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    Count To Three | N. Romanoff

    pairing: soft!mommy!natasha x brat!reader

    summary: A few weeks have passed since Natasha almost lost you, and her need to protect you had doubled because of it. Tripled, even. But when you start to give the redhead a bratty attitude, it brings out a side of Natasha you had never seen before.

    warnings: angst, spanking, smut, shower sex, fingering, oral (r receiving), fluff

    When you woke up and saw your girlfriend’s side of the bed empty, you couldn’t help but feel relieved. You loved the redhead, you really did, but ever since it happened, she had become almost unbearable.

    She had been protective of you since the moment you met, but ever since you left the hospital, her protective nature had become overwhelming. You felt like you were being smothered, even though you knew deep down that wasn't her intent.

    By the time you had thrown your feet over your side of the bed, Natasha was back. She was at your side in seconds, snaking her arms underneath yours to help you stand up. Even though there was nothing wrong with your legs.

    "Nat, I've got it." But still her arms remained on you, holding you, guiding you. "Baby, I can do it. You don't have to-" Natasha cut you off by pressing her lips to yours, kissing you briefly and cautiously. She pulled away as quickly as she'd leaned in.

    That only made your frustration grow. The redheaded Russian woman you called your girlfriend hadn't touched you in weeks, other than when she would take care of you or steal a kiss. But the kisses that she stole were always too small, and too brief.

    You leaned forward, desperate to feel her lips on yours again, and for longer this time. But you were stopped just as your hot breath could be felt on her lips. Natasha had her hands on your face now, holding it gently and preventing you from getting any closer.

    "Natty, please..." She wouldn't budge. And the more you persisted, the greater the distance between your two bodies became. You'd had enough. "Fine! Fucking forget it!" You tried to storm off, but the older woman grabbed hold of your wrist.

    "Don't be like that," she warned. You couldn't help but scoff at her and yank your arm back. Natasha was taken back by your behavior and the actions produced by it. You'd never acted that way toward her before. "Y/N, stop it. Stop acting like such a-"

    "No! You don't get to do that! You don't get t-" You choked on your own words as your eyes started to burn, your vision becoming clouded and blurred by pools of tears that were forming in them.

    You turned to walk away, slapping her hand when she grabbed at your wrist again. "I don't need your help to take a goddamn shower, Romanoff! Besides, you've made it very clear that you don't want to touch me anymore!"

    With that, you walked out of your shared bedroom, leaving Nat there with hurt evident on her delicate features. You slammed the bathroom door behind you, then turned on the shower and stripped out of your clothes.

    You sighed as you looked down at your abdomen, slowly removing the bloody gauze. You couldn't help but cry when you saw the healing wound; a combination of the hole that had been left by the bullet, and the long gash from the surgery that saved you.

    You cried as you remembered begging the man not to hurt the small child. You cried as you remembered using your body as a shield to protect them. And when you heard the phantom sound of a gun going off, you broke down completely.

    Natasha was pacing in the bedroom, fiddling with her hands as she moved. You were right to be upset, she knew that, but she didn't appreciate how you reacted. And she wouldn't let you get away with it, either.

    But Natasha also missed you. She missed touching you, and having you touch her. She missed the way your bodies would be so perfectly tangled up together, before...She'd been plagued with the fear of losing you ever since, terrified of hurting you.

    The redhead came to a decision, storming into the bathroom after ridding her body of the clothes she'd been wearing. She joined you in the shower before you could say no. And when you did go to protest, she stopped you by slamming her lips onto yours.

    It wasn't like the previous kiss, or any of the other stolen pecks since you were in the hospital. No, this time, Natasha didn't hesitate or hold back. This kiss was forceful and rough, yet still so intensely passionate.

    "Nata-shit!" You yelped when you felt her hand come down hard on the left side of your ass once, twice, three times. Natasha repeated her actions on the right cheek, surely leaving your entire ass bright red. "What the fuck was that for?!"

    "For being a brat. For slamming doors, for hitting mommy, for walking away from me." Natasha gripped your hip roughly with one hand and lowered the other between your thighs. You gasped at the contact and instinctively bucked your hips.

    Natasha hummed as she felt you grind yourself against her hand, her lips leaving a trail of kisses along your jaw and down to your neck. You felt her beginning to suck on your sweet spot in the same moment that you felt her bury her finger inside of you.

    "And that's for putting up with me," Natasha mumbled against your skin as she kissed the dark purple mark she'd left behind. "It's been a long time, detka. Too long." You felt your lips begin to part, a moan slowly creeping up your throat.

