurama that will heal him, so his fighting style complements that technique; but instead of using a strategy to see his opponent’s strength and weaknesses as Sasuke would do, he literally uses his body as a tool to measure other people’s strengths.

    127) Hyorogan it’s a pill that allows whoever takes it to double their quantity of chakra. Their bust a soldier’s energy allowing them to fight for three days straight without needing to rest -as Chöji explains.

    128) Naruto can think of a good strategy to fight two opponents that are able to overwhelm him -even tho, in the end, this particular plan fails, he can overcome it by using Kiba’s attack to his advantage. Everyone is surprised by it, even Ino, who also tricked her opponent to make them believe something while they were skimming something else.

    129) Neji calls Hinata “Lady-Hinata”, always, while Hinata calls him “Neji big brother”, despite being on bad terms -to say the least. Listen, I won’t be doing an analysis of those panels because it just enrages me.

    *proceeds to do an analysis anyway*

    130) Neji is called the “Greatest genius in Hyuga clan history”. Not only he can see the Keirakukei (Chakra’s flow system) but also the Tenketsu (chakra points that when hit it halts the chakra flow of that specific point), meaning: Every single one of Hinata’s hits had no chakra on them because Neji blocked her Tenktesus before she was able to land a single hit, so every time she touched him, it meant nothing because she lost the capacity to perform Junken (Gentle Fist) that requires chakra.

    131) Hinata hasn’t withdrawn even tho Neji tells her to -therefore, the fight continues. Furthermore, when Hayate tries to STOP the fight, Naruto interrupts him to tell him not to stop it (at this point, how come no one took him out of the room for continuously interrupting matches and even TELLING him a proctor how to do his job?) -so technically, since Hayate said nothing still, the fight continues. Neji attacked Hinata because Hayate said nothing -nor repeated himself, it was when he saw that Neji would kill her (something that, might I add, was permitted) that he decided to intervene (alongside every dog in Konoha), because she’s from the Main Branch. Kishimoto made Neji comment on Hinata’s privilege BECAUSE HE WANTED IT TO MAKE IT CLEAR.

    132) So, Kurenai, aren’t people allowed to kill their opponent in these fights? Why are you so upset about Neji hurting Hinata then? Shino blew up a kid’s arms and you just smiled. I love double standards.

    133) Thank god that’s over because I literally wanted to punch Naruto so badly.

    134) Sorry but I just love the fact that Team 10 literally gives a fuck of what happened between Neji and Hinata, they’re joking around and Asuma was like, calmly smoking while Troy burned downstairs (wonder if the fact that he’s Hiruzen’s kid has something to do with his decision not to move, Kakashi -who also had nothing to do, jumped right in).

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  • strangers-inthe-night
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Artist: 是咸鱼啊qwq
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  • akirayuri
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Part 1 ಥ‿ಥ

    It was supposed to be manga edition but Dokja somehow made it.... come on I love him so much

    Wait I forgot to add Kaneki ⊙﹏⊙

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  • helenarasmussen87
    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I'mma fight with myself till I'm bleeding - Chapter 5 - Velocity_Owl87 - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]

    Asuma and Kakashi find more than they expected and start making plans.

    -Naruto contemplates recent events and advice he's been given.

    -Iruka gets a visit and a proposition he's not sure what to make of.

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  • asriah
    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I’m really excited to tackle this translating endeavor, however daunting it is. 😅 Many thanks to everyone sending their love, appreciation and encouragement my way, I truly appreciate it! 💕

    Chapter 1 of the English version of The Best for Us is up on my AO3 if you want to whet your appetite.

    It’s short since it’s only the prologue. I included the author’s notes ‘cause y’all deserve to know how she came up with this story. 😁

    Oh mannnn. My chest was tight the whole time I was typing. 🥺 When I first read the story, I cried. A lot. 😭 I had to hide from my kids ‘cause it was the kind of crying when you get your heart broken and you feel like there is no tomorrow. ⛈ And let me tell you, my heart was shattered. 💔

    Chapter 2 is almost done. But since both my night and day clients didn’t volunteer their wifi passwords (and I’m not about to ask), my laptop is useless ‘til I get home tomorrow evening. I also previously disabled the personal hot spot in my phone ‘cause I’ve used it all of two times in the 2 years I was paying for it. Now that I actually need it…go figure. 😒

    Anyhoo. My goal is to put up 2-3 chapters a week, depending on my weekend schedule. With 2 full time jobs and a home with a husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs, I will dedicate some free time to polishing Google’s translation of this awesome composition. Hopefully I will have finished 21 chapters before the year ends so we can enjoy all the smutty goodness the author brings and not be depressed going into the new year. 🥳

    Again, thank you to everyone supporting me on this journey!

