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    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Not sure if I am late to the boat or early to it, but there is a Black Widow episode on Assembled on Disney Plus

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    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Patchwork (Yelena Belova x Reader)

    Pairing: Yelena Belova x Reader

    Summary: When Yelena is injured she finds herself at Natasha's old apartment, which you currently occupy. Will you tell the stranger to leave or will you help her?

    Word count: 1340

    Warnings: mentions of injury, needles, stitches and painkillers (I think that's it)

    A/n: @lightsaberfights thank you for helping me with naming the story <3

    You were about to go to bed when you heard a knock on your front door. It's late so you're a bit weary, but you open it anyways.

    In front of you stands a blonde woman, with some red stained fabric wrapped tightly around her right arm. She looked exhausted.

    "Uhm hello, can I help you?" You ask looking up at her.

    "I'm sorry, this was a bad idea. I got hurt and I didn't know where else to go" the woman says with an apologetic look on her face "I'll go."

    Before she's able to turn around you say, "Let me at least take a look at your arm first." You open the door more to let her in, you walk over to the couch “take a seat, I’ll be right back.”

    You walk over to the bathroom where you have your emergency kit, while thinking why you just let a stranger into your home. But you knew the answer, not only was she hurt, but she’s also the most beautiful women you have ever seen.

    With the kit in hand, you walk back over placing it on the table. Getting a glass from the kitchen, you fill it with water and hand it to the woman along with some painkillers “here take these.” The woman hesitantly takes the painkillers from you but looks at you with a questioning look. You hand her the box you took them from “just painkillers. You don’t have to take them, but your arm definitely needs stitches, and I don’t have any anesthesia.”

    “Thank you. I’m not great with trusting people, take my arm as an example. The other guy was supposed to be on my team.” She says while taking the painkillers “I’m Yelena.”

    “y/n” you say as you’re taking the fabric off of her arm to assess the wound. “Yeah you definitely need stitches. I work at the hospital I can give you a ride and patch you up there?”

    Yelena quickly replies “No, no hospitals. Can you do them here? It doesn’t have to be perfect, just stop it from bleeding and making sure it won’t get infected.”

    You give in and start prepping and disinfecting everything you need. “You said you didn’t know where else to go, what made you come here?” you ask as you start disinfecting her wound and getting the needle and thread ready. Yelena barely flinches as you start stitcher her arm up.

    “I’m not from this state, but my sister is. She used to live here, in this apartment.” You were too focused on stitching to notice the sad look on Yelena’s face. “Oh, what a coincidence” you say “why did she move? Nothing wrong with the apartment I hope” you joke.

    Yelena is quite for a while before she answers, “she passed away last year.” You look up from her arm “oh, I’m sorry.” Yelena shakes her head “thank you.”

    When you finish the stitching you get up to clean everything up. When you get back Yelena has fallen asleep on the couch.

    You get a blanket and lay in over the woman. Filling up the glass of water and placing it on the table next to the packet of painkillers. Somehow her telling you about her sister, made you trust her. So, you walked to your own room and went to bed.

    The next morning Yelena was gone. An empty glass on the table, next to it the blanket folded up neatly. On top of the blanket, you find a note.

    Thank you for everything

    - Y


    It has been about a month since Yelena showed up at your door late at night. Even though that was the one and only time you’ve seen her, she still occupied you mind more often than you would like to admit.

    So, when you heard a knock on the door and she stood behind it, you couldn’t help but smile.

    “What are you smiling at y/n, I’m clearly injured” Yelena joked. “Right, sorry come in.”

    Yelena moves forwards, limping all the way to the couch. After cleaning up the wound on her leg you move to the small cut on her cheek. Cleaning it with disinfectant first. It just needed a butterfly stitch, so you were done quickly.

    You handed her some painkillers, which she took gratefully this time. “So, what happened, was the other guy supposed to be on your team again?” you questioned.

    “No not this time” she started “it’s complicated, I don’t want to drag you into this. But it’s work related.” You chuckle “one hell of a job, if you keep ending up like this.” Yelena looks at you amused “There’s definitely a big difference between both our jobs.”

    “Have you had anything to eat?” you ask, feeling your stomach growl. Yelena shakes her head. “I can make us some, how do you feel about nachos?” Yelena looks up at you “I love nachos.”

    “If you want you can take a shower while I make dinner and you can borrow some clothes.”

    Yelena gratefully took your offer.

    You spend dinner talking about your job and Yelena’s memories with her sister. Even some about the both of them in your current appartement. You let her sleep on the couch again, wanting her to get some rest before leaving.