    It was quickly caught by Nat's soft lips crashing onto yours again, as was the next one and every other moan that tried to escape from you as Natasha added a second finger and began to roughly pound them into you while her thumb rubbed your clit.

    Natasha could feel your walls clenching around her fingers, your legs shaking. "That's it, printsessa. You're taking mommy's fingers so well. You're such a good girl for me." You whimpered against her lips when she kissed you again.

    You could feel yourself getting closer and closer to the edge, and you have to throw your arms around her to keep yourself upright because of how badly your legs are shaking. "Can feel you squeezing my fingers, baby. You gonna cum for mommy?"

    "M-Mommy," you whined as your hand gripped her wrist, trying to pull her hand away. Not because you didn't want your release, but because you wanted something more. "What is it, sweet girl? Use your words."

    "Mouth...I-I want..." Natasha chuckled and gave you one last kiss before getting down on her knees on the shower floor, more than ready to comply. She licked along the wet lips of your cunt, moaning at the taste.

    "This pretty pussy is all mine," she groaned into your heat before burying her tongue inside your dripping core. You were writhing above her, hands tangled in her red hair. She was amazing with her fingers, but even better with her mouth.

    "M-Mommy...Nat...f-fuck, I'm gonna! I-I...GOD!" Natasha hummed as you came on her tongue, eagerly drinking up as much of your arousal as she could before standing back up. You collapsed against her, Natasha's arms wrapping around your waist.

    "I'm sorry," your older girlfriend whispered. "I almost lost you, and it scared the shit out of me. And I thought that if I kissed you, or I touched you...I thought I would hurt you, so I kept my distance. But never again."

    "Promise?" You mumbled as you felt her hot breath hit your lips. "I promise, dorogaya. I love you. So goddamn much." Natasha reached behind you, one arm still holding you close, and turned off the running water.

    "How about you let mommy bandage you back up and we get you into some clean clothes, then we can spend the rest of the day cuddled up on the couch? Maybe we can watch some cartoons an-" "And I can have some of mommy's milk?"

    Natasha chuckled as she carried you into your shared bedroom. Before the shower, it had been weeks since your girlfriend's hands roamed your body or since she'd kissed you properly. It had been equally as long since you got to fall asleep with her breast in your mouth. "Anything for you, moya lyubov."

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    03.08.2021 - 26 minutes ago

    i decided to hop on this trend or is it one yet ? old but yeah follow !!

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    03.08.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    BLACK WIDOW 2021 | dir. Cate Shortland

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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #dulceadastra #ch: natasha romanoff
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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Seeing my emotional support Russians in theatres again (discount movie day!)

    Pls send memes for Natasha, Yelena, and Melina. 🥺

    #ooc: out of cake #mutuals only please #Yelena Belova #natasha romanoff rp #melina vostokoff
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  • widowsthings
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Yelena: Are you marrying Captain America?

    Natasha: Yelena, shut up.

    Yelena: (mocking offence) Hey, I'm just wondering.

    Natasha: (ignoring her)

    Yelena: Ok, I'll stop. But can you imagine it? The press will be crazy! You will be the Avenger's power couple.

    Natasha: Yelena...

    Yelena: Ok, ok. But really, it would be the wedding of the century!

    Natasha: (looking daggers at her)

    Yelena: (feigning innocence) I mean, he has literary lived a whole century.

    Yelena: (smiling mirthfully) And it almost took him that long to realize you were flirting with him...

    #natasha romanoff#yelena belova#black widow#marvel #natasha and yelena #avengers#mcu #incorrect marvel quotes #marvel cinematic universe #incorrect black widow #mcu incorrect quotes #black widow headcanon #black widow spoilers #captasha#capwidow #black widow and captain america #captain america#romanogers
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  • alteredcanon
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @oxtaiiiled said: “ i trust you. ” / from clint to nat.

    "I think you're just saying that because I have coffee." She passed him the cup, which was in fact for him. She set down the take away on the counter. "You don't even know what the food is."

    #oxtaiiiled : Clint Barton #oxtaiiiled #queued ∞ so organized #muse ∞ Natasha Romanoff
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  • idk-what-im-doing-here
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the opening credits of black widow are immaculate, I can't stress this enough. the music, the cinematography, the everything.

    what makes it scarier is how realistic and depressing it is. human trafficking. children being brainwashed and turned into killers. nat's life in the red room (and the trauma she got from it) was mentioned in the age of ultron so many times, but instead of emphasizing on this part of it, they chose to focus on how nat is a "monster" because she can't have kids. I'm so glad that the movie didn't sugarcoat this, but I think they could've told us more about the red room, and how natasha actually escaped and dealt with the trauma after she escaped.

    the opening credits give me goosebumps. every single time.