    If you’re all excited to read and don’t want to wait for my cleaned up translation, here’s the link to Makihimee’s original work:

    Just make sure you’re on the webpage and not the app. There should be an option on your browser to translate to English.

    HAPPY READING! (Or angsty, for now!) 😘

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  • sasukewasrightforthat
    18.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    naruto really tricks you into watching 700 episodes just so you can watch two dudes be friends again

    #but then it’s like…you know what. I WILL. #naruto#naruto shippuden#snstober21#narusasu#sasuke#naruto uzumaki
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  • unrealisticfables
    18.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Sakura: *sneezes*

    Sasuke: Bless you

    Naruto: *sneezes*

    Sasuke: *Already wrapping Tanjiro in blankets and feeding them soup* Oh my god, are you sick?! How could this have happened?! Be careful next time!

    Kakashi: *sneezes*

    Sasuke: Oh my fucking god shut the fuck up

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  • cheesebrrgrr
    18.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    wonder how Himawari and Kawaki’s gonna react once they find out that their Mama Hina is the Legendary Queen of Gluttony who finished a record of 46 Ichiraku Ramen bowls in one sitting

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  • im-still-watching-anime
    18.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    naruto: hey i’m making hot chocolate do you want any


    sasuke: i think we should talk about why you’re making hot chocolate at midnight and also that you broke into my apartment to tell me but…..

    naruto: …..but?

    sasuke: but you also make the best hot chocolate i’ve ever had so just this once we can postpone the conversation until tomorrow

    #naruto#naruto shippuden #naruto incorrect quotes #sns#sasunaru#naruto uzumaki#uchiha sasuke #yes i just made hot chocolate no my essays are not done #hot chocolate is basically essential for mental breakdowns okay #and i FIRMLY believe naruto and sasuke know this #also you can’t say im irresponsible because it isn’t even technically midnight yet so everything is fine #my posts
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  • kakashifanrp
    18.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    -Going Between Dimensions-

    Part 22 - I'm here

    Kakashi Hatake x Reader

    Taglist: @ari-hatake15, @fuzzyfestcat

    An: Slow burn is coming to a end, or is it? 👀 At least I hope you enjoy the story soo far 😉 I have not decided if smut would be added down the line, that depends if ppl wants it 😅

    The Exhaustion hit hard as hours passed yet again. You almost felt dizzy as the room only seemed to grow smaller, and get a claustrophobic feeling to it. You fell to your knees, wanting to stop for the day, but the cloak would not listen.. After all of this use day out and day in, it had a mind of its own. You were going to loose this battle, you knew it. Almost 3 weeks battling your own chakra.. You lost the hope of it ever being controlled.. Normally after what the scroll said it would be the last few days that the cloak would stop listening, or when you were ready to loose to the darkness of it. "Y/N.. I think it is enough for today.." Asuma's voice were soft over the radio as you just looked down on the ground. How were you going to tell him?

    When no answers came, and the cloak didn't turn off as it had done the other days Asuma frowned deeply. "It won’t... Listen.." the weak sound of your voice came throught the radio, exhaustion clearly could be heard. "I'm sorry.." His eyes widen as he looked over at the Anbu next to him before turning the radio off. "Did you hear that too?" Asuma was unsure if he even heard right, at least he hoped he did. "Hogake sama." tenzo called over the radio. "It seems the mission will be a failure, waiting for orders" Tenzo placed the radio down and covered the Windows in defeat. No one batted a eye when the door to the room opened, as the men allready let their head hang low while waiting for orders. "I really hope this is just because you guys are tired?" Kakashi walked inside as he noticed both Asuma's and Tenzo's heads hung low against the desk.