    The next morning you walked into an empty living room and couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt. Of course, you shouldn’t have expected her to stay, but you had hoped she would. Especially since the two of you were opening up to each other the night before.

    You just sat down on the couch when you hear keys jingle and your front door open. You quickly stood up, no one had the key to your apartment.

    Through the door came Yelena holding a bag and a tray with two coffees. “Good morning, I hope you don’t mind I borrowed your keys. I wanted to get you some breakfast to thank you for all that you’ve done for me.” The blonde says holding the bag up. “Good morning” you smile “I’m glad you didn’t leave yet.” You admit. Yelena smiles back and walks over to the kitchen to get some plates for the breakfast.

    “Maybe next time I come over it doesn’t have to be because I’m injured?” Yelena asked hopeful. You nod “I’d like that. Got anything in mind?”

    Yelena looked up at you “oh ehm maybe we could go get dinner or something else, what ever you’d like” she said suddenly very shy. “Dinner sounds good. Can we plan on when or are you just going to randomly knock on my door again?” you chuckle.

    “How about tomorrow at 6 pm?” Yelena offers, you smile at her “it’s a date.” Your eyes widen “uhm I mean yes that’s good, it doesn’t have to be a date.” Yelena smiles at you “it’s a date.”

    Sure, enough the next time Yelena was at your door she wasn’t injured, she was dressed up and ready for your date. Wearing black jeans, a white shirt and a grey blazer. She looks you up and down “wow you look beautiful.” You blush at her compliment before saying “thank you, you look amazing.”

    You have a great time at dinner, after she walks you back to your apartment. On the walk back you easily fall back into a conversation. Your hands brush together and Yelena makes the move to hold your hand and intertwine your fingers.

    When you arrive at your front door you turn to face Yelena “I had a great time tonight” you say squeezing her hand. “I did too” she replies and kisses your cheek. “Do you maybe want to come in and watch a movie?”

    Once inside the two of you settle on the couch and start the movie. The longer the movie plays the closer the two of you get on the couch, until you’re cuddled up together. Eventually you both fall asleep, your head on her shoulder with her arm around your waist.

    Main taglist:

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    Yelena taglist: @ailenepuff

    Please let me know if you want to be tagged in any of my works! :)

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  • nats-dreamland
    26.10.2021 - 12 hours ago

    happy ending (part four)

    part one | part two | part three

    Summary: Natasha prefers to live in the moment and not think about life after being an avenger. After the final battle everyone's talking about a happy ending including retirement, but what about Natasha

    Pairings: Natasha Romanoff x Reader

    Warnings: heart break angst

    Notes: Every time I write for this, I add an extra part :p sooo will we forgive Natasha? If Natasha had to make it up to you, what would you expect?

    Word Count: 624

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    ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀ ❀

    To say Natasha was nervous would be an understatement. She hadn't seen you in two years and she had no idea what to expect. Natasha would understand if you never wanted to see her again. But here she was in Norway. In particular, she stood in front of the tiny house you had been calling home for the last two years.

    'Were you going to knock or just stand there looking weird?' You stunned Natasha when you had opened the door. The one thing about a tiny house is that you notice and can hear when people were lurking around. Natasha couldn't believe she was seeing you again, you had changed yet still looked so much like before.

    'Y/N, hi,' Was all Natasha could put together.

    'What do you want Natasha?' She winced at the use of her name and the tone in your voice. Natasha should've expected this, though she was hoping things would be going better.

    'I came to see you. I never should've let you go. I should've fought more for us. I know now you're all that I want in my life,' Natasha stood there pleading through her words, searching for your forgiveness.

    'Why now?' Your stare didn't fault once. You hadn't intended on making things hard for Natasha, making her work to get you back, if you even wanted her back at all. You always thought you would just crumble and fall back into her arms if she ever wanted you back. Though you pushed it away, the pain never left and now with Natasha standing in front of you, 'It's been two years-'

    'You don't think I know that?' Natasha cut you off starting to get defensive at your words. She didn't need the reminder of how long it had taken her to realise what she had in front of her.

    'Then why now? Why didn't my letter matter two years ago? Why didn't I matter?' You had thought about this a lot, you definitely had the time to. Thinking back to the letter, you assumed it would be enough for Natasha. That it would make her remember that you're enough for her and that she didn't need whatever she was chasing to feel complete.

