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    28.11.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Yelena Belova/ White Widow in Black Widow: I am the Black Widow #9 (2021) 1/ 3

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    28.11.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    Natasha: Don’t worry, I’ve got a few knives up my sleeves

    Clint: I think you mean cards

    Natasha, pulling knives out of her sleeves: I do not

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    28.11.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    Widows on Kamino

    Chapter 1: Welcome, Widows

    Originally posted in shitpost format here.

    The armored people don’t seem to have any idea of what to do with them. Natasha doesn’t think she’d know what to do with random strangers speaking a foreign language showing up in a flash of light in the Avengers Compound, either. She feels for them. Life’s weird enough already.
    A new armored person shows up, and comes closer. Natasha knows that face. He’s an actor. Except, right now, and right here, that face means something different. The identical children, especially, make it mean something different.
    He asks a question in that language they don’t understand.
    Natasha makes a face and shakes her head, hoping it gets her lack of comprehension across.
    (It’s not like she ever tried to learn a fictional language. She had better things to do with her time.)
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    28.11.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    call me by my name [wandanat] - 1/2

    hi, guys! i'm new and this is my first time posting on tumblr, so i hope it's of your liking!! (i posted first on ao3 first, you can find it here!)
    TW: teacher-student relationship

    Wanda, as a student who enjoys drawing, is an admirer of human forms.

    Ms. Romanoff just happens to be right in front of her.

    (Slow burn-ish)

    (Nat is not that type of pervy teacher btw)


    A small ball of paper hits Wanda on the head, making a subtle pop when it meets the desk. She frowns and looks at the only person that would possibly do that- Pietro.

    He looks at her with funny eyes and motions for her to open it, so, hoping for the worst, with a roll of eyes and a huff, she unrolls the crumpled paper.

    Are you done making out with Ms. Romanoff in your head?

    Now, now- first of all, Wanda would never do such thing- she was an immigrant, her parents taught her better than to waste school matters with ephemerous things.

    Second of all, she wasn’t daydreaming about kissing her, she was only appreciating her beauty; how could she not? Ms. Romanoff was possibly the prettiest person her eyes had ever met- celebrities included- and as an artist she couldn't let such a view go to waste; I mean what were those eyes? The olive-like undertone to it gave the impression she wore green quartz on her irises.

    She scribbled that small insight down on her doodle book before crumpling back the paper and throwing it back at her brother. Asshole.

    Okay, fine, maybe she does waste a lot of Ms. Romanoff’s classes just because she was looking at her, but bear with her; she's at the United States, everything they have been taught, Pietro and her had already seen it last year in Sokovia.

    That’s why she went back to what she had been doing previously- studying.

    Not the subject per see, obviously, just her teacher… for artistic reasons, of course.

    Wanda frowned at her draft, something was wrong about her mouth, she just couldn’t understand what. She took quick peeks at Ms. Romanoff’s mouth, returning three or four times to her notebook.

    “What is it?” she hissed at herself, now a little frustrated.

    “Is there a problem, Ms. Maximoff?” Her teacher called up on her, turning Wanda into something in between a tomato and a human being. The woman’s eyebrows were arched as she waited for an answer, God, woman.

    But, that’s the thing, her eyes didn’t quite match her stern expression- they almost never did and Wanda couldn’t pinpoint exactly why, that's why she never knew how to act around the woman.

    This time, though, she swore she could see a bit of humour around the quartz eyes, but, again, she could never be sure, not with her.

    So all she did was to shake her head, never daring to break eye contact and miss the way it bored into her own eyes “I’m sorry, Miss, I was cursing the… questions” she ended the phrase meekly, not quite sure if the teacher would buy it.

    Surprising her once again, Ms. Romanoff, merely smiled, glancing at her table “If you need anything, that’s why I’m here for”

    Wanda hadn’t meant to blush even more with that, but, well, that wasn’t something she could control- and it’s not like anyone could even tell the difference between her blush and deeper-blush anyway “Thank you, Miss” she managed to cough it out.

    Pathetic, Wanda.


    As the bell rung, the girl all but shoved her notebook inside of the bag as she saw the teacher making a beeline to her desk.

    “Ms. Maximoff?” Her velvety voice called her, making Wanda’s interior twirl in the prettiest ways, she briefly wondered if a ballerina lived inside of her with how often it happened "I was hoping you could stay back for a little”

    If people can scream inside their minds, that's exactly what Wanda is doing, and, apparently, by being her twin, Pietro has the absurd power to listen to it, too, by the smirk he sent her at the class door.

    So instead, she quietly nodded, not trusting her voice.

    When the last student stepped out of the room, the teacher sat on the table next to Wanda’s, mirroring her posture, looking quizzically at her “Now, why are you taking this class?”

    That was not what Wanda was waiting for at all- she frowned at her teacher, trying to understand whether it was a genuine or simply rhetorical question, but yet again, found nothing “What do you mean?”

    “You know this already” she says as if it’s obvious “You get bored, could be using your time for something better”

    Wanda wonders if she has realized how much of the class she usually spent drawing, well, her- suddenly feeling mortified by the bare thought of being caught, she hurries to dissipate the accusations.

    “I do!” Wanda defends herself, realizing, in a panic, how it sounded that she was agreeing with Ms. Romanoff “Not that I do get bored- I don’t- but my parents make us take it, the wonders of STEM, you know? So I figured I could do something useful with the time”

    “Are you calling my class useless, Wanda?” The teacher asks and the girl’s face falls again, already picking up the pace to another batch of apologies.