    Kakashi had been thinking, and decided to help out after the rouges were dealt with.. He made a promise to not let more people die after all, even if he knew it would pain him to see you in the state of the black viper. "Are you sure there is nothing left to do?" When Tsunades voice were heard throught the radio, Kakashi knew what was going on. He walked over and took the radio before the other men could do anything. "There is one thing, but I will ask for the rest to leave the bunker and let me take over, Lady Tsunade sama" Kakashi sounded calm, even thought his insides were screaming for him to not get involved more than he allready had. Asuma looked up at him almost suprised by the copy ninjas request. "Kakashi, I don't know if thats a good idea.. If anything goes wrong"

    "Then I handle it.. But giving up now would not help either" Kakashi answered as respectfully as he could. "I will have to trust your intentions then.. Request is approved" Kakashi let out a small sigh as Tsunades voice came throught. "You give me a small breef on the situation.. The rest can start to leave.." Kakashi commanded as he pointed at Tenzo, wanting to know exactly what he got himself into. Asuma let the three anbu walk before him, before giving Kakashi a small pat on his shoulder before leaving." You sure about this captain? I know you two has history.." Tenzo started carefully, remembering the promise he gave back when the accident happened, that he knew he now had failed. "Giving up is not what I do, you should know.."

    "She is down for.. She lost the controll of the cloak, meaning her own chakra will eat her up" Tenzo explained carefully, knowing the chances getting it done now was too slim. "and you tried it all? Did anyone walk into the room with her?" Kakashi was tense, more than what he should have been. "no, she wished for no one to enter.. It has been radio communication only.. Some memory talk and things has triggered it to almost get throught it.. But thats all we have gotten" tenzo answered honestly. "I contact Lady Tsunade when it is done.. No matter which way it goes at least everyone did their best"

    Tenzo got ready to walk out before he stopped and looked back at his former captain. "I don't think you are the one who should do this, senpai... At least when it is going the way it is right now" Tenzo had to say it, knowing about the trauma it caused Kakashi the last time he was put in this situation.. "I make sure it is the last thing to happen.. But I made her a promise and I am going to keep it" Kakashi had made up his mind. If there were a chance that he could do something to save you, he had too.. And if he couldn't he knew what to do. He stood still until he knew everyone had left. He carefully lifted the cover and looked out if the window. He almost broke right there, seeing you on your knees covered by black flamelike chakra and black cold eyes.. The pain was clear across your face, and he couldn't stand watching it. No wonder the men looked broken when he arrived.

    You closed your eyes, trying to get the focus back to stop the most painful part of it all. The more you lost controll the more painful it would become. Kakashi had made up his mind, he opened the door to the room and walked inside. The negative chakra almost knocked the air out of him as he walked closer to you. No wonder it was struggles when this was what you fought against.. He slowly kneeled down next to you and took your hands in his to help you up. The way your head snapped in his direction almost made him jump this time. "I help you up" He spoke carefully as he started to lift you up on your feet again. You wanted to resist, scream that he should get the hell out of here, but you couldn't. No words wanted to leave you as your body just followed his movements carefully.

    It was more important than ever to have it all under controll.. If you lost it with Kakashi inside of here.. You wouldn't even think about what could happen. "You are not giving up on us yet.. I won't let you.. You still have time to do it" Kakashi didn't let go as he made sure to support you to stand up right. You tried to remove your hands from his, but he had more strength than you, and no intentions of letting go. "You should not... Be in here.." You had requested that no one was to enter for a reasion.. Even if you didn't make it, you didn't want to take others with you. Kakashi just shaked his head before pulling you into his arms, which was rather uncommon thing for him to do."You think we just gonna give up on you? Being in seperate rooms don't work.."

    He let out a small gasp as the cloak started to cover his body aswell, making his face twist in pain as he thighten his hold on you. "Do you remember... When we were kids...And you thought I made fun of you?" He closed his eyes, hoping this would help. No way he would willingly let you die, not when he could atleast try to prevent it. You noticed the cloak covering him aswell, and the pain in his voice.. Making you try to push him away." kakashi.. Don't.. " He refused to bugde when you tried to push him off. He had always been more stubborn than you, which made it harder in situations he choosed to be reckless in, like now. "Try to remember.. I am gonna stay until you do.." You closed your eyes, wanting to freak out, and tell him how stupid he really is, but that would not help now.. You just tried to follow his words, and remember the past as you had done for the past 3 weeks.

    It became quiet between you two. Kakashi standing there holding you up in a thight embrace, while you tried to not let the cloak burn him alive. Of all the silly things that had happened throught the years this had to be the most frustrating of them all. "I used to keep a eye out.... Even after that night.." Kakashi was whispering now. "I have always been there.. Even when I said I was not..." Your fist thighten the hold on his vest as he spoke. You were not mad at it, it was almost comforting hearing this from him. "I'm sorry.."