    'You've always mattered, Y/N. To be fair I only just read the letter-'

    'I did all of this for us. This is the life I wanted, the happy ending we both deserved,' Hurt flooded your emotions hearing that Natasha hadn't even bothered to read the letter you left until recently. It made sense since she had only come back to you now. Forgiving Natasha was much easier to do in your head, in those fake scenarios you'd make up to get through each day. Forgiving Natasha right now seemed impossible, 'But you gave us up Nat,'

    For once, Natasha was lost for words. Guilt washed over her as she tried to form some words that might bring you some sense of comfort from her. You stood in your doorway watching as Natasha opened and closed her mouth, struggling with what to say. Your stare was emotionless, you'd already felt everything over the last two years, you didn't think there was anything left.

    'We're done here now Natasha,' You could feel the tears welling up in your eyes. You didn't want to break in front of Natasha again. So you turned around walking back through the door, glancing at her for a final time, 'For good. Don't come back,'

    Walking away from Natasha for a second time broke your heart more than the first. Natasha watching you walk out of her life again made her more determined than ever. You're supposed to be Natasha's happy ending and she's going to make sure of it.

    General Taglist: @fayhar - @catasha - @lovelyy-moonlight - @ymzki-haruki - @xxxtwilightaxelxxx - @snowdrop1026 - @alotofpockets - @wandanatvoid - @kiwiana145 - @xxromanoffxx - @phoenixofash - @shanmik - @marvelwomen-simp - @marvelwomenlove2 - @hoe4flo - @wandnat-3 - @wandaslittlewhore - @laaurrel - @bentleywolf29 - @head-slut-in-charge - @sapphic-stress - @wandaswifeyforlifey - @widowswrld - @unknownalien3388
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  • cqsuanla
    26.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    title: frfrblackwidowgf’s tiktok drafts

    notes: sfw, suggestive content though, fluff, being in a stupid goofy mood with ur superhero gf who is also ur dom gf who’s so sick of ur shit, the mommy sorry tiktok meme (yes this is very targeted)



    You pout, bringing your phone around the door frame so Nat can see your expression. “I’m already recording.”

    “Well, stop.” Nat’s shirtless. Sweatpants on. But shirtless. 

    You hit your phone’s off button with the force of a thousand hurricanes, heat rushing to your face. 

    Nat hears the click, knows instinctively you’re flustered, and doesn’t even turn around when she laughs at you. “That’s what I thought.”

    You huff. “You’re going to film a TikTok with me, I swear.”

    “I don’t think I’m even allow-”

    “Oh, can it,” you reply, turning on your heel, “you’ve been on national TV like every other week. One TikTok isn’t going to hurt.”

    “You’re just using me for clout!” she calls after you. 

    You grab a shirt off your bedroom floor and return to the kitchen to toss it at her head. “I sure am, baby.”

    Nat catches it and slips it on. Perfect, her arms are open, so you slip right in. She circles your waist and captures your mouth in a soft kiss. Before she can introduce tongue, however, you pull away and shove your phone in her face. 

    “Jesus,” she says, blowing a strand of hair out her face after she rears back in surprise. 

    “I won’t make you do a skit,” you tell her, insistent. “I won’t even make you dance!”

    “Gee, thanks.” Nat gives your middle a squeeze. “But no.”

    You reposition so you’re side by side, starting up the audio anyway. “Come on. If you don’t like it, I won’t post it.”


    “This one’s for all the mean cunts and assholes,” begins the automated voice. Your lips wobble as you attempt to suppress a smile.

    “Are you trying to tell me something?” she deadpans, leaning her head on your shoulder as she squints at the screen, reading the captions. 

    “Shush and put your hands up.”

    “Okay, bad cop-”

    “Shut up.”

    Nat rolls her eyes. 

    “Okay. Put a finger down: toxic bitch edition.” 

    Nat lifts an eyebrow and shoots you an unimpressed look you summarily ignore. She extricates her arm from your waist and raises her hands up.

    “Put a finger down if you’ve looked up your partner’s location without telling them.”

    Nat side-eyes you. Her thumb bends to her palm. You snort, muttering a “typical” under your breath. 

    “I’m literally an Aven-”


    Nat rolls her eyes yet again. You’re surprised they aren’t permanently fixed on her brain at this point. Just as she opens her mouth to tell you off, the audio goes: “Put nine fingers down if you used to be a Russian child assassin.”

    You’re leaping away already, punting over the living room couch with a cackle, as Nat grabs at you. 

    She’s stooped low as if on the prowl, eying you from the other side of the couch. “You,” she says in a near growl, teeth grit, “are so annoying.”

    You just laugh, dancing around the arm as she rounds the other side. “Ooh, what are you going to do about it?”

    “Literally make you cry.” She does a parkour move over the couch, but you’re prepared for that, already jumping behind the armchair with a bark of laughter. “Baby, if you get over my knee in the next ten seconds, I won’t use the crop.”