    “No! God, no, I'm-”

    “I was joking, ребенок” Ms. Romanoff eases her with her loopsided- signature smile “I just wondered why, that's all”


    At this point, Wanda just hoped she could get the hell out of there as fast as possible or else she would end up making a fool of herself- her mommy issues were so not ready for this.

    “I- huh?” And there it went.

    “I’m Russian” She shrugged, as if it was of any explanation. But it did make Wanda feel a little bit smug, as if it was a secret that they both shared in common, since it was, at least on certain instances, their almost secret language.

    Not that her teacher needed to know that.

    “Oh… right, right- you're Romanoff” Wanda answered, trying to say anything to keep the conversation going.

    “Yes, it’s originally Romanov, but you know, the States and all” She smiled- smiled- at her and paused, musing her head “It sounds good when you say it”


    Wanda definitely will be miles away from Santa’s good girls list this year with the amount of thoughts that flooded every corner of her hormonal teenager mind.

    “It doesn’t get lost in the american way” came the, maybe a bit late, conclusion from the woman.


    “Oh- yes, I suppose” She hoped her cheeks weren’t as red as her entire face felt. See? She should have left when she could.

    But well, since Wanda had already reached such a point of embarassment, she just needed to give one step forward “How would you pronounce my name, then?” and added, hurriedly “In a non-american way, that is”

    Ms. Romanoff- or should she call her Romanov?- Well, she chuckled and nodded her head lightly, as in who sees it as a fair question.

    “I say it like Wan-da ” she made a show of sliding her tongue against her mouth, popping the “ Д ” syllable.

    A grunt almost escaped Wanda's throat, who thankfully captured it back together- my God, she prayed, allow me to leave this room alive.

    “It sounds good when you say it” Wanda dared to repeat her, albeit a little breathy, winning a laugh from her teacher, who slowly stood up, causing the girl to, very slowly, do the same.

    “You should get going, I don’t want to hold you from re-learning whatever class you’ve got now”

    Wanda only then realized how different this entire conversation was from the way her teacher would behave in class.

    Her voice had a slight lack of harshness on it, almost like she now spoke into a plume, who then, flew to Wanda’s ears- it was a dismissal, but definitely not one Wanda found herself feeling blue about.

    “You’re right, I do” She smiled, daring to double-wave a small goodbye, cheeks full on red again.

    She was, as literally as anyone could ever be, walking on sunshine, wearing the biggest smile her face could display, even if she tried to hold it down, she had barely left Ms. Romanov’s classroom- would you keep it together for five more steps?

    Then, three steps away, she heard her name being called again- turning her smile down a hundred watts just to not embarrass herself any further than she already had, Wanda turned around ready to face the woman.

    But not, in her whole eighteen years, ready to hear what she said;

    “My mouth is a little narrower, next class try curling the edges a bit more”


    Rebenok (ребенок): child, kid
    I know it's not Such A Cute Nickname, but I don't want Nat to sound somewhat predatory by calling her something else (by now)
    If there are any mistakes, lmk!! <3
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    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Well not everyone makes it home alive

    Summary: someone gets taken and secrets are spilled 

    Natasha x reader(romantic) although that's not the main focus)

    Tony stark x reader(platonic)

    Warning: child loss(idk why i write about it do much), kidnapping, tony being an ass,. Also pepper just doesn't exist lol let's just say Morgan was a one night stand with some random woman

    word count: 2200


    Morgan was kidnapped again. Everyone treats it as though it's a normal thing, and I'm always left to go rescue her. Does she usually come back okay? Yes. but she shouldn't have to go through that as often as she does. It's hydra for god's sake they could do anything to her, and tony could care less. 

    But as i said before she’s been taken again. And that's why I'm in this hydra base. There are not many guards, so it's quite easy. It smells like the one i grew up in, that makes a shiver run down my spine. That's usually how it is. I grab her and she clings to me for dear life and then we go home and then, she runs to her dad and it happens all over again a week later. 

    As I'm rounding the corner I hear a scream. Oh no. They've always threatened to hurt her but no one ever thought they'd actually do it. As soon as I bust the door open there she is strapped down cuts all over her with a few men surrounding her. They all turn to me.

    “Oh you again”

    Oh my god this bitch. I use my powers to protect Morgan from them and so she can't hear or see us and connect to her mind to tell her it's me.

    “Yea it is dick head and im about to whoop all of your asses.. Again”

    I jump first grabbing my electric baton and go for the one on the left as he's pretty small and hitting him  in the head knocking him out. That might leave some damage at least I hope. I only kill when I need to but to me a child is in danger so it's needed.

     I grab my knife for the next, he's a little bigger, maybe 190lbs so I go for his jugular, and blood shoots everyone including me. He's down.

    Next One i pick up my baton again. He tries getting in a fighting stance but im on him before he can finish. I quickly swing the baton shocking him and he stumbles back a bit giving me the chance to get on his shoulders. I throw the baton and pull up his neck until I hear a snap. He quickly goes down and I get down landing in a fighting pose and quickly getting up mumbling “that was disgusting”. I see Morgan and she's calm for what she just went through. I take off my powers and she starts crying. I quickly run over.

    “Oh honey, I'm so sorry. Come on, let's get you out of here okay?”