    #like i cant say enough about it #They're literally beautiful #marvel#mcu#black widow #black widow spoilers #bw#bw spoilers#natasha romanoff#yelena belova #the red room #black widows #tw human trafficking #what the actual fuck #this was a job done great
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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    this shot.

    just this shot on its own is so powerful.

    "here we are now, entertain us"
    #marvel#mcu#black widow #black widow spoilers #bw#bw spoilers#natasha romanoff#yelena belova #the red room #bro this shits dark asf
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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    the fact that the entire movie nat kept calling the avengers her family and there wasn't one sign of the avengers at her gravestone is just very... confusing to me.

    #marvel#mcu#black widow #black widow spoilers #bw#bw spoilers#natasha romanoff#avengers#the avengers #im not crying i swear #its angering me sm
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  • yellowvxbes
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Mistake: Chapter Two

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

    Summary: During your forced stay, you take tests which give concerning results. Wanda saves you from Natasha’s aggression, which results in romance sparking between you two, and a reunion with your cat. Wanda might have saved you, but when an attack on the compound happens, will you save her?

    Word Count: 2,016

    Warnings: Fighting, implied trauma, explosions, gunshots, yelling, and cursing.

    A/N: Welcome to chapter two folks! Some drama is going to go down this chapter and the next so… stay tuned ;)

    Chapter One

    “Hey- get up!” You woke up to Natasha shaking you aggressively, hovering over your half-asleep form.

    “Shit- shit okay, give me a minute.” You mumbled, rubbing the sleep out of your eyes. She gave you a pinched expression, but moved over to the door while you woke up. “What do you need?” You finally said, throwing a hand up in annoyance.

    “We have to go to the lab with Bruce. We need to run some tests and stuff.” She said, tapping her foot impatiently. You stretched, trying to fully wake up, and finally stood up.

    “Lead the way.” You said, gesturing towards the door. The redhead gave a tight nod, and walked down the hallway while you followed closely behind her.

    You both finally reached what seemed to be a very technically advanced lab. There were hospital beds lined up in a row against a wall, and a bunch of machines hooked up to a monitor and a computer. You had to say you were incredibly impressed. You knew Tony Stark made a lot of new and fancy technology, but this was beyond your wildest dreams.

    “Hello, you must be Y/N, I’m Bruce.” You turned your gaze over to see a man with graying hair and a lab coat on. He held out his hand for you to shake, and you shook it while he gave you a respectful nod.

    “Nice to meet you Bruce. I already know that I’m here to do tests of some sort, so what tests are you running on me?” You asked, sitting down on one of the hospital beds Bruce gestured towards. Bruce sat down on a chair in front of you, and pulled out a needle, making a pit of dread form in your stomach. You hated needles. You always had, ever since you were a child you hated needles and anything to do with them. “I thought we were just doing tests on my brain- why do you have to take my blood?” You asked timidly.

    “We have to go do standardized testing as well. For records and general information.” Bruce stated while slipping the needle under your skin. You winced, but stayed still.

    After Bruce finished all of your physical exams, he finally remarked,

    “Alright, the physical part of this exam is over. Now Y/N, I’m sure you are aware, but Wanda has made it clear that your brain has put up some sort of barrier, making it near impossible to get any data for us to compare with Hydra data. Now normally, I’d say we leave it be, but given the accusations of your associations with Hydra, we will have to get to the bottom of this.” He paused, and let out a sigh, “I’m sorry Y/N. I know this is difficult, but it's a safety procedure that we can’t avoid.” He finished.

    You gave him a pained expression, but he knew you understood. He might be the nicest person here. Besides Wanda. Wait where even is Wanda- You thought to yourself, but before you could ask your question, Bruce started to put a metal headcast over your head. It felt weirdly cold, and Bruce tightened it so you couldn’t move your head around.

    “Okay Y/N, this may hurt so I encourage you to lay down. This is to monitor your brain activity while Nat will ask you some questions again.” Hopefully it won’t be as painful as last time. You bitterly thought.

    You heard a loud beep, and an automatic voice stated, “Brain activity recording.”

    “What’s your full name?” You heard the redhead ask.

    “Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N.”

    “When were you born?”


    “Have you heard of the organization Hydra before you came into our compound?”

    “No.” You saw Natasha glance over at the monitor. Her brows furrowed, and she glanced back over to you.

    “Bruce did you see that?” Bruce gave a small nod and when you glanced over, you saw a grim expression painted on both of their faces.