    “With a taste of your lips, I’m on a ride,” you sing, offkey just to irritate her further. 

    “Ten.” She swipes for you. You book it down the hallway, slamming the door behind you as she chases after you.

    “You’re toxic,” you screech, “I’m slippin’ under!”

    The door bangs off the wall, and she bowls into you, tackling you into the wall of the hallway. 

    “With a—whew, out of breath—taste of a-”

    She slaps her hand over your mouth. “You think you’re so funny.” You lick her palm, but then she moves her hand like she’s smearing something on your face and hooks her thumb under your jaw to force it shut so your teeth cut into your tongue painfully. You wince. “You’re getting the hairbrush.”

    She heaves you up by your midsection, letting you kick your legs out and whine just to put up a show of a struggle, and into your bedroom you go. 


    Clint sends you laugh emojis. There’s a keysmash from Wanda. Carol types and stops and types and stops three different times. Nat tells her not to say a word. 

    The video ends with Nat’s perfect gymnastic move over the couch, camera shaky and audio scuffed by your shriek of delight.

    Your ass hurts.

    Worth it.


    “Nat?” you say, leaning over to put your phone on the dashboard. 

    Your girlfriend starts the car with one hand and uses the other to tip your phone screen down. You’re on your way to buy groceries.

    “Come on,” you grumble, fixing your phone. “I promise not to send it to the group chat.”

    Nat scoffs. “You said that last time.”

    “No, I didn’t. I said I wouldn’t post it.”

    Nat pulls onto the main road. Silent. Unwilling to concede to that point. 

    You pat her thigh, leaning over to give her a kiss on the cheek. “Don’t be grumpy.”

    “Don’t tell me what to do,” she replies.

    “Whatever.” You pull up a video. “You just have to react to them.”

    “Them? Plural?” Nat shakes her head. “Also, I’m driving.”

    “There’s a red light coming up. It won’t be long.”

    “Ugh, fine.” The car pulls to a stop right on cue, and she slips her sunnies onto her forehead, turning towards your phone to watch.

    Shirtless men walking in a line, captioned: what would you do if we broke into your house. 

    Nat watches, face unreadable. Then, without a single word, she opens the glove box and pulls a gun out. You reach for her hand to push it down, but you’re also unwilling to actually touch the firearm, so you jerk away, all the while sputtering like an idiot. 


    She tosses the gun to her other hand so her right hand can open the compartment between your seats: another gun. 

    “What the fuck?” You move for your phone, but she uses her forearm to block your movement. “You’re insane.”

    She hums, puts the gun barrel down in the cupholder, and pulls a butterfly knife from the same compartment. 

    The light turns green. Smoothly, Nat puts her gun hand on the wheel and sticks the blade between her teeth. Puts the car in drive. Her spare hand, she uses to reach under her chair and straightens up, dangling a garrotte off her finger in front of the camera. 

    You gape. 

    She smirks. “You asked.”


    You do not post that video. As promised, you don’t send it to the group chat either.

    It makes you giggle, though. One of your favourites for when Nat’s away, and you’re left with hundreds of drafted TikToks consisting of you goofing off with her. The ease of her motions puts you at ease. It reminds you that she’s capable and driven, and her confidence is reassuring. 


    You tiptoe towards the lump under the blankets, phone pointed at it. 

    “No,” comes a sleepy groan. “Do not bother me.”

    You grab the blankets by her ankles, making sure to be out of her reach so she can’t immediately get you to fuck off, and you yank. Nat flops onto her back, eyes shut, and she lets out a longsuffering sigh. 

    “What now?”

    “Excuse me, mommy?” 

    Nat opens her eyes to shoot you a flat look. 

    “Sorry,” you say, blatantly amused. Nat snorts and sits up, rubbing at her face as she yawns. “Mommy? I mean, mommy? Sorry. Mommy?”

    “I’ll make you sorry,” she mumbles as she stretches. 

    “Ooh, scary,” you tease, thrusting the camera closer to her face. “Mommy-”

    She twists your arm away by the wrist, yanking you onto her and dumping her face in your neck as you squeal and shake with laughter. 

    “Well?” she says into your skin. “Finish your thought.”

    You prop yourself on an arm, bringing the phone back in between you. “Sorry,” you say with a big stupid grin on your face.

    Nat pats your cheek. “Are you done, baby?”

    “Yeah, mommy- I mean-”

    Your words are choked off, literally. Nat has you by the throat, flipping your bodies over, so she has you pinned into the mattress. Your grip on the phone loosens as you whine and cling onto her. 

    She gives you a cocky smile as she plucks the phone out of your hand and very deliberately drops it on the floor-


    That particular video ends with lots of curses and, indeed, several apologies. 

    Under Nat’s watchful gaze, you save it to your camera roll and delete it from TikTok. 

    She lets out an approving hum and sets a glass of water on the nearest nightstand, her hand giving the back of your bruised neck a quick pinch, and finally removes her imposing presence from behind you. 

    “Good girl,” she says, clearly teasing you. 

    You lie down, dragging the blanket over your face.

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  • romanoffscottage
    26.10.2021 - 22 hours ago

    you’re my moon

    a/n: flufftober day 25 - “you remind me of the moon”

    warnings: none

    pairing: natasha romanoff x reader

    summary: when nat can’t sleep, the reader takes her to go look at the stars

    words: 706 | natasha blurbs masterlist | navigation post

    “Y/N? Y/N?” Natasha whispered as she tried to wake you up from your sleep. You groaned in annoyance and rolled over to avoid Natasha shaking you awake. “Y/N? Please wake up,” You finally gave in and turned around. “What's wrong?” You said as you slowly opened your eyes. “I can’t sleep.” You slowly sat yourself up to face your girlfriend and hummed in response. “I have an idea,” you said as you hopped out of bed and put on your shoes. “Y/N what are you doing?”

    “Come on, get your shoes on!” Hesitantly Nat grabbed her shoes and threw on a pair of sweatpants. You grabbed the keys to your car and hopped in, gesturing for Nat to get into the passenger's seat. “Y/N I love you so much, but what's going on?”

    “You said you couldn’t sleep.”

    “So your solution is going where exactly?”

    “You’ll see,” Natasha giggled at your response, “I love you.” You glazed over at your girlfriend and your heart warmed at her pink cheeks. You loved how you were the only person that could make Natasha blush.

    You drove down some side roads until you found yourself in a very rural part of town. “Y/N are you sure you know where we are going because-“

    “Don’t worry we are almost there,” you went to place a hand on Nat's bouncing leg. You pulled off the road and parked in a big empty field. “We’re here.”

    “You brought me to an empty field?” Natasha asked with a laugh. You went to open her car door and drag her out into the field. “Lay down with me,” Natasha obeyed and laid down next to you. “Since we are in the middle of nowhere there is no light pollution to block the stars.”

    Natasha looked up at the sky and was amazed. She had never seen so many stars in her life. “Oh wow Y/N this is-”

    “Beautiful isn't, and tonight is a full moon,” you pointed to the moon shining in the sky. Nat just laid there in silence for a moment looking at the sky, but you weren't looking at the sky. You were looking at her. The way her eyes shined in the moonlight, the way her hair laid messy on the grass, how she couldn’t stop smiling. God, she was so perfect.

    “I love you moon.”

    “Me too.”

    “You want to know why I love it?”

    “Of course.” Natasha grabbed your hand and squeezed it tight. “Because you remind me of the moon detka.”


    “I feel like I have been trapped in darkness my entire life. But that all changed when I met you. You are this beautiful bright light in the dark. You have been through so much in your life and yet you still do all you can to pull other people out of their own darkness. I just want you to know that you will always be my moon.”

    You didn't even realize you were crying until Natasha brushed the tears off your cheeks. “Awww detka,” Nat scooched towards you so she could wrap her arms around you. “No ones ever said something like that to me, no one ever really noticed me. But then you did and my whole world changed”

    “You are my everything.”

    You and Nat laid in that field for hours talking about the past, present, future, and more. Time flew by and you didn’t even realize it was almost 3 AM. You glazed over at Nat and caught her yawn, “you sleepy my love?” Nat nodded and you went to get up. When Nt tried to stand you motioned for her to sit down and you went and picked her up bridal style to the car. Nat ended up falling asleep on the drive home, so you carried the redhead back to bed once you got back.

    You gently placed her in your bed and crawled in next to her. In her sleep, your girlfriend instinctively reached for you and scorched herself to be right up against your side. You held her tightly and allowed yourself to go back to sleep to the soft sound of Nat muttering an “I love you,” to you.

    #natasha romanoff x reader #natasha romanoff x you #natasha romanoff x y/n #nat x you #nat x reader #nat x y/n #natasha x you #natasha x reader #natasha x y/n #black widow x reader #black widow x you #black widow x y/n #natasha romanov x reader #natasha romanov x you #natasha romanov x y/n #natasha romanoff imagine #natasha romanoff imagines #black widow imagine #black widow imagines #natasha romanov imagine #soft natasha romanoff #soft natasha romanov #natasha romanoff fluff #natasha fluff#natasha romanoff #natasha romanoff fanfic #marvel#mcu#mcu fluff#marvel fluff
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  • arianadevareux
    25.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Natasha Romanoff x Fem!Afab! Reader

    This wasn't requested, I just sort of... wanted to write it. So here we are.

    Warnings: NSFW, mommy kink, choking, orgasm denial.

    "Do you like that?" Natasha asked, practically purring in your ear. She was behind you on the bed, her arms wrapped around you as she titillated your naked body. She was so composed, so calm as she turned you into a writhing mess.

    Her hands massaged your breasts as she sucked at the sensitive skin on your neck. She lightly raked her nails against the skin covering your ribcage as she bit into your shoulder. She knew what she was doing to you. She knew every spot to touch, to kiss, to grab to make you squirm.

    She wrapped her arm fully around you, pulling you even closer so your back pressed against her chest. You were flush against her, her legs open to welcome you even closer.

    Natasha trailed her hands down to your thighs, urging them apart. You could practically feel how smug she looked as you obliged. She sucked at your earlobe while her right hand moved between your legs, feeling your wetness and coating her fingers in it before she massaged your clit.

    "You're already so wet for me?" Her tone was one of adoration, and slight teasing. She loved knowing how much you wanted her, and that the things she did to your body caused such a reaction.

    All at once, she shoved her middle and ring finger inside of you, her palm flat against you. You gasped out, "Natasha!"

    Her free hand quickly went to your hair, grabbing it and pulling your head back so that you could meet her eyes. "Excuse me?" You knew better. Not here - not when you were giving your body to her. She pulled harder, "what did you call me?"

    Your hands flew up to hers naturally as you tried to alleviate the pressure. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry, Mommy."

    Natasha held you in that position as she started to pump her fingers in and out of you. When at last she relinquished her hold on your hair, she instructed you to place your hands on her knees. "Do not move them," she said lowly, quietly.

    Natasha's pace was agonizing - you wanted to beg for more. And so you did. "Please, Mommy," you pleaded, grinding against her hand. She knew what you wanted. But did you deserve it?

    She removed her fingers from your pussy, moving her left hand to your throat. She squeezed; just enough to increase your arousal. "You'll come when I say you can."

    "Y-yes Mommy," you managed to croak out. Natasha pushed you forward, your ass in the air before her. It was going to be a long, delightful night.

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    Okay, I’m just here with a little announcement!

    I’d love to write just little something for the following characters, so I’ll open my request for while in case anyone has any prompts for those!

    So here come the characters:

    - Anakin Skywalker (I’m thinking Alpha!Anakin, what do you think?)

    - Michelle Jones or Rue Bennett

    - Natasha Romanov

    - Charlie Barber (maybe Daddy!Charlie????)

    - Philip Altman

    - Frank Castle

    I’m just thinking about all of them a lot these days but I don’t have anything solid. That’s why I decided to reach out to you this way, to see if any of you have some nice ideas to share 💗

    Thank you very much for hearing me out! 💕

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    A Patient, Patient | Natasha x Reader

    PLOT: The talking stage can be a difficult stage to be in when you and your almost-partner barely talk. Both of them, Nat and Y/n, want closure of what their relationship is and if it’s going to go anywhere. The only question was, who was going to do bring it up first?

    WARNINGS: Cap Saying A Naughty Word! ... That’s it. (3/3)


    (A/N): THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT ON THIS MINI-SERIES. IM SO DOWN TO WRITE MORE FOR THE AVENGERS, SO LEAVE A REQUEST ON MY PAGE! (note, this is a non-men loving non-men account. Any male requests will be posted on my AO3 *IF* I even get any <3)

    “Alright kid,” Stark started, slinging a towel around his shoulder and clapping his hands together. “You,” He pointed at the nosey nurse. “Can’t watch practices or training sessions anymore.”

    Y/n was happily minding their own business watching the Avengers training sessions sat at their bench with a notepad and pencil they barely used. They’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now. At first, it was to make sure Natasha wasn’t overexerting herself while training, then it was because they had some downtime between classes and work, and now it just became a part of their routine. 

    Besides having a nurse/patient relationship with some of the members on the team, they now had more personal relations with them. They knew their favorite colors, favorite meals, favorite articles of clothing, et cetera. They didn’t want to give up their newly found friendships just yet. Plus, they got to see Nat all shiny and sweaty. Was is it with people and their after-workout glow?

    “WhAt?! Mister Stark,” They sprung from the bench. “You can’t be serious. I need to be here in case something bad happens!” “No, you’re distracting. You’re not fooling anyone with the innocent nurse agenda. Those with common knowledge know you’re only here to check out the gun show. Or more specifically, The Natasha Show.” He placed his hands on his hips.

    With a scoff, Y/n wiped the side of their mouth with the back of their hand. “I don’t know what you’re talking out.”

    “Oh, please,” Sam began as he bent down to grab his gray-colored squeeze bottle. “I see the googly eyes you make at her. It’s so apparent, it makes me say googly eyes.” 

    Tony laughs. “Hearing those words come from your mouth is an out-of-body experience.” Sam looked at the shorter, older man. He narrowed his eyes and twisted his lips. “Mhm. I’m sure it is.” Sam took a swig of his drink before walking off with a small raise of his hand.

    “Okay, now, hold on.” Y/n started again, holding a hand out. “I don’t make googly eyes. Never have, never will.” “You’re lying to yourself~!” Tony teased in a sing-song voice. His body twisted as one leg rose up. Dramatically, he placed his foot down and began walking across the room. 

    The young nurse turned to the right of them. There was the redhead of the topic, stretching her arms and sides in the mirror. Her previously short hair was now past her shoulder blades, almost to the middle of her back. She continued to wear black workout attire, but every now and then she would add some white into her wardrobe. 

    Natasha caught their gaze in the mirror. She wiggled her brows to grasp their attention and left out a soft chuckle from Y/n’s slightly flustered reaction. 

    Like the rest of the team, Natasha was no dummy. She could feel the burning gaze Y/n always had on her while she was sparring with one of the guys. Much like the shifting in their seat whenever the water from her bottle dripped down onto her chest and disappeared into the fabric of her sports bra OR the constant need for an ice-cold sip of water once Natasha made eye contact with them while she was panting with strands of hair clung to her face.

    The only problem was that Natasha didn’t know how to approach the situation. She was used to the whole “crush and love” thing thanks to her and Bruce’s past, but that previous thing went nowhere in a short period of time. This pining has been going on for at least two or so months.

    The tightening feeling of her chest or the deep pitted regret always accompanied her once Y/n went to bed for the night, went to class, or simply showed what Natasha thought was romantic interest to anyone else. She could feel her window of opportunity with them starting to close. 

    It was either now or never. 

    Still gazing at each other in the mirror, Natasha was the one to break the eye contact. She took her arms out in a T-pose and bent down to bring her right hand to her left ankle. She grabbed onto it and pulled herself closer to feel the stretch in her hamstrings. 

    “You know,” A voice said from behind Y/n, causing them to jump out of their skin. “You should ask her out. Just go up there and work your magic.” Y/n laughs, turning to face the voice. “Yeah, okay, Cap. If only it was that easy. Times are different now. Going up to someone isn’t as easy as it was back then.”

    “You think it was easier then? Heck, after I asked someone out, I wasn’t even sure if I would be alive to attend the date. We’re in a day and age where you don’t have to work about that anymore...” He pauses. “Well, as much as we did. Seize the moment, champ.” He balled up his fist in an encouraging manner, placing a hand on their shoulder. “She likes you just as much as you like her.”

    “How can you be so sure?” 

    “Uhm,” He chuckled a little, dropping the fist. “You two literally just had what Tony calls, and excuse my language, eye-sex? Did I use that right, Stark?” He turned to the shorter man who can him a simple thumbs up. With a confident smile, Rogers turned back to Y/n. “Yeah, that. Now, I may be old, but I don’t think you have that with just anyone.”

    Y/n sighed softly, looking over at Natasha who was now doing cool-down lounges and yoga positions. “You don’t. I should ask her, shouldn’t I?” They turned back to Steve. Steve didn’t verbally reply. He just clicked his tongue and patted their shoulder before walking off.

    He grabbed Tony by the shoulder after he walked in his direction and dragged him out of the room. Stark protested with the movement of his hands, creased eyebrows, and spewed out empty threats as he was being dragged away.

    Y/n sighed as they started to make their way towards Natasha with her water bottle in their hand. By the time they made it across with room with dark flooring and mirrored walls, Natasha was laying on her back in starfish position with her palms facing the ceiling. 

    Natasha felt an overcast, a shadow overhead of her which was interesting since she was inside. She peeked a glance to see a nervous and fidgeting Y/n. “Hey...” The younger person said in a whisper. A teasing-like smile appeared on Natasha’s lips. She sat up, wrapping her arms around her knees shortly after. 


    Y/n sat beside her in criss-cross applesauce, handing her the water bottle. “Um, nice practice today.” Natasha nodded in reply, taking a drink of water. “Seems like that shoulder’s getting better and better.”

    A refreshed ‘ahh’ left Nat’s mouth as she spun the lid of her water bottle closed. “Yeah... Some days I forget I had the injury in the first place, but, then, I wake up the next morning and the muscle’s on fire.” She softly laughed. Y/n joined her in laughter, nodding as they placed their hands in their lap. “Yeah! Injuries will do that to you sometimes.”

    “Oh, tell me about it.” Nat starts as she leans back onto her hands. “One time, I got this crick in my neck from sleeping wrong. I got it adjusted, but, I then injured it again that night while bEing A hEro and it hasn’t been the same since.” She sighs, moving her knees in-and-out from each other. 

    “Really?” Y/n previous smile turned into a pout. Their eyebrows turned downwards and their shoulders slumped. “I’m sorry to hear that. Did you ever get it looked at?” “Yeah, but every now and then I have to get it checked out or massaged to get it to feel better again.”



    The two looked at the blank wall in front of them; neither of them knew what to say next. It seemingly felt like they ran out of topics to talk about and words to say. Like an alphabet soup without the alphabet... so, just soup.

    “So, why’d you come over here?” Romanov asked suddenly after minutes of silence. She turned to look at them before speaking again. “I know you. You wouldn’t give me my water and sit next to me just to stare at the wall. There’s something on your mind.” She watched as they picked with their clothing. “Wanna tell me what’s going on behind those beautiful eyes of yours?”

    A small, closed mouth and appreciative smile showed on the nurse’s lips from the compliment. “Thank you. I, uh, actually do have a question to ask you.” They cleared their throat to finally look Natasha in the eye. 

    “Alright, nurse. What’s going on?”

    “I was wondering... If maybe... You wanted to go on a date with me? These past days I kinda felt a little more... attraction or tension between us than usual. Like, glances, soft touches, and mischievous smiles. Now, I could totally be reading your cues wrong, but if what I’m feeling is true...” Y/n trails off.

    Natasha stared at Y/n blankly. With her heart rate quickening and it feeling like it was going to burst out of her chest, she was left speechless. She never thought in a million years that Y/n would be the one to take initiative in the start of their relationship. 

    Normally, Natasha would be the one to start something or bring up the topic of a date, but with Y/n, she was always caught tongue-tied. She could barely muster up the words to say when it was romantic or find the courage to go up and drag them to a date. 

    After a while of staring at Y/n in disbelief, she left out a soft chuckle and nodded. “Took you long enough.” She laughs a little. “I was starting to wonder if all our flirting and glances were all in my head.”

    Relieved Nat’s reaction was positive, Y/n chuckled nervously. “Yeah, well, not to sound like a sap but, you make me nervous sometimes. Asking you out was like, the scariest thing I could ever do. I was even starting the calculate the probability of someone like you liking me.” 

    Natasha pouts, slinging an arm around Y/n’s shoulder. “Oh, my poor little nurse. Why would you think that? When we first met, I started flirting with you!” “I know but–” 

    “Oh, hush. Whatever will I do with you?” She teasingly asked, poking the tip of their nose. “Well, for starters,” Y/n begins. “We could talk about where we’re going to go on this date. And when!” They grin at the redhead. “Right,” Natasha nods, glancing at her leggings and picking at the lint. “That’s important.” 

    Y/n laughs out. “Just a little.” “Okay, what about that mom and pop shop on 87th?” Nat suggests. 

    The shop was small, quaint if you please. Dirty white floors, beige and stained walls, and the smell of grease accompanied you as soon as you walked through the door; which always had a sticky handle and a broken hinge. But, they had the best sandwiches and cold pasta in town.

    “Uh, no. That’s too casual for a first date.” Y/n disagrees, shaking their head at the thought of sitting in the red diner like seats with scratches in the leather and the plastic covering poking you in the thigh if you wore the wrong pants. 

    “Alright, well, I don’t want this to be too fancy of a date.” Natasha protests. “Don’t worry, Widow. It won’t be too fancy. It’ll be casual enough for you and fancy enough for me. We’ll find a happy medium.” 

    Y/n takes hold of the hand that was wrapped around their shoulder. They interlaced their fingers and gave Nat a sweet smile. 

    “I promise.”


    WC: 1,982

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    APPARENTLY my brain can only conjure up domestic Natasha fics… you Nat x Reader peeps are about to get FED.

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    Why the hell she so strong

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    Heyhaaa..quick question to all my Natasha simps out there.

    Is there a Fanfiction (or a long oneshot) where Reader got kidnapped by HYDRA and will be saved by the avengers again but without memories or extremly rage of the avengers??

    I already read one from @saltybaltic and it was amazing!!!! now I need a whole ff about this SOOO PLSSSSS

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