    "don't you try to give up now... You have promises to keep remember? Naruto is not the hokage yet!, Sasuke is not back yet!.." His voice were stern as he whispered into your ear carefully. "You are not ms Hatake yet" The last sentance came out lower than the other words he had spoken, making your eyes open when you realised what he just had said. You could remember when he first brought that up.. Back when you both were just 18 years old.

    It had been one of those rare days where you both had a day off, and Naruto was out when Kakashi came over, just a few weeks before you would get the news that Naruto would be moved to a seperate appartment. "sorry I am late, the line at the dango shop was a bit longer with the regualrs today" He placed the bag down on the table, clearly annoyed. "The line or did you run into some of our friends that misses you?" Your brow was raised as you held back a chuckle when you wrapped your arms around him. Kakashi had stayed away from mostly everyone after he became a Anbu.. Even his old friend group, expect from Guy depending on his mood. " both, they don't seem to get the hint" Kakashi muttered. "They are just worried, your cold glare don't make it better you know?" You placed a soft kiss on his masked lips before going to the kitchen to heat up some food.

    "they know I am with you, that should be enough to stop the worrying don't you think?" Kakashi followed behind and wrapped his arms around you from behind, while resting his head on your shoulder. "They know, yes.. But you can be different people depending who you are around. They don't know you like I do" This time you couldn't help but letting a soft giggle out knowing far to well how different Kakashi could act depending on who he was around. "Well too bad for them, This side of me is only for future ms Hatake too see" You could feel the cocky smirk on his face as your cheeks darken. "Kakashi.. Wh.." You were shocked, the last person you would imagine speaking like this would be him. "I mean it.. One day, thats a promise" The way his eye closed and the small redness underneath it, made you know he was serious. "You know you might get tired of me before that time?"

    Kakashi let go as he tilted his head almost looking offended. "really? Tired?" The way his brow raised almost made you laugh. "Yes, who knows?" You couldn't help but tease as you filled the plates. You loved to tease the man, at least when it made him have such noticeable expressions on his face. "I promise you one thing, Y/N. You will be ms Hatake one day, and we will have some gremlings of our own" He winked at you before smiling again. "You really thought about this, haven't you?" You couldn't lie, it made your heart beat a bit faster. "Offcourse, the last few months... Having you by my side I know I want, the gremlings part.. That is still growing on me" He chuckled as he helped you setting the table. "First step would be calling them children, Kakashi"

    You closed your eyes again, remembering it too clearly. "Still call it gremlings?" You couldn't help but letting out a small chuckle as you rested your head on his shoulder. "That will never change...kids will forever be gremlings in my eyes.." The sound of your chuckle became a bit more clear at his answer. He could feel the cloak loosen a bit as you chuckled, giving him some ideas. "Do you remember how Itachi almost attacked me when I came to follow you to the training ground?" He knew that was a funny moment, and it would make you laugh. "In the woods? Yeah.. He was only 8 but ready to kick your ass.."

    Kakashi smiled to himself as he felt it grow weaker. "Yeah.. Just because of my Hound mask" When you started to laugh of the memory the cloak started to let go of both of you. Just a few hours and the whole mood had changed inside the room. Kakashi carefully looked at you, noticing you were back to normal, exept from a small hint of purple in your eyes, before they closed and you went limp in his arms. Kakashi carried you out of the room and placed you on one of the beds before going to the radio. He looked back at you once more to make sure everything was ok, before he spoke. "Lady Tsunade sama.. Mission is complete." It seemed like memories and happy thoughts were not enough alone.. Had they stepped in sooner with you... It might had been solved way sooner.

    "Do you need medic assistance?" Kakashi frowned a bit, wondering what she really thought his message meant. "We both could need a check up, over" He placed it down for the last time, knowing he did not have to say anything else. You were alive and got throught it, and he was ok too. At least he showed up at the right time this time.. If he had been a late or not showed up.. No, he didn't even wanna think about it..

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    18.10.2021 - 12 hours ago
    #x reader #sasuke uchiha x reader #uchiha sasuke #sasuke x reader fluff #sasuke x reader #uzumaki naruto#naruto #naruto uzumaki x reader #naruto x reader
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    18.10.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I sketched this just now. Idk when I’ll finish / color this

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    #ask a character a question #zenitsu agatsuma#Naruto Uzumaki#tsunagu hakamata#Best Jeanist#nemuri kayama#midnight#Ayame sohma #L.Lawliet #anonymous#kadarikun06#admin kari #so sorry with how belated all these asks have come in #gonna work on getting everything out to you all this week
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