    “Uh, what is it?” You asked worriedly. Natasha and Bruce looked at each other, and Bruce replied with uncertainty,

    “So your brain’s activity was normal- but at the mention of Hydra… it’s like it panicked. I don’t know if you physically noticed but your panic response kicked in.” You rubbed the back of your neck and with a panicked tone you replied,

    “I don’t know what’s going on either, okay? I’ve seriously never heard of Hydra.” Bruce seemed to believe you, but Natasha raised a brow and gave you a suspicious expression in response.

    After a moment of silence, Bruce finally cautioned, “Y/N, do you think it’s possible Hydra wiped your memory? Or that there’s some sort of trauma response blocking access to your memories because-” He gave an anxious pause and sighed, “-this just doesn’t make any sense. I mean our records are right Y/N. I’ve double checked and triple checked- it all matches. I know our technology isn’t lying to me, it’s made by Tony fucking Stark. This just doesn’t make any sense…” He muttered.

    You fidgeted, and absentmindedly rubbed your arms for comfort. “I don’t know- I really don’t know. M-maybe? C-can we please just have a break? This is giving me a headache.” You stuttered, trying to ignore the explosion of pain in your head.

    Natasha scoffed, “Yeah whatever, Y/N. You’ll have to get more tests done tomorrow, so don’t think you’re getting out of this. But it’s time for lunch and I’m hungry, so let’s go.” Bruce gave a nod about Natasha’s acknowledgment of food.

    “You’re probably hungry Y/N, especially after all those exhausting tests, anyone would be tired and hungry. Follow Natasha, you can have lunch with the rest of the team.”

    You followed Natasha into an elevator with a confusing amount of buttons, and after she pushed the main floor button, she shoved you into the wall.

    “What the hell Natasha! I thought you were over beating the living fuck out of me for no reason!” You snarled, straightening your posture.

    “Oh please! You might be fooling everyone else but I see right through you. I know you’re working for Hydra, don’t try to play those games with me. And while you’re manipulating people into thinking you’re not, I’m going to keep an eye on you because-” She stepped into your space, and stared you down. “-no one hurts my family.” She growled.

    “I’m not going to hurt anyone!” You said, desperately trying not to get your ass beaten again. “I’m not working for anyone even Wanda said she couldn’t see it, she wouldn’t lie! Why are you being like this?”

    “Oh shut up! I know what you’re doing!” She shoved you into the wall once again, one moment away from giving another punch to your face for no fucking reason.

    Before she could, the elevator doors opened, and Wanda stormed in, using her powers to slam Natasha into the opposite walls.

    “WHAT THE HELL NATASHA!” She swore, wrapping her arm around your shoulder in an attempt to comfort you. “You can’t just treat them like that just because you’re paranoid! Now get the fuck out!” She screamed, aggressively pointing her finger to the door.

    Natasha scurried out of the elevator, looking like a scolded child. You wiped a tear off your cheek, trying to recover from the intense encounter. “You alright?” Wanda asked gently as she pressed the button to your floor. “I’m sorry about Nat… I promise she isn’t that bad- she just gets paranoid and nervous, she’ll come around eventually.”

    Sure she will. You bitterly thought, but you just gave Wanda an appreciative nod while you both walked in comfortable silence back to your room.

    You sat down on your bed, and Wanda joined you. “I’m sorry the past 48 hours have been so stressful.” She said, looking down at her lap, guilt written all over her face.

    “It’s okay Wanda. It’s not your fault, you’ve made these 48 hours a hell of a lot better than they would have been without you.” You replied, looking into her deep blue eyes. She looked up and met your gaze, as she grasped onto your hands and gave them a light squeeze.

    “You deserve that… and I understand what you’re going through. I've gone through some… tough situations too with Hydra. And I believe you. I saw what’s going on, it’s a wall for you too. It was like that for me for a while until I had to break them down myself… And whatever is past that wall… is totally okay. It’s- it’s going to be okay. And I won’t let anyone here hurt you, okay?” Wanda promised.

    “Thank you… it means a lot to me.” You said, scooting closer to her, only a couple inches away from her face. She looked down at your lips, but before your lips could meet, you’re interrupted by the door abruptly being unlocked and slammed open.

    You both jumped away from each other, and looked up to see Steve holding Mittens against his chest with one of his arms. “Oh uh… Sorry.” He mumbled, rubbing his neck awkwardly with his free arm. “I just went over to your apartment and saw this little guy, and I assumed you should probably have him back.” Steve finished while he put Mittens down on the floor.

    The tiny black and white kitten meowed and ran over to you, immediately rubbing up against your legs. You grinned, and picked him up. “Can someone grab some supplies? He’ll need food while we stay here.” You said, while also cooing at the small, precious kitten in your arms.