    I hear her mumble a quick “yes please” that gives me the okay to pick her up. She clings to me and hides her head in my chest. I quickly navigate my way out of the building and make my way to the jet. I'm the only one on this mission and Morgan is in really bad condition this time so I don't think I'll be able to fly it. I make my way into the jet. I quickly go to the front and set my destination to the compound. 1 hour till we're home.  

    After I'm done, I quickly grab some medical supplies before walking to the medical bed in the middle of the room and set the supplies on the bed before trying to put Morgan down. She protest


    “My love you're okay, you're safe now”

    She doesn't budge, so I just sit down and try my best to patch her up till we get home.


    When we arrive nat is the only one waiting. No sight of tony. I swiftly walk off the jet. Nat can tell by my face that I'm pissed and sees morgan.

    “They actually did something?”

    I ignored her, choosing not to answer. She just walks beside me as I make my way to med bay. Nat jogs ahead ,I assume to tell Banner or Cho and alert everyone. Still no tony. Morgan has been silent this whole time, usually she would be asking for her father but she's just clinging to me.

    As I walk in I see nat talking to Cho. I walk over to one of the beds and sit with Morgan in my lap rocking her back and forth. Nat and Cho walk over.

    “I need to get i good looks at her, do you mind putting her down”

    I mutter a small “i can try” while standing up. As I try setting her down she clings to me tighter. Doctor cho tries something

    “Morgan honey, I need you to let go of Y/n. Can you do that for me?”


    Okay. I'll try something then 

    “Hey honey how about I turn you around?”

     I brush some pieces of hair out of her face and kiss her forehead. Nat just watches with a smile on her face.

    “Can you do that for me?”

    “You won't do anywhere momma?”

    She called me momma before. I shrug it off for now and hold her a little tighter .

    “No my love, I'll be here, I just need you to run around okay?”

    She slowly starts to turn and grabs my hand and moves fully around but turns her head back to bury in my neck. I can't help the tears that well in my eyes. Nat sees this and grabs my free hand. Cho lays all the things out.

    “Okay sweetie, I'm gonna get started okay? It might hurt a little”

    Morgan doesn't say anything so Cho starts. All I can hear are her pained whimpers and cries. I can't help but let a tear slide down my cheek. Nat notices

    “Babygirl, you're okay, she's okay, she's safe now okay? We're never gonna let it happen again okay?”

    All I can mumble through shaky breaths is “okay”. 


    It's been an hour and only Wanda and Steve have come in to check on her. No tony. She is all patched up now, and is sleeping in my arms as I lay in the hospital bed. She still refuses to let go of me. Nat walks in. 

    “Is she still asleep?”

    “Yeah, she's had a long day so she's out cold”

    I don't look at nat. I just don't understand how you can let that happen to your child and then not show up to support them after all of it. Children are a hard subject for me. So nat knows when I'm called to get Morgan it hits me hard, she doesn't know why but she still supports me so i can support morgan.

    “What are you thinking Y/n?”

    I let tears fall again. 

    “How can he just not care about her? He's not even down here, he is not here to support her through this. We sent him messages and called and he just ignored them. How can you do that to your child?”

    Nat walks over and sits next to me and wraps her arms around me and morgan.

    “I don't know my love”

    How could he be so ungrateful? He got her back; some of us don't get that. 

    “Do we even know where he is?”

    “Not for sure but im thinking the lab”

    “Can you go get him for me while I get her off?”

    “What are you gonna do if i go and get him?”

    “I'm just gonna talk okay?”

    Nat just gives me the look. I don't even believe me. I sigh

    “Nat i see her as if she is my own okay?  and no one messes with my family without consequences. Tell him to meet me in the conference room”

    Nat just smiles 

    “Okay i'll go grab him but go easy on him okay?”

    “I'll try, but my momma bear might come out”

    She just shakes her head while getting up. She kisses my lips then my forehead

    “I'll be like back babygirl”

    She leaves. 

    Morgan is still out cold so I swiftly slip her off of me and tuck her in. i make sure to truck her little bee in as well. I got him for Morgan on a mission from a little shop for her birthday.

    Then make my way to the conference room. There he is, he doesn't even look sad or worried, he looks...annoyed. His child was just tortured and hes doesnt care? I shove the door open, and see nats still in here.

    “Hey jackass”

    “Why am I here Y/n”

    “Wow , seriously tony?”


    “Did you not look at any of the calls or messages we sent? Your daughter was kidnapped by hydra again. She's down in medbay with many cuts and bruises”

    “Okay what do you want me to do about it”

    “Go and support your child god dammit!” 

    I dont yell, I'm usually a very calm and collected person. Even nat is surprised by this. Tony stands walking towards me now, nat stands to be safe. 

    “Why do you care so much about Y/n?!” 

    “Because it's a child we're talking about here! I Am five years old!”

    “Yeah and she's my child!”

    “Then start acting like it tony!”

    I'm so frustrated, he says he is her father but never acts like it. I'm more of a parent to her then he ever is. 

    “You're never there for her Tony, don't you ever wonder who takes care of her? I'm more of a parent to her than you ever are. I make her breakfast, i clean up the spilled milk from the floor because she got so because i made her pancakes-which are her favorite by the way-, i'm the one who bathes her, i'm the one who stayed up all night when she got chickenpox, i've done so much more that you don't know about”

    He's just silent for now. Natasha is just standing with a proud smile.

    “It's not a big deal Y/n, i've just been busy”

    “For five years tony??”

    “Do you even know when all of her first were? No you don't because i raised her because you didn't want to”

    “Well i'm here now”

    “Well you don't get to just pick and choose when you want something. She almost died today and you don't even care”

    “It's not like they actually killed her, I can still raise her!”

    “Well not everyone gets that chance tony! I would kill to have my daughter back but you can't just bring people back so be grateful that she made it back alive tony because not everyone does!”

    Both Natasha and Tony stare at me in silence. No one -not even nat- knows i had a daughter at hydra. 

    “That shut you up” 

    “You know today she calls me momma?”


    “You wanna know something else? She didn't cry out for you this time, she clung on to me because she knows you'll never come for her” 

    Nat moves to stand next to me and wraps an arm around my waist. I lean into her hold.

    A tear slips from my eye. 

    “Oh god”

    The realization hits him..finally. 

    “Yeah you fucked up, so much so she found a real parent.  Me. and that will never change. So you get one for chance to be a father before you get some papers in the mail buddy” 

    He quickly rushes out of the room, I assume to Morgan. Maybe he’ll actually try this time. He had a lot to learn but I’ll teach him. 

    I see nat staring down at me out of the corner of my eye. 



    “No there's something, what is it?” 

    “You kinda went momma bear on him” 

    I move from her hold and look at her

    “And there’s something wrong with that? Someone messes with my cub, you'd be an idiot to think I wouldn’t give them a talking to Natasha” 

     She wraps her arms around me again.

    “No no that’s not it-you had every right to do that though- I just thinks it’s sexy when you get angry” 

    I blush at her confession and hide my face in her neck, making her laugh.

    “I’m proud of you momma bear”

    I can’t help but laugh

    “Thank you natty. it's gonna be even worse when we have kids” 

    “Oh I’m counting on it my love” 


    A/n: i wrote part of this while having a tic attack so sorry if it sucks i'll update it soon with it semi edited(although i think it's fine) and had no idea how to end this so I hope it’s fine also I don't know how I feel about letting tony have another chance so i might re do that part in the future

    Anyway i hope you guys enjoyed it!!! 

    Remember to drink some water and have something to eat!! 

    Have a good day/evening/night!!! 

    ~Adi out<3

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    Peter : Why would anyone want to harm Clint?

    Natasha : Maybe because they met him?

    #incorrect peter parker #peter parker #incorrect natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff #incorrect mama spider #spider man#black widow#incorrect avengers#mama spider #marvel incorrect quotes
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    Chapter Eight: Woefully Out of Time

    Beneath the Wreckage Masterlist

    word count: 1.6k

    a/n: so ummm I wasn’t planning on coming back yet but I had most of this series finished so I’m just gonna post it🧍‍♀️


    Arina crept through the countryside home with her gun drawn, taking shallow, steady breaths. The wooden floors never creaked under feet, purely because she had spent the first few years of her life walking in that house, and she knew exactly which boards to avoid. She knew which halls led where. She knew the room in which she was trained to kill. She knew the room in which her mother beat her over and over. And she knew what awaited her on the other side of the door she was facing.

    Taking one last deep breath of peace and freedom, she kicked open the wooden door and stepped into the sunroom, pointing her gun at the woman seated in an old rocking chair.

    “Hello, Arina. I’ve been waiting for you to come home,” Madame B said, not bothering to turn and face the terrified brunette.

    “Madame B. I would say it’s nice to see you, but I think we both know that’s far from the truth.”

    “Oh, enough of this childishness. Come sit. We have much to discuss.”

    “And what if I don’t want to talk to you?”

    “If you don’t want to talk, then why did you come all this way?”

    “To kill you,” Arina stated shortly, feigning confidence.

    “You would really kill your own mother? That’s harsh, Arina. Even for you.”


    “I still don’t get it. Why is Arina so fixed on killing Madame B?” Yelena asked the other two women in the jet, which had been so kindly provided by Mason.

    “I have no idea. When I tried talking to her about it, she just closed down,” Natasha replied through the headset as she controlled the aircraft.

    “I’d seen them go into Madame B’s office together a few times. And Dreykov’s office, too, actually. They avoided each other like the plague when people could see them, but they were together a lot behind closed doors. And Arina is terrified of her, always has been,” Valeriya added.

    “That doesn’t make any sense. Arina never even talked about Madame B,” Yelena stated.

    “Oh my god,” Natasha mumbled, the color draining from her face.

    “What?” Yelena questioned. “Natasha, what?”

    “For a while, Madame B wasn’t working on-site. She was gone for three years, and only came back a few months before I showed up. That’s also when Arina was put in the Red Room, and she was three years old. And Arina’s weird accent when we were kids—it was a mix of French and Russian, and now Arina is chasing Madame B in France.”

    “What are you saying?”

    “What if Madame B’s time away from the Red Room was to cover up a pregnancy? And raising a child?” the redhead theorized. “What if Arina is Madame B’s daughter?”

    “Oh, shit. And the person Dreykov sent Madame B after was Arina,” Valeriya concluded.

    “We need to get to France faster,” Yelena decided with determination.


    Arina tucked her gun into its holster and sat in the rocking chair across from her mother’s. Her eyes scanned over her mother’s form. She had aged; her hair had turned grey and wrinkles decorated her face. It almost made her appear softer—kind, even. But her eyes...they were just as cold as they had always been.

    “So, you’ve just been sitting around here, waiting for me to show up?”

    “You make me sound lazy, Arina. No, I knew you’d come back, but I only began waiting for your arrival once the Widows were free. God, you know, I spent so much time trying to keep you away from that damn Romanova, but you always went crawling back to that whore.”

    “Watch it,” Arina spat, her hands itching to reach for the knife in her boot.

    “Oh, right. My apologies, I’ll try to refrain from talking about her. I know that’s been a sore subject ever since she heartlessly abandoned you and the little blonde girl.”

    “You can’t say shit about being heartless, Madame. You’ve hated me since the minute you gave birth to me. Hell, you’ve never even let me call you my mother.”

    “I couldn’t let you get soft! This world would’ve eaten you alive, Arina. But none of that matters now. The Red Room is gone. So is Dreykov. That’s all water under the bridge.”

    “Water under the bridge? Are you fucking insane? Dreykov sent you to kill your own daughter, and you were gonna do it. Actually, you’re probably still planning to. I was three and you put me into a program where I had to brutally murder my friends. It was a dance to the death, and you watched your own daughter fall down over and over without ever offering to help me up. For God’s sake, you enjoyed it! That is heartless.”

    “I was just protecting you, Arina-”

    “Cut the bullshit. You were never protecting me. You taught me how to fire a gun when I was a toddler, then sent me to the Red Room where I learned to use that against someone. That wasn’t protecting me, that was destroying me.”

    “One day, you will see all that I’ve done for you.”

    “Are you not even listening to me? The only thing you did was break me, but I’m done letting you get to me. I’m sorry, but I have to kill you. I don’t have a choice,” Arina cried, sniffling through traitorous tears.

    “There’s always a choice, Arina. But if you do kill me, just know that Natasha will never be enough for you. All she’ll ever do is make you weak.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I know. ‘Love is weakness’ and all that. But guess what, you’ve never felt love in your life, and now you’re a frail old lady. Wanna explain that one?”

    “After all this time, you still don’t get it. I took you away from her. We punished you over and over for protecting her and Yelena, but you always went back to them. You should’ve just killed her when I ordered you to. They’re nothing compared to you. You are the perfect weapon, and they are the Red Room’s greatest failures,” Madame B spat with disgust.

    “Even if they’re failures in your eyes, keeping them safe will always be my greatest success.”

    “Did you really? Did you honestly keep them safe?” the woman laughed.

    “Natasha got out. I kept the guards away from Yelena. They might be a little broken but they’ll put each other back together again.”

    “And what about you? I suppose you think I broke you beyond repair,” she scoffed.

    “No, I don’t think that. I think you absolutely destroyed me. I’ve forgotten who I was. I’m so damaged that I can barely stand to look at my own reflection. But somewhere beneath all that wreckage, I’m still me. And I can’t freely be me if you’re still around, so I’m sorry, but goodbye.”

    Arina drew her gun and aimed it at Madame B’s heart, unblinking and unwavering. She didn’t plan to hesitate, but she did. Her mother had tried to turn her into an unflinching weapon, but Natasha was her humanity. And it’s hard to kill your own mother when your humanity is, quite literally, barging in on the situation.

    “Arina, don’t,” Natasha warned as she ran out into the sunroom. “Don’t do this. I know she’s your mother, and I know she’s hurt you more than anyone, but don’t pull that trigger. You’ll never forgive yourself.”

    “She’s right, Arina,” Madame B stately calmly. “You aren’t strong enough to do this.”

    “It’s not a matter of strength. It’s who you are, Arina. And you’re my Aria. Please don’t do this,” Natasha begged, Yelena standing beside her with pleading eyes.

    “I know. I’m sorry I couldn’t be who you thought I was, Talia,” Arina apologized as her finger tightened around the trigger. A gunshot rang out in the room.

    Arina looked down at her own chest, analyzing the rapidly spreading stain of blood ruining her shirt. She collapsed to her knees, dropping her gun to the ground.

    Natasha spun around, catching sight of Valeriya with her weapon raised.

    “What the hell did you do?” Natasha spat at the Widow before rushing over to help Arina.

    “Ah, Valeriya. How nice of you to finally show up,” Madame B said with a smile as she stood from her chair. “She’ll be dead in minutes. Let’s go.”

    Yelena, snapping out of her daze, raised her gun and shot Madame B, dead center of the forehead. Valeriya barely had time to raise her gun again before she was dead on the floor.

    “Thank you,” Natasha breathed to her younger sister. “Now help me before she bleeds out.”

    Stepping over the fallen bodies, Yelena rushed to Natasha’s side and put pressure on Arina’s wound.

    “Th-thank you,” Arina coughed. “You’re my everything. Both of you. I’m s- I’m sorry.”

    “Shut the fuck up,” Yelena snapped. “I’m so sick of everybody talking like they’re going to die. Nobody is dying. So just shut the fuck up.”

    “She’s right, Aria. You’re not going anywhere. Just hold on,” Natasha instructed as she grabbed a blanket and held it against the wound. “Come on, Lena, we gotta get her to the jet.”

    They picked Arina up and practically dragged her back to the jet. She passed out a few seconds after they lifted her, but they made it.

    Yelena jumped into the cockpit and took off while Natasha tended to Arina. Tapping her cheek, she whispered, “Come on, Aria. Wake up for me, детка.”

    “I’m up,” Arina mumbled, her eyes slowly blinking open.

    “Good. Don’t fall asleep on me now, okay? I need you.”

    “No, you don’t. You’ve always been stronger than me. I need you, though. I wish we could’ve had forever together, Talia.”

    “I love you, Aria,” Natasha cried as Arina’s eyes slipped closed again. “Wait, wait, Aria, wake up. Wake up! Aria! Yelena, fly faster! She’s- oh god, she’s gonna die.”

    “She’s not gonna die, сестра. Mom will know what to do,” Yelena yelled back from the cockpit, her voice trembling with uncertainty. Melina will know what to do.

    #natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x oc #natasha romanoff x reader #black widow #black widow x oc #black widow x reader #natasha romanoff fic #natasha romanoff angst #natasha romanoff fluff #natasha romanoff series #beneath the wreckage #i disappeared but now im kind of back
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  • ladycheshire107
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Marvel Fanfiction!!

    Hey everyone! Meet Jo Anderson! She is my OC from the book Bruises I am writing. You can find it on Wattpad and Quotev!

    Bascially! Jo, no one else knows this, is the Sparrow, a deadly weapon created by HYDRA. Here’s the blurb! (I don’t think it does the story justice though...)

    Johanna 'Jo' Anderson was born in 1946. The unknown daughter of Steve Rogers. When Jo is kidnapped by HYDRA at the age of 13, her life is ruined. Experimented on. Beaten. Destroyed. Much like Bucky, she was forced to kill. But as the years passed, as did the time in Cryopreservation. One day, Jo found the HYDRA facility she was locked in absolutely abandoned. When unknown people start showing up, she tries not to kill them. But suddenly more people are coming, and one of them she remembers. They want to help. But she doesn't trust anyone. How can she become herself again? And how can she keep herself hidden from the HYDRA agents who intend to take her back? (This is an AU before Infinity War and End Game, but after Civil War. They sorted things out, and Tony still doesn't trust Bucky, but they all live at the Avenger's Compound.

    What do you think? Sounds intriguing, don’t it?

    (Also the art is from pinterest, I take zero credit for it)

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  • dreamysreverie
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Smutty Sunday

    Hi! Welcome to smutty sunday. You're probably wondering what it is, well the title says enough as it is.

    Smutty sunday is where I'll be taking blurb and drabble, headcanons requests for the characters I'll write, with anything that is smut (of course)

    These requests will close around midnight (New Zealand standard time)

    Look at my navigation and requesting rules before requesting, and then we should be good! This is just a fun concept cause well its sunday and I'm bored so why not

    This can go from milf! Wanda x reader or even dark! Natasha x reader, you can be specific, I'll try my best with your request.

    #Wanda maximoff x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #wandanat x reader #carol danvers x reader #sharon carter x reader #wanda maximoff smut #natasha romanoff smut #carol danvers smut
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  • bugboyandtomatoman
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I want a Budapest movie/series so bad 😩

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  • lesbian-deadpool
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #lesbian deadpools 15k follower celebration #15k follower celebration #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff#marvel#MCU
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  • phoenixyfriend
    28.11.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Okay so I was watching this video for fic reasons, and after jokingly grading her shoes for combat in every scene, I started poking at what makes the Widows in general have such a different fighting style from, say, Xu Xialing in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

    It's utterly divorced in tone! Because, okay, here's the thing: the Widows fight ugly. Even with how they're acrobatic (especially in earlier movies), it's very much a down and dirty style. Not in the sense of "spit in your eye, throw sand, groin shot" dirty, but in the sense of the movements themselves. The Widows fight effectively, but it involves a lot of leverage that gets in way close.

    Like the way the Ta-Lo people fight is very... redirecting? They use leverage, but it's distant and elegant, and the Ten Rings people mostly dodge and punch, and it's very direct and strong.

    Meanwhile, you punch a Widow? She takes the hit, uses it to pull you closer, and headbutts you until you can break free.

    Which imo makes sense, because the Shang-Chi cast fights in really old traditions that go back thousands of years, and you get the feeling that even when fighting for their lives, their drawing on the fact that they've practiced in very controlled settings, and even grappling is like...

    IDK how to describe it.

    I keep thinking about how the cage match went, the way Xialing fought, and it's... in theory, as a small woman fighting barehanded against someone she's really angry at, fast and specializing in hand-to-hand against other humans, you'd expect it to be the most similar to a Widow. You'd expect her to have that same energy.

    But it's really, really not, because Xia-Ling is still really controlled. She steps back, she kicks and retreats, she does grapple in ways that apply leverage, but it never looks the same type of feral/brutal as the Widows go for, and that's probably part environment, because Xia-Ling was self-taught and she's, especially in that fight, in control of the entire situation because it's her building.

    And the Widows, even when in control, always seem a little desperate and a little wild. Hell, it might just be the facial expressions, because the Widows all grimace and bare their teeth in ways Xia-Ling just... doesn't? I guess?

    Help I don't know what I'm saying, I just know the Widows fight to get in close and absolutely savage their opponent and the Shang-Chi cast actual tends to keep an arm's length away unless they're in the middle of an active punch or kick

    Obviously a lot of this comes down to the genre because Shang-Chi really is a kung fu movie, while Natasha's appearances are way more on the gritty spy sort of vibe, but. Like. Help I need someone to make these words work.

    Anyway, have some gifs of Natasha vs. Yelena, Natasha vs. HYDRA goon, Natasha vs. Bucky, and Xialing vs. Shang-Chi.

    All of them are incredibly skilled at hand to hand! But holy shit are the Widows brutal about it in ways that you don't see with the Xu siblings.

    Anyway, have some gifs of Natasha grimacing when she fights because I got really into finding these:

    Like yeah sometimes the director has her make the pretty faces but I'm really amused by how often she just looks incredibly pissed off as she fights.

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  • thenthesunset
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If only we could have Natasha, Yelena, Clint, and Kate in one movie.


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  • thenigotthisfamily
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #yelena and natasha #natasha and yelena #black widow fanfiction #yelena belova#natasha romanoff #black widow 2021 #sisters
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  • youre-a-total--poser
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #natasha romanoff#mama nat #natasha x daughter!reader #natasha x you #natasha's kid #natasha romanoff x daughter!reader #natasha romanoff x teen #natasha x gn!teen!reader #natasha romanoff x y/n #natasha romanoff x you #natasha romanoff x teen!reader #natasha x gender neutral reader #natasha romanoff x gender neutral reader #natasha romanoff x gn!reader #natasha romanoff x teen reader
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  • traveler-at-heart
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Is it time to think about Christmas fics? Let me know if there’s any ideas on what that might look like 🧐

    #natasha romanoff x reader
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  • marvel-fanfic-writer-8675
    28.11.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Meeting The Parents HC

    Pairing: this has Bucky, Steve, Tony, Loki, Natasha, and Clint (part 2 will have Wanda, Thor, Pietro, Bruce, Peter P, and Sam)
    Warnings: some angst, some fluff, a lot of anxious Avengers, bad relationship between reader and parents sometimes
    Summary: this has a bunch of characters if they were your partner and were in the situation of meeting your parents
    AN: I know I have done a Nat and Bucky fic that’s kinda like meeting the parents, but these are different scenarios, so are still fun me new to read

    Steve Rogers:

    You weren’t sure why you were nervous, he was America’s Golden Boy, of course your parents would love him

    You were headed there for a family reunion, and you were apparently ‘required’ to bring this boyfriend you constantly talked about

    Your father was always protective of you, hence you never brought home a guy before but you and Steve had been dating for over a year, it was time

    Steve was also nervous, but less than you

    On the way there, he could see you getting nervous in the passenger seat, a platter of homemade cookies in your lap, so he reached over and gave your hand a reassuring squeeze, you looked over to him and gave him a soft smile

    You went up to the door and your mother had opened it, your father standing behind her, “oh you must be Steve it’s wonderful to meet you” your mother then gave him a hug and then gave you one too

    Your father gave Steve’s hand a shake and a nod of his head, at Steve’s strong grip

    You two followed your mother into the house to set the cookies on the table, the rest of your family greeted you and your boyfriend, everyone was welcoming, especially the kids

    The kids were all amazed that your boyfriend was THE Captain America!

    The teenagers were even impressed which was an impossible feat

    Your sister’s husband also reassured Steve that your father was always like that in the beginning but came around after a little while

    The lunch was incredible and everyone enjoyed themselves, you both headed back home happy and feeling accomplished

    Bucky Barnes:

    Your family could be a lot, you had one sister and your parents loved you both dearly but were super embarrassing, and they got attached to your boyfriends super quickly

    This is partially why you put off having them meet Bucky, you knew he was sometimes shy around new people, but Bucky was very insistent that he really wanted to meet your parents

    You finally relented when Bucky gave you the puppy dog eyes, and said you could go visit them for the long weekend next week, since you had Monday off of work. He was ecstatic.

    You arrived after dinner and your parents opened the door before you even had a chance to knock, your parents gave you the biggest hugs ever

    When Bucky tried to be formal with names and handshakes your parents refused, they welcomed him to the family and gave him hugs of the same level as you. Bucky was just smiling the whole time

    It was late so you all went to sleep straight away, the next day your sister, her family and grandparents all came over and gave Bucky the same treatment, welcoming him to the family with lots of hugs. Bucky loved it

    It was time to leave and your family was sad you guys had to go. Bucky thanked them for being so welcoming and said he was excited to come back soon

    In the car on the way home you tried to apologize for your embarrassing family but Bucky stopped you, “Doll, my dad was an alcoholic and never there, my ma worked non stop to give us a decent life and I took care of my sisters for my ma, your family is the one I wished for a a a kid. No I would never change a thing about my childhood, but being there, with a big happy family was nice, and I loved it, and I love you.” You smiled at him and leaned over and gave him a quick kiss as not to distract him from driving.

    Tony Stark:

    You were slightly worried about Tony meeting your parents but he was running around like a chicken without a head due to his nerves

    He had never met a girlfriend’s parents before, you were his first real relationship. Which was another reason he was scared. What if your family hated him because of his playboy phase? Or thought he would just cheat on you?

    He had voiced his fears to you when you asked what was wrong, you then told him to stop it with the what if’s, your family would love him, and you loved him, no matter what they thought

    You were meeting them for dinner at their house which was around an hour away, and you were driving, you weren’t letting Happy drive you there like Tony suggested and Tony was way to anxious to drive properly

    You arrived just on time but there were also a few extra cars in the driveway…..your parents had invited the whole family….

    Your nieces and nephews ran out of the house when they saw your car pull in, excited to see you and when they heard iron man was coming with you they were even more excited

    “I didn’t know they were coming” you defended yourself when Tony sent you a questioning look, you sighed and grabbed his hands, “we got this babe, I love you” you gave him a kiss and stepped out of the car

    “Auntie Y/N” the children excitingly yelled and ran to hug, more like tackle, you. You laughed and Tony came around the car, you smiled at him as the kids ran to hug him too, he chuckled and hugged them back, normally he didn’t like hugs too much, unless they were from you, but he seemed to enjoy this.

    You guys walked inside and were greeted by your brother, sister, their husbands and your parents. “Hope you weren’t overwhelmed by the welcome party” your brother joked, referring to the kids. Everyone laughed at that

    Your father was surprisingly welcoming, I guess he was just glad you had finally found someone, being the oldest and the only one unmarried and without kids

    Dinner flew by, filled with embarrassing stories about you, and some about Tony from you, the kids loved hearing the ones about Iron Man, and it definitely gave Tony an ego boost, for better or for worse

    Clint Barton:

    Your parents didn’t exactly approve of your career choice, being an Avenger and all, so the chances of them approving of your relationship were slim

    You told Clint this and he was very understanding and agreed that you guys didn’t have to meet with them

    One day you two had gone out to a fair that was in town, Clint used to be in the circus so he wanted to go, it reminded him of home

    You spotted your parents there and told Clint, you guys decided to just try to blend in, this didn’t work out very well when they were behind you in line for funnel cake, that Clint ‘needed’ to try

    Your parents were surprised to see you and asked who the dashing man beside you was, hoping it was your boyfriend, “Mom, Dad, this is Clint, my boyfriend, we work together” you quietly said the last part knowing they wouldn’t like that part

    “Oh your ‘job’ where you goof off and punch some people,” your dad complained, “oh even better, you’re the ones with the arrows,” your mom rolled her eyes, “you at least couldn’t have chosen one of the good looking, popular ones?” She rudely questioned.

    That was your breaking point, you sternly told her that Clint was perfect and you loved him, and if her or your dad couldn’t understand that then they should just keep their mouths shut

    Your father just reprimanded you saying, “you know I thought we were done with this superhero nonsense, you are just a freak with a bunch of other freaks” Clint just flipped them off and dragged you away

    “I Love you my little dove, don’t listen to what they say” he calmed you as you were now crying, you just hugged him and told him how much you loved him over and over again

    That night you both fell asleep with the agreement that you never had to see or contact your parents again, you had each other and the team as your family and that was all you needed

    Natasha Romanoff:

    You were bringing Nat home to meet your parents after weeks of her asking, you were reluctant not because you feared them not accepting you and her together but because you feared your family would scare Nat away

    Your family was over the top to say the least, they were now throwing a party just because you said you would be in town with your girlfriend

    They lived over in North Carolina so it was a little bit of a flight

    You arrived there and Nat was super excited, your brother and father picked you up from the airport and greeted Nat, you guys drove home and your mom greeted both of you with a huge hug

    The rest of your family flowed in throughout the next hour and once you were all there you had a BBQ in the back

    Nat and you ended up playing superhero’s with the children, Nat showed the kids a few of her moves and they were all amazed, even the adults were

    You guys stayed for the night in your childhood bedroom, Nat found your old room adorable while to you it was just embarrassing you had (your celebrity crush’s) posters up in your room and a bunch of stuffed animals

    You flew home the next morning, your family was sad to see Nat go and said you guys better be back soon, especially for the holidays

    Loki Laufeyson:

    Loki was nervous, he tried to play it cool, and it might have fooled some, but you knew him better than that

    Loki was meeting your parents for the first time, and after his bad relationship with his father and the whole New York thing….he was scared and nervous

    You tried reassuring him they didn’t care about New York and would love him, and you would continue to love him regardless of what they thought but it wasn’t working

    You were meeting at their house for a dinner party with your brother and his boyfriend as well, so Loki then was more freaked out that more people would be there to not like him

    Loki spent 2 hours getting ready and asking you if clothes looked good, he was the fashionista in the relationship, finally he found a nice outfit that he felt was decent enough and proceeded to do his hair

    Loki insisted on teleporting you both there because he hated driving or riding in cars, you appeared at the front door, and Loki had magicked flowers for you mother, “flatterer,” you joked elbowing him lightly in the side, he laughed, your plan working, his nerves were lessened

    Your family opened the door and welcomed you, then turned their attention to Loki, “so, you must be Loki, we’ve heard so much about you” your mom said smiling

    “That I am Mrs. Y/L/N, and these are for you” he handed your mother the flowers, no mention of New York was brought up that night and your family loved him, once he opened up that was,

    In the beginning of the night he was his closed off, quiet, reserved self but once you opened that shell he was the joking, kind, sarcastic god that you fell in love with

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  • scorpioaes
    28.11.2021 - 3 hours ago

    my brain has been on this shit for the last couple days- what do y’all think?

    maybe a law school au?

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  • yellowvxbes
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    #yellowanswers#saturday blurbs#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff fluff #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff blurb #natasha romanoff drabble #natasha romanoff imagine #blackhill #blackhill x reader #mommy!natasha x little!reader #mommy!nat x little!reader #mommy!nat #mommy!natasha #maria hill fluff #maria hill #maria hill x reader #maria hill drabble #maria hill blurb #maria hill imagine
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