    “I fed him at your apartment, but yeah I’ll go grab some other stuff for him. He’ll probably need a litter box and a cat bed and some other things I’m blanking on. Sorry for… interrupting.” Steve smirked, leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

    Wanda and you sat in awkward silence for a brief moment, before Wanda stated, “So, why the name Mittens?”

    “Oh, well as you can see this little guy for the majority is black, but he has all white paws. When I saw him on the street, I just immediately thought his little paws looked like white wool mittens, it was just such a cute feature to me. So that’s how I choose the name.” Mittens jumped out of your arms, choosing to lay down in your lap instead while you stroked his head.

    “Oh that’s cute-” Your stomach let out a loud grumble, causing you both to burst out in laughter.

    “Sorry!” You chuckled, causing Mittens to give you a sour look for interrupting his nap.

    “I’ll go grab us some lunch from the kitchen, you must be hungry.” Wanda said, standing up. “I’ll be right back, it should only take a few minutes.” You gave her a nod and smiled while she left.

    Mittens purred peacefully, and you smiled. “I missed you little buddy.” You whispered, stroking his cheek. “This will be our home for a while babe, but it’ll be okay. I think-” Your cooing to your cat was interrupted by a loud bang.

    “SHIT!” You shouted, while Mittens scurried under the bed. You heard screams from downstairs, and you hid under the bed, holding Mittens close to your chest.

    “Shit shit shit…”

    You flinched when you heard loud footsteps echoing down the hallway, and you held Mittens even tighter.

    A loud knock is banged against your door. “I know someone’s in here! Come out now and it will make this easier for both of us!” You heard a muffled voice declare.

    The footsteps walked away from your door, causing you to let out a sigh of relief. But before you fully relaxed, you heard Wanda scream,

    “HELP!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!! Y/N!!!”

    “WANDA?” You hollered back, standing up near the door, pressing your ear against it, Mittens still against your chest. You heard her begin to say something, but then a gunshot went off and an eerie silence washed over the building.

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    Yelena: In my defense, I was left unsupervised. Natasha: Wasn't Y/N with you? Y/N: In my defense, I was also left unsupervised.

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  • wlwfanfictionss
    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Steve: Bucky, keep an eye on Sam today. They're going to say something to the wrong person and get punched. Bucky: Sure, I’d love to see Sam get punched. Steve: Try again. Bucky, sighing: I will stop Sam from getting punched.

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    03.08.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The thing I love about Clint and Natasha is how close they are without being romantic that’s important but not done enough in media.

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  • bisexual-chupacabra
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    *Natasha walks into the room laughing and talking to Steve*
    Y/N: *gasp* oh my god
    Peter: Are you okay?
    Y/N: I think I'm having a heart attack.
    Peter: Symptoms quick!
    Y/N: tight chest, sweaty palms, nausea
    Peter: Do you smell burnt toast?
    *Natasha looks at Y/N and smiles*
    Y/N: *disoriented noises*
    Peter: and slurred speech. WebMD says you're either having a stroke or you're in love.
    #incorrect quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect avengers#marvel#mcu universe#avengers#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff x reader #black widow#peter parker#spider man #peter parker x sibling!reader #peter parker x reader #steve rodgers#captain america #steve rogers x reader #steve rodgers x reader #marvel x reader #mcu x reader #avengers x reader
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    Dating Natasha Romanoff hcs

    x gn reader

    Natasha Romanoff playlist

    It would take a while for Nat to open up to you, or to display any affection in public, but when she does, she still isn’t extremely touchy in front of people

    When she cuddles she doesn’t care to be big or little spoon

    She really likes sleeping with you on her chest tho

    When the team teases her about going soft for you se just rolls her eyes, bc she knows it’s true

    Meeting Yelena, Melina, and Alexei

    Her whole family being shocked that she’s such a softie

    Yelena thinking ur the coolest person ever

    You two both going to steve for advice and he’s just like 🧍‍♂️

    Forcing her to have a birthday party bc she never celebrates

    But when it comes to your birthday she’s all for celebration

    She cannot cook for shit. She could probably burn water.

    All dinner dates she sets up would have to be at a restaurant or she would get wanda to cook

    Anytime you feel sad she drops everything to make you feel better

    Just IMAGINE her morning voice🧎‍♀️

    #natasha romanoff#marvel#mcu#marvel fic #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff x gn!reader #natasha romanoff x fem!reader #scarlett johansson#scarjo #natasha x you
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    thank you for your cooperation